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Title: Alandra Naked in School - Tuesday (13942 words)
Author: Tenyari
Part: 2
Universe: Naked in School
Keywords: NiS, exhib, voy, naked, ff, mf
Summary: School troublemaker Alandra Cabrera finds herself forced to attend school naked after she is drafted into a new sweeping social program.
Copyright: March 28, 2004 - all rights reversed.


This story is based around the Naked in School series. See the Monday chapter for information on finding previous episodes in the series.

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Tuesday morning came and I realized I hadn't done any homework. Not that I had much, just some pages to read for Civics class. With my luck and my current condition I'd get called up to recite the major points of it all...
I had some time, so I decided to give that pamphlet on the Program a good look. I'm not much for reading, but this looked to be something I'd better get a grip on. I found it down in the living room, next to the fish tank. Pa'd done a bunch of diagrams - trying to connect the points and find the conspiracy I suppose. Kinda made me wonder if he'd forgotten to take his meds last night. The last section was what I really wanted, where they went into those 'Reasonable Requests'. It started with a full page spread of a girl I remembered from last year -I think she's a senior now too, but she's not in my track-. She was standing there with her hands over her head, her breasts pushed out, and her legs spread wide. A boy was fingering her pussy. People said it was her fault the Program got so sexual to begin with, she set the bar for us all or something, but I figured they'd planned it this way. It all read pretty much like I expected. Reasonable seemed to stop just short of fucking. 'Penetration with a sexual organ' as the pamphlet called it. That and oral sex. They could demand just about anything else, though a girl who was a virgin could keep free of 'other forms' of penetration, which wasn't as clearly defined as it should'a been. If the boys got their hands on this, I could be in for an assault of dildos by the end of the week...

At least it had a section on hygiene. After that one kid on Monday with the greasy hands, and given metal shop class; I'd need some veto power. Maybe this would finally get some of the boys to learn what a shower was.
One interesting note, as far as I could tell, fucking and oral sex where allowed -anywhere but during class- you just couldn't be made to do it. Oh... I think you could do it as part of relieving a boy, and maybe as a class exercise. That all wasn't so clear. The readable part ended with a note about sex education classes being under special rules not covered in the pamphlet -that made me wonder what we were in for in Biology. After that, I found about 5 pages of confusing legal mumbo jumbo with about a million circles and diagrams by Pa all over it... Even if I could'a understood it, Pa's notes made it unreadable. I guess Pa's right about one thing, in the end it all comes back to the lawyers.

I had to decide on what to wear. A strange thing to consider since it'd be off me the moment I hit campus. So I thought about the day. May wanted to hit the mall, and she'd probably try to get me to go nude, but I'd probably be sick of it by the time school got out. I choose a half top shirt and a short skirt. No underwear, so even if I did manage to keep my skirt after school, I could still flash it when I chose to. No shoes though, it actually felt nice to feel the ground under my feet, even if it was mostly concrete.

The twins came down in matching jeans, black shirts, and red bandanas tied in their hair. "Yo you try'n to look like wannabe Nortenos or something? You're gonna have to take those out at school, Harrison'll think it's gang colors..."
"What-ever..." Rosa said. They didn't change. Good thing this wasn't California, or they'd learn about faking gang colors hard.
Pa came down and had some toast with coffee. I kept an eye out, counting his pills. He took both sets, so I figured he was just being Pa with all those notes. I didn't say anything.
We left before Pa, he always went work 'bout an hour after we went to school. The twins and I walked to school and met up with Rick on the way over.
"Nice threads A.C. But why bother?" Rick asked.
I twirled the skirt for him and shrugged. "May 'n me are gonna hit the mall today."
"Be careful, she's trouble these days..." Rick said, making me wonder if he knew what happened to us over summer 'cause of Rubin's birthday.
"Yeah... huh." Was all I said as we walked to school.

We met May at the bungalow. She came early to 'entertain the troops' and was out there posing for a small crowd of freshmen. She stopped to wave when she saw us coming.
True to their word, the clothes box was there, outside the bungalow. Some kids where standing around or leaning against the wall, waiting for victims. When I approached a few of the freshmen moved in for a good look, but everyone else backed off -knowing better than to anger me.
"Hey Alandra." One boy nodded over, familiar looking but not enough to know his name. I think he was in metal shop with me.
"Ain't she the girl with the shaved cunt?" One idiot behind me called out, before getting shoved forward by his friends. His chest came into contact with my palm, but I didn't bother turning to look at him. Rick stared the kid down as I began to undress.
"You boys can watch, and I'll think about maybe a little more, but don't get pushy." I said.
"Come on A.C., its all good fun." May called out as she came up beside me.
"I'm surprised May." Looking her over I found May bottomless as always, yet wearing a thin pink sweater that she proceeded to peel off. "Why do you bother?"
May smiled at me and shrugged before running off to dance for some boys before the bell caught up with us.
"That's May for you." I heard Rubin say from behind before I was grabbed in a bear hug that somehow seemed to focus on squeezing my tits.
I squirmed free of Rubin and spun around. "Hey we gotta get to class."

First period was me, Rubin, and May in study hall. Fatima was there waiting for us. That's "one of those classes they make because the government puts more money in prisons than school", or so Pa says. Way I see it though, there's a teacher in here watching us, but he don't say shit even though he gets paid either way. So there's gotta be some other reason.
Mr. Jackson was the man in charge, and he just had us introduce ourselves and talk about our summers. He had us all call him Donald. He was the portly sort, and came glued to a steaming cup of coffee that was making me and May thirst in his direction. A fact not lost on him, though I think he got the wrong idea as to why, giving how we were the only naked kids in the class.
"Alandra, May; do you..." He blushed and looked at something on a clipboard. "Oh. Only boys, well then... Is... is there something..."
"Nah, we're ok." May said.
"Shit I could use a smoke and a cup o' Joe." I said.
"Eh-hm... Language Alandra..." Mr. Jackson said.
"Oh shit! I mean... oops. Sorry..." I rolled my eyes but he ignored it. Some teachers went on this whole respect power trip if you rolled your eyes, but Don seemed cool, I figure he only cared about the words 'cause he had to.
When it came around to us, May talked about going bottomless all summer, how seeing the Program last year and the new laws had changed her life. She went on this grand speech about it till I reached over and tweaked her nipple, Rubin matching me on the other side. "Ow!" she called out, then fake slapped us as Fatima looked on in horror.
"So Alandra, since you were so eager to interrupt; what'd you do over the summer?" Mr. Jackson asked.
"Nut'n much. Just hanging out with the gang." I said.
"Any thoughts on this Program?" He asked.
I shrugged. "It's kinda weird, sometimes I like it, but sometimes it's a pain." I said.
It was nice having a class we could chat in, but I took the rest of the time to read for my civics class instead. I had to read those ten pages on the Program. There was some pretty fucked up shit in there, the kind of stuff my Pa would come up with from the looks of it.
"What'cha reading?" May leaned over and asked.
"Civics class. It's on the Program." I said.
"You? Doing homework? You ok A.C.?" she said.
"I don' wanna look stupid if I get called up. Probably will what with all this." I gestured over my naked body.

Before class got out I asked Fatima if she still wanted to meet us at the cafe after school. She seemed nervous so I told her where to find us at lunch. "We kinda stand out."
"I can see that." She said, looking at me and May while trying not to -look- at us.
"Not for that reason, but yeah, it certainly helps." I said.
The halls, like always, were a mess of people trying to grope the naked kids.
"Hey I washed my hands." Someone said.
"Huh?" I looked around, not placing at first. It was the boy from Monday, with the greasy hands. I grabbed his hand away and looked it over. "That you did, well I suppose it -is- a reasonable request." I wasn't really feeling horny just yet. Spooked was more like it, after reading that civics pamphlet. Just the same I stood with my legs apart and my hands wrapped behind my neck. He ran his hands over me.
"Wow, you're really smooth. A lot softer than I expected." He said.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Well you guys have a rep after all..." he said.
"Don't believe everything you hear." I said.
"You shave it everyday?" He asked.
"I try; otherwise it's not so smooth, itches." I said.
"What's this like?" He asked, pulling on my clit ring.
"Don't tug on it like that." I pushed his hand away. "I like it, it keeps me sensitive, and it looks pretty." I said.
"Go figure." He said. "I'm Calvin by the way; see ya 'round." And we separated. I pushed through a small crowd and made my way to Civics. By the time I got there I'd been touched in so many publicly private ways I was worked up despite my mood.

