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INTRO: Since this my first ever story I broke it up into chapters if you like the first chapter I will post the second and so on. If you guys hate this story I will stop….. I really do not care just rate what you think. This first chapter is quite short… I know no need to tell me if you like what you read than rate it for the next part. Thank You.

I am 14 years old; I’m tall for my age standing at 6’3”. I have blue eyes and brownish hair. My penis size is 5 and half inches. I haven’t really been embarrassed by the size of my penis because from what I’ve seen it looks pretty normal, I mean it looks like it has all the same parts, the fire helmet shaped knob at the top, the shaft covered in bulging veins, and the two balls.
Anyway, I live in a higher middle class neighborhood. My neighbors are all pilots, lawyers, or doctors. The two neighbors I am closest to are the polnars, and the molcelles. Mrs. Polnar is in her mid forties and she is from Irish descent. She has light orange/brown hair and her face is lightly covered in freckles. She is still in the prime of her beauty and when I am able to get glances at her tits they are beauties. There 32c and are also covered in freckles, ohhhh man they are unbelievable, not perky but not to saggy just perfect. Mrs. Polnar is not a total heath freak but she does have these exercise videos that she exercise to once in a while. When she does exercise she wears these tight black leggings, wow, her ass is this huge heart shaped thing you wouldn’t believe could be on someone without plastic surgery. I grew up from the age of eight watching her bounce that ass up and down to those videos, it was the reason I began to jackoff (actually my first time jacking off was in their downstairs bathroom, which has a great view of her exercise area!). Anyway Mrs. Polnar has two boys who are 13 and 11, and she has a husband in his mid-fifties who is a pilot.
Mrs. Molcelle is the same age as Mrs. Polnar (in fact they went to high school and college together). She is extremely nice and funny and is pretty much a second mom to me. She shows more signs of ageing than Mrs. Polnar but she still has a fairly good pair of 32b knockers, even though they are a bit saggy, and her ass is nothing to complain about. She has a nice thick and curvy figure, but in no means is she fat. Her face is tad wrinkly but she has beautiful eyes and a wonderful smile. Her husband sells something I really don’t know, all I know is that he is always gone somewhere, same with Mr. Polnar who flies internationally.
Now I know you probably want me to start the story but before I can I have to tell you about Mrs. Polnars two boys and Mrs. Molcelles one boy. Mrs. Polnar has two boys one is 13 and one is 11. The 13 year olds name is matt, matt is funny kid but he is sort’ve a pussy skinny white kid, not to be mean, but he is a very little white kid. The 11 year olds name is Andrew, he is the athletic one and he is always playing a sport. He is pretty strong for his age and always tries to talk about sex (he didn’t know what a pussy was I had to tell him). Mrs. Molcelles boy is 16 and his name is Corey, I personally think he is a scumbag/douche bag but he does get girls even though I doubt he has ever had sex. Corey has long blonde hair comparable to Justin Bieber (Fag) and he is also athletic like Andrew.
Now to start the story.
It was early fall my first year in high school just started. I didn’t like my new school because it was a all boy private school. The one thing I really miss was the slutty girls that used to were the short shorts that would expose their butt cracks. So I was getting used to my new environment of all boys no girls, except for my math teacher Mrs. Farrell who no joke weighed at least 400 oh and also had a beard, and to keep my mental health I would go home and watch a good full hour of porn, usually milf porn or cfnm, I would probably also wack it a few times to. This helped me get through the first few weeks but soon I started to get these strong and desperate urges for a good fucking, even though I was a virgin, I was so desperate I started fanaticizing about fucking Mrs. Farrell, yeah I was desperate. So I was stuck in this deep dark alley in which I had few to no contact with any somewhat decent girls. I was just a empty body walking around with this urge to stick my dick in something with a vagina.
One Saturday I was playing wiffle ball with Andrew and Matt in their yard I was still desperate for sex or just contact with a hot piece of ass or tits, when matt started to complain how tired he was. So we decided to take a snack break inside their house. We walked in and I walked over to the freezer and took out three freeze pops (for me) and stood at the counter. I didn’t pay attention to their living when I walked in but when I was standing there I immediately took notice to that familiar heart shape ass bouncing side to side, up and down, in those ohhhh so tight leggings. Andrew called out “Hey mom” Mrs. Polnar replied “Hey guys, there’s freeze pops in the freezer”. “Hey Mrs. Polnar, how you doing?” I asked. “Good, thanks for asking Chris”. The whole time we were talking my eyes were glued on that ass like I was hypnotized, my dick was growing reaching its peak hardness and you could see a bulge in my shorts. I decided I needed a reason to leave fast, because I knew someone would notice the bulge in my pants if I stayed, so I lied about having a dentist’s appointment and got out of there.
