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Indian female Jamuna goes for her roject work whee she happens to meet a handsome hunk form her own city who gets seduced by her
[b]My Dusky Seductress (Episode ONE)
I was working at Pune then and it was there that i came across this dusky girl called Jamuna.
There was news two days back that Jamuna is joining as Project Assistant in our unit and i was not too keen about the news.

She joined work on my duty day and she was tall 5- 7, dusky , with a curvaceous figure. She was wearing an overcoat above the salwar.She was about 22 years and had nice even teeth which dazzled when she smiled.

She carried herself with confidencewith brisk walk and a well toned body which indicated that she should have been an athlete or a dancer or a sports woman.

"Where r you from Jamuna? "


“You Too Jamunaaa”I gave a broad grin and she smiled back.There was an instant rapport.

During the course of the day we made small talk and I understood that she was knowledgeable, well read and has read all Sydney Sheldon books.

By the end of the day I found out that she was a Scorpio by sun sign and smiled.She was pleasantly surprised because she thought i would be scared of a Scorpio. I revealed the little secret that even i was a Scorpio.

"Even i am a scorp .And i am romantic too” i winked. She blushed.I knew i had made some progress.

I was good in my work and had an air of confidence and enjoyed success in my 31 st year of age itself.

Next day was Thursday and I managed to ask her out for lunch.Slowly I was flirting a bit and she was responding too and I managed to get her mobile number.

While returning back we slightly rubbed against each other and she smiled.I knew that it has clicked

“I am a dangerous guy whom your mother warned about ,Jamuna”

“Oh really!”she smiled “I am adventurous too”

I siezed the opportunity."Are you adventurous enough to drive down to Bangalore with me this weekend?-Any way you would be going home .-If you are scared leave it-hahaha"

“But I have booked my tickets in a Volvo AC bus”

“May i join you -Bus may not be safe for you?”

“Should you try this hard ”–She smiled.

“Worth it” I winked looking at her nice firm tits.

At 11 am on Saturday i could not find her .

So i sent a text message -"Do not be scared you can travel alone"

I got a reply “The aisle seat is ready for you at 3 30 bus .Don't pinch yourself-Maintain your cool ”

I rushed to my room and packed a small overnight er and was at the bus stand at 3 pm.

I was all eyes. Then i felt a tap on my shoulder. When i turned around I saw her absolutely smashing in a pair of jeans and white tops .

“You have such lovely hidden assets”I remarked staring at her boobs.
She blushed.
We got into the bus.We chatted a while and she told me about her hostel life and her ambition to go to USA and to excel in her career.

"What about your guy? "I innocently enquired

"Well these guys are small boys . I need to get settled when i am ready for a man."

"Which means you wont settle down now ?"

"No not for two three years"

"What if you get into a relationship?"

"I don’t want to?.Do not ever think i will?"

"What about a fling?"

"How naughty? Why not ? Maybe !Just for the heck of it?"

I called her close trying to whisper into her ears.

When she leaned towards me I whispered “You are tempting me already ,My Princess”

“Oh really” she smiled.
"You are driving me crazy"I rested my hand on her thighs and gently squeezed .
She took my hand and rested it on her shoulder.

She took her mobile and put on her ipod and one earpiece in my ear and other one on hers - so we had to stay close.

The bus ride was joyful with music and the breeze from the window showing the silhouette of her right tit.

Slowly my hand snailed down and started tapping her tit in accordance with the music beat and she was getting turned on.

“The breeze is disturbing my tops” she murmured.

“I will protect it ”I said and cupped her right boob.It felt like frozen butter.
"Umm"She moaned .
"Jamun ! Am i too fast?"

"Why were you waiting so long ,man?"

I inserted my hand inside her tops and felt her boob and pinched her nipple.

She half closed her eyes.

"Jamun shall we get down and go to GOA ?"

"for ?!!"

"To taste the GUAVAS" I said as i was rolling her nipple with my finger tips

"Whatever Macho man.You are now my master"-She whispered.

"Master at her majesty’s secret service".I turned round and grabbed her left boob

She was writhing and hissing like a snake.By now the passengers in the right seat were taking note and we patiently waited until the break for tea.It was around 5 pm.

We got down and I quickly organised a taxi carefully selecting an elderly driver and we were in each other s arms as we were racing towards sunset.

"Princess the sun set is Grand! Have a look." I said as I was fondling with her boobs.

I called Miranmar beach resort and booked the honey moon suite.

As darkness set in we locked lips for the first time and it was a hot kiss with tongue probing deep.

I manoeuvred my fingers and opened her jeans belly button and by now was gently stroking her pubic hair .

The good old ambassador was spacious and soon she got to lie down on my lap and i was fiddling her titties and the her ass and stroking her pubic hair and fondling her boobs .

She was half asleep half drowsy enjoying the ride.

We reached GOA around 7 PM and drove straight into Miran mar beach resort.

It took exactly fifteen minutes for us to settle down and send the bell boy out and as soon as I closed the door she rushed into my arms.

“Ohh My darling Romeo!” She smacked my cheek

I returned the kiss on her neck and gently turned her towards the door and grabbed her boobs.