This time I wasn't first to class, but near last. Despite that I actually did get to sit down, between Kevin and Max. We usually sit in the back, but Kevin said there wasn't anything left. Wouldn't matter much this week -I expected to get called up again all week- but it would after that. Mrs. Jacobs did roll call and moved a few people around as she had us put all the desks in a circle with the middle of the room bare. "We'll leave it like that for the rest of the semester. This class is going to be about discussion. Ms. Cabrera; why don't you come up here and sit on my desk again?" With that she moved to the side and stood next to a podium. I shrugged and got into place.
"I want to start the class today talking about rules, and the consequences of breaking them. I'm sure most of you have noticed this." She said this as she pushed my labia apart and framed my clit ring for the class. "Is this a violation of the totally nude policy, or of the school dress code? If it is, why can the naked students still wear shoes?" She looked around the room and Kevin raised his hand.
"Yes Mr. Douglas?" she said.
"I think it's beautiful, and plenty of people have earrings, so I don't see any problem." He said as Mrs. Jacobs moved on to a girl -Laura- on the right side of the room.
"Isn't there a sanitary issue though? Doesn't the school dress code ban nose and tongue piercings? That's certainly a whole lot more -personal-."
"Good points both of you. Alandra, do you have any opinion?" She asked.
"Isn't the point of all this to be more sexually open? I read those ten pages you gave out, that was pretty big in there." I had to get that in so she didn't think I was slacking. "This makes me pretty sensitive, even before I took my clothes off, it tended to get me worked up. The dress code don't say anything about piercings that are usually under our clothes, and my pamphlet for the program said I could keep my earrings on. I know Mr. Harrison had issues with it, but I don't see the problem. If anything it only helps me 'get with the Program'".
The class went on like that, she moved through the dress code for clothed students and the code for naked students, trying to get us to discuss the parts that seemed to be in conflict. So this is what civics was all about... I was learning not to just object to stuff, but to figure out why it was wrong, and what I oughta do about it. Some of the kids though, I could see it was the first time anybody had ever asked them to question anything -much less an adult doing it. And if the reading she'd given us was any clue; she was using the new Holy Grail of education to do it. If she didn't put a spin on all this she'd probably be out of here soon.

On the way to Writing class I couldn't avoid the hands, they were everywhere. On my boobs, up my cunt, even in my ass once -gotta wonder about some people. Something about this time of day and me just wasn't right. Yesterday I'd skated through the crowds despite wanting it bad, today I was spooked over the Civics lesson and I couldn't keep the hands off me.

So by the time I made it to Writing I felt like a frustrated bitch in heat. I beat Sandra, but not Ray. I'd seem a girl with her hands on him just before he'd stepped in -ahead of me. Good. She'd run away giggling, leaving him frustrated -even better. When I sat down I reached under and across the desk and gave his dick a good squeeze. "My turn today." I said with a wink.
"Yes Ma'am." He said with a nervous smile. Sandra came in just then, her eyes following my withdrawing hand. She glared daggers at me as she sat down.
"Thanks for the shower." She said. "Henry's pretty talented."
The little bitch would get hers, but not today. We all looked up to Mr. Turner, who I could've sworn was wiping drool from his face. "Ray needs relief." I said, grabbing his dick again.
"Well..." Mr. Turner said, gesturing to a chair by his desk. Ray got up and I followed him to the front. He sat in the chair, but I pulled him forward. My tits were on fire from the last guy to feel me up in the hall, so I had an idea I'd seen in a porn flick. I squeezed them together 'round his cock and tried to jack him off, but it was a lot harder than it seemed in the movies. Ray didn't seem to notice the trouble; he was trying to pump away into my tits.
"Woohoo! Right on A.C.!" I heard from the class somewhere. I grinned back and gave a good Marilyn kiss, then went back to work. I was just thinking that this wasn't really all it was made out to be -I've sensitive boobs, but this just wasn't doing it- when Ray shot a little spurt out onto my chin.
"Oh yeah..." he said. I pulled back and finished him off one handed, letting him cum all over my chest. Mr. Turner looked like he wanted to clap; the class just hollered and did so anyway. I wiped myself down with some tissues and followed Ray to our seats. Sandra gave me a nasty look, so I pushed up and shook my boobs for the class, then sat down.
"Well, so class begins..." Mr. Turner said. "I trust that was educational in some manner. Now I'd like to break you all down into groups of..." He counted heads. "Seven it looks like and we'll go over ideas for the paragraphs and poems I assigned yesterday." He split us up, one naked student in each of three groups. The kids in my group each read off their paragraph, when it came to me I realized I hadn't written anything, so I just shrugged.
"I forgot -this Program has my mind on other things."
"I'll bet it does." Saul Jackson said with a leering look at my pussy.
"You better write somethin' A.C., it's due by end of class." Mary Blyne said. So I sat there for the rest of class coming up with something quick and fending off questions about the program. I could see Mr. Turner watching me, and shaking his head when he thought I didn't notice. They always think I'm stupid, or don't want to learn. They just don't know what it's like, and I wasn't really lying -this Program did have me a little off my game.
Still, I got my piece done, writing a little thing on how Mr. Harrison found my clit ring.

