Be careful when you go to sleepovers...
Hi, my name is Jen Wei, and I come from Japan. My parents are very rich and I am hier to millions. I'm 12 years of age age and was still a virgin when this happened...

So it all happened one day. I was going to school on my motor skooter (middle school). I saw some older guys in the parking lot. I thought they were from high school because the high school was right next to my school
I was about to walk past them when I realized one of the guys (the leader I suspect) had a huge boner. I walked up to him angry. "And you're staring at me because?"
"No reason," the boner guy said. " Name's Jake. This is Tommi (he pointed left) and Freddy (he pointed the other way)."
"What's your point?" By now the had to realize that I was a bratty middle schooler.
But he still kept on talking while I nervously looked at my watch. "The guys and I are throwin a party for the middle and high (schools). It's more like a sleepover for people who want to stay."
"You wanna come?" Freddy asked.
"Give me the address and I'll think about it." I took the address from Tommi and thought , I'll throw it away in Ms. Newton's class.
I walked away and and went to school.

It was the end of the day, and still didn't throw it away. I was looking at the address and thinking about the party.
I decided to go. It wouldn't hurt, right?

~ 8pm~

I got dressed and went to the house. It was a dark house. The shutters and blinds were closed, not even a peak of light from them. Is this the right house? I thought. Oh well, maybe the party's in the back yard.
I went up to the door and knocked. Someone dark answered it, so I though it might be Jake.
"Ello, Jen, right?" It was Jake.
"Yea, where's the party?" I asked.
Ignoring my question, I heard Tommi from the backround yell, "Come in!"
I walked in. Jake closed the door. I heard to people approach me and grab me, pulling me down to the floor. Someone ( I think it was Freddy) put a piece of cloth tight around my mouth so I couldn't scream.
"Nice party, eh?" Jake whispered in my ear, pincing my breast. I moaned and tried to scream.
Freddy got up and turned the lights on. I saw that all of them were completely naked and Tommi masturbating. Freddi and Tommi didn't really have big dicks compared to Jake. His was a freakin MONSTER!
"Looking at our dicks, eh?" Jake said with his Irish accent. Freddy and Tommi laughed. "Incase you're wonderin' Freddy and Tommi's are 7inches. Mine is 11. And with pills, it'll be a foot soon.
Jake got up and left the room. "Take care o' her, I want her warmed up before I come back. Got it?"
"So, Tommi, how do we please her?"
"Oh, I know how Freddy."
Freddi undressed me and Tommi took the cloth off my mouth.
"You can't get away with this! My father will hang you once he finds out!"
"shut up, bitch! He won't find out!" Freddy slapped me.
Tommi put his dick up to my mouth. "Suck it and if you bite it I'll kill you!"
"No!" I refused.
"Freddi?" Tommi layed on the floor as Freddy forced me over his dick. Tommi pushed my head onto his dick, forcing it to go down my throat. He cummed a LOAD rdown my throat, and Instantly I got wet.
"Looky here Tommi. Jenny's wet." Freddy laughed wickedly.
"So you do want to fuck, eh?"
I didn't want to lie and though it would be better to get it over with and have them arrested. I nodded and moaned.
"She's a slut..."
Freddi got under me and Tommi on top. Freddy slowly lowered his cock into my ass. "Ahhhh," I moaned. Tommi kept on playing with me and only caressed his cock to my clit. "Hurry up!" I breathed heavily.
Tommi slipped on a condom and forced his cock in to my pussy. Freddy got out of my ass, cleaned of his dick, and stuck it in my mouth. He had cummed in my ass and it felt good, but I didn't want it to feel good.
Tommi humped me like a monkey and a tree. I could see cum drizzle the condom, these guys were horny.
Tommi stopped when Jake came into the room with 20 dollar bills. Freddi and Tommi got up, took the bills, and went to the other room, where I heard two girls moan (not in a "HELP!" way) before they closed the door.
"Can I go now?" I asked.
"Go? You can't go? You're staying put."
"Me mum always said find a wife., make children. do stuff."
"BUT YOU'RE 17! It's illegal!"
"I'm not seventeen. I'm 14."
He was very tall and mature for fourteen.
"My father knows this address! He will come!" I stood up.
"Oh, I know. I'm going to Ireland with you and the boys."
"To do what!?!"
"To make you have my children and marry you! In Ireland, the rules are different."
"You can't take me there!"
Jake walked over to me and pulled out a rope and knife. He tied the rope around my wrists, and I tried to fight. He pressed a knife against my skin.
"Walk, bitch!"
I walked with his knife on my back. We went up the stairs into his room.
"Youre clit is hard, eh?" he said. "Did the boys give ye a good time?" He pushed me the bed and laid over me. "Time for the big one." He put his cock near my pussy lips and lefted my legas onto his shoulders.
"What are you doing! Wear a condom!"
"Ah, poor lil Jen don't want to have my children?" He laughed.
"Too bad!" Jake forced his uncut head into my pussy. It felt like he was ripping me apart!
"Ah, you're a baby." Jake forced all 11 down my pussy, nearly breaking throug the barier! I screamed like I was on fire. He cummed so much in me that it drizzled out onto my legs. I was a creampie!
"Uh. Uh." It started to feel good and I groaned. He moved out, then in and his hips manuevered his cock in and out. "Ah! Ah!"
My chin was up, trying not to show him that I was a baby, but I still moaned and groaned.
Jake pressed his head agaist my boobs and sucked my niipples. I moaned again.
Jake fucked me for hours until i fell asleep. He was pressed against me and could feel any movement I made, so I couldn't escape.

The next day, I woke up with Jake gone. Someone had taped a lid to my pussy, and when I took it off, cum drizzled out.

To be continued..... rate it

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2009-10-16 23:39:03
Wow this person knows nothing about the sexual anatomy of the human body. If she was 12 and a virgin the first cock into her would ahve broken the barrier.

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2009-10-14 18:48:51
The idea of the story was pretty hot but u need 2 use WAY MORE DETAIL

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2009-02-24 21:44:12
sucked! another fuckin retarded american with only half a brain cell who smoked too much pot before writing this. wager on it this guys a virgin


2008-07-26 00:07:08
be my fucked toy nice story


2008-01-13 23:13:39
i really enjoyed it

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