Randy was happily surprised to discover that his little brother is a big slut!
I honestly didn’t ever plan to fuck my little brother. And I really don’t give a damn if you believe me or not, but it was Billy that came on to me. Now, I will admit that I was horny as a three-peckered goat, that first night. And seeing as how I was a lot older and a lot bigger than him, I suppose I could have made him stop. But like I’d said, I was about to bust a nut even before I went into the bedroom Billy and I shared. I was hoping he was sleeping, so that I could give my cock a good hard beating to make myself pop a wad, which was the only way I knew I’d be able to sleep.
But once I’d taken my shirt off and had one leg out of my pants, I heard, “Did ya do her tonight Randy?” Billy wasn’t sleeping. His whispered voice startled me a bit.
“Nah,” I responded, feeling a bit of shame at admitting my failure to my little brother. It made me wonder how hard it was going to be admitting to my buddies that I was still a virgin. “I gave her a good finger-fucking, though,” unconsciously, I raised my hand to my face and took a big whiff off the fingers, which less than an hour before had been shoved-up my date’s twat. “And she did pull my cock out and gave me a hand-job.”
“Did ya squirt?” Billy asked, his voice a bit higher and a bit louder than before.
“Nah,” I said again. Shit, I figured that there was no use lying to him. I’d save that for when I told my buddies about my date. “She got me close though, but once I started breathing really heavy and my muscles started to spaz, she stopped and started in like, ‘Now Randy Stone, ‘” and my voice went higher as I imitated the girl’s voice, “‘you aren’t gonna spit that nasty stuff all over my new dress! Eeeewwww!’ and she left me hanging.”
“So you got the blue-balls?” Billy asked, his voice soft again.
“How the fuck do you know about blue-balls?” I asked, thinking my kid-brother was fairly innocent. I mean, I had talked to him before about sexual stuff, but more the nuts and bolts about it, you know, ‘Tab A fits into slot B,’ stuff. Though, I guess that I did tell him that I was hoping to get laid on my date, as Billy sat on his bed and watched me get ready earlier that evening.
“I heard you and Brad talking one day, out back.” Billy said softly, “He was talking about that Jessica girl, and about how she gave him a case of the blue-balls.”
I chuckled remembering how sure my best buddy Brad was about scoring with that girl. “You were hiding up in the tree, weren’t you?” There was a big maple tree out back that Billy liked to climb and spy on the neighborhood. And our picnic table was right under it, which is where Brad and I were sitting when he told me about his date with Jessica.
I heard Billy mumble affirmatively, then when he spoke, his words were so fast and quiet that I could barely make out what he said. “So you gonna jack-off now?”
Now I’d never even admitted to Brad that I beat my meat and he was my best friend. It was just something that a guy didn’t talk about. I mean, we all knew that everyone did it, but that didn’t mean that you had to broadcast the fact. Ok, so we were always accusing each other of doing it, joking-like, but I never heard anyone actually admit that they did it. So I said to my snotty little brother, “What makes you think I’ve ever done that?”
“Oh, I don’t know,” Billy sounded a lot more confident and cocky now. I knew that he only used that tone of voice when his true brattiness was about to come out. “Maybe it’s all the slapping sounds and the way your bed squeaks almost every night. First you start breathing really heavy, then in quick huffs and puffs. And that’s when the slapping and squeaking get real fast and loud. Then you make three little grunts, take a deep breath and let out a long groan. After that, all I can hear is you getting your breath back, then you pull the old sock from under your bed and wipe-up.”
I always thought the little shit was sleeping by the time I got to bed and started wacking it. I couldn’t even begin to find the words to describe at that moment. Not only did another person know what I did to myself before bed, but Billy seemed to have heard it enough times that he knew the whole pattern of my secret habit. At least as much as he could know from only listening to me.
“Then,” Billy said a lot softer and without any of his cocky attitude, “after a couple minutes, you start snoring.” Then even softer, my little brother told me, “And when I know you’re asleep, that’s when I jack-off.”