They felt firm and big.WOWWW.

"More than a handful Princess "

'Make it a mouthful Sweet Romeo.'

I turned her again and kissed her boobs one by one and tore off her tops.

'Rip it apart Romeo "

I planted a deep kiss on her nipple

"OHH yessssssssssss!!"

Then i planted another kiss on her other nipple.

She pressed my head

I tried swallowing all of her boob into my mouth and gave a vacuum suck

"AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !"she moaned

"Devour me sweet heart they are all yours."

I grabbed them both and clasped them tight

"Crush them Romeo"

I crushed them and kissed them at the tip with the nipples erect.

My dick was throbbing now and trying to write on her thighs.

"Jamunaaaa !My roguish cock wanna taste your pussy"

She looked down –"Ohh my goodness!! it looks like a snake"

"Yeah the snake wants to get innnn"

"But i am scared !!Its soo bigggggg."

She closed her eyes with her hands

I lifted her to the bath room and opened her jeans button

She quickly unbuttoned my shirt

" I love your broad shoulders "

"Mills and boon working wonders"

By now she let down her jeans and was standing in her bras and panties.

I removed her bra and kissed her back she shuddered.

I removed my jeans and under garments.

She turned on the shower.

We smooched under the shower and played with soap and lather then we dried each other.

I lifted her and instead of laying her on the bed laid her on the table.

"What r you doing?"

I took the jam bottle from the mini fridge and poured the jelly jam on her pussy







I could see her squirt her pussy JUICE and her pussy wall was trembling ,frightened of my tonguing assault.

I now got up lifted her and placed her gently on the bed.

My cock was areal roguish monster with reddish face and veins throbbing on the shaft stout and beastly wobbling up and down as if nodding the head to punish her pussy severely

I kissed her all over.

I went to the locker.

"Where are you going darling?"

I brought a nice perfumed dotted condom.

I showed her the naughty picture .

I wore the condom which was fitting only ¾ on my stout cock of 8 inches.

“Kiss my Cock!” I commanded.She cradled my cock in both her hands and kissed it lightly and gently sucked it.

"you have another condom? "She asked


She bit the tip of the condom and peeled it with her teeth and spat the condom down.She took my cock inside her warm moist mouth.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,”It felt so heavenly!!

She sucked flicked and kissed my cock

“Do not make me cum jamun”


I fetched another condom and she watched me bewildered when i wore it on

“So this is the erection ”

"Yes my humble erection for you my love better than the TAjmahal"

She opened her cunt wide and her pussy lips parted to devour my cock.

I saw her clit for the first time .There was a small hood.

I placed my dick head on her clit .

she moaned and whispered “ssssssssssssmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

And my cock gently slid inside the tight cunt unwilling to yield .

I pushed my cock in gently about a cm-She stiffened.

I stroked her pussy and said “ Relax !Jamun”

I fondled her breast and diverted her attention and pushed another cm further.Her pussy adamantly refused to take my dick in and my dick was bending now from the pressure.

So I got down from the bed pulled her to the edge of the bed.-Slowly kissed her thighs inner aspect and kissed her pussy-Her creme was gushing out.

I slide my tongue inside and tongue fucked her pussy.Now I inserted my cock about an inch and a half.

I grabbed her tits crushed them and sent a violent push in her pelvis followed by a jolt and push.

A small ‘arghhhhh’ escaped her lips followed by biting of her lips .There were beads of sweat on her fore head

I did not move for awhile.

I thrust ed suddenly and I was all inside her and forced her into submission.

My first stroke was the gentlest and then on ,like a steam engine piston, I gradually pumped up speed and then gave her startling thrusts .

“Yessss!yesss!” ,were the only sound from her

I started ramming her and fucking her ferociously.

“Oh my goodness! I am dying ! “she LAMENTED.

Ahg! ahg- ahg -ahg -ahg - ahrrr -ahrrrrr!!

“Romeo you are a Rogue of a fucker”

Now I slid my cock in and out ramming it in full speed, showing no mercy and slapped her ass with both my hands.

She sank her nails deep inside my hips and shuddered .

She came again

And i sunk my nails on her hips and pulled her closer to me and pounded her pussy.

She almost fainted from perspiration.I was sweating profusely.

And then there was a strain in my balls and it rose up up and up ascended my spine stiffening my body and could sense that there is going to be an explosion and at that point i pulled my dick out and exploded outside my royal oats reaching her boobs –sending waves of spasm of my throbbing dick .

I fell on her boobs and started sucking as I lay down in a pool of sweat and both our bodies entwined yet remained relaxed for a while .

She started kissing me all over and it was soothing and blissful.

We lay down like that for sometime and then she woke me up and we went to the bath room one by one refreshed ourselves and after a quick shower and a cup of tea went out to the beach.

We sat ON THE BEACH just stroking each other for more than two hours absolutely satisfied about our first episode.

“You know? I was waiting to give it to someone special all these years”

Mmm .So am I the lucky one?

“This is my first time and i will never forget you my Darling Romeo”

The Tropical Moon was shining bright with glittering Stars . It was a night of celebration

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