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An aircraft traveling over the open water, twelve passengers a Pilot a Co-pilot and the stewardess, Naomi the 28 year old stewardess, she’s a Mocha cream goddess of African decent standing 5’ 10” tall with a busty hourglass figure she has been working for a private airline for 8 years after finishing flight school she couldn’t get anyone to take her seriously because of her physical attributes. In the first row are Joe and Anabell and Sunni. The next row is Pricilla and rose, then Rachel and Gary then Nicole and Shannon and finally Jeremy Tiffany and Sara.
Joe is the Heir to a fortune his father owns a bank syndicate Joe is about 6’ tall well muscled wearing fashionable clothes name brand, Tennis star, racket ball going to Harvard for a buisiness degree. Blonde haired blue eyed. Graduated in the middle of his class but was known to have threatened several teachers and those he hadn’t he’d bribed or blackmailed upon his graduation. He at his father’s prodding had hired Anabell to do his dirty work for him. He had been dating Sunni for about six months, and in that time had cheaded on her at every opportunity. He loved nothing more than humiliating women and would do so whenever he could. The only reason he hadn’t with sunny was because it was much better to sponge off her than bump her. Annabel is his personal assistant stepping and fetching for whim whatever he likes or wants. Annabel a 23-year-old high school drop out she was lightly tanned with brown eyes and platinum hair. Standing 5’ 8” she was slim busty with a bubble butt. She was attractive her boyfriend had left her with a huge pile of debt and was jobless with no real skills, some taste. She had answered Joe’s add in the paper for 20K a year plus room and board it had sounded too good to be true, it was when she discovered joe’s dark side. But by then it was too lad and she had signed a 5-year contract and non-disclosure agreement.
Sunni is his would be girlfriend and the daughter of a Diamond trader. Sunni is dumb as a bag of hammers but sweet and tends to be a bit of an exhibitionist because she likes the attention. Blonde hair with brown eyes, Busty with a tight body 5’2” tall and really rather pretty with golden skin.
Pricilla and Rose are twins their father owns one of the major hotel chains. Pricilla the Charismatic of the two twins 5’ tall and athletic legs that go all the way up. She tends to dress in tight clothes and designer jeans, but also has affections for tube tops and skirts. Blonde hair and green eyes a little more imaginative though she tends to obsess on things especially animals. She got her Copper complexion probably from Indian heritage. Rose the mirror image of her sister tends to be the risk taker in flaunting the rules. Usually draping herself in designer clothes, but is better grounded than her sister, the two are very close.
Rachel and Gary both come from old money Brother and sister. Rachel 5’9” thick and busty with a big booty, her hair is straw blonde with brown eyes, and porcelain skin she enjoys nothing more than manipulating people. She dresses nicely but not too fashionable brand name but middle of the line stuff. She tends to dress provocatively short skirts and belly shirts, plunging necklines and half-cup bras, and thong under-wear. Gary stands about 5’10’ built like an offensive lineman, brown hair, and white as a bag of wonder bread, his face a little on the round side. His favorite things to do are terrorizing the neighborhood kids and playing video games and eat not nessicerliy in that order. He whines when he is at a disadvantage but typically takes whatever advantages he can get from anyone. Rachel and Gary had the same father but different mother’s their father had apparently impregnated two sisters a few days apart.
Nicole is Sunni’s best friend and has been since they started school together way back in kindergarten. Nicole 4’10” plays down her intelligence ugly as sin to look at but her body is very closely comparable to Sunni’s, and has often been a body double for sunny when her friend has gotten into compromising situations much to her own delight, her skin is sort of an orangish brown.
Shannon Tiffany and Sara are best friends and Jeremy is a friend of Sara’s family. Sara’s father had mentored Jeremy for many years and Sara’s family had paid his way for this end of school vacation. Jeremy’s father and Uncle had brought him up. Sara’s father was a tenured professor and Tiffany was the daughter of an advertising executive. Sara was pale skinned with a farmers tan 5’3” tall generously busty, spoiled snooty and overall not the nicest person. She always wore the nicest and lastest fashions sometimes working on new looks. She was cordial at least to Jeremy and that was only because Jeremy acknowledged her but ignored her for the most par. She found him quite infuriating. Sara also thought that Jeremy was very cute, though she would never admit it. Her fashion sense tended toward the conservative Highlighting but never revealing much of her bountiful figure. She had firey red hair and cool green eyes. Shannon is Sara’s best friend she has a lithe athletic body standing 5’3” with a generously curvy body. She tends to be over protective of her friend whom she secretly lusts after she usually follows Sara’s sense of style albeit a little less expensively. She has medium length blonde hair and an olive complexion with blue eyes. Tiffany is Shannon’s other good friend and is completely uninhibited when it comes to sex. And has relieved Shannon’s desires on more than one occasion outrageously flirtation but very self-conscious about her body or lack there of. She is very close to Sara who looked at her as comic relief. She stands 5’5” with alabaster skin and reddish brown hair.

Chapter I

Now ten of these eleven passengers were spoiled brats always insisting they get what they wanted. Which is why they were on a special graduation trip into the south Pacific. The only reason Jeremy was there was that Sara’s father Arthur has insisted and paid for him to go. Jeremy’s family certainly couldn’t afford it. Jeremy was only going to the Exclusive private school “The Conservatorium” because he got a scholarship and he had actually graduated 3rd in his class. Jeremy 6’2” brown hair with gray green eyes well toned and built, dresses very practically is very quiet about himself. He has a special relationship with both of Sara’s parents and Golden brown skin from being outside a lot.
The Plane reached a cruising altitude as it traveled west towards a stormy horizon. Soon the plane was buffeted by the strong winds. The Captain announced that every one buckle up because it was going to get rough. The craft was rocked by a downdraft 12000 feet as hail hammered the fuselage. Lighting lit the sky as another microburst dropped the plane to 9000 feet. The crew fought at the controls. A bolt of lighting exploded through the craft, which was quickly followed by a second and a third. The light blinded the crew and the plane lurched again 5000 feet. Winds whipped at the craft sending it further and further off course. The captain fighting the wind, tried to bring the nose up. The Master alarm wailed as the plane stalled. He gave it more power the plane plummeted out of the sky. The engines screamed against the wind as the nose dipped below the horizon, 3000 feet 2000 feet 1000 feet the co-pilot called out a distress on the radio “Mayday Mayday Mayday, The world exploded the port wing sheared off as the plane tumbled the pilot did his best to right the plane with the remaining control surfaces. The plane twisted against him 80 feet he brought the nose up and it fell again 50 feet he struggled, the nose hit the water breaking the cockpit off from the passenger compartment, the remainder of the plane skipped across the surface of the water at 200 miles per hour jolting against the water once twice three times and then slowly gliding to a stop with a sucking noise. The lights were out inside the passenger cabin and the craft rolled on its axis. Jeremy shook himself he moved as quickly as he could to the emergency locker
Two inflatable rafts and some rope he picked up the rafts and ran to the front of the plane, it was sinking quickly. He inflated the first raft and after tying it off to his waist, everyone was unconscious so he loaded Joe, Anabell, the stewardess, Sunni, Pricilla and Rose. He then loaded the rest into the second raft and paddled away from the doomed aircraft.
The morning dawned brought and clear and only a few miles away was an island, Jeremy Paddled toward it did not take long for the current to pull the two rafts onto the barrier reef. The reef capsized both rafts the beach only 40 yards away many of the survivors deposited by the tide on the beach. Jeremy rushed to pull the rest of them up on shore. He pulled them up on dry sand everyone was still breathing, and he could be happy about that, the stewardess who’s nametag read Naomi had a bump on her head.