You could have knocked me over with a stick. I couldn’t believe that my little brother masturbated. Though, when I thought about it, Billy was a lot older than I was, back when I discovered what I could do to my hard, little dick, with a bit of spit and elbow-grease. But even though me and Billy were brothers, we were as different as two guys could be. I was a jock. Back then I only had two interests. Sex and sports (well, I did have a thing for muscle-cars too, but . . . ) Billy, on the other hand, liked to draw and read and write, and when he did watch television, he watched things on the public channel, or world news, or shit like that. About the only time we agreed on a channel was if there was an old kung-foo flick, or Tarzan movie airing. I’d always been tall and fairly well-built. I started playing sports in grade-school and spent years working-out. I was proud of my body. Billy, on the other hand spent so much time with his nose in a book that while he was getting taller, he was still skinny as a rail. Though, the few times I did see him without a shirt, he did have a nicely-muscled chest and stomach, even if his muscles were pint-sized.
Well, my point was that I just never figured Billy even ever got a hard-on. He just always seemed so immature that I figured sex was the furthest from his mind. I even wondered, every so often, if he’d ever be able to get laid, when he was older, of course. Though, I was a few years younger than him when I first started trying.
“When did you start beatin’ your meat?” I asked my brave little brother.
“I dunno,” Billy said and shifted position on his bed, and I swear I saw a big lump in his sheet, right where I figured his dick ought to be. “A couple years ago, I guess. Right after I figured-out what it was I heard you doing every night.”
“And you . . . I mean . . . ” I wasn’t sure what to say. I wasn’t sure how that made me feel. The little shit had been listening to me beat-off for years, and I never knew he knew. And I guess I sort of felt that he was blaming me for himself starting to masturbate. I took a deep breath, realizing that my cock had gone completely soft in the time since Billy first spoke to me. I was trying to focus my thoughts and figure-out what I should say to the kid.
Though Billy had a thought of his own. “So are you gonna do yourself or not?” He said, in full-brat-mode. “It’s late and I wanna get some sleep.”
“So go the fuck to sleep,” I hissed.
“I can’t,” Billy hissed back. Then his voice went soft and had an almost pleading tone to it, “‘Cause I got to do myself real bad, an’ I don’t think I could get myself off if I know you’re awake.”
“So you want to listen to me jack-off, so you can do yourself.” I felt a throb of blood between my legs, for some reason, at the thought of Billy listening to me do it. And at the same time it sort of scared me and I was a bit angry too. After all, I’d just found-out that someone had been listening to me every night, during the most intimate and private moments I spent with myself.
My first thought was to head to the bathroom, lock myself in, and get myself off there. Then I realized that the lump in Billy’s sheet was his hand, moving slowly up and down, right where his dick ought to be. He was doing himself. Right in front of me, my kid-brother was jacking-off. I couldn’t believe it. I sat on my bed and watched him for a minute. There was no question in my mind about what Billy was doing to himself under his sheet. And when I looked up toward his face, I saw that he was looking me right in the eye. After a moment Billy’s gaze dropped and I could feel him staring into the crotch of my boxers. Within a couple seconds my cock went from almost-completely-flaccid, to just-about-half-hard. There wasn’t much light in the room, but I could tell by the smile that popped-out of Billy’s face that he saw the action in my shorts. After another throb of hot blood to my cock, my little brother looked up to my face again.
“You know you ain’t gonna be able to sleep tonight unless you do it,” Billy whispered, staring me right in the eye. “I know there ain’t no way in hell I’m gonna sleep either, ‘til I make myself squirt.”
The bulge in my boxers throbbed again, and as my brother’s eyes darted down there, I glanced over to the rhythmic bobbing motion of Billy’s sheet. It had gotten a bit faster, though he was still stroking himself slowly. And before I realized what I was doing, my hand was between my legs and I was rubbing my cotton-covered cock to full hardness.
“If you take yours out and let me watch, I’ll move the blanket so you can see me too.” Billy suggested, as though we were discussing wether we’d watch an Inspector Cluseau movie, or Doctari. I don’t remember giving it much thought, as I shoved my thumbs into the waist-band of my boxers and shoved them down to my feet. I wrapped my right hand around my rock-hard cock and started stroking it just as slowly as Billy was stroking his. Then he stopped, but only for a second as he pushed his sheet down and revealed his naked body to my eyes. As soon as his sheet was gone, Billy’s hand was back on his dick and he resumed his slow stroking.
