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Intro: Since people seemed to like the first chapter I am going to release the second chapter, if you like then please rate and comment. I read the comments and tried to fix’m but I don’t know if I got everything. There are many more chapters to come if you like… if you don’t I will stop so Enjoy.

On the short walk home my thoughts were still racing I still could not believe what I just witnessed. My little puny neighbor matt had just fucked the brains out of his mother right on their living room couch, and then just got up and walked away like it was nothing. I always sort of thought matt was gay or something because he never talked of girls that way (in fact I don’t think he has ever talked to a girl before) but to see him do that was just so shocking, yet at the same time I was extremely horny.
The week past without any other things happening, except that again my hunger for sex began to crawl back into my stomach like an angry monster. I was whacking off at least twice a night to the image of Mrs. Polnars cum covered ass and to her bouncing up and down on her sons little hairless cock. By now it was almost thanksgiving and my mom had made plans with my cousins and other family members to have a thanksgiving dinner at our house, I enjoyed thanksgiving at my house a lot and looked forward to it.
It was the day before thanksgiving now and still I had not witnessed any hot fuckings going on at the Polnars house. I was playing wiffle ball with Andrew and Corey in the Polnars yard, I was winning 9 to 3 when Corey said he had to take a piss so he went into the Polnars house and we continued the game. I was at-bat and right when Andrew threw the ball Mrs. Polnar opened the sliding door leading into their house and said “Andrew come inside and make your bed”. Mrs. Polnar was a bitch when it came to neatness in her house so Andrew just said ok and went inside. This left me outside by myself just standing there looking like a fool. I felt stupid so I started to throw the ball in the air and hit it with the bat. I was doing this for about 3 minutes and I started to get angry, I mean how long does it take to make a bed? I decided to just walk home, instead of taking the road I just cut through the Molcelles yard. When I was just entering their yard through some trees I saw Mrs. Molcelle sitting on the patio starring at me. I smiled and waved at her, she asked if I would like to sit down for a few minutes. I said sure, since I was supposed to be waiting for Andrew. I pulled up a lounge chair and sat next to her. She said “Wow Chris you are really getting tall. How tall are?” I told her that last time I went to the doctor I was 6’3”. She said wow that’s pretty damn tall, and we continued talking like this for a few more minutes. When she asked if I wanted to help with something inside.
By this point I knew Andrew and Corey probably ditched and went to play xbox. So I said sure thing and we went. The steps leading up from the patio into their kitchen are pretty steep so when Mrs. Molcelle went up first I naturally took a look at her ass, it was a pretty nice ass still firm yet with a little wiggle in it. Not as good as Mrs. Polnars but still a nice thing to look at. Anyway so I was looking at her ass jiggle as she went up the stairs and I noticed she was wearing this black lace thong that was stuck in between her to ass cheeks. Now this was enough to get my little friend rock hard in my pants, but I was wearing jeans so I knew she would not notice. So we got into the kitchen and she said she was having people over to move some things out of the basement and that she needed help laying down newspaper on the wooden floor so the movers wouldn’t scratch the wooden floors. I said ok, and that’s what we did for about 10 minutes. When we were done she said I better get going home, I left and went home.
As I left the moving van pulled up and out came three large black men, I’m not going to lie I was intimated by them so I kept my head down and got out of there fast. I’m not a pussy though. When I got to my house I noticed that I had forgotten my hoodie at Mrs. Molcelles so I went back.
When I got back to her house I went the back and knocked, there was no answer. Ok I thought to myself she must be down in basement with the movers. I opened the sliding door and went in, I walked over to the basement door and yelled down “Hey Mrs. Molcelle have you seen my hoodie?”, no response but I heard the movers faint voices so I decided to walk to the bottom of the stairs and ask again, once I reached the bottom I yelled again “Have you seen my hoodie Mrs. Molcelle?” Still no response. There basement is pretty large and there is this one room on the opposite end, so I thought she must be in there. The voices of the movers were becoming clearer and what I heard sounded weird at first. “Lift her up” or “take it all the way”. At first I thought they were robbing her (not racist just because what they were saying) but once I became very near I heard the noise. The same noise I had heard when I was hiding in that bush in the Polnars yard. I heard the same heavy breathing, and groaning I knew what was going on in that room, Mrs. Molcelle was getting her brains fucked out by those three black movers.