Sunni had been happy a the day before Joe had unknowingly fucked Nicole to his heart’s content and hadn’t said anything nasty to her afterwards about anything. Of course Nicole and she had had a nice little 69 later after Joe had fallen asleep to celebrate. There had been occasions when she had had to put out really and Joe had bitched about why she couldn’t always get it right. That was of course because Nicole had been doing the putting out, but she had always said that it was because she wasn’t comfortable.
Later that day the two of them had gone to the mall and she bought Nicole some new clothes as a thank you, the sales girl who’s name she couldn’t remember had been very nice and had spent a lot of extra time in the dressing room with Nicole. The girl even offered to use her discount on the clothes. But strange things happened when she was with her BFF. Later some boys were harassing her and Nicole went and talked to them. There were four of them and well they were at the park and Nicole walked away with them and then disappeared she came back with a big smile or her face it was funny how Nicole was always happy when she was around her but who knew.
The night before the flight they had spent the night together Sunni had put some special clothes in Nicole’s bag so that she would look extra nice on their vacation. A few thongs and some bikini tops that would make the boys drool. Sunni loved to make boys drool, it worked on everyone except Jeremy. Gary had almost pushed her in a corner once at a house party but again Nicole had saved her Gary ended up going into a dark bedroom later with someone who she didn’t know but she had had the hardest time finding Nicole.
She often wondered why Jeremy didn’t drool for her he was always busy with schoolwork. He even tutored her the last few years she always wore her most revealing outfits for him too short skirts and tank tops with no bra but he never gave her a second look even when she tried to give him a look. It wasn’t like she was cheating she just wanted to know that she was desirable and well Jeremy apparently didn’t desire her. Maybe he liked boys she decided or at least that is what she hoped because she couldn’t bear to think that she wasn’t the hottest thing in school. Oh sure there were other hot girls, Sara for one but she never said a word to any boy ever. Rose and Pricilla were hot too but one of them she could never tell which would always flirt but they never had a real boyfriend at least not that she noticed. Shannon was cute too not super hot or anything but she was always with Sara, and Tiffany, Tiffany on the other had would date boys not a lot but sometime she would go out. Sunni didn’t understand wasn’t it supposed to be a girl’s job to drive boys crazy and then well not everyone had a friend like Nicole she guessed, maybe that was the problem.
Sunni had only given Joe a blowjob or two in her time with him having never had sex she was a little afraid of what a big dick like Joe’s would do to her. At least it looked big to her though; Nicole said it was barely sufficient. She was beautiful and she knew it maybe she would someday pay to get Nicole’s face fixed plastic surgery could do wonders even for dogs like her maybe that was why she kept her around she wondered.


Sunni opened her eyes and coughed “where are we” she asked looking at Jeremy.
“Not sure” Jeremy said “but I don’t think its Australia or even Borneo”
“Why Australia is an Island right with a beach and hotels and everything”
“Yes it is” Jeremy said patiently “we can talk about where we are later right now lets move everyone to those trees over there”
“Uh no poor boy you move them I have to go to the bathroom, do you know where it is”
“I haven’t found them yet” Jeremy said shaking his head and trying not to laugh “Wait here I’ll go look after I’m done with moving everyone to the shade” it took a good half hour to finish and Sunni by that time was doing what can only be described as the pee-pee dance. Jeremy looked around there was a mangrove swamp in the middle of the island and a cliff on the west side and only a few trees to the east. “Sunni over there in those trees is as good a place as I can think of”
“There is no Toilet over there!” She screamed, “How am I supposed to pee with no toilet?”
“Sunni,” Jeremy said patiently “There are probably no toilets for one thousand miles Just go over to those trees squat down and pee”
“I can’t,” She cried
“Why not?”
“Not in these shoes” Jeremy saw her point she could barely stand in the loose sand in 5 inch stilettos he shook his head “Could you help me take them off I think if I bend down you know… Please?” Jeremy looked at Sunny she was wearing a simple cotton blouse and a micro mini skirt. He knelt down at her feet “Just please don’t look up” He unfastened the first shoe and as quickly as she could she kicked it off he started on the second “Oh god oh god oh god” Sunni cried as a stream of yellow liquid started down one leg and then the other he finished with the second shoe and she kicked it off and ran down the beach to the trees. Jeremy decided that most of the women could probably do without their impractical shoes. He took them all and put them in a pile. Sunni returned a few minutes after he finished. “Um Jeremy what should I do my clothes smell like piss and no one is here to wash them for me?”
“Uh why don’t you go and rinse them off in the ocean,” Sunni headed down toward the water “Sunni don’t go in too deep there might be urchins or stone fish out there”
“Sharks there might be sharks out there”
“Oh um I should probably take this off, promise you won’t be naughty and look?”
“Sure I promise” Jeremy didn’t really care, right now he was exhausted, but he still had things to take care off he checked everyone. It appeared that Gary had a broken arm, he would deal with that later what concerned him was the goose egg on the head of the flight attendant.
“You didn’t peek did you?” Sunni asked as she returned
“Not even a little?”
“No I was busy” Sunni pouted a little she seemed disappointed, Jeremy shrugged and looked at Sunni “Wait here I’ll be back in a little bit” He walked over to the mangrove and found a few limbs that he could break off he went back to Gary he peeled off his shirt and looked at Sunni and shook his head

Chapter II

Someone moaned “Oooh I think Rachael is waking up that’s good right” Sunni asked.
“Yes” Jeremy said tying the four green braches to Gary’s elbow he ripped two more strips from the bottom of his T-shirt. “Sunni can you tie these to Gary’s arm right here at the wrist”
“Uh yeah I’m not stupid you know”
“Rather than arguing Jeremy said “good real tight when I tell you okay?”
“Okay!” Jeremy put his foot against Gary’s upper arm and grabbed his wrist and pulled Gary screamed and there was a pop as the bone slipped into place
“Tie now Sunni” he said looking at the girl who looked like a deer caught in the headlight of an oncoming train. “Sunni now” he yelled that broke her out enough that she tied the two strips of cotton onto the splint.
“You didn’t just kill him did you?” Sunni asked alarmed
“No he had a broken arm, I set it trust me it was better this way.” He put his shirt back on
“Is everything okay I heard a scream” Rachel asked hurrying over.
“So did I” said Sara who sat up a few yards away “Where are we”
“Its an Island, but its not Australia thought at least that’s what Jeremy says” Sunni supplied
“What Island it is I have no idea” Jeremy said, “Look you girls stay here it looks like everyone is waking up and I need to look around some more”

