The creature re-populates
Victoria didn’t have to wait long to hear from the monster again. Just as she finished pulling her micro skirt up, she heard it’s voice in her head.

“Victoria come to me!” It demanded.

Not wanting to miss another chance at fucking the beast, Victoria sprinted to the bathroom where her Mom and Sister were waiting, their bellies heavily distended, pregnant with the monster’s offspring. The monster was nowhere to be seen, but Victoria could still hear it.

“Your Mother and Sister have been seeded with my offspring and have been given your ability to control others and sprout phalluses. However, they and anyone else they put under the spell will still respond to you as the alpha. You have done well so far, but more offspring are needed.”

“Why did you need so many offspring? Are you planning on taking over the world or something?” Victoria asked, not really thinking through her question.

“No, my child, I do not intend on killing any human. My reasons begin about six months back. Around that time my people’s home planet, an asteroid CCBT-1118, collided with another meteor around Mars. Most of the asteroid was immediately obliterated, including the core where our population was the most dense. I managed to survive on an outlying fragment, which eventually brought me to Earth. Since that day I have heard nothing from any of my people and I can only assume they were destroyed in the collision. As such, I’m doing what I can to save my species.

I’ve tried impregnating others before you, but found that my sperm was incompatible with your human reproductive systems. I can reproduce with myself, but it requires incubation and a massive consumption of resources, which I don’t have. So there was a simple answer, reproduce with myself and then move my offspring into the womb of a human female. As long as the female engaged in a high frequency of sexual acts the offspring would incubate just fine and, in cases like yours (super high frequency of sex), the offspring would incubate faster.

Now back to the problem at hand, I only have a limited time left before my body shuts down and I can no longer produce my offspring. In fact I have exactly two weeks left. What I need from you is to bring as many women as you can back to here next week to be impregnated. The following week the offspring, with my help, will leave your bodies and return to me for one last feeding. Then my body will be spent and I will leave this world to you and my offspring. I need to know Victoria, can you bring me more people by next weekend?”

“Of course I can, I will do all that I can to help you out.” Victoria answered, she felt pity for the monster and didn’t want it to leave.

“Do not pity me, Victoria. I have led a good life and I’m happy to exhaust myself to guarantee the continuation of my species.” The monster responded. “Now go and recruit more women for me and be sure to use your sister and mother to get more people.”

Victoria nodded her acknowledgment and wasted no time in getting herself, Crystal, and her mother out to the local mall. The walked until they were at the very middle of the mall, where Victoria issued a very simple order to her Mother and Crystal.

“Do whatever you have to do, aside from anything illegal, to gather as many women as you can. Use your cocks, or don’t, but get women!”

Her sister and her mom wasted no time and headed in opposite directions. Victoria watched them until they both disappeared into other stores (Crystal into American Eagle and her Mother into Abercrombie), then Victoria spun on her heel and walked straight into Victoria’s Secret. She was immediately greeted by a petite, beautiful Asian girl. She was only 5’1, not even 100lbs, had jet black hair, wore heavy make-up, a very small and tight ass, and despite her best padding efforts had small breasts (34A). She had padded up to a 34B, but Victoria knew better.

“Welcome to Victoria’s Secret, I’m Jade, can I help you find anything today?”

“Oh yes, well I just recently had a child and I need to know if my bust has changed at all, is it possible you could give me a measurement?”

“Congratulations! Well you asked the right person, if you would follow me to the fitting room I can give you a measurement in there.”

“Thanks, I’m Victoria, by the way.” Victoria said as she fell in behind Jade.

“Fitting name. Nice to meet you, Victoria.” Jade responded as she unlocked a fitting room door for Victoria.

Once inside, Jade got her measuring tape and sized up Victoria. She did her measurements twice, just to make sure.

“Very nice, a firm pair of 34Ds! Would you like me to grab you some bras?” Jade asked.

“Oh, could you? Something slutty! Also if you could grab matching thongs that’d be great.” Victoria responded, before Jade left.

Victoria quickly grabbed her hand and gave her a peck on the back of the hand. She watched as Jade glazed over and became completely complacent. Jade was completely under Victoria’s control and continued on her current task. A few moments later she reentered the fitting room with a basket loaded with skimpy thongs and bras. Victoria wasted no time in changing into the selection. Victoria wasn’t even aware that these kinds of clothes existed at Victoria’s Secret. The bra was a teeny-tiny triangle top that didn’t even completely cover her nipples and a thong that was, more or less, two shoestrings tied together, which slid up nicely into her pussy. Jade was starting to get flushed and her breathing was irregular, Victoria quickly ripped Jade’s shirt off and tore off her bra. Her tiny tits exposed to the cool mall air, making her nipples immediately erect.

