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”Welcome to our little ‘House of Enjoyment’, Peter. Did my pet treat you well?”

I just stared at her, unable to form coherent words. This young woman was obviously in charge of this scary place. ‘House of Enjoyment’! Enjoyment for whom?

“I take that as a ‘yes’.” She smiled pleasantly. “Do you like the change?” A quick gesture towards my scrotum told me what she referred to.

Not completely sure what to think of the transformation, mostly because I hadn’t had time to think too much about it, I shrugged and tried to look indifferent.

She laughed. The other girls quickly followed. “Peter, Peter,” she said. “You are not in a situation where you can play indifferent. You’re naked, tied up and at my mercy. And, technically, you’ve just been raped. By an alien.”

The young woman let the fact sink in. I had just been raped. Every guy’s dream, they say. Well, by a woman, that is. Guys certainly don’t dream of being raped by a man. But this octopus was definitely not male. So I had been raped by a female. When I thought back on what had happened I could agree that it hadn’t been so bad.

“And we’re not done with you, by far,” the leader continued, a huge, ugly grin on her face. It scared the hell out of me. I suppressed a shiver. “Maybe it won’t be too bad for you. We’ll see. The last one we brought in begged us to stop after just a short while. Perhaps five hours or so. That made it so much more fun and exciting for us.” She smiled as her gaze drifted, remembering.

This time I was unable to suppress the shiver. As I shivered I realized my penis was still hard as a rock, pointing straight towards the beautiful girls. I had never been so embarrassed in my whole life. Tied up, naked, and balls bigger than you can imagine. And all these beautiful, naked girls were staring at me, mostly my erected cock, that is. I felt my face getting hot as I started to feel self-conscious.

The young woman came back to reality shortly after, still a smile on her face. She met my gaze, but she didn’t hold it for long. Her gaze dropped down to my thick penis, and she licked her lips. I turned my head to the left staring at nothing, trying to hold back the tears.

I jerked back in surprise as a hand grabbed my chin, forcing my head to face the girls. “I could say you don’t have to worry, but that would be a lie, and I hate liars.” She had a false smile on her face. “And we don’t want you to relax, ‘cause when you’re tense you’ll cum much, much faster.” A predatory grin replaced her false smile.

As if she’d just remembered to introduce herself, she said: “You can call me Jane. And this,” she pointed a small finger towards the brunette, “is Kayla.” Kayla gave me an enthusiastic smile and a little wave. Jane moved her finger to the tiny red haired girl next to Kayla. “Claire.” Last, the blondes. “Natalie, and Rebecca. We know your name is Peter, so you don’t need to introduce yourself. Claire here,” she pointed again at the redhead, “took herself the liberty to search your wallet.” I tried to glare at the redhead, but failed; she had such a cute smile on her face.

“So, who wants to start?” Claire the redhead had stepped forward before the leader had finished her question. “Okay, Claire. He’s all yours.” Jane stepped aside to let little Claire forward, towards me. Claire laid her little hand on my stomach as she walked around me. I tried to hold my gaze at the floor. When she was behind me she withdrew her hand and walked away. I turned my head to see what she was doing.

Claire pushed a button on a console, and the steel beam my hands were tied to were lowered a little. At the same time my legs were spread even wider. A push on another button halted the process. Some of my weight was now supported by my huge scrotum as I partly sat on it, and the balls made my cock point skywards. The redhead came back, standing in front of me and studying my penis. Jane went over to her with a glass jar. Claire grabbed the jar, a huge smile on her face. She opened it and stuck her hand in it. Her hand came up sticky and shining.

Claire laid her sticky hand on the head of my penis. A shiver ran down my spine. It was so cold. She started to move her hand around my shaft, making it slippery. I tried not to get more aroused than I already was. Even though I didn’t want to admit it, looking at the girls made me really horny. And I wanted them to fuck me.
When my whole shaft was covered Claire was given a towel to dry her hand. Then she placed herself right in front of me, her small breasts touching my bare chest. With her pussy right on top of my cock, I was a little lower than every one of them now after the redhead lowered me, she laid her arms over my shoulders. Claire looked into my eyes and smiled before she lowered her pussy down on my penis’ head.

The redhead’s hole was so small I didn’t think my cock would fit into it. But the girl was of another opinion. She breathed heavily as she forced her pussy to cover the head, before it stopped. My cock refused to enter any further.

