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The next day is one long fuck session which has Adam taking a virgin arse
The Hitch-Hiker

Part 2 When I woke up.

I woke up to the sound of heavy rain hitting the roof and ground. At first I was lying there looking up at the ceiling, when I realised that Mandy was suppose to be next to me. I got up, dressed in my boxers and T shirt, then started looking around. My wallet and other personal items were still on the table. Then I looked in the bathroom and saw that all of her clothing were taken down. I was just about to ring the manager when I practically tripped over her pack that was sitting at the end of the bed. I looked at the pack, when the door opened and in walked Mandy dressed in some old jeans, a light top and a tray.

I looked at her and smiled straight away, She asked, “How did you sleep.” I replied,”Good actually. I thought you may have left, but I'm glad to see you.” She smiled and put the tray down. She looked at me and said,”No I had a shower, then I decided to make you breakfast and asked the manager if I could. She agreed and we had a little chat while I cooked this for you.” she pointed to the tray, with eggs, bacon, toast, coffee and orange juice for two. I sat down at the table and Mandy sat across from me. I was famished and ate everything that was put in front of me. Afterwards I sat there and felt full. Mandy put our plates on the tray and then left the room, returning a short time later.

Mandy then closed the door and started stripping. When she was naked, she walked over to our bed and got in on her side. I sat there watching her, smiling as she went about settling in bed. She said,”Well what are you waiting for. It's too wet to go for a walk. We can't drive on, so we can always snuggle. What are you smiling at?” I looked at Mandy and just said,”A beautiful woman and a naked bum.” She playfully scowled at me and said,”Common on.”

I got up and stripped as I got into the other side of the bed. Mandy immediately snuggled up close to me, so I put my arms around her. We stayed like that for a little while, chatting about different things in our life. Mandy asked if I was married and I told her no. Mandy asked if I had a girlfriend and I shook my head. She asked why I hadn't found someone. I told her about always working and travelling around the east coast of Australia.

Then she asked about my parents and I told her that they were still alive and always happy to see their son. She laughed at that. I asked her about calling me daddy. She shrugged and said,”You looked like the daddy type and wanted to give you a thrill.” I said,”I'm only 33 years old. I'm no daddy yet.” She laughed.

We kept talking about little stuff, when I had an idea. I asked Mandy,”Would you care to come out to dine with me tonight?” She looked at me, then said,”Can I trust you Sir not to take advantage of my virtue?” Mandy smiled at that. I laughed and said, “Yes.” but Mandy said, “I only have few clothes with me.” I said,”Don't worry, you look good in anything.” She smiled at that and hugged me closer. I kissed her again, snaking my tongue into her mouth to meet with hers. We lay there arm in arm, just kissing each other, exploring the others mouth.

It was then that I rolled Mandy onto her back, and started kissing away from the mouth, down her body, first licking around the breast and winding into her nipple. Then I took her nipple between my teeth and sucked on it as I was letting my tongue bath it in my saliva. I also put my hand between her legs and just using my index finger, I started rimming her pussy, up to the top, where I would rub her clitoris, then down to the bottom on the other side.

I moved to her other nipple and again sucked it between my teeth, then pulled on it making her groan. Mandy was running her hand through my hair and pushing on it every so often. I kissed my way to her navel where I stuck my tongue in deep, bathing every inch of this small cavity. Mandy was groaning even more now. So, I left her navel and climbed between her legs. I hooked my arms under her legs and pushed them back against her chest. Now, I was unheeded to attack her pussy which looked succulent enough to eat.

I bent my head down to smell the scent that was produce by this beautiful woman/girl. I could see the moisture that begun trickling down her vagina. I bent my head so that I could rim her pussy lips with just my tongue. I would jump her clitoris each time I came close to it, just to tease her enough. In the end she was pulling my head towards the clit. I had a mental laugh at her frustration, then I touched the clit hood with just the tip of my tongue, and heard the loudest sigh escape from Mandy lips.

Now, I licked all around it again, letting my saliva bath this small erection. As soon as I was satisfied I bathed the hood and clit until I heard, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, ye, ye, ye, ye, Yeeeessssssssss.” and Mandy closed her eyes, groan loudly and began to pant. I rose above Mandy and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Mandy still had her eyes closed as I started to slide into her well lubricated tunnel of carnal delight. She opened her eyes as she felt my rigid member invade her inner sanctum and smiled.

I slid all the way in, pushing slightly on her legs, whilst they were against her chest. Mandy just smiled and said,”Oh you do know how to make a woman happy don't you.” I just started to slide back out, when I pushed back into her. I could feel her pussy tight against my member as I sunk in and bottom out. As I touched her cervix, I felt it open a little for me and this gave me added incentive to push in deeper. As I began to pull out and thrust into her I could already feel the sensation rising up from my balls again. I knew that the way her pussy felt, the juicy sound escaping from between us and the feeling of my cocking touching her cervix only added extra fuel for me to splash my seed into her womb again.