Victoria ordered Jade to her knees and pulled aside the inappropriately tiny thong and sprouted her cock. Jade was astonished at the huge cock in front of her, but quickly began sucking on it like it was an ice cream treat. Jade worked furiously on Victoria’s huge cock, but despite her supreme efforts she was unable to get more than a few inches in her mouth. Victoria let her work for a few minutes, before she decided to reward her. She pulled Jade up, turned her around so Jade was facing the mirror, bent her over and then pulled her pants down. Her pussy was smooth and soaking, likewise her asshole was pink and untouched. Victoria began an assault on both holes licking, probing, and sucking on Jade’s pussy and asshole. Jade began moaning and pushing back onto Victoria’s face, which only spurred Victoria on.

Eventually, Jade’s moans got so loud that Victoria took the thongs brought to her and stuffed them in Jade’s mouth. Now that she was properly lubed up, Victoria lined up her thick cock with Jade’s tiny little asshole. Jade’s eyes went wide, but did not resist when Victoria started putting pressure on the little pink hole. It didn’t take long before her asshole gave away and Victoria slid several inches deep. Surprisingly, Jade didn’t scream or cry, she actually moaned into the thongs in her mouth. She quickly slid a hand down to her pussy and begin rubbing her very sensitive clit. Jade could feel every vein on Victoria’s cock sliding in and out of her, she could feel the silky material of the thongs in her mouth, and with Victoria now pinching and rolling her nipples, Jade’s orgasm was rapidly approaching. Victoria was watching Jade’s emotions play out on the mirror and enjoyed watching herself dominate this tiny little Asian girl. Victoria was surprised when she pinched Jade’s other nipple that Jade’s asshole clenched and she began bucking underneath Victoria.

Jade bucked and orgasmed for about 40 seconds, before she came back down. Jade was surprised that Victoria was still going, but she soon pulled out and brought her cock to Jade’s face. She had never done ass-to-mouth, but she didn’t waste anytime today and greedily sucked on the cock that was just buried deep in her ass. Surprisingly, it tasted like nothing, but the thought of where it was made Jade hot all over again. Victoria could tell that Jade wanted more and got back behind her to fuck her tight pussy. Jade’s pussy put up no resistance and Victoria quickly plunged in completely.

The two girls found a steady rhythm with Jade rubbing her clit and Victoria pinching Jade’s nipples. Jade couldn’t stand the all fronts assault for long and began cumming all over Victoria’s cock again. The spasming of Jade’s pussy finally pushed Victoria over the edge and she blasted into Jade’s tiny pussy. The heavy flow of cum continued for 30 seconds, but never spilled out. Like before, when Victoria finally pulled out Jade’s pussy clamped shut and sealed all the cum inside. As Jade dressed and composed herself, Victoria learned that she was the manager and as such she would be getting all the clothes for free. A few minutes later, Victoria was striding out of Victoria’s Secret with bags filled with at least one of every single item in the store. But not before she had kissed and fucked all the girls working in the store. She repeated this same pattern in multiple stores and by the time she met back up with her mother and sister, they each had recruited dozens of women.

Satisfied with their efforts and their loot the three females headed for home. That night at home was filled with lots of screaming and lots of cum as Victoria, her mother, her sister, and her father had a massive gangbang; it involved penetrating and being penetrated on everyone’s part, including their father. Everyone slept soundly and for hours and hours that night. Victoria was astonished when she woke up at noon and everybody else was still asleep. As she sat eating her breakfast alone, in an inappropriately low cut and short dress, she wished somebody were awake to give her a good fucking. Ten minutes later, Victoria heard the front door open, shut and the loud thump of two duffel bags. Then she was extremely pleased to see her twin, older brothers walk into the kitchen. Both stood at 6’3 and were 190lbs of solid muscle. They had been busy playing tennis for their D-1 college and the post season had run three weeks past the end of their school year. Nevertheless, they were home now and Victoria was ready for a real pounding.

She got up and walked towards her brothers. Her five inch heels getting her at least a couple inches closer to her towering brothers.

“Whoa, look at you Victoria! You look nice.” Tim said, with Brian nodding his agreement.

Victoria said nothing, but walked right up and gave them both a peck on the cheek.

She stepped back and simply said, “Ravage me boys!”

They wasted no time, as Tim stepped forward and in one go tore the dress from her body, while Brian got behind her and picked her up. Victoria heard Brian spit on his cock and then felt a slick finger rubbing her asshole, to which she moaned and pushed her ass backwards. Until she felt Tim's cock rubbing against her pussy lips and starting to push in; he wasted no time and shoved his entire 10 inches into Victoria all at once. She gasped and attempted to catch her breath, but it caught in her throat when Brian roughly shoved deep into her asshole. Victoria was breathless for moments as Brian continued to push in, until he bottomed out somewhere deep inside Victoria. She felt like it bottomed out right underneath her stomach.

