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First time with slut and future wife
After separating recently from my wife I found myself with a lot more time alone and usually playing with myself. Aside from the fact that we had sex nearly every day the void is compounded by the alone time spent fantasizing and feeling very horny. I’m not real disappointed since we still fuck regularly and without the head aches. Marrying very young my first wife Joy had small titties, thin pink pussy lips and a hairy ass, in contrast my latest is slick and smooth being full blooded Indian and having thick, dark and meaty pussy lips that keep me coming back for more. I like the way her mini beef curtains hang down, as if they were pouting and waiting to be fucked. My first wife couldn’t handle anal very well and only half heartedly sucked my cock while Jana takes it up the ass like a real trooper, on top of which she’s been sucking BIG cocks since she was 15 and has sucked me dry on several occasions then after swallowing my entire load chased my spent half hard cock around the room with her mouth.

Yes my wifes know each other, the lil Indian girl even babysat for us years before we would meet again. I thought she was cute then but sex never even crossed my mind at that time. My first wife had a big mouth and it is likely that Jana may have overheard drunken conversations of my wife gabbing about my big cock. I say this because I think she said something to this effect when we met again years later I’m laughing to myself right now as I know every guy out there is screaming yeah make them sluts get it on together but in keeping with what I’m writing here is 99.9% true that didn’t happen. She would have been 13 and my wife at that time 19.

I know every guy wants his wife to be a slut in bed but only with them, the girl in the porno who’ll do anything. They do it for money but my lil slut cock jockey does this for free, and because she likes it. Yeah, I’ve went through all the jealousy and pride stuff having a slut for a wife, even cracked a couple heads over it. But eventually sharing her turned me on and I had to admit she really was more than I could handle. She can fuck another man and come straight home pre lubed and hot to trot for hours.

When she was 15 her sisters’ 25 year old boyfriend took my wifes virginity. Legal or not, I can only imagine my lil slut going from 0 to 60 that quick. At 112lbs. her long black hair and tanned looking skin let you know right away she was Indian, and baby faced cute to boot. Having two older sisters there was no shortage of older men around and she would be with a couple more before meeting me shortly after. At 22 and recently divorced she looked sweet as candy but I thought absolutely jail bait and only talked to her the first night.

The following night sweet 16 was back and driving her boyfriends’ car. Other than her older sisters and having babysat for us before, I knew little about Janas’ personal life. We drove around talking briefly before eventually parking in a dark secluded spot. Once we began kissing our age difference was the furthest thing from my mind as she kissed and smelled like she was all women. She wasn’t the least bit shy, shaky or nervous as I wondered if she knew what she was getting herself into. I was packing nearly 8 inches of thick meat and recently was not getting the diet of sex I was accustomed to in spite of my occasional once a week girls.
Wearing a blue jean skirt I began to feel the little sex kitten up, her gorgeous legs silky smooth as I slide my hand up them and inside her thighs under the easy access skirt. When I pulled her slightly damp panties aside I was completely awestruck by her pussy but kept my composure and my tongue in her mouth. Her pussy lips felt like two small balls of pure wet fuck meat and fascinated I played with them quite some time before sliding a finger between them. I was used to much older women but never had I come across such a thick juicy muff. Any reservations I may have had about boning this young hunny were out the window and I wasted little time in peeling her clothes off. Shadowed by the moonlight her firm, brown and up curved titties jiggled as we repositioned ourselves. She had been massaging the bulge in my crotch and touching the swollen head of my cock that was sprouting up and out of my jeans. She had an evil grin at the discovery of my package.

Laying back the head of my cock was visible from the top of my jeans. Jana undid my pants and spread them open unleashing my throbbing monster. Free to breathe at last my stiff rod poked up around my belly button and I felt like I could pry a trunk open with it. I sucked her firm peaches softly biting her nipples while Jana felt her way around my cock seeming to read every inch before wrapping her fist around me and squeezing lightly. I couldn’t handle much of her stroking looking down noticing the comparison between her wrist and the shaft she held.

