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"Where am I?" Thought Shereen after regaining her consciousness.

She was still feeling dizzy. Her hands were tied behind her back. The gag so tightly secured behind her head that it hurt her mouth.

Panic and fear was getting the better of her.

Who brought her here? Why was she tied up like this? Was this a kidnapping? For what? Money? A cold sweat broke over her as she thought of the other possible motives…revenge or sex.

The wild beats of the heart were suffocating her.

She knew she had to calm down. Whatever the motive, she was at the mercy of her captors now. She had to think of a way out of here.

She looked around to find herself lying on a mattress that covered the entire room. The walls and ceiling appeared freshly painted. There were two doors and a window – all shut. The ceiling fan provided little relief from the hot and humid weather.

She tried to recollect what had happened.

Slowly her memory started recollecting…

She had dropped off her daughter in school and was returning home in a rickshaw when, suddenly, a car went passed and screeched to a halt in front of the rickshaw. She was still two blocks away from her home and the Salt Lake Township was usually deserted around noon. Before she could realise what was happening three people got down from the car. All three wore cloth masks. While one of them started grappling with the rickshaw-puller the other two came over and pulled her out of the rickshaw. While she was struggling to free herself from the tight embrace of her assailants, a piece of cloth was clasped on her nose and mouth. Then everything went black…

The calm was making her uneasy. She strained her ears, but there was nothing she could hear. It was as if her kidnappers had vanished into thin air.

"What time is it?" She wondered. "Is it time for Nupur to get back from school?"

Nupur always made a big fuss whenever Shereen was late after school.

"What will Rahul think when he would come to know that his wife is missing?"

It was only the monotonous hum of the ceiling fan that she could hear.

Again her mind went back to the possible motive of the kidnapping and identity of the kidnappers.

"Oh God! Let this be a case of mistaken identity." She prayed. She had never felt more scared in her thirty-five years. What if the motive was rape? She knew that men found her attractive. She was tall at five feet six, slim and fair. Of course, she did not consider herself a sex siren but her small shapely breasts, long legs and high hips still made her very desirable. She could easily make out the desire in the eyes of men when they looked at her…her thoughts came to an abrupt end. She could hear voices on the other side of the door.

Then the door flew open and one by one they trooped in. Two of them she recognised immediately. She didn't know their names…they were mechanics in the automobile garage where Rahul got his car repaired. Without their mechanic apparels and grease-smeared hands they looked different. The other two she didn't know. Three of them were in their middle twenties while the fourth one seemed to be in his late forties. It was apparent from the way he led the pack that he was the leader.

They walked up in a queue to where she lay on the mattress and stood with hands on their hips.

Lying on her side it was difficult to look up at them. The Leader untied her gag.

"Who are you? Why am I brought here and tied down like this?" She blurted, trying desperately to keep her voice steady.

They kept on looking down at her, not bothering to answer.

"You cowards, don't you have an answer?" She blurted. "You can't get away with this. I know the two of you and you better start feeling sorry for what will happen to you once I get out of here."

"Stop it." The leader bellowed. "Its useless trying to scare us."

He looked at his accomplices and then again back at her.

"Let me tell you something. No matter how much you rant, you will spend the next seven days in our company. Let me assure you that even at the top of your voice nobody can hear you because there's nothing other than paddy fields within a mile."

All she could feel was the wild thumps of her frightened heart. Fear was paralyzing her. Words refused to come out of her parched throat. It was with a great deal of effort that she managed to speak.

"You pervert, tomorrow morning when people start working in the fields my shouts will surely attract attention. That will put an end to your games." She tried her best to sound triumphant.

"Shit, I never thought of that." The leader hissed and turned to his accomplices. "What should we do with somebody who, attracted by her shouts, comes here to find a beautiful woman stark naked in the company of four men?" He broke out into a satanic laughter.

She knew their motive now. Tears sprang to her eyes. It was difficult to believe that this was happening to her.

