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Water polo was good before, now it's even better.
My name’s Alex. I’m fifteen and captain of the junior water polo team. Naturally I have a well shaped body and I'm pretty well-endowed elsewhere if you know what I mean. I have light brown hair, just long enough to get in my eyes when I don’t want it to, grey eyes, almost a metallic blue but not really. Being the captain of a high school sports team (and wanting to stay that way) I am in the closet; regularly getting new girlfriends and dumping them before sex just to hold up appearances, saying things like, “Naa, I don’t wanna commit to a girl like that” or “she just wanted to be popular.”

Luckily, because I had girlfriends, none of my team mates minded when I gave them a friendly pat on the ass after a good game, or made jokes with them while we were naked in the showers. But I always had to be careful not to pop a boner while I was around them, and being fifteen that was easier said than done. So, occasionally, when it got too much, I would have to quickly relieve myself in the cubicles before, after, and sometimes during half time of a match. It was fine though, as far as I knew; I was fooling everybody.

Halfway through the season though, we got an exchange student from Canada. He was a bit taller than me, green eyes and dark blonde hair. He had high cheek bones and his chin wasn't pointy, but chiselled. I noticed him watching us during practice one Wednesday and I couldn’t concentrate at all. When the session was over he approached me on my way to the bathrooms. He introduced himself as Jayden. When he first spoke I'm surprised I didn't cream my Speedos right there; Sexiest Accent Ever!

Anyway, he wanted to know if it was too late in the season to join the team. I was too giddy to think straight so I just told him to come along to practice on Friday and join in. If I thought he was good enough then I’d let him play in the game that Saturday. I went to the cubicles immediately and sent millions of potential children down the drain before showering and going home.

Thursday and Friday passed and I showed up to practice as usual. Luckily for me, one of my players had called in sick and wouldn’t be able to play on Saturday so whether Jayden was good or not, I could have him on the team because we were short on players. It didn't really matter though because he was good, I mean really good! He said hardly a word all practice and just amazed the whole team. He’d played over in Canada and I don’t know what they feed them over there but we should get some because he was on fire. So after careful consideration (Not!) I txt the coach and told him to put Jaden on the books because from what I saw, he was better than me!

After practice I was handing out my usual spanks on our way to the showers when I came up to Jayden.
“He’s part of the team now,” I thought.
As I walked up behind him I planted a nice big slap on his ass.
“Nice work! You’re in!” I said.
“Don’t do that to me!” he shouted.
I stood there dumbfounded. He glared at me then skulked off into the changing rooms.
“What did I do?” I asked the team, “What, does he think I'm gay or something?”
We laughed it off but when I got to the changing rooms Jayden wasn't there. I hoped to hell I hadn’t pissed him off too much that he wouldn’t come to the game in the morning.

I lost sleep over it, but in the morning I showed up half an hour earlier than the team as usual and Jayden was sitting outside with his gym bag. He got up as he saw me coming and before I could open my mouth to apologize-
“I’m sorry about yelling at you yesterday in front of the team. I shouldn’t have gotten angry and I hope I can still be on the team.”
I loved this false sense of power this guy thought I had but it really wasn't my call. I told him that I had already informed the coach and that he was in but I think he might have got the impression I regretted it. Oh well. Bully for me. I unlocked the pool and went inside, Jayden just stood at the door.
“You can come in!” I called to him and he slowly made his way inside and sat up on one of the bleachers.

We lost the game 7-8. All but one of the goals was scored by Jayden, and he defended quite a few too. The team loved him and despite losing the game we were all in high spirits about our new team mate. As we were filing into the showers I dished out my routine smacks and without realising, caught Jayden square on the ass!
He spun around and shot his eyes right at me. He opened his mouth to speak but looked around at the crowd and started blushing. He quickly ducked into the toilets before I had a chance to explain that I’d forgotten.
“Nice one, Alex!” my team mates sneered.
“Way to alienate the new guy!”
“Shut up! I forgot, okay!”

I didn't see Jayden in the showers when I got in. I didn't mean to make him or the team mad, and I'm not sure if the team really was mad at me, but I couldn’t bring myself to make any jokes in the showers, or stare at the other guys. I just waited for everyone to leave so I could lock up. When I was sure everyone was gone I locked the doors and walked around the changing rooms picking up the used towels. I heard a lock click back and one of the cubicle doors swing open. Jayden walked around the corner in his blue Speedos and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me.