Laying her in the back seat I wanted to eat her pussy and drink every drop of cum this sexy little slut had to offer. Like a slobbering dog stuck in a hot vehicle my cock was leaking drool all over the place as we shifted around. She resisted my attempt to lick her and instead immediately pulled me in position to fuck. This lil slut was way past any foreplay as I later learned she had just fucked her boyfriend in order to convince him to loan her the car. He was much closer to her own age and merely a temporary tease while she scouted bigger and better prospects. She was getting her wish tonight as I began to ease the head into her sweet pussy. Her eyes squinting and pretty young little face let out cute soft moans as she helped work the length of my cock inside her in only a couple strokes. We instantly fell for each other, although I didn’t know this at the time her sloppy seconds was better than any firsts I’d ever had. From time to time she reached down between her legs and I could feel her fingers feeling and admiring the big man-sized bone inside her. It was what she was used to, craved, and happy to find again. She was tired of two minute boys her own age.

I could pound her as hard as I wanted and she made it clear that it was o.k. Even placing her hands on my ass or back and pulling me into her. I could see her pearly white teeth as she smiled up at me from time to time while my cock raked her pussy walls for her sweet juices. The snapping wet sound of her pussy being stretched of her teen cream filled the car as I continued introducing my manly balls to her ass cheeks. I was pumping into this little hunny with pent up aggression and had probably already leaked more cum inside her than her little dick boyfriend shot in her earlier. She panted sucking her breath as her facial expressions told how much pleasure she derived from having her pussy split by a grown man.

It took some restraint to last the fifteen to twenty minutes I did inside this little Ferrari fuck machine when I blasted inside her not caring if she got pregnant I just kept pumping, feeling my balls suddenly soaked in warm sperm. Half expecting such a sweet little thing to say something about the massive load I just shot her pussy full of, I was surprised when she said nothing but instead frequently smiled as she got dressed and tucked that eager beaver away for the night. Without a shadow of a doubt I knew I had to hit that again and again.

My much older wife wasn’t even as accommodating as this young sluts pussy. Jana seemed warmer, wetter, and tighter than anything I’d been with. It was obvious that she fucked to get off not get it over with. I’ve even asked her recently what she’s thinking when she’s about to fuck a stranger. Without hesitation and a cute grin while nodding her head she replied, “How many times I’m gonna soak his cock!” For those who care what happened next, well she continued seeing me and dumped her boyfriend within the week. Her mother threatened us but Jana simply then ran away to keep seeing me. We shacked up with mutual friends so we could fuck full time until we got our own place. We’ve been together 16 years now and she’s been with a dozen or so other men in that time. We currently live apart but continue to fuck full time. She is still hot as fuck but difficult to deal with at times because she’s got a big head from being able to have any guy around her at the snap of her fingers, and that’s before they even know what a great fuck she is.

For those who came, you weren’t the first to cum with her pussy in mind, many have cum inside her, including co-workers, her supervisor, a local cop, and the occasional stranger from a night out at the bar with her sisters. One stopped to turn on the bedroom light where he admired and played with her thick pussy lips repeatedly complimenting her. Another left his wife last summer wanting her to move away and marry. This same ex-marine came on my wifes leg just going down on her and later when she left him at a bar in his hometown for a one night fling with one of his tanned buddies, asked me, “What the hell does it take to tame that tiger?”

At a concert recently we had a great spot stage side but wound up leaving early when I grew tired of babysitting her and fending off male advances, it wasn’t only that but the fact that she was just drunk enough I was afraid she might take up the offer. Believe me, she’s just crazy enough combined with the fact that her and fire water aint cool. Even though I’m to chicken that would be cool on the other hand. Letting guys feel her up at a concert, as she got on her knees and started servicing those around her then took turns fucking and cumming in her. That will have to remain fiction at this point. She’s bad enough on her own without me encouraging her.

If you liked this story tell me, if you didn’t let me know why, and if you don’t believe any of what I write, put your money where your mouth is.


2010-12-14 23:20:28
Would love to hear more about her exploits


2006-11-09 07:50:37
I believe it is true, Years ago I dated a lik Indian girl.
she has grown up now and grown out too, But thanks
for the reminder of those hanging beef sides suroundimg a fanytastic piece of pussy. Turned her
over, just as good, although theres two of her now.


2006-10-16 11:23:41
You are just another one of those baby rapists,
God Damn it go get a white woman and fuck her ass
that will make you happy and you do not have to worry about the crazy bitch on fire water.


2006-09-13 07:08:08
not bad at all, sounds fun


2006-06-27 21:19:47
if it's true i fore one would like to meet this lady

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