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So todays Saturday, we all have the weekends off. An awsome day today. AWSOME. We woke up today ( if you remember Adam spent the night) first thing Mika said ' I want to try some things today." That put the biggest smile on my face, Adams too. I dont think Adams ever had sex with a human girl. He's about to. She told that she just wanted to do us first. To see if she could even handle two. She first locked the door. Then took her birth control pill the came over to us and pulled both our pants down. She started started sucking the tip of of my dick while she stroked Adam's dick. She started going further on me, she was doing good for her first time doing this. She pulled off of me to tell Adam to lay down, she then sat down on his cock until it was all the way up her pussy. She started moaning onto my penis and that felt good. It was odd seeing her bounce up and down on Adam while sucking me off. All of us were moaning, Mika made it better by stroking me off while sucking my dick. Adam grabbed her hips and started slamming her harder on his dick. After a few more minutes of this I grew tired of standing so I sat on my bed, Mika had to get up and bend over to keep my dick in her mouth( she was realy deep throating me) so Adam got up an slid his dick back into her soaking pussy and started pounding into her hard. This caused her orgasm and moaned" mmmff" onto my dick. I knew I was close. Mika started looking into my eyes, begging for my cum. Finaly Adam yelled " FUCK YEAH!" And filled her up with his jizz. She pulled off of me and still stroking me, she screamed in pleasure. The look on her face was enough to put me over the edge, she kept jacking me off as I shot a huge load of cum all over her face and mouth. She licked up what cum was around her mouth and the rest she scooped up and licked off her fingers.

After we all washed up she told me that was realy tiring and that there was no way she could handle three cocks at the same time. I told her it was ok you dont have to. She told me thanks then I asked how come her sister didnt hear us. She told me she went to town to hang out with her friends. I went to hang out with Adam at his house while Mika took a nap. It sure is easier to hang out with someone that you know better then people who are seceretive. We got some of our pokemon (he only has a bayleaf that is his) and went to visit the daycare. When we got near a, boy that apparently Adam knew. He wanted to battle. Adam told him that it would be a sad battle but he didnt care. He chose a Loppuny, bad memories for both of us, and I chose my Lucario. It was indeed a sad battle, after one aura sphere the Loppuny was fainted. After that the Loppuny was giving Lucario some looks, which made me feel awkward since Lucario and I have spent more time together than Mika and I have. When we got to the daycare I saw that the workers were practilly falling over they were so tired. So Adam and I put in some time for free. I let Lucario run around for a while. When it was less busy I went to look for Lucario. I found him but I just let him be, apparently a Gardevior was into him becuase they were sitting together, her head on his shoulder. I thought to leave him hear for a few days, its been a long time since I saw Lucario happy with any other pokemon. If you didnt know if you have a special bond between some pokemon ( like Lucario ) then you can communicate with them telepathicly, so I silently told lucario that I would be back monday. It makes me happy to see my pokemon in love. I paid in advance for two days worth of food for Lucario then we left for home.

Adam went home when we got to our street. I found Mika still asleep on the couch with the tv on. I lay down too and fell asleep next to her. In my dreams or what may have been a dream I saw Lucario and Gardevior going at it like Mika and I did our first time. Then I saw Mika getting it from behind from a Ampharos. Then last I saw what I think was me screwing Loppuny. Mika woke me up saying that I was talking in my sleep. We went to my room and fell back asleep after that. We had gotten up for a little bit to eat what Ashley had made for dinner. I had completely for gotten about her, and I hoped she hadent seen us laying down together, not becuase she didnt know we were dating( She knew) but becuase I didnt want her to get the wrong idea. After that we lay awake in my bed holding eachother, kissing, then she told me that tomorrow she might start trying to become a pokephiliac. I was counting the hours that night.

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2014-08-29 04:04:55
I love this series and if anybody says anything negitive about any of this author's stories, I swear that I will personally hunt them down and give them a piece of my mind!


2011-04-21 22:23:09
The next chapter is out now its crazy

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