Teen boys, a Mom, and a little sister

My best friend, Chuck, and I were sitting on his bed watching one of his dad's porn dvds and jacking each other off. Chuck said, “You like me jacking you off don't you?”

“Sure. You like me doing it to you, too, don't you?”

“Oh yeah and I'm about to cuuuumm!”
He shot his seventeen year dick full of cum all over my hand. That triggered my own juice which shot up and hit him in the face. We were laughing like crazy and started wrestling around like we did almost every day. I had him pinned face down on the bed when he asked, “Would you mind if I fucked your sister, Mickey?”

“Jesus, Chuck. What brought that on? You want to fuck my sister? She's only sixteen and yuck, she's my sister.”

“I think Sherry is cute. Yeah. I do want to fuck her.”

“I can't imagine why. I tell you what. You can fuck her if I can fuck your mom.”

“My mom!?”

“Sure. If you can convince your mom to let me fuck her, you can fuck Sherry.”

“Hey, man. That's not fair. Mom won't do it.”

“That's what it will take. If you want to fuck Sherry, I get to fuck your mom.”

Chuck was quiet for a moment, then his eyes opened wide and he said, “I know. When she comes home from a date, she's usually pretty drunk. If it didn't go well, she drinks some more after she gets home. Sometimes she passes out and won't wake up until noon. The next time she does that, I'll come over and tap on your bedroom window and wake you up and we can come back here and you can fuck her while she is out.

“Sounds like a plan to me. Just let me know when she is going out next and I'll ask if I can do a sleepover and I'll already be here.”

“Yeah, that's better. Then how are we going to get Sherry to fuck me?”

“We don't ask her permission. Mom and Dad go to the country club every Saturday. I'm home with Sherry. I'll call you and we will gang up on her and make her do it whether she wants to do it or not.”

We were soon wrestling again, I almost always won and made him suck me off. He didn't seem to mind very much and sometimes I would suck him too.

Chapter 2

Mom and Dad agreed for me to do a two night sleepover at Chuck's, if they could get Dad's sister, my Aunt Margaret, to stay with Sherry. She agreed. She doted on Sherry anyway and was glad to baby-sit.

I went straight over to Chuck's after school on Friday. His mom told us she would be going out that night and we had to stay inside the house after dark. We could use her computer to play games and we weren't to have any more friends over. That was fine with us. We didn't want anybody else to be there anyway. I could hardly wait for Mrs. Winslow to leave on her date. When she came out of her bedroom after getting dressed to go out, I was floored. She was hot.

She wore a black straight dress which was barely long enough to cover her butt. My thirteen year old dick throbbed when I saw her. I worked up the nerve to say, “Wow, Mrs. Winslow. You look great.”

“Well, thank you, Mickey. That's nice of you to say so. I try hard to look good, but, I'm getting older and I have to work at it.”

“You sure did good this evening. You're beautiful.”

“Thank you again, honey. Now you two be good. No wild parties and stay out of my liquor cabinet. If I find an ounce of my booze missing, you can never stay over again. Understand?”

“No problem. Dad let me taste some of his beer one time and I didn't like it at all anyway. We'll be good.”

She gave us both a quick kiss on the lips and headed out the door. I nearly came in my pants when she kissed me. It was just a peck, but, man, it got me hot. As soon as she was out of the driveway, I jerked my pants down and told Chuck to suck me quick. I needed to cum. He dropped to his knees and sucked me right in. He barely got started when I came in his mouth. He pulled back and said, “Damn, Mickey. That was quick.”

“Fuck, man. Your mom's so fuckin' hot.”

“Yeah. She did look good. Let's go check out some porn on Mom's computer.”

“Won't she know?”

“She doesn't care. She said as long as I stay off the pay sites, it's okay.”

We spent the next few hours playing with each others cocks and watching porn. It was after midnight when Chuck's mom got home. We knew she was drunk when we heard her fumbling with the key, trying to open the door. Chuck ran to the door and opened it for her.

“Thanksh, shon. I was having t-t-trouble with the key.”

She was obviously drunk. She wrapped her arms around both of our shoulders to steady herself as we helped her over to the couch. She flopped down on it, her legs splayed widely as she sat. We could both see her panties and she didn't seem to notice at all, or just didn't care.

“Get my bottle of Jack outta the, uh, uh, you know, Chucky.”

He hurried over to the liquor cabinet and got it for her. She tilted it up and drank straight from the bottle.

“Help me into the bedroom, boysh. I'm too tipshy to make it by myshelf.”

Again we helped her, her arms around our shoulders. We got her straightened out on the bed, but her legs were spread out again and, of course, we didn't close them.
“You're shweet boysh. Thank...”. Her eyes closed and she was out.

“Are you sure she is passed out?”

“Mickey, she will be out till past noon tomorrow...or I guess it's today now.”

“Let's get her panties off.”

It was really prettyt easy for two seventeen year old boys to get a grown woman's panties off who is completely unconscious, and we enjoyed every minute doing it.

“Are we gonna fuck her now?”, Chuck asked.

“We? I don't know about you, but I sure am.”

I pulled off my shorts, got between her legs and pushed my cock into her pussy. It was soaking wet, so it went in easily. It felt better than anything I had ever imagined could possibly feel. I began fucking in and out as fast as I could. At one point she made a moaning sound and I froze.

“Don't worry. She does that when she is passed out. Go ahead. I want to do it when you get through.”

I was through quickly. It felt so good I thought I was going to die. I was relieved when I finally had my first cum in a pussy and got a feeling of being so proud of myself.