On the walk home I was beating the shit out of myself for leaving, I mean why the hell did I do that I have been craving something like Mrs. Polnars ass for the past month and the moment I get a front row seat to the ass show I make up some dumbass excuse to leave. I just couldn’t believe what I did, when I stepped onto my driveway an idea came to me, what if I went back into their backyard and spied on Mrs. Polnar from outside. Their backyard had a perfect view of the living room and if I was caught I would just say I was going to get my bat or glove. At first I was just thinking but then I noticed my feet started to move in the direction of their backyard, I think it was my desperation for sex that caused me to do this in my right mind I would never have done anything like this. When I got to the backyard I ran quickly into a group of bushes that were planted near the living room window. At first I was scared to lift my head so I hide in the bush crushed up like a little baby. I sat there thinking of that nice big squishy, soft ass of Mrs. Polnar, when I heard a noise that sounded like skin hitting against skin slap slap slap slap slap slap slap. My first thought was “Goddamn matt stop jacking off I’m trying to spy on your mom’s great ass” but then I heard what sounded like Mrs. Polnar panting and groaning, that’s when I decided that something was going on in there. I told myself to man the fuck up and look in, I half jumped and have tripped up to the top of the bush and looked in.
What I saw in their living room changed my life, it ended that desperate search I had for sex. Matt and his little skinny pale white body was sitting on the couch, his hairless 4 inch dick was mounted by his mothers huge smothering ass which was bouncing rapidly up and down on his manhood. His face was being pushed into her tits by her hands, now I could hear her talking to him she was saying things like “Uhhhhhhh mattttt do you like mommy’s big ass?” or “MatttTtTt cum deep in my big ass” or “That’s right suck on mommy’s titties”. Her voice was shaking because of all the bouncing she was doing, the couch looked like it was close to breaking. Matt then withdrew his dick from mommy’s lovely ass and she got on her knees he shoved his dick in her mouth and just exploded his manly juices into her mouth. Let me tell I didn’t think someone with such a high pitched voice and unmanly body like Matts could even create that much cum, but it just seemed to never stop Mrs. Polnar swallowed as much as she could fit down her throat but it started to spill out her mouth and ran down the sides of her mouth ending up on her freckled tits. After matt finished exploding in and on his mom he pulled his dick out, I was shocked to see it wasn’t even semi soft it was still as hard as rock. He bent her over onto the couch placed one knee on the couch and kept one leg on the ground and then shoved his tiny yet rock hard dick right into his mom’s ass hole!!! Absolutely no lube! He pounded her butthole for about 8 minutes nonstop than pulled out and exploded all over her big large squishy ass. This time his dick started to get soft. I looked down at Mrs. Polnar and her entire ass was covered in her son’s white and warm juices. She had this large grin of satisfaction on face and looked over at matt and smacked his skinny white butt. He looked over and smiled at her. Matt put on his clothes and walked down stairs to the basement (to play xbox) and Mrs. Polnar got up and continued with her exercise video butt naked, and covered and cum.
I cannot even explain the surprise I was feeling after seeing my little weak, skinny, nerdy, panzi, neighbor bum fuck his mom not once but twice in less than 30 minutes. Thoughts were racing through my head has Andrew fucked her? Has Corey fucked? Does Mr. Polnar know? I decided to jack off to the sight of Mrs. Polnars jizz covered ass bouncing all around, and then I left. I was so horny and amazed at my new found dirty secret.

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2011-04-28 23:37:16
Man! Check the speeling pistakes. were is not wear and so on....

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2011-04-28 23:33:14
Rather than saying her tits are a 32c it would be better to leave some approximation. e.g. Her tits I would amagine must be at least a 32C...

Sounds to contrived otherwise. I mean, did you measure them!?

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2011-04-28 23:29:53
14 years over 6'...Doh!

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2011-04-26 12:46:37
Not bad at all for a first shot, keep it going mabye he can do both the mother and her son. A threesome might be alot of fun to.Likeemyoung!!!

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2011-04-26 00:56:18
if you like the first chapter I will post the second and so on. If you guys hate this story I will stop….. I really do not care

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