El Toro finds the true love of his life, his beautiful daughter
El Toro, this one's for you, enjoy!

Carlos Hidalgo, El Toro, the bull, was truly a bull of a man. Carlos was born in Mexico but grew up in South Central Los Angeles where he'd earned his nickname. He wasn't particularly tall, 5' 10” inches but he weighed in at an impressive 232 pounds. His chest and arms were massive, his waist trim, with coal black hair, deep brown eyes and his swarthy complexion Carlos was handsome in a rugged way but his size wasn't the only reason for the nickname, El Toro was hung like a bull, 7 ½ inches in length, large but not really impressive, but it was fat, he was over five inches in girth and he loved to use it. El Toro was in the gangs of South LA, first as a runner later as an enforcer and finally as one of the leaders. El Toro had amassed a fortune in the crack trade and unlike most, he kept it.

When he was twenty-five he's married Carmelita Nunez, a stunningly beautiful Mexicana and he kept it in his pants unless he was with Carmelita. Big tough El Toro was in love, Carmelita loved him back just as fiercely, their matings were loud, raucous love fests.

His favorite, when he could put her spectacular legs over his shoulders, enter her and ride her high, hitting her hot clit with every stroke, making her cum five or six times, he could fuck for nearly an hour, filling her completely, his fat cock touching all of her sensitive places, she'd scream and wail the whole time,

“Madre de Dios Carlos, Mother of God, ah yes, yes my big bull, fill my pussy, fill Carmelita's cocha,”

Her words just drove him on, faster and harder he'd stroke, thrusting deep into her cocha, filling her with his cum. They used no birth control, Carmelita wanted a large family, lots and lots of ninos and ninas. At the pace they worked at it, it didn't take long, three months after the wedding Carmelita was pregnant, nine months later she had blessed him with a baby daughter; they named her Conchita and she was the second love of Carlos' life.

Unfortunately there were complications during Conchita's delivery; complications that left Carmelita unable to have more children; it made her particularly protective of her little Conch; Carmelita decided she didn't want her little girl growing up in the barrio, she urged and cajoled El Toro to take his family somewhere else, somewhere it was safe, somewhere not controlled by the gangs.

Getting out of the gangs is not always so easy. Carlos had worked a cover job, something to pay taxes on at a paint and auto body shop. Carmelita's urging finally induced him to make the move.

He gathered up all his money, packed up the car and took off, personal items only and headed north. Just outside Carmel was where they stopped. They stayed in a motel until they were able to find a house offering owner financing, Carlos gave them 50% down, they now had a house, empty of course. The next day it was furniture shopping. After the new furniture was delivered Carmelita was so happy, it wasn't just a house anymore, it was a home, with a family living in it; her family, their home.

The next order of business was to find a commercial location to establish his business, he knew drug dealing and he knew paint and body work. He got lucky, an older man he was referred to had an up and running business, good contacts with the auto insurance companies for referrals and an established trade. He sold Carlos a half interest and told him that when he retired he's sell him the rest; Carlos took the deal.

For over ten years things went well, very well for Carlos and Carmelita, six years previously Carlos had bought out his partner, he'd expanded the business, new paint bays, more body men, the business was flourishing. They'd sold the small home they'd purchased when they first arrived in the area and had closed on a 2250 square foot 3 bedroom two bath pool home. The only sadness in their life was Carmelita's inability to have children; but that was an act of God, they had no control.

In early November Carmelita was driving to pick up Conchita from school, she'd had to stay late, the students were working on a play for the Winter Pageant and Conchita had a part.

The rainy season had just begun and the first rain of the season was pounding down. Carmelita's car entered the intersection just after her light had turned green, from her left a speeding pick-up was unable to stop. The rain had washed the accumulation of road grit and oil to the surface; even the ABS in the pick-up didn't help, it slid out of control into the intersection striking Carmelita's auto at the driver's door. Carmelita's vehicle was not equipped with side air bags, she died on impact.

Carlos was devastated, the love of his life, the woman that had stood beside him, made him a successful businessman, the heartbreakingly beautiful Mexicana that was his wife, his soul mate, Carmelita was gone, seconds, a speeding truck and death; he was inconsolable.

Carmelita's sister Luz came and stayed for several days, helped with the funeral arrangements, helped console Conchita but she had a family, she was needed at home.

Now it was Carlos and Conchita, just the two of them. They began to find solace in each other.

Carlos tried to take over the duties that had been Carmelita's; fortunately he was self-employed, he labored long hours but he had some flexibility, school projects, chaperoning on field trips, driving to music lessons; the mamá things. It drew them closer, they each had new duties, Carlos tried his hand at cooking and gave it up, his eleven year old daughter was far better at it. He got the laundry, the pool and the yard work, Conchita got the cooking, vacuuming and dusting, and they made things work.

Carlos still had his morose moments, remembered love, missing love but, after six months the acute pain was finally fading; he had his work and he had Conch, and he had his sweet memories.

