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Will can't get rid of a boner, Amy's new job, Blane's fate, more embarrassment for poor Will, and Paul gets his first orgasm...also Rachel may have dropped another ball
Amy walked through the halls of the UCSD Medical Center, wearing pink scrubs and white nurses’s shoes. Her long blond hair was tied in a bun, she had on red lipstick and black mascara, which complemented her already stunning physical appearance. Today marked a new chapter in Amy’s life, for though she wasn’t in prison, or bound and gagged in the small bedroom of Rev. Greene, she still felt imprisoned at the hospital she was literally being forced to work at. Furthermore, she was once again the pawn of Lloyd and his cult, who had sent her on a risky and dangerous mission she knew she couldn’t complete.

As Amy walked over to the nurses’ station, she looked through the charts in a pale tan filing cabinet behind the desks. Opening the cabinet, she looked through the files quickly and franticly.

“Were is it...were is it...Ah! Bailey!” Amy said quietly to herself as she pulled Blane’s folder from the cabinet and searched the file for Blane’s room number.

“ twenty one...”, She said to herself again. Sighing, Amy began to walk towards Blane’s room

As she approached the room, she peered into the room to see a doctor and two nurses standing happily around the bed, all talking joyfully with one another and the patient in the bed.

“Welcome back, Mr. Bailey”,the doctor said to Blane, whose eyes looked dazed and confused.

As he exited the room, the doctor turned and smiled at Amy before saying, “Oh! Nurse! Would you mind filling out this patient survey. Just ask him how he feels, if there’s pain, you know, the usual”

“Uh...yes, doctor”, Amy replied, as the physician handed her a clipboard.

Amy sat on a chair next to Blane’s bed. He was awake, yet was still obviously disoriented from just now coming out of his coma. Amy felt her heart skip a beat as she looked at Blane lying in the bed. He was handsome, young, and athletic, and had a mature, yet boyish, face.

Amy reached into the loose pocket of her pink scrubs and felt the syringe. Sighing, she let a tear drop from her eye as she slowly began to pull the deadly needle from her pocket.

As Lynn and Will sat at the kitchen table waiting for Brook to come downstairs, Lynn was anxious to ask her friend why his pubes had been on the shower floor, and why a used condom had been on the bathroom tile. Eventually,after a few awkward minutes, Lynn decided to pop the question.

“So uh, Will...why were your pubes-”

“Brook-uh-she wanted them off”, Will said quietly and under his breath.

“She wanted them off? Why? For like-”

“She said she would only have sex with me if I-”

“Oh! It’s okay, I get it”, Lynn said, snickering as she did.

“Quit laughing, Lynn!” Will yelled, as he blushed and shoved Lynn.

“I’m sorry, Will!” She continued to laugh, “Its just-its just!” Lynn cackled, “Now you’re like a five-year old!”

“Fuck you, Lynn!” Will shouted back, pushing her playfully, “It’s growing back anyway! Besides, I doubt you’re shaven down there anyway!”

The two friends laughed as Brook walked down the stairs and joined them in the kitchen.

That same morning, Paul Rolland, Pierce’s little brother, looked at himself naked in his bathroom mirror. Paul knew what a penis did in terms of urination, and he knew the organ was special only to boys, but he couldn’t contemplate the real reason he had one. Thinking back to what he had seen Pierce doing the other day, he reached down and began to pull his foreskin back and forth over his head. Slowly, the little boy began to feel his dick grow hard, and expanded to a full three and a half inches.

As the 10 year old stroked his dick, he suddenly felt a slight jolt of pleasure erupt from within him.

“OH!” He burst out as he instinctively began to stroke harder and harder.

The little boy looked up at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t remember exactly what Pierce looked like naked, but he could remember seeing a patch of hair growing above Pierce’s genitals.
The thought of Pierce brought up the thought of Haley, which gave Paul a little jolt of excitement as he imagined her soft, wavy, brown hair, her beautiful and white smile, and her warm and inviting eyes. Paul closed his eyes as he imagined himself kissing Haley, and, unknown to him why, he imagined himself simply looking at her pillowy breasts.

“Awww”, He groaned silently as he thought about touching Haley’s tits.

However, as he did, he felt something new overcome his body. Starting with a tingling feeling in the base of his small dick, he felt his very first orgasm rush quickly up his shaft as his legs began to quiver from the overpowering orgasm that overtook his body.