After writing I was off to gym, getting well felt up along the way - that got me cooled into a mellower turned on state from where I'd been after civics and the goof up in writing. I stopped long enough to let Ricky Montico finger me off to a nice smooth cum.
I sped through the lockers and stepped into the Gymnasium -being barefoot and naked I didn't have anything but my book bag to drop, and I wasn't up for fucking any of the boys who offered. Something was going on; the class had almost twice as many people as before, with 12 new boys all in jock straps, and a new girl - naked like the rest of us had to be for gymnastics. Ms. Moore was looking at her clipboard and scratching her head.
She looked up and told us to all sit in a circle on one of the mats. I called out "Why're they wearing straps?" pointing to the new boys.
"I was just getting to that." She said. "We've had a bit of an upset class, the wrestling class and gymnastics classes were under enrolled, and" she looked over her clipboard again "it looks like Mr. Jackson is taking an unscheduled leave of the school."
'Fired huh?' I thought. He must've pissed off Ms. Magante and her Program people.
"So the school has decided to mix the courses. I was on a girl's wrestling team myself when I was your age," she looked over at the new girl "so I suppose I'm qualified."
One of the guys in our class piped up "I didn't know they even had a class for wrestling."
A boy in a strap said "Beginning, if we do well, we might make the team next year -before this that is." He shrugged, but also shot a dagger look at the new girl. I think I had an idea what caused Mr. Jackson to leave...
"So why the straps?" I asked again.
"Um... Well, we don't want any 'accidental' penetrations." Ms. Moore replied. "Mixed athletic events may be nude now, but high contact sports like wrestling still allow the jock strap as an option."
"So they can take 'em off?" I asked.
She looked at her clipboard again, flipped a few pages, and then said "Yes -if both contestants agree. Apparently full nudity gives both an extra 'Advancement' and 'Team' point - harder to get a handle."
"Well, I can think of one thing to grab onto." Sandra said, causing nervous laughs from all the boys.
"What about us?" One of the boys in my class asked.
"When you wrestle, you can wear a strap, on Gymnastics days, its full nudity for everyone. Soon as I call roll we'll go get new straps for all of you. The school's paying for uniforms now - as most events don't even allow them."
With roll called from two separate lists, I noticed there were three absences on the wrestling side; two boys and a girl. None on our side, ever since the Program started absences for anything were rare; nobody wanted to miss the naked kids, and nobody wanted to be drafted in midweek to join them. Then she had us all do our basic stretches while she took the boys from gymnastics and got jock straps for them. Apparently today the whole class would do wrestling. First she had us all pair off in boy - girl groups, and I noticed all the wrestling boys avoided the new girl. Everybody stayed away from me. Ever since that fight in freshmen year people gave me room for stuff like this, and after the rumor last year that I'd knifed a kid across town -which was true by the way, little punk deserved it- I'd been given double space by all but the new kids.
"Well this isn't working, why don't you two pair off then." Ms. Moore said. The poor girl looked at me in terror, and she had more muscles than half the boys.
I just shrugged and said "Hey its class, I won't bite, too hard."
Ms. Moore had us get into an assortment of basic positions, and I figured out pretty quick why Kevin used to call it a faggot sport - till I kicked his ass for using that word. I was getting a faceful of this girl's cunt with every twist and turn we went through. I could feel her breath on me down there, and it was getting me all hot and bothered. When I looked around, I could see the whole class was worked up, and we weren't even really wrestling -just posing.
"Hey your ring is really nice, where'd you get it?" Melinda, the girl I was paired with, asked after a few minutes.
"You like it? Purrfect Pussy -in the Mall- but watch out for Mr. Harrison." I said.
"Why?" she asked.
"He didn't like it... tugged at it when I stripped like he was gonna yank it out." I said.
"Ouch." She said, but with my face in her pussy -Ms. Moore having us pose for a pin- I could see it make her wet -interesting. Then I got a wicked idea, I checked to see nobody was looking and then I did it. I bent down just a fraction and licked my way down her slit, drinking up the building wet spot.
She gasped and jerked under me, "Wo-aaah!"
"Oops." I said, "I slipped a little, sorry 'bout that."
She knew better, but she covered for me "So'kay. Kinda hard holding these." Ms. Moore let us all get up. We tried a few standing maneuvers, and then the class sat around to talk for a bit. We were gonna switch off everyday between the two courses, to keep things fair and balanced. After sitting there with a face full of pussy all day, none of the guys had any objections about getting thrown into a wrestling class, but a few girls did grumble and complain.
End of class and shower time. Even though it was all mixed now, the girls and boys went to separate ends. Melinda walked over to the boys end, grabbed one of the gym guys when the wrestling boys all moved away from her, pulled him to a wall, leaned against it and got him to just start pounding into her pussy right then and there. He got real into it lifting her off the wall and carrying her around on his dick -but the whole time she had her eyes locked on me. I was a bit stunned, me of all people, but I got felt up by the two guys who'd been paired with each other. Sandra for her part looked at us both, tisked, and sucked off Henry. When he came, she pointed it at me so I had to re-shower as she left. Melinda and I were both late getting out of there, but it was only lunch after that. She'd cum on that boys cock without ever getting his name, but I was just worked up like hell from two boys who'd not been good enough to get me off. All they'd managed was to splatter me, adding to Henry's mess.
"Those wrestlers have clumsy fingers." She said, as we left for lunch.

"Yeah... Well, see ya tomorrow." I said as we went our separate ways. I had to find my crowd. I was thinking of fucking Kevin right then -they say black guys have big cocks after all, funny I'd never seen his- but I put it aside as I found everyone in the quad.
"Hey A.C., you look tense." May said.
"I need a fuck." I said... "Why can't I ask for relief, that's what I wanna know."
"Like, no shit man." She said. "I just -like- let em fuck me in the halls between classes. I've been fucked three times already today."
"Like, God May, you're disgusting." Marcy said between sodas. "Hey A.C., what'cha think of this Program, now 'n your in it?"
I rolled my eyes. "Everybody's getting off but me. Like I'm the one in this thing, when do I get my turn?"
"Well you could just have at it." May offered, to nods from Rubin and Kevin. Only Marcy looked shocked, Rick was looking around for something.
"Here." He said, handing me a hacky sack.
"What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?" I asked.
Rick shrugged. " I dunno, I figured, you know..." He pointed at my crotch, and then gestured a finger going in and out of an ok sign.
May, Marcy, and I just looked at him shaking our heads. "You need a girlfriend." Marcy said.
"Doesn't he though..." May said, as I gave him back the hacky sack. "Like, just use your three best friends."
I looked around confused till she held up three fingers pushed together and said it again. "Three best friends a girl has." And promptly began fingering herself -right there at our spot in the Quad.
"God May, you've got like, no shame at all..." Marcy said.
"That's why I'm the one getting off." She said, as she started building up a rhythm. I figured what the hell, and joined in with my own 'three best friends.'
I think my eyes glazed over a bit, but not enough to miss Kevin, Rick, and Rubin drooling at us. Looking down, I knew why guys wore those baggy pants - I couldn't see a thing till Kevin shrugged and dropped his. "Wow Kev, you been hiding that on us all this time?" It was fairly nice, but it wasn't the biggest cock I'd seen. That belonged to Saul 'the horse' Peterson, who was over in some corner in an anime shirt arranging a pile of cards on a bench with his geek friends. He was probably the only kids in the whole place not watching us.
As the three of us were getting into it, some girl I didn't know joined in lifting her skirt and pushing a boy's face into her crotch. Then another boy got up the guts to join Kevin -and in moments had a girl giving him a hand job- freeing him to return the favor. The three of us though, in our pack like that, nobody would touch us. That's when Marcy got this look in her eyes and just reached over and grabbed a hold of Kevin -jerking him off. 'What the fuck?' I thought, but then I came. I could feel the day's tension drain from me as I worked my way down to a smooth landing with some slow steady caresses. When I looked around, I saw Harrison and Ms. Magante watching us from the cafeteria windows. She was pointing right at me and he was shaking his head. 'What..?' and Kevin shot his load, all over Marcy's arm and my leg.
"Oops." He said. "Man I needed that. Thanks Marce."
She just looked at her arm and said "Eww..."
When I looked around again Harrison and Magante were gone. I saw about ten kids who'd joined in. That first boy was locked in a French kiss with the girl he was still working on -and who was stroking out a stream of cum from him right at that moment. Saul was over in his corner still oblivious and playing that geek card game.
"What a waste of a good cock." May said, seeing who I was looking at.
"Yeah like no shit... I gotta clean up." I said.
"Me too." Marcy added.
"See you in English." May said to Marcy.

"What was that about?" I asked Marcy as we walked in the halls.
She shrugged. "I dunno, when I saw it I just had to touch it. It was kinda fun."
That's when we heard voices coming around the corner.
"...just saying they make a good test case." She said.
"They're troublemakers; you should see the file I have on those kids." He said, Harrison I think.
"I have -remember. They're perfect. They match to an inner city profile, but out here we can control them better - learn what'll work when the Program goes national." She said as they started to round our corner.

"Shit." I whispered as Marcy pulled me into an empty classroom.
"Was that who I think?" she said.
"Did you hear something?" Harrison said as they passed in the hall outside.
"I don't think so..." she said, this close I pegged it for Ms. Magante.
"I think it was." I said. "I think they're talking about us..."
"Us?" Marcy said.
"Yeah, you think she just happened to stop into Albatross yesterday? I keep catching her watching me too. Who else you think 'fits the inner city profile' in this school." I said as we stepped into the hall and made for the restroom.
"Man A.C. you're sounding like your dad." Marcy said.
"Yeah well... think about it." I said.

We washed off. The girl with the skirt came in. "Shit, it's ruined." She said, looking over her cum stained skirt. "This wash out?"
"Fuck if I know." I said. "Why'd you join us?"
"I dunno, looked like fun." She said.
"Just keep it wet, work some soap into it. If it sets, try some vinegar." Marcy said as I stared at her in surprise.
"Thanks." The girl said.
"Where'd you learn that?" I asked.
"Three brothers... guess who does -like- ALL the laundry..." she said. "Didn't take too long to figure what all the spots in their t-shirts and underwear were."
"Oh. Yeah..." I said, but that was just gross when I thought about it.
"Well, it's too wet to wear now." The now skirtless girl said. She'd stripped down like May often went - t-shirt and no bottom, not even panties. She stuffed the skirt in her bag and left.
"And so another May is born." Marcy said with a grin.
"Looks like." I said, as the bell rang. "See you in math."
"Yeah." Marcy said, as we split in the halls.