I started thrusting harder and withdrawing just as fast, when Mandy reached around and cupped my balls, squeezing them ever so gently, but enough to stimulate me further. Then, I knew I was ready, so I pushed as far as I could, and felt the head of my cock pushed through her cervix. Then, I shot my load, several times, into Mandy's succulent core. I could feel my seed filling her womb and knew that it would run out once I unplugged from her. I withdrew my cock from her pussy and rolled to one side, laying on my back panting. Mandy rolled over onto my chest and kissed my nearest nipple. I draped my arm over Mandy and just laid there.

Mandy was laying on me, when she jumped up and ran into the bathroom. I was perplexed at her actions, So I got up and followed. I found Mandy sitting on the toilet, and telling me,”I was starting to leak you, all over the bed.” Again I looked perplexed and she said,”Your stuff was leaking out of me.” and pointed to her pussy, at then I understood. I decided to have a shower. So, I started the shower, when Mandy got in and started washing me. I started on her and enjoyed washing someone else besides me.

Afterwards we got out dried ourselves off and dressed. I called the local Police who told me the road in and out was still too dangerous to travel. So, I called work told them where I was and what the situation was. We left the room, got in the car and drove up the street where the all the shops were.

As we got out from the car, I found the wind a bit chilly, Mandy was only wearing a sloppy joe. So, I saw the mall and directed Mandy to it. Once inside Mandy took hold of my hand and we walked around window shopping in the warmth. As we passed a jeans store I saw a large sheep skin coat on the display. So pulling Mandy by the hand we wandered into the store. I asked the attendant about the coat for Mandy.

Mandy said, “No. Don't Adam.” The attendant return with the the coat and put it on Mandy who looked comfortable. I asked about a pair of dress jeans and a blouse, which the attendant gave Mandy to try on. A short time later she came out looking well dressed. I told the attendant to wrap everything up and handed my credit card over. Mandy came out and kissed me on the lips, thanking me for my gift. Once we had the clothes we left, walking around the rest of the mall.

At one point I saw something in a little cheap bit & pieces store. So, I left Mandy looking in another store, as I purchased a few little things. Then I caught up with Mandy once again grinning from ear to ear. She looked at me and asked what I was up to. I told her she'd find out later. We continued around looking at the shops and I made a purchase in the local liquor store.

Mandy and I went had lunch and coffee, then returned back to the motel. I laid down on the bed and Mandy automatically laid next to me and kissed me. I asked what that was for and she said because she wanted too. I smiled and we both had a nap.

Mandy was still asleep when I woke. I looked at Mandy, then picked up my purchases and went into the bathroom. I lit the candles, sprayed scented perfume and filled the spa bath. I went back out and found Mandy waking up. She looked at me and I told her the bath awaited her. She smiled and got off the bed. We walked into the bath where I started to strip, Mandy turned and looked at me, smiled saying, “You're cock sure of yourself aren't you?” I said,”Yep” Then Mandy started stripping.

I watched as this energetic 18 year old. Her brown long wavy hair, size 34C breasts, a figure that was slim and supple in the right parts, pussy lips pouting and young. I watched as Mandy stood and looked at me. She blushed when she realised that I was watching. I entered the bath and laid back. Mandy hoped in and laid against my chest.

We laid there for a little while, as I scooped water up and poured it over her breasts. She turned her head and closed her eyes. Then from her mouth she said,”Adam you know that I still want to be dropped of at my aunts tomorrow. Is that still ok?” I was sad but said,”No problems Mandy.“ we laid there for a short time when Mandy said, “I am still have one last virginity, which I always wondered and thought about. So, do you wanna try it?”

I was wondering what she was talking about, one last virginity? Then it came to me and I said,”Isn't painful? Are you sure?” Mandy turned to look at me and said,”I'd do it for you.” I kissed Mandy as passionately as I could. Mandy leant forward, over the bath, picked something up and passed back a small container. I saw that it was a tube of KY lube.

Mandy's arse was sticking out of the water, so I raised up onto my knee. I applied the KY to her arse first, sticking the nozzle into her butt and squeezing it up into her. She giggled and she said “It feels funny, but a nice cold.” I put some KY onto my index finger and started pushing it into her arse, sliding it back and forth. At first she groaned in a painful way, which turned to mewing quickly. Then I took my finger out and applied more KY onto my middle and index together, and pushed into Mandy again. She groaned, but started mewing quickly.