On the surface Conchita seemed to be adapting to the loss of her mamá very well, she was a happy young girl before the loss of her mother and after a period of mourning, she seemed to regain her spirit. The only evident continuing manifestation of a disquieted mind were her periodic nightmares; even though she hadn't seen the accident Carmelita had been on her way to pick her up; she would awaken terrified, the squeal of the pick-up's tires on the rain slicked pavement, the explosive sound of the crash, the rending of steel and her mother's final plaintive wail.

Carlos would go to her, she was always so traumatized, he'd take her into his bed, soothe her, let her sleep in the safety he provided.

He was concerned enough about the nightmares that he spoke to Conchita's pediatrician, her only advice was grief counseling. After just a few sessions it was evident that the counseling wasn't the answer; Conch had accepted her loss consciously, now her subconscious needed that same acceptance. As time went on, the bad dreams became less and less frequent.

In her thirteenth year, on the anniversary of the terrible accident the nightmare came back with a ferocity, terrified, Conchita jerked awake and sat up screaming, even with her eyes open she could still vividly envision her mind's reconstruction of her mother's death.

Carlos rushed to her, as always she wanted his bed and his solace. He carried her, she was still his baby girl; lay her on the sheet, climbed in beside her, pulled the covers over them and held her; she burrowed into his massive chest, there was the sound of muffled sobbing as she cried herself to sleep.

Not perverted thoughts, simply observations; Carlos lay in bed but awake, staring at the ceiling. Conchita's growing up, he thought. Her period had come when she was eleven, now at thirteen, she had budding beasts and a high tight bottom. Her resemblance to Carmelita was uncanny, slender and willowy, ebony black hair worn long, her small breasts, she was developing the figure of a woman. She was already 5'4” tall and weighed 117 pounds and she was muy bonita, very pretty, very pretty indeed.

It was with a twinge of sadness that he realized his little Conch would in not too many years be another man's wife, this other man's lovely Conchita; she would love him, tend his home and have his babies. The thought of being a grandfather, him Carlos “El Toro” Hidalgo as el abuelo, a grandfather, hell he was only thirty-eight, it did not seem possible. His el abuelos were grizzled old men, bent by hard work and arthritis, who sat around and played dominoes, drinking tequila; he chuckled to himself, no that was not for El Toro, he was strong, healthy, no, not for him, was his final thought before he dozed off.

Conchita was dressed as she always did for bed, a shorty night gown worn over her panties, she awakened early. She was on her side, her back was to her Papi, he was lying behind her. From his rhythmic breathing she knew he was still sleeping but his strong arm was over her, his hand was resting low on her tummy. She lifted the front of her gown so that his hand fell on her bare flesh and the cotton of her panties, on her abdomen, not so very far from la cocha, she snuggled back against him.

Carlos slept on but even in slumber his subliminal mind was aware of the stimulation Conchita's touch, her presence was creating. His mind translated it into a dream, he was holding his lovely Consuelo, she was in his arms, he pulled her closer, Conch scooted back under the pressure of his embrace, she lifted the back of her gown, now all that separated them was the flimsy fabric of her panties and thickness of the boxer shorts Carlos wore to bed. She settled against him and put her hand on his, working it lower and lower. Conch wasn't unaware of the feeling of arousal, she was, after all thirteen, she'd explored herself with her fingers. What she was feeling was arousal, arousal at the hand and hard body of her sleeping Papi.

Carlos was sleeping with a smile on his face, it was a fantastic dream, he began to harden, oh, yes, he and Consuelo, they would do it again.

Conchita felt her Papi getting hard against her bottom, dare she, could she, her arousal induced her to act as she would never have acted in other circumstances but she wasn't in other circumstances, she was in bed with her Papi and she could feel him, erect against her bottom. She reached behind her and lowered her panties, pulling them down to her knees. She'd felt him when she'd reached behind, his erection was free, out through the fly in his shorts, she opened her legs and guided him between them. Not in her body, she had his penis clamped between her thighs.

She slipped her hand lower, lower than his, found her little clitoris and rubbed herself, as she got hotter and hotter, she began to work her hips, sliding along Carlos' erection, as he swelled Conchita though, my God, my Papi is huge; she'd already decided, she wanted to be his woman now, she knew he would hurt her.

She continued to work her hips, Carlos' body reacted, he ejaculated, filling his sweet Consuelo with his cum.

Dreamily, he came awake, the memory of loving Consuelo, but, no, that could not be, she had been gone two years now; no, just a fantastic wet dream and then he was awake and aware, his cock was against his young daughter, she had no panties on, his cock was still between her legs.

Carlos jerked awake, his daughter lay on the bed, her bottom bare, his cum leaking from between her legs. Oh God, what had he done?

“Perverso, desviado, pervertido, yo soy, ah Conchita, I am so sorry.”

“No Papi, you're not a pervert, you did nothing but what a man is suppose to do. You were sleeping, I was not; your body did those things a man's body is suppose to do when he is with his woman.”

“When I am with my woman, yes, but you are my daughter.”