"What have I done to you to deserve this?" Her voice was choking. "Please let me go and I promise that nobody will ever know."

"Do you believe that we have taken this risk just to let you go the moment you start crying?" He pulled the two mechanics she knew in her line of vision. "Look at them. Did you ever care to think of the effect you had on them whenever you went down to the garage mostly in the protected company of your husband and at times alone. Of course, they were insignificant in your scheme of things. Illiterate and poor lads, but that's not their fault."

"But that's not my fault either…" she interjected.

"Let me finish." He cut her off authoritatively. "They are not asking you to do anything that you haven't done before. It's only a question of accommodation. But sluts like you will not even care for that. Have pity on these two for the sleepless nights they had spent thinking of you." Dramatically, he fished out something from his trouser pocket. It was a small carton of prophylactic.

"We have even purchased these to safeguard you. Why do we need to care what happens to you? But we do. We want you to enjoy the whole thing too." He was talking as if they were doing her a favour.

"Please, please let me go." She started sobbing.

"Control yourself." He thundered. "Its no use crying."

Oh God! They wanted her to be an exhibitionist. Desperate she spoke out.

"I'll resist everything that you may try to do with me. You creeps! kidnapping a woman and then raping her? Forget the sick logic you made up to defend what you have done and release me if you don't want further trouble."

"We all know that this can land us in jail. But that cannot happen before a packed courtroom hears a minute-by-minute detail of the time you will spend with us. Your kid will come to know of it too. Did you ever think of that?" She could make out the smirk on his face. There will be a heavy price for sending them to jail.

The Leader suddenly reached down to her making her flinch. Deftly, he untied the knot and freed her hands. They hurt – the rope had left its impression on the skin. Freed, she sat up on the mattress and started messaging her hands gently to facilitate blood circulation.

The Leader broke the silence.

"I guess we have already argued over the matter at length. We expect your cooperation, but if you don't then we are prepared to use force. Besides there are certain rules you have to follow. So long as you are here you will only wear these." One of the mechanics came forward with a pair of

high heeled slippers. Finding her reluctant to accept it he put it down on the mattress beside her

and went back to his position behind the Leader.

"You have a bathroom over there." The Leader continued pointing towards the other door. "It will be locked and every time you need to use it you have to let us know. That's all for now. We will be back after half an hour. Remember, you will only wear these high-heeled slippers and nothing else." They strode out of the room leaving her bewildered.

The monotonous hum of the ceiling fan was all that she could hear. It was as if her captors had vanished. She looked at her watch. Still quarter of an hour to go before they come back. Suddenly she realised that she had to relieve herself. She ran to the bathroom closing the door behind her.

When she came out of the bathroom she was determined to resist them. There's no way she would exhibit herself stark naked in front of her captors. She had never done that even in front of Rahul. During the early years of their marriage he had, at times, tried to persuade her to exhibit herself naked but had given up in the face of her determination to protect her privacy. In fact, her resistance might dissuade them too.

I will bring out all my oratory and acting skills to dissuade them, she thought.

Suddenly the door was thrown open and the gang of four led by their Leader trooped in.

"Look I need some more time to get ready the way you want me to…" she started. Even before she could finish the Leader shouted.

"Let's get her."

Immediately the four of them were upon her. While two pinned her down to the mattress, the mechanics started divesting her of the sari she wore.

"Please…" she cried. But they paid no heed.

With her hands and legs pinned to the mattress there was no way to move. Of course she was no match for four men. She was soon divested of her saree.

"You pigs." She spat at her tormentors. Then the blouse and petticoat was ripped off her. The way they moved it was apparent that they had everything planned out.

Long legs, firm thighs and flat stomach that they had revealed was too much for the two mechanics. While one managed to start working on her bra the other could not hold it any longer. He thrust his face between her legs and started kissing her sex through the panties. As her bra came off she heard the Leader.

