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Chapter LXVIII

The Rain had stopped after how many months, Jeremy wasn’t quite sure, some of the girls were starting to look less like girls and more like ripe melons and they were all moody and irascible. Lee was fairly certain that all of them were pregnant now and while he watched the sun rise over the lagoon her reflected.

After breakfast he and several of the less swollen women marched down to where the Hangar was, they started moving sand. Now that the ground was dry it was much easier less like digging in concrete and more like digging in, well sand. They made good progress until around midday when a storm blew through it only lasted an hour thankfully and after an extended lunch they were able to proceed with the digging. They had started at the hangar floor and soon discovered that the previous occupants had made a concrete trench for the exact purpose that Jeremy had in mind it was just the process of digging it out that made things slow going.

They had been working one day, they were starting to get seepage from the ocean now so work was more difficult, when Talla came running down the beach “Jermy Jermy come quick” she yelled. Jeremy set down his bucket and raced after Talla.

Jeremy got to the campsite and was led to one of the huts he went in side to find Naomi on her back Lee beside her. Lee looked up when he came inside. “She went into labor a little while after you went to work this morning”

“And you call me now?”

“Well I had plenty of help but it’s time now”

“No shit it’s time” Naomi growled.

“I can see the head now” lee said, “Push”

Jeremy held Naomi’s hand as she struggled to push her baby out and then he could see the head”

“One more time Naomi” Lee said

Lee handed the wiggling bloody baby to Jeremy and then quickly used some piece of cord to tie off the umbilical, and cut the cord Jeremy held the screaming baby in his arms looking down in a sort of wonder at the child that he had made with Naomi. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. “Naomi, you will need to lay still for a day or two so that you clot properly”

“Can I see my baby?” she asked

Jeremy gently handed the baby to Naomi who brought it to her breast the baby nuzzled it briefly and then began suckling. “She’s beautiful isn’t she” he whispered

“Hope,” Naomi said, “Hope is very beautiful” Naomi looked up at Jeremy and he leaned over and kissed her.

That night was a night of celebration all of the girls were excited to see the new baby and many were rubbing their own swollen bellies in anticipation of their turn.

Chapter LXIX

I figure we have about another month or so before the rainy season starts, Jeremy said to Naomi as she tried to get Hope to eat a morsel of fish.

“Its now or never”

“We could wait till next year”

“Better we do it now.”

“Your sure your okay with this?”

“As much as I like being here I could do with an air conditioned house and well everything really, civilization would be nice.

“I’m Coming too” Sunni said as her baby Rain suckled noisily on her breast.

“That’s fine but that’s all that’s coming as much as I want to get everyone off the island we have to keep the number down till we have a good means of getting people off”

The two women left their babies in the care of Annabel who was only too happy to have another baby to suckle her breasts. She had started lactating at three months and produced copious amounts of milk, she was still a month or so out from having her baby, but of the four babies that had been born she was often delegated as the nanny to nurse them when the other women went to work on some project or another.

The girls pulled the plane down the channel and then turned it and it bumped against the beach. Naomi hit the starter on engine one and it coughed and wined and then caught and began to roar as the prop caught air, she then fired up engines two and three in succession and slowly taxied out of the atoll and into open water. The Plane bounced jarringly as it got up to speed and then slowly almost impossibly it gently left the water, Naomi headed west due west as best she could making a slow ascent into the sky. Jeremy watched the altimeter calling out every hundred feet they made. Naomi leveled the plane off at two thousand feet and then adjusted the trim so that she didn’t have to handle the controls so much. They headed in the same direction for a few hours, Naomi looked down at the Guages everything as going just fine.

“I just hope we can land this beast.”

“Well that makes two of us” Jeremy laughed I don’t think I could handle another crash.

Six hours into the trip Jeremy poured fuel from some jerry cans into the fuel tank. They had opted for extra fuel rather than more people perhaps that would get them further, Naomi had also throttled back on two of the three engines so while they were making headway they weren’t burning nearly so much fuel. Day turned to night and Naomi Slept while Jeremy watched the instruments. He added fuel again sometime in the night and a before dawn Jeremy saw lights on the horizon. And then more lights as dawn broke he could see the outline of an Island or maybe it was bigger than that, New Zealand he hoped or perhaps Australia?

Naomi Made a slow turn lining up into what looked like a harbor and then brought the plane down until it was bouncing on the waves and then settled on the water she taxied it into the harbor. They idled the engines and a Small boat came out from the shore to greet them.

“G’day the” man said “Bloody hell this surely is an Antique”

“Could you give us a tow into the harbor?” Jeremy asked

“Sure I don’t know where the hell we’ll put you but we’ll bring you into the surf leastways”

The small boat strained at first pulling the Large Aircraft and then they were moving at last Naomi had shut down the engines before they had died from lack of fuel.

They heard the hull scrape bottom the soft sand and then Jeremy Jumped out of the door and took a line that the man had provided and tied it off onto a rock that was jutting out of the water not ten yards from the surf.

“Oh my god!” Sunni screamed and Leaped out of the plane and thrashed through the surf and onto the beach. She kept running. Jeremy looked at Naomi in the cockpit and shrugged. Naomi climbed out and the two of them went first to talk to the man who had greeted them. They discovered that they were indeed in New Zealand and that the locals were friendly. Naomi stayed within view of the plane while Jeremy went into town. He went into a bank, the people inside looked at him like he was a wild man dressed in a skirt made out of coconut shells and a bag on his shoulder. One of the Clerks started to usher him out of the door and he pulled a wad of cash from the bag and Another man apparently the bank manager appeared as if magically and helped him to a cozy little cubby and offered him some tea. Jeremy took the tea greatfully it was the first semblance of anything he had had in ages as the bank manager counted the notes he had.