“AH!” He yelled as he felt the feeling of his first orgasm slowly shake from his body. He ran from his bathroom, quickly pulled on his underwear and uniform, and rushed downstairs.

Rachel had new orders that day, she wasn’t necessarily going to ruin Will and or Brook’s lives, just cause them great discomfort and agitation throughout the day. So as she watched Will and Brook eating lunch from across the cafeteria, she smiled joyfully as she watched Will take a sip from his water bottle. Knowing that the water within the bottle was the first piece of the puzzle in her string of revenge.

As Will ate his lunch and drank from his tin reusable water bottle, he was completely unaware that his drink was spiked with a ED pill Rachel had grounded up into a fine powder before secretly slipping the drug into Will’s drink. Rachel smiled to herself as she greedily raised an eye brow, “Any minute now Will’s going to have a little problem in his pants...and I’ll have a show!”

After lunch, Will had English with Kevin Forest, his mom’s most recent boyfriend. Sitting between Pierce and a girl named Kelsey, he busily took notes on symbolism in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Yet as he did, he felt his dick began to become erect. At first, Will didn’t pay much attention to his growing dick, being a teenaged boy, he was accustomed to getting random boners, but as he continued sitting in his desk, attempting to ignore it, he suddenly felt something different about his dick.

Feeling some discomfort, coupled with the fact that his dick hadn’t even slightly deflated after about ten minutes of sitting.

“What the hell?” He thought to himself as he quickly looked down at his rock hard dick, “Why isn’t it going down?”

“You okay?” Pierce asked as he saw a look of agitation come over Will’s face.

“I-uh-I don’t think so”, Will whispered back.

“What’s wrong?”

“My-uh-my dick won’t go soft”

“What?” Pierce asked in a confused manner, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, it’s like it’s stuck like this”

Pierce frowned in confusion, “I think you might have a problem. But I would just give it a few more minutes.”

“OK”, Will muttered back.

After fifteen minutes of waiting, Will’s dick still stayed rock hard, and he began to squirm in his desk as he tried to fight his erection.

Mr. Forest, spotting Will from the corner of his eye, said, “Will, do you have a problem?”

“No!” Will quickly responded, as the class turned in their seats to look at Will.

“You sure?”


“Why don’t you just go get a drink of water from the fountain, give yourself a little time to calm down”

“Uh-uh-I-uh”, Will wanted nothing more than to get out of the classroom, but right now, he was being watched by everyone else and standing up now would reveal his boner to the whole class.

“Will?” Kevin Forest said, starring at the poor boy.

“Uh-uh-okay”, Will quickly got up and darted form the room, quietly hoping no one saw his boner.

As he ran out of the room, he next ran to the bathroom, threw open the stall door, pulled down his pants and boxers, and sat on the toilet, starring at his throbbing erection.

“What the hell?” He said out loud, “Why won’t it go down?”

In a desperate attempt to force off his erection, Will grabbed his 6” boner and began to feverishly masturbate, hoping a good cum would make his little problem go away.

As he did, Will looked down at his recently shaved pubic area, and smiled as he remembered Brook shaving it off. He thought about their experience in the shower and how the two had fucked in the warm steamy air.

“Aww”, he moaned, quickly realizing were he was and what he was doing.

“Dammit, Will!” He thought to himself, “You can’t do that!”

Will felt a sudden jolt in his dick, and he knew he was close to an orgasm. He was masturbating quicker than ever before, as he quietly moaned to himself before spewing glob after glob of white cum from his dick and onto the bathroom floor.

“Finally”, he said out loud, hoping his boner would recede, but sadly, it remained rock hard.

“Oh shit! Why won’t it go down!”

“I don’t know, why won’t it?”

“What the hell!” Will yelled as as feminine voice echoed form within the bathroom, “Who-whose out there?”

“It’s me sweaty!”


“Let me give you a hint”

Quickly and stealthily, Rachel slipped under the stall door and stood in front of Will, who looked at her in surprise and fear.

“Get the hell out of here!”

“No, Will! I’m here to help you. Now let me see your-”

“No!” Will snapped back, standing form the toilet as he pulled his boxers and pants back on, “No more of this! I know you and Greene are working together! And I know you and that girl Hayden, or whatever, are working together too!”

“Do you know? Well guess what I know?”

“What?” Will angrily stated.

