My religion teacher is too sexy. I can't pay attention or learn anything.
 Have you ever had a sexy teacher that drove you crazy? You sit in class every day trying to do work, but you can't. You can't because the sweetest ass you have ever seen bounces subtlety with each lateral step she takes as she writes notes on the board. 

You make sure you get to class early every day to ensure you get a seat at the front. It's been a long day and all you want to do last period is gaze at that body. A body much too sexy for a married, 40 year old, mother of 2 . A body much too sexy to be teaching religion and, much too sexy to be neglected. 

By the end of the day the only thing you want to do is pump a fist up and down your cock at the speed of light, imagining you are balls deep in that luscious ass, pumping your cum into that juicy piece of tail. 

If you have ever felt the feelings described above, you feel exactly as I do. The only difference between me and you is, I have actually fucked my teacher. It was a night of lust, pleasure,  debauchery, and the adrenaline you feel when you could get caught at any given moment. The story goes something like this.......

Here I was again sitting through another boring lecture on a Friday at about 3 o'clock. The teacher was blabbing something about ethics, or Christian morals or something like that, and I was off in space. 

Usually , I was quite an attentive student. Usually, i could pay attention to any lecture, and easily do the paper work after no problem. The only trouble in miss Buttlins religion lectures though is, the indisputable fact that she is a MILF. 

Although Miss Buttlin is about forty, she sure doesn't look it. Her stomach is flat,  and her tits are perky C sized globes that, complement her figure quite nicely. Miss Buttlin is very tall. She is about 6 foot I would say. Her top section was comparable to that of a 20 year old. But, the best part of miss Buttlins body is her ass. OH.....My.....God, is it ever nice. It looks like a hybrid between a tight teen ass, and a MILF ass. Her ass was fairly toned, but had some fat on it. It was a perfect combination of fat, and muscle, that any hot blooded male would lust for. Put that together with her shoulder length silky red hair with blond highlights, piercing blue eyes,long legs, and hot red lips ,and there is a hot honey too sexy to teach religion in a catholic school, yet there she was every day from 2:15-3:30. 

Today she was dressed in bage pants that hugged her sweet MiLF ass tightly. She wore her hair back In a pony tail with a side bang, and wore rectangular shaped glasses. She looked like a librarian. A damn fine one too. She looked smart, and sexy. 

As I struggled to pay attention, fading in and out between listening, and lusting, I could not help myself but to imagine what it would be like to have an affair with an older woman. I imagined my self sitting on the edge of my desk, with my pants around my ankles, miss Buttlins face 6" from my rock hard dick.I imagined She had no top on, and the only thing that remained on her body was a tiny pair of black silk panties.I imagined she smiled  at me with her pearly white teeth and devil red lips, as she grasped my          
Cock and slowly pulled up and down pulling my skin over the head of my dick. I imagined as she worked my cock some pre cum gathered at the tip. She would stop wanking me to place a slender, French manicured  finger at the opening of my urethra to smear the clear fluids down my head onto the lower nerve below my pink helmet. She would circle my urethra then message the nerve using pre cum as lube. At last after 2 minutes of this, the motions sped up. I imagined her fist pumping faster and faster. I imagined she gently pulled my scrotum down, spit on her hand, and then really started going to town. Now, as she used her saliva as lube, there was zero resistance, and every time the saliva dried, and my cock started to heat up from the friction, she would add a generous amount with a "pitoo" sound coming from her lips.  She placed her mouth over my engorged head creating a seal which sometimes broke making a greedy slurping sound. She worked my shaft moving her wrist in an oscillating movement as she beat my meat. It felt soooooo good. I whispered "miss Buttlin......I'm ......i'm gonna cum". At this moment she knew she struck gold. She spit on her hand one last time, opened her mouth, looked up at me with her sky blue eyes, and........

"I said what's the answer to number 4"!?

I harshly came back down to earth with a crash. I had forgot I was in class! We were taking up home work I hadn't even completed yet. 

"Umm..... Uhh..... Aristotle"? I replied hoping I got the right answer.

"wrong... Laura can you tell me the answer to number 4"?

"Emanuel Levinas" Laura answered in a soft voice.

"Correct" stated Miss Buttlin.

Boy did I ever feel like an imbecile. Not only did I stutter in front of the class, but the cutest girl in our grade, Laura, had to save me with the right answer. As the bell rang I left the class embarrassed, and trying to hide a semi erection.  

It was the end of the day. The kids were leaving school. They were getting picked up by parents, or loading onto buses. I, however had a track meet. 

