What I saw in her hands as I approached looked odd though. It appeared to be a normal saddle but something was off. It took me a moment to realize there was a hole in the seat of the saddle. But I decided I would find out its use soon enough.

Mel helped me to put the pad down on Zeus’s back and set the saddle on him as well. I connected the girth around his belly, stealing a loving glance of his swinging sheath before standing back up to tighten it. Once we got the bridle strapped in, she told me, “Go ahead and take him out to the indoor ring. I’ll meet you there in a moment, but you can mount up if you’d like.”

I didn't need to be told twice. As soon as we got to the enclosed area I fixed the stirrups and swung myself up onto his back. I was instantly reminded that my panties lay forgotten on the stable floor. The cool leather caressed my ass as I wiggled into my seat. I took the opportunity to stroke my bared clit against the smooth leather and grip the strong beast carrying my weight. Zeus started walking slowly forward intensifying the strokes of leather on flesh.

"I see you’ve gotten started," Melanie called from the entrance. I turned to see her approach with one of her multitude of dildos. I halted Zeus a she approached. She instructed me to lie back until my head touched his rump. I could feel the saddle shift as Mel did something, but i didn't look down. I didn't want to spoil the surprise. I was rewarded with Melanie’s fingers sliding into my prone body.

"You can sit back up now honey. I just wanted to ensure you were still wet enough for training."

She pulled her digits out of me and I bemoaned the loss until I sat up. The hole was no longer evident in the saddle. In its place was the dildo Mel had walked out here with.

"Well. What are you waiting for? The sooner you get that thing in you the sooner we can get started."

I stretched my legs as far as I could and still had to bend the pliable phallus to guide it into me. I could feel the artificial cock force its way into me as I slowly sat down. It pushed against my vaginal walls slowly widening the gap until it bumped against my cervix. I trembled and squirmed on the toy spreading my loins. I favorably compared it to Brutus's hardened member. It was certainly wider than his as long as you don’t count in the knot, but not quite as long. Then again unlike a dog knot, the width of the raiding plaything extended most of its length. Also, unlike a dog's pointed but smooth dick, this particular item had ridges and bumps all along its surface. I was compelled to bounce a few times ramming it deep into me to get an adequate comparison between it and my dogs.

"Settle down," I heard with a delightful laugh. "There'll be plenty of time for that, but first let me explain. As you could tell Zeus is rather more endowed then most humans. As such you need a little more stretching to be able to comfortably take him in. I found this modified saddle to be the best of both worlds. I can insert gradually increasing dildos into it letting you widen carefully until you can more easily take this hulking dick you want so much. Sound fair?"

"Mm-hmm," was all I could respond with since I had decided that was a good time to grind my clit into the saddle which had the added bonus of pushing the dildo harder into me.

Mel shook her head and chuckled, "I guess you don’t need any encouragement. Time to ride."

We went through the normal motions of riding, walk, halt, trot. Except the difference between a class lesson and a dildo lesson was astronomical. For one thing, the rod sticking into my crotch actually helped to hold my posture upright which was good. But it also came with the need to concentrate on my lessons more than ever. The continuous stimulation was driving me to higher heights of frenzied lust. Which made it difficult to keep my eyes focused ahead and steering. Thankfully there were no other riders to get in the way so direction was not the most necessary aspect of this ride.

So I just held on, focused on managing the transitions, and enjoyed the feeling of the textured schlong breaching my tender vagina. I enjoyed the trotting more than ever. Posting was exactly like riding a man to orgasm. The only difference being the wind on my face as we moved through the ring and the massive animal between my legs. The thick member stroked my sides as it delved deep into my crevice.

The saddled was very quickly dripping with my juices as we rode around the ring. Mel called out instructions that I tried to follow. I think Zeus had better hearing though. He seemed to listen to the calls of walk, trot, and halt and take care of it mostly on his own while I rode his back to orgasm. When I came it felt like grabbing a live wire. My body went rigid and my legs wrapped around Zeus’s barrel.

He must have conflated this with some command I didn't know because his cadence immediately changed. I could feel his hoof beats hit in a triplet pattern as he raced around the ring. All I could do was hold on as pleasure surged through my body. My hips rotated through his pace as he sped in a circle. The movements forced me deeper into the saddle. The invading phallus wiggled back and forth with the motion worming its way deeper past my cervix. I screamed out my carnal delight as I was stretched wider than ever before.

I collapsed in the saddle completely spent. Luckily the fake dick plunging into my womb kept me on top of the stallion as he slowed down to a stop.

Mel held Zeus steady as I extracted the dildo from inside me. Small aftershocks rippled through me as the phallus pulled free with a loud squelching noise. I sat back on the rear of the saddle. I breathed deeply trying to catch my breath and admired the large dark stain of my honey spreading out from the erect horn.

Mel helped me down and I immediately fell over. My knees simply couldn’t hold my weight after the massive sexercise. Laughing she tied Zeus off to the side of the ring and joined me on the floor.

"So I take it you’d be up for some more of my special lessons on another night?" she questioned.

"Most definitely," I gasped.

She gently tickled my stomach as my panting gradually returned to normal breathing. I rose unsteadily to my feet and helped Mel take Zeus back to his paddock. We removed the bridle and saddle and set them aside. I brushed out his coat while Melanie cleaned up after my mess. Though I did watch out of the corner of my eye as she sniffed the saddle and licked up some of my juices. The sight of her enjoying my excretions stirred my hunger for more, but I was simply too exhausted to start anything more. Which was only compounded by the sight of Zeus's erect cock when I bent to brush his barrel.

I sighed because I knew I simply couldn’t finish anything I started with him. Instead I gave it a gentle caress and thought to myself, next time.

Once the cleanup was complete, I agreed to meet Mel again the next night same time with no reservations. I made my way home. Completely exhausted I couldn't even manage to pleasure my pups. I barely managed to strip naked and collapse onto my bed. Lying on my chest, I drifted away to the sound and touch of Brutus and Damien taking turns licking my ass and pussy clean.

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I've ridden all my life and I'm kicking myself in the ass for not having a saddle like THAT. :-) Love your story!

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