“I know that You jacked off to Lynn while she was sleeping next to you-”

“How the hell do you-”
“I know that while your mom went on a date with Mr. Forest, Lynn went to a party and you and Brook had sex in the shower were she shaved off your-”

“Rachel! How do you-”

“And I know that that Sam kid broke into your house!”

“Rachel!” Will yelled, grabbing the girl y the shoulders and shaking her, “How do you know that!”

“We’re watching you, Will. We know everything that you’re doing and we know everything you’re planning. We’re one step a head at all times, and we’re going to win in the end, and I will finally have you ba-”

“Rachel! You have to stop this! Greene is dangerous! You could die-”

But before Will could finish his sentence, rachel leaned forward and forced her tongue into his mouth, swirling it around as Will quickly shoved her away from him.

“Why don’t you love me, Will?” Rachel asked, quickly moving her hand to grasp Will’s dick.

“Ah!” He stammered as her grip tightened on his erect cock, “Rachel stop that!”

“Will? Why don’t you?” She asked again, this time shoving her other hand into his pants and slowly jerking his dick from outside his boxers.


“Will?” She unzipped his fly, pulled down both his pants and boxers, and began to stroke his dick, meanwhile, taking one of his hands, and placing it on her left breast.

“Rachel...”, Will said, slightly mesmerized, as Rachel moved his hand on her breast, letting him feel the entire pillowy boob.

“Will...I love you...why don;t you love me?” Rachel asked once more, letting Will put both his hands under her shirt and squeeze her teenaged tits.

The warm soft skin on her breasts felt great on Will’s hands. He stretched his hands out across them as he squeezed them, letting his fingers brush up against her boobs.

“You like them?” She said quietly, moving closer to Will so as to kiss his neck, still slowly jerking his dick with her hand.

Will, who was hypnotized by his raging testosterone, shook his head and backed away from Rachel, “Stop! Please, Rachel! You can’t keep doing this!”

“Why not?”

“Look, I never loved you, and I never will, and even if I could, you tried to break me and Brook up, you made me and Pierce go through hell, and you even went out of you way to find the reverend just so you can try to-”

“Will...”, Rachel said softly, leaning forward to embrace Will, “I want you more than anything else int he world...this is all necessary-”

Will pushed her away and pulled up his boxers and pants, quickly tucking his dick into his boxer’s waist band, as he ran from the bathroom and back to his class.

At about two, Rev. Greene and Hayden both watched in horror as they saw Sam Andrews smash into the Reed household on one of the many monitors stationed on the desk.

“That boy is insane”, Lloyd Green spoke up, “He’ll be the one to actually kill me”

“Sir, I’m afraid of him too, but he is of little concern to us”

“Wrong, Hayden. He is deranged. I remember back in The Farm, he’d always be saying how he wanted to kill me, and how he wanted to kill Mark. He actually stabbed three of my guards, and even killed one of em’. He’s dangerous”

“I’ll take care of him”, Mark chimed in, walking into the room form the bathroom, “Me and him are going to end up killing each-other anyway, I don’t see why we shouldn’t start now.”

“Mark, the reverend said he wants to kill you. He is unaware of who I am. Therefore I am the best opponent for him”

“Wrong again, Hayden”, Greene said, standing form his seat at the desk and walking over to a small cabinet, “Yall are a female. Sam doesn’t do well with females”

“Why is that sir?” Hayden inquired.

“Yah see, Hayden, in the The Farm, there were no woman. Sam was practically raised in an all male environment, constantly craving woman like a dog craved a scrap of meat.”

“Yes, sir”

“Well. He escaped once, about two or so months before the government found us, and in that time he managed to rape about three woman”

“Sir! Tha-that’s awful!” Hayden said, covering her mouth with one hand as her eyes widened.

“I know, Ms. Hayden. So believe me when I saw, that this is a job for a man.”

“But he did not attempt to do anything to-”

“He recognized Brook. He remember’s who she is and what role she played in his escape, but even then, he’s an unpredictable and sadistic bastard.”

“And don’t worry your pretty little head, Hayden”, Mark spoke up, walking over to the still horrified girl, “He’ll be dead before to long. After-all, we know that because he’s teamed up with those brats he’ll be coming by their house frequently. And assuming nothing’s happened to our cameras, we’ll be able to monitor his actions. Plus, he’s purely impulsive when it comes to fighting, as long as we stay hidden, he can’t find us”

“True”, Lloyd said, crossing his legs and stretching his arms as he and Hayden continued to watch the monitors.