Once again Billy surprised me. Though not as big as mine, my little brother did have a pretty big dick on him. It was hard to tell, with his fist wrapped around it, but I could tell that he had quite a bit more that the two-inch soft, little boy-dick I’d last seen dangling between his legs. And not only did he have a nice long dick on him, I was surprised by the amount of pubic-hair growing between his bony hips. Again, he didn’t have a thick bush like mine, but for a kid his age, there was plenty of hair growing at the base of his dick. Though, where I’d started growing a bit of hair on my chest, arms and legs, Billy’s torso and limbs were still apparently hairless. I wondered if my kid-brother had any hair on his balls yet, which for some reason sent another throb of blood to my already bone-hard cock. I couldn’t see his nuts from the angle where I was sitting.
We sat there for a moment, looking each other up and down as we both slowly stroked our stalks. Then Billy broke the silence by saying, “Yours is so big, Randy.” Now, I have to admit that it was sort of nice being complemented on my size, by the first guy to ever see me with a hard-on (even if it was my little brother). I suppose that I was trying to show off some, as I released my grip on my cock and let it bob around a bit. I clenched the muscles at its base and around my butt and made it twitch. Then I spread my legs a bit, I suppose I wanted to give him a better view. But I guess Billy took my display as some sort of an invitation, because before I knew it, my little brother was kneeling on the floor and had all ten of his skinny fingers wrapped around my bone.
I can’t describe the intense sensations rushing through my body, feeling Billy’s hands on my cock. It was the first time someone other than myself had ever touched it. Though, looking down at Billy’s skinny fingers, I could almost imagine that it was a girl who was slowly stroking my cock, rather than my kid-brother. As he stroked it, Billy’s face got closer and closer to my cock, to the point where I couldn’t miss seeing his mischievous grin and watch the bony hands gently jacking me off. He got so close, in fact, that I started to wonder if he wasn’t about to start sucking on my cock. A thought which sent yet another throb of hot blood to my crotch. And when that blood hit my cock and the thing puffed-up in Billy’s hands, he let out a surprised yelp of his own.
“I hope mine gets big, like this,” Billy said and I could feel the breath of his words on the shaft of my cock. Then my little brother pulled one of his hands away from my rigid rod and shoved it between his own legs. With one hand Billy jacked himself off, and with his other he slowly stroked my cock.
“Shit,” he said softly, “I can’t even get my fuckin’ hand all the way around the god-damned thing.” His breath was coming faster, each puff of which I could feel between the fingers gripping my cock. In a night of unbelievable events, hearing my kid-brother, little Billy, swearing like a whore out by the docks, let alone about how big my cock was, well, I don’t know what came over me.
Well, actually I do. I know exactly what came over me. Lust. Plain and simple. I mean, I was only a year or two from reaching my sexual prime. Not to mention all the priming my pump had taking all night. Shit, I started getting a boner even before I left the house earlier that evening, with the hope of scoring with my date. I started feeling it as I got ready, telling Billy about my plans for the night. I was bound and determined to get laid. I had to pull-out my shirt-tails to cover the lump in my chinos, when I got to the teasing bitch’s house her to pick up, so that her father wouldn’t see my excitement when he met me at the door. Then after almost four hours of being teased, she worked me right up to the brink, then left me hanging. Now, half an hour later, my little brother was stroking me with one hand, himself with his other, and his face was so close to my cock that I could feel his hot breaths. I must admit, Billy was right when he said that I’d have to pop-a-nut before I’d be able to sleep. And if my kid-brother didn’t stop doing what he was doing, and soon, I’d certainly do just that.
But Billy did stop. he took his hand off me and backed-up a foot or so, glanced quickly behind my shoulder and said, “Reach back and turn on your lamp, will ya Randy? I wanna get a good look at it.”
I did as Billy requested and, stretching my left hand behind me to get at the switch, I raised my hips off my bed. Just as my fingers touched the switch, I looked down. The instant the light came on, I saw my little brother, once again holding my cock in both hands, lips puckered and kissing the head of my hard cock. His eyes popped open with the light, and he saw me looking down at him. Like he’d been struck by a cattle-prod, he jumped back and pulled away from my cock. I settled my butt back on my bed, and started down at him, waiting to see what the little brat would do next.
