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First one this is very strange and kinda creepy also basicly huge intro if you ew
Okay' one day i am swimming on the lake with my swim suit with my 16 year old body glowing from the sun my skin sparkeling i see a few boys they're staring at me and me being a virgin and all well i guess i'm #1 virgin because i haven't masterbated ether well your probably like bull shit well its true not once well i get out and walk on the beach (kinda) a boy come up to me and says "hi i'm james whats your name" then i roll my eyes and say "piss off" and walk away but he runs up and slaps my butt and say "where you going *puusssy* cat" then i slam him and say "touch me again and then your gonna know excately where a pussy cat's goin,strait up your ass now go masterbate to a chair". Then he replies "maybe i will". So after that doush bag walks away i get my towel on and start walking down the street down to my friends house where i promised i'd be by 11 . I walk and then this really cute guy runs up and grabs my elbow and said "he i'm Biff sorry about that guys he is just a fucking retard to every one" in my mind i'm thinking fuck another guy that i find cute...damn now i have to be nice! "Yeah he was being a real jerk" "yeah hey let me make in up to you ya wanna go for some burgers"? Then in my head i say Yes! Yes! Yes! but then i remember me promiseing to hang out with my friend "ah sorry i promised me freind i'd be at her place at 11" then we both looked at out phones and mine says 9:30 then he says "we'll make it in time don't worry" then i say "Cool lets go" then we turn around and walk to his car. he clicks the one car signol button and i see he has a blue mustang ,damn thats a nice car i thought "nice car" i say to him" then he says "thanks my parents bought it for me" then i say "lucky" then he looks at me and he smiles and i smile back then he says "come on get in" then i open the door and set my towel down on the seat and then sit down a strap in he starts the moter and it springs to life we pull out of the beach and get on the road. I look out side and i

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2012-10-21 22:18:26
Your posting is asbolutely on the point!


2012-08-23 21:51:30
i think its good butt next time take the last part off ok

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2012-06-11 22:55:35
انتم اغبايء

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2012-04-02 19:12:20
It's gonna take a helluva lot more than spell check to fix this one...

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2012-03-03 01:45:28
Sriously How does the joke even eend.

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