A naive freshman girl gets taught a lesson the hard way by a senior.
High school was going to be great! After all those years of having just the same old group of boys to chose from, after the small group of friends, there was finally high school! Rosalie couldn't wait.

Rosalie was almost 15 years old and was coming up on her freshman year. She could hardly wait! Her best friends and her had they're whole plan laid out; they were already all gorgeous, now they just needed to charm their way into the "in" crowd. That meant better friends, better parties, and- most importantly- better boys!

Rosalie (Rosy) was lovely. She was 5' 2" tall with size 32 b breasts, long legs, an impossibly small waist, and a perfect ass. She had tight blonde curls that hung to the small of her back, and eyes that were so blue that they were almost clear. She had long, beautiful eyelashes, a small round mouth, and a smile that could make a man's cock so hard it hurt!

"Hello?" Rosy asked as she answered the ringing phone.

"Rosy!" Her friend shrieked, "Omg, I have amazing news!!!"

Rosy asked warily, "Okay? What is it, Lucy?"

"Jane- the senior that my sister is friends with- said that we're invited to her party!"

"What?" Rosy asked with a bright grin, "That's awesome!"

"Yeah, I know!" Lucy squealed, "I'll be over later so that we can pick out what to wear. Don't forget, tomorrow night at 8 pm!"

"Kay," She smiled, "Bye."

She hung up the phone and leaned against the kitchen counter. Would her parents let her go? She was their only child, and they had shielded her from most of everything her entire life. She felt her cross necklace around her neck and thought about how strict her parents were . . . would they even let her go?
Rosy hung her arm out the breezy window and grinned. She looked over at Lucy to see her laughing joyously.

She was so glad that her parents had consented to let her go! Lucy's older sister had baby sat for Rosy many times, and- hearing that she would drive and chaperone them- they had said yes!

Rosy had dressed up for the occasion. She wore tight jeans with slits in the knees, a tight white tank top, and a pale blue plaid shirt with all the buttons undone. Her curly blonde hair hung loose and blew in the wind; she knew that it was going to be a good party!

They pulled up to the house and saw all the other cars parked in the yard. They walked around to the back of the house where the party was taking place. A bonfire roared, beers were being passed around, and there were guys everywhere! Rosy bit her lip to keep from squealing with excitement; would she get her first kiss tonight?

Rosy tagged along closely with Lucy. They were the two youngest people there, but stayed together and didn't talk much.

A boy walked up to the red haired, green eyed Lucy and started flirting.

Boy, Rosy thought, He sure is full of himself! Surely she won't fall for him-

"Hey Rosy," Lucy said. Rosy looked down and saw the the new guy was staring at Lucy and already had his hand on her ass, "We're gonna go mess around a little. Catch up with you later!"

"But-" Rosy squeaked.

It was too late. Lucy and her new beau trotted off, probably going to fuck somewhere.

Rosy stood tensely at the edge of the fire. She didn't know anyone else here! She started looking for Lucy's sister, but was interrupted.

A very tall guy blocked her path, and flashed her a grin. He said in a low voice, "Hey."

She giggled and blushed before croaking back, "Hi."

"I'm Joel," He said.

"I'm Rosy," She introduced herself.

She looked him up and down. He was well over 6' tall with broad shoulders and sinewy forearms. He had a square jaw, and keen blue eyes. He had gorgeous, thick, wavy black hair that you just wanted to wind your fingers in. He flashed her another one of his brilliant grins, and she felt herself melt inside.

"You wanna get away from this so we can talk a little?" He asked her.

"Yeah," She nodded. He stepped away from the fire, and she followed him to the woods. The family owned the property which was mostly forest. They had trails that wound through them, and they walked them. Once they were away from the noise of the party, Rosy tensed slightly.

"So you're a freshman?" He asked as he looked down at her.

"Yes," She answered shyly.

"Damn you're cute," He said in a husky voice. He pushed her up against a tree and kissed her, snaking his tongue into her mouth.

She pushed on his chest to get him off of her, and said, "No, I can't. I just met you! I really like you, but I want to get to know you better before-"

"Fine," He said as he pulled her close and ran his hands along her ass, "Then let's get to know each other better."

"No," She said as she squirmed against him again.

He ignored her, and she began to yell. He kissed her to shut her up, this time exploring her mouth with his tongue in much more detail. He could still feel her pushing against him and hitting him, but it didn't matter. She was so small that it really didn't make a difference!

He pushed her to the ground and used his body to cover hers.

"No," She whimpered as he unbuttoned her pants and slid them off, panties and all, "Please don't! I'm a virgin! I can't do this till I'm married!"

He ignored her and pulled out his rock hard dick. She gasped as she saw it; it was probably 9 inches long and maybe 2 1/2 or 3 inches thick! Thee was no way that was going inside her.

"No," She said. She stood up and started running, but he caught her and pulled her to the ground. He had just gotten her flipped over onto her back when he stabbed her virgin pussy with his man meat.

Rosy screamed and felt tears coursing down her face. She pushed at his chest and cried, "Please take it out! It hurts!"

"Deal with it," He grumbled. He braced himself with his forearms and stared down into her teary eyes. She was sssooo freaking hot! She was too pretty to cry. He told her, "It would have been different if you would have submitted."

She began weeping more steadily, but he ignored her as he continued thrusting himself into her, harder and faster every time it seemed. Despite her tears and crying, he felt her insanely tight pussy gripping his cock harder and harder. He felt her growing heat and wetness enveloping his dick, and he groaned with pleasure.

"You're gonna burn in hell for this," She hissed.

He ignored her, and slid his hand under her shirt and bra to find her soft nipple. He massaged it between his thumb and index finger, and she moaned as she pressed her chest firmly into his hand.

He smiled a masochistic grin and told her, "See? I may make a slut out of you after all."

Her eyes burned as the tears continued to trickle. He chuckled; how could she be so innocent and naive? Did she honestly think that he had taken her into the woods to talk? Now she was learning, and this was the best way to teach her.

Joel could feel himself climaxing, his thrusts growing faster and faster. He laid on her, wrapping his arms around her. She wrapped her legs around his ass, pushing him deeper and deeper. She couldn't help it; she hated that it felt so good.

She got a strange feeling, and bit into his neck and screamed as she felt pleasure rip through her entire body. He kissed her pouty lips hard as he shot a warm liquid into her womb.

He laid on top of her panting, and she laid staring into the tree tops.

What had she done?

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The paragon of unedrstanding these issues is right here!

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N749qt Thanks for the post.Much thanks again.

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Cringe . . . even if big cocks make me wet, getting one when its not wanted isn't the same. Still, keep writing and developing your stories. One suggestion would be to leave out his name at the end. It was great to depersonalize him during the event . . . makes him more mysterious and dark. Someone we can easily find disgust in.

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very good story's don't really belive they are all true but all the same i luv them 8/10 over all your story's keep them coming


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Thanks for all of the support, guys! I'll be sure to write more when I get the chance. Thanks again!

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