The following day...
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I woke up to the smell of bacon frying, biscuits and eggs and bacon for breakfast. Then heading out for school. Wednesday of course it was Wednesday I managed to get through my first class before Jennifer and Jenny cornered me.

“Hi Bill they chorused” Jennifer had long blonde hair and Jenny had short kind of spiky hair with blonde tips and dark roots, who understands these things.

“Uh Hi Jennifer, Jenny”

“So is it true?”

“Is what true?”

“Well I heard from Becky who heard from Jasmine who heard it from Laura who’s Sara’s BFF that you kissed Sara and she creamed her pants.”

“I have no idea?” I responded

“Well the word is that getting kissed by you is an experience”

“I see… Girls I really have to get to class.”

“Well we want to know is it true or not?”

“Ask Sara,” I said, at this point both girls looked at each other and smirked. I took my opportunity and scrambled to class.

“We are going to find out,” Jenny said as I walked into my second period class.

“Good morning Class today we are going to work in groups. So break up in groups of three” I was suddenly being pulled in two directions at once. Laura, Sara’s BFF and another girl named Amanda. “Girls leave Bill alone and let him pick his own group” I ended up with a pair of girls who were less than popular in the school. Julie who was small and kind of shrewish with dark brown hair and dressed in layers of drab colors, and Melanie who also wore the drabbest and unappealing costumes as well as a pair of thick glasses that magnified her eyes alarmingly. We worked for a few moments on the project till we were pretty well finished with what needed to be done.

“Why were those girls fighting over you Melanie” asked quietly.

I sighed, “I think it has to do with a story that is going around”

“Well what’s the story then?” Julie asked

“I was making out with my girlfriend yesterday”

“Oooh Juicy!” Julie exclaimed quietly.

“And apparently while we were kissing she had an orgasm.”

“She swooned you mean” Melanie said “that’s what its called when a girl gets overcome with…” she blushed brilliantly “Passion”

“Did she really?” Julie asked.

“That’s the story” I said softly.

“It sounds wonderful” Said Melanie “In the arms of a man overcome with passion” she sighed.
“That does sound nice” Julie said. “Will you tell us more about it later Bill please?”

“I sure I guess” knowing full well I had no intention at all of doing anything of the sort.

I made it to lunch and I was on my way to my locker when I heard a noise. “Psst Bill come here” I walked towards the noise. I opened the door to the Theatre, it was dimly lit I was suddenly pulled inside I tripped and fell and something heavy fell on top of me. “Ow!” someone else shushed for silence with a hiss. As my eyes adjusted to the semi darkness I found myself in what could only be described as a circle of girls, Julie was there and Melanie was lying on top of me she smiled apologetically and helped me up.

“Sorry” Melanie began

“Yeah we were just hoping you could you know tell us about you and Sara”

“How did it start” One girl asked

“Did you touch her boobs?” another one asked

“Did she touch your cock” asked another curious girl

“Sandy! Another girl scolded almost convincingly”

“You could show us,” One girl suggested.

“Yeah show us” several of the girls said.

“Oh me” said one

“No me”

“Girls lets be democratic about this,” said another. I was still trying my best to follow the conversation and quite confused as to what these girls, women were thinking.

“We’ll draw straws” Julie suggested. The girls apparently had a hand full of pre-cut straws and they handed them to me “Just clench them in your fist like that” Julie said and then there were hands pulling the straws out.

“I won I won” Melanie squealed

She moved up in front of me as the other girls looked on. “Well” she whispered show me” I put my arms around her, she leaned her head back and I leaned in…What the hell was I thinking what was I doing… and then I was kissing her gently. I slid my hands down the back of her small body and started to kiss her neck as my hands reached and squeezed her butt. Melanie’s small hands balled up in my shirt. Her breath was coming quick and short. I let my hand drift across her breast, she moaned and apparently her moan was echoed by several of the girls in the room. I kissed her throat as my thumb brushed the crest of her breast. I cupped one of the cheeks of her ass as her whole body trembled I caught her as she almost fell. Then I set her down in one of the chairs, the other girls clapped and Melanie looked up at me with a burning hunger in her eyes.

“Me next” one of the girls said.

“I’ll do your math homework if you make out with me like that” Said another

“I’ll do your English” another spouted

“I’ll do science”

“What is going on in here?”

“Nothing Mrs. Chapman we are just talking”

“Oh really” Mrs. Chapman said from the door to her office.

“The bell is about to ring students you might want to get ready for your next class” I really didn’t know Mrs. Chapman but it sounded a lot like someone telling me to get lost and apparently the rest of the girls took it the same way; As they scrambled for their things.

“What’s your name young man?” Mrs. Chapman asked.