So I was off to Metal Shop -wouldn't that be fun- a pack of horny guys with no style and a teacher just looking for an excuse to get his hands on my pussy. And then there was Jennifer. Something just wasn't right about that girl and her family, and I'm not talk'n about the fact that I think she's a lezzie either -given my background I had no place having an issue with that. But the way she'd looked at me, and the stuff her brother'd tried with the dog...
"Hey Alandra; looking good today." Jennifer said as I walked into the room. About half the class had beat me in, and she patted a stool next to her.
"Hi." I said, taking the spot. I was pretty sure Mr. Carson would stick me with the boy he figured I'd be most likely to try and fuck at some point he could see, so there was no point avoiding her now.
Sure enough Mr. Carson came in and had us pick partners out of a bag of names -but I caught him slip my name to a boy who turned out to be his nephew Raymond. Nobody else saw it, but Rick had shown us all that sort of thing back in sophomore year. Mr. Carson was an amateur, if I knew him better I'd set him up for poker with Rick, just to see his face when we took him for everything. Raymond wasn't so bad though, well-toned muscles on what I took for working class Anglo features. I could live with this, Jennifer didn't look too happy, but not too upset or anything. She got some guy I didn't pay much attention to.
Raymond was the sort of guy who expects to do everything and have the girl sit around and coo at him and his greatness. I could tell he was having real trouble with that and his desire to see the naked girl get her move on. So I put it on. "What's a matter Ray, you drop this?" -Bend at the waist, not the knees; great way to get a guy to trip over his own feet. I'd dropped the nail anyway. By the end of class Raymond was a mess, it was fun, but I pick my fucks. I didn't like Carson trying to pimp me out.
I let the first guy I found feel me up in the hall. "Hey Ray, looking for something?" I called out as he stopped and stared.
I think I heard him mutter something like "Man, she -is- a bitch." As I walked off to Algebra. Whatever, like I care what he thinks.

Marcy and Rick beat me to class; they were sitting with Fatima talking about something as I walked in. She tensed then forced a smile as she saw me. "Do you... Can you, um, get relief?" She asked.
"Huh?" I said.
"In history, just before this class, there was a boy." She paused. "It was so big... and she... when he asked for relief Jennifer was chosen, she used her mouth." Fatima said.
"Girls can't ask for relief." I said "Did you read the pamphlet?"
"Most of it, but father took it." She said. "My uncle and he argued for hours last night."
I figured she was going through a lot just seeing us like this. "Hey, it's kinda fun though." I said. "We missed you at lunch."
"I had to see the nurse." She said.
Marcy's eyes got big and she said "You got the shot?"
"That's a surprise." Rick said.
"The shot?" She asked. "They wanted to see my immunization records." Fatima pointed out a Band-Aid on her arm. "We don't immunize for AIDS back home."
I thought about that as class began. Pa once told me one of his 'friends' had died of AIDS.
Naturally I was called up for 'chalkboard duty'. It's not easy writing that big, and I kept getting chalk on my breasts. Funny how that didn't happen when I had a shirt on. Mr. Dennison seemed to enjoy it. "You're my only naked student this week Alandra. It's too bad I can't keep you all day." Yeah I'm sure it is. He kept squirming in his chair. Other than that class went fine. Fatima said she'd meet us after school at the cafe to go to the Mall.

I had chalk on me as I left, but no time to shower at the gym. Rinsing off in the restroom I walked in on two guys I didn't know jacking off together. They had a shocked look when they saw me, trying to hide it. "What're you...?" they began.
"Mixed bathrooms guys -besides, I'm in the Program." I said.
"Oh..." They finished tucking away the goods.
"You guys better watch it; queers get their asses kicked if the jocks find out." I was standing blocking the door, and somebody pushed to get in -causing the boys to jump. "I won't tell, but between class? You're timing's fucked."
"We didn't hear the bell." One of them said.
"Cutting class? You'd end up like this" I swept a hand over myself "if you get caught."
"You really won't tell?" One of them asked.
I shrugged. "Naw, why bother. Someone pisses me off and I'll fuck 'em over, but I got nothing against queers." Someone pushed on the door again.
"Hey who the fuck's blocking the door?" I heard May call from the other side, so I let her in.
"They were just leaving." I said.
"What's up?" she asked. "They messing with you?" she glared at the boys as they ducked past us and into the hall, off campus she would 'a had a knife out by now ­ thinking I'd been attacked.
"Naw, but I'd bet somebody's gonna beat them down soon." I said.
"Whatever... what's with the chalk?" She brushed a bit off my breasts.
"Oh! Yeah, I need to rinse this off. That pervert Dennison had me at the board." I said as I started trying to clean up a bit.
"I need a smoke." May said as she rinsed something out of her pussy and straightened her hair. We made our way to class.

Biology promised to be interesting; Ms. Lippmann had moved all the desks and cleared out half the floor. She had pillows stacked there. When we walked in half the class was sitting on the floor in a semi circle and she was idly stroking her red bush as she read something. "Why don't you two sit up here." She said without really looking up. "We'll start in a moment."
Kevin was the last in, and he sat next to May and I. "Hey." He said.
"Hey." We followed. "You coming to the Mall?"
"Sure why not?" He said.
"Ok, we might as well start." Ms. Lippmann said. "I need you all to sit boy girl boy girl." As we did that she continued. "This is going to be a special sex education seminar, for the next two weeks. As part of that we have a number of special activities. First I need to know if there are any virgins in here?" two girls and three guys raised their hands. "By tomorrow you won't be. If that is a problem, or if any of you have issues with sexual contact with anyone else in here; I need to know now."
'Wow.' I thought; this was getting real.
"I ain't doing no fag sex." One boy said, followed by a couple of "Yeah"s.
Ms. Lippmann looked up for a second, and then said "Oh. Yeah, the program only calls for heterosexual studies. We will discuss homosexual lifestyles, but even the Program can't mandate activity there in current society."
"You mean someday they might be able to?" I asked.
She shrugged. "Who can say? If you asked me four years ago if I would be teaching a class like this I would have had you committed. Now, does anyone have any issues? If they do I need to know now so we can move you to the other class. This is also your one chance to go against the papers your parents signed, but you will have to explain it to a school councilor."
A girl got up and she and Ms. Lippmann went into the hall to talk.
May leaned over "What's with her?"
"Beats me." I didn't say anything more, though I think I know why she left. She had a thing for Marcy last year -probably didn't want any guys in her.
Ms. Lippmann came back, alone. "So everyone else is ok. We don't have an even match anymore, but I think I can compensate." She said it with an eager look. Ms. Lippmann was looking forward to this. "I need everyone to remove their clothes and put them in the boxes over in the back, then return to the circle. There was a bit of complaining, but everyone knew discipline these days would have you nude for a whole day or week, in addition to Program time.
When we were done she joined us in the circle, where the girl had been. I looked around the room at a sea of hard cocks. Kevin was to my right. "Ok now, everyone raise your right hand." We did. "Now, take that hand and for the girls, I want you to wrap your hand around the shaft of the boy to your right. No Mary, not Adam's arm, his penis, like this." She grabbed the penis of Mark to her right. I shrugged, then grabbed Kevin's dick in my hand. He gave me a nervous smile.
"Now for the boys." She said. "Cup your hands over the vulva of the girl to your right." Keith, another senior, put his hand over my pussy. I could feel myself wetting him. Kevin had his hand on May. "Now that we're all comfortable." Ms. Lippmann gave a wry smile. "I want you all to spend a few minutes feeling what you're holding. Enjoy yourselves and get to know it well. She began jacking off Mark's cock, causing him to release a light moan. Adam to her left was running his fingers up and down her pussy. Keith's middle finger went straight in me as he pinched my clit ring with his forefinger and thumb.
We went on like that, as Ms. Lippmann gave us instructions on how to masturbate the person next to us. Within minutes some of the boys shot off into the center of the room, and then the girls -me included- began to squeal as the whole room erupted in surreal orgasms.
Then she had every boy in the class get up and move down two places to the right. I didn't know either guy on my sides now. May had her hand on Kevin as we did it all over again, although a lot slower paced this time.
When it was all over, most of us girls had cum several times, and almost every guy had come twice. I think one boy had gone off three times. Even Ms. Lippmann came a few times. Then we had to clean up the mess in the middle of the circle. She made the girls do it while the boys wiped off in the two lab sinks -typical. "That class; was to let you all see and become acquainted with each other sexually. Masturbation is a normal human behavior I'm sure most if not all of you have tried. It is of course, even better shared. Tonight I want each of you to try it alone, and then write up a paragraph comparing that to this experience in class. Tomorrow we'll begin intercourse."
'Intercourse?' I thought. That's pretty quick.
She went to her desk and grabbed a stack of papers. "Read these, we will have a short 5 question quiz at the start of class tomorrow." She looked around the room. "Girls, have any of you not had a birth control shot?" When two girls raised their hands Ms. Lippmann gave them each a slip. "I will need that returned tomorrow and signed by the school nurse." One of the girls sat two to my left so I glanced over. It was just a note to get the shot.
Ms. Lippmann went into a lecture on the more common modern sexual behaviors. "Some of you are probably wondering where all the biology charts are. We'll cover the anatomy and hard science next week. The first week is psychology." Funny thing was, after getting finger fucked like that, after I'd cum three times, it was amazingly easy to relax and stay focused. Usually me and May or somebody'd be goofing off through half the class.
Now that I thought about it, this whole week I was paying more attention than I usually did -though the sex sure made it easier to relax.