"Bhola, stop that. Tear it of, tear it off." He hissed at her overwhelmed admirer.

The next instant she felt the pull of the material moving to one side and then giving away. They did not stop till she was left only with her mangalsutra and the high-heeled slippers.

The two mechanics left her almost immediately. The mortification she felt at her nudity was beyond words. But pinned down to the mattress as she was there was no way out.

"Let's turn her over." It was the command of the Leader. The next instant she found herself face down on the mattress, her back and buttocks displayed to the hyenas.

The Leader quickly traded places with Bhola.

When Shereen was turned on her back again her eyes fell on the Leader hurriedly getting out of his trousers.

"My God!" thought Shereen. "This would be the beginning of the ordeal."

"Look bitch, what I have for you." The Leader was holding up his erect manhood. Summoning all her strength she made one last attempt to free herself. Sensing her renewed struggles, the other mechanic joined Bhola in pinning down her legs.

"God help me." She prayed as her legs were raised and held wide apart to open her for the Leader. He lunged forward and tore into her.

"Ahhh! Oh God! No." She shrieked. Fear had made her dry as sandpaper.


Enraged, the Leader slapped her hard before pulling out.

"Don't worry, I will still have you." He hissed.

His left hand moved to her breast while his right hand started fingering her. He continued with the twin assault. The fingers in her vagina were working feverishly to lubricate her – and damn it he was succeeding. The body was accepting what the mind had rejected. He took out his fingers. They were glistening with her secretions.

"I told you I know how to get my way through." He looked at her triumphantly. There was no stopping him now. This time he entered her with a swift and powerful thrust.

"My God!" She gasped, surprised at the power and swiftness.

His hands moved to her breasts – mauling them as he drove himself all the way into her.

"Bhola and Hiru." He commanded. "Put her legs on my shoulders."

The two mechanics immediately placed the back of her legs against his shoulders and moved to her either side to get a better view of the copulation.

"Don't worry. By the time I'm through you will gladly accept the others."

"Never." She retorted.

He was hard and huge inside her now and she was losing her controls.

He will come soon, she hoped.

He kept on driving into her incessantly, holding back his orgasm with ease. She tried desperately, to remain stoic, but that was becoming increasingly difficult. That smirk on his face – he knew she was losing control.

With horror, she realised that her hips were actually moving in rhythm with his thrusts.

Biting her lower lips she fought to regain control. With a good deal of determination she succeeded. But the next instant she was taken over the hill. Laboured breathing, eyes shut and face contorted in orgasm.

"Ahhhhh!" She moaned loudly.

Still there was no sign of him relenting.

She looked up at him. Now she knew why he had been so confident right from the beginning.

"Enjoy it Shereen. Don't resist. Have you ever felt like this with your husband?"

"I can't take it any longer." She pleaded.

"That's what you think. Just relax and enjoy it."

She never knew that a man could hold back that long. But her rapist was doing just that without any sign of orgasm.

Suddenly she realised that her hands had been released – she was free.

She was no longer a rape victim but a willing prisoner to carnal pursuits. Her hands moved to his buttocks, drawing him to her.

She shrieked as her second climax hit her. It was as if her body had a mind of its own. There was no way she could control the shudders.

Again she looked up at the Leader. He was frantically thrusting into her. Then with a loud gasp he came.

He rolled over and lay beside her on the mattress.

She ran her hands through her hair and closing her eyes lay inert on the mattress trying to catch her breath. She was still in the bliss of their just concluded copulation when she felt her thighs being pulled apart again. This time it was Bhola.

"Not now, please." She pleaded trying to push him off. She had been violated once…the myth had been broken…she was no longer unattainable. She knew the rest of the gang would soon queue up for their share of the fun. But this was too soon. She needed some rest before she could be taken again.

But Bhola kept on insisting. He was in no mood to budge. She turned to the Leader hoping that he would see reason.

