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The year went by fast, and of course, I looked forward to seeing my cousin again during the summer as I always did. I am a seasoned hitchhiker, and getting to see her is never a problem. I dont really do the old style of hitchhiking, im more the 'craigslist' type.

I found a ride in no time, packed my bags, and left to see her. This time she did not know I was going to be there. It was a surprise. Her mom was in on it, but didn't tell her anything. The ride was pretty chill. I found a ride with a couple of chicks in their twenties. I forgot to mention that my cousins had recently moved to wiscosin (they went to school there, and their dad retired young). The girls were on their way to some festival in Winnipeg, and offered to drive me 'to the door' for around 35 bucks. Considering it was all the way from Toronto, that was peanuts.

The ride was pretty entertaining, we were all musicians, and we were singing and playing instruments the whole way. The girls were kinda cute but we didn't really camp long enough to 'get personal'. We stopped in Wiscosin for a few hours on the way to Minnesota. My stomach was tingling, and I was nervous about seeing my cousin, It was weird, but I think I may have some feelings for her.

Well in a place like Wiscosin, when a vehicle pulls up to your driveway, and there are a bunch of strangers in it, I am sure someone is going to be scared shitless. I opened the door, and ran out to greet her. She just stares at me, "WHAT THE HELL?, I did not know you were coming!" "well I told your mom, but that was it". She runs up and hugs me in a deep embrace. I could feel her chest pressed against mine. She whispers in my ear, "we are definetely going to have some fun this summer".

I say good bye to my travel companions, and take their numbers to keep in touch. My cousin and I, head inside the house, and I meet her boyfreind for the first time. He is a good looking guy. He is Native American, he has an athletic build, and on the taller side. He doesnt talk much its mostly me and my cousin chatting up a storm, Her parents were out for the evening, so she had some along time with her boyfriend. I felt like an intruder in a way not wanting to be all in their way and stuff.

"wanna go in the hot tub?" she asked me. Looks like they done pretty well for themselves. Their new home was pretty big, all modernized, and apparently they have a hot tub. Well damn. If I get a chance to see her even half naked, I am so down. Her boyfreind had to head home (thank god I thought to myself). We both got undressed, put on our swin clothes, and got in the tub. She looked so fine in her pink bikini. I knew she was wearing it to tease me. She pretended to adjust it in the tub a little bit, and expose a bit of her cleavage. her nipples look so good in it.

We were sitting across from each other, and having endless conversation. I was sipping on a Corona, and she had one of those 'Boris Cool' drinks. She got up to get something from outside the tub, and as she was coming back into the tub she 'fell' right on me. She sat on me for long enough that she could feel my cock touching her ass. "Are you alright?" she smiled at me, and gently teased my cock rubbing her cute little ass up and down on me. "I am now" she said with her beautiful lips teasing me so much.

"My parents are gonna be home soon, so we should probably head inside". This sucks, I thought to myself. "Hey you wanna hang in the guestroom for awhile?" that sounded good to me, since this hot tub thing was not really going anywhere I wanted.

We both got into out pyjamas, grabbed some snacks, and headed to the guestroom. "You mind if I use your computer?" . It was on the table in the guestroom, and I needed to catch up with some things. "Its not a problem, that is my personal computer, so let me just type in the password. She typed in the password, and I guess she forgot what she was doing last, because the picture she had opened was of a giant penis.

"OH MY GOD!, I'm so embarrassed " she clicked it off the screen right away. "Oh don't worry about it, I wont tell anyone, lucky girl though looks like he's got a big one". She giggle a bit, "you're so funny, always make the mood right". "Does his cock make you horny?" she give me a blank stare, "what?" "seriously, does it?" she smiled at me and said, "of course it does". I opened the page back up, and put the dick picture on the screen. "does he turn you on?" I asked her as I slid my hand into her pyjama pants. "Does he get you all wet?" She was instantly wet, and I could feel her juices in her panties "ooohhhh" she moaned. She stared at the screen, and placed her own finger in her pants. She started to finger herself, and she grabbed my stiff cock with her other hand. Just as we started getting into it, her parents show up at the door.

We quickly 're-adjust' ourselves, and head to the door. "HEY!" they both shout at me. It was only a year but it felt like forever. We chatted about some sports, exciting life as a Canadian, and a little about relationships. They talked about Justin, my cousins boyfreind, and both of us looked at each other thinking the same thing. His huge cock. From across the room, I could see a small wet spot near her crotch.

We said our goodnights, and went off to bed around midnight. The next day my aunt and uncle went to visit some freinds in Minnesota. "Morning" I felt a hand around my cock, it felt amazing my morning wood was so hard, and I needed a release. She slid her hand up and down my cock for awhile. "I have a surprise for you". She took a peice of fabric, and placed it around my eyes. "No peeking, you promise?" she said as she rubbed my balls a little bit. I smiled at her.

I could hear some moving around, and it sounded like someone was getting undressed. She climbed on top of me, and placed her hard nipple in my mouth. I nibbled on it a little bit .."BITE IT!" she demanded. I did, and she loved it. She leaned close to my face, and whispered "The surprise is about to begin". She undid the blindfold, and there was her boyfreind complete naked with his cock fully erect. HIs cock must have been about 11 inches or longer. She started sucking hard on his cock. She looked so fine. She was more tone than last year, and her ass looked so fine. She was on all fours, with her knees on the carpet, and she was gagging hard on her boyfreinds massive cock. "You like that babe, you wanna show your cousin how you suck my dick?" I was still on bed. She stuck her ass higher, and spread open her legs so I could see her pussy from behind. She stuck her fingers in her dripping wet pussy to tease me even more.

She took his cock out of her mouth for minute, and said "There is always room for another" I got the hint I got up, and shoved my cock in her mouth..There was a string of saliva dripping down her chin from all the cocksucking she was doing. She put both our cocks in her mouth, and it felt so good. It seems kind of gay but the cocks rubbing together felt really good inside her mouth. "I hear you fucked your cousin". Wow, she has a big mouth I thought, and then realized the irony in that.

"Do you want to see me fuck her?" he asked. I imagined his giant cock impaling my tiny cousin. "I for sure want you to!" He smiled, took out his cock, let me get another glimpse of it, and shoved it in her pussy. The whole time I still had my cock in her mouth. She was gagging on it, and I was pulling her hair. Her boyfreind fucked her really hard while she sucked me off. I wanted to fuck her to, and she knew it. She stopped blowing me for a second, "I need to be double fucked!". Well, I would defintely not mind. Her boyfreind lay down on the bed, "come ride me, and your cousin will fuck your ass". Sounded like a plan, and it was definetly a good one. We kept fucking her hard. She was moaning so much.I could feel the massive cock in her pussy rubbing on mine. I could not handle it much. I was about to cum. I quicky pulled out, pulled my cousins hair back, and jizzed all over her face..."mmmmm you taste yummy" A few minutes later, after she got fucked so hard i thought the bed would break, hey boyfreind took his cock out of her pussy, and shot his jizz all over her. She rubbed her hands all over our jizz, and licked it off her fingers.
She shoved a finger in her pussy, and made me lick it. "This is what he taste like" she said laughing. He was not amused. He gave her a quick kiss. "This what you wanted?" she gave him a hug. "Yep, she opened up his pants, and showed me his huge cock once more. "I'm sure we will all see each other soon" she said sort of looking at his cock. As soon as he left, me and my still naked cousin headed to 'wash off' just a little.

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