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I had been kiddnapped by what I can only assume is an alien and they tied me up and put a worm inside of my mouth to keep me quiet, and another in my ass, I guess just to watch me in the intense pain it caused getting inside of me.

I was back standing in the position I was first in(standing with my legs spread and arms above my head) When I was finally able to open my eyes the monster was standing in front of me. Almost studying me. It started to make the nosies again and soon after the heavy door opened. The nosies must be how they communicate.

Once the door was open enough another orange animal came walking in, followed by another. They were both much larger than the first. I also noticed that they were discustingly well endowed even when there were soft, and I would assume that if they were like human men it would get bigger if he were to get an erection.

They all continued to take turn making noises as the two new ones came towards me. I was just waking up and was in a haze but with every step they got closer to me I became more tense. When they were closer they looked me over and then looked at me and made noises. They both reached out and touched my body, when I tried to move away they made some loud nosies and slapped me. Their hands were on me again and this time I did what I could to stay still. They were not rough it was more like they were curious.

After a little while they stopped and looked at me again. They both seemed to almost smile. They seemed to speak to the smaller one again then they walked out. Shortly after the two larger ones left the small one let me down. As he let me arms loose I became very excited. This was my chance to get away. However as soon as he released my legs I realized I was weaker and more sore than I had thought and I started to fall to the ground. Before I could hit the ground the animal caught me and pulled me close.

I tried to fight him off, but it was like he did not even notice. He just kept me steady. It helped me walk out of the room and down a hallway.

As we were talking down the hallway another smaller alien was coming by us holding a women in its arms. They stopped in front of each other and started to make noises. For a little while we stood there when the girl started to move.

The alien just let her down. She was cuffed and on a leash, but she did not even pull, in fact she started to get on her knees and rub against the aliens leg.

The monsters continued to make their noises while the girl continued to hold her leaders leg. Then the orange beast looked at the beautiful girl and she immedatly began to kiss and lick his cock.

When this strange event started the creature guiding me started foward again. Where would I be that someone would willingly do that? What is going to happen to me?

I entered a room that was smaller and looked much more human to me. It looked like we walked into a small appartment. There was a small kitchen table in the corner with a plate of food that he brought me to. It was eggs and toast which I ate quickly.

When I was finsihed he brought me to a very normal looking bathroom. It walked away and wasted no time using the restroom and starting to take a shower. I spent a long time in the shower with the water a little warmer than I usually use, but my body was so sore that the warm water running over me seemed to help.

When I was finished I stepped out and realized there was nothing to dry myself off with, or anything for me to put on, I guess I was going to be staying naked.

I must have been in some type of shock from what was going on. I was not screaming or crying anymore. I was just glad to be alone and not restrained. I had no intention of leaving that bathroom till I had to. So I put the toliet seat down and sat down. Moments later I was asleep

"goodmorning" I heard a voice say. I was so confused, thinking maybe it was a dream. slowly I opened my eyes and found myself in the bathroom. I know that I heard a voice; I am thinking as I am looking around. I find myself looking to the door where I see the same smaller orange alien.

"Good your up, come with me." and he walked out.

So they did understand english. I was not sure what to do, but knew they did not respond well when they were unhappy so I decided to follow it. The monster walked towards a sitting area inside this appartment looking thing. It sat on a couch and motioned for me to sit down.

I sat in a rocking chair beside the couch trying to remain as calm as possible while covering as much of my body as I could with my hands and arms.

"Remember I have seen much more of you"

Then it proceeded to talk. It told me that most of their offspring are males, females are very rare. Because of this there species was dying out due to not being able to reproduce. They spent several years researching and found out that there are some other female species that can carry their offspring. Including humans.

I had a lot of things to ask, but the only thing I could come up with was "why did you not tell me this sooner? Why am I so calm?"

"You are calm because there was a soothing medication in your eggs. I could not have told you this before because you could not understand us before. I don't know english, the worm we implanted in you just translates for you" He responded.


Then he continued "We are a company, we work in a couple different ways. One way is that you are sold to someone quilifed to breed as a pet and breeder to use personally. Our people also have a fund that is used to pay us for all offspring we release. Depending on your training you will breed in one way or another."


"This is your safe place. You should become comfortable here you will be here for a little while during training. I will leave you now for the night. You will be locked in here, don't try to escape it will only get you punished."


He then got up and left. I heard the lock behind him. There did not seem much of a point to try to escape I had no idea where I was and figured I would not be able to get far, plus I am sure the effect was still there from medication.

So I found the bedroom, it seemed very nice with big comfortable blankets. I wasted no time trying the bed out, I quickly crawled in and moments I was asleep.

Some time later I woke up to a knock on my door, then it was opening. I heard footsteps towards my door and the small alien walked in.

"This is your first day or training. Athough we can use your body for breeding it needs to be prepared first so that it can be reused" As he explained this to me I saw the cuffs held by his middle hand.