I did not know what to do at first, should I leave? Should I stay and watch? If it was not for my sexual desires I would’ve left that basement, but since I had that monster of an urge to fuck I needed to stay and see what was happening. I needed sex like a vampire needs blood; I wanted a good fuck like a dog needs a bone. And so I stayed, at first a just listened to the moans of Mrs. Molcelle and the grunting of the mad men who were fucking the living shit out of her. But I then grew I pair of balls and peered around the corner. It was sort of dim because there was only one single light bulb in the middle of the small room but I could clearly see what was going on Mrs. Molcelle was bent over on all fours while two of the movers were pumping there large ,almost unreal, black dicks in and out of her pussy and asshole. There balls were slapping her butt cheeks rhythmically SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP. That wasn’t even the surprising part. When I looked at who was shoving their manhood down Mrs. Molcelles throat I didn’t see the large black cock that I expected. My mouth dropped about five feet; there standing with feet spread apart was ANDREW. He was fucking Mrs. Molcelles mouth with an unbelievable speed, it sounded like he was chocking the shit out of her but I could see in her eyes that she was loving every moment of it. She started to scream now, but Andrews dick moving down her throat soon shut her up. I looked around the room and saw the other mover standing in the corner jacking off his cock, which looked to me like a babies arm. One of the movers who was fucking Mrs. Molcelle in her back pulled out and pushed Andrew to the side, he shoved his dick in her mouth and exploded, Mrs. Molcelles couldn’t handle the amount of hot cum being pumped out of this man’s black hose and she started to choke. This caused all of the cum to come spilling out all over her ageing face. Her makeup was now smeared all over her face, her hair was a mess of sticky man juices and spit. She really looked like a little whore.
The Mover who was standing in the corner took the place of the one who pulled out and the rhythm of slapping balls started up again SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP. Andrew placed his tiny dick back in her mouth and started to fuck her throat again. This continued for at least 30 minutes and then Andrew yanked his dick out of Mrs. Molcelles mouth and exploded his mainly juices all over her face. Mrs. Molcelle licked the cum around her lips then looked at Andrew and smiled she then said “Good job big guy” and winked at him. Her words were shaky and faint because of the two monster cocks pounding her in the back, but Andrew smiled back and bent down and kissed her on the lips, and grabbed a handful of her tits. He played with tits for a while then went into the corner with the other mover to watch the show. Now there was only two movers left so they changed positions one mover layed down on his back, with his dick pointing straight up like it was at attention, and Mrs. Molcelle mounted him riding his dick like you would ride a bull. The other mover walked over and shoved his large fat cock into her already cum filled mouth. While the Mrs. Molcelle bounced up and down rapidly on the movers cock on the ground, the other mover fucked her throat. I began to think Mrs. Molcelle must really like shoving things down her throat! The mover on the bottom soon started to show signs that he was going to explode, but Mrs. Molcelle started to scream “EXPLODE YOUR BIG BLACK DICK IN MEEEEEEEE” “I WANT YOU WARM SWEET JUICES IN MY PUUSSSSYYYY”. So he listened he thrusted his hips up into the air like a arch and with one last great pump he exploded deep inside her pussy. At the same time he was doing that Mrs. Molcelles entire body started to shake, she took the cock out of her mouth and shot her head upwards towards the sky and let out the loudest scream “AHHHHHHHHHOHHHHHHHHUHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHH" her hands were clawing out the movers rock hard butt cheeks as she struggled to stay on. She was breathing so fast I thought she was having a heart attack. The mover then thumped his hips down back to the ground, and Mrs. Molcelle fell down side ways, breathing slower and with the biggest grin ever. She got back on her knees and finished sucking off her black treat. He exploded in her mouth like the others.
Just as Mrs. Molcelle was getting off her knees Andrew came from the corner and pushed her on her knees and shoved his little dick into her wet, cum covered pussy. I’m sure after being fucked by the three biggest black cocks I have ever seen in my entire life, Mrs. Molcelle barely even felt Andrews little hairless white dick but she smiled at him and started to do some fake groans to make him feel good. He went as fast as an 11 could go when they are fucking a real woman, and he did have a lot of stamina. He was fucking her at a decent speed, when the movers said they had to leave. I started to panic I had to hide so I ran behind an old refrigerator. The movers walked passed carrying their clothes, they were still in their underwear, one of them said “Shit man I still got cum on my dick” the other mover said “Here use these to wipe it off” he then handed him my hoodie which was on the ground, and the mover cleaned his dick and balls off with my hoodie (I never wore that hoodie again but I kept it as a souvenir of that day) . The entire time I could hear Andrews’s small little balls steadily slapping against Mrs. Molcelles ass. I went back to my position to watch he turned her over so she was on her back facing him and he was facing her. She was talking to him and encouraging him “Good Job Andrew you’re really fucking me good” or “A little harder now” or “You like fucking my pussy?” he answered each with a deep grunt, and never took his eyes off her bouncing titties. Finally he stuttered “I’mm Gonna CUMMM” and Mrs. Molcelle responded “It’s okay big guy go ahead and cum right in pussy, I want it”, she wasn’t stuttering when she talked like when the monster dicks were fucking her, she barely seemed to really notice Andrews dick was in her, but she tried her best to fake it to make him feel like a stud. He fucked for another good minute or two and exploded his load wasn’t as big as his brothers but it was reasonable, and hey he was fucking a women at the age of 11!
He pulled out and she stood up and smiled at him saying “you want some lemonade now Andrew?” he said yes please started to put their clothes back on. At that point I quietly walked up the stairs and left the house. When I got home I jacked off until I was shooting ghost loads. I could not wait until thanksgiving when I would see all my family, and hopefully another good fucking. And maybe this time I will have the balls to Join in?


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There are many more chapters to come if you like… if you don’t I will stop so Enjoy.


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