I arrived a few minutes early already wet with anticipation. Somehow I knew that I would find Melanie in the closed off area of the stables and I was correct. She greeted me with a wave before finishing up wiping off her hands with a rag. I had a thought about what she was just doing and she kindly confirmed it.

"I was just finishing up with Eros. Come over here I want to show you something."

She guided me over to the far side of the area near the strange bench. I shuddered at the brief fantasy of lying there myself while Zeus plunged his body into mine.

Seeing my lingering gaze, Mel snapped to get my attention. "Not quite yet my dear. Like I said before I want to be satisfied that your body can handle it before you get to use that particular toy."

She opened up a cabinet that I had not seen the night before and I was amazed at the multitude of sex toys contained within. I gasped in amazement at the size of her collection. I could see every conceivable size of dildo and vibrator from small vibrating eggs to dildos as big as my arm. I also saw several odd shapes in that wondrous toy chest. I obviously recognized the shape of a human cock, but I also recognized the pointy shape of a canine member complete with an expanded knot or not, and several that looked very much like the equine variety of phallus that I was just last night bringing to orgasm.

Melanie grabbed one of these horse shaped dongs and held it out to me. I trembled remembering the feel of a real burning cock of this size thrusting through my hands connected to two big bloated balls. "These toys on the other hand are going to be integral to your new lessons. The one in your hot little hands right now in particular. That is a casting of Zeus's fully erect dick. Once you can take that into you without any lube you will be ready to be thoroughly fucked by the real thing."

I contemplated stripping down and shoving it in my twat right that second, but Mel snatched it out of my hands and continued. "But for tonight we have a different exercise for you. Unfortunately for that exercise you’ll need to ride Zeus and he’s a little too spirited tonight. You’ll have to take care of that before we can start."

With a huge smile I turned and stalked off towards Zeus's stall. However, I felt Mel grab my arm and stop me. "Wait a second. Before you go heading off to him take off your panties."

I didn’t even slow down to ask why. I hooked my fingers into my waistband and pulled down until they fell to my feet. I left them on the floor and rushed over to my big black lover. I immediately dropped to my knee and grasped his hanging balls. I had no idea if Mel had prepped him, if my scent had intoxicated him, or if my presence had prepared him; but he was already fully erect the moment I saw him.

I instantly wrapped my lips around his welcome hardness and started stroking his shaft. As soon as I started I heard a gentle thump and clatter behind me, but I was far too focused on the task at hand . . . and mouth. I focused on the beautiful cock tantalizing my taste buds even as I felt Mel’s presence close to my back. I let out a gasp which forced my mouth to disengage from that glorious member as I felt Mel’s hand caress my crack and slip a finger into my soaking wet pussy.

The gasp quickly became a moan as she slid a second then a third digit into my canal. And I felt her warm breath on my ear as she whispered, "You have to raise your little tuchus a little more my dear for some measurements. And no fair stopping. Zeus doesn’t deserve to have his desire delayed."

I followed her orders and lifted my ass into her body. I also renewed my vigorous manipulation of Zeus, though that I would have done anyway. I felt the fingers wiggling in my juices withdraw only to be replaced by a thin rod that must have been one of the dildo's from Mel’s cabinet. I could feel it slice easily through my oozing pussy as Mel turned it this way and that probing at my walls.

The moment she seemed to find a rhythm, the artificial phallus was withdrawn only to be replaced by a slightly larger one. This process continued for several minutes making it harder and harder to concentrate on providing pleasure to the pony. My saliva, thick against his rod bubbled around my mouth as the constant stream of moans escaped my lips.

Eventually Mel found one that found more resistance as it penetrated me. I could feel it pushing out against my internal ramparts as if it was invading a castle. I was briefly reminded of Brutus's massive pole forcing its way into me. And my vagina clasped the conquering faux organ as if welcoming home a long awaited lover. Mel tried to shift it around like the others but it was held firm within me.

"I’m impressed," she purred in my ear. "Maybe you won’t have to wait as long as I thought to get your reward. But for now I just want to try one more thing before I join you."

Before I had a chance to contemplate her encouragement Zeus began to move his pelvis driving his shaft against my mouth. I had to focus on his movements and keep the mighty cock in check. But I felt when Mel inserted one last dildo into me. I could feel some type of nubs rubbing and caressing my insides as it slid effortlessly into me. But as she slowly extracted it I could feel each and every silicone nub resisting the movement. I felt the dildo fight to stay into me as the extra elements grabbed at my flesh. I screamed out in painful pleasure as the cock finally slid from within me.

Somehow through all the stimulation I had maintained my grip on Zeus, but I needed to return my mouth to his delightful phallus. It was met by Mel’s as she wrapped her lips around the opposite side. She had crawled around from behind me to help me finish and I could feel her tongue lapping at my lips as we managed to encase the giant member in our collective mouths.

Zeus quickly sped up and drove through our joined lips like a runaway train. I knew he was almost there, but before I could move, Mel swung her head sideways and jammed the full cock into her mouth. I watched in amazement as she worked with the beast’s cadence and the expanded head repeatedly penetrated her mouth grazing her pearly teeth.

I admit I was envious of the apparent ease Mel had in blowing the magnificent animal. That jealousy was compounded when I felt the first jets of sperm flying through his cock. I wanted to taste his offering once more, but I knew I would have to wait until Mel had her fill. I could see her swallow deeply as she imbibed each successive load. I waited for my chance, but it looked less likely with each spurt. Mel was keeping up with the brute’s submissions and then some. I was finally encouraged when I saw her checks puff out straining to hold back the tide of horse semen flowing into her, but it was too late.

His dick was drained and it escaped her lips with only a small coating of his and her fluids around the head. Not a single spurt escaped her lips. I tried to avoid showing my disappointment. I knew there would be plenty of times in the future to taste of both Zeus and Eros's nectar, but I was famished for it now. I stared at Melanie waiting for her to gulp down the last of what I wanted and relieve the pressure in her cheeks. Instead she grabbed my wrist and spun me so I was lying flat on the ground underneath Zeus’s dick.

I watched as her face approached and her lips locked on mine. I could taste Zeus on her lips and I opened my mouth wide to lick at the traces of remaining cum. That must have been what Mel was waiting for. I failed to notice her cheeks still in gorged with horse spunk when she bent over me. As soon as my lips opened, hers did as well allowing the flood of held back semen to flow into me. It was quickly followed by Mel’s tongue that swirled and danced through the copious fluid filling my oral cavity.

I swigged some of the outstanding fluid down my throat to slake my thirst, but I didn’t want the game to end. So I held Mel close to me took a big breath through my nose and forced the remaining fluid back into her. I could feel her moan as the cum filled her mouth before dribbling back into mine. So, I did it again. Over and over that glob of bestial sperm passed between our lips until the last of it was swallowed and we were simply making out under a deflating horse’s pole.

When we finally came up for air and made it to our feet I saw a large pile of used dildos off to the side of the stall. "So, what was all that about," I asked.

"Like I told you, I needed measurements for your first lesson. Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in as soon as we get Zeus saddled up for tonight’s ride."

"Okay, but what about that last one?"

"Well, you know how I told you that one of those was a casting of Zeus? That particular toy was modeled after a tiger. In case you didn’t know feline cocks tend to be barbed in order to stay in until the job is done. I was curious about how you’d take to it."

"It was fantastic, but what about my lesson tonight?"

"All in due time," she responded with a laugh. "Now come help me with his tack or you’ll be here until midnight."

For a moment I thought that might not be the worst fate in the world, but I still followed her to the back of the stables.

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