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sara remembered the week before she left quite vividly. She had come home early one day and heard voices in her parents’ bedroom. It was too early for her dad to get home so when she called out. Her mother answered and quickly exited her room, Sara asked who was there with her, and she said that Jeremy was fixing a leaking pipe in their bathroom. Jeremy came out a few minutes later something was odd she just couldn’t put her finger on it. Jeremy of course went home shortly after that her mother handing him some money for the work that he did. She was a little worried about her mom she had been sick a lot lately in the morning she usually got better by the evening. She called Shannon to talk it was a pretty good conversation even if not much was said. Shannon kept on about how good she had looked that day in Volleyball and wanted to know if they were going to go to the mall or the movies or something that night. It was decided that the movies would be best and she picked up Shannon and Tiffany at Shannon’s house.
After the movie they went and ate burgers and continued back to Shannon’s house. Sara called her mom and told her that the three of them would be staying there that night. Shannon’s parents were hardly ever around and it wasn’t unusual for her to sneak some of the box wine from the fridge. This night was no exception she had a small refrigerator in her bedroom that she had stocked with a box before she left and the girls drank wine and talked until Tiffany suggest that they play a game.
Sara asked what game should we play and Tiffany suggested truth or dare? Sara remembered asking if they were twelve again in middle school. Tiffany then said okay how about this then we play truth or dare but we can’t leave the room. Again Sara admonished her friend. We could always take pics of our dares for posterity Shannon suggested holding up a camera. Oh hell no. Sara remembered saying but somehow they talked her into it. She had started with truths mostly was there anyone she liked, yes. Had she ever thought of doing it with a girl, no. Then the dare’s came pictures of her and tiffany half clothed, her and Shannon half clothed. She must have blacked out at some point it was pretty fun. In the morning while they were nursing their mutual hangovers she asked Shannon about the pictures. Shannon had replied that the camera hadn’t worked for some time the flash worked so it looked like it but it was all for show for Tiffany really and to add some risky excitement to the game.
She arrived home that after noon to find Jeremy working in the yard and her mother in bed under the covers. She inquired if she was all right she said that she was fine just a bit of something and it would soon pass. She watched Jeremy working in the yard through her window for a while he wasn’t wearing a shirt and his tight shorts made him look oh so good she thought she sat down in a chair away from the window and watched him through the blinds her hands lightly touching herself where she wanted him to touch her. She didn’t know why there really wasn’t anything special about Jeremy his Dad was weird and his Uncle was even weirder with his all night parties some nights and it was those nights that she didn’t see Jeremy. She slipped her hand inside her shirt and caressed her breast as she watched his strong muscled back work in the sun the sweat beading on his skin. She gasped and stopped herself it wasn’t the first time that she had fantasized about him but it was just too much he never really said much more than was cordial. Why wouldn’t he talk to her tell her how he felt something so there could be a connection so he could touch her kiss her. She turned and laid on her bed to call Shannon she didn’t answer she shrugged and wrote a bit in her diary then went through her clothes finally her eyes fell on a dog eared magazine at the back of her closet. She had had that for years it was a penthouse and it showed everything she liked that of course when she was younger and sillier she believed she would fantasize about herself and various boys and then it was she and Jeremy it was maddening. She finally got up and went to the kitchen where her mother was cooking dinner she got herself a glass of milk and after some chatting with her mom she returned to her room.
Her dad came home a few hours later he was late and he explained that he went by Jeremy’s house to ask his father if it was okay if he go on the trip with all the other rich kids from school. He said that Jeremy’s father had agreed and that Jeremy would be coming. Sara was both delighted a horrified, and she ate her dinner diligently trying to make it sound that she was very happy about it. Did Jeremy like her the thought that he might not tortured her, that he would never touch her in a special way.
The next day she had asked Jeremy about it he seemed fairly unenthused about the whole deal it seemed like he was annoyed to go, and she wondered if it was because of something she did or because of her but it seemed to be annoyed at the other people who were coming which cheered her up a bit.
She packed her clothes and repacked and thought of things that Jeremy might like or tossed out what he might not like. She wondered if some Aussie girl would steal his heart, at that thought she said I’ll tear her eyes out if she does dammit she was angry there for a while but then she went back to packing and planning the time that she would spend with Jeremy. She wondered what Shannon and Tiffany would do while she was spending time with Jeremy hopefully not tagging along, god she would hate that Tiffany was so flirty and flamboyant would Jeremy prefer her Shannon didn’t seem all that interested in boys but there was a possibility that she too would steal him away from her. If only she wasn’t so damn awkward and inexperienced she thought. No Jeremy is all the experience I need she smiled at herself I’ll get him and he will be mine all mine.
She kept saying that to herself and smiling even as she boarded the plane that fateful day


Chapter III

Jeremy explored the Island first following the beach then up to the top of a volcanic pillar he could see the whole Island it was maybe a mile long and he figured and about half of that wide near the basalt pillars was a stand of cane and there looked like six or seven mangroves and some bread fruit trees as well. Palm trees dotted the island everywhere most likely coconuts which was good. At the base of the rocks was what looked like a cave or maybe a lava tube he fished in his belt pouch, his uncle believed in being prepared inside the pouch was a flashlight a few yards of nylon string and a small ceramic folding knife and a hat para military style with a soft wide brim. Jeremy crawled into the hole and turned on the light there were several pools of water as well as what appeared to be a spring. Near the upper end of the tunnel was an outcrop of very shiny black rock that he recognized as obsidian. He climbed back out of the hole and flowed the beach around the Island. It was only a few minutes when he turned a corner and saw a large black shape on the beach. It was moving if only slightly and Jeremy Cautiously approached. He saw that it was a large Black dog, a lab, he examined the dog briefly and gave it a few rescue breaths and it soon recovered. It stood and walked with him along to beach. He returned to the survivors all of them were now conscious except for Naomi the stewardess.

<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>

Joe remembered back to a few days before he had made Sunni blow him in the movie theater, that was so much fun he had thought. And then when he’d flashed her tits at the guy behind them. The look on his face was priceless, never mind the blush that it had caused Sunni. He’d taken her home after that and had gotten home himself. He went out to practice tennis which was his norm his parents were never home and so he had Annabel out watching him. She had commented that he hadn’t done too badly.
“Not bad that was great,” he’d said
“Of course” she had responded
“Then you play a match with me every time you score I’ll take a year off your contract every time I score you have to take off a piece of clothing and keep it off for the rest of the day. She of course hadn’t scored a point and had to spend the rest of the day naked he invited a few of his tennis buddies over and made her serve them drinks and snacks the other boys ogled and stared at her and he had ordered her to give one friend a blowjob because she was making them all hard with her body like that. She reluctantly had complied when she was getting into it Joe had come around and stuck his cock in her ass.
It wasn’t the first time he’d done that too her he’d made her suck his cock for her interview. He loved the feel of his cock in a girl’s ass. And he would fuck a girl in the ass before he would plow her pussy, besides it was so much more fun when the girl wined about it.
After he blew his load in her ass he made her suck off his other two friends and they had all blown their load on her face and tits. When his friends congratulated him on having a good time and they left.
He made Annabel stay like that until the next morning. He had called Sunni that morning and while he was talking to her he had Annabel blow him. Later that evening because Sunni was busy he watched a movie and had Annabel watch it with him. He made popcorn for her and jacked off into her bowl of popcorn before bringing it from the kitchen to her. She ate it without comment. What bugged him was that Sunni was always with her friend Nicole the dog girl, she was so unappealing yeah she had a nice body and all but who would want to fuck that face without a bag, and Sunni was always trying to get her a date it never worked out of course what was with girls there was always a dog with the pretty one’s and she wouldn’t go away. Well after this trip he’d make her go away one way or another. Sunni was his girl and she would just have to stop being friends with doggy Nicole. If Nicole didn’t get the hint then he would show her humiliate her in ways he would enjoy immensely.

<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>

“Look” Joe explained, “we are alive and I’m sure we will be rescued very soon. No doubt they noticed so we just sit here on the beach catch some rays and relax. I’m sure someone will come soon.”
It was still early morning and Jeremy walked up overhearing the end of Joe’s explanation of things “Look Joe, Everyone we should at least try and start making a shelter and gather supplies.”
“Oh my god its Norman!” Pricilla Screamed
“Norman where have you been?” Rose asked
“You found Norman” Pricilla exclaimed leaping up and hugging Jeremy Violently he was attacked on the other side by Rose and they kissed him squealing and then returned their attention to the dog
“Look poor boy you do what you want, I’m not wasting my time when we’ll be rescued in a few hours.” Joe said defiantly
“You think so Joe?” Jeremy asked
“Of course I’m sure they are out there looking for us right now, they will be here in a matter of hours” Joe responded
“I’m sure they are Joe the trouble is they don’t know where to look, sure they have a General idea but we are talking about a search area the size of Texas, but never mind I don’t know what I’m talking about. Did you totally miss the whole castaway movie? same scenario different characters”
“When did that movie come out” one of the girls asked
“Isn’t that the one where the boat sank?” Jeremy shook his head
“Who’s in it”?
“Was it that one where that guy from that show, you know, showed his butt?”
“Oh you know I met him”
“Brown hair, nice butt…”
“Yeah he was making out with my friend Joyce and we…”
“Look all of you do whatever it is that you do I’ll be down the beach if you want to talk to me” with that Jeremy moved away and walked toward the western end of the Island


Shannon remembered the days before this trip started, she and Tiffany had been over at her house. She had really wished that Sara were a little more interested in the same things that she was which was eating pussy and girls. But all she would talk about was Jeremy but she was too scared to make a move on him and Jeremy was if nothing else difficult to talk to. Maybe she could get them into a threesome one day she had thought though Jeremy didn’t seem to be the lease interested in sex or girls or well anything except work. Sara on the other hand really seemed to be interested in sex and boys and well that were about where it stopped. She and Tiffany had spent a night with her a sort of slumber party a few days before the trip was scheduled to leave. They had gotten drunk or at least Sara had and she and Tiffany had imbibed a little. Once Sara had gotten well lubricated they had played truth or dare and it had ended with Sara passing out with her mouth on her nipple and the three of them naked. She had dipped her tongue into Sara’s sweet honey pot while she was unconscious but it really wasn’t that interesting with her not responding. She wanted to hear Sara moan her name to have her want to eat her pussy too reciprocation. She had gotten a few very nice pictures of Sara naked. That she had looked at later when she masturbated and when Tiffany had eaten her out the following days. Tiffany was great even if she preferred cock to pussy she loved sex any kind and any kink.
It was the day before they left and she had caught up with Tiffany at the mall, she had just finished something nasty in the parking lot and they had sat in the food court. Over ice cream they talked about their upcoming vacation. Tiffany had reached under the table and scooped some cum from her pussy and dripped it on her ice cream. She had been annoyed by that and had taken her into the bathroom after that and made her eat her out in a stall. She loved tiffany because she was so submissive about things as long as she got some pleasure.