Her brothers suspended Victoria on their cocks for a few minutes, before they began a see-saw rhythm, never leaving Victoria empty. She was in heaven at the rough pounding that she was receiving, especially with her nipples scratching against Tim's rough chest hair. The sweat, smell, and rhythm of the two boys was driving Victoria crazy and just when she felt she couldn't get any hotter a open hand slapped her firm ass. She yelped, but another slap to her ass and a sharp pull on her hair, which pulled her head back so she could only see the ceiling, drew a deep, primal moan from Victoria. Soon Victoria was climaxing, hard; and both her holes were gripping the huge cocks in both of her holes. The now grip like vices of Victoria's asshole and pussy pulled her brothers over the edge and they both began dumping their hot, sticky cum deep into their little sister.

Victoria loved the feeling of the cum splashing off her walls and as she came down from her orgasm, she realized that her brothers had lowered her to the floor, but apparently were not finished with her. Tim pulled his hot rod out of her pussy and was quickly replaced by Brian, who again showed no mercy and shoved roughly into his baby sis. Victoria, who was now in the doggie style position looked down and along her body to see her brother pounding in and out of her. She then felt a hand pulling her chin back up and she was greeted to Tim's huge cock shimmering with his own cum and her pussy juices.

Victoria didn't need any goading and took the cock into her hot, wet and willing throat. She could taste Tim's salty cum and her own sweet juices; the combined flavors were practically addicting. Knowing that Victoria could take his cock all the way, Tim grabbed her head and began face-fucking it, while his twin brother completed the spit roast on the other end, as he continued to pound her sweet, tight pussy. Victoria's holes felt so good that it wasn't long before her brother's were spewing their hot sticky cum into their little, slutty sister again. Like a good girl, Victoria swallowed every last drop of Tim's cum and milked Brian's cock for all it was worth.

When Victoria finally was able to stand up and put her dress back on, her Mother and sister walked into the kitchen and announced that they still had people to recruit. Victoria adjusted her dress and walked out with the ladies as cum dribbled out of her asshole, pussy and from her chin. Like the day before and for the next five days, Victoria, Crystal and their Mother went to local malls and departments stores and recruited women to bring back to the monster. By the following Saturday hundreds of women were gathered at Victoria's house. In groups of ten they passed through the house and outside to the secluded pool area, where the monster had moved to, in order to be fucked and impregnated. Girls of all races, ages, body types, and sexual orientations were fucked until exhaustion by the mighty monster. By sundown on Saturday evening there were several hundred pregnant women were dozing in the backyard.

After all the girls had had their turns Victoria headed out to see the monster.

“Victoria you have performed beyond my expectations. 217 females, now all pregnant! Next week I will harvest my offspring out of them and the re-population of my species will have begun.”

“So, what do you need me to do now? Recruit more girls?”

“No, Victoria. You are done. I have no more orders, no more demands. I have only one request...”

“Okay, what can I do?” Victoria asked, willing to do anything.

“Most of my children will go off on their own and begin re-population elsewhere. However, I want my first offspring, the one you carried, to stay with you. You are the whole reason my species will continue to exist and, if we can re-populate, you will find that we will be enormously beneficial to the well being of your species.”

“How will your offspring move around? You know most people aren't as accepting as I am and a monster might really freak them out! The women who have come here today were sort of in a trance. Most women will probably spurn their advances.”

“We will move around however we see fit. For you see we are a species of shape shifters. As a highly sexual species we take on whatever form our potential mate finds the most attractive. When you and I first met, you were talking about tentacle monsters, so I took that form. Now, my children will take on their partners' perfect forms, as your offspring has taken on your perfect form. Behold...”

Victoria watched as the most beautiful creature she had ever laid eyes on emerged from the pool and moved forward to embrace her. It was a flawless woman, not a strand of hair out of place, perfect height, weight, face, skin, tits, pussy and ass. Most importantly she had one huge quality that separated her from everyone else, a thick 13 inch cock! Victoria felt her pussy start gushing just looking at it. The creature walked over to Victoria and, with surprising strength, picked her up and off the ground.

Slowly, the creature lowered Victoria onto her enormous pole. When the head popped in, Victoria felt herself stretched to a new level. Not only was she being stretched further than she had ever been before, but the creature’s cock had some unique abilities. It vibrated faster and slower, until it found just the right frequency, which made Victoria's insides quiver. Her skin got goosebumps all over and her nipples became painfully erect. When the creature nibbled and suckled on her nipples, Victoria immediately began to climax. The orgasms continued one after another until Victoria passed out from exhaustion.