At first all he did was stare at my cock. Well, he was slowly stroking his long, skinny dick with one hand, while his other hand fondled his own balls, as he stared at my rigid cock. I made it jerk a couple times and each time I did, I thought Billy might squirt his load.
If he could squirt a load? Surely he was old enough, and from what I could see peeking-out from between his fingers, Billy seemed to have a decent size set of nuts, for a kid his age. Hell, he did jack-off, though I know that I couldn’t shoot a wad, when I first started doing it. I could see what Billy had better with the light on, though with his hands all over himself, I still hadn’t gotten a good look at his equipment.
“Take your hands away for a sec, Brat,” I said, without even realizing what I was doing. “I wanna see what you got too.”
So there I was, sitting on the edge of my bed with a raging boner and my little brother was kneeling at my feet, and he put his hands on my thighs, staring at my cock, as I look his naked body up and down. And as I looked, once again, I can’t believe what I’m seeing. It was nowhere near as big around as mine, but my kid-brother’s dick had to be at-least as long as mine. Maybe longer. Maybe it was just seeing the thing jutting from his little body, that made it look so big, like an optical-illusion, or something.
“I like the hair on your legs,” Billy said, rubbing his hands up and down my well-toned legs. I liked the way his hands felt, it almost tickled as he barely touched me, then he’d press his hand tight to my skin. “And how strong your muscles feel.” And without any thought on my part, my cock throbbed again. It didn’t take too long for Billy’s eyes to get as good a look at my cock as they wanted, before he scooted a bit forward and his hands were on it again.
I just sat there and let him fiddle-around with my cock and balls for a while. As much as I hate to admit it, the kid was giving me feelings that I never imagined were possible to feel. Once again I started to think that if Billy didn’t stop soon, I might bust a nut. So, I let him go on as long as I dared. But when the kid gave the bottom of my balls a good scratch, digging through all of the hair growing on my sac, and knowing how much sweat I’d felt trickling down my balls, well, when Billy pulled his hand to his face and I heard him take a big sniff of air through his nose. When it registered in my brain, that my kid-brother was snorting my ball-sweat, well, I just about reached the point-of-no-return. And all Billy was doing was scratching my bush of pubes with one hand, and sniffing the scent of my ball–sac from his other hand.
Making my first move toward him, I reached under both of Billy’s arms and started to lift him to his feet. He helped and in a second, shining brightly in the light of my bedside lamp, was my little brother’s naked body. He was scrawny, but tight. And pale. Pale and freckled. And bony. I could see every one of his ribs and even the little tab-like thing right between them. His belly was sunken and his bellybutton sank much deeper into his tight, little ab-muscles. And maybe he didn’t have as much pubic-hair as I’d thought. It had been dark before, and with his pale skin and how dark the fuzz he had down there was, well... But it was his dick my eyes kept bouncing back to. It wasn’t any bigger around than a roll of quarters, but for a kid his age Billy there had to be at least a half-foot of skinny dick poking straight-up from between his bony hips. Shit, my cock was only a quarter inch shy of seven fat inches.
Again, letting my actions be controled by lust, I stood. All I knew was that I had to know which of us had a longer cock. Just the thought that my bratty little brother might have a longer log than mine... well... That’s how we ended-up face to face (yeah, I was a bit surprised that Billy was only half an inch shorter than me then, though I outweighed him by almost forty pounds) and cock to cock. My body was blocking the light, as we stood, so I reached around behind Billy and grabbed him by one butt-cheek, and turned both our bodies so that the light was shining between us. I bent my knees a little, so that I could get Billy’s thin dick over mine, and shoved the head of my dick into his balls. And I felt the head of his dick press right through the forest of hair at the base of my cock, tight against the lowest spot on my belly. Ok, so I figured I did have my cock head pressed tight against his nut-sac, and we were just about evenly matched in length. So, I reasoned, if we measured from base to head, I’d have him by at least a quarter of an inch. But just to make sure, I stood straight and slipped Billy’s dick under mine, pressing the head of my cock right into his sparse patch of pubes. I could feel the head of Billy’s dick barely pressing at my ball-sac, and felt victorious, knowing how deeply my cock head had been buried in Billy’s ball-sac, when my dick was down there.