Chapter IV

Jeremy cut some vines and roots off the mangrove and started moving some fallen trees rolling them until he’d worked out a small and rather primitive lean to. It was big enough that maybe five people could squeeze into it.

<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>
Jeremy thought back to the days before this trip, Sara’s father had made him promise that he would look after Sara, the whole reason he had gone on this trip was to look after her, it was quite annoying really Sara was a nice enough girl most of the time but, there were complications the fact that he had been sleeping with Sara’s mother for most of the last semester of school made him a little more nervous about starting something with Sara the bad part of that was he was attracted to Sara and he’d only started the affair with her mother because she had nearly raped him the first time and after that it just got to feeling comfortable. She was a nice enough woman it seemed that her husband had been neglecting her for some time and she had assumed that he was boinking one or more of his students or TA’s she had met a few of them she had explained and she was quite annoyed by the fact that they were young and hot.
So the day she had made a move on Jeremy he was more than a little shocked. Never mind that he gave her a full service. He had been mowing their lawn and trimming their hedges doing general gardening for a little extra money which was fine they paid well enough, he’d never made a move on Sara mostly because his studies and work had kept him busy too busy to try not that he thought he had much chance given the talk he had overheard at school.
His Uncle had helped him pack he had been with special operations had had taught him more than a few things over the years between his demanding school work and his uncle’s demanding training at his father’s insistence he had learned basic survival skills as well as some botany and hunting with primitive tools, how to respond in emergencies things that his uncle might serve well. He had hooked him up with some guys at one of the local military hospitals to observe and learn he learned a lot from those guys some of them were crazy and others well others were damn well out of their minds.
And then every Tuesday and Friday he would drop by Sara’s house and see if there were any chores or anything to be done, and if there was time after the chores he’d have a interlude with Janna, Sara’s mother. On the weekend his Uncle and father would throw parties and he would be expected to do things like rebuild motors or rebuild a car at least as far as he could be expected to do. He’d learned mechanics early both automotive and aircraft and marine motors he was kind of a mechanical wiz kid. At these parties there was drinking and debauchery the friendly kind the girls who came to the parties loved teasing Jeremy often flashing him or groping themselves while watching him but never touching him. His father had a pot on the table a big mason jar rather the girls who came to the party were expected to put in ten dollars and they could do anything they wanted to try and distract Jeremy from his work if one ever did she would get the pot if they didn’t distract him from the work then he would get a hundred dollars from the pot the rest would go back in so the amount would increase incrementally it was his “College fund” or so his Father joked. There was easily 10 thousand dollars in it so there were always plenty of girls willing to have a try at the pot .
The day before the trip Janna called him and asked him to come over, I have to tell you something she said I’m pregnant and its yours I’ve known for a few weeks now but I thought I should tell you, Don’t worry I’ve made sure that I have had regular enough sex with my husband lately that he won’t be the wiser. I just felt that you would want to know, I hope it doesn’t upset you or anything you don’t have to worry about it and I want you to have a good time on vacation. Jeremy was a more than a little shocked but he took it in stride and the next day Sara’s family and his father and uncle saw them off at the terminal.

<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>

Jeremy got a peice of cane and after examining it discovered that it was not bamboo like he had originally thought but sugar cane. He set that aside and went back to the swamp and gathered up some sticks, by the time he returned to his lean to he decided that that the design was bad and not very useable. What he really needed was an axe.
It was about that time when Nicole walked up he glanced at her briefly, she looked overdressed in stockings and a miniskirt and white blouse with a vest jacket, “did you like the show?”
“What show?”
“Oh come on don’t tell me you didn’t look at Sunni, she said she bared everything in front of you”
“I was busy I still am.”
“Do you like her” Nicole asked, Jeremy shrugged “Do you think she’s pretty?” Again Jeremy shrugged. “You do like girls don’t you?”
“Yes of course”
“But you never had a girlfriend that I know of, unless you count Sara and we all know she’s an Ice queen wont give any boy the time of day. So what kind of girls do you like”?
“Girls” Jeremy said he had seven logs now about two feet wide by six feet long he move them into a rough u shape and piled sand again the outside and then moved two more logs on top of those back slide the then he piled more sand. He cut some cane and covered the top loosely with a cane mat some of the cane he wedged between the logs making a simple arc now his shelter was 25 square feet he figure he climbed the nearest palm tree and pulled down 10 or so leaved and he piled them by the shelter and got more. He carefully laid them on top of the shelter making a thin thatch roof and covered the whole thing over with a layer of sand.
“Oh its like a little playhouse” Nicole squealed, as Jeremy worked diligently making a door of woven leaves and he crawled into the cool dark and went to sleep on a thin bed of palm leaves.
“Jeremy…” A hand shook his shoulder
“What?” he asked slowly opening his eyes.

