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First time writing. All comments welcome on how to make it better and if I should continue the story.

My name is James and this is my story on how my sister and I came to be a couple. 

It was a saturday night and I didn't have any plans so I decided that I would rent a move from Netflix. I had the movie on my laptop and was going to the living room to watch it and my father. I looked just like him  with the blue eyes to the blond hair but I had my mothers face and I was taller than my dad who was 5 ft 11 and i was 6 ft 1. 

"James have you seen Sara?" he asked.

"Yeah she's in her room"

"go and get her and let's watch the movie together he said and he took the laptop from me.

I ran back up the stairs and walked to her room and opened the door stepping inside. My sister and I were twins but I was older by 2 minutes. We always got  along great and we liked each other. Even though she was my sister I still thought that she was hot, and anyone would agree with me.

She had a nice round butt and full perky 32D tits and curves in all the right places. I never looked at her in a sexual way before but that changed when she started the develop into a woman. 

I would have my own personal fantasies about what I would do to her if I ever got her in bed and i would always get poncho boners just thinking about her. I loved her but never told her this because I was afraid of how she would react and so I kept I to my self. However I didn't do a good job. 

Whenever she came around me I always go. A boner and she never failed to see it. This time however nothing happened when I saw her. She was sitting with her back against the headboard of the bed and her hands were covering her head as she cried. 

"Sara what happened?" I asked her.

She looked up and I saw that she had been crying for a while now because her eyes were red and puffy. I walked over to the bed and sat down next to her. I put my arm around her and and hugged her.

"What happened?" I asked her

She started crying even louder and I oils barley hear her through her sobs when she said that Sean who was here boyfriend had just broken up with her. 

"It's ok Sean's a prick" I told her but she did t stop crying 

I stayed with her until she stopped crying and then asked her if she needed anything and that we were downstairs watching inception. 

She said no but thanked me for staying with her by kissing me on the face. She smiled and got up and left. I watched her as she walked out of her room. Damn she was hot! I thought to my self and went down to watch the movie.

Later that night I got up to use the bathroom and was walking down the hall. I saw that my sisters room door was open but she wasn't there. When I walked pas my moms room the door was slightly open and I could hear my sister talking. I caught the words boy like and what to do before I closed the bathroom door to take a piss.

When I woke up Sunday morning our parents had already left for work and Sara was watching tv. "mom said to go out and eat" she told me 

She got up from the couch and tried to take my car keys from the counter but I was quicker and got to them before she did. "Come on please let me drive today" she begged

Having an idea I told her she could drive if she could get them from me and I lifter my arm up into the air dangling the keys. 

Apparently she had the same idea too and pressed her body against mine grinding her crotch into mine, making me harder by the second. 
I was hard enough that my boner tented my pants and was poking her. She let out a soft moan and moved one of her hands down and rubbed it. I closed my eyes and groaned at her touch momentarily lowering my hand that had the keys.

She saw her chance and grabbed it from my hand and said "looks like I'm driving!" 

I looked down and saw that her hand was still on my hard cock and she saw it too but didn't move her hand until her phone rang.

I waited for her outside and she came out looking mad. I tried to get my keys back but she slapped my face and then kissed the same spot and got into the drivers seat.

We pulled up into the parking lot of Wendy's and went in. After we ordered we sat down and asked her "why did Sean break up with you" 

She just shook her head and kept on eating. We finished and I took both of our trash and she went outside. When I walked out of Wendy's I saw he and Sean having a shouting match.

He raised his hand to hit her but I caught it and punched him in the stomach "never touch my sister fag"

"Or what" he asks as he picked him self off the floor.

I didn't see any of his buddies around so I told him "do it again and you'll find out." I knew he wouldn't fight me because he knew he would lose. All he said was "your both gonna regret this" and walked away.

"are you ok?" asked her

She shook her head yes and gave me my car keys back. I drove us home and she went up into her room but not before kissing me on the face. She looked like she wanted to tell me something but she decided not to and left.

That night I got up to use the bathroom again. As I got to Sara's room I heard moaning and whimpering so I opened the door slightly and saw that she was completely naked. 

She ha two fingers going in and out of her pussy and the other hand was pulling at her rock hard nipples. This was a beautiful sight. I got to see my sister fully naked and to top it off she was fingering her self. I took my cock out. Of my shorts and started stroking it. 

She took her thumb and started playing with her clit and she moaned louder and the her whole body started to spasm. I smiled she was having an orgasm and seconds later I felt my balls tighten and I shot my load onto her door. 

