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Ok, so I know how all this is going to sound and you know what, you’re right. I was a narcissistic asshole. I didn’t give a fuck about anything or anyone but myself. Oh sure, I could make tons of excuses. I was young. I was dumb. And lord knows I was always full of cum. But there was more to it than that. See, things were different back then. There weren’t guys kissing other guys on prime-time television. Nobody was ‘Out’, at least no one I knew. So, I knew who I was, what I was, but knowing something and accepting it are two completely different beasts. I knew I liked other guys more than girls. But that wasn’t who I wanted to be, so I did everything I could to be someone else. Which of course meant that I got myself a girlfriend and at the age of thirteen and I got laid. She wasn’t a very pretty girl. Nor was she popular. She was a year older than me and she thought I was cute. That was all it took. We got together at the homecoming football game. It started with me holding her hands, to keep them warm, and before the night was over we were making-out below the bleachers. So, even though she was lower than me on the social-ladder, she was a year older than me and a freshman in high-school and I was in eighth-grade at the junior-high, going-with her actually raised my status a bit (and brought her down a rung, since she was dating a lowly eighth-grader). And from what I’ve already said, is it any surprise that I made sure to give complete blow-by-blow details, often exaggerating a bit, of everything I did with her to one of the biggest big-mouths in school. I wanted everyone to know that I’d gotten my hand up her shirt and under her bra at the Halloween party. That I’d gotten my hand down her pants and finger-fucked her and that she gave me a hand-job the day after Thanksgiving. See, if everyone knew that I was messing-around with a girl, then they wouldn’t get suspicious when I stared at other guys in the locker-room after Gym-class.
Then she invited me over for New Year’s Eve. Her parents were going to a party and left her home alone, they didn’t know she’d asked me over. Nor did my parents know that her parents weren’t home. I got to her house a little before eight. It was quarter-after-nine when I looked at her alarm-clock, when we went into her room. I looked at the clock again when we were finally both naked, it was nine-thirty-five. Fifteen minutes later, at ten-to-ten, I was licking my lips and wiping my face after eating her pussy and making her come. It was straight-up ten-o’clock when my eyes flew open and I started pumping a load of my cum into her mouth (which was the first load I’d ever shot into another person’s body, and which made her gag and cough and spit). Then we lay there for a while, still naked, holding each other, talking and kissing and touching. A little more than half-an-hour later I looked at the clock again, as I guided my virgin-cock into her virgin-pussy.

Ok, so she didn’t really want to go-all-the-way. I had to tell her that I loved her and that I knew we’d be together forever, and that I couldn’t wait any longer to “make-love” to her, in order to get her to roll on her back and spread her legs for me. If she hadn’t just sucked a load out of me, I know I’d have shot my wad while I was trying to bust her cherry. She let out a loud, unpleasant grunt when my cockhead hit her barrier. I pushed a bit harder and she started to moan. The harder I pushed, the louder she moaned. I knew I was hurting her, but I didn’t care. It felt incredible for me. She was hot and wet and like I said, as I pushed and jabbed my cock at her tough hymen I almost climaxed, and surely would have had I not popped a wad less than half-an-hour before. Now, I didn’t want to hurt her, but like I said, I didn’t care. I had my cock in a girl’s cunt, and I wasn’t going to stop for anything. I knew that she was about to tell me to stop, when she put her hands on my chest and tried pushing me off her, but before she got the chance, I pulled my cock back a little, then thrust in as hard as I could. I actually felt her cherry ripping with the head of my cock and instead of telling me to stop, she let out a howl. With that one thrust, my whole cock was forced inside her cunt, and I swear I felt my cockhead bump-up against another barrier deep inside her. She was screaming and crying and struggling underneath me. I didn’t start pumping at first. With my cock buried deep inside her, her body was going crazy. Not only was she wiggling and twitching under me, her pussy was squeezing my cock like a hot, satiny vice. As much as I hate to admit it, her shrieks and bellows really turned me on and I knew I wasn’t going to last long.
Now before I go on and at the risk of sounding completely vain, I’ve got a pretty big cock. Even back then, it was bigger than average. I remember measuring it not long after fucking that girl for the first time, wanting to know exactly how much cock I gave her. So, halfway through my thirteenth-year, I had just a touch over seven inches of cock, was big-enough around that my fingers barely met when I wrapped them around the shaft (I figure it was about five-and-a-half inches around, or two-and-a-half inches across), and it still had a bit of growing yet to do. So, when I felt and heard her starting to calm down, I pulled my hips back just a bit, slipping a few inches of my cock out of her, then slammed back in. I felt myself bottom-out again, my cockhead smashing-up against whatever the barrier was deep inside her. She started screaming and struggling again. I waited for her to calm down again, then I pulled out a little more and drove back in a little harder. Again, she started crying and squirming under me. And again, when she started become used to having my big cock inside her, I pulled back even more and thrust back in with even more force.

That time, the third time I pumped my cock inside her pussy, I felt my cockhead pop through the back-wall of her cunt and (now I know) through her cervix. She screeched and her whole body went tight. I felt like my cock was about to be ripped off my body, the head of my cock being squeezed so tightly by the aperture it forced into. But it pushed me over the edge and before I really knew what was happening, I was spraying my cum directly into her womb. I held myself deep inside her, feeling her body undulating around my cock, I came like I never had before. Instead of pumping individual wads, as had happened every other time I came, it was more like I was pissing my cum inside her. It felt better than anything I’d ever felt in my life, squirting one huge, constant stream of sperm out of my cock. And when I was done spewing my load, keeping my cock buried deep inside her, it didn’t go soft. So when I got my breath back a bit, I started to pump. Without ever pulling out of her cunt, I fucked her. This time, I pumped and humped and fucked her good. She wept through most of it, and within five-minutes, when I started shooting my second load inside her pussy, she howled and cried again. That load came out more like normal, jet after jet of my cum spurting out to fill her cunt, and with each wad I popped-out, I shoved myself as deep as I could, but the head of my cock slammed against the back-wall of her hole, rather than popping through her cervix like the first time.
When I came-down from my multi-orgasmic-high and my cock finally went limp, I held her and kissed her, telling her how much I loved her and how incredible she’d made me feel and how sorry I was that it had hurt her. “They say it always hurts the first time,” I remember saying, “It’ll be a lot better next time.”

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love it . more please. but put more gayxD

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