Chapter V

“There is something the matter with well almost everyone Joe and Sunni and Nicole and Shannon” Sara said
He Crawled out of his shelter and looked at Sara Her face and arms and legs were glowing red. “Sara you get inside here and rest I’ll go see about the others. The sun was starting to sink toward the horizon. He walked the quarter mile down the beach to where the others were located, six of them were getting sick, and Joe was obviously passed out. Nicole and Sunni and Anabell were on their knees puking their guys out Rachel and tiffany and Shannon were lying on the ground clutching their stomachs. Pricilla and Rose seemed okay, Gary was sitting in the shade near Naomi the Stewardess. Aside from Gary and Naomi they all appeared to be suffering from some sort of hear casualty or another. “Rose you and Pricilla help me move everyone into the shade where it’s cooler.” It took almost half an hour before everyone was moved then Jeremy began to gather Coconuts there were many of them all over the ground and he worked on husking as many as he could then when there was a dozen or so husked and the light was starting to jail he punctured them in short order and gave everyone a drink. “What the heck happened?”
“Sunni who seemed to have recovered for the most part said “Well Speedo boy was hot and said we should drink something so we all got a drink from the surf but he didn’t stop it just got worse the more he drank the thirstier he got then he staggered onto the beach burped and passed out.”
“Wonderful its bad enough that you guys are already dehydrated from the sun but Joe adds insult to injury drinking see water. Too much seawater will kill you dry you out even worse than you are.
“You Saved us didn’t you” Shannon said “When the plane crashed you got us all here alive you really are trying to keep us all alive aren’t you?”
“Yes” Jeremy said there were looks of surprise from all around, though Gary gave him a dirty look.
Shannon looked around “Then I choose you to be our leader I’ll do whatever you say just lead the way”
“Okay” Jeremy said “Anyone else want to come?”
The Twins hopped up with Norman between them and Nicole and Tiffany followed. Jeremy directed them to pick up the unconscious stewardess and carry her back to their camp. They crawled into the shelter soon all six girls were sleeping. Jeremy now feeling a bit more rested walked back to the cave. He picked up a good-sized rock and banged it against the obsidian outcrop. He gathered up the glass like shards and carried them back to camp he sat down in front of the hut and after a few minutes decided that he wasn’t going to get anywhere making anything till daylight. He leaned back against the shelter and noticed two figures walking down the beach toward him. The moonlight was bright enough that he could make out the silloets.
Rachel spoke first “Gary doesn’t seem to like you very much and he was quite adamant about me staying or I would have come with you, I just well I can’t abandon him”
“Jeremy we don’t know what to do will Joe get better I mean he’s sick but will he wake up?”
“I don’t know Anabell he might but it will be a long hard recovery, he needs more modern medicine if he doesn’t get it I don’t know, Rachel look I don’t know what’s between you and Gary, I don’t really care what he thinks about me I just want to get as many of us through this as possible.
It took a week of tedious work getting everyone back healthy enough to be functional though Joe and Gary were the slowest to recover Joe because he had been so dehydrated and sunburned and Gary because of his injury but he seemed to be improving. It was after dark and most everyone was turning in from their daily toils mostly finding food and crushing coconuts into oily lotion that got applied liberally to their bronzing bodies. Joe remained semiconscious, drifting in and out long enough to take a few sips of fluid.
There was a scream down the beach and all heads turned in that direction. The three of them padded quickly up the soft beach sand till they were within earshot, Nicole was laid out on the ground and Sunny was pinned by Gary.
“Look you little slut tease you’re going to suck…” Jeremy picked up a heavy piece of driftwood and swung it, it connected with Gary’s head he tumbled to the side not moving. Jeremy Knelt beside the body feeling a pulse, there was no blood so far so good. Sunni got up and ran to the fallen Gary and kicked him right between the legs as hard as she could, she kept kicking again and again sobbing as she did, The whole while the other two girls stood in shock for several seconds and then took Sunni by the arms and pulled her away. Gary was still breathing as was Joe, Jeremy was relieved to discover and he piled sand on them so that only their heads were showing out of the said, that should keep them cool he thought keep them from losing too much body heat too.
“It appears” Said Anabell “that you are the only decent man on the island”
“Go back to my camp girls we’ll figure this out in the morning, take Nicole with you I’ll talk Sunni back” He gently took Sunni’s arm as the two girls half dragged half carried a still dazed Nicole. They followed at a slow walk some 50 feet behind.
“I... I didn’t like it when Joe tried to force me and I hated that Gary did and he hit Nicole I Hope she’s all right”
“I’m sure she will be” Jeremy said softly “we will have to decide what to do with these two in the morning” Naomi stood as the reached the shelter she had apparently been talking to Sara “How are you feeling?”
“A little hung over you know dry mouth, headache,” Naomi smile “Where are we?”
“Haven’t the foggiest” Jeremy responded “Safe for now I think” he paused briefly “What do you know”
“We had been blown about 300 miles off course when the crashed happened”
“And we drifted for almost nine hours on the current”
“We’ll be very lucky if we are found” Naomi said solemnly
“I agree”
“The other two boys?”
“One had a broken arm its set but I’m afraid they are acting far from civilized. Most everyone is going to be uncomfortable in the morning too much sun and if Joe does regain consciousness I’m afraid he won’t be all that sane. Cooked the meatloaf too long I think”
“What?” Naomi asked
“”Way too much sun and he’s very dehydrated”
“We should get him to a hospital”
“I agree sadly there aren’t any around here the other one was trying to sexually assault Sunni here” Jeremy said gently pulling sunny against him. “I say let them rot but I can’t they are people and we just can’t dismiss them even if they are less than quality.”
“I’ll talk to the women in the morning and we’ll decide something where are they?”
“Up the beach a ways”
“Get some sleep I think tomorrow will be quite eventful” Jeremy rested laying on the sand beneath the stars he closed his eyes and drifted off…
He woke to find Sunni curled up on his right and Shannon on his left the sun hadn’t risen yet but the dawn sky was wash with yellow orange and red he cleared his throat and both girls stirred. “Shannon, Sunni get up” the two girls opened their eyes and smiled at him
“I’m sorry” Sunni said, “I kept having bad dreams and I feel safe near you”
Jeremy smiled “Sunni go wake the others today will be a long hard day I’m afraid, Shannon we need to go check on the boys”
“Yes master” she said smiling
“I’m not your master” Jeremy said a little annoyed
“But master you are I owe you my life not once but twice and three times if we survive this I thought about it all night You didn’t have to do what you did, you did it because of who you are and I know that you will never hurt anyone unless you have to, that is why I have decided to give myself to you body and soul, please, please, please understand”
Jeremy nodded as he stood watching the two unconscious men, he said nothing he pulled some leaves off a short palm and shaded the two’s faces. Then turning walked back to camp.
“Please say something” Shannon begged.
“Are you sure?”
“Oh yes master”
“This might be because of where we are and what our situation is and when and if we get back to the real world you may regret your decision.”
“No master you have given me a chance to continue living I can never regret that” Jeremy looked at Shannon as she finished talking tears welling up in her eyes.
“Okay but if you change your mind later that’s okay I’ll understand”
“It will never happen Master, thank you.” She threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply pressing her gritty body against his “Anything you want master and its yours.
The sun was just starting to break the horizon the girls were all lounging on the beach “Okay guys… girls I want three of you to gather coconuts as many as you can, Naomi would you please take three girls and see about fallen trees so we can build more shelters like this also we will need firewood eventually first I have to rediscover fire I think, Anabell gather up as much dried grass as you can, I’ll explain when your done, take Shannon Tiffany and Sara, Nicole Sunni and Pricilla you get Coconuts, Naomi you take Rose and Rachel, Okay so I wish there were more of you.”
“What are you going to do?” Sara asked
“Well first I’m going to work on the whole fire thing then I’m going to see about adding something more to the menu than just coconuts”
“Okay then” Sara nodded.
It took Jeremy a good hour to get a good scraper made, he hollowed out one piece of wood enough to run a straight piece of stick through it which he notched he then wet two branches in the surf and bent them around some small fat twigs which he lashed in place using a piece of his precious nylon cord. He stopped the work parties as they brought their loads in; it was still morning though several hours had passed since dawn. “Okay ladies take a break and go cool off in the water and then will sit in the shade and talk. He followed his own advice getting good and wed briefly and then sitting in the shade. The girls talked animatedly in the water and then came up under the canopy. “Okay girls I first want you all to decide what we are going to do about the boys, keep them prisoner nurse them back to health what is your decision.

Chapter VI

Jeremy went back to chipping rocks and made what he hoped would be spear points then he worked on an axe head when he was happy with it he looked for a suitable haft in the pile of firewood. He then went to the pile of grass and started spinning cord it took some time but soon he had a useable length. Naomi approached him as he completed his work “Okay Jeremy we have decided to leave Joe and Gary to their own devices we won’t help them but we won’t take any action against them.”
“Fair enough” Jeremy said “Pricilla will you come here a minute?”
“Sure what can I do?
“I need some of your hair.”
“Uh What for?”
“It will make this rope stronger and better”
“My Hair?”
“You have the longest hair and I only need a little bit”
“It will grow back Naomi added”
“You really need it?”
“Okay just not too much”
“Jeremy reached out and grabbed a quarter sized hank of hair”
“Um Master” Shannon said “Perhaps I better that’s not a good place to cut it” The others looked at Shannon as though she had lost her mind
“Um use this” Jeremy said handing her the still razor sharp scraper “and maybe cut it against this log”
Naomi grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to the side roughly. “What did you do just when I was starting to trust you, and you pull this bullshit”?
“Naomi honestly I didn’t do anything this was something she decided on her own and I tried to talk her out of it I’m as shocked and embarrassed as you are.”
“If you’re lying to be Jeremy I swear…”
“Ask her Naomi”
“Oh trust me Jeremy I will”
“Jeremy set about securing the axe head to the haft after he had braided a length of hair. He then set about cutting the fallen trees into more manageable sizes. Closer to six feet in length. The girls Naomi Sunni and Annabel were talking heatedly with Shannon. He called over the girls who were still idle and they worked on positioning the logs this time it was a little bigger shelter and one till taller they cot the roof and the door fitted before the sun reached its zenith. Everyone inside Jeremy called Time to rest while the sun is up. The four crawled into the smaller shelter while the remaining seven got into the larger. Jeremy laid again the wall as the other girls filled in the remaining space. He could hear the girls whispering and he felt one of the girls roll onto his hip. Her knee lightly pinning his. Her breasts pressed against his arm.
“Jeremy” the voice was very soft in his ear “You know I talked to Shannon while we were working and I know you have been working hard to keep us all safe an alive, so let Tiffany take care of you.” With that she mouthed his ear her hand slid down the front of Jeremy’s pants “Mmm very nice” she moaned in his ear, her fingertips tickling his scrotum. She gently wrapped her hand around his cock and slowly started stroking it her thumb rubbing the tip of his cock. She increased her tempo as his rod bloated and pulsed in her hand. “That’s it master” she whispered in his ear as his breathing became ragged “Cum for Tiffany master please…” she moaned in his ear. That was more than Jeremy could bear and his cock exploded in his pants she milked the last drops out and she slipped her cum coated hand out of his pants and licked it clean in the semi darkness. “That was a tasty treat she whispered to him, next time I want all of it” They rested a few more hours before crawling out of the shelter. They all spent the next week nursing everyone back to health, at the same time Jeremy worked on several projects the first was tools the second was a small canoe. It would be an outrigger and he worked on them mostly away from everyone else. When no one was watching he didn’t trust the situation as it stood and he didn’t want anyone doing anything stupid and running off with all his hard work. He kept the tools in a shallow hole near the cave and the canoe in the stand of cane.

