I have a dirty little secret.

Dear sexy redhead teen pussy,

I want to fuck you. Everytime I see you, I want to fuck you really hard. Iwant to ram my engorged cock into your tight teen pussy. Every time that I see you, I take a good look at you, and just want you so bad. I don't know your name. I don't really care, it is not important to me.

I know you are young, because you have those tight little nipples that tell me you can not be older than fifteen. I see you with your freinds, that also look about the same age. I see you at the local pool, hanging with your freinds in your little bikini. It is pretty hot this summer, and you are one of the reasons it is bareable. You are my little whore. I will treat you well in the beginning, until you discover what you want.

I am sure you would not notice me. I am much older. I am balding, and I have three kids with me. I have a little gut belly going on, and sure my wife is decent but not really eye catching. I sit there and pretend to read my paper. While my wife harasses me, and my kids run around making trouble. The truth is I am looking at you, and sometimes catching a little bit of your pubes sticking out from your bikini. I try not to stare, and sort of use the paper as a 'sheild' I love your red hair, and I sometimes wonder if 'the curtains match the drapes'.

I am a pervert. I go home and jerk off to you all the time. I find it strange sometimes. However, you do in fact, entice me. I want to fuck you hard. I want you to come on top of me, and ride me like a horny teenage girl. I want to pull your hair hard as you ride my cock. I hope you go to the same school as my daughter, and maybe you can become freinds with her and visit me at night.

I have never fucked a younger girl before, but I am willing to make an exception. Of course this idea is lame if I do not explain it in detail. So this is what I want from you.

It is going to be a hot July afternoon, and as usual, you will be out here by the pool. The difference this time, is that it will only be you and I. "hey how are you?" I will ask you. You will look at me, a little bit scared, and wonder what the fuck is going on. Than you will suddenly get turned on. Your pussy will start twitching for attention, and you will want me so bad the feelings will overcome you. You will approach me, in your cute little bikini, and bend forward opening up your bikini top exposing your tiny nips, "do you want these Mr. Pervert?" you will ask.

I will gently pinch them, making you moan instantly. You will reach down my belly, and grab my cock. You will pour some suntan lotion on my cock, to lube it up nicely. My cock with respond with tremendous hardness, and I will thicken instantly. You teasingly splash some pool water on my cock, and get the suntan lotion off, so you can make me happy. Then, I will see your pretty red hair bobbing up and down on my cock. I will hear you gag, and I will shove your cute little teen face further on my cock.

You will place your pussy right on my face as you suck my cock in a sixety-nine position. WIth your hand you will rub my balls as you suck hard on my cock.

The sun has become to hot. So you grab my hand, and you demand I come inside the sports complex with you. I readily follow you not wanting to hesitate even for a moment. I grab your tender ass a few times along the way. Just to tease me, you bend over and let me place my fingers gently inside you.

When we get to the showers, you sit me down on a bench, and striptease me in your little bikini. I want to grab your little chest, but you keep pushing my hands away to tease me just a little more.

You finally let me grab them, and you can feel my cock harden because you are right there on my lap. You rub your sweet little face against mine, and blow into my ear, and whisper dirty thoughts that you keep having about me. You kiss me like it is your first kiss. Like you have never kissed anyone in your entire young life. You guide my hands into your bottom, and let me finger touch you for a quick second, just to tease me.

You know I wont be able to handle this much longer. So you decide to exploit me just a wee bit more. You take your top, and your bottom off. Than you turn on the shower, and let the steaming water pour all over your body. I try to get up, but you push me back onto the shower bench. I watch in agony as you finger your clit, with steamy water running all over your body. I can barely see you now because of all the hot steam. However, I can see you tall skinny body, and your sexy round curves. I want to fuck you so bad.

You come close to to the bench, and play with my balls a little bit. It feels so good with all the steam from the shower. You smile at me, and make a few jokes about me being a old pervert. You bend down and put each off my balls, one by one, in your cute little mouth. Than you lick my shaft. From the bottom to the tip of my penis. I know you can taste the precum, and you sure seem to like it.

You take my hand, once again, and bring me into the shower. You do a little bit of a dance, and you make sure my cock knows all about it. You slide your ass up and down my cock leaving little trails of precum all over your freckled butt. You bend over, and shove your fingers in your pussy. You pass me your finger, and make sure I get a taste of your sweet nectar. Than you let me do it for awhile. I try to finger you hard, but you remind it is your first time, and you still to young for my roughness. I bend down, and lick your little asshole. You don't seem to mind that at all. You remind me, that you are way to young for assfucking, and I remind you that i'll be by the pool for at least a couple more years.

Than you grab my cock, and place in nicely in your soaking wet pussy. It feels like my first fuck. You are so tight. Your virgin pussy feels amazing. I fuck you so hard, and you love it so much. Once in awhile you remind me to slow down. You remind me that you are just a little girl, and that makes me even more turned on. After awhile, I pinch your young little nipples and I give it t you hard. The water is dripping all over our bodies, and all I can hear is your moaning. I am not sure how much you came or if it was the water, but you definetely seemed happy. I pulled out, and quickly turn you around and cum all over your face, and little titties. I give you a lift home, and during the ride you let me finger you once in awhile. I hope my wife doesnt notice the cum stain on the front passenger seat.

I still see you at the pool sometimes with your freinds and family. I hope you don't find me to perverted for you. however if you do, Take it as a compliment. You have a body that needs to be well fucked. Why should A sexy girl go without a good good fuck. Next time I see you, please don't forget your school uniform.

sincerely, A big fucking pervert.

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2011-05-01 20:59:33
It says "you can not be older than fifteen"...First line of the second paragraph, that's under age.

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2011-04-28 21:52:17
He never said if it was a young you dumbass and what if she was an 18 year virgin

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2011-04-28 21:52:00
He never said if it was a young you dumbass and what if she was an 18 year virgin

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2011-04-28 21:51:49
He never said if it was a young you dumbass and what if she was an 18 year virgin

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2011-04-21 06:02:59
Pls stop writing as these stories as they are against forum policy.
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