“Hey, umm, I didn't mean to upset you before I just forgot. I mean, I always do it to the rest of the team and I just didn't register in time when I got to you so I'm sorry.”
“It’s okay—I just—could you just—not do it again... I just--” he stammered.
“Oh, you’re—homophobic?”
“No! I’m not! I just don’t usually have other guys touch my butt.”
“What do you mean 'Why?' I just don’t.”
“Well, don’t they do it in Canada?”
“Well, yeah, but, they just didn't do it to me.”
This can’t be happening... Oh fuck! This is happening! My prayers have been answered! Holy shit!
“Dude..... Are you—Are you gay?”
“No! No I'm not! What makes you think I'm--?”
Jayden’s eyes flicked down to his crotch then back up to me and they looked a whole lot more scared. I let my eyes trail down to his crotch to see a half-formed erection pushing out of his Speedos!

Jayden shifted his feet uneasily and he began to turn bright red. I'm sure I was blushing too because for some reason I hadn’t noticed his bulge before. It was as big as mine, and that’s usually what set me apart from the rest of the team!
“I'm so sorry, let me just get my things and go!” he said as he hurriedly looked around the room for a towel or something to cover up with. Luckily I’d just put them all away.
“It’s okay, I don’t mind,” I said, trying to sound as casual as possible.
He turned and looked at me. His cock had grown and was now beautifully outlined across his hip by the soft, shiny blue fabric. I could feel my own dick twitching in my shorts, pulsing as it grew and hardened. It caught on the fabric of my shorts but kept going; raising them up as it went. I didn't take my eyes off Jayden as my cock climbed and stood straight out.

“You are, aren’t you?” I said more confidently this time.
“Um, -- I um, -- Maybe I just got one by accident and um--”
I smiled at him. His frown faltered. I did my best to make my smile look genuine so he didn't think I was teasing him, but after all, we were both standing there with blatant erections. I took a step towards him and he didn't step back. I slowly walked forward and saw him swallow hard. My pulse was going at light speed but I was concentrating all of my efforts into staying calm, being cool. I got right up to him, looked him in the eye, and slowly reached my hand out to touch his cock. His warm breath radiated on my skin, my hairs stood up on end and I could feel the blood running through my body.

My finger tips made contact with his Speedos and I ran my fingers across the silky surface of his erection. His pupils were fully dilated; he was enjoying this as much as I was. I curled my fingers to the shape of his massive hard on and ran my hands up and down a few times, slowly, but firmly. I trailed my fingers down to his testicles, they were large and soft; I cupped them with my hand and squeezed them gently. Jayden looked away.
“Ah, um, what if someone comes in?” he mumbled.
“I've already locked up. The door only opens from the inside unless you have the key.”

He closed his eyes as I continued my assault on his cock. His hand twitched and started making its way to my cock. He stopped just short of it so I moved my hips forward and my cock slipped into his hand. After a brief moment his hand gripped my shaft and he started slowly stroking my wood in sync with my rubbing of his balls. He started softly bucking his hips into my hand so I applied more pressure and achieved a long, soft moan. His grip tightened on my cock and I used my other hand to slip my fingers into the waist band of his Speedos. His eyes opened and he took a deep breath.

I lightly tugged at his waist band and pulled out his cock. It warmed up my hand instantly, the soft skin moved under my touch and I felt the pulse beneath the surface. I worked it up and down; sliding the skin over the firm meat as I played with his balls. I felt them in my hand, tested the weight of them, the scrotum stuck lightly to my hand when I pulled away. I pulled his Speedos down past his butt and let them fall to his ankles. He stepped out of them without letting go of my cock. He kicked them to the side and moved his second hand around to my butt. He pulled me in close so our cocks were pressed up against each other. He lifted up my chin and we engaged in a long, passionate kiss while he slipped his hands down the back of my shorts and squeezed my ass. His tongue was so soft and smooth and I couldn’t wait to get my cock in this warm hole. He pulled my shorts down and left them around my thighs. I shimmied out of them and kicked them off where his Speedos lay. He put his hands under my shirt and rubbed my nipples briefly. When they were hard he lifted my shirt up over my head and threw it onto the pile of clothes.

