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Will Fin be in a relationship with Zachary? Will he ever get over Alex? The new boy... And new girl... What to do? (this is part one NO SEX, but in part two will basically be all SEX)



    He looked at me with that lust and sexy face, "I love you too" we hugged each other for a long time never letting go -is this the beginning of something new?- I asked my self...


    -What's taking so long? Should I call the police?- I walked in circles wondering what to do... And I came to the conclusion to go and see if she's ok. I ran to Jakes campus room "dorm" whatever. I tried to open the door, slamming on it... "OLIVE" I yelled with concern... -what the fuck?!- I ran to the campus police department. "HEY! Curfew is 10pm! This better be good!" police yelled...

    With loss of air I spit out, "Olive... Shes gone..." he looked at me. I felt two arms wrapped around me... "Jamie! It was him! I caught that bastard!" she said I looked at her with tears coming out of my eyes... "I'm hungry" she said, "can we get pizza?" she asked. I hugged her, "you crazy bitch" I said.

     "Well he's sent to jail... And guess what! That leaves one more room left and and one new person to come in!" she said so excitedly. We went into our room and slept, we got all ready and went to science. In the middle of the class... 

    "hey sluts and killers! We got a new student to REPLACE Jake!" he yelled... A hot guy came in! Black hair, buff, green eyes, English! Amazing, he explains, "I'm here for... Murdering over 3 guys and this is my last resort... And if I'm good I leave but if I'm bad I get put to death at the age of 16, my name is Oscar by the way"

     My mouth dropped. *vibrate* *looks at my phone* ~hey! It's a good thing we are girls FR: Olive~ I look back at him. "sit next to Jamie" the teacher demanded. The rest of this class was awkward... I walked with Jessica, Olive, and Fin to FreshPizza. We all sat down...

    We ordered a large pepperoni pizza and a large cheese. Fin carried them to his room. We sat on his bed and ate the pizza. "well I think what happen was weird" Olive said... "yah, what did happen?" Jessica asked, "yea what the fuck made him leave?" Fin asked... 

     "well I'm not ready to talk about it" I said sadly. "Kay" they both said... Both their cell phones got a text, they stared at it for about seven minuets... "ohhhh" they both said. "I'm so sorry Jamie!" Fin said, "me too, I didn't know it was that bad" Jessica said. "It is bad... And that new kid... Scares me!" "I know shes a total babe, 10, excellent!" Jessica said with a smile.

     "What? There's a new GIRL? But there's a new BOY, Oscar! Super hot! But dangerous," I said with a frown. "her name is Veronica! Black hair, blue eyes, dark beautiful skin!" she said taking a bite out of her pizza. They talked for about an hour longer then they left... Veronica?    

           OLIVE FOX

     ~calling Jessica~ •hello?• •hi! I was thinking me, you, Jamie, and Veronica could have a four some?• •you convince Jamie! I'll convince Veronica• •Kay! Bye byez•
      Walking to lunch... "olive!" I yelled, she turned around and walked towards me. "yes?" she asked. "you owe me big time! For what I did, I need to relieve myself and You have to have sex with me and Jessica and Veronica! Kay?" I said...

    "ok" she replied, "what? No nos, no convincing? No talk back?" I asked surprised about her answer... "for what you did? This is the least I can do for you" she said. "Kay" I said.

      ~calling Jessica~ •hello?• •it's a fucking yes!• •my turn•


   looking all over the place for this girl, FOUND HER! Ran to her, "hey! Um me and my friends were wondering about giving you a happy 2nd day at HTHS!" I said all cheerfully. She looked at me, biting her lower lip "what do you have in mind?" she asked. 

      "having sex with three of the most gorgeous wanted girls at this school" I said, "room 203, I'll be the judge of that" she said while walking away. ~calling Olive~ •it's a yes• •good!• room 203 be super sexy, bye!•


   ~ring~ •hi! This is Dr. Bray Alex had his heart mur mur act up! He's at our hospital room 17• 

      I ran out the door arriving at the hospital 13 mins later! I went in room 17. He was lying in a hospital bed, shaking -BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP- "are you Alex's lover?" Dr. Bray asked. "not exactly" I replied. I grabbed Alex's hand, tears coming out of my eyes. "I'm so sorry for hurting you! Just don't leave me! I have no one here!......


    walking to Alex's room to see how he is... -that's weird, is Fin in there?- I asked myself... "I have no one here! I... I... Love you Alex... And I will never get over you and never be with anyone else and never ever love someone I love more than you!" Fin said. Tears coming out of my eyes. Walking away... Crying...


     "I love... You... Too..." he replied... -BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP- he died in my arms... Crying all night. Long... I have to be with him... I need to be with him... And there's only one way to do that...


    -these girl will be ruined... I'm going to humiliate them so bad- I said to myself... Putting a secret cam on... Going on, setting the cam on record and live people are watching... Waiting... 


   ~knock knock~ "ready girls?" "ready" they both said excitedly... The door open "welcome girls" Veronica said inviting them in... They all walked in, Veronica turned around, back facing them... She took off her robe, "I'm ready..." Veronica said smoothly...


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