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A young man accidentaly gets to watch his mother undress, then his mother spots him watching. Anything could happen
This story has been edited very slightly to remove some spelling errors and correct, in my mind, the way some of the sentences read.

It had been a quiet night, I’d spent the evening playing on my beloved computer, trawling the internet for porn as usual. I’d found quite a few sites of interest, especially to the young 16 year old horny teen I was.

I’d finally given up and headed to bed, my parents were out at some little social thing, so I had the house to myself. I woke up after a couple of hours sleep to my parents’ noisy return. They were only quiet when they came up the stairs and passed my room, my mother shushing my father as she passed my unusually slightly open door and turned the light on in her room.

I looked through half closed eyes as my father pulled my mother to him and kissed her, and then she pulled away. I was in a fortunate position, something I’d never actually realised before, and I watched as my mother unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged it from her shoulders. The big wall mirror that she stood in front of allowed me to see all sides of her body.

I’d never really thought about my mother in a sexual way, she was until then simply my mother. But now with my first sight of the lacy bra she wore that evening I instantly began getting a hard on. I held my breath and kept my eyes half lidded in an attempt to make sure if she glanced my way she thought I was asleep but the images I was seeing began to burn themselves into my brain. The first real live woman I was seeing in any state of undress was my mother and I was loving it. She began to shake her skirt down over her hips, revealing a matching pair of lace knickers that were more transparent than anything.

I held my breath as she carefully laid the skirt on the arms of the chair next to her and finally reached behind to unclasp her bra, revealing two of the best looking breasts I could ever hope to see. They drooped slightly on her chest but they were larger than most that I had seen on the net. And the nipples drew my attention.

She slowly slid her knickers down her firm hips and legs and for the first time I saw my mother completely naked. And wow did my dick hurt, it ached to explode. She turned then and looked directly at me. Her eyes widened slightly as she saw my wide open eyes then she blushed turned to my father and asked him quietly to close the bedroom door.

I lay for the rest of the evening afraid of what my mother would do, what she would say, but also incredibly horny about what I had seen. I finally had to have release and began stroking my cock fast and hard until I exploded all over the place, in the hardest, most powerful orgasm I’d had in ages.
My mother didn’t say anything about what had happened that night. The days passed and my father finally left to go back home. My parents were divorced but they had recently begun seeing each other again, however, as they lived 3000 miles apart it gave them both time to get over any friction they had suffered when they’d been together. This was probably a good arrangement in their case.

Since that night I had taken to leaving my bedroom door slightly ajar every night, deliberately accidentally of course. But every night my mother had made sure the door was closed to her bedroom. The first night after my father left that changed, and her door was open. Once again I was treated to her slowly undressing in front of her mirror. I watched, captivated, this time making no effort to pretend to be asleep as she performed her striptease. The second I sniffed (I had a slight cold coming on that night) however, she jumped as though realising her situation and closed her door, staring straight at me as she did so.

Still nothing was said during the next day.

The second night I watched once more, but now my cold was coming on full force and felt no need to beat off after I watched her, I simply didn’t have the energy. But this time she didn’t close her door until she had slipped her nightie over her head, despite the continual coughing and sniffing to remind her I was in my room, probably awake and definitely watching her.

The third night the cold broke and I was feeling more energetic. Tonight I didn’t go to bed as early as before, as a result my mother got changed without her enthusiastic voyeur. But tonight she invited me to sleep in her bed, “so that I can keep an eye on you my sick boy”.

That night I went to bed lying next to her, she left her light on, falling asleep whilst reading, and for the first time I lay there listening to her breathing, watching the rise and fall of her chest, her breasts rising and falling as she slept, her nipples poking through the fabric of the night dress. I realised then as I watch that this particular night dress was so old it was nearly transparent.

After what seemed like hours watching and thinking about her my thoughts focused more and more on the sexual being that was lying before me and my sexual feelings towards her. The fact that she was my mother receded into the background gradually as the lust I was feeling took over. Finally I gingerly reached out my hand and lightly, gently cupped her breast through the nightie, squeezing it slightly then rubbing my thumb over her nipple. It felt so soft, so tender, so... nice. I began to move my hand ever so gently over her body, cupping her other breast and squeezing it. After a while I began to get far more daring and gently guided my hand down her body, over her taught stomach as she breathed in lightly, still in the gentle rhythm of her sleep.

My hand eventually reached her legs and to the hem of her night dress which I began to pull up her body, I ducked my head beneath the covers and watched as I gently pulled them hem up past her hips and revealed her pubic hair, the minute I saw it I pulled my hand away from the hem of her nightie and ran my fingers through the hair there. I held my breath as I did so expecting my mother to jump up and yell at me for what I was doing.

Nothing happened and I began to push he nightie up further dragging it now as her weight now made it difficult to pull it higher, but I struggled on until finally I had pulled it up to the point where it was bunched under her armpits, and I could now see, in the eerie light cast through the blankets on the bed, my mother essentially naked in front of me. I once again reached out and cupped her left breast in my hand feeling her soft, warm skin and the pliant, bouncy flesh of her D cup breasts. Her nipples hardened as I did, and this time I heard a soft sigh from my mother. I froze thinking she was waking, but nothing happened. I returned to my carful, gentle ministrations to her breasts, massaging them with slightly less gentleness, but nothing too hard.