I took off my shirt and wiped it off I heard her say something but didn't quite hear it and I hurried back to my room forgetting to use the bathroom. 

When I woke up in the morning my bladder hurt so much that I jumped out if bed and ran to the bathroom.

I flee into the room but stopped as k turned around. Sitting on the toile seat was my sister. Her legs were spread wide open and she had her middle finger in her pussy and cloths in the other which she hid when she saw me.

I turned to leave and she said something that I didn't expect to hear and that I only dreamt of her saying to me. "don't go stay and help me" she said.

I turned around my eyes glued to her hand in her pussy and her tits. She got up and took my hand closing the bathroom door and sat back down on the toilet seat. She pulled me down and then spread her legs wide open giving me a full view of her pussy. "you know you want to do it" she said and bucked her hip forward. 

I leaned in and took a deep breath. The intoxicating aroma of her most recent orgasm still lingered and it smelt so good it was driving me crazy. "Do it please" she begged and I leaned in close kissing her outer lips. 

I took my index finger and stuck it in her causing her to slip further into my finger. I felt her hymen and pulled my finger out. I parted her lips and stuck my tongue inside her pussy and pushed my finger back in at the same time. 

She grabbed hold of my head and pushed my face into her. I reached up with my other hand and started playing with her nipples and squeezing her tits making her scream and moan loudly. 

I hulled my head away and started attacking her clit, twirling it wound with my tongue and biting it lightly. This set her over the edge and she went into her orgasm. 

Her fluids squished out of her and I tried to drink it all but it was too much and the sweet smell of it made me dizzy. 

When her orgasm subsided she got up and pushed me to sit where she just was and pulled down my boxers and grabbed my hard cock an was ready to pi it in her mouth when I came to my senses and jumped up. "we  shouldn't have just done that" I said and walked to the door way.

"it's ok" she said following me 

"no see brother and sister we shouldn't be doing stuff like that" and I walked into my room and shut the door. "we have to go to school hurry up and shower." I waited until she showered and then went into the bathroom. 

Since I was the one with the car I had to drove us both and the ride to school was terribly awkward. I pulled up into the school parking lot and before I could get out she grabbed my hand. "I know how you fell about me you can't hide it" 

"no it's wrong and we can't do that ever again" and I shook her off. We were in our second to las year in bight school and summer break was only 1 week away. 

For the whole school day I sat in class thinking about what happens this morning between my sister and I and wondering if I should continue it. 

By the end of the day I still hadn't made up m mind and was heading to my car only to find her talking with he friends. They all left when I came. The drive home was difficult an I tried several times to start a conversation with her but failed. When we got home I changed into shorts and a t-shirt and sat not the sofa watching tv.

Sara came down an hour later and walked in front of the tv. She sat down on my legs and started rubbing her crotch against my cock which was hard as a rock. I could feel just how wet she was.

She wrapped her hands around my neck and started kissing me on the lips passionately. I pulled away and told her no "I know that you want to I can see it in your eyes take me tonight" she said.

"Sara this is incest what would people think if they found out?" 

"they don't have to find out this is between you and me." 

"what if mom and dad catch us?" I asked her 

"then we'll worry about it when it happens" she said without hesitation.

"is this what you really want Sara?" 

"Yes you don't know how long I've wanted you!" I nodded yes and she climbed off me and took my cock out of my shorts. "damn I've never seen one so big" she said. "how big is it?" she asked

"8 inches" I said. Her eyes winded and she smiled.

"oh thats gonna fill me up good" and kissed the head of my cock; just then both of our parents walked in through the door. 

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2011-11-18 15:41:25
you can't have the boyfriend make a threat and then drop it what happened


2011-05-26 22:01:49
Pretty good but there were a few spelling errors here and there. Also was a little short but all in all a good story

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2011-05-05 20:27:58
pretty good 7/10. put more romance into it, and a little buildup.

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2011-05-05 00:16:55
Like the commentor below me said, you can do this, but you need to work on proofreading what you have written.

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2011-04-28 08:33:38
You need to Proofread, Spell Check, Keep the Gender Stright, keep the story flow stright and your good to go.

Good Try Go for part 2, Good 1st try. They could have gone out to Dennys it is after all Sunday,Both Parents Work On Sunday, heaven forbid if anyone goes to Church.

Lets not get the parents to worked up either way,

I love storyies about Twins Sisters and Brothers having Happy Sex. Girl mostly in charge.

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