“Of course I'm your daughter, but now I will be your woman. You have been too long without a woman, two years is to long for a big strong man like mi Papi, so now I will be your woman.”

“Usted está loco, Conchita,” he lamented.

“Sí, es cierto, Yes, it is true, I am crazy, I am crazy for mi Papi, and now I will be his woman.”

“Conch, that cannot happen, you're still a little girl,” he replied although from his observations of the previous evening he knew that wasn't entirely true.

“Papi, I am not a little girl, I am a young woman, I can have children, I have breasts, even some, how do you say, hermoso vello púbico, beautiful pubic hair, black like on my head. I cook and I clean like your wife, now I will live as your wife.”


“No Papi, I have felt su pene grande, you are very large and I know you will hurt mi cocha, but only the first time and then I will be your wife.”

“Conch,” he pled.

“Do you have condoms Papi, we must use a condom at first then you will arrange for me to have the pill. Maybe later we can make babies but I am thirteen, we do not want to have a lot of questions asked.”

“Conchita, I can't do this.”

“Of course you can Papi, I have been all over your business, I know what is in the men's restroom, get some from there.”

In the men's room at the body shop was a rubber machine, many of his employees were young men, he got a little commission on the sales of the prophylactics and, of course Carlos Hidalgo was a businessman. Now it seemed he would be giving himself a little business.

“Papi, when you get home I will open you uno cerveza, then I will serve you your favorite meal, Creamy Chipotle Lime Shrimp and Rice; and then Papi, for the very first time I will serve you what I intend to make your favorite dessert, Conchita between the sheets,” she said as she grinned at him, “Now get dressed for work while I fix your breakfast.

Huevos Rancheros and chorizos in his belly Carlos set off for his business.

His day was mentally tumultuous, yes, he would take his young daughter as his “wife,” she was adamant, it was going to happen but other things she had said, could they really have children, not now, of course but later, when she was a little older, he, like Carmelita had wanted many children, they had both felt cheated by God that they could have only the one. Was he, Carlos Hidalgo, being offered a second chance?

He got out an old atlas, looked at Sonora, the state in which he was born, the city he chose was San Carlos, on the Sea of Cortez, a Google search gave him the contacts for several real estate agents, he phoned one and voiced his requirements. He wanted a home or property on which he could build. Away from the city of San Carlos yet close enough that shopping and restaurants would be convenient; the property must be located on the sea with a beach on which his children could play. If it was an existing home he required at least 7,00 square feet of living space, quarters on premises for the help; he preferred a cottage for a couple, she to cook and clean, he to do the gardening and maintenance, he would want them to live in. Of course a pool was mandatory, other amenities would be nice but he could add them if they weren't available.

He hung up, it would be a huge step, he could afford the property, Carlos Hidalgo was a wealthy man, still it would be a very expensive get-a-way cottage if he could not employ it on a year around basis. A beach on which his children could play? What children, was he loco, he hoped not. Conch was the remaining love of his life, his sweet beautiful child, could she be the mother of his children, before they'd even consummated their new relationship he was already day dreaming of filling her belly with bebés, ninos y ninas, many of them, he smiled at the thought.

Then he phoned a financial planner he had as a customer, the man was a terrible driver, visited Carlos' shop at least once a year, they discussed Carlos' plan; retirement in three years, what assets he had, available cash, what could he invest on a monthly basis, the information Reg Clarke, the planner needed to formulate a plan. Then made an appointment to meet the following week, Reg would have some suggestions then; that was set.

He phoned Conchita's physician, explained that his little girl wasn't such a little girl anymore, asked for a recommendation for a gynecologist who would be Conch's new doctor then phoned her. She was Hispanic, Doctor Gonzales, he explained that he'd been referred to her then told her that he had some concerns about his thirteen year old daughter, Conchita, thought she might be sexually active, he wanted her examined and, no matter the outcome of the exam he wanted a prescription for birth control pills. He wanted to know if she could discuss the outcome of the exam with him. She assured him that since Conchita was a minor that she could talk with him afterward; he set an appointment.

His work day ended and Carlos Hidalgo, “El Toro,” fearful of nothing drove home, fearfully, he wanted Conch but she was still his thirteen year old daughter, he made it home and walked in.

Conch had heard his car turn into the driveway, she already had a bottle of Dos Equis opened for him, she steered him toward his recliner, sat him down, unlaced his work shoes, took them off and walked behind his chair. As she massaged his tight shoulders muscles, his tension fled.

“Papi, drink your beer then have a shower, I'll have the shrimp ready by then,” she gave him a little peck on the cheek and retreated to the kitchen.

After he'd finished his beer he left the bottle on the side table, went up stairs and showered away the grime and sweat of a workday, he dressed in a pair of athletic shorts, commando, with a tee-shirt stretched across his broad chest and barefooted, he went back downstairs.

He walked into the kitchen, Conch was at the stove, she turned to him, gave him a little hug and a sniff; “Yep, you smell better.”

He guessed that Dial Soap really was better than the Sherwin-Williams paint from his spray guns and the scent of Bondo from his body shop.