As we stood there humping; with our dicks pressed up against each other, we made out attentively, our lips locking, tongues licking and sucking; our hands groping one another. He moaned even more appreciatively when I squeezed his firm ass.
“You like that? Huh!”
I gave his ass an extra firm squeeze! He gasped and groaned. I smiled slyly. I drew my hand back and gave his ass a wicked slap! Jayden gave out a loud cry. As he released his second breath, I huge smile spread across his face and stayed there. I spanked his ass again and he cried out again. I ran my tongue up his neck and flicked it against his lips.

He brought his finger up to our lips and inserted it into my mouth. I sucked his finger as he worked it in and out of my mouth. I worked up the saliva that he wanted and made his finger all slippery. He took it out of my mouth and his hand disappeared behind his ass. He kissed me harshly and I ran my hand along his arm and felt him pumping his fingers into his hole. He was really going at it, my saliva coated around his finger being pushed up into his ass.
I brought my hand up into our kiss and inserted my finger into his mouth. He sucked on it as I had done to him; coating it in spit and making it all nice and wet. I pulled my fingers out of his mouth and let them down to between his legs. I went back to his hole and felt his finger still going at it. I put my finger tip to his hole and pushed it in. Our fingers danced with each other up his ass, we slid against each other reacting with a perfect rhythm. I felt my finger slide along his anal walls; their juices lubricating his hot ass.

Jayden grinded his cock into mine, our ball sacks pressing together. Jayden used his spare hand to rub my nipples. The friction warmed my whole chest; his fingers rolling round in circles. I shifted my footing back a little. Jayden got the idea and I moved back towards the showers. My hand that wasn't in Jayden’s ass soon found the tap for one of the showers and I turned it on to ‘hot’. The steam started as soon as the water came out. The water ran through our hair, down our backs, down our chests and arms, through our ass cracks and down our legs to our feet. I grabbed my cock and started thrusting it into Jayden’s stomach.

“You really wanna do this?” I asked breathlessly.
Jayden grunted so I took my finger out of his ass and spun him round and he put his hands against the walls. The hot water had turned his tan back a dark shade of pink. I slapped his ass again and grabbed his hips and aligned myself with his ass.
“I don’t have a condom.” I said.
“Do you mind?” he said.
“Me neith—Errrr!”
It caught him off guard when my huge meat stretched him. I pushed myself forward and his ass was so wet I slipped straight in.

I grabbed his hips and started pumping myself in and out of him. Despite the tight asshole it was easy, when my cock withdrew it was so wet and slippery, we’d really soaked it up. Through the noise of the shower I could hear our wet ball sacks slapping together as I slammed into him. His silky ass provided the perfect level of friction against my head; peeling my fore-skin back as I slid in and out of him. I spanked his ass and he cried out again. I spanked him again and he dropped his head and groaned. Every five to ten thrusts I would give him a slap on one cheek or the other.

Jayden quicken the pace by moving forward as I moved out and moving back when I moved in. I figured he wanted it harder so I gripped his hips tight and bucked my hips back and forward as fast as I could. Jayden kept up with the pace by leaning back and bucking wildly too. His ass slapped into my crotch every time we would thrust. Jayden moved one of his hands to his cock and he began jacking himself as fast as he could manage.

We were both working up quite a sweat; you could smell it but only faintly because the hot shower quickly washed it down the drain. I could feel myself getting to the verge of orgasm so I slowed my pace and withdrew.
“Why’d you stop?” Jayden asked.
“Had to, I was gonna cum.
“I want you to cum in my ass.”
I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him to his knees. I bent over and put my hand on the back of his head; pulling his mouth to my ass. I felt his tongue connect with my ass and I closed my eyes and took my hand off his head. I pushed my ass back and relaxed my asshole. I felt Jayden’s tongue enter my ass and writhe about. I kept my hand slowly working on my cock. When I felt that my ass was sufficiently wet I turned back and pushed Jayden onto his back. I straddled him and spat in my hand. I rubbed my spit into my asshole and then grabbed his cock. Once it was in place I sent myself sliding down his cock. I let out a loud shout and my hole clenched up. Jayden drew a loud breath. The pain was excruciating. I lifted myself up and crashed back down again. I put my spare hand on his washboard abs. I lifted off him and rocked back down again. As the pain started turning to painful pleasure I quickened my pace. My ass slapped down on his thighs loudly as I rode his hard cock.

