When I was in my teenage years, something happened to me that forever changed my life. I was staying over at a classmates house for the weekend. I was pretty excited to stay at his house. He had three sisters, and two were pretty hot. I had just had my 'wet dream' a week earlier, and my young body was raging with horniness.

I went over to his house friday after school, and was going to stay over for the weekend. I was not sure he was gay, but based on all his wrestling obsessions, that was a large possibility. The afternoon went by fast, we just hung around at watched TV. We hung out with his sisters who made a bit of small talk with me, but being a thirteen year boy, I was not sure how to carry on a conversation.

"Do you want to play poker?" well why not I thought, I had no idea how, but I was willing to learn. "sure, but I don't know how to play" . "It's ok dude, i'll teach you". We both went upstairs to his room, and he locked the door behind us. I forgot one of the biggest details in the story. Adam was the tallest guy in the school, and when I say tall, I mean we were only thirteen, and he was already 6 feet. There were a few things I remembered about him. He always wore a baseball cap, and he had to order his shoes from the U.S. because they didn't not have his size in Canada. There was also something else I remembered about him, but I don't want to spoil the surprise just yet.

We sat down and he took out the poker game. I had never seen one, or been good at playing cards so I was a bit confused. He dealt me out a hand (I think thats what it was called), and gave me my pieces. "Have you ever played strip poker?" I just stared at him. I had not, and I barely understood what he met. "Well the person who loses their turn has to take off an article of clothes. He leaned forward and ripped open my shirt (now, when I think back to it I get super turned on).

The game went very slow (and I think he may have done that on purpose), and peice by peice our clothes started coming off. We were both down to our underwear, and of course I lost. "Take of your underwear" Adam had to remind me. I reluctantly took them off, and tried to keep my legs together to hide my balls and dick. "Open your legs", Of course, I listened because he was so much bigger than me, and I was just a small guy. Well I lost the game and didn't get to see his dick. I was hoping that noone at the table noticed my button missing. I really don't think they did. A few hours after eating dinner with his family, Adam was back to being his gay self.

I was about to climb unto his top bunk in his bedroom, and my eyes popped wide open when I saw the snake he whipped out. I have no idea how big it was, but today I am 22, and have been with a few guys. I have yet to see anything that big. It most have been about 12 inches. "suck it" . Again, I just looked at him. Suddenly, I was really turned on. Up until now, it had only been about girls for me. I would fantasize about chicks at school but not even the slightest crush on guys. But here I was, about to put this massive cock in my mouth. I sucked on it. I did a terrible job, but it was my first time. He liked it a bit, but I wish it would have been better for him. "Do you know how to jerk -off?" I really did not, it was still only a week away from my first wet dream. He placed his hand on my cock, which looked tiny compared to the huge one he had, and rubbed it up and down. Holy shit it felt good. We heard his parents coming up the stairs, so we both pretended to go to sleep. A little while later, I tried this 'jerk-off' thing' , and hearing me from underneath, Adam asked me how it felt. "It feels awesome". I didn't come becuase I was too scared, and did not want to make noise.Thats all that happened that night. We did not speak about it again until we went on our high-school reunion trip.

A few years later, by default, Adam and I ended up sharing a room. We were on a grad trip to Toronto, and everyone else with us had relatives to stay at. Adam was the only one who did not have where to go. So he went to stay with me, and my cousins. By now, I had a few gay experiences. I was very secret about it, and no one knew except me and a few people from my high school. I had not gone far. The odd make-out session. The once in a while blow job. That was about it.

I had an on and off girlfreind, but I was starting to have a strong attraction to guys. Adam was openly bi, and had a girl once in awhile. He was dating someone from school. A cute little brunette . However, that relationship ended, when Adam's dad, and her mom (who both recently divorced their spouses) married each other!

After a long day of touring the big city with our buddies, it was time to call it a day. We hopped on the train, and headed back to my cousins place. My cousins left us a note "Sorry we decided to go out for the night, we left you pizza on the counter, and we will see you in the morning". That made a lot of sense. My cousins were a young married couple, who liked to party hard. We scarfed down the pizza, and washed it down with a few root beers.