“Bill Mrs. Chapman”

“Bill I’d like to talk to you. Please wait for me in my office” I walked into the small office watching the girls who had dragged me into the room disappear like cockroaches when the lights come on. A few minutes later the door to the small office closed with a click. “Have a seat” she said. I sat down uncomfortably I wasn’t sure if I was in trouble of what. “Now normally” she began “making out in school is prohibited yes of course it happens but if your caught it could lead to a two week suspension.”

“Mrs. Chapman, please I…” she held up her hand emoting something to the effect of I am not here to hear your excuses.

“So is that what you want?” she smiled at me, I had to admit that Mrs. Chapman was attractive, Slim fourtyish with an enormous rack and wide hips. “I’m sure your parents will love to hear all about your fornicating in a classroom,”

“I’m… Please Mrs. Chapman… It’s not my fault”

“I didn’t see you groping a girl in my classroom?”

“Yes you did but…”

“No, no buts, you were so shall I escort you to the principals office?”

“Please Mrs. Chapman,” I could feel the redness in my neck and cheeks. “I can’t get suspended please don’t call my parents”

“Well then if you’re going to mess around in my classroom, I need you to do something”

“Huh? What’s that?”

“Get on your knees right there” she pointed. I got down on my knees on the industrial carpeting I looked up as she stepped out of her panties she pulled up the front of her dress to expose her slit, it was highlighted with a slim line above it of fine black hair. “Your going to eat my pussy”

“I… um”

“Don’t talk lick and you have ten minutes to make me cum.”? I reached up to cup her generous ass in my hands and tentatively licked the lips of her slit. She pushed my head in closer and my tongue split her long syrup coated pussy lips. I licked ineptly apparently because she grabbed me by my ears and pulled my tongue into contact with where she wanted licked. A sort of fingertip sized bump at the top of her cleft and as I attacked it with my tongue I found myself sucking it and lapping at the juices that were flowing freely from her slit. She was soon gasping and groaning. “Oh yes that’s it” she cried, “ah I’m cumming” she growled as I sucked and licked at her little pulsing bud. She pushed my head away and I sprawled onto the floor. “mmm that was nice” she smiled. “Next time I expect you to do better” she then took a Kleenex and wiped her juices off my face, she wrote me a hall pass and sent me on my way.

I made it to the end of school without any other incidents except for the fact that I had a raging hardon that didn’t seem to want to deflate. I got to Sara’s car. Laura was standing there next to Sara and they stopped talking as I walked up.

“Hi Sara”

“Hi Bill, Laura wanted to know if she could catch a ride with us”

“Um whatever you think Sara it’s your car”

“Well lets go then” I sat down between the two girls. Sara started the car and I leaned over and kissed her neck sucking on it lightly. She gasped and sighed, “mmm… Bill please I’ll never get home if you keep doing that.”

“You can do that to me if you like” Laura said and I felt her hand cop a feel on my throbbing cock.
“You better not” Sara said.

“You’re the only girl for me Sara you know that” Sara smiled at that comment. We were on the road heading to my house.

Laura waited till Sara was distracted and leaned over “If your cock is as big as I think it is I’ll let you stick it anyplace you want it” and she bit my earlobe causing goose bumps to rise on my skin. A little while later “I know Sara doesn’t know what to do with a big piece of meat like that, I’ll make your eyes roll back in your head I’ll suck you and fuck you so hard you’ll think you left the planet” She put extra emphasis on her two key words.

“What are you doing over there Laura?” Sara asked glancing over.

“Nothing Sara Just have a little itch is all” She spread her legs and my eyes nearly did pop out of my head as her panty clad pussy came into view and then she pulled the panties tight against her pussy giving me a glimpse of the lips of her pussy the fabric disappearing into the cleft between. She let go and smoothed her skirt and looked me in the eye and licked her lips. I swallowed, “that’s better,” she said. I got out of the car and kissed Sara before I turned to my house.

I walked over to the Rodgers house and found a note on the door

Noel has Dance class today so we will be home around 7:00 make sure the girls behave, they mentioned something about one of the other girls in the neighborhood coming over. Be careful. Look forward to seeing you


I sat down and ate a sandwich PB&J nothing special, and did some homework. On queue Cindy and Nicky exploded into the house trailed by a familiar looking red headed girl.

“Bill this is Andrea,” one of the twins said.

“She’s Mickey’s sister” the other added.

“Mickey said you have a big thingie” Andrea said.

“Its called a Cock” one of the twins corrected her.

“I’ve never seen a real cock before, just you know pictures in a book can I see yours?”

“I’m sorry Andrea I can’t do that,”

“Please?” Andrea pleaded

“Please, Please” the twins chorused.

“No now let me see your school work do you have anything you need to do before tomorrow?”

“Bill… Tomorrow is Friday, we did all of our homework on the bus.”

“Okay well then what would you girls like to do?”