Victoria woke up hours later with the creature lying asleep soundly next to her. She was absolutely gorgeous and Victoria couldn't help but notice that she was still fully erect. Victoria planted her lips on the head of the perfect cock and took a taste. It even tasted perfect! It was sweet like a candy and Victoria licked and sucked at it like it a little kid with a Popsicle. The creature stirred and began thrusting into Victoria's throat.

“You're pretty good at that.” The creature said, even her voice was like silk.

Now, Victoria had gotten pretty good at blowjobs, but after half an hour she didn't seem to be getting anywhere with the creature.

“You want me to cum don't you?” The creature teased, “You just to tell me when you are ready and tell me when to stop, otherwise I can keep cumming all day.”

Victoria pulled the massive cock out of her throat and got onto her knees, squished her tits together and nodded to the creature. She rose to her feet, aimed her cock at Victoria's face and began to blow. She wasn't kidding when she said she could go all day; in a matter of moments, Victoria's entire face, inside of her mouth, tits, hair and stomach were covered in hot, sticky, and delicious spunk. Once every exposed part of Victoria was covered in a significant amount of cum, she asked for the creature to cease the flow. Victoria then proceeded lick as much of the cum off her until she literally couldn't drink any more. At that point she was feeling particularly kinky and laid back on the grass and let the rest of the cum dry up on her skin.

The creature laid beside her and together they bathed in the sun.

“So do you have a name? Or should I just call you what I want?” Victoria asked.

“Call me Tiffany. I think that's a name that turns you on, isn't it?” Tiffany said.

“You can read my mind, huh?”

“No, I just know you like slutty things!”

“So you do read minds!” Victoria joked.

For the next week Victoria and Tiffany fucked constantly and it was a blissful week. However, the following Saturday they both found themselves out by the pool crying as the monster harvested the last of its offspring, fed them, and then died. The offspring remained around for a week, before taking human forms and leaving their home. They settled in every country in the world and began re-populating with humans. Within a year, Tiffany reported that her species had doubled in a year. Also, unbeknownst to the humans, the creatures had become miracle workers all over the world. As Doctors, Scientists, and Politicians they had cured diseases, fixed the environment, and solved thousands of the issues that plagued the world.

Victoria's family had returned to normal, no more growing penises for Crystal or her Mother, only they had become substantially wealthier. Gifts from their many “family” members from across the world had seen to that. Victoria and Tiffany moved out and got a place of their own and, as far as the world was concerned, they were a lesbian couple raising a child together. With another child on the way.

My apologies to everyone who has waited so long for this. I had a major writer's block and then got way too busy for way too long. If you read the whole series I thank you for sticking with me.


2016-07-04 05:04:00
I have a cousin who is a hermaphrodite and he/she is the sexiest person I have ever known and there was a pregnancy so its not an impossibility..


2014-09-09 07:03:01
"Victoria's Secret 4:" - Victoria (nee Victor), Crystal and Brian and Timothy, and Unnamed Mom and Unnamed Dad - (Daughter (nee Son), Sister and Twin Brothers and Mother and Father).

My initial reading on 03-17-2014 I failed to recognize Victoria's twin Brothers, Brian and Timothy; they added the brother(s) and sister (nee brother) incest element to this very exotically erotic and science-fiction story. The writer has a very vivid and imaginative writing ability for unusual and edge-of-the-seat sexual escapades!! Job well done!!

Still would like to read a strictly human take of this story, with a character of pure hermaphrodite male and female, fully functioning sexual organs!! The possibilities seem to be endless, using only incestual blood-related characters for the content, theme and context. Personally, I think the story would be dynamite!!

Anonymous readerReport

2014-03-17 10:16:56
"Victoria's Secret 4" - Victoria (nee Victor), Crystal, Unnamed Dad and Unnamed Mom - (Daughter (nee Son), Daughter, Father and Mother

The return to earthly humans, and the hermaphrodite credentials of Victoria is the only redeeming value from my perspective and reading pleasure. The monster, the tentacles and alien from out of space cluttered and muddied the story for me.

The writer's imagination and fantasy proclivities for the non-human characters, and the overall context of the story is worthy of accolades!
Keep up, keeping on! Maybe the writer will consider a story of a human-born hermaphrodite with both fully functioning, human male and female operating "parts", even the ability with his 13 inch cock to impregnate herself. It will be a challenge, but the writer has the imagination to make the female (with all the male parts to impregnate herself and/or other females)!!

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2013-01-29 15:25:58
Awesome! I especially loved the cum bath at the end. I really wish I could have been Victoria to experience it!

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shit hell yeah someone cum and fuck the live out of me
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