Chapter VII

Naomi walked up to Jeremy as everyone came out stretching and shaking the grit off their bodies. “Have you been to the top of that peak?” she asked pointing
“Yes but only briefly to get the lay of the land”
“Can we go up there now?”
“Yeah sure in the meantime maybe we can get the girls to make some more rope. He showed the girls how to make the braided grass rope and then the two of them Jeremy and Naomi walked to the end of the Island. They made their way up to the top of the stone pillars. “Look” Naomi said when they reached the summit “I’m not happy about the whole master servant thing maybe it’s a black thing I don’t know really but you didn’t ask for it and I think more than a few of those women will embrace it. What I want to know is are you okay with it, that you won’t abuse it.”
“I think it’s just something I’m going to have to deal with,” Jeremy said
“Good so long as you’re not comfortable with it that’s good”
“Hey where did that come from” he pointed to an island maybe half a mile away to the west that looked bigger and the foliage was more lush.
“You think we could move camp over there” Naomi asked shielding her eyes with her hand
“Yeah I think so”
“What I was getting at was as long as your good and decent and don’t get used to the whole master servant thing I for one wouldn’t mind a little quality time with you.”
“What like a date or something?” Jeremy sputtered disbelieving
“Long walks on the beach and maybe a little cream in my coffee”
“Look Jeremy odds are we are going to be here for a while. You have eleven women who will be sharing the Island with you several of whom Hero worship you and they will all probably want a turn with their hero and while some of them might have other tastes. They all have needs and desires and if I can convince them or make a way for it to be fair. Hopefully once we get settled you will have more free time, of course everyone will have to share.”
“What the heck are you talking about?”
“You don’t know?”
“NO! What the heck are you talking about?”
“Sex Jeremy your going to have at least a half dozen women wanting to get you in the sack”
“Not while there is a crisis Uncle Edward says hormones should be ignored.”
“Who is uncle Edward”?
“My uncle he was a medic with marine recon he was also a SEAL. He’d take me out in the back 40 and then invite over a dozen or so girls to wiggle and shake while I completed various tasks, he’d let me mingle after I completed each one for a bit and then it was another task. He’d do his best and make sure the girls did their best to make it as distracting as possible for me and I’d have to finish five or six difficult tasks in an evening, and it would get really wild and raunchy by the end.”
“That explains your restraint.”
“What are you talking about?”
“These girls these women have been throwing themselves at you and yet you haven’t stopped working”
“That’s because there is so much to do”
“Look when things settle down all the girls or at least most of them will want to spend time with you. Mostly because you’re some darn sweet and nice, why haven’t any of them tried to scoop you up before now?”
“Well I was busy with school and I’m not Riche or Nuevo Riche and I’m not connected well with anyone.”
“Sounds like a bunch of superficial assholes”
“For the most part they are and snooty conniving backstabbing group I ever met it was just more, what the word I’m looking for it was just better if I ignored them and concentrated on my studies”
“And from what I’ve heard it’s really difficult to break your concentration”
“My dad and uncle worked hard that I can concentrate under almost any condition”
“Look we’ll talk after the move okay?”
“Good lets go we’ll need to build a raft or something.” They climbed down the rocks and walked back to the camp. The sun was setting so he sent most everyone to bed. A few people stayed up talking. Shannon came and sat down next to Jeremy.
“Master thank you so much for all that you have done is there anything I can do for you tonight?”
“I’m fine Shannon thank you” Jeremy replied “just need some time to think is all”
“As you wish master but if you desire anything please think of me”
“Of Course I will Shannon” He smiled in the early darkness. Sunni curled up next to him and they all rested. Jeremy half dozing to the sound of the surf breaking on the reef.
It was later how much Jeremy didn’t know he heard a scream. He rose “Master is everything all right?” Shannon asked.
“I don’t know Shannon stay here with Sunni and if I’m not back soon wake Naomi”
“Yes Master”

Chapter VIII

Jeremy walked down the beach in the darkness he saw three figures. Gary and Joe were Obvious the third he couldn’t tell it had to be one of the girls. He got close so he could overhear what was being said.
“So you betrayed me too did you bitch” It was Joe’s voice
“No Joe I well I didn’t have any choice in the matter” Annabel’s voice cracked.
“Of course not they put a gun to your head and told you to leave us here” Joe replied.
“No it wasn’t like that Joe you know I’m loyal to you I mean you’re my employer” Anabell replied
“Best not forget that bitch.” he said grabbing her by the shirt.
“What are you going to do?” Anabell asked
“Oh your going to make amends Anabell for your betrayal”
“Oh how?”
“Your going to bring one of those other bitches with you next time and your going to help us make an example out of her, if you don’t I’m going to make an example out of you. If you know what I mean”
“Yes of course Joe I’ll do whatever you want me to.”
“Good and when I’m feeling better I’m going to kick that poor kids ass, fuck that I’ll kill him, kill him with my bare hands.”
“Yes Joe of course I had better be getting back”
“Good we’ll see you tomorrow night don’t make us come looking for you.” Jeremy moved away and headed back down the beach to the camp. This is going to be harder than I thought, he said mostly to himself. He got one of the discarded Logs it was about 8 feet long and started scraping the bark off one side.
“Is everything all right master?” Shannon asked from the side of the hut.
“It will be eventually I hope” Jeremy said. It took him quite some time to smooth off one face of the log he went to work on the other two faces. He saw Annabel returning but he kept to himself working the log soon had a basic canoe shape it wouldn’t take much to capsize it but he had more work to do he scraped a hollow out of the top and set to work building a small fire. It took him about twenty minutes with his fire bow that he had made earlier and as he added more and more to the fire he used a piece of bark to transfer coals to the hollowed part of the canoe. It was dawn and he was tired still working on the canoe it was nearly finished at least the boat part was, burning part scraping burning scraping. It was tedious work but in between times he had started working on paddles he had two finished he made an out-rigger out of cane and another smaller fallen tree that he shaped as best he could. He used the ropes the other girls had made to lash it all together. The sun was rising and he called Shannon and Sunni over “Shannon I’m going to go test this boat don’t tell the others where I have gone just tell them that I’ll be back before noon I hope.”
“Yes master I’ll do what you ask.” Shannon said
“Where are you going” Sunni asked
“Call it a little fishing expedition Sunni don’t worry I’ll be back soon.”
“And don’t tell anyone I’m gone I will be back soon I promise”
“Okay” Jeremy dragged the boat to the edge of the water, smoothing the sand where it had been disturbed. “Jeremy” he looked up Sunni took his head in her palms and kissed him hard and deeply on the mouth “Be careful”
Jeremy smiled “I will, I’ll see you all very soon.” Jeremy launched the canoe it was unwieldy in the surf but he soon passed through the reef and headed toward the other island using the pinnacle of rock to guide him, he passed the reef on the other Island without incident and beached his canoe it was a surprisingly quick trip He walked inland for and then found a protected cove there was a grotto with a spring there and fresh water. There also appeared to be animal tracks. Goats it looked like. There was a lot more of the island to explore but he had to hurry this would work for everyone’s needs. He hurried back to the canoe and headed toward the pinnacle point on the island. He got there quickly and pulled the canoe behind some boulders hiding it from view he hurried down the beach.
“I was so worried is everything okay” Sunni asked leaping onto him nearly knocking him over as she kissed his neck and face.
“Everything is just great Sunni” he said untangling himself from the girl.
“Where have you been” Naomi asked looking at him inquisitively.
“I had some things to take care of” he smiled “I need to talk to you privately”
“Okay” Naomi said
“When do I get to talk to you privately” Tiffany exploded
Jeremy looked at Tiffany “we are just going to walk down the beach a little ways Tiffany nothing is going on that you won’t be let in on later so relax”
“I… I’m so sorry master please forgive me.”
“Everyone wait here I don’t want anyone going anywhere until I’ve Hashed this out with Naomi and when we come back I’ll tell you all the plan.” Jeremy said
“Okay” Sunni said glaring at Tiffany.