At the end of class, everyone but May, Ms. Lippmann, and I got dressed. She ran us right up to the bell, so everyone was late leaving but it was the day's end anyway. As we went outside a boy stopped me and May for a feel. We just stood there and let him have his way - he tried to finger fuck us both for a bit but grew bored when we didn't really respond. "I feel like I'm high." May said.
"I know what you mean." I said. We weren't virgins, but class had been different than sex usually was. It left us feeling kinda off our game in a good way, if that made any sense.
"Dare you to stay nude." May said, as we hit the clothes bin by Ms. Magante's bungalow. She was there too, watching us with a smile and a clipboard.
Magante jotted something down then looked up. "Hey girls; having fun?"
"We're about to." I said.
"Going to the Mall." May said. "I wanna buy me one of those." She pointed to Ms. Magante's dildo, still hanging on the little belt chain that was all the woman wore.
I picked up my clothes but May grabbed my arm. "Dare?"
"Only if you do." I said, thinking about the trouble I'd gone to selecting my outfit that morning.
"I dunno..." May cupped her breasts, lifting what was there with a worried look in her eyes.
"Hey nice tits!" Some boy called out.
"Sure." She said with a smile. If I'd seen that boy, I would've given him a free fuck right on the spot. It was just what May needed to hear.

So we dropped our clothes back into the bin and headed out.
"I'm locking this up soon..." Ms. Magante called out as we ran away giggling to find Kevin.
I turned around and yelled back "No prob. Ms. M. we'll get em tomorrow!"
"Maybe." May said in a lower voice.


It's amazing what kind of trouble you can get into...

We met Kevin at his car, dropped our bags in the trunk, and got in. May and I sat in the back. I got my knife out from the seat pocket and put it in my purse. "Ya better get yours too May."
"Oh? We don't need those..." She said.
"Hey I ain't going to the mall naked without a defense." I said.
May shrugged "Who's gonna bother us, everybody's naked these days."
"Yeah... remember last time, that guy in the game shop?" I said. She took out her switchblade and pocketed it away. May had one of those fake designer purses. Hers had a nice little side pouch near the top for stuff she might need quick ­ like mace or a knife.
"You two are crazy." Kevin said.
"Hey why'd you drive today?" I asked.
"Didn't; just left it here after assembly on Friday." Kevin pointed along the street. "No parking limits here; and we can stash shit just outside Harrison's reach."

We stopped off at the Albatross for a quick smoke. Bill waved us in with a friendly smile. Fatima was there, along with Marcy.
"You're nude!" Fatima said as Bill cocked an eyebrow.
May just shrugged and I pointed at her with my cigarette. "Her idea," I said.
"But you can't...?" Fatima began.
"It's ok. Girls can go nude." May said.
"So can guys, till they're 21." Kevin added. "Not my thing though."
"Yeah what's up with that?" I asked, and he just shrugged.
"So much for the 'New Equality' huh?" Kevin said.
Fatima was nervous with the idea of us being naked; I gathered there'd be a lot of trouble if we did it where she was from. We didn't stay at the café long, Rick and Rubin weren't coming.
Kevin zipped us over to the mall ­ him and Marcy in front, and me and May in back with Fatima between us. I learned a little more about her ­ how strict it was at home for her, but how her uncle seemed to believe she needed to adapt to western ways if she was to live here. For her part Fatima didn't know where to look, between my breasts and May masturbating she was a mess.

The first sign of trouble was right in the parking lot. Two guys returning to a car next to us saw me and May get out, then Kevin, and it started. "Hey Boy, what'ca doing with my bitches?" one of them called out.
"Yeah, bitches like that ain't for you boy." His friend matched, as Marcy was getting out. Fatima hadn't moved. The first boy made a grab for May, and the second moved in on me.
"Fuck! The bitch cut me!" May was always fast, and she'd cut into his arm before I'd even pulled out my own knife.
"Fuck off assholes!" I called out, waiving my knife. Kevin and Marcy stepped forward.
The jerks backed off and left, but not before saying "You bitches better learn who you belong to, ain't right to be with one of them."
"I don't understand." Fatima said.
"Racists, some people just don't get the modern world." Marcy said. Kevin looked mad, in a quiet way.
"We're not even white, 'cept for you Marcy." I said. My parents were both born in Spain, I guess if I didn't live in America I'd be considered white with my blond hair, but here they called me a spic with my 'olive dark' and native Spanish.
May shrugged "White guys always think they own us."
"Assholes come in all colors May." I said.
May shrugged. "Yeah, well..."
As we entered the mall I finished "Besides, Rick's white, so's Marcy."
"Yeah, and you're all my bitches, you too Kevin." Marcy said as we all laughed.