“Would you like another beer, dinner will be ready in about ten minutes,” she asked.

He accepted another Dos Equis and watched her move about the kitchen.

Such a lithe young body, willowy, agile her movements not those of a thirteen year old child, more the confident actions of a young athlete, she glided, she didn't walk, she glided as she moved across the floor, stove to sink, it couldn't have been more mundane, she wasn't on a dance floor yet the grace, even more than Carmelita, Conchita moved like a young cat, a panther; his reverie ended, she placed his plate in front of him, placed hers on her place mat and sat down.

The dinner was excellent, Conch had mastered the art of Mexican cuisine, still, there was a tension in the air, both knew what lay ahead when the meal was finished.

Carlos had first resigned himself to what was to happen then, as his thoughts and plans had moved into the future, he looked forward to this evening; that didn't completely assuage his conscience, he knew what they planned to do was incest and that it was morally and legally wrong.

Conchita's pleasant thoughts were centered on her becoming her Papi's “wife,” her concern was about the pain she knew she would feel, she'd felt her Papi's pene that morning, she knew he was large; she wondered if he could even get it in her little cocha; she'd soon find out.

Standing she took his hand, “It is time Papi,” she said as she led him to his bedroom.

For several moments the simply stood and looked at each other mutely, what to say, how to proceed?

Finally, Carlos took the initiative, he approached Conch, helped her out of her tee-shirt, she wore no brassiere, her small peach sized breasts required no additional support.

“Very pretty Conchita, so very pretty,” as he bent and kissed each.

In front of her he knelt, he untied her athletic shoes and took them from her feet, she wore no socks. Then he tugged her shorts down, taking them over her feet and off.

As he reached to pull her panties off he touched her hips, she was trembling.

Even erect, even wanting her, Carlos whispered, “Conchita, mi hija joven y bella, my beautiful young daughter, we do not have to do this.”

“No Papi, I want to, I want to be your wife; I am sorry, I'm just a little bit afraid,” as she lowered her own panties.

Still kneeling Carlos could look upon her, her mound was filling in nicely, black and sleek, he could smell her, perhaps a little of urine but mostly young aroused woman. He wanted to taste her but thought, not the first time, oral sex, they would get to, but not the very first time.

Conch pulled his tee-shirt over his head, he stood and dropped his shorts. She'd felt his erection this morning; now for the first time she saw it.

“Papi,” she gasped, “How will that get in my little hole?”

“We will have a little help,” he answered.

He rolled on one of the condoms he'd bought at the shop, opened the drawer on his night stand and withdrew a tube of KY Jelly, still there, two years after he'd last used it, used it with Carmelita, now he would use it to help his Conchita.

He directed her to the bed, she climbed on, lay on her back and instinctively spread her legs. Carlos used a bit of the jelly on her then slathered it on himself before getting between her splayed thighs.

“You're sure?” He asked.

She nodded her assent.

Carlos ran the head of his fat cock between her lips, found the little dimple that was her vagina. He thought, not so far in the future she would have babies from here, she would stretch to accommodate a baby, now he would start the process of opening her, he pressed forward.

Conch gave out a little gasp as just the head entered her, she was tight, tight as a virgin, now she was being stretched.

Carlos pushed forward until he met resistance, her hymen.

“Take a deep breath then try to relax, I am sorry but I must hurt you.”

He gripped her hips and thrust forward, she stretched then she tore, her tender feminine membrane, rent on the mighty cock of El Toro, the bull was in her; and then she screamed. She writhed under him, trying to escape the searing, scorching pain, more agonizing than anything she'd ever experienced.

El Toro stopped, he was buried in her, seven and one half inches long, over five inches around, his sweet Conchita was no longer a virgin, now he was letting her become accustomed to his invasion, he held her to the mattress as she writhed. When finally she ceased trying to escape he began to slowly pump her. Incredibly tight, still on her face a pained look, Carlos pumped her, he scooted forward so that he was touching her in the right place, a place that would make her feel good, he wanted her to feel good, wanted her to take pleasure in their mating just as he was, he reached, fondling her breasts as he continued to slowly stroke into her.

And slowly the expression on Conchita's beautiful face also changed, the burning had faded, now she felt only the ache of the tearing, the ache was not so bad, she had known she would be hurt. She had been hurt but the ache was different, the touching of her clítoris by Papi's el pene, she had done it, she was now a woman, she was the woman of Carlos “El Toro” Hidalgo, her Papi, and she was happy.

As Carlos watched, first a little whimsical smile played over Conchita's lips, then a beam, like sunshine on her face. She circled his hips with her legs and pulled him forward, she was his woman now, his “Little Wife” and he loved her more dearly than he had ever loved before, not even for his lovely Carmelita had he had such a deep feeling.