Chapter IX

Naomi and Jeremy walked down the beach till they were out of earshot. “We have a problem” Jeremy said
“It appears that Anabell is still trying to help her employer or former employer and he plans to take it out on one of the girls, and he wants to kill me.”
“When did you hear that?” Naomi asked
“Last night I heard something down the beach and saw the three of them talking. And heard most of what they had to say”
“I see well in that case I am guessing that we need to get going more urgently than before”
“I agree what do we do about Anabell”
“We can’t force her to go with us”
“No but we can’t let them that is the boys interfere with our plans and terrorize us either”
“What’s your plan?” Naomi asked.
“We could always knock her out or something?”
“How about a blind fold”
“That could work, let’s do it then.” The two walked back to the beach encampment. “ Okay girls Rachel Pricilla Rose and Annabel come here. We talked about it and we decided that I have found a secret place its so secret I can’t tell you where it is so I need you to put on blindfolds and hold hands I’ll lead you the rest of you wait here with Naomi she’ll be in charge while I’m gone. He didn’t wait for an answer just waited until the girls had tied strips of cloth across their eyes and took Rose by the hand and got all the girls in a single line and led them in a crisscross course across the island to where the Canoe was hidden. He loaded them one at a time into the canoe and paddled them across the straight between islands. He then got them out and led them to the little cove where he had them sit down. “Okay ladies you can take off your blindfolds now”
“Where are we” Rose asked
Jeremy chuckled “Again with that question, safer than you should be you all wait here I’ll get the rest of the girls and be back in a Jiffy.
“Okay” Pricilla said
“Were we in a boat?” Rachel asked
“All will be revealed when everyone else gets back”
“Okay” the women chorused though Anabell looked more than a little worried.
He got back in the Canoe there was a black Cloud on the horizon and he hurried back to the camp not bothering to conceal the canoe this time. He loaded the other girls on and handed them paddles. Naomi took one as did Sara, Shannon Tiffany and Sunni sat in the bottom of the boat with Norman as they sped out across the straight the clouds were getting blacker and the wind was starting to pick up as they beached the canoe the girls help haul it onto shore and camouflaged it as best they could. He led the girls down around to the lagoon and to where the other girls waited. “No Blindfolds for them?” Anabell asked
“Well…” Jeremy began
“Annabel” Naomi interrupted Sunni and Shannon both knew about the boat and I already knew about the plan and Tiffany well she and Shannon and Sara are best friends and best friends don’t keep secrets. So no, no blindfolds, but I want to talk about the little chat you had on the beach last night with Joe and Gary”
“What?” the girls asked glaring at Annabel who gulped
“I… How did you know?”
“Never mind how I know I know now can we count on you to behave yourself?”
“You Bitch!” Sunni screamed leaping onto Anabell and punching her two or three times tearing her blouse and rolling around on the ground. Jeremy quickly grabbed Sunni and pulled her off of Anabell who looked for a moment like she wanted more but the other women closed ranks with Naomi looming in front of her.
“Now can we count on you to behave, or do I tell Jeremy to let Sunni go and…”
“No, no I’ll behave”
“Very good but until you have proven you can be trusted you will have to be with one girl at all
times. I suppose its best if we tied one of them to you, you will bathe with them and talk to them and do whatever they ask you do you. Once you have gone through every girl then you will be free to go. You will have a different girl with you every week. If you try to escape we will find you and leave you tied up for Joe and Gary to find. Any questions?”
“Don’t you think that that is a little harsh” Jeremy whispered
“No I don’t this is life and death” she whispered back “Now” she said so everyone could hear does anyone object to this judgment?” No one said anything, “Does anyone wish to say anything about this?” again no one said anything. “Very well then.” Naomi picked up a piece of rope and tied it around Annabel’s waist loosely. She walked amongst the girls with the other end and chose Shannon and tied the other end around her wrist. “Jeremy what do you want us to do?”

Chapter X

“Gather as much wood and food as you can for now and get inside the grotto there” he pointed. “I’m going to get some rest, when it starts raining everyone get into the grotto. He walked up into the Grotto it was ten feet across and almost 60 feet long he figured the floor was soft and covered with moss. He relaxed and was soon overcome with sleep. He woke up in the dark he untangled himself gently from Pricilla and Sunni and walked to the entrance of the cave, He undressed and walked out into the rain letting the cool water clean the dirt sweat and grime from his body. He felt a light tap on his shoulder and turned.
“Shh” Nicole said putting a finger to her lips and leading him away from the grotto “I wanted to talk to you I don’t know if any of the other girls have figured it out yet but well we are going to have a problem eventually.”
“How do you mean?” Jeremy asked as Nicole stripped out of her wet clothes.
“Naomi saw animal tracks but didn’t know what kind so she told us to take turns watching the front of the cave I hoped I would get a chance to talk to you”
“So what is the problem?” Jeremy asked
Nicole Reached out and took hold of his cock “This” She said licking her lips. “Its okay Jeremy I really want this and now that I see it I want it in so many ways. “The problem is she whispered brushing the tip against her lips is one there is one cock and so many of us want it, the other problem is, is that your going to get more than one of us pregnant sooner or later. After all there is no birth control on this island I suppose that some of the girls have some birth control of some kind but I’m betting that unlike Sunni and myself they are either on the pill or on an injection of some kind. Sunni and I have implants they are good for 4 months we got them three months ago.”
“I hadn’t thought about that, the pregnancy thing the one guy for 9 girls we were going to work out once we are all settled here for the most part.”
“Well I just wanted to tell you about it, and thank you for what you did for Sunni”
“I..” Nicole sucked half of Jeremy’s large shaft into her mouth “Nicole what are you doing?”
“Shut up and let me thank you Jeremy” She said pulling his cock from her mouth only long enough to breathe the words out her tongue tickled his balls as she deep throated him letting her throat muscles tantalize the head of his cock she caressed his balls with her hand, and he grasped her head as he exploded into her mouth, she sucked the last drops from his throbbing cock. “Thank you” she said again “I’ll understand if you don’t want to fuck me later but maybe once in a while it would be nice to get a mouthful of your gorgeous cock.”
“Your welcome Nicole why wouldn’t I want to fuck you?”
“Well I’m Ugly I mean the only reason I know anything about sex is because I hang out with Sunni and I do her dirty work in the dark.”

<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>

Nicole had a deep sense of self-loathing she was smart and all but she felt that she had the face that looked best on a dog. True she wasn’t the best looking of the group of girls she was just not outstanding like the rest of them. She was actually fairly average looking but when you compared her to the other women on the trip she was the end of the line. Because her best friend Sunni was so naturally pretty she felt often overlooked and so that she got her share of attention she started to pretend that she was Sunni at least in the dark it worked.
She did a lot of disgusting things. She didn’t mind too much it was nice when men touched you made you feel good or you made them feel good and they would often compliment Sunni on her prowess though she knew that they were actually complimenting her and Sunni really didn’t ask too many questions she just smiled and nodded a lot and said uh huh in the most annoying way. Nicole also helped Sunni graduate she was no good at math or English or any subject except perhaps personal hygiene and fashion. But that is what Sunni wanted to be a fashion designer and model she certainly had the body for it never mind that her head was empty most of the time. Joe her boyfriend was another matter all together he was mean and cruel and liked rough sex and had often left Nicole with nasty bruises. She never let them show and never told Sunni about it she could always tell when Joe was in a mood and would insert herself to keep her friend from getting hurt. She really didn’t know why she did it except that Sunni was always her friend and never judged her. She had been glad when she found out that Jeremy was going on the trip he was an outcast and maybe he would be nice and they could spend some time together. She wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t though he was ruggedly handsome to her eye and she felt that he like most boys were out of her league.