“We told you” one of the twins said, “we want to see your cock”

“Something other than that”

“Nope that’s what we want to do” I grabbed her.

“Which one are you?” I asked.

“Nicky” she said a little fear in her voice.

“Spank her” Cindy said.

“Yes spank her” Andrea echoed.

I bent Nicky over my lap she squirmed and said, “no please”

I raised my hand and Cindy said “no stop not like that.” She moved right up to her sister and pulled her shorts and panties down and pulled them off over her shoes. “now spank her”

“No” Nicky sobbed. I let my hand rest on the baby soft skin of Nicky’s ass. I let my fingers slide down the cleft, gently caressing her tight little pucker, and then down over her smooth skinned pussy lips. I repeated this several times. Nicky was soon breathing heavy and gasping in excitement. I gently probed the soft folds of flesh with my fingers finding the little nub that was a miniature of what I had found on Mrs. Chapman. I licked my fingers and gently rubbed with a feather light touch back and forth over her little clit.
“Please Bill” Nicky moaned…

“Please what?” I asked as I brushed her clit with a little more pressure

“Please don’t stop” she moaned

“No you need a spanking”

“no” she gasped I pulled my fingers away and pursed my lips and blew a stream of air down her bare spine, going all the way down to her tight little sphincter. “Yes I mean yes” she moaned

“Yes what?”

“Yes spank me please Bill”

I slapped her ass, hard enough to leave a red patch but not hard enough to really hurt her hell I wasn’t trying to hurt her that was the last thing I wanted to do. I collected a little of her juices that were streaming from her slit and between blowing on her spine and gently tickling her little anus with my slippery fingers the groaned. I slapped her again. And repeated the process. Until the third time where I held her still while my fingers lightly manipulated and teased the small girls throbbing little sex switch. I kept at it till she trembled and spasmed against my leg.

I laid Nicky on the couch. Who lay on her back her eyes half glazed and her legs open her tight little pussy visibly contracting for all of us to see. “Wow Bill” Cindy said

“Yeah” Andrea said, “I wanna get spanked like that too”

“Why don’t you girls watch TV I’m going to fix you a snack.”

I worked out some chips and Dip and we did manage to watch TV for an hour before the doorbell rang. I jumped up and opened the door. It was Mickey, “Oh, Bill, Hi You’re watching the Girls?”

“Yes” I said

“I um came to get my Sister Andrea, but um do you think we could, um you know, for a few minutes?”

“Sure I guess,” I said not really knowing what else to say.

“I’ll just call my mom and make up an excuse.” I followed her into the kitchen were she picked up the phone and started dialing, for some reason I could never get enough of Mickey’s tits so I slipped my hands up her shirt and groped her while she talked to her mother. As soon as she hung up the phone she turned to face me I kissed her on the lips, my tongue now easily exploring the younger girls melting body. I lifted her shirt over her head and with a little help removed her bra; I started sucking on her tight pink nipples. I reached up and pulled her panties off from under her skirt. I lowered my face to her sweet smelling pink cleft and lightly licked along the line of her pussy lips. “Oh god Bill” she moaned when I sucked her clit between my lips, my tongue swirling and dancing all around and over it. “Oh shit” she groaned and shuddered her thighs clenching my head in place I kept licking and sucking until she came a second and then a third time. I pulled her off the counter she was wobbly like her legs were made out of rubber “Oh my god bill” she said as she slid to her knees and opened my pants and fished out my cock. She gobbled it like a woman possessed her mouth and face a blur as her hands worked my shaft and balls. It wasn’t surprising given all the stimulation I had had that day that it took almost no time at all before my balls erupted into Mickey’s sweet sucking mouth. She licked her lips and smiled up at me.

“Oh no if you get to do that I do too” it was Andrea and she walked straight up and slurped on my now half hard cock. Andrea took her mouth from my now recovering cock and looked at her sister “Is that fucking then?”

“No Andrea” Mickey said, “Fucking is when a boy puts his thing in a girls pussy”

“It will fit? That will fit? I want to see.”

“I don’t know if I’m ready to fuck yet” Mickey said.

“I’ll fuck him” Cindy said and led me and the two other girls into the living room. She had me lie down on the floor while the other Mickey and Andrea took up positions on the couch next to Nicky who was still in a daze and lightly stirring her pussy with her index finger.