Then before I was quite aware of what was happening, Billy’s bony arms were around my neck and his face was buried in my chest. I was still holding both our boners in one hand and my other hand was... well, it was still on his butt-cheek, from when I turned us into the light, only now, it was pulling Billy’s naked body tight against my own nakedness. I could feel the warmth of his body against my whole front-side. And in the center of my chest, his even warmer breaths were deep and an incredible sensation against my sweaty skin. All of the sudden, my kid-brother stopped breathing. I felt his butt-cheek clench in my hand, then his whole body gave a twitch.
I honestly didn’t realize what was happening until I felt Billy’s dick start to throb and the hot wetness begin coating my hand. But, for some reason, the second I realized that the molten lava surging over my hairy balls was my little brother’s cum, well... I came so much that all of Billy’s pubic hairs were plastered to his belly and the little brat had big globs of cum dripping down his hairless nuts onto the floor of our bedroom. Not to mention that some of Billy’s cum was dripping to the floor from my balls too, though my thick ball-hair had soaked-up most of my little brother’s load. So it was that my first real sexual experience, the first time I achieved orgasm while in contact with another human being, happened with my little brother’s body pressed against mine and feeling the brat’s load squirting all over my balls.
And the really strange thing was, even though I’d just shot the biggest wad I ever had, my cock didn’t go soft at all. If anything my cock got even bigger and fatter as I rubbed our mingled cum over both our boners. I never felt Billy’s dick falter either, and it might have even gotten a bit thicker too. We were both sweating and our mid-sections coated in spunk, as our bodies withered together. We were so wet that we glided against one another. I moved my gooey hand from between our slimy bodies, and without any real though, grabbed the back of Billy’s head, pulled his face out of my chest and tilted it up, the landed a big, wet kiss right on his thin, red lips. Billy’s arms tightened around my neck and he kissed back. Before long, we were digging our tongues into each other’s mouths and our hands were groping all over the other’s naked body.
I don’t know how long we went at it before we fell into my bed. Or how long we lay there continuing to grope each other and trying to see who could shove his tongue deeper down the other’s throat. And the whole time we played tonsil-hockey and ran our hands all over the other’s body, our crotches grinded together, all slippery from all the sweat and cum that had collected there. I’d never felt so ready to shoot another load, so soon after firing the first, as I did at that moment. Feeling Billy’s skinny, hard dick and his big-boy-balls rubbing against mine, well, I grabbed his narrow hips and lifted him off me to stop the eruption. His hands had been pulling my hair and at my face as we swapped spit, and when I lifted him, he ended-up in a push-up position over me.
We stared into each other’s eyes a bit and it hit me like a bolt of lightning. It was Billy, my kid brother, who’s eyes I was staring into with lust. That was just wrong. On so many different levels. I was trying to decide how to tell him that we needed to stop. We were brothers, after all. And I didn’t think that either of us were faggots. At least I knew I wasn’t. I mean, I did think about Brad, or one of my other buddies when I jacked-off, once in a while. But that didn’t make me gay. Being naked in bed, making-out and, having already come once with our bodies tight together, grinding our raging rods against each other... well, just the fact that both of us had dicks was bad enough. I wasn’t sure if I should go for the gay-angle, or the incest-angle. But it didn’t matter. Billy spoke-up before I could get my thoughts squared away, and then he acted only a second after he spoke.
“I wanna suck it,” he said, then he crawled down my body and before I knew it, my little brother was pushing his tongue through the folds of skin at the tip of my uncut cockhead and sucking on my foreskin. Holy Shit! I was about to get my first blow-job, and if actually getting my cock sucked felt any better than what Billy was doing with his mouth and tongue on my foreskin, well... It did. It felt a whole hell of a lot better when my kid-brother shucked-back my hood and sucked the whole un-sheathed head of my cock into his hot, wet mouth.
I looked down and, well, that was all it took. Now I have to admit that, even though Billy was my little brother, he did look, well, sort of pretty. Even with his jaws stretched wide, trying to get more than just the fat head of my cock into his mouth, he didn’t look bad. His hair was long, down to his shoulders (though he usually kept it tied back in a pony-tail) and his freed locks framed his face nicely. And as thin as he was, I could almost imagine him as a cute girl, especially without the pair of glasses he almost always had on his face. Then I looked into his eyes and I could imagine no one but Billy looking back at me with those piercing hazel-gray peepers. But like I said, that was all it took. It was like Billy sent an electric bolt from his eyes to mine, that went from my eyes directly to my balls. If there had been any time, I’d have warned my little brother that he was about to get a mouth-full. However, it just happened so damn fast.