"I don't blame Bhola." He caught hold of her hand. Even before she could react Hiru caught her other hand and again she was pinned down to the mattress. With a swift lunge Bhola entered her.

All his sleepless nights have at last been rewarded.

"I have waited for this moment so long." He sighed as he drove again and again all the way to her cervix.

No sooner Bhola was through she found herself in Hiru's arms. She was too tired to resist. And when the last one came to her she lay on the mattress like a ragged doll moving only to the extent his movements forced her to.

The cool breeze of the ceiling fan was a welcome relief helping her to dose off. When she awoke she had lost track of time. She found herself alone in the room. She was fatigued, the throbbing sensation in her vagina yet to subside. Till the end she had never thought she could copulate with four men without losing her senses. They had, at least, done her one good turn – not resorting to unprotected sex. With great effort she stood up and tottered towards the door in the high-heeled slippers they had left for her. She yanked open the door. The Leader, Bhola and Hiru were playing cards.

"I need to go to the bathroom." She called out to them. The Leader got up asking the other two to continue with the game.

She clung to him for support as he led her to the bathroom. Even inside the bathroom privacy was denied to her.

"For God's sake, please leave me alone now." She was on the verge of tears.

"Cut that out." He warned. "You know it's useless."

As she sat on the toilet relieving herself she could hear him chuckle. When she looked up he was standing in front of her his manhood exposed and erect. Slowly she lowered her gaze to his penis. So this was the organ that her made her body betray her mind. His hands were at the back of her head gently drawing her to his organ. Instantly, she knew what he wanted. She had read it in those English paperbacks but had dismissed it as a fragment of imagination. She had never performed fellatio. Now looking straight at his organ only inches away she knew he wanted to be in her mouth. The thought itself was making her nauseated. She looked up at him.

"Please don't make me to do this." She pleaded.

"You never did this to your husband?"

She shook her head no.

"Doesn't matter. There is always a first time." The pressure at the back of her head increased.

"Please, it's making me feel sick."

"Okay." He released her.

Shereen was relieved at being able to convince him. But his next move caught her by surprise.

Swiftly his hands moved to her breasts. Taking her nipples between the thumb and first finger he pinched them hard.

"Ahhhhh!" She cried out.

"Do you want it again?"

"No." She looked up at him, her eyes pleading.

"Then suck me good. And don't you dare to bite me." Came the command from the Leader.

Vanquished by the pain she surrendered, slowly caressing him with her tongue.

At first he let her do it the way she felt comfortable. But later with his excitement mounting he caught hold of the sides of her head and took control of the tempo…driving himself all the way to the back of her throat.

Scared of choking, she desperately tried to relax her throat muscles. That made it even easier for him. He went on and on without any sign of climax. Her jaws ached and her pupils dilated in suffocation.

"Oh God!" She prayed. "Make him come. I can't bear it any longer."

But the way he had held back and forced her to physically enjoy their copulation, she knew that her prayers might not be answered. They weren't.

"I never thought your mouth is this good." He panted. The warmth of her mouth was heavenly. He could feel himself going over the cliff. As he started coming, he drove the tip of his penis all the way to the back of her throat.

Hard and huge inside her mouth she could feel his approaching climax. As his secretions hit the back of her throat, she had to swallow hard to keep herself from choking. Slowly he kept on pumping her mouth till he had finished. Finally, he again hit the back of her throat and stayed put forcing her to gulp down all his secretions.

Released, she buried her face in her hands and started sobbing.

"What have I done to you to deserve this? I am a mother and a wife, not a whore. How can I go back to my family after what you are doing to me? Why? Why?" She cried.

He sat down on his haunches in front of her and removed her hands from her face. He felt a strange pity looking at her tearful face.

As their eyes met he said "Don't worry. Your husband will never come to know the truth. I have already thought of a way out. Tomorrow we will ring him up and place a ransom demand. That will camouflage the real intention and make it easier for you to go back."