The mall was getting stranger. Outside we saw two small groups of protestors. On the one hand we had a batch of nudists, using the sidewalk to demand nudity for men. Half of them were naked bearded old guys, and I do mean old. Across from them a church group of some kind, holding up signs that began with 'Fallen, fallen is Babylon...' or something like that. Fatima said the church crowd looked more covered than women in her home country, and colder than the meanest radicals. Fortunately they were small groups. With only a mall, we didn't exactly have all that much of a civic heart here.
Inside was a whole other world. Mall security checked our bags ­they gave Kevin and Fatima the full drill while ignoring May, Marcy, and I. Of course, we were the ones with knives... Past the door it was like malls always were ­ teens scoping each other out and women shopping. It was too early for the bored husbands, but I doubt they'd be bored at the mall these days. So many of us were dressed light ­ or less ­ even the nudists would blush in there.
I'd not paid much attention to fashion over the summer, spending more time with the gang stirring up trouble. It was quite a change. More than a fourth of the women were in some way topless ­ something like a corset seemed popular, with an undercarriage pushup bra that put you on display. For the better-shaped women there were plenty of silken shirts with high collars but an oval cutout for the breasts. Some of those where just sleeves and collars that ended just above chest level. Many women were also bottomless in part or full. From garter straps and stocking to even chaps or gowns and skirts with creative cutouts or inverted V openings ­ all designed to highlight and display the pussy and sometimes ass. The strangest thing though, was a group of teens from another school with their panties all down to mid thigh, and clipped to stay there.
"What's up with that?" Marcy asked.
"I hear it's European. 'Knicker-girls' or something ­ saw a webpage on it." May said.
"Seems hard to move in." I said.
"I dunno, I think I like it." Kevin said, making a visual beeline on the shaved cunt of one girl, which was being diddled by her boyfriend right there in the middle of the aisle.
"You would." Marcy said.
Fatima just gasped. She was doing a lot of that.
In almost every store, the women on staff were uncovered. At the least topless, and most were bottomless as well. A good number had stylized pubic hair and piercings, which reminded me of something. "Hey, we should go check out Purrfect Pussy." I said. "They did my piercing."
"I'm not..." Fatima and Marcy said in near unison.
"Relax guys." May said. "It sounds fun, maybe I can get one of those dildos Ms. Magante has."
"Yeah, like that one." I said, pointing to a woman in a stand labeled 'Living Doll' who was slowly pushing a dildo in and out of her companion's pussy. They were decked out in some kind of satin and vinyl the shop was peddling from a nearby stand.
"Whoa!" Kevin said. "They can do that in public?"
May shrugged. "Hey, I fucked two guys in the halls between 3rd and 4th period today. Magante even smiled when she saw us."
"Yeah, I hear they're changing a lot of that stuff." Marcy said.
"...wasn't my only fuck too..." May continued, half to herself.
"The Program." I said. "It's not just about school, and not just about going naked. They want us to be more sexual too."
Of course not everyone was naked, and I could see plenty of shocked and disgusted looks. Not just the old people too ­ not everyone liked the way things were changing, and we got nasty comments even from a few teens. "Keep it at school bitch;" seemed to be the favorite. We had to hold May back from a mouthy black girl at once point, she didn't like being called Kevin's "little chink fuck machine".

We stopped in 'Girl Pop' - a teen accessory shop. They had two boys working there who had leather 'X' harnesses over their chests, and shiny cock rings, finished with black leather boots and solid hard ons. We saw a very angry faced father pull his middle-school daughter out of the place before we hit the door ourselves.
"Doesn't that hurt?" I asked one, tugging on his shaft after he fitted my clit-piercing with a little cartoon kitty character.
"Naw, we get regular relief and several breaks. Viagra keeps me going. We're not allowed to cum on the merchandise, but the girls like it when we cum on them."
"Really?" I asked, as I took up a rhythm to jacking him off.
"Yeah... Most of em do." He said, before putting two fingers in my pussy.
"Hey no fair." May said. "Let me have him."
"You won't get in trouble for this?" I asked, as Marcy and May moved in to keep anyone from seeing. Kevin had Fatima across the way in some old bookstore.
"No way. It brings in customers. Janice tells us to 'overindulge'." He said, before I built up a pace too fast for talking.
He worked my pussy over good, and after we'd both cum I looked around to see a couple girls watching, and one sucking on the cock of the 'greeter' boy who worked the door. She was one of those 'Knicker-girls', and I could see a little black cartoon animal jingling on the end of her pussy ring. We'd been at it a few minutes, and it was twice as crowded as it'd been when we came in ­ if not more.
"Wow!" I said. May and Marcy agreed. May was idly diddling herself ­ but she was always doing that. Marcy looked like she needed to get fucked ­ if only she'd shed some of that clothing. I bought that toon-kitty, and kept it on my pussy. The boy I'd done took a break after ringing me up.
We met Kevin and Fatima in the bookstore. They seemed to be full of old books mostly. A sign outside said something about no discounts for nudity, and the old guy behind the counter repeated it as we came in. "Hey didn't that one girl from school work here before she graduated?"
"You mean the one who got kicked out of home for going into the program?" Kevin asked as we all joined up.
"Yeah... I think so." May said.
"Here." Fatima said as we left, handing me a package. "It's my holy book, but in English. So you can understand us."
"Uh... thanks." I said. I didn't read much, but maybe I'd try to humor her. I think she wanted to fit in, or at least have someone accept her ­ even if it took a bunch of freaks like us.
"I got one too." She said. "At home, the only one we have is in Arabic, but nobody speaks that. Father just memorizes the sounds and recites it. My Uncle and he argue about that a lot."
"You mean your father's never read this?" Marcy asked, pointing to my new book.
"He has, he can recite the whole thing, but not in a language he knows." She said. "I want to understand it, like my Uncle does. Father will be furious."
"I don't understand..." I said.
"A translation loses true meaning ­ it's not the real words." She said.
"But, the real words have no meaning unless you can understand them." May said.
"Tell that to my father. My Uncle's been losing that argument for years." She said.
"Why doesn't he just learn Arabic?" I asked.
"I dunno." She said. "I want to. Maybe I will someday."

It must be tough to be her, I thought. This is definitely not the right place to be for someone with her background. I didn't know anything about her people except what they put on TV ­ and all of that was bad. "Does it bother you? Us?" I gestured to May and myself.
She thought for a moment. "It's shocking to me. But I can accept it. I don't think I'll be joining you though. Father would die at the thought."
"He won't have a choice soon." Kevin said. "The Program's gonna catch up with us all eventually."
Fatima and Marcy both looked distressed at the thought of that.

We sat in the food court and ate for a bit, watching one of the 'Knicker-Girls' we'd seen near the entrance fuck the boy who'd been diddling her before. They just sat down on a bench in the middle of the aisle ­ she in his lap. He just casually put his cock in her and she began to ride him. A few very jealous looking guys in their twenties passed them by, with a look that spoke miles about the rule against adult men going nude. Their friends stood around chatting, then wandered off to a shop, and came back later with some bags. One of them held up a skirt that had a cutout for her breasts and opened in the front just above the navel ­ so that all that connected in the front was a collar up top and a single button below the tits. The others clapped and giggled. She stripped and tried it on ­ without removing her panties from around her thighs. It was pretty sexy, and seeing them all gossip like that while their friend got fucked was kinda surreal ­ especially when skirt girl moved forward to get her tits fondled by the girl having sex on the bench.
I finally broke from staring when I heard a soft gasp next to me ­ May'd just cum from masturbating.
"Have a good one?" Marcy asked.
"Yeah." She said, as she leaned on me.
"You're too much May." Kevin said.
"Hey let's go check out that pussy place." May said.
"Purrfect Pussy." Marcy said.
"Sure. You guys?" I said, looking to Kevin and Fatima.
Kevin shrugged, Fatima looked confused.

As we left the food court we heard a woman call out "Well! This is hardly the time or place for that sort of thing young lady!" Looking back we could see a rather stern looking woman staring down the fucking couple. Just as I started to turn away she dodged back as the boy let his cock pop out and spurted cum all over the place.
"I wonder how Mall security deals with that?" May asked.
"They don't mind the fucking, but you'll get busted for leaving a mess." Marcy said, leaving me to wonder how she knew.
"You'd think they'd stop it, seeing how that lady reacted." I said.
"Naw," Kevin began "Look around, look at who's been watching." I did, and it was all women and teen girls like us ­ half of them drooling. "This just brings them in more; sure it scares off a lot of the old fashioned set..."
"But I guess they're getting chased out everywhere these days..." May said.
"Your country has gone mad..." Fatima said. "It's just crazy."
"Yeah..." I said. "But it's kind of fun too, and it's not hurting anyone."
"It's like this everywhere these days. Japan, Europe, South America... I saw a thing on TV about it." Kevin said.