Looking around the hallway, Amy crept out of the hospital room, and ran to a single person bathroom across the hall from Blane’s room. Quickly opening and shutting the door before turning the lock and looking in the mirror, Amy let everything that had just happened soak in. Reaching into her pocket, she withdrew the syringe, whose poisonous contents were now completely gone.

“I-I can’t believe...”, Amy said to herself, “I can’t believe I-I almost killed him...”

Sighing, Amy splashed some water into her face as she remembered stabbing the mattress with the needle before ejecting the liquid into the soft foam. She sighed again and dried off her face, “What they won’t know won’t hurt them”, she said, putting the little plastic lid back on the needle and placing it gingerly back into the pocket of her pink scrubs.

After school, Brook, Lynn, and Haley all went returned to the Reed residents, were the three girls planned on studying. As they walked down the streets of San Diego, the light gray clouds over them began to become darker, as rain began to sprinkle down upon them. The girls all squealed as the drops of water came down upon them, and sprinted into the house.

Once inside the girls sat in the living room and began to laugh. Yet in this time of laughter, Brook and Lynn could sense something lingering in Haley.

Sitting down, Lynn was of course the first to ask, “You okay Haley?”

“ My parents were fighting yesterday”

“Don’t they always do that?” Lynn responded frankly.

“yeah, and most of the time it doesn’t bother me, but this time-this time, they said somethings I wish I hadn't learned...”

“Like what?” Brook asked, now interested in the tragic story.

“Well...they concern-uh-Lynn’s dad”

“What about that bastard does it concern?” Lynn inquired, speaking of her father in such a way as if it were second nature.

“Well-uh-you see-uh-”

“Oh spit it out, Haley!” Brook said with anticipation, “What did your high-society parents do to Lynn’s dad?”

“Well, apparently, mom had an affair with him-”

“WHAT!” Lynn yelled, grabbing Haley, “He did what! How long ago!”

“I don’t know! But there’s more!”

“Okay? What else? What else did they fucking do!” Lynn yelled, now furious.

“My-my dad isn’t my real dad, and my mom doesn’t know who he actually-”

“Oh my god...”, Brook said, giving Haley a reassuring hug, “It’s okay, Haley. Both of those assholes are to good for you. I’m sure that Maria-”

“NO!” Haley quickly yelped, “You can’t tell anyone else what I just told you!”

“Why not?” Brook asked.

“Yeah! Why can’t we expose these cheating bastards?” Lynn yelled between her teeth.

“Becasue! My parents are on the city council! They’ll be ruined if anyone finds out about-”

“But, Haley. They’ve lied to you for almost fifteen years about who you are!”

“I know, Brook-but-but-they’ve taken good care of me...and I don’t want them to-”

“Haley”, Brook interjected, “They hired someone to take good care of you. All they do is fight and argue and they never seem to talk to-”

“I know, but they still set me to Davis Hall and they paid for the maid, and for food, and besides all that...they’re still my parents”

Brook smiled at Haley, and hugged her, then hugged Lynn, who was still angrily pouting and mumbling, “Don’t worry, guys. Everything will be just fine”

Football practice was difficult for Will. Though the drug’s affect was wearing off by the time practice had started, For the majority of practice, and even while changing, Will had to go through the long process of keeping his boner undercover. And with practice being over, and showers being next, Will felt even more terrified, as the felt his dick only slightly softening.


“Yeah, Pierce?”

“Is your dick-”

“Yeah”, Will responded as Pierce stood next to him in the changing room, a towel wrapped around his waist.

Will couldn’t help but notice his naked friend, and though a towel covered his modesty, Will’s mind was still focused on Pierce’s broad shoulders, thin waist, boyish pecks, and six-pack.

“I would just go home. If you shower people are gonna notice”, Pierce stated, appearing to not notice Will starring at him.

“I know! I think I’ll probably just do that...” Will said, as he tried his hardest not to let his friend see his boner, while also remembering that he had recently been shaven, and wanted to let some hair grow back before he dared go into the showers.

Will turned the other way as he changed into his uniform, once again tucking his dick up and into his boxer’s waist band, and left the building quickly and quietly, despite the questions from his many friends of his sudden desire to leave.

Will returned home about 15 minutes later and opened the door quietly so as not to bring attention to himself. Still sporting a boner, he went upstairs to shower and change cloths. On his way up he noticed a pair of green Tom’s by the stairs and called out, “I’m home, Brook!”