"How can I ever go back to them knowing the truth? I feel soiled."

"Cut out the crap." He warned. "Take a shower and clean yourself up. Then have your lunch and afternoon nap so that you are ready for us in the evening. Oh! There's something else that you need."

He fished out an ointment and a strip of tablets from his trouser pocket.

"Take it and apply liberally."

"What are these?" She asked alarmed.

"This is an anaesthetic ointment. It will make things easier for you. The medicine is a purgative. I don't want to bother with messy clean up."

With a shock she realised what he was up to and looked away.

"It's okay with me if you do not want to use it. But no matter how much you howl in pain I will bugger you. Don't blame me then."

Alarmed she looked up at him. "Oh God! How low they are going to make me stoop?" She thought.

"Aren't you satisfied with what you have already done to me?" She hissed.

"I always dreamt of a woman like you and I will never let go this opportunity." He replied with a smirk.

"Please don't hurt me anymore. I had enough of it." She started sobbing. "At least have pity on me. Do you know how much it hurts, physically and mentally, to be gangraped? I can't take it anymore."

He ran his fingers through her hair comforting her.

"I know the way you feel. If you cooperate then we can have a schedule that will not make it too tough for you. Believe me, I want all of us here to enjoy this." He quipped.

"Never." She looked up at him defiantly.

"I won't waste time arguing." He tossed the lubricant on the floor. "I will leave this for you. Its upto you whether you want to use it or not." He left, slamming the door behind him.

She spent a good half-hour thinking of the situation she was in. Her captors were in no mood to let her go just like that. No matter how revolting she found it to be there was only one way to get out of this place with the minimum of damage to her mental and physical self – to cooperate. That would mean giving them what they wanted. She wasn't doing it by choice but that looked to be the best option under the circumstances. Immediately, she felt a burden lift from her shoulders. She had to do this so that she could be a wife and mother again. Her family needed her and she will have to go back to them in her old self, she thought.

Though she hated every bit of it she will cooperate for the sake of Rahul and Nupur. She felt relieved remembering the saying – discretion was the better part of valour. But once she got out of here she would teach them a lesson they would never forget. So acting was the need for the day…giving in to their desires with a smile, faked orgasms…she was prepared to do it all. But she would never take the initiative herself; it had to come from them. But once into it, they would not find her an unwilling partner. That was the only way she could preserve her sanity.

Night was for group bouts. Often she had to accommodate three of them at the same time. Stoically, she made herself available to their preferences. It was of no consequence whether they did it missionary style or doggie fashion, oral or anal sex, the sandwich or foursomes. All that mattered was her ability to feign excitement. But the Leader was still too handful for her to handle. With the others she could remain aloof…no more than a scene to be acted out. But inspite of her best efforts, her bouts with the Leader always made her body betray her soul. It was him she wished to avoid. He always left her exhausted and breathless.

The meals they brought to her always had meat and eggs. Out of sheer curiosity, she had once asked the Leader.

"Meat and eggs heighten sexual excitement. You need that to keep up with the four of us." He had replied.

The gang had already made a couple of ransom calls to Rahul with the help of a woman accomplice.

"They would think you are in the company of women." He quipped while informing her.

It was in the morning of the fourth day of her confinement that she was informed of her release

by the Leader.

That morning had been different. None of the gang members had visited her making her wonder whether they were still there. Her disappointment on seeing the Leader again was short-lived. But she took every caution not to disclose her true feelings. He handed her a salwar kameez.

"You can put on these now." He said nonchalantly.

With a startle she realised that she wasn't feeling as elated as she should have been.

"What is it?" She wondered. She had waited for this moment last four days and when it had finally come her mind appeared undecided. It was as if she was under his spell. She was a prisoner to the hitherto unknown animal in her. Till then she had never considered the effect he was having on her. She hated him yet admired his animal brutality. How could she ever forget the way he would make her climax? The animal, the brute was a passionate lover too.