Purrfect Pussy. The sign out front had a kitten curled up in a nude woman's lap, with little 'purr's coming out of it in a comic book like lettering. Two unusual chairs sat in a window display, but neither nothing nor anyone was in them when we arrived. Entering put us in a small foyer with those 'waiting chairs' you get at a dentist or a salon blocking sight of the interior. There was a young woman maybe only a few years older than us dressed in a gown with cutouts for her breasts and opening at the navel on down to show off pubes shaved and dyed like a tropical fish above a bare slit that seemed to have lipstick of some kind on it. She was sitting behind a glass desk next to the curtains that led in further when we walked up, but stood as soon as the bell on the entrance gave us away.
"Wow! I love your pussy." May said. Even Fatima had her eyes on it, with a shocked yet fascinated look in her eyes. May and Nancy ­ according to a nametag above her breast ­ moved towards each other. I can't believe you managed to dye all that detail in there." She said as she bent over and ran her hands over Nancy's pubes.
For her part, Nancy not only didn't step back, but pulled her gown open further and cocked her hips forward. "We take a lot of care getting just the right look. I can show you our booklet with a selection of styles?" she said.
May was just about to put her tongue to the woman's nether lips when she stood up and called out for the booklet. Kevin looked to the wall behind the desk and said "Well, I think me and Fatima'll go wander over to the bookstore again or something. See you guys in an hour?" The sign said something about customers only inside.
"Uh, Yeah. Sure" Marcy said, and they were off.
We looked through the book for a bit, although May and Nancy kept exchanging glances ­ the kind that said 'lets go fuck somewhere'. I don't think I'd ever seen May react to another woman like that before. As for the book, it was full of pubic hairstyles, genital piercings, and finally the section that pulled May away from the distraction of Nancy ­ the dildos. They were shown in what could best be described as 'in-use' photos.
A woman came out from behind the curtain ­ naked from head to toe save for a waist chain. "Marcy dear... So nice to see you again, and you brought your friends, how wonderful. I can give you all a 20% discount. You too Marcy, just like I told you a referral on..."
"Oh that's ok." Marcy cut in. "You know, I should go watch over Kevin and Fatima." She grinned "A black and a muslin without 'whitey' escorting them ­ they're bound to get busted for something." Marcy quickly ducked out and away before anyone could interrupt.
"Yeah no shit." May said, oblivious to something I was starting to wonder about ­ just what was up with Marcy anyway? May looked down at the book. "Do you have any of these I can check out?" she said, gesturing over a page of dildos.
"Oh certainly. I'm Marylyn by the way." She put out a hand for May to shake. "We have fuller displays inside ­ even in today's new age most of our clients like the privacy of a divided room."
I knew all this, I'd had my first shave and piercing here only a little more than a month ago, but I let Marylyn fill in May while I tried to figure out how she knew Marcy.
"Huh?" May asked me as we passed through the curtain. "You say something A.C.?"
I think I'd muttered something to the effect of 'gotta see that girl's pussy...' but I just shrugged. "Thinking."
"Say, what's with the chairs in the window?" May asked.
"Oh. On weekends and peak hours it's 50% off for anyone who gets 'done' there instead of inside." Marylyn answered. "Best advertising you can get is letting people see it."
May touched my clit "Even..."
"Oh no, we only do piercings inside, everything else though..." Marylyn frowned "Did you get that here?" She said looking at my clit ring.
"Not the kitty; but yeah, the piercing." I said.
"Funny, you don't look old enough." She said. I just shrugged.

On the other side of the curtain there was no Nancy for May to drool over. No ­ it was much better than that. A row of those funky chairs, two massage tables and a counter full of 'toys'. There was a woman being 'trimmed' in one of the chairs by a stylist ­ as naked as Marylyn. The buzz of a razor was matched in tune to a low moan from its victim ­ whose pussy was puffed out and red with passion. Marylyn went over to the counter. "I've got a full range of pleasure aids. We just got this new one that comes with a small remote, but you'll probably want something simple if it's your first."
Little masturbation May was like a kid in a candy store. That girl loved her pussy, and behind the glass of the counter was every way one could think of to spoil it. Simple plain dildos, ones with these little forked things down near the base, ribbed ones, ones shaped like cocks, even in assorted colors and flavors. 'Flavors?' I wondered at that. I also saw an assortment of strange metal balls alone or on chains, and in different sizes. Some of those said they'd vibrate. "What's with the...?" I began, pointing to one of those forked dildos.
"It gets your clit." Marylyn said. That seemed a little too complicated for me.
"I think I'll stick with something simple." I said.
"Me too." May said. "Maybe just one that vibrates a little."
We ended up selecting a matching set in a black and white spiral pattern with a slight curve. We could hang them on chains or cords ­ like Ms. Magante did, and it just seemed best to keep it simple until we knew what our money was going into.

May wanted a new styling, and since it wasn't busy on a Tuesday afternoon Marylyn set her up. Those chairs sure are strange ­ kind of make you think of a cross between stirrups and a dentist's setup. But they let May just sit back and relax with her cunt up in the air right where Marylyn could comfortably work away. She lathered May up and proceeded to gently massage her labia as she asked "So how would you like it?"
"Oooh... Just like that actually." May started. "I mean, number 34 looked nice, could I get that in a hot pink and blue?"
"The crossed arrows? Blue on the tips I take it." Marylyn said "And down here?" She ran her hands over May's slit where only a little down of fur covered her lips ­ not like me before I'd shaved.
"Bare. I want everybody to see as much of my cunt as possible." May said.
Marylyn worked May's pussy like a true artist. Lathering her up, she massaged her into cumming, and then went at it with the razor ­ removing all the hair until there was a simple pattern of two crossed arrows. Then picking up on a vibe, Marylyn gave her something I certainly hadn't received when I'd been here last ­ she went down on her, orally, until May was screaming out her release.
I could see sweat pouring off my friend's body, and the site got me rather worked up as well. I decided to try out my purchase, and sitting there in a waiting chair I took my pleasure.
When I looked back to May and Marylyn, I could see the beautician carefully dabbing in little bits of dye in just the right places. "There you go." She said. "Trim it often, probably every few days. Otherwise it'll itch ­ especially when you put your panties on."
"That won't be a problem." May said.
"Yeah, she's been bottomless for months." I said. "I think she'd itch even without shaving by now."
"Well. That's very brave of you." Marylyn kissed May's clit and continued "If you're careful shaving the shape should hold for some time, get a friend to help." She nodded back in my direction. "We don't charge as much for touch ups if you keep them regular enough."
Thinking on how she'd managed to get May to cum twice, I didn't think it would be hard to get the girl back in here.
"Well you're all set then." And then Marylyn bent forward and put her tongue right into May's vagina ­ nice and deep from what I could see ­ and kept it there for a good couple seconds. "I just love your taste; we should trade diet secrets sometime."

We left, with May and Nancy sharing strange looks. I had a feeling May would be back sooner than she needed to.
"You turning gay on me?" I asked.
May shrugged. "Bi I guess. I like my pussy so much; I started thinking maybe I'd like another one."
I laughed at that, there was a strange sort of sense to it that I guess worked for May. Then she looked down at me and my piercing so I said "A reasonable request is a reasonable request, but don't get any ideas."
May shrugged again, but the look in her eyes got me thinking about what it'd be like ­ being with another girl. I wasn't in any hurry to try it out, but the idea didn't gross me out or anything ­ unless it was with someone like Jennifer from metal shop. It was just kind of there ­ you might know candy tastes good, and still not crave it.
"So how was it?" May suddenly asked.
"Huh?" I said.
"The dildo silly. How was it?" She asked again.
"Oh man... Not as good as a good fuck... But... wow, talk about a fun toy." I said. That reminded me that I forgot to wash mine off before we left the salon. It was dangling from a chain on my waste and I even I could smell it, unless that was May...
"Yeah, that's what I felt like after Ms. Magante did me with hers yesterday." May said.