I started to get out of the bed to get away. Quickly he grabbed me and held me down. This time he did not speak he just used it weight to force the cuffs on me then attached a heavy chain to them.

"I understand you still feel the need to run. It will pass with time" he said as he started to pull me off the bed.

Once I was off the bed he continued to lead me through the appartment and finally to the door. Once the door was open I saw the same hallway. Everything looked so different out here.

It continued to pull me down this hallway then another, finally we stopped in front of a door. We walked into the room to find several of the orange creatures and several other types of creatures tied up around the room, with the orange ones doing all sorts of horrible things to the tied up ones.

I don't have a whole lot of time to look around before I find myself being told to put my hand above my head, I look up and see the same restraints that held me when I first got to this horrible place.

I start to run forgetting that I am cuffed. I get two or three steps before the chain holding me is yanked back and I fall and and dragged back to where I was. The orange torturer holding me yanked me up and dug his fingers into my nipple, I yell in pain.

I was again asked to put my hands in the air, this time I obey. Shortly after I was back in the familar volnerable position I was in not nearly long ago.

The alien the tied me up actually told me "have a good day, I will pick you up later." before walking away.

I expect something horrible to happen right away, and when nothing did I was able to get a look around. There were people(well thing) tied up all over. Some were just tied up, others had the orange aliens in front of them. I could tell something was happening to them, but my view was being blocked as to what was happening.

Finally my eyes settle on someone. It was another human girl. she was screaming and I could see something under her. She was tied in the same way as me with her legs far apart. Something huge was moving in and out of her pussy.

It must have been a foot and a half long. I could see her tummy move when it was fully inside of her.

Although I should have felt badly for her the only thing I could think about was myself. A fear like nothing I had ever had before started to grow.

It only got worse when I started to see one of those horrible creatures walking straight towards me. This was one of the big ones... awesome.

It continued to walk till it was directly infront of me. I started to speak. Asking it what it wanted and begging it not to hurt me.

"I train breeders, not talk to them." as he said this two things happened his tail came around and squeezed my breast, and his hand squeezed my other breast. His tail and two of his hands started to explore my entire body. Just like he was expecting me; to figure out what work needed done.

He continued on my breast, then belly, then my back. Once those were fully explored it's hands found my face, one was holding my hair while the other hands fingers were forced into my mouth. I did not waste any time and I clentched my teeth shut as hard as I could.

I did get a yelp out of it, but before I even had time to enjoy the pain I had caused it. The tail of the beast violently forced itself into my pussy.

It's tail begain to move as if testing the stretch of my vagina.
"Yeah, this will take a while" it said as it started to walk away from me.

It came back along with one of the smaller aliens. They spoke to each other but I could not tell about what, then the larger one walked away.

It started to speak "I got the best job ever. I get to strech out the bitches here and make sure they don't get hurt too bad when breeding."

With that he walked behind me and my restraints moved. I was being bent over by the waist. Once I was bent something came up from the floor to suport my mid section.

When all the moving was said and done I was face down on something table like, with my legs in the air, totally exposing my ass and pussy.

It came up behind me and I felt cold liquid being rubbed all around my pussy and ass.

"Be greatful for the lube" This one sounded a lot younger and even seemed like it was less mature.

I could not tell what it was doing, but after just a moment I had no trouble feeling it. Something was being forced inside of my pussy.

I did not realize it was the monsters cock till I felt his body against mine and that third hand place itself on my back. It's cock was about the size of a man's. I am guessing it was about 6 inches or so.

It started to thrust almost akwardly as it went. It built up speed very quickly and before long it was pounding me, and althought it was not a huge cock it would still hurt as the animals pelvis hit me.

As it was going full speed I felt something touch my ass, then I felt it start to enter. It felt the same as the thing exploring my pussy ealier. It must be the beasts tail.

It was only there for a little while before it pulled and and went around my body till it began to force it's way into my mouth. The freak told me to lick it. I was in such shock over what was happening I obeyed. I began to suck it as he was still pounding me.

I started to feel the cock inside of me getting larger... no maybe not larger more like just the head of it. As it continued to swell it's tail started to pump something inside of my mouth.

It was a really good taste, sweet, like lime jello. I started to swallow it before I had a chance to think. It was really good. However the knot inside of me continued to grow till it was causing me intense pain.

Once it got to a point where I was screaming and thought I would be ripped appart it stopped growing. Nothing happened for a moment, and then it started to shrink again. I had a sigh of relief. Just as it was about back to its original size it started to grow again.

It grew and then it shrunk back 6 times. Finally it started to pull itself out of me. It made a plop sound as it exited me. The thing that violated me put my back in the standing position and continued to touch me for a little while.

Soon the smaller alien that brought me here came. I was almost relieved to see him. He untied me and helped me out of the restraints. I could not walk and he picked me up to carry me. He carried me back to my room. He bought me to the tub and turned on the water and started to wash me.

When I was nice and clean he took me out and dried me off, then helped me to be bedroom. I laid down and he covered me up.

"see you in the morning" he said as he walked out.

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