After that humiliating experience in miss Buttlins class, I proceeded to my locker to pick up some gym clothes. I walked down the hallway, past miss Buttlins room, and into the bathroom to get changed. By this time my erection had finally gone down      ( thank God). My penis went down enough so that it did not show through the silky red material that my baggy gym shorts were made of. 

I must admit, I was alone in the bathroom and all I wanted to do, as I have said before, was pump a fist up and down my cock at the speed of light, imagining I was balls deep in that luscious ass, pumping my cum into that juicy piece of tail. However, I fought the urge. 

When I finished changing, I walked down the hall way intending to reach the track outside. The hallways were deserted by now. I walked past the fountain, down the stairs,  turned right, passed my locker, and past miss Buttlins room. But, about 3 paces past miss Buttlins room, I heard a door shut. 

"damn it's miss Buttlin"! I thought to my self... "I'll just pretend I didn't notice her".... But before I took another step I heard,   

"Carl, step inside my room, I want to have a little chat with you" in a somewhat serous voice.

"aww shit... I'm in for it now" I said to my self. I walked into her room and stood in front of her large brown oak desk wondering what I had got myself into. 

Immediately I  apologized for my lack of attention lately during her classes. I explained that I had been busy, and tired, and that I would try way harder and do well in her class putting in more effort. (that was all bull shit, but I was in a tuff spot). 

She just giggled and smirked a little And said, " actually..... That's not what I was going to talk to you about. I was going to talk to you about the parts of you that were already sufficiently hard".

I had no clue what she had just said. I said "pardon me"?
To which she replied "Carl, you obviously have a crush on me. I know it. I know you sit there eating your heart out every day in that front row desk". She gestured towards the front row.

 I was speechless... I stood there with my heart racing. I had no clue what my next move was. I was so embarrassed, and nervous that I decided to deny it. 

I said "umm.... Miss Buttlin you are a very attractive woman but, I have never thought of you once in a lustful way.

"oh no?" she grinned that sexy supermodel smile. "Look down".

I looked down and my heart skipped a beat when I realized I had pitched a tent in my red silky gym shorts! The tension, and adrenalin give me a cock as stiff as a pole. My erection was poking through my shorts, and was visible. 

She giggled,and told me to relax. She wasn't mad at all, in fact I think she was turned on herself. Actually, I know she was turned on herself, because her next move was to, lock the door, draw the blinds, and tell me to get naked. 

I watched that sweet ass sway back and forth on her way to the door ,and window as all of my fantasies flashed through my mind. I couldn't take it any more. I had to have that ass bouncing up and down on my dick. 

By the time miss Buttlin got back, I was already buck naked. My clothes in a heap on the floor. She instructed me to sit on the top of her desk. She stood in front of me, about a foot away, and undressed agonizingly slow. 

She took off her glasses, slowly pulled her top off, let down her hair, slid off her sexy light brown pants, undid her silky black bra, but teasingly held it in place. She slid a finger into her black silky panties, and into her pussy. She let out a slight groan under her breath. She kept her hand in her underwear as she bent over, still holding the bra in place, as she inched off her underwear. Once her underwear was around her ankles, she finally stopped teasing me as she stood up straight, dropped her bra, and kicked her panties off her long sexy smooth legs. 

She Leaned over, planting an arm on each side of me. She leaned closer so her bare tits were right in my face. She quietly whispered in my ear In a breathy voice , "want a peace of this?"

My cock was throbbing. I leaned back a little further, supporting my weight on my abdominal muscles. I reached around her waist and, planted a hand each on a plump ass cheek. I slid my hands up her curves to her chest were I tweaked, and circled her nipples with my hot tongue. 

She soon released her arms from my sides, and collapse on top of me. We both lay on top of her desk kissing deep and hard as she smothered me with those gorgeous tits. Our tongues darted in and out of each others mouths. My dick was now sandwiched between both of our stomaches. When She collapsed on top of me, my penis got pushed up to my belly button. 

The kisses got harder. She gently bit my lip, and raked her teeth down the side of my neck. I swear she had some sort of a sex craving demon inside of her. She was actually starting to get rough!

She rolled off me pushing papers ,and pencils off her desk. She took her hand, placed it on my left, and in one clean sweep threw every onto the floor. Papers flew.  a mug shattered on the floor. She didn't care what kind of mess she made. Fucking was her number one priority right now. 

She instructed me to stand up. She slapped her hands on the newly cleared surface of her desk with a spank. She jutted her arse out toward me, and turned her head to look behind her. 

From my perspective I saw sexy long legs spaced apart, ass jutted back to me at cock level, and a pretty soft featured face looking back at me from her position on the desk. 