"I think i'm ready to crash", I said yawning loudly. "same!" Adam yelled. We both went to the guestroom where our stuff was laid out for us. I don't know if he did it on purpose. I'm not sure he noticed I was still turned towards him but Adam stripped to his boxers. "You mind if I flick the light off?"

I could see a huge bulge in his boxers, and his handsome 6'5 (that was his height now) frame begging for my attention. Shit. he caught me staring at him. He turned off the lights. "You forgot to undress, he reminded me. He leaned forward, and reached for my hard cock. He struggled a bit with the zipper of my jeans, but finally managed to reach inside and play with my cock through my boxers. I pulled my shirt off, and Adam bent forward, and bit my nipples a little bit. I got even harder. Im sure he noticed becuase his hand was squeezing on my cock.

He leaned further up, and kissed me on my lips. I could feel his tongue licking the tip of mine. He rubbed his nearly naked body against mine. I could see the faint outline of his body in the dark, and I loved it so much. I pulled my jeans off so I could better feel his body against me. We both had our boxers on still. He was sliding his body on top of mine, and I could feel his massive cock pressed on mine.

We both reached into each others boxers, and rubbed each others cocks up and down . "You like it?" he whispered in my ear. I did not respond. I took his finger, and sucked it sensually so he could get the message. He definitely did. He pulled me forward. Making sure to kiss me every chance he got. I leaned forward on the edge of the bed, and he stood there with his monster cock begging for my attention. I took quick action, and sucked hard on his cock. I could not even get half of it in my mouth, It was so thick, and tasty. He tasted so clean, and his warm cock made me so horny.

I don't know how long I sucked him for, but he was about to cum so he demaned I stop. I wanted him to cum in my mouth but I also wanted his massive cock in me. It would be my first ass fuck so I wanted it to be something else. I dont know how he read my mind. "Turn on your stomach" I lied down on the bed with my stomach flat on the bed, and my naked hairy ass sticking up. I was proud of my ass. I was athletic, and it was well toned. "Nice ass" "thanks dude" . Adam lied his whole 6'5 frame on top of me, and slide his hard cock in and out of ass cheeks. He would reach underneath me, and grab my hard cock once in awhile.

He spat on his finger, and gently teased my asshole. After he teased my asshole for awhile. He gently shoved a finger in there. I shook a little not used to the pain, but after a while it felt fucking awesome.
He made me get on all fours, and grabbed something out of his suitcase.

He stuck something jelly like in my ass, and it felt even better. My ass was way high in the air, and I was really scared he would try to fuck me. Not because I did not want it, but because his dick was huge. Then I felt a searing pain, and I nearly passed out. "OWWW" I yelled. "Shit dude I am so sorry" Adam said as he grabbed my cock. Well I guess I could not handle his cock.

"you know what dude, how about we switch" Adam suggested. I fingered Adam for awhile. I would grab his cock once in awhile because of how much it turned me on. I fucked Adam gently at first, becuase I had no idea what I was doing. "hey man, let me ride you cock?" I smiled. As he rode my cock. I was able to jerk him off, and having his huge cock right in front of me, and fucking that tight ass was all I needed. However, Adam's G-spot was no match for me. "shit dude, I'm cumming!" he came all over me. My chest, face, I leaned forward, and sucked him dry as I jerked myself off . I came a few seconds later, and had the biggest orgasm I had ever had. We spent a few minutes in each others arms, and made out a little bit. Finally, we put our boxers back on, and went to our 'separate' beds.

Well the vacation went as planned. The last time I heard, Adam has a girlfreind. As for me, I have a wife and a few kids. Well I hope one day I see him again. I would still like to have him fuck me.

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2012-11-03 16:25:05
I could have writin a much better story.

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2011-04-24 00:16:35
No fucking shit sherlock

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2011-04-22 15:18:02
This is poorly written. Didn't know if only the two of them were playing strip poker or if there were others at the table. I think this was written by someone who is younger than the age given.

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