I barely got off her before Chuck had his dick buried in his mother's cunt. He had hardly gotten it in before he came. He shook all over and then fell flat down on top of her. For a moment, I thought he had somehow hurt himself, but then remembered how it had felt for me and I stopped worrying about him.

We fucked her twice more each before we were unable get hard again, gave up and went to bed. When she stumbled out of bed the next morning, she came into Chuck's room where we were playing with his play station.

“Did you boys see who I brought home last night?”

“Nobody, mom. You were by yourself.”

“Well, when I woke up, there was...uh, never mind. God my head hurts and I need a shower.”

About twenty minutes later, she came back into Chuck's bedroom wearing an old t-shirt that barely went below her pussy. Apparently the shower had cleared her head a bit, because she said, “Boys, the next time you decide to do that to me, you could at least have the decency to clean me up when you get done. I really don't like waking up with dried cum smeared from my breasts to my knees.”

Stupid Chuck said, “Mom, we didn't get it on your br....”.

“Uh, huh. I thought so. Well it's done. Nothing to do about it now. Have either of you ever had sex with a girl before?”

“No ma'am”, I sheepishly answered. “Just you. I'm sorry. We won't do it again.”

“Of course you'll do it again. I get home drunk pretty often and you boys have the raging hormones of teenagers. You will. Just remember what I said. Clean me up when you are done.”

With that, she turned and walked out of Chuck's bedroom. When she was gone, Chuck said, “I thought we were goners for sure.”

“Me, too. Did she just give us permission to do it again?”

“I think she did, Mickey. Now, though, I get to fuck Sherry. Right?”

“Right. A deal's a deal.”

Chapter 3

The next Saturday, as soon as Mom and Dad left for the country club, I called Chuck. He was there in less than ten minutes. The first thing he said was, “Where's Sherry?”

“In her room.”

“Well, let's go fuck her.”

“Not so fast. She never did it before and she'll sure tell my parents if we just go in and rape her. I have an idea. Let's get her drunk.”

“Won't you parents know we got into the booze?”

“Hell, no. There's so much in there, they'll never miss it.”

I got out three glasses and Dad's Blue Goose vodka. I poured some in each glass and added orange juice to it like I had seen Dad do. We went into Sherry's bedroom where she was sitting on the bed drawing something or other on her sketch pad.

“Hi, Sis. Chuck's here. We got some orange juice and figured you'd like some too, so we brought you a glass.”

“Leave the orange juice and go away. I'm drawing a horse for my art class on Monday and I have to get it finished.”

“Now, that's not nice. Besides, Chuck likes you. He wants you to be his girlfriend.”

“Really? Is that true, Chucky?”

“Well, yes. I think you are real cute and you are almost always nice to me. Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Okay, I guess. Sure. I like you too. You are much nicer than most of the other boys around here. Especially my dorky brother.”

She took a few swallows of the oj and vodka, made a face and said, “It tastes funny. What's wrong with it?”

I answered, “It's still good. We just put in a little of Dad's vodka.”

“We aren't supposed to drink alcohol, dummy.”

“I know, but you know how parents are. They never want us to have any real fun. Go on. Drink it up. They'll never know.”

She took a few more sips. “I feel funny. Is that how it is supposed to feel?”

“Yes. Exactly. That's why they like it so much. Drink up.”

She soon was giggly and acting silly. “Whooey! I like it!.”

I thought that now was the time so I said, “Now that you and Chuck are boyfriend and girlfriend, you should have sex.”

“I'm not shupposhed to till I get married.”

I told her, “That's not true. Boyfriends and girlfriends do it all the time.”

“They do?”

“Yes. And Chucky really wants to do it with you. He loves you and that makes it okay. Isn't that right, Chuck?”

“Yes. I love you and I want to fuck you.”

“Okay then. How do we do it?”

Chuck said, “First we take off all our clothes.”

When my sister was naked, she stopped being a sister to me and became somebody I wanted to fuck, so I took off all my clothes, too. By this time she was drunk. Chuck helped her lie back on the beds and got between her legs. She flinched a little bit when he pushed his four inch penis in her, but didn't complain at all.

My best friend was fucking the Hell out of my little sister and I couldn't wait till it was my turn. My cock was so hard it hurt. Sherry was making all kinds of weird sounds as Chuck pounded her pussy. She was grabbing onto him and holding him tight enough to squeeze the piss out of him. It wasn't piss that she got. It was his cum. He yelled, “I'm cummming!”

At the same time, Sherry screamed out loud. Her whole body was shaking. She was pulling at Chuck and crying and yelling, “Do it. Do it. Do it.”

When Chuck finally pulled out, I didn't give Sherry any time to think about it. I just jumped right on and pounded away. She did that crazy thing again, I guessed it was kind of like cumming, and I dumped my load pretty quickly. By then, Chuck was ready to go again and again I followed him up with another fuck, myself.

It was mid-afternoon before we were through. On my second fuck, Sherry realized it was me doing it, but, didn't seem to mind. She just kept saying, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” She never finished her glass of oj and vodka. Only about half of it was gone and I poured it in the sink along with mine and Chucks.

A couple of hours later, Mom and Dad got home. I was sitting in the living room watching tv and Chuck had gone home. They asked where Sherry was and I told them she said she was sleepy and laid down a little before they got home. Mom went and checked on her and came back in the living room. “She's sleeping like a baby. You're a good brother to her, Mickey. I'm proud of you.”

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