Although her face was soft featured, her next words and facial expressions were not. She looked me directly in the eye and snarled "Fuck Me"! As she breathed heavily, from our previous make out session, awaiting my cock.
Who was this? Were did the kind hearted, gentle miss Buttlin I knew go? Sex must bring out some sort of aggressive, cock hungry, animalistic, alter ego. But, did I love it? Fuck ya! It allowed me to do what I did next, and that was slamming that beautiful, shaven MILF pussy.   

Since miss Buttlin was in a doggy style position, it was easy to tease her now by putting the swollen bell of my penis between her pussy lips, and rubbing back and forth. I did this not only to get a bit of revenge from the strip teas she put me through earlier, but she was so wet that I was able to get my penis slick and lubed up from the juices that were at her entrance. I was fucking her like this (^), not like this >(), and she enjoyed every minute of it. 

Once my penis was dripping with her juices, I lined up my cock  and slowly slid it in her. I kept going until my cock bottomed out. She inhaled sharply then sighed deeply as my bell hit her cervix. 
The inside of her pussy was smooth like velvet, and tight as a teen as her walls griped my shaft making every inch of my ridged tool contact her walls. 

I then began to fuck her slowly. I withdrew my cock so that my bell was brought to her entrance, but never left her slit, then thrust back in making sure I was getting as deep as I could. 

Miss Buttlin was in heaven. She talked dirty to me like a whore, emphasizing the cacophony with in each dirty word, in an angry, aggressive voice. 

"Fuck ya!.... mmm, yummy... Make me your Bitch!.Give it to me like the slut I am!.... mmmm...oh ya, that's the spot.I love your hard cock more than my husbands... If he won't give it to me, I'll get it some were else!... I'll screw a student right here In my class room!"

Her words sent me over the edge. I griped her waste, and thrust with all my might. Long, hard thrusts that made my balls slap as my shaft bottomed out at her pelvis. Long , hard thrusts that make her lunge forward against her desk on impact. Her dirty words turned into moans. 

The sensations were at last getting to great. I could not keep this up for much longer. Miss Buttin was also getting there. And before I knew it I heard her her say "Carl..... I can't take it.......Uh....uh..... Oh my god!. Oooooooo!!!!!"
I felt her pussy grip my cock like a vice. She threw her head back in pleasure. Her body spasmed as she shook with a shocking orgasm that electrified her body. I felt her cum run down my shaft  and drip off my balls. 

As I approached my point of no return, I slowed my actions down as I did in the beginning. Long deep thrusts. "Carl... Cum inside of me" miss Buttlin whispered. I also threw my head back in pleasure. I could feel the hot semen about to explode. But before I could cum... THE FUCKING PHONE ON HER DESK  RANG! 

Miss Buttlin stood up straight, and I was forced to pull out.   "WTF!? I was soooooo close"!? I exclaimed. 

She quickly looked at the orange digital display on her phone, and said "Shhh.... I have to take this. It's my husband. I should have been home by now".

She reached for the phone on the far side of her desk, picked it up and said "hello"? She talked to an angry mister buttlin on the other line, bent over her desk with her ass again at a very tempting level. 

She was bull shitting excuses about having to work late marking assignments that must be completed for report cards, and so on. I had a feeling it this wasn't the first argument they have had this week. 

I stroked my cock as I admired her soft ass cheeks bent over her desk. I could't wait much longer. My balls were sore, and needed to be drained. I'm not sure what came over me next. I don't know why I did it, or why I ignored the fact that she was on the phone with her husband. I placed my left hand at the top of her ass, on her lower back, and raised my right hand high in the air. I opened my palm, and with a quick swing of the arm, brought it down on her ass cheek with a spank. Her perfect MILF/Teen hybrid ass jiggled on impact as if it were jello. 

Miss Buttlin inhaled sharply with a loud gasp. Mister Buttlin on the other line said " what's wrong?".
Miss Buttlin searched for an answer "errr.. Um.. I got a paper cut that's all" she stuttered. I did it again on the other cheek SPANK! Miss Buttlin was prepared for this one, she closed her eyes and frowned on contact. 

There was now a big red hand print on each ass cheek, but was I gonna stop there? He'll no! If she was going to pull out on me as I was about to climax, I was going to make her pay!

SPANK!....... SWAT! Miss Buttlin frowned, closed her eyes, and held her breath. SPANK!...... TWAP!........ SPANK!
She moved her mouth away from the phones mouth piece to gasp again, then inhale and continue holding her breath.

Her husband was still bitching on the other line. Miss Buttlin replied to all of his complaints with one word answers. "yes....I know....okay....umm, I don't  know..... No". All while the spanking continued. 