We found the others in the food court again. They where talking about religion or something when we got there.
"Hey guys." I said.
"Check out my pussy!" May yelled out, hoping up on the table and spreading herself open ­ getting us quite a bit of attention. "Isn't it neat?"
Kevin ran his hands along her lower lips. "Pretty and smooth, just like A.C.'s. A guy could really get to like having pals like you two."
May actually thrust her hips a bit to get Kevin to rub her down a little.
"God May, do you ever stop?" Marcy asked.
"She fuck'n came twice while we were in there." I said. "Funny, they didn't suck my cunt like that when I got my piercing."
"Wow, she must've liked you May." Marcy said, in a voice that said she knew what she was talking about ­ but only I seemed to catch it.
Fatima looked a bit nervous -a bit pale- so I changed the subject. "So what'd you guys do?"
"Oh, clothes, the music shop, and we saw those 'knicker-girls' again." Kevin said.
"They sure walk funny" Marcy said, imitating something like a penguin.
"I don't get it." Fatima said. "It's like they're taking the nude thing, and making it neither sexy nor even natural. It's like they're going for obscene."
"Fashion." I said. "People do crazy stuff to fit in or look cool."
"Makes me think of something I saw in one of my brother's comic books." May said. "He's got all these Japanese panty fetish comics he bought online."
"Whatever..." Kevin said. "We should get our brothers together."
"Nah, your brother'd just try to fuck May." I said. May got this sweet little 'who me' look on her face, save that she had one finger in her pussy while she did it...

We left the mall, Kevin dropping us home one by one. "Have fun?" I asked Fatima as we dropped her off.
"Yeah. It was very strange, but exciting." She said.
"Don't be a stranger; you're welcome to join us again." Marcy called out, and we drove off. May used her new dildo to do herself in Kevin's passenger seat.
"Hey if you're gonna leave a mess; at least have the decency to offer me a taste." Kevin said as she finished. May wiped her slit and offered him up the finger. "Damn, you do taste good." Kevin said.
May gave herself another swipe and offered her hand to us in the back. "May, come on..." I began, but Marcy went for it. She didn't say anything though; she just licked it up and then giggled.

Getting to my house I got my school bag from the trunk and waived Kevin goodbye. He'd already dropped off all the others. Inside the twins where at it with video games again - some naked girl casting magic spells in a city full of like naked fantasy creatures. "Who'd they get to model for that?" I wondered aloud.
"It's 3D graphics idiot." Manuel said. "Hey where's your clothes?"
"Yeah why you naked?" Rosa said.
I shrugged. "May dared me. Left em at school."
"You gonna be a slut like her?" Manuel said.
"Fuck off twerp." I said, heading for my room.
"You see that thing on her cunt?" Rosa said behind me.
"A pussy for a pussy." Manuel said with a laugh.
"Alandra?" I heard Pa call from the kitchen.
"Yeah." I called back. I peaked in to look at him, but he was reading something.
"I'm going out with Dan tomorrow night; make sure the twins stay out of trouble will you?" He called over his shoulder.
"Sure Pa." I said. I came up behind him and kissed him on the cheek. "I got a little homework, then I'm off to bed." It'd been a long day.
"Homework...?" He muttered as I left. He'd been doing diagrams again ­ in the newspaper.

I put Fatima's book on my nightstand when I got in my room. Maybe I'd look at it later. I wondered about her, I didn't know the first thing about her culture. She seemed nice, maybe too nice for us.

Yeah, I had to read ten more pages of that Program stuff for civics, and jack myself off for biology. Talk about a fucked up strange homework assignment... We were supposed to read something for Algebra, but I forgot what. I lit up a cig and went to reading.
The Program stuff went into more detail. It talked about a plan for changing society. Mrs. Jacobs had put in a bit of stuff from the 60's through the end of the 20th century. It was kind of like her lecture on Monday - showing us how nearly all of the small steps of the first "Great Society" during president L. B. Johnson's days had been undone by conservative backlashes in the three decades after. In the opinion of whoever wrote this stuff, the America of 2000 was more conservative than it was in 1960 ­ even if it looked more liberal on the surface. It was something about less tolerance for non-conformity.
But wasn't this whole Program just a new way of conforming? I wondered what Pa would think of this crap.
The second half talked about finding cures for the last STDs ­ like herpes, and the end of the AIDS threat. Even though the world still had many people alive with the disease, vaccination had stopped its spread in all but extreme societies. I thought a bit about what Fatima had said about her homeland, and the friend my Pa said he had who'd died of AIDS. That reminded me of... and I actually cried for a bit. I don't think too many people knew someone with AIDS anymore, I don't even know if the school knew about it.
But I had to finish this shit. Supposedly the end of these threats had served as a trigger. Like putting a crack in a dam, social pressures crashed up against the conservative status quo ­ one crack in the right place let the whole thing smash through. In only the last few years, sudden change had once again gripped not just America, but most of the world at large.
Mrs. Jacobs had some statistics on now versus then. Things like marriage going down in hetero couples, but up in gays. At least until the vaccines came out ­ now it was down for everybody. Or a whole new vision of gender differences ­ a bunch of stuff showed what people though about men and women before and now. Sexual harassment was more common before, and yet people said men and women where the same. Now harassment was down, and yet they claimed differences.
Some companies where even making female workers go nude ­ especially in jobs like retail. She had a chart on inter office romance ­ there was a sudden spike about a year and a half ago ­ when the right to female nudity went federal ­ but it was leveling off now. Something about a Constitutional right to self-expression in your own body, that's how they'd put in nudity for women all over the country. I wondered why it didn't apply to men if we supposedly had a gender equal rights amendment now. And if it was a right to self-expression, how was it they could make me go nude?
At the end of it all -on the last photocopied page- Mrs. Jacobs made a note asking us to think about whether or not we agreed with the assumptions in the articles. Some of it made sense to me, but a lot of looked like bullshit somebody wrote 'cause they couldn't figure out what really went on.

That was Civics homework I guess. I got out my new dildo and went to work for biology. I thought of the boy in 'Girl Pop' who'd fingered me, I thought of the 'knicker-girl' who'd fucked her boyfriend in the aisle, even Marylyn going down on May. The dildo had a dial, and I put it somewhere in the middle and let it work its magic in me. It felt good to just let it sit there for a while ­ slowly working through me with its vibrations. I could feel them moving up to my clit, where the little plastic kitty on the end of my piercing rattled around over my hood.
I left it like that, while I tried to read the paper's she'd given us. It was about 'sexual consent' or something ­ how to get past the confusing signals of each gender and make sure your partner is willing and understands your desires. The sort of stuff nobody's figured out since time began, but for which Ms. Lippmann has a stack of buzzword answers. Well maybe, it was hard to focus with my pussy being massaged like that ­ I set the dildo to a slower vibration, it was like getting a nice long slow fuck, but without the in and out. Pleasant, but different from what I was used to.
I looked at my pussy "I wonder if I could sleep with that in me like this?" Time to take out the little kitty charm ­ didn't want that snagging on my sheets in my sleep. I put it next to my alarm clock. My clit ring was still there ­ the kitty didn't exactly match with my birthstone, but it was kinda fun anyway.
Back to Ms. Lippmann's papers; 'The Lippmann Report'. I could see Pa coming up with a conspiracy for it, I even put together a visual of Ms. Lippmann testifying before some mysterious committee, till she tried to fuck them all.
I giggled, and the vibrations in my cunt seemed to triple. "Oh... shit!" I came; it was sort of a quickie and more silly than satisfying. "Focus..." The dam paper was kind of boring. 'Learn compassion', 'Put yourself in their place'. Some of this shit reminded me of Samantha ­ our caseworker at Social Services. She said crap like that all the time.
There was a note at the end that worried me a bit 'Friends make the best long-term lovers ­ they understand each other and can keep it going beyond sex.' Not sure if I agreed. I thought of my crew and the idea of us mess'n around. Kevin, Rick and Rubin where like brothers to me ­ even more than Manuel, my real little brother. I couldn't fuck those guys anymore than I could my own blood.
Whatever, I just needed to pass her little quiz ­ so I finished reading. I wrote out a little paragraph on the experience with the dildo. My new 'toy'... settable to my mood ­ sort of.

I went to sleep thinking of my crew, wondering how senior year would turn out for us. Somewhere just before I fell asleep I realized I'd not yet put any clothes on since getting to school that morning, and that dildo thing was still slowly vibrating away down near my crotch.

[To be continued...]

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