This is my Second Story for CAW6
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The air was hot and dry; she pushed through the brush to the entrance. The Petzl decender hooked into place on the rope that had been rigged earlier. Slow steps backwards and then over the wall, and into the twilight of the entrance room. Five feet per second as she braked the cool air of the cave exhaling into the evening. Twelve more seconds and her feet hit the floor; she played the slack and un-hooked. Her friend Jamie was already there her electrics on illuminating a small patch of the slicked rock. She turned the knob on her generator and after a few seconds and some violent shaking she popped the pezio electric spark. The ceiling burner, it was actually called a vertical system erupted into a yellow white flame illuminating about a ten foot radius around the two women.

They passed through the semi twilight of the entrance room and into the darkness of the first passage “don’t you dare burn my butt with that thing” Jamie said looking back at her.

“If I do I promise to kiss it and make it better” she laughed.

“Bell you have been here before where are we going?”

“In and down baby in and down”

They crawled the first twenty meters or so in until the ceiling opened up above them. The air stank of ammonia, “Gawd bell what is that smell?”

“Gauno” Bell said as the first signs of bats flitted in the edges of her light.

“Bats?” Jamie asked

“Yeah it will smell a bit for a while” they trudged through the guano, for about twenty minutes until they came to a hand climb, there was a rope rigged but that was more for going up it was a nice little slide down. They found themselves in a pool of knee-deep mud, “this way Jamie”, Bella led her to a small opening in the wall they had to belly crawl into the next room. The formations started to show in Jamie’s light Stalagmites, Stalactites they walked into a room with all these funny little helectites. The path was bordered on either side by water.

Past a travertine dam and into a room of interconnected travertine pools Bella said, “stop here” She stripped off her climbing gear and set it in her pack. They ate a light meal some cheese and crackers, smoked oysters and water. Not exactly a romantic meal Bella thought as she fed Jamie a cracker. “Want to wash up?”

“What do you mean?” Jamie asked. Bella pulled off her helmet and shed her shoes and sock on the smooth limestone surface they were sitting on. She peeled out of her muddy shirt and jeans, which looked like they might be able to hold their shape with just the mud encrusted in them. Standing in just a bra and a pair of panties she turned and stepped into one of the pools of water. She looked back and watched as Jamie stripped down. Bella submerged herself in the 58 degree F water she felt the bumps raise and prickle on her skin and her nipples harden. Jamie stepped close Bella let her hands slide up the warm smooth flesh of the back of the other woman’s thighs. Her lips dragged across the flesh of Jamie’s belly. Bella’s fingers found the clasp for Jamie’s bra and as it fell into the water her lips found Jamie’s nipples. Jamie gasped as her fingers curled in Bella’s hair. The rest of their clothes came off in some indiscernible order. Bella drank in the taste of Jamie’s pussy. They devoured each others pussy's gasping and flailing. Fingers probed soft folds and Bella gasped as Jamie suckled her clit. Their tongues mingled, as they tasted each other again and again. Gasping and sweating they lay on the cool rock steam rising off their bodies. Bella rested against Jamie’s breasts her fingers tracing circles across her flawless skin. Bella gazed at Jamie’s taught breasts and firm body, her mouth watering at Jamie’s delights.

Bella loved the touch of Jamie's tongue as she touched and tasted Jamie's body the. Bella let her fingers trace the curve of Jamie's ass, the crease of her pussy. "God your body is great Jamie, I love you so much" Jamie moaned into her girlfriends pussy. Jamie probed Bella's pussy with her fingers, first one then two.. Bella humped Jamie's hand as she added a third finger.

It was two weeks and a couple dates later. Jamie had called Bella and they had met at one of the local bars. The day was hot enough and the sky was clear. Bella sat down as Jamie returned with two plastic cups and a pitcher of beer. Jamie poured the beer the dark golden liquid splashed and frothed into the cups. “Bella” Jamie began, “I like you and everything but I like men and I want that more than what we have” Bella’s face fell.

“But Jamie what about?”

“Bella you’re a great girl, and I’ll always love you, Drink your beer” Bella picked up the cup the cold amber liquid poured between her lips. The beer fortified her and filled her with the cool warmth that only beer gives and while she was sad, she felt better.

Jamie smiled “It was fun getting dirty with you” and she drained her glass. The sun was going down and Bella knew what was would never be again. She poured herself another glass.

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