Conchita was experiencing a feeling, too, a feeling that her own fingers had never ever given her. From her head down, rapidly descending through her body, her breasts swelled, her tummy tightened and la cocha turned liquid, for a moment she thought she was peeing but then she knew, orgasm, major climax, again she was writhing but not in pain, she tightened the grip of her legs around her Papi, he was stroking into her very fast now,

“Aiiiiiiiiiiii, Aiiiiiiii,” she wailed, “Ay Papi, oh Papi, ay, ay, ay,” voicing her excitement, her pleasure, cumming as a woman for the first time.

Carlos thrust forward then held himself against her, his ejaculate filling the rubber, stretching it to it's maximum, he continued to pump, slower, then slower yet until the condom was overflowed with his offering.

Afterward, as they lay arm in arm, Conch said, “Papi, you must get me the pill, I've felt you in me, now I want to feel your juice in me.”

“I've already made an appointment with a doctor, a new doctor, not for children, for women. She will give you a woman's examination, she will see that you are not virgin, we must agree as to what we will say to her.”

“I will tell them that there is a boy at school, older maybe sixteen or seventeen, I will say that we did it.”

Conch reached to feel his cock, “Ay I already fail as a wife,” she lamented, “I did not help you get clean.”

She removed the bloody, cum filled piece of latex, took it to the bathroom and flushed it. She came back with a warm cloth and wiped el pene.

“Better, I will learn to be a good wife, you will see.”

They lay together, embracing as the went to sleep.

Conch woke up first, in her mind she'd contrived a scenario, she got another of the condoms Carlos had placed on the stand; fortunately, he'd bought three.

Carlos was sleeping on his back, gently she took his penis in hand and masturbated him until he was stiff then she rolled the condom on him. He awoke to find himself wrapped in rubber, in the hand of his daughter.

With a wicked little smile she said, “I want to play airplane, I am the pilot and you will be my co-pilot, I will operate the stick and you are responsible for manipulating the control knobs, I read about this in a nasty story but it sounds like fun.”

They were both still nude from the previous night, she swung her leg over him and guided his erection to her love tunnel. As she sat down on him she winced, she was still tender from the previous night, still she was in position, playing her game.

“You see, I now control the stick, like the pilot, now you must make the adjustments to the knobs,” she thrust her little peaches out, “Adjust the knobs co-pilot,” she laughed.

Carlos fondled her small breasts as she started to slide herself up and down on his shaft, “You like my little game Papi?”

“I like your game very much mi mujercita hermosa, my beautiful little wife.”

Conchita was ecstatic, he had called her his beautiful little wife, she flew her airplane faster, she looked more like a steeplechase rider than a pilot, posting on him like an English jockey at Epsom Downs, to Carlos it felt fantastic but, more, the look of pure and unadulterated joy on Conchita's beautiful face.

There was no spectacular climax, both came but this was for the pure fun and joy of sex, uninhibited sex between two people who truly loved each other, two people who took pleasure in each other, too soon it had to end for both of them, Carlos had to go to the body shop.

Conchita's appointment with the doctor was for Wednesday afternoon, Carlos had already gone through his last condom plus six more he'd bought from his machine, three packs, two more, ay she was insatiable, la cocha pleading to be filled every night. The arrived at the doctor's office thirty minutes early so Conch could complete her medical information.

When they called for Conchita Hidalgo, Carlos followed. The nurse stopped him, there was to be a physical examination, he was a man, it would not be appropriate for him to be in the room.

“Miss Nurse, Carlos couldn't read her name tag, she is my daughter, she has no mother to be here for her, I must also do the things a mother must do. My daughter is only thirteen, she is afraid and I will be with her, ask the doctor if you must, if she refuses then she must talk to me, we will leave, find another doctor if the doctor does not understand.”

“Just a moment Mr Hidalgo, let me speak to the doctor.”

A few minutes she returned, “Mr. Hidalgo, Dr. Gonzales had agreed to let you stay during Conchita's examination, come this way.”

She led them to an examination room, recorded Conchita's height, weight, took blood samples and handed her a plastic vial.

Pointing toward a door the nurse said, “You will need to undress, there is a gown in there, please take all of your clothes off, even your shoes then we need a urine specimen, when you have done that, put the lid back on, put on this counter and sit on the table.”

Conchita looked at her Papi, he translated, “When you go to the bathroom take off all your clothes, even your shoes, pee in the cup, screw the lid back on the cup, put it over there,” he pointed to the counter, “Then sit up here,” patting the paper covered exam table.

Conch came out of the restroom, a cup of golden fluid sealed in it's container, put it on the counter then, she pulled the Johnnie around her trying to cover her back side. Carlos lifted her to the table.

Several minutes later a slender woman, perhaps fifty came into the room, she was wearing a pants suit under her white lab coat, handsome, not beautiful but handsome, tall, perhaps as much as 5'9”, black hair with streaks of silver at her temples, she introduced herself.

“Mr. Hidalgo, Conchita, I'm Doctor Gonzales.”

With that she proceeded with her examination, stethoscope back and front, eyes, ears,nose and throat, she proceeded with her examination. She asked Conch if she examined her breasts. Conch had no idea what she was talking about, Doctor Gonzales conducted a breast examination, explaining at every step what she was doing, what she was looking for and how Conch should do it herself at least monthly. Finally, she asked Conch to lie back and scoot to the end of the table, she raised the stirrups.

