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Two teens are in great need of excitement. This is my first story. It's short, but just as good as any other. :)
This is my first story, and if I get enough views, I'll start a series. Please comment and message me tips and ideas, and I'll try and work them into my next story. I really hope you enjoy this one. :)

Two teens find themselves in need of some fun. But when things get carried away, Krissy begins to wish she had never come. Then again... she's glad she did! Krissy has dark red hair, that hangs in waves around her face. She has large breasts, and a tight ass. Blake has dark black hair, that's messy and sticks up in a bad boy kind of way. He has a huge cock, and is very muscular.

Krissy walked silently down the sidewalk, goosebumps rising on her bare cleavage from the chilly air. Her skirt barely covered her ass, and her long, slender legs had no protection from the evening breeze.

At last, her destination loomed nearer, and her nipples hardened in excitement. Her panties were already beginning to get soaked. Before she could even reach the door, it swung open, and a muscular man stood, looking out at her.

“Blake…” He lunged at her, kissing her hard. Somehow, they made it into the house and shut the door. Blake moved from her mouth to her neck and shoulders and finally down to her chest. He raised the tank top over her, exposing her large breasts. He caught one and suckled on the nipple, biting and licking at it. Finally he stood, and undid his jeans. His enormous hard cock popped out, and Krissy immediately wrapped her hands and mouth around it, licking it and teasing the head with her teeth. Blake moaned, and shuddered. Already close.

“Wait…” He whispered, pulling her up and lifting up her skirt. He tore away the panties, lifted her legs around him, and held her by her ass, occasionally squeezing and smacking it. His cock rammed up into her love hole, and he shoved it in repeatedly, furiously. They were both gasping and groaning with pleasure. Krissy shrieked, and came as she felt Blake’s cock convulse inside of her, and felt the warm come spray her walls.

They stood there; Krissy leaned up against the wall, before Blake carried her into a bedroom. He laid her out on the bed, and went to a drawer. He pulled out a few things, and brought them over to the bed. Gently, he rolled her over and tied her hands to the bedposts. He pulled her knees up and tied them next her hands. Then, he tied her feet to the bottom part of the bed. Perfect dog position.

He lubed her ass hole, and a fat dildo and shoved it up her ass. Krissy screamed in pain, this was unexpected. She didn’t think they would do these things tonight. Blake slapped her ass hard. “Shut up, bitch. You wanted to fuck so badly, so we’re going to do this my way. Keep quiet, or I’ll gag you and make this even worse.” He chuckled to himself, tears streamed down Krissy’s face. He cut on the dildo vibrator full blast, and saw Krissy’s body shake.

He climbed onto the bed, and rammed his hard cock into her pussy, rubbing her clit in hard circles. Against her own will, Krissy shuddered again and again, coming repeatedly. She moaned, and Blake smacked her ass again. “You like that, whore? You like that dildo now. Slutty bitch.” He rammed his dick harder into her swollen cunt, his balls smacking her pussy lips. Blake pulled all the way out, and jammed back in, semen spraying the back wall of her love hole and everywhere else.

When it had stopped, he came around to Krissy’s mouth and yanked her neck up. “Clean it.” He growled, and forced it into her mouth. She sucked and licked it quickly, and Blake began to face fuck her, quickly getting closer and closer to her throat. After another lunge, his dick slid deep into her throat, and she tried hard not to gag. He held it there for a few seconds before pulling out and pushing right back in. He kept this up, and then pulled most of the way out, his cock already shooting come. “Swallow it all, bitch!” He yelled, groaning. Krissy didn’t waste a moment and quickly tried to keep up with the flow.

When he finally pulled out, Krissy slumped into a head, gasping and coughing. Blake untied her, and directed her into the bathroom, shoving her into the shower. “Clean up, slut.” He ordered. Then walked out.

She showered quickly, then got out and dressed. Creeping out into the hall, she listened, but heard nothing. She dashed to the door and left, walking quickly back home.

Already, as much as she ached in her ass and pussy and throat, she actually thought she liked it, and a new thought popped into her head. What had happened could’ve been called rape… but it’s not rape if you like it! She took out her own dildo and stuck it in her pussy, thinking. She could go into training and learn to really be a slut. SHe could go to parties, and entertain the guests. She had the body for it. She moaned in desire, her pussy coming hard from the dildo. She could get used to this. She would have to get used to the ass fucking, though. She made up her mind. She would be a slut.

TO BE CONTINUED IN STORY 2. Coming soon, hopefully.

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2011-04-24 22:21:27
Hm it needs more detail i gave it a positive vote because I'd like to read more. Make the next one longer.

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