She aint much, I thought from across the bar. She's missing a couple teeth, looks like a tattoo of an ex or something running down her arm. She's got that biker hair that I like, you know with the spikes and everything. She's got a square jaw, a couple cars down her face, and her torn shirt screams badass all over it. This aint the type of place where you pick up girls. This is the place where most people hate you. They dont need no reason they just wanna fight.

Names billy, I'm from just a bit down the road. My house is nothing much. Its a little bit a shack, couple boards here, couple boards here, a bed, and couple of windows. You see I've been a biker all my life, and us bikers we only care about our bikes. No real biker cares about his house.

Outside its pouring heavy. Thats bad news for me. Suzy aint looking to comfy. I can see her chrome shining heavy, like the first day I met her. She is always my first love. My first wife died cuz she wasnt handling suzy right. You got to love you bike, not push its limits like one of those cheap asian bikes.

"Looks like someone's gonna need a ride" . I look up, and see the same women staring at me. I didn't even notice her move across the bar. "Ain't you drunk?" I asked her. "looky here Mr Tricycle, this is tonic, and there ain't no juice in here". My tricycle, thats pretty funny for a girl who looks like she fell of a grabage truck. "You gonna keep staring at my tits, or are you gonna take the ride?" Well, I thought to myself, I do need this ride home. "What about her?" I asked. I got up, and she saw my huge 6'5 265 pound frame.

She presses to fingers slowly against my chest. "I got that, I got me a nice Chevrolet truck right there, and it will do". It wasn't much. It was all rusted on the side, and the bumper looked like it was falling off. "Put it on the tab" I tell dave. He's the bartender here. He must be proud because he has the only bar in these parts. "Ya mean the tab you never pay?" "yea that one" I say as I leave. He dont care much, because when there is a bar fight he knows who to call. Last sunday some idiots from Boston were passing through, and I gave them a North Maine beating. I bet that will teach them never to talk rude about Dave's momma. Dave don't like that talk. His mom was shot dead in a hunting accident. Most people thought it was no accident, and that Dave's dad, did it on putpose. Well Dave is my buddy, and no one cusses about my buddys momma.

"Hey ZZ TOP you comin or what?!" I walk to her truck. We both lift my bike and put it on her trucks flatbed. WOA! this bitch got some muscle!
She's pretty strong, even for a biker chick.

"Where to?" " I live way up on elm, if it aint to much trouble". "Its nothing, names Sam? whats yours?" "Names Billy, Billy Ray" . She drives like a crazy women, speeding around corners, and going way to fast. "So what to you do Billy, or should I say Billy Ray?"

"Call me Billy, I do this and that, to make ends meet, when theres work I go". "What type of drug you deal" . You see in our parts, thats how we spoke about being drug dealers. 'This and that' means drugs. "I deal mostly grass, but you know whatever it is ya need, what about you?"

Well it was just my luck when this bitch decides to be the only cop in these parts. "Billy or should I say Kirk David, we've been looking for you". Well this ain't good. I was no small time. My grow op was easily one of the biggest in these parts. I had a cornfield as far as the eye can see. That was no cornfeild, that was corn with a 'little bit of special on the cob' if you catch my drift.

The bitch stops the truck, and pulls out a gun and a badge. "Kirk David, you have the right ya da ya da....."
I got the point, I was fucked. Before she could get the cuffs I kick open the truck door, and make a break for it. I roll down the hill, and fall hard into the forest. I hear the truck coming to quick stop. Lucky for me, it was raining hard so she can barely see me.

I quickly hide behind a tree. She runs fast but doesnt see that I stopped, and that I am hiding from her. She is very close by, and has her gun drawn. I stick out my leg, and she falls hard onto the rocks. Bitch got what she deserved. i shove her face hard into the rock, and watch her face drip blood.

suddenly, I am horny. This is fucking stupid. She is a cop, and their will be other cops here pretty soon. I grab her hair, and flip her little body over. I can see her police badge dangling off her neck. I take it, and slam it against her bloody head. I reach into her shirt, and squeeze her tits hard. I slap her face a couple of times, and see the blood shoot everywhere.

