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Your sitting on your bed, watching tv with nothing on but a pair of pants. I walk in, wearing one of your t-shirts and come sit next to you, putting my head on your chest and cuddling into you. I slowly drift in and out of sleep as you watch tv, forming against your body as I cuddle with you. As I slowly wake up again, you kiss the top of my head lovingly as I tuck my head underneath your chin. I look up at you and kiss you deeply, my body pushing against yours making you hard. You slip your hand under my shirt and rub my nipples, now hard from your touch. You suddenly squeeze my nipple and a slight moan escapes my lips bringing a small smile to your face. You pick me up and put me on my back as you crawl down and starting kissing your way back up to me, starting at my legs and slowly working your way up.

You stop at my hips and lightly run your tongue over my clitoris, making me moan again. You give me another small, evil smile and then dig back in, your tongue exploring me. I put my head back and close my eyes, enjoying your tongue carving me out. My hands grip the bedspread as you stick your tongue in deeper and deeper, making moans escape from my lips. My body rises slightly you grip my hips, crushing your tongue into me, making me moan louder and louder.

Finally you stop and climb on top of me, my breathing hot and heavy. You slowly kiss my neck as you suddenly thrust three fingers into my pussy, making me gasp as I grip your shoulder. You revel in my gasping and shove your fingers harder and faster into my pussy, my moaning sounding in your ear as you nibble and suck on my neck and ear.

You start to slow up on fingering me, going slowly and start using your whole hand, rubbing my clitoris and occasionally going into my pussy. My breathing is still hot and heavy, sweat slightly running down my forehead. You pick me up and pull my shirt over my head, my breasts exposed, my nipples rock hard. You stare at me for a minute, memorizing the curves of my body, eating up the site of me before advancing on me. You lean down and while looking up at me, suck on my breasts while one of your hands play with the hard nipple on my other breast. My body pushes against you, up and down, wanting more than just your kisses.

You rub my breasts as you look down at them, studying them with a hungry stare. You ease off me and slowly drop your pants, taking them completely off. You look at me and see the hunger in my eyes but your not ready to give it to me completely yet. You ease yourself on top of me and rub against me, not yet entering me. I moan a little, begging you to enter me and fuck me like you never have before. I wrap my arms around your neck, my body pushing against you, my breasts hard against your chest, my pussy wet.

You bite on my neck hard, distracting me for a moment as you shove into me, making me almost scream. My body rises as I gasp for breath. Liking my response, you chuckle in my ear as your hands grasp and squeeze my butt. You push into me all the way and move around, grinding me into the bed, my breath heavy in your ear. You bite my neck, my eyes closing as you fill me up. You slowly pull out of me and and shove into me again, harder this time, making my body rise and fall again as I bite my lip, my hands gripping my hair, moans escaping my lips. You don't stop though as you thrust into me again and again harder and harder making my moans turn into screams of pleasure. You thrust into me so hard my body rises all the way up and I look at you as I grasp for breath, a hunger in your eyes. You explode into me, making me gasp all the more, making me gush on your dick. You pull out just in time to see the cum slide down my legs and your dick. You lick some off your fingers, staring at me hungrily. I slowly get up and start cleaning you up, my tongue slowly rolling over your balls. I look up at you as my tongue goes in between your balls, making you hard all over again. You put your head back as a sigh escapes your lips, my tongue making you shudder. I look up at you with an evil smile as I lean over you and start to deep throat you, shoving your dick into the back of my throat, sucking the cum off you. As my tongue wraps completely around your dick, you let off into my mouth with a shudder. I pull back and swallow and lick the cum off my fingers and chin before it runs down.

You watch me out of the corner of your eye, your breathing as heavy and fast as mine. Your sitting with your legs stretched out, your hands propped up and I slowly crawl toward you and mount you. You push into me deeper and deeper, making me wince as you go father than ever. I slowly start to ride you back and forth, our breathing getting faster and hotter and you start to moan with me. You drop back down to the bed, letting me take control as I move faster and faster against you, my breasts swinging in your face. You grasp one and suck on it making me go even crazier, a wild moan escaping from my lips. Finally unable to take it anymore, you pick me up and drop me on the floor, my legs wide open and you shove into me, making me scream your name.

Our bodies move fast and hard, shoving into each other as we moan into each others ears, my nails scratching your back, begging you not to stop. You pull out just before you explode, cumming on my breasts. I massage it into my skin, occasionally licking it off my fingers before you lean over me and lick my neck, rubbing the cum into me.

You pick me up and slowly lower me onto your dick as you fall to your knees. You rise in me, filling me up, making me go insane, wanting more. I throw my head back, moaning, as you watch my face. My moans and looks make your harder and you thrust into me again and again. Finally you blow up in me, gushing out of me, sliding down my legs and we fall on the floor in each others arms, exhausted and spent. Our breathing is fast and hard and look over at you and kiss as we lie there, too tired to move. Finally you pick me up and put me on your bed, under the covers before climbing in with me. You hold me in your arms and kiss my forehead as I fall back asleep, safe in your arms. You drift off to sleep as well, naked and safe with me.


2011-04-26 23:17:20
The story itself was written by my ex gf. I mentioned this in my second story "Dancefloor delight", but I probably should've said so in this one first >< So yes I am a man but this story was written by a woman.

anonymous readerReport

2011-04-26 22:39:33
you said that this was written by a woman but you said that you are a man. good deion othrwiz it made me cum

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