When she looked up at him she was taken aback by the intensity of his gaze. He smiled… perhaps understanding her dilemma. They kept staring at each other, their eyes locked as the woman and the animal fought inside her.

She crawled over to him and got her knees. Reaching up she unbuttoned his fly and took out his flaccid penis. She let her tongue lightly brush against the tip of his manhood causing him to shudder with lust.

"Bitch, take me in your mouth." He ordered knowing that this time she was not being forced to do it. The warmth of her mouth against his rigidity was driving him crazy.

He caught hold of her head and began fucking her mouth with rapid and deep thrusts.

She kept on sucking him till his organ felt like raw nerve ends. Pushing her away he looked down at her. Her cheeks and chin were covered with his secretions that had escaped her mouth.

"When can we meet again?" She was taken aback by the husky tone of her own voice.

"I don't trust women." He sneered.

"Please, you have to trust me. I need you." She pleaded.

"How do I know that you will not turn us over to the police?"

"God!" She looked up at the ceiling in exasperation. "Aren't you interested to be my lover?"

"I have my apprehensions as well."

"Okay. Will it convince you if I swear by the name of my daughter that I will never turn you over to the police? No mother on earth will ever swear by her kid and not keep her promise."

It was then that the idea struck her.

"Are you a mechanic too?"

Yes, he nodded

"Why don't we get into a little arrangement." She suggested. "I will convince my husband to appoint you as our driver. We have one now, but fortunately, we are not satisfied with him. I would tell my husband that a friend recommended you. I'm sure with your age and profile he will have no problem. That way we can easily meet everyday without raising eyebrows. What do you think?"

He sat down on the mattress beside her, hands moving over to her naked thighs.

"But I am not the sort who would betray the others and have all the fun myself. If you want me, you will have to be available to the others."

She felt irritated. "I just don't understand this. I think I am giving you an opportunity that you had badly wanted and now you are trying to bargain. I don't want it to be a one-way traffic of me wanting you. There cannot be any strings attached to this arrangement." She brushed his hand away from her thighs to show her displeasure.

He started getting up.

"So that's where we stand – I don't want to ditch the others and you don't want to make yourself available to them. Its unfortunate but that's the way it is." There was a note of finality.

Immediately, she felt herself panic. What if they didn't meet again? How could she forget the bliss of their copulation.

"Wait. Please wait." She called out just as he was about to leave the room. "I agree. But how often will that be? Of course you won't expect me to spend days like this?"

"May be once every month. Finding a place near Salt Lake will not be difficult. You can take your daughter to school and then come back and pick her up. You will be with us during the hours in between. Sounds okay?"

Yes, she nodded.

He carried on. "Look we are poor people and cannot afford the expenses that are involved."

"Expenses? For what?" She asked.

"Do you think the place will come free? The food and the condoms? I expect it to be around a thousand. You will have to bear it."

"God!" She felt exasperated. "You are forcing me into these group bouts and asking me to bear the cost as well. Where will I get the money from?"

"You get it from that rich husband of yours." He sneered.

She knew her desire for him would make her agree.

"But I will not pay a paisa for those drinks." She looked up at him.

He came back and settled beside her.

"You have to leave me your telephone number so that I can ring you up after a week or so to know whether things worked out." His fingers were gently caressing her pubic hairs.

"Oooh!" She hissed. "You're really incorrigible. I would expect your call after a month or so. I don't want Rahul suspecting you. Get me a pen and paper and I'll leave my telephone number with you."

No sooner she was through, he caught hold of her, pushing her face down on the mattress. She raised her hips and braced herself for the painful intrusion. The first time he had been gentle and caring, pushing through her sphincter slowly to give her time to accommodate his invading hardness. But she always remembered how terribly it hurt that first time. Afterwards she always kept herself adequately anointed with the lubricant he had given her. It did make subsequent buggerings less painful.

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