My eyes slammed shut and my whole body seized. I couldn’t see what my kid-brother was doing, but I could sure as hell hear and feel it. When I felt the first shot explode I heard Billy make a noise of some sort, though with his mouth-full of cock, it’s hard to say what sort of noise it was. I knew that the first blast he got was a big one. It felt so incredible that it almost hurt. The second blast was just as powerful. I could feel my hot cream spreading between my cockhead and the already hot and wet tissue of my little brother’s mouth. A second later, I could feel Billy start to suck even harder. And I heard him gulping. My bratty kid-brother was down between my legs, sucking the head of my cock as it spewed wad after wad of spooge into his mouth, and he was drinking it down like he hadn’t drank anything for a week. I could also feel that he wasn’t quite able to keep up with the amount of cum I was shooting into his mouth. I could feel my spunk start dripping down the shaft of my cock, then the warm flood reached my pubic hairs and down into the hair on my balls.

All of it, the feelings on my cock, the slurping sounds, knowing my load was being swallowed, and knowing that it was my little brother who was taking it, well, it all made me shoot more cum than I’d probably shot in the previous week. And when there was simply too much of it for Billy to handle and he started gagging and choking on my load, well, for some reason that just made me shoot even more cum into Billy’s too-full mouth. My whole body jerked involuntarily, every muscle seizing with each spurt of cum I blasted into Billy’s mouth. I’d never shot like that in my life. I couldn’t believe the incredible sensations coursing through my body as I dumped a good quart of goo, as my little brother tried as best as he could to swallow it all. After what seemed an eternity, Billy slurped the final few drips from my cockhead, as my exhausted body twitched and quivered, the last remnants of the massive quake.
I couldn’t do anything but lay there. My body felt like it had been run-over by a steam-roller. My muscles were even more sore than they were after a two-a-day football-practice. I wondered if I’d ever breathe normally again. And I could still feel my kid-brother between my legs, gently lapping the last drops of cum from my slowly deflating cock. Though after shooting two of the biggest loads of my life within the previous quarter-an-hour, well, my cockhead was much too sensitive for Billy to be licking on it like he was. I mustered all the energy I could and swatted him away from my cock. Well, I should have sucked-it-up and taken the light licks on my over-sensitive cockhead. I never imagined that, without my cock in his mouth, another activity would pop into Billy’s mind, and he’d find something else to do with his lips and tongue.
He crawled back up my sweating, panting body and kissed me. Now, if you remember, before he blew me, Billy and I spent a good deal of time with our lips locked and our tongues wrestling. However, my kid-brother’s mouth wasn’t coated with my cum when we’d kissed before. I’d tasted my own cum before (every guy has at least once, hasn’t he?) and I never did like it too much. It was too bitter, too acrid-tasting. And it took me a second to realize what the nasty-taste was in Billy’s mouth. Though, even after I figured-out that I was tasting my own cum, I dug my tongue around in my little brother’s mouth, trying to reclaim as much of my spunk as I could. I don’t know what had gotten into me.
When I could taste nothing but spit in Billy’s mouth, I started to relax again, kissing him gently and without so much tongue-action. Billy calmed a bit too, though I could feel his long, hard cock mashing against my furry belly. I’d gotten off twice and Billy, only once, but I was exhausted and I figured he’d go back to his own bed and pull his pud until he popped.
My bratty little brother had other ideas, though. After a final close-lipped kiss, Billy started crawling up my body. I watched his neck, then his hairless, narrow chest and sunken stomach move over my face, then I felt something poke my chin. It was hard, yet fleshy, hot and wet, and even though deep down I knew what it was, I was still a bit shocked when Billy raised-up a bit and I saw his long dick hovering over my face. His foreskin hadn’t been snipped either and there was a thick strand of clear pre-cum dripping from the dangling tube of flesh.
Then my kid brother spoke, “I sucked yours, Randy.” His voice was soft, though I could hear his attitude easily, “Now your gonna suck mine, right?”
