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A new wound
First let me tell you If I go to sleep at the right time I can wake up pretty early. I don't feel good right now becuase I've been moving around a lot, not a good idea when you've got a slash in your stomach. The girls were still sleeping when I went to take a shower. After I got out I felt better than earlier. I felt less like shit as well. I changed my bandage. Still wearing just a towel I tried to sneak into my room to grab some clothes. I knew Shantal looks for ghosts all night till sunlight, It was still dark out, so I knew she was still out. My light was off but I still saw Caitlin. She didn't notice me becuase she still had her eyes closed. But I could tell she was rubbing her clit through her pajama pants. I slapped my hand over my eyes and warned that I was in the room and I was getting my clothes. I saw she had a nervous look on her face I saw on the way out and I said that she shouldn't be ashamed. I then not thinking said I could help her if she wanted. Then with an inoccent look and voice she said" Would you?" I thought about it for a second before I did becuase I valued our freindship and didnt want to jeopordize it, but like I said I wasn't thinking clearly so I just went with it. I started walking towards her and she was already pulling her pants down. I kneeled down in front of her and moved her pantys to the side. I stuck my right index finger into her already wet pussy. She started moaning in pleasure. I actually felt guilty and sick with myself. Pleasuring a girl who I viewed as not even an adolescent. She just recently turned thirteen after all. I felt like a molester. But I didn't care. I wanted to make her happy. I took my finger out with a groan of dissipointment from her. Then I lowered my head to her pussy and started licking around. She started moaning loudly at that. I started licking around her wet pussy walls. She was loving it as I went deeper inside with my toungue. With a loud moan she let me drink her orgasm juices all up. I felt so disgusted with myself. I wanted bang my head against the wall. for doing what I did. But Caitlin wasn't done with me yet. She was making this hard.

Caitlin called me over to her. She told me " I want to feel real sex. " She spread open her legs and held them up. I felt like crying becuase I couldn't stop myself, but I had to do what she wanted. Of course my cock had a mind of it's own, and it had to have her. I took off my towel to show her my already hard dick. The look on her face told me that she was begging for it. I started slipping the tip into her. She already had a pant when I did that and she was shaking. She was extremely tight as I started slipping more in. I could feel her pussy vibrating on me. I kept slipping more in, then (I had forgotten that she was still a virgin until) I hit her hymen. I asked her " Do you want me to break it?" Through slow panting she nodded her head yes. With one thrust and a loud yelp from her, I broke through. I let her recover from the shock. When she was ready I started sliding in and out of her. She had her pussy was constricting me and flexing on my cock. I pushed further in, more and more until we were hip to hip. I started pounding her harder and harder until she couldn't stand it any more and released a trickle of her juices on my dick. I let the sensation wash over me for a while. After she came down freom her orgasm she told me she wanted to try another position before I came. She pulled away from me and leaned on the wall facing away from me. she put her hands against the wall and spread her legs a bit signaling she was ready for me. She moaned in delight at feeling me slide back into her upwards. I grabbed her hips and slammed her hard onto me as I thrusted upwards into her slim soaking slit. I didn't even care any more I just kept slamming into her and she was loving it to. As I got closer I started pounding into her as hard as possible. Her screams of pleasure brought me to climax. I almost forgot to pull out of her when I shot my load. I didn't want to get her pregnant. She still lay against the wall, my cum covering her ass.

She washed up and I finnaly left the room to go out back. I threw up. I came back into the house and held my head in my hands.
The rest of this day will be continued in ch 5.2

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2014-08-29 04:13:29
people it doesn't matter wether or not you can or cannot write a better story just shut the fuck up! let the authors write in a way that expresses who they are!

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2013-08-08 04:33:16
i could still write a better story then you man get your head right or quite writing it kinda sucks and writing is hard but push your self to do better and not a lemon please

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2012-12-01 21:20:43
Dude story still sucks dick and still too fucking short like everyone else says.

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2012-06-29 18:57:40
It was good but make it longer, because the cliffhanger pissed me off

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2011-05-07 21:13:48
this is boring and kinda lame

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