She looked at Carlos, “Mr. Hidalgo,” she began.

'I'm staying,” he replied, cutting her off.

“Conchita, please lift your feet, put them here,” she said as she got her feet into the stirrups, “Scoot down for me; good, that's right,” the Doctor said.

Dr. Gonzales did an external exam, ovaries, uterus, those organs she could feel.

“Conchita, I need to do an internal examination, I'm going to put my finger in your vagina, you understand?”

“Yes,” in a soft, almost fearful voice.

Doctor Gonzales snapped on a latex glove, lubricated her finger and probed Conchita's vagina.

She looked up at Carlos and gave him an affirmative nod, she was acknowledging that Conchita was not a virgin; it changed the direction of the examination.

A second finger joined the first, she felt the cervix, fingers on both sides, ovaries and uterus internally, placement, swelling, overall health, a speculum in, a pap smear, out, Conch was fine.

“Conchita, I'm going to do two more things then we'll be done but, they are kinda invasive, I'm going to do what's called a bi-manual exam, I'll have fingers in both your vagina and your rectum then I'll finish with a rectal exam; you probably won't have to have another of those until you're forty.”

Conch heard the snap of latex on flesh then she felt her anus being penetrated. Doctor Gonzales had inserted her middle finger in her bottom, her index finger penetrated Conchita's vagina, she manipulated then both while probing her abdomen with her free hand. The fingers were withdrawn, again the snap, pressure against her anus and the Doctor's finger slid in. She twisted her hand, rotating so that she felt Conchita's rectal wall. She didn't fear any disease or disorder, she was looking for possible lesions from anal sex. Doctor Gonzales smiled to herself, at least the young girl hadn't been sodomized but whoever had taken her virginity had been a large man, tears and stretching still hadn't healed completely.

“Carmelita are you sexually active?”

Shyly and quietly she answered, “Yes, with an older boy from my school, we have done it.”

She gave Conch a box of tissues and pointed her toward the restroom.

“You can get dressed now, I'll be back in a few minutes, now though, I want to speak to Mr. Hidalgo.”

She led Carlos to her office, the lab reports on the blood and urine were complete, she took a moment to review them; no abnormalities had been observed; she set them aside.

“Mr. Hidalgo, I'm afraid your fears are justified, Conchita's been sexually active, I believe it was recent that she started, the tear in her hymen is not yet completely healed.”

With a questioning look she said, “Mr. Hidalgo, the man that took your daughter's virginity, well, he's well endowed, I saw stretching and tearing that tell me he was a large man? What do you think?”

“I've seen her with a big boy, at least sixteen or seventeen, maybe it was him, I don't know.”

“Yes, well, that's what she told me, too, a big older boy from school.”

With the prescription for the pills in hand they escaped the Doctor's scrutiny, it was evident to Carlos that she had suspicions but now they were through with her for at least another year.

They stopped at the CVC on the way home, filled and filed the prescription. At home Carlos explained that they would continue to use condoms until she'd completed a menstrual cycle. Then they could go bareback.

She shot him a moue, “I wanted you tonight,” she pouted.

“ Mi mujercita hermosa, you will have me tonight, I think perhaps you are ready to walk with the Goddesses, across the sky, we shall see.”

Dinner tonight was pizza, Conch called in the order, Carlos paid. With Coke for her and cerveza for him, they ate their fill. No good Mexican home delivery in Carmel, just pizza and Chinese, they had pizza.

Conchita no longer had a bedroom, she still had the room where she used to sleep, now it was simply a repository for her things; she'd shared the bed with her Papi since their first night; she was his mujercita hermosa, his beautiful little wife. A wife slept with her man.

He went up first, she was still cleaning up after their meal, box in the trash, plates and glasses in the dishwasher. He was sitting on the bedside waiting for her, he was nude.

“Come mi mujercita hermosa,” he asked.

Clad in her shorts, tee-shirt and sneakers she walked to him. He lifted her tee-shirt off, exposing her breasts. She was anticipatory, knowing something different was going to happen and she was becoming aroused. Before his eyes Carlos watched as her breasts swelled and her nipples hardened, he kissed each of her succulent peaches then lowered her shorts and panties to her knees, he picked her up and brought her onto his lap, she was still a small person when compared to El Toro, he untied her shoes, took them off then her shorts and panties went over her feet. She was in his lap, completely undressed, nude to his own nakedness; he lay her beside him.

“Conchita, mi mujercita hermosa, tonight is for you.” Carlos had not yet tasted his sweet Conchita nor had she experienced the pleasure of the tongue, tonight would change that, tonight he would make love, for her, love with his precious beautiful little wife.