Well, it wasn’t like I had much of a choice. Once he finished talking, the little brat tilted his hips down and before I knew it, I had a dick in my mouth. Now, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t wondered what it would be like to suck-cock, but I never figured I’d actually ever do it. Let alone that if I ever did, that it would be my kid-brother’s dick I sucked. But that’s what happened. Like I said, Billy’s dick was long, but skinny and he started right-in thrusting it as deep down my mouth as he could.
I have no idea where I found the strength, after my body being completely drained, to reach up and grab Billy by his bony hips, so I could control how deep down my gullet his dick dove. I would push his hips up, so that I could feel just the head of his cock in my mouth, then Billy would thrust his hips, trying to bury his dick in my throat. I’d push him up again, then he’d thrust again, and well, I suppose you can figure out what happened next. Billy let out a grunt. I didn’t take it for the warning that it was. On his next thrust, he put a lot more strength behind it than I figured he could, and I felt the head of his dick push past my tonsils. Then I felt Billy’s first hot spurt of cum, and as deep as he’d buried his dick I had two choices. Swallow or choke. I chose the first option and immediately started gulping my little brother’s goo, as I once again forced his hips up. Well, his dick-head was then right between my lips, so his second shot of cum filled my mouth. Again, I had to swallow, as right after, there was another spurt. I didn’t think much of the taste, though Billy’s didn’t seem as bitter as my own ejaculate.
Billy grunted and groaned as he shot his load, his skinny body withering, and I think I was supporting most of his weight with my hands at his hips. All I could do was hold him there and try to keep from drowning in all the spunk he was shooting. There was so much of it. I wondered which of us shot more into the other’s mouth. I could barely imagine that I’d given him more than what he was giving me. It seemed like Billy just kept shooting wad after wad of cum into my mouth, and I kept gulping it down. Though, I could feel globs of my brother’s load seeping between his dick and my lips, dripping down my cheeks and over my chin. I even felt some of Billy’s cum start to flow into my nostrils, but I snorted and forced it out, knowing I needed my nose to breathe.
When he finally finished and I felt his body relax over me, I pulled his body down, so that his dick slipped with a wet slurp from my mouth, and in a moment we were once again face to face. Now, I didn’t know if my little brother had ever tasted his own spunk before, but since he’d fed mine to me, I got my lips to his and shoved my cum-coated tongue into his mouth. Billy started sucking my tongue just like he’d done to my dick, pulling as much of his cum into his own mouth as he could.
We lay there for a while, Billy’s naked body covering my own bare bod, swapping spit and whatever cum was left in our mouths. Then my kid-brother jumped up like he’d been shocked and said, “I gotta piss like a mother-fucker!” and a couple seconds later, I heard our bedroom door open, then shut, then Billy’s footsteps padded down the stairs. I never heard him return. He could have been gone five minutes, or five hours, and I had no clue. I hadn’t slept so soundly in years. I woke late the next morning, as always with a throbbing erection, though the instant I grabbed it and gave it a good squeeze, everything that had happened the night before hit me like a ton of bricks. I looked over to Billy’s bed, but it was empty. Now, I’d like to say I got-up and went downstairs to piss my hard-on away, but I didn’t. With the chaotic memories of Billy and me sucking each other off racing through my mind, I pounded my cock until I shot a load all over my chest-hair and pubes. Then, once I caught my breath, I threw on some clothes and went down to the bathroom to take a much-needed piss.

This is another story I’m working on. I have more already written and will post once I’ve had a chance to go over it one more time. I’ve had very little feedback on my stories. I’d really love to hear what you think. So, leave a comment below, or send me a PM, or email at I’d really appreciate it.


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Nice would like to read more

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2015-08-22 15:05:42
when i was 14 my dad had a sex talk whith me and he dropped my trousers and rubbed my cock it felt so good so isaid can i see yours so he got his out and i rubbed it and he cum i didnt but he started to com in my room at night and we would rub and suck

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2015-07-31 21:23:34
Amazing story, my body is now plastered in my cum
Can't wait to read your next story.
Great writing
An anonymous wanker

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Brilliant. Just brilliant


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Great story, it was me and my son that did almost the same.

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