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A SiFi convention turns into a real SiFi adventure
The day's events at Comic-Con had ended and Jason had eaten dinner and was now seated at a quiet bar about two blocks from the San Diego convention center. He was still dressed in his Star Fleet dress uniform and the twenty-four year old did indeed look a lot like the young Capt. James T. Kirk that he was supposed to be. The bar had its share of other Comic-Con attendees enjoying a drink, or several. The bar wanted to attract those who were attending the convention so they had made a special drink list with many alien sounding drinks. Klingon ale was being ordered most but they also had Andolian brandy, Ferengi starduster: A pinkish-orange drink served with a straw in a tall glass, and several others.

Jason sipped his ale and looked around. This was the third year he had attended Comic-Con and he was really enjoying himself. At the far end of the bar was an alien that really caught his eye. She was wearing an outfit that was of thin but metallic silver material. It was a short skirt and the top was deeply cut. She looked like a very beautiful young human woman with a couple exceptions. Her skin was a light gray-green color and mottled. Her firm C-cup tits stood out proudly as did the second, matching pair just below the first.

The beautiful alien girl saw Jason looking at her, gave him a coy smile and patted the empty bar stool next to her. Jason gladly acceptably the invitation and slid down the three stools between them. What a great costume and make-up job, Jason thought. She spoke in a soft voice and an accent that sounded like she was from maybe New Orleans but of French parents. She gave him another smile. "Hello, I'm Evokr. My parents are Tellarite but I was born on Relva VII (a Mars-like planet (possibly Class K) with a Federation base on the surface. Starfleet Academy also has a campus here which Wesley Crusher tried to gain acceptance into) and I know that you are Capt. James T. Kirk from the starship Enterprise. I've been looking forward to meeting you James."

Jason looked at what she was drinking and ordered her another Ferengi starduster. After about twenty minutes of small talk with both of them staying in character and a couple more drinks, Jason asked, "Would you like to see the captains quarters?" "I thought you would never ask." The sky was clear and the temperature was about seventy but you could not see many stars because of the city lights. It was a very normal night in San Diego. As they walked down the street Jason said. "My real name is Jason. What's yours?" "I told you, it's Evokr." Jason smiled and thought, OK, let her stay Evokr if she wants.

The elevator took them up to the sixth floor and Jason let her into his room. Soon they went out onto the balcony and looked at the marina below, the harbor, North Island and the ocean beyond that. A navy ship slowly made its way to where it was to dock at the shipyard. Private boats of all sizes moved in and outbound. Jason thought that it was time to find out just how friendly his new alien friend was willing to get. He stood behind her and gently kissed her neck. She tilted her head to give him better access. Next he sucked gently on her earlobe, marveling at what a complete make-up job she had done and how it did not come off or had a taste. Evokr was about six inches shorter than Jason. She leaned back against him and rested her head against his shoulder.

Jason decided that he would try to go further and if she let him, he knew he could get her to go all the way. He moved his hands to her upper pair of breasts, which he was sure were the real ones. They were very soft yet firm and warm. Evokr moaned and wiggled her butt against Jason's crotch. Jason knew he was about to get laid. Without even thinking, Jason moved his hands to her other tits. When he did, he was almost embarrassed but he thought what a wonderful costume it was. They felt just like the real ones. They were even warm, just like the real ones. Evokr turned around, put her arms around Jason's neck and gave him a deep kiss. "Do you want to dornicate, I mean fuck me, Capt. James T. Kirk of the planet earth?"

They entered the room and walked over by the bed. Evokr started undressing Jason and when she had him stripped, she knelt in front of him and engulfed his erect manhood in her mouth. She licked all around the head as she bobbed her head up and down the length of his shaft. Jason was getting the best blowjob he had ever gotten. Just before Jason was sure that he was about to fill her mouth with a load of cum, Evokr pushed him onto the bed. Jason lay on his back with his rock hard seven-inch prick sticking straight up in the air. Evokr stripped her dress off and stood naked in front of him. Jason looked at her and wondered what he was seeing. Her make-up was complete and the extra set of tits did not come off with the costume. Evokr looked at him, "Yes James, Jason, They are real and I am just who I said I am. Are you willing to accept that?" Although Jason had always thought that humans could not be the only life or intelligent beings in the vast universe, no one had even seen any proof that we were not. He lay there wondering if he should run as his erection went away.

Evokr climbed onto the bed and put Jason back into her mouth. Soon Jason was back to full attention and he was thinking that he was going to be the first human (as far as he knew) to have sex with an alien woman. Evokr lifted one leg over Jason's hips and lowered herself on to his rod. He went in easily but he could feel that her cunt was tighter than any girl that he had ever been with, and warmer too. Evokr raised and lowered her hips, fucking herself rapidly on Jason's fuck stick. He could feel her muscles tightening on each stroke, firmly milking his cock. Soon Evokr was having orgasm after orgasm and Jason found himself playing with her tits, all four of them. Jason rolled her over and pounded into her pussy. Jason never lasted more than ten minutes but this time he fucked for more than a half hour and worked up a hard sweat before he was finally ready to unload his seed. Evokr was rolling her head back and forth and crying out in a language that Jason had never heard.

Remembering that he was not wearing a condom, Jason started to pull out but Evokr held his ass cheeks tightly with her hands and held him to her as he shot string after string of cum into her milking sex receptacle. She held him there till every last drop was drained from his balls and Jason's cock deflated and fell out. He collapsed on the bed and Evokr kissed her way down his body till she was licking his cock clean. They cuddled and Jason had fun playing with her four sexy tits. "That was wonderful Capt. James T. Kirk. Our males are only half your size and they ejaculate almost as soon as they enter the female. I really loved dornicating with you." Evokr cuddled up to Jason's back, pressing her four tits against him. She kissed his neck and then gave him a little bite. Jason promptly fell asleep.

The next morning Jason woke feeling groggy and confused. He had just had the strangest and most wonderful dream, or had he? He sat up on the side of his bed. At about the same time his hand went down onto a big soaking wet cum spot on the bed and his feet touched the silver boots that Evokr had been wearing. It was not a dream.

Up on the ship, Evokr was reporting to her captain, dressed in her standard full-length pantsuit uniform. “Mission accomplished Sir and yes, I am pregnant with four babies.” The ship was in warp drive and headed back to the home planet, which was not called Relva VII.


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2013-10-15 00:28:06
When we do find them I hope the women are beautiful and have four tits.

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2011-12-28 01:46:09
Nice story... One day we will find out there are real aliens out there. If you think about it, it's plausible except for the pregnancy.

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2011-07-06 02:15:57
good story keep going

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2011-06-20 06:04:06
Comic-Con adnvetures?!? Woot? Shoot son that gave me a slight erection.

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2011-04-28 21:52:23
I sure do not agree with you. I think it is a pretty good blending of sex and SiFi and a fun read.

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