And he took her into his powerful arms, he caressed her and he kissed her, like a man kisses a woman, it took her a moment or two to react, to realize that his probing tongue was meant to go between her lips, into her mouth, she parted her teeth, he breathed in her sweet breath, young, fresh, they kissed, like husband and wife; no, more like young lovers they kissed. Her lips so sweet, so soft, aggressively they bit at each other, dueling tongues, gnashing teeth, bruised and crushed lips, redness, shared redness, turning pink in their saliva, lips bleeding, their passion boundless, he tasted her blood, she sucked at his lower lip, his cut, tasting him; and then he broke the kiss; oh, she thought, why; then he was at her breasts and she knew, she could already feel his promise being fulfilled, she truly would walk with the Goddesses, like a Danielle Steel heroine, her breasts swelled, her nipples grew, she was in the thrall of her man, she was woman, his woman, the woman of Carlos Hidalgo; the woman of El Toro. And he kissed down, her belly, so taut, skin drawn tight, soft skin over tight muscle, it tickled when he dipped his tongue into her little innie belly button, then lower.

Carlos had seen her yet he was still surprised, Conch was only thirteen yet her mound was growing more luxurious by the day, black as night yet sleek as an otter, her ebony pelt drew him, he nuzzled her, tugging gently at her fine hair with his lips then he moved further down. He skipped her pearl, he'd be back. His fingers opened her slit, labium held apart by his fingers, she was still young, she wasn't yet the muddled red of an older woman, no, she was the glistening coral of youth. He inhaled her fresh scent, he couldn't give it a name, the spices of Mexico, the softness of a young woman, he tasted her. Sweet, salty, Conchita, her own distinctive scent and flavor, Carlos thought he wanted to stay where he was forever, but no, this was not for him, Conch was to learn the real excitement of being a woman. He licked her, his tongue snaking along her slit, her vulva, he still enjoying her liquidity, her flowing moisture, she reveling in the sensations his evil tongue was creating, he dipped the tip of his tongue into her vagina, la cocha, she moaned,

“Oh Papi, oh Papi,” as her body started to move under his ministrations.

It was nearly time, he lifted her slightly, his tongue circled her tight little rosebud, as she gasped he moved upward, back along the tracing of her vulva, he found her clitoris, for a young woman it was large, perhaps an inch, red, blood engorged, waiting, anxiously waiting, he took it between his lips.

In his mouth he could feel her pulsing, blood flowing to her sexual organ, praying for attention, praying for release, he sucked her in, his mouth pulling on her ruby stem, like a baby nursing, her gem, opaline and gleaming, his tongue teased, flick, flick, just the tip, her tip, his tip.

Conchita's climax was spectacular, from the top of her ebony head to the tips of her polished toes she shook, her breasts pulsed, growing larger, from peaches to oranges, her nipples so stiff and hard they could have been gems, her tummy like a white water cascade, ripples, strong ripples, clutching, clenching she discovered female organs she heretofore didn't know existed, her anus gripped, her uterus clenched and her vagina spewed, hot viscous fluid gushed from her, and she walked with the Goddesses, no control, screaming her pleasure, wordlessly mouthing the wonderment then incomprehensible sounds, sounds meant only for the Goddesses, nothing to compare, nothing in her life and, truly, never duplicatable, a once in a lifetime experience; she walked with the Goddesses, she was, at least for the moment a Goddess, she was woman.

He slowly brought her back to earth, no longer on her clitoris, Carlos laved her vulva, her precious fluid, the nectar of the Gods, her very essence, he swallowed her, melding her with his own fluids, she was his, he was hers.

Afterward, as they lay entangled in each others limbs she told him; not asked, told him, “Papi, for two years we will do this, I will be your little wife but when I celebrate Quinceañera, my15th Birthday you will give me a big party and I will throw away the pills, I will be ready for you to put babies in my belly.”

“Conch,” he asked, “Would you like to live in Mexico, I could buy a big house with servants, maybe right on the Sea of Cortez, we could make lots of babies, raise them with nothing but beauty to surround them, the sea where we could swim and sun, the spectacular sunsets, we could sit on the veranda, watch while we had maybe cerveza or tequila, have a pool, a beautiful home. I would like to live like that and we cannot do so here in Los Estados Unidos, the United States, but I have sufficient money that we could live very well in Mexico?”

“Papi, mi marido, my husband, I will go where you lead me. Can we really do that though Papi, can we go to Mexico, I can really be your wife, have your babies? Can we really do that Papi?”

Carlos knew that they could relocate to Mexico, he, because he was born there could claim citizenship, the restrictive laws about land ownership would not apply to him, he'd not heard from the real estate agent in San Carlos he'd employed, he would call him tomorrow. He would do two other thing tomorrow, he would speak with a business broker, he would need to sell his business and there was no way he wanted it to be a fire sale, two years to get top price, that was his idea and, of course his financial planner, retirement in two years instead of three.

And now it was the eve of the big day, tomorrow, Conchita's Quinceañera, in the eyes of Mexico she would be a woman, a marriageable woman, she had already, one month ago, as she had sworn, throw away her pills, she was ready to go from little wife to wife and mother, Carlos was ready to take her there.

His fortune had remained very good, one of his older body men had come to him, said he'd heard a rumor that the business might be for sale, said he and another of his employees wanted to talk to him about buying the business.