It was then that I moved my hand down over her stomach, once more running my fingers gently through the sparse pubic hair of her mound. When I touched her between her legs she gasped a little more and this time she moved. I reacted immediately, in the vain hope of pretending I was asleep, I curled up and closed my eyes. Terror making my heart pound in my chest.

But all that happened was she spread her legs slightly and turned her body ever so slightly towards me. But the panic running through me meant it took minutes before I began to uncurl as the lust took my mind over again. I once again began tentatively moving my hand forwards and caressed her breasts and my other hand slowly down between her legs.

Her legs were no longer as closed as they had been and I looked down to see what had been revealed. Her pussy lips were now in fully visibleand I moved my hand ever so gently down to play with the soft folds, touching one for the first time and also touching the self same place I came out of some 16 years before.

My heart hammering in my chest I stroked my finger up and down the lips and then slipped a finger between them feeling for the first time the inside of a woman’s most private place, it was warm, it was inviting, and it was, above all, wet. I knew from what I had read that my mother was most definitely aroused by my antics. So I moved my finger in and out of her wet cunt a few times, then I brushed my thumb gently over her clit, this drew a gasp from my mother and a clear whisper from her, “Oh yes Tom do that some more”.

My heart leapt as my brain tried to sort quickly through this information. I suddenly knew that my mother, this hot sexy woman in front of me was not only awake, but was also quite aware of exactly what I was doing and was inviting me to continue.

No longer worried about my mother catching me, I became far more obvious in my actions. I reached my other hand up to knead and massage her breasts, gently nipping her nipples and squeezing them in my hands. With my other hand I began to finger fuck her pussy, the juices now covering my hand, my thumb knocking and rubbing her clit every time I pushed my finger, then another inside of her.

Her breathing was heavy now as I worked at her, “Harder tom, faster” I rushed to oblige, her pussy began to grip my fingers as I pushed them inside, I then slipped a third, then a fourth inside her and finally she began moaning loudly is I pumped my fingers into her, then suddenly she gasped out loud, her body going rigid as I managed to bring her to orgasm, her pussy clamped down on my hand gripping it tightly almost too tightly, then her body shook and she let out a long drawn out sigh and moan, I moved up to suck on her nipple, keeping my hand within her, I nibbled gently on her nipple and she gasped once more.

She spread her legs wider, threw off the covers and told me to get between her legs. This surprised me, even in my lustful groping of her I hadn’t even considered trying to fuck her. I did as she said pulling my boxers down, releasing my dick which had been painfully hard now for what seemed like hours. She pulled me up to her and kissed me on the mouth, our first kiss that wasn’t the chaste Mom/Son kiss but the kiss of lovers. I kissed her hungrily as she guided me gently into her. I felt the head of my cock settle at the entrance of her and pushed forwards gently.

I felt an overwhelming need to just push into her hard, to feel her warm pussy grip my cock and pull me in. It felt so wonderful, so inviting, so demanding but with a surprising force of will I only pushed the tiniest part of me into her, feeling the warmth enfold the head of my cock, the pleasure it gave me, savouring the realisation that I was now inside her for the second time in my life.

I looked down into the eyes of the woman I loved and admired all my life, who I looked up to, seeing the pleading desire in her eyes and then I pushed forwards all the way into her, seeing her eyes widen as I entered her, as she realised I was now truly fucking her. I drew back and ploughed into her once more, the sensations driving me wild as I felt for the first time the joy of being inside a woman. I began to fuck her harder, her slickness letting me into her, my chest rubbing her breasts, her nipples tracing lines of fire across my chest, until finally I exploded within her. She held me tightly to her as I came in her, her pussy drawing me in as she tumbled over into a second climax of her own.

I collapsed upon her, rolling slightly to one side as the exhaustion of the last couple of hours, the nerves, the fear and the eventual climax exhausting me like nothing had tired me ever before. My mother ran her hands through my hair as I lay my head on her shoulder and she held me to her, her breasts crushing into me, her pussy reluctantly letting my deflating cock slip out of her. I fell asleep in my mothers arms.

I welcome any and all constructive comments, please all enjoy.

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2017-02-04 22:21:25
I gave you a positive rating because she had a bush.

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2013-03-31 15:37:32
If you write part two, lets watch the spelling, ok?

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2011-09-21 00:49:19
A good story. This is similar to the circumstances leading up to the first time I fucked my mother. In my case my mother , her best friend Regina and I were at a nice resturante in Boloxi, Mississippi and had a good time socializinf, eating, and dancing. On the way home my mother fell asleep in my arms and we snuggled together for about 10 minutes. When we got home mym asked me to sleep in her bed with her. I did and during the night a had a hard on and put it in my mother from behing. Not knowing what I was doing I just laid there ( I was only 13) with my cock in my mother's pussy and then my mother woke up and realized what was up and gently started moving her body back and forth causing my prick to saw in and out of mother's pussy and in a very short while I came. This was the begining and it ended about 10 years and 4 children later. It was a great experience and both my mother and I never regreted one moment of our time together. My Dad never knew and never suspected a thi

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2011-07-26 01:45:30
When I was 13 I fucked my mom gor the first time. I'm not well endowed being ofly 6 1/2 inches but my mother didn't seem to mind. We fucked for almost 10 years and had 4 children. Dad never knew.

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2011-05-21 02:39:25

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