Miss Butlins ass was now stinging with a hot red glow, and that sight was too hard to resist. I knelt Down before her ass on both of my knees. I kissed her right cheek, and then dragged my tongue from the top of her calve, to the top of her ass cheek.( I didn't lick the anus, because that's gross). I then pressed my face cheek to her ass and felt the hot red of the blood rushing to the surface of her spanked ass. I had lusted so long for this ass..... And, now it was time to fuck it, while she was on the phone with her husband!

I rammed miss Buttlins pussy getting my cock slick with her cum once again, as she continued to hold her breath. I withdrew, and swatted her ass with my cock. I parted her cheeks,and lined up my cock with her little tight pucker hole.  Then, with one hard thrust I put all my wait into, I slowly but steadily sank my shaft deep into her ass hole witch gripped my cock like a fist. 

Miss Buttlin was not expecting this. Her face lit up it pain, her eyes were wide open.But, her husband was still bitching about whatever, so she had to shove four fingers into her mouth, as a gag, to shut herself up!

I griped her ass cheeks with both hands, and squeezed. I thrusted in and out slowly to loosen her up, she was so tight. I groaned as my balls hit her ass. 

By  this time, miss Buttlin was unable to respond to anything her husband was saying. He finally gave up and said, "Fine! If your going to ignore me, I'll hang up!" beep*, the line went dead. 

Miss Buttlin dropped the phone, It hit her desk, then hit  the floor. She let out a gasp before beginning to pant like an Olympic runner at the end of a dash. Being able to breath again must have felt so good. 

Meanwhile, she was loosening up quite nicely.I was able to speed up a bit, and once I did miss Buttlin's voice came back, followed by her dirty words getting louder and louder...... Which I loved!

"fuck ya.... Mmmm...right there.... That's it.....oh..oh!.... Aww ya!.... Fuck my beat red ass cheeks!!...I don't want to be able to sit for weeks!!!.... Mmmmmm, Yummy...give me your. sticky cum on my arse!!" 

By this time I was slamming her ass up against her desk with all my might. Again, long hard powerful thrusts which made her lunge forward onto her desk. 

My balls were once again filling up. I was reaching the point of no return once again. Finally my fantasy was coming true.  At last I was balls deep in that luscious ass, pumping my cum into that juicy piece of tail. 

I reached capacity again, I couldn't take it any more. I pulled out slapped my cock against her ass 3 or 4 times and then let go of my load all over her hot glowing red arse. It felt as if I was stretching every muscle in my body. Tension was flowing out of me with each thick glob of seamen that erupted out of my throbbing cock. 

Miss buttlin was greedy and didn't waste a drop. She reached around her waste, and placed a cupped hand below each Cum covered cheek. She caught any cum that didn't stick to her ass. 

Once her hands were covered with the milky fluid, she rubbed my cum all over her ass, as if it were lotion. She made circular rubbing motions with those slender french manicured fingers. Her sparkling wedding ring looked so good glazed with my cum. She stopped for a Minute to spread her cheeks to show me her abused ass hole, stretched, and red. She then let her cheeks slip from her hands, to slap together once again concealing her ass hole. 

As she resumed rubbing, she whispered in a breathy voice, "mmmm.. Yeah..... give me that sweet cream... Let it sooth my naughty spanked abused arse.... Oh ya...."

I sat back in her chair and, watched her for about half an hour, until all that cum was dry. She explained to me that her husband and herself had not had sex since they were married. Her husband was a strict christian, who would not have sex for any other reason than to make babies. That is why they fight all the time, and that is why she has seduced more than one student right here in the school to relieve the stress, when masturbating didn't cut it. 

We both got dressed, and said good night. It was now about 7:00pm. She told me to leave her room, and she would leave in 5 minutes to avoid suspicion. I left with a semi hard on. My cock still was not soft yet. 


After a weekend of whacking it to memories of our afire, on monday I returned to her boring lectures. However, this time she taught the entire lecture standing up, and I wondered in my day dreams, how many others had been seduced in the same way? This I didn't know, but I had a feeling our first encounter, would be the start of many more. 

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2011-08-28 03:10:14
very hot story--yummy!

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2011-04-28 17:41:20
Probably not a true story, but then again, most stories in this category are probably fiction. Hell, there are a ton of incest stories in this category, and I have a hard time believing that these people are actually messed up enough to bang a family member.

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2011-04-22 15:59:42
Have to wonder if this is true. Good story but really hard to believe. And yet, I we have had a few involved in public school education that have been fired because of relationships with students. I know one SOB that had fucked at least three of his students and had married, and divorced the first one, and then married the third one. I did have a math teacher in 10th grade that gave me a hard on almost every day--Her figure was more than a 10.


2011-04-21 23:17:05
nice story can't wait for the next one

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Excellent story. You should have came all over her face while she was on the phone.

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