Cindy undressed and then helped me get the rest of my clothes off. She straddled my hips and then lined up my cock with her tight little pussy. She lowered herself down on it the exquisite feeling of her pussy stretching around my cock was mind blowing. Her cute angelic face screwed up in concentration as she after several moments of effort slipped the head of my cock past her virginal entrance. With her hands on my chest she slowly pushed her ways down onto my cock until she met the resistance of her hymen. She pressed hard, and then biting her lip she rode up and then slammed down impaling herself completely on my cock. The shocked and surprised look on her face seemed stuck for moments as she surveyed what she had done. She didn’t move she seemed stuck and then she shivered. I could feel the undulations of the muscles of her pussy as they became accustomed to the intruder. She took a deep breath, I could see tears in her eyes, but she wiped them away and as she got used to being impaled like a butterfly in a display case she started her hips rising and falling, slowly at first and then as she became more confident she got faster. It wasn’t long in the tight vice like box before I could feel the cum rushing up in my balls and I groaned “I’m cumming” the little nymph started pumping up and down on my cock faster I could feel her orgasm contracting around my cock and her whimpering cries as she came my hot seed squirting deep inside her.

“Fuck that was Hot” Mickey said

“Yeah” Andrea said here eyes wide like saucers her own hand buried between her legs. Cindy didn’t stop though after a few minutes of rest she was moving again her pussy was so tight and clenching that I not only didn’t get the least bit soft I was still hard and swollen and sensitive as ever, She started humping and my cock started pumping more hot seed inside her. Cindy didn’t stop until she was a sweaty mess and my balls felt drained. She stood up on her wobbly legs and walked towards the bathroom Andrea immediately came up and scooped up some of the white milky cum that was still oozing from my cock and had pooled on my balls and tasted it experimentally.

The Phone rang Nicky got up and answered “Mickey you mom wants to know when your coming home”

“Oh shit we better go” Mickey collected her clothes and her sister and they rushed out the door. A few minutes later a car pulled up and Carol and Noel came in. Noel stripped immediately and pounced on my soft cock her warm mouth reviving it with gentle suction and her sweet teasing tongue. Cindy hearing her mom come in came running out from the back of the house apparently she hadn’t quite made it to the bathroom because there was cum and a little blood oozing from her swollen slit and a large dollop of cum on the inside of her thight.

“You fucked Bill, Cindy?”

“Yes mommy” she replied

“And how was it?”

“Oh wow mom it was Awesome.”

“I know it is Sweetie” she moved noel out of the way and straddled my cock which was sore and swollen and then suddenly enveloped in the wonderful gooey warmth of Carol’s honey hole. She leaned over and offered her breasts to me which I sucked and licked and nibbled enthusiastically as she slowly rode my cock to orgasm, she rode me to three more of her own before my cock spurted into her weakly. She got up and helped me up, I staggered following her into the kitchen where she handed me a brown paper bag. Inside were three brown pill bottles. “These will help you with your sperm production,” she said and help to keep you healthy. Also was a small wad of twenty dollar bills. She helped me dress and I managed to stagger home.

After a hot bath I felt better, I was asleep in my bed as soon as I could get there, I had taken my “Vitamins” and was resting peacefully. I woke to the sound of tapping on the window. It was still dark outside and I was on the second floor, what the fuck? I opened the window “Bill?” a female voice said.


“Can I come in or what?”

“Uh I guess.”

I backed away from the window in the dark and not one but two figured entered my room through the window. I reached over and turned on the desk lamp to keep the light down. It was Laura and another girl who I had never seen before. Laura was already stripped to her bra and panties. Her dark hair and Blue eyes flashed at me as she seductively removed her bra. Her grapefruit sized breasts bounced delightfully as she moved to strip off her panties. Her friend just leaned against the wall next to the window. I looked to see that her pussy was trimmed but a definite v shaped shrubbery of hair. She quickly pulled my boxers off and started slurping on my cock until she coaxed it into a reluctant hardness. “Fuck Mandy look at this” her friend Mandy moved up to examine my cock

“Oh very nice” she said licking her lips “Next time okay?”

“Sure thing” Laura said as she lowered herself gingerly onto my cock. “Bill, let me know when your going to cum okay she said as she started to work on a rhythm, her hips bouncing on the soft mattress. I pulled her forward and enjoyed her fleshy breasts with my mouth as she humped and pumped up and down on my cock. “Ah fuck I’m cumming” She hissed I could feel the contractions of her pussy and that apparently was enough for my abused cock and I could feel the sperm boiling up
“I’m going to cum” I gasped

Laura leapt from my cock and her mouth was quickly suctioning the head of my cock and within a few strokes of her soft hands her the inside of her mouth was coated with a generous amount of my cock cream. She sucked the last drops from my shaft and then turned to her friend Mandy and gave her a kiss flavored with my cum. After a few minutes of this lingering kiss. Mandy pulled back and as if tasting a fine wine, “Really nice”

Laura kissed me and then said “I’ll see you soon, don’t try and duck me, all this can be yours” she said her hands sliding down her body and then she turned and slapped her ass. She picked up her clothes and started dressing but not before she tossed her panties at me. And they exited the same way they came in.I drifted back to sleep wondering if I could possibly survive another day.

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