“Hey, Will!” She responded.

Will quickly ran up the stairs and entered the bathroom he and Lynn shared.

As he showered his mind went to a different place, and he began to think about his day so far. He wasn’t sure, but he knew his aching dick was the result of sabotage at the hands of Rachel, and he had assumptions that the night he and his family had returned from dinner to find the house broken into was also Rachel’s doing.

“My sliders...”, He thought to himself, “She must have stolen them...And the way she’s spying on must be like that time in Brownsville...”

Will quickly got out of the shower and looked around the bathroom. Checking corners, crevasses and cracks, he turned the room upside down, until he finally found what he was looking for.

Above the shower head, almost completely unseen and painted the same color as the tile, a small camera was placed on the wall. Will, taking a tooth brush, began to smash the tiny device’s lens over and over again with the hard plastic end on the tooth brush, the friction resulting in the camera falling off the wall and into Will’s hand.

Smiling, he dropped it in the toilet and flushed it, “See yeah bitch!”

As the three girls talked about their troubles, and what problems lay ahead, they heard Will running down the stairs and into the living room, only a towel around his waist covering his genitals.

“Brook! Brook! They have camera’s in the house! Rachel must hav- AHH!” Will, noticing Lynn and Haley, quickly ran from the room and stood behind the wall, yelling to the girls from its safety.

“Come on, Will. Come on out. We didn’t see anything”, Brook said calmly.

“Brook! I can’t come out when I’m naked!”

“You’re not naked, you have a towel”, She responded.

“F-fine!” Will said, walking around the corner, and standing in front of the girls. He blushed as he saw Haley and Brook’s eyes glance at his chest and stomach.

“Its cool, Will. I’m a lesbian, remember?”

“Yeah-uh-it’s mainly cause Haley’s here, not so much you Lynn”

“Enough small talk!” Brook spoke up, in her usual bossy manner, “Will, you said there are cameras like the ones in Brownsville, right?”


“Then we need to find them. Any ideas were they are?”

“Well-uh-they’ll be in my bedroom, the TV room, I found the one in the bathroom, so maybe they’ll be one in-”

“And how did you find this out?”



“Ra-Rachel”, Will responded, embarrassment making him blush.

“Rachel? Oh my god...that’s long has she been watching us?”

“I don’t know, but I think its been since the house was broken into-”



“Does that mean that she saw me shave off your pubes?”

“Brook!” Will yelped, his dick beginning to tent under his towel as the embarrassment somehow spurred on his hormones.

“What?” Haley yelled in surprise, “You shaved off his pubes?”

“It was part of our deal. Why don’t you show everyone, Will?” Brook replied kindly giving Will a look a proud mother would give a son.


At this point Lynn was rolling on the ground laughing, and gasping for air, as she spoke up, “Will! You probably look like a fiver-year-old!”

“Sh-shut up!”

“Come one, Will...please?” Brook asked, standing up next to Will and pressing her leg up against his semi-hard dick.

Will was now straining to fight off a full blown erection, but nevertheless, he did make a deal with Brook, and he slowly dropped the towel covering his genitals, to show off his newly shaven pubic region to Haley. and Lynn.

Lynn of course laughed, but Haley, who had never seen a penis before, gasped and covered her eyes.

“AH!” She yelled as she saw Will’s naked body.

“Is it bigger than Pierce’s?” Lynn managed to saw before bursting into laughter.

“I wouldn’t know!” Haley snapped back, still covering her eyes.

Will was red as a tomato from embarrassment, and even worse, upon hearing his dick being compared to Pierce’s he felt a surge rush through his body, and his dick twitched slightly, before becoming completely erect.

“OH!” Maria gasped, as she walked into the TV room to see Will standing naked with a full blown erection in front of a cackling Lynn, an equally surprised Brook, and a sheltered Haley with her eyes both covered with her hands. Behind her stood kevin Forest, who had sheltered his eyes and grinnded his teeth upon seeing Will naked for the second time.

Will, seeing his mother and her boyfriend, felt light headed, “M-mom! M-Mr. Forest...”, Will managed to say as he felt his eyes roll back, his legs go numb, while he collapsed from complete and total embarrassment.

“Oh my god!” Lynn, Brook, Kevin and Maria shouted simultaneously.

Haley, hands still over her eyes, immediately inquired in an innocent manner, “What? What happened?”

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