I kept this up for a little while until I thought she'd be able to handle me. So, I removed my fingers put a fair amount of KY onto my cock and gave it a quick rub. I lined my cock up with her arse then slowly pushed. At first I could hear Mandy gritting her teeth and groaning. Her sphincter was very tight, but sort of elastic. It squeezed my cock tightly, like a rubber band. I told her to relax and breath, but I kept on pushing slowly.

As soon as I was half way in I pulled out a little way and pushed back in. The I started the see-sawing effect with my cock and her arse. Soon the groaning, which sounded painful, turned into a more pleasurable groan, with mewing coming deep within her throat. Soon I was ramming as hard as I could up Mandy's arse and she was pushing back onto me. Mandy reached between her legs and started to rub her pussy hard, up and down. I was slamming my cock, and my pubic bone was hammering Mandy's cheeks. Mandy was still tight, but with the aid of the KY, I was really ramming her home. Soon, I could hear Mandy saying, “Nearly, nearly, nearly, nearly.” and then a deep groan and a “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, ye, ye, ye, ye, ye, ye, ye, Yeeeesssssssssssssss.”

Her arse clamped onto my cock harder than her pussy. I had hammered home my cock as far as I could, and with the added pressure of her orgasm, I shot a load of seed up into her bowels, that I knew would be mixing with her shit.

I laid on top of Mandy, after that exploit and stayed there until my cock withered and slipped away from her arse. Mandy asked me to get up, which I did. She got up jumped out of the spa and immediately sat on the toilet. I heard the biggest wet fart ever, when She looked at me giggled and said,”Oh you brute now I'll be farting loud now,” which brought on a louder burst of laughing.

I wet a cloth, washed my cock, then sat down in the bath. After taking care of herself, Mandy got back in and kissed me even harder. She wrapped her arms around my neck and looked into my eyes. She whispered,”That was great lover, thank you. I'm certainly going to miss you after tomorrow.” I looked at Mandy and replied,”Yeah, me too.” Mandy turned around and again laid on my chest. I emptied some water out and replaced it with fresh hot water. We sat there for some time deep in thought.

Later we got out of the bath and dried ourselves, laying on the bed watching some TV. We both didn't say much. Then I saw the evening news come on and told Mandy about our dinner reservations. We had a quick shower, dressed up, Mandy in her new clothes and her boots. The we left going to the only restaurant, Chinese, in town. We had a lovely dinner and afterwards returned to our room. I got out the special after dinner bottle of wine, then we both sat on the bed and drank our fill.

Afterwards, we undressed got into the bed and lay there next to each other. Mandy kissed me first and then I kissed her. She took hold of my cock and jerked on me until I was hard. Mandy then kissed down to my cock and engulfed the head first. She proceeded to lick the knob around on the edge. Then she licked up once side and then down the other side of the shaft. I laid there enjoying my blow job, but I was thinking of telling Mandy not to leave me and to come with me. But that didn't fit in with her plans.

Soon, Mandy was engulfing my entire shaft, until her lips touched my groin. She was then rubbing her nose in my pubic hair, which any other time would have caused me to shoot my load, but now it didn't. But then the feeling I come to notice was leaving my balls. Then a wad of my seed shot from my cock to splash into the back of Mandy's throat. I could feel, more than see, that every drop was sucked into her gullet.

At the end of my blow job I started to go down on Mandy, I had brought something special to bed with us tonight. Something she hadn't seen me put onto my index finger. I had seen it in the bits & pieces shop earlier today. A rubbed thimble, which went down to the second knuckle and had small shiny bumps all around the thimble. I licked my way to Mandy and started to lick the edges of her pussy. I pushed back on her legs, against her chest, to give me better access to her pussy.

Now, I was rimming her pussy, with the tips of my tongue. I licked inside the lips, then outside and alternating between her arse hole and pussy. Mandy was mewing, which had come to mean for me that she was building to her climax. I kept up on my licking, when I slipped the thimble covered finger into her hole. I started thrusting at first, while I licked. Then, I started to rim her as I thrust in, which was hard. Then, I just started rubbing that area behind her pee hole the one which people believed was a G spot. I found out that it certainly was.

Mandy went off. She exploded like a bomb and I felt her juices flow into my mouth, then over my face. By the time she finished, her juice flowed out and over down onto her belly and down her arse. I had never seen so much womanly juices flow before. I let Mandy's legs rolled back onto the bed and laid next to her. She looked at me and said,”Thank you. We can always say that we had two terrific nights together can't we.” I said,”Yes.” then Mandy closed her eyes and fell asleep. I lay there for some time, thinking and then fell asleep.

Part 3 The Next Day

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