I leaned forward and kept my hips bouncing up and down; his smooth rod jabbing into my prostate and grinding against my anal walls. I pressed our lips together and pushed my tongue into his mouth; our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Jayden groaned and bucked his hips up. His cock went in deeper than before and I let out a long and loud moan. I kept wanking, only fast enough to keep me near the edge where it felt the best but not too slow that I lost sight of it. Jayden’s breath started to steadily increase, I could feel his heart beat thud against my hand. I stopped bouncing on his cock and slowly raised myself up; his cock sliding out of my contracting ass.

I moved myself back and aligned my cock with his ass. I bucked myself forward and shot my cock back inside of him. Jayden yelled out and I began thrusting in and out of him as fast as I could. I grabbed his cock and jerked it as fast as I was hammering myself into him. I felt myself getting ready to orgasm so I pushed in harder and sent my cock as deep into him as I could. My cock started pulsing and growing bigger and shot squirt after squirt of cum deep into his bowels. Jayden moaned and rotated his hips; grinding his ass on my cock.

I kept wanking him as I pulled my cock out. His ass clenched tight around my head and drained it of the cum sitting in my shaft. I looked down at his cock and sent my head forward; pushing his cock head to the back of my mouth and down my throat. My mouth loosened up and I bobbed my head up and down on his meat. I made swallowing movements with my throat and pushed my tongue up to rub against the bottom of his cock as it slid past. I shortly found his cock erupting in my mouth, cum squirted onto my tongue and dribbled down the sides of Jayden’s cock. When the shots stopped I kept my lips tight and moved my head back. I brought my mouthful of cum to Jayden’s mouth. I kissed him hard and opened my lips.

We swirled our tongues around each other’s mouths; licking, sucking and swallowing as much cum as we could. When the cum was all gone and the sweet taste left my mouth I ran my tongue down his neck and over to his nipples. I moved on down his chest to his stomach. When I got to the rough shaven patch on his crotch I skipped down to his lower thigh. I sucked my way up his smooth legs and flicked my tongue across his balls before lowering it to his ass crack. I lifted his legs up so I had better access to his hole.

I ran my tongue around his ring and pushed it hard against his centre. My tongue slipped in and my lips came to rest against his rose bud. I rolled my tongue into a tube and sucked hard through it. A mixture of my own sperm and our spit came out into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could suck out and swirled my tongue around in his ass a for a few more seconds before pulling it out and lying down on top of him again. Our softening cocks squished up against each other’s as we kissed. The hot water pelted against our bodies and washed away all of the remaining body fluids that we’d left sticking to ourselves.

We got up and rinsed ourselves off properly then turned off the shower and went to get our clothes. Just then I heard the jingling of keys scratching against the door! Someone was unlocking the changing room doors! Shit! The seniors had their match today too! Had two hours passed already! Surely not! That must be the senior’s captain unlocking everything before people started arriving for their match! I quickly grabbed our clothes and my bag and threw them in the cubicle Jayden had emerged from. His bag was already in there so I just ran back out, grabbed Jayden’s wrist and pulled him into the cubicle before locking it. We grabbed our clothes and both stood up on the toilet seat.

The door opened and we felt the cool air.
“Whoa! Who left the fucking showers on!?” called the captain.
We heard his footsteps walk right past us and up the steps into the raised showering floor. We heard him make one big circle around the showers and come back down the steps.
“Alright, who’s in there? None of the showers are on so I know someone’s been in here when it was locked up. If you got locked in then it's not your fault and you have nothing to be worried about!” he called.
It was our fault, I was the captain and I had the keys, I would be in trouble, not to mention socially murdered if I was caught holding on to another guy, naked in the cubicles standing on a toilet. I hoped to hell this guy didn't have a camera phone on him.
“If you don’t come out now I'm going to start kicking down the doors!”
Not a word.
“One!... Two!... Three!”
We heard the door of the first cubicle open and swing into the wall. A few moments later we heard a few footsteps then the second door. If I was right, we were in the sixth or seventh cubicle?

More footsteps, more doors being pushed open, more steps, another creak, more footsteps. We saw the feet come to a stand-still outside our door. Jayden held me tightly and I wondered if it would be a good idea to jump him as soon as the door opened and run for it.

We heard him push against the door but I'd locked it.
“Found you.”
One of the feet left the ground and our door smashed into the wall with the loudest crash I've ever heard! The captain of the senior water polo team stood there staring at us and I felt Jayden’s and my pulse sky rocket as we both froze there! Fuck.

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