"FUCKING BITCH CUNT, DONT YOU LIE TO ME!" I shout at her. She tries to talk but is incoherent. I stick my fingers in the cunts throat, and make her gag hard. "OW" fucking bitch bit my finger. "You wanna be rough!" I take the biggest rock that I can find, and slam it on her mouth. Her teeth fall out. Must have been like four or five, cuz she is bleeding everywhere. I see blood all over her clothes. Her shirt is stained, and so are her jeans. I finger her mouth again, and this time the bitch can't bit me.

Im gonna rape this lying cop I tell myself. She tries to struggle with me. But I beat the bitch hard so she'll listen to me. I pummel her with my fist, and leave bruises all over her body.

I tear her blood soaked jeans off, and see her white granny panties . She twists a lot, and tries to get me not rape her. I punch her legs so hard she can't move. I tear her cop badge off her neck, and hit her across her face so she'll shut the hell up. A little bit of blood runs into her black spiked hair. I take her gun, and slam it on her tits. I pinch her nipples through her shirt, and make the bitch scream a little. The rain seems to wash some of the blood off her. I never thought I was into this shit, but this is what happens when you piss off Billy.

I take the gun, and rub her clit with it. She still wont shut up. So I take my belt, and tighten in around her neck to choke her. I dont want her dead but it is raining, and im tired of getting soaked. I pull her panties off, and hit her clit harder with the gun. She has a nice well shaven clit but its hard to see it clearly in the rain, and its is pretty dark outside. She jumps with deep pain and agony. Holy fuck! this is awesome, I do it again, and agian. I slam the gun on her, until I see some blood coming out of her clit, and realize I need to have a limit. I pinch her clit hard with my fingers, and than smack it. The rain sounds really cool as it drips on her well swollen clit. I pinch it some more, and when she squirms I pull her hair, and slap her face.

I take the gun, and shove it hard into her pussy. Her pussy is not match for the gun. She is way to tight but I keep shoving it in her hard. She jumps again. Every time she jumps, I shove the gun in more, and smack her face a few more times. Her face is all bruised. Fuck it I dont even care if its raining. This is too much fun. I reach into my pants and pull my dick out.

I dont want it in her mouth to much fucking blood. I lift her up, and slam her down on a whole bunch of rocks. I kick her in the face a few times, and watch as her teeth fall out. Than I kick her under her jaw. I can her a 'clack' sound as her top and bottom teeth hit hard. I take the heel of my shoe, and shove it into her eyeball, and I can see a bit of fluid leaking out.

I can see blood coming out from under her naked body. I lift her legs up, and pull her forward making sure her back is being scraped along the rocks. I turn her over to admire my handiwork. Impressive. I have never seen blood like that anywhere in my life.

My dick aint that big, but when i forced it in her, she sure seemed to notice it. I shoved my nails into her shins as I fucked her pussy hard. The rain felt so good on my dick as I shoved it into her pussy. I grabbed her tits as I fucked her, and made sure to pinch her nipples so hard she was writhing in pain

I shoved my dick in so hard, and grabbed the edge of the belt choking her a little bit more as I fucked her hard. "Take that you lying bitch!" I pulled out after awhile, and forced her on her knees. I shoved a couple rocks in her mouth because I wanted her to shut the fuck up. I can hear the rocks grinding all over the insided of her mouth, as I fucked her. I pinched her nose shut and covered her both as I fucked her. I punched her again, and grabbed some teeth that fell out. I took a few teeth, and shoved them deep into her ear sockets. "WHAT THE MATTER CANT HEAR ME?!" I Pulled her hair back as I fucked her a little harder. Her body wasnt so bad. She looked pretty good while I raped her in the rain.

I was still holding her gun. I shot one of her feet just for the fun of it. She was trying to yell but the rocks where to much. I took the gun, and shoved it in her ass while I fucked her pussy with my cock. I stuck the gun into her mouth, and made her taste her ass. Then I slammed the gun on the spot where I had shot her foot. Oh I dont think she liked that to much.

I could see more blood coming out of her knees as her knees scraped hard on the rocks. I wish she would stay fucking still. I grabbed a rock and hit her on the back of the skull, thinking she would stop sliding all over the wet rocks. sunddenly, she was motionless. I kept fucking her really hard. I was about to cum. I turned her over, and came right in the biggest gash on her face. My semen looked really good with her blood. Than I realized what I had done. This was not good. Not good at all. A dead cop, and a wanted criminal. I was so into raping the bitch. I had not noticed the forest was flooded with cops. This is not going to end well.

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