“After exchange fee’s”

“Look sir I have been stuck on an Island for over a year don’t go telling me about exchange fees”

“Of course, under those circumstances as long as you leave our bank in good light I don’t see why we can’t waive the fees.”

“Thank you”

“The Sum total then comes to right at four hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars.”

“Excellent” Jeremy said can I get that in New Zealand Dollars for now”

“If you would rather I can set you up an account and give you a debit card and you can do whatever you wish,”

“That works for me”

“Very good sir just give me a few moments to process your information.”

“Ah sir,” he said after a few moments “The computer is telling me you are deceased”

“Well I was shipwrecked for the last year and I only just got back.”

“In that case sir, Highly irregular, oh Highly irregular, I will attach one of my clerks with you who had proper credentials and they will ensure that you get whatever it is you desire, some trousers perhaps and a shirt?”

“Maybe a bath too”

“How about I set up with the Hotel across the way”

“That would be great”

“Should I contact the press sir?”

“Oh I’m sure they will be along one sooner or later I’d rather not deal with them just yet”

“Very good sir.”

Jeremy left the bank with a little man in tow they stopped off at a clothing store first and Jeremy got some clothes then stopped in at the Hotel long enough to shower and change. He also managed to rid himself of his beard that had been annoying him for some time. He returned to the harbor to find Naomi and Sunni and another man other than the harbormaster, there.

“Jeremy, Wow you clean up nice” Sunni said. “This is Captain Krieger, he is the captain of one of Daddy’s Yachts. He was so surprised he wanted to radio daddy right away but I told him not to.

“Good because we have other things we need to do.”

Sunni go with this man you and Naomi and get some clothes get cleaned up and get back here, this is Denny he’s the man the bank assigned to me.

He watched as the two women left “Captain, we need to borrow your boat”

“My boat goes no where without me”

“I have no issue at all with that but we have only a very little time to get to where we need to go.”

“Very Goot perhaps now you will be telling me where you wish to go?”

“First we are going to stop off at a little island at these coordinates Jeremy said scribbling the coordinates down for the captain and then I was thinking you could take us to San Francisco.”

“Ya we can do this”

“You can Radio your boss and tell him that you received a very special package and are heading to San Francisco at best speed with said package.”

“If he wants details tell him that you can’t say but its very good news”

Captain Krieger snorted “Goot news indeet I coming back with man’s daughter he thinks is lost forever”

Jeremy grinned “You look good then in that light?”

“Yah I can do this, but why we stop at this place?”

“That is where the rest of the people from the flight are”

“I shall be hero”

“Keep it quiet captain you can have all the heroics you want.”

“Very goot herr…?”


“Herr Jeremy I can be ready to put to sea in twelve hours.”

“We have some things we must address first but that sounds good”

“Ve Vill be ready” he said and turned and went to his ship Jeremy followed him out onto the docks and marveled at the ship that he got aboard it wasn’t a yacht it was a small cruise liner.

Naomi after finding some clothes and a bath also found a lawyer to take care of the plane for the time being and make sure that it was taken care of properly. And by nightfall they were onboard the Black Opal.
“Ve can be at your Island in fife days I think” the captain said after they had left the harbor.

“Well don’t over do it I don’t want you to break this wonderful ship” Jeremy said

“Oh no we are running twenty percent below maximum well within safe limits but still almost military speed for destroyer.

“Yeah that is about what I figured” Jeremy responded “about what 30 knots”

“Yah dat is goot, ah here the steward has brought supper you are hungry?”

Jeremy realized he was starving and the sirloins that were on the plates in front of him mad him drool. The three castaways tore into the food with a vengeance. The captain smiled and ate thoughtfully as he watched them eat two portions and then chocolate éclairs for dessert.


The Yacht pulled into San Francisco, Olivia stood at the end of the dock as the ship took its mooring. She came on board immediately and walked straight to the pilothouse “What is the meaning of this Captain?”

“I tolt you is Goot news Mizz Olivia it is goot news”

“Well what is your news then captain” Olivia steamed she had been stewing for a three weeks as the ship made passage across the pacific.

“Hi mom” Sunni said coming up behind her

“Oh my baby!” Olivia screamed and embraced her daughter.


Jeremy’s house sat on the Oregon coast, with an ocean view of a small harbor where the Cherry rested at its moorings. It had taken six months but with the reward money that the parents had put up and the story that had been told some of which he had intentionally omitted, he had come out okay his little plot of land and house had cost him right at six hundred thousand dollars it had space for his wives if you wanted to call them that, they were really the mothers of his children and he cared for each of them. When he had gone home to see his father and Uncle they had listened to his story and then chuckled, saying something about bringing him up right. He looked down at Naomi’s Cherry they had finally dug though military archives and discovered that the seaplane was called a Yokosuka H5Y1 Type99 sea plane made in the 1930’s the Americans had nicknamed it Cherry and so it with its original paint scheme plus some very nice nose art with name Naomi’s Cherry painted on the nose. He looked out across the yard as Rachel pregnant again rocked their daughter and Annabel nursed two babies at once, one in each arm. He walked over and kissed her lightly. The girls he had rescued from the pirates had been a problem but now they were enrolled in school. Which was where he was now spending most of his time.

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