Claire rocked back and forth and sideways to help my cock. Her pussy squeezed my cock so hard it was almost painful. She bit her lip to keep herself from crying out as she lifted her legs up from the floor, making her weight press her down. Her sudden scream made my ears ring, and I almost came. When Claire had no more air in her lungs she gulped in a few breaths, driving her nails into my back.

Her legs now surrounded my torso and she laid her head against my chest and held very still. I felt kind of sorry for her. If I hadn’t been tied up I may have put my arms around her. But I was the victim here. I shouldn’t be the one to comfort them.

After a moment’s pause Claire seemed to find her determination again. She started to wriggle again. Just a few seconds later she stopped again, took a deep breath, and continued working. I think perhaps she had gotten my cock two inches up her tight hole. An incredible feat if you ask me.

Claire stopped again to lay her arms over my shoulders and lifted herself up an inch or so. Then she sank back down. Her moaning was like music in my ears. When she didn’t get lower, she lifted herself up again before going down faster than the last time. I could feel she managed to swallow more of my penis this time and her breath caught in her throat. Again she clung to my chest.

When she started to move again she didn’t stop when she came back down but went all the way up at once. Then down hard. And up again. She panted heavily and her pussy stretched wider and wider, caressing the top of my shaft.

In the end it sent me over the edge. My sperm shot up into Claire’s tender area so hard she screamed in surprise, or pain. I don’t know which. But I think she came too. She became limp and fell against my chest. Kayla hurried forward and steadied the little girl. All the while I continued to cum inside her.

When Claire came to herself again she gave me a smile and got off my penis, which was, to my surprise, still pretty hard. The other girls looked like this was as expected. Claire gave me a small kiss on the cheek and went back with Kayla to stand beside the two blondes. She was handed a towel and started to clean up the sperm running down her legs.

“Thank you, Claire. That was an excellent performance.” The girl who was the leader walked to stand before me, blocking my view of the girls. This time I took the opportunity to study her. She had frightened me so much when the girls had entered the room that I had not thought to do so. Now I discovered she was perhaps the prettiest one. And her body was so delicate it looked otherworldly. I could not help but wonder how this young woman would take pleasure of me.

Jane walked behind me, and a few seconds later I was lifted a little higher again. My cock now pointed straight ahead of me. With a quick step Kayla moved towards an empty table which must have entered the room while I was busy with Claire, because it definitely hadn’t been there before. Actually I wouldn’t call it a table after a closer look. It had a soft surface and was narrow. Kayla lifted one of her legs over it and lay down on her stomach, a pair of fine legs almost touching the floor. The two blondes, Natalie and Rebecca, soon tied her securely. Kayla tried to wriggle free, but couldn’t move an inch. She gave the two girls smile and a nod. She was ready.

The table, I could not come up with a more suitable name, started towards me. I had a fantastic view of Kayla’s rear end, and my anticipation grew. Just inches from me the table came to a halt, and suddenly Jane grabbed my erect cock from behind me and positioned it to hit the target. Then the table was jerked towards me and my penis burst into Kayla’s gaping ass. Her piercing scream did not surprise me, but it still hurt a little. Jane let go of me and the table shot backwards, pausing just a second when my cock almost slipped out before plunging forward again. My guess was that Jane had control of the table’s motions.

It was quite brutal in my opinion. Kayla’s screams were bouncing off the walls, filling the entire room. And my head. Still, I enjoyed the sensation this hole gave me, and as Kayla’s anus started to get used to the penetration she began to moan. Which was always nice. Moaning had always been a huge part of the experience for me. I absolutely loved making girls feel good.

This time I wasn’t the first one to cum. Kayla started to shake violently on the table, but Jane kept it moving back and forth the whole time giving me an orgasm as well. I don’t know how long I shot my semen up her ass, but it felt like a surprisingly long time. With Claire I hadn’t cum nearly as much. Usually it was the other way around. It probably had something to do with whatever that squid did to me.

Jane moved the table away from me just far enough for my cock to fall out of Kayla’s ass. Her own juices ran down from her pussy while my semen flowed freely from her anus, mixing it together. Kayla still breathed hard when she was cut loose and her legs struggled to keep her upright when she tried to stand. Claire quickly laid an arm around her shoulders to steady the still shaking girl. I looked down at myself and discovered my scrotum had shrunk a small fraction. It wasn’t very much, but it was enough to tell me that it could probably become even smaller. It lifted my sprit somewhat.

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