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Libby was 15, she had straight natural bleach blonde hair that stopped just below her shoulder, she was 5' 6'' and had a slim figure. She had deep blue eyes and perfectly rounded breasts, not to big and not to small. She was the youngest in a family of 4, it was Kassie (her mother), Blake (her father), Sally (her sister), and of course herself. Libby and her family moved to Denver, Colorado when she was 8 years old. She can still remember first meeting him, Derik, he was the first person she meet when they arrived at their new home.

While her mother and father and he older sister Sally brought in boxes and talked to the movers, Libby wandered off and found herself in a strangers backyard, or so she thought. Libby was looking around when out of no where a man's voice said "Are you lost?".

"I think so," she said as she twirled around, "I was just exploring and....uh...yeah im lost."

He chuckled, "You must be the family moving in accross the way. Here sweety I'll take you home."

They walked back to her house to find Kassie and Blake searching frantically for their little girl.

"Oh my goodness!" Kassie exclaimed where on Earth have you been?"

"I'm sorry mommy, I I in trouble?" Libby asked

Kassie laughed nervously, "No just go inside and get washed up for dinner young lady. Thank you for bringing her home...." She stopped not knowing what to call the man who just returned her 8 year old.

"No problem mam. She seems like a sweet kid, anytime they want to just tell em to come one over I could use the company and my little neice and nephew would sure enjoy having kids their own age to play with."

Libby walked up the stairs, she looked back at Derik and smiled. That was how they met, and over the years Derik, Sally, and Libby had became really close and Kassie and Blake had come to trust him. They knew that Derik was a nice and respectful man and that he would never try anything with their girls so they felt comfortable letting the two stay the night whenever they pleased...with Deriks permission of course.

One night, after having a huge fight with her mother, she decided that maybe she was just going to stay a Derik's house for a couple of days. So she packed her over night bag and walked out the door.

She knocked at the door, and Derik answered several seconds later. He smiled when he noticed who it was, and when he saw the over night bag in her hand he just opened the door and she walked right in. She plopped on the couch and let out and angry huff.

"What's wrong?" he asked clearly concerened.

"Nothing, I'm just so tired of being treated like a flip'n kid ya know?"

"I understand Libby, but you know you parents do all of that because they...."

"Yeah yeah yeah, I know I know, because they love me....right"

He smiled and laughed a bit, he settled in the couch next to her and turn on the TV. He flipped through a few channels untill coming across STARZ and he noticed that their favorite movie was on...Zombie Land!!!!!!

"SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!" they both exclaimed.

They sat their for several minutes, until Libby got up to go to the bathroom, a few seconds after Libby got up Derik did as well....he snuck into the hallway and peered into the bathroom just to take a little peek at his young friend. All he could see was her knees and she sat down, then before he knew it he lost his footing and stumpled onto the ground.

She burst out into uncontrolable laughter as she quickly finished and ran to help him up. "Uh I came back to go and put on some sweats and I guess I tripped over something." He said with a sheepish smile.

The night went on, completely uneventful. Then in the middle of one of their movies, BOOM! BANG! Thunder and lightning appeared out of no where and rain started to pour. The lights suddenly go out and Derik and Libby are sitting there in the dark. It was around 1AM anyway so the two of them said their goodnights and headed to the bedroom (different bedrooms).

It was later on the night when Libby awoke from a strange dream filled with death and depression, she wondered what it would be like to die a virgin and she wasn't going to wait to find out. So she got out of bed, too of her tank top, leaving just a pink lacey bra and lacey panties and creeped into Derik's room.

She crawled into bed next to him, she nudged the sleeping man and wimpered "I can't sleep." He shifted and looked up at her.

"What's wrong?"

"I can't sleep, I had a nightmare that I died, it was so sad. Can I maybe sleep with you?"

He looked at Libby and thought for a moment, he too had wanted to de-flower her and in a word "take he innocence" as it was often put, but he didn't know if he could do that to someone that he had watched grow up from a young girl into a beautiful gorgeous young women.

"Sure." he said anyways.

She nestled beside him and curled into a little ball. "Derik....PSSSSTTTT Derik!!!"

"Yes, Libby?"

"I can't sleep."

"Well of course you can't your in a freakin' ball....and it frezzing out their you gotta get under the covers."

"Hehehehe OK."

She crawled under the cover and pressed her back against him. "Derik.....will you cuddle with me....I can't sleep unless I feel someone next to me." and without question he put his arms around her and held her tight.

It wasn't long before she decided to tease him a little. She rubbed her nearly naked ass against his cock and after only a few seconds she felt something hard....really hard. She decided to continue.

"What's that?" she asked obvisouly pretending not to know.

"It's my dick Libby." he said to her, "If I can be completly honest if you keep doing that Im gunna get up and spread your legs and plow you."

She was shocked, but in a good way she couldn't believe that he just came out and said it like that. All she did was throw the blankets off of her, spread her legs and said what are you waiting for, and ingraved invitation?"

He looked at her and smiled and without wasting another milli-second her threw the blankets in a different direction and climbed onto of her. He kissed her first, and with such passion, he pulled off her panties and kissed his way down. He stopped at her breast and began to suckle on her nipples, biting and licking them, sucking on them, flicking the with his tounge. She had never felt anything so pleasureable in her life. He continued down and stopped when he reached her pussy. "So young," he thought "I've never taken someone V-card before" he kissed her clit and started gently sucking on it her took his middle finger and gently pushed it through her opening. She made soft, low moans that turned his semi-hard cock into a rock hard pussy pounding machine. He sat up and lifted her legs in the air and said "Baby, this is gunna hurt, I will try and be gentle." He stuck the tip of his cock into her pussy slowly, he knew she enjoyed from the look on her face. So he decided to try to go in a little further, he stuck it about half way in and he wondered how she would react when he broke through her hymen. So her slowly made his way through her love cannal until he felt it, the hymen, he said "Ok baby, you ready?" and before she coulld answer her tore through her like paper, opening her up to a word of pain. She let out a yelp and then tears welled in her eyes. He picked up speed and before he knew it he was shooting a load into her as he let out a "Ahhhh!!"

He colapsed on the bed next to her, they lay there for the longest time. Saying nothing, doing nothing, just laying there. She glanced over at him and then reached in to kiss him. She climbed on top of him and started kissing her way down his body, she got to his cock and started blowing him like it was her job. He moaned and groaned as he guided his cock in and out of her mouth as she deep throated it. Before he knew it he sent another load straight down her esphogus and into stomach. "Yum." she said as she looked up at him licking her lips.

She layed down next to him yet again as he put his arm around her and they drifted off to sleep after the pleasure that they had both endored.
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