The men who wanted the business, his two employees could pool some cash, they'd talked to a bank officer, they wanted to know if they had a chance before they said anything to Carlos, they'd been told, with a selling price of three million dollars they needed to have three hundred thousand, 10% of the sales price, they could qualify for an SBA loan for $2,430,000, if Carlos would “tote the note” for the additional $270,000 they could close.

Oh, it was a tough decision, selling for top price, three million, he would have a second mortgage of $270,000 and he'd have $2,730,000 cash in hand. Hell, he would have taken a cash offer of two million, he walked away from the closing a very happy man; his financial planner was too when Carlos gave him the check to add to his investment portfolio.

He'd agreed to stay on for a few months for the transition of ownership to take place, he still went to work every day, he hadn't told Conch that he'd sold the business, he wanted everything to be a surprise, his gift , their very special secret gift on her Quinceañera.

And just two months from her magic day he got the call he was waiting for. There was a property for sale, one hundred acres approximately thirty miles down the coast from San Carlos, the property was comprised of an eighty-two hundred square foot Spanish Hacienda home, low, single story, stucco with a red barrel tile roof, there was an 80, 000 gallon pool, a hot tub on the patio and stables at the back of the property. It was more than ideal for what Carlos wanted, but, the price.

As it turned out the property was no more that a week-end get a way for a very affluent couple from San Diego, they were aged, hadn't often visited in the last five years and now the Mister had passed away, his surviving spouse was nearly ninety, she wanted to liquidate her assets, pass out inheritances to her children before her passing and move to an assisted living facility. At least as attractive to Carlos was the fact that there was a cottage on the premises, the middle aged couple in residence, the housekeeper and the gardener, would remain until the property changed hands and were amenable to staying on after the change in ownership if salary could be discussed.

He had even sold his home, he was leasing it back until he moved, he'd turned virtually all of his assets liquid, his financial adviser had been very good for him.

It was now her special day, for every Mexican senorita Quinceañera was a special, unforgettable day, Carlos had rented a hotel room for his lovely daughter, telling her she should prepare for the party that was being held in the ball room of the hotel that evening, there would be a sit down dinner of the finest foods that the chef could prepare, drinks unending, both soft and hard and then dancing until no one could stand.

While this was going on, men were packing his and Conchita's personal items and delivering them to the private airport where he had a charter plane waiting for an early, very early morning departure. As he'd sold his home so had he purchased his new home in Mexico, all of the furnishings were in place, all that was needed were El Toro and his young “bride” Conchita.

The party was all she could expect and more, the dancing and partying did not end until three in the morning, finally, wearily she said, “Take me home Papi.”

She was so tired she didn't seem to notice, he wasn't driving, she was in the back seat of a limo, her head resting on Papi's broad shoulder, he sleep walked her onto the Gulfstream G-V that he'd chartered, their personal belongings were in the hold. Another limo would meet the plane in San Carlos for the ride to their new home.

Conch only became completely aware of her surroundings the following morning, she awakened in the arms of her Papi as she did every morning but the bed was strange, huge, twice the size of the king size bed in which they usually slept it was like the flight deck of an aircraft carrier and the sheets were satin, not the fine Egyptian cotton of her bed.

Carlos was stirring, “Papi, where are we? This is not our bed, not our house.”

“Oh yes Conchita, this is ours, we live here now.”

Conch looked around, out the window to the west she could see a large body of water, “Papi, are we in Mexico, is that the Sea of Cortez?”

“Si, it is there for you to see every day but wait until this evening, the sunset over the water; spectacular, rivaled only by the beauty of my beautiful wife,” he smiled at her.

“So, this is where we live now?” She asked.

“Conchita, it is better here, here you can truly be my wife, no one knows us, I am simply a very rich man with a very young wife but a wife who has celebrated her Quinceañera, who is a woman, eligible for marriage, ready to be a mother. Conch, are you ready to be a mother?”

“Papi, I stopped with the pills over one month ago, I wanted to be ripe and fruitful for my Quinceañera, for when I became recognized as a woman, I am ready to take you as a woman now, to make babies with you.”

They embraced, kissed and he moved between her opened thighs, no foreplay was needed, she was lubricating and he was stiff, they both wanted to move toward parenthood as quickly as possible.

The first time, in their new home, the first time in their big bed, the first time, Conchita, ovulating, ready to be fertilized, to be filled by El Toro and then to be filled by the babies, yes, the babies.

And today, just three months later, the doctor told her today that she was carrying twin boys.

Smiles, Carlos “El Toro” Hidalgo and the beautiful Conchita, parents, she would be sixteen, he would be forty one, she would be able to produce children for at least another twenty-five years, he was a bull, “El Toro,” perhaps he could last that same twenty-five years, maybe one nino or nina every two years? Twelve for them, yes, Carlos was going to have the big, big family he and Carmelita had so long ago dreamed about, he and Conchita, Carmelita's daughter, Carlos “El Toro” Hidalgo's wife.

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