<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>
“I see, well I don’t agree and you will get your turn with everyone else I promise I won’t exclude anyone.”
“Oh good! Thank you again” Jeremy walked down to the beach and bathed as best he could in the surf and rain and went back and collected his clothes and put them back on, he noticed that Nicole had done the same though her clothes were still quite wet. Jeremy went to work building a fire and soon it was warm and crackling. The warmth and noise of the fire soon woke the rest of the camp and as Nicole knelt close to the fire everyone else started getting up and talking amongst themselves.

“Ladies” Jeremy began It will take us a little while to get organized here and I want to bring two things to light here the first is that once everything is organized I want to find a fair way for you all to share me, its completely voluntary if you don’t want to that’s fine with me as well. The second thing I want to discuss is pregnancy if and when we start having sex odds are pretty good that some or all of you will get pregnant. I want you all to think about that hard before you all decide. Naomi nodded and looked at him “Hadn’t thought about that”
“But I’m on the Pill” Rachel piped.
“When was the last time you took it?” Naomi asked
“Two days ago before we left, its in my luggage”
“And your luggage is at the bottom of the sea” Nicole chuckled “not really all that accessible.”
“I suppose not”
“I want to have your Baby Master” Said Shannon and Tiffany together.
“Well lets not get in a hurry to knock everyone up we had best do it in stages I think so that not everyone is pregnant at the same time, we’ll figure something out I’m sure” Jeremy Grinned
“In the meantime I think everyone should take a bath at least I’ll see about working on soap here soon.”
“You know how to make soap” Sunni asked
“Yes it won’t be wonderful soap but we can wash with it and clean our clothes.”
“That is so cool Jeremy you are so smart and you know stuff I mean you really know stuff and you’re my hero and everything”
“Speaking of getting all nice and clean” Rachel began “does anyone have a razor? I’m starting to get stubble”
“No” the others said one by one
“How are we supposed to be nice and sexy if we can’t shave?” Rachel asked incredulously.
“You mean we’ll be all hairy and gross?” Sunni asked catching on
“Well I don’t have a razor and there are no health spa’s around for a wax so it looks that way” Nicole said
“What will we do Jeremy won’t want us if we are all hairy and gross” Sunni exclaimed
“Doesn’t seem like we have much choice does it” Shannon said
“But I want to be all pretty and sexy for Jeremy” Sunni cried
“Settle down Sunni, I’m just doing the best I can in a bad situation now if you’ll excuse me I have some things that I need to attend to.” He walked out into the falling rain and picked up a fallen limb from on of the breadfruit trees and brought it back inside. He worked it over the fire straightening it and scraping down the knots on it. He worked some of the larger pieces of obsidian that he had brought along into a spear point and attached it to the end of the spear with some left over hair from earlier. He then walked the island following the tracks till he came across a heard of goats there were about 30 of them he quietly stalked one of the bigger rams and then when he was close maybe 8 feet he jabbed it with his spear the rest of the heard scattered and Jeremy wrestled with the ram pulling the spear point out and using it to cut the goat’s throat. He carried it back to camp the girls were slightly horrified as he gutted the animal and butchered it with his crude tools he hung the meat from a tree and took a quarter and spitted it over the fire. Soon the smell of roasting meat filled the cave and the now clean girls were salivating at the smell.
“Where did you find it?” Sunni asked “And how did you know how to cut it up like that and I mean what”
“I killed it Sunni he said matter of factly and I have butchered many animals before I expect that this one will be a little stringy but I’ll do better in the future.”

<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>

Pricilla was an animal lover from the start she loved dogs and horses from the time that she could walk and she rode horses regularly. All animals were sacred was her philosophy and she couldn’t bear to think that they might be killed for any reason. Of course she would conveniently forget this fact every time she sat down at a table for a meal be it fast food or something the housekeeper cooked up lamb or burgers. She had started her sexual experimentation with animals almost two years earlier when she had been masturbating on the couch and her dog Sully had come up and started licking her fingers, the ones that had been diddeling her slit. That of course got her more and more interested in animal sex sully was a small dog 40 lbs give or take and his cock was well large for his size and after a few times giving him a blow job after he licked her to climax, she started looking at other dogs.
It started with Pricilla and Rose house sitting and dog sitting and then Rose caught her sucking off one of the dogs. There was a fight and much hair pulling and it ended with Rose getting fucked by the dog this really turned Pricilla on. After that they would take turns having sex with the dogs and each other.
A few weeks before the Trip was scheduled to leave they had been at the stable where they had their riding lessons everyone was pretty much leaving for the night and they were cleaning up the horses and feeding them as was their usual, Daddy owned the stable and it was their job to maintain the horses so they were pretty much out there every day. A Dumpy girl named Lannie who had been following them around for the past few weeks much to Pricilla’s annoyance had asked for a ride home they had agreed to it. So as they were finishing cleaning up Lannie walked up to them asking when it was time to leave they had a few more stalls to tend to so they asked her to wait. Lannie asked if she could hang out with them they were of course the coolest girls at the stable. Rose and Pricilla looked at each other and Pricilla had that look that rose knew all too well. Sure Pricilla said but you have to pass our initiation first. Lannie agreed readily. First Rose said you have to run around the barn.
Okay Lannie agreed
You have to be naked Pricilla revised
Oh… Lannie said
“Don’t worry there is no one here but us and the horses Lannie.”
Lannie somewhat reluctantly stripped out of her clothes and then skipped out the door she returned as the girls finished the last of their work panting and sweating.
Good rose said
“Thanks” Lannie gasped “now what”
“Come with me” Pricilla said leading Lannie into an empty stall “get on your knees and close your eyes” which Lannie did kneeling in the soft sawdust now keep your eyes closed and your hands behind your back said Pricilla as she deftly removed her pants standing behind the girl. She moved in front of Lannie and pulled her face to her now bare pussy.
“Make my sister cum Lannie” Rose said
“Yes suck my pussy” Pricilla said as Lannie began to lick and lap and suck on the older girls snatch. Pricilla ground her pussy against Lannie’s face and came within twenty minutes then rose replaced her and the act was repeated. “Okay Lannie you did good so far one more test for you”
Okay she said smiling a shyly the twins led her to a stall and opened the door “you have to make Max here cum” Pricilla said looking at Rose who had a somewhat surprised look on her face.
“How?” Lannie said
“Well you see his cock well you stroke it or suck it or jam it in your pussy and rub it till those big balls there empty”
“Oh okay” Lannie said hesitantly reaching for the enormous member she then gently started stroking it the horse snorted a little and as Lannie got more into it Pricilla knelt on the floor next to her and started flicking her clit gently
“That’s it” Pricilla said “Stroke it” it took only ten minutes before the horse nickered and unleashed a flood of white goo on the unsuspecting teen.” They led her out to the crossties and hosed her off. And took her to the car Rose drove while Pricilla still on a sexual high sixty-nined with Lannie in the back seat. From that day on they tortured Lannie every day making her drink cum, having her fuck dogs while she ate out one of the sisters and the sisters being little deviants took pictures not only of the initiation but of every thing they did to her they hooked her up to a old milking machine one day while they played with her. Lannie didn’t care what they did to her she was just glad to have friends even if they made her do sick and disgusting things she was never left out. Pricilla was very annoyed that Rose chastised her after every day of debauchery in the privacy of their shared bedroom

<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>

“You killed an animal!” Pricilla screamed “How could you it never did anything to you I mean it was just an innocent animal.”
“Pricilla how about you don’t look at it so much as an animal but as dinner”
“I… I don’t know if I can Pricilla stammered”
“Well I won’t force you to eat it but you will need the protein and it is good lean meat better than beef or pork anyway.”
“I don’t eat animals,” Pricilla said
“Oh you do too” Rose responded we had Wendy’s before we left if that’s not eating beef I don’t know what is and you had a double bacon hamburger”
“Oh but I didn’t have to watch the butcher cut it up”
“Pricilla I’m sorry but please eat you all need to keep your strength up” No one said anymore as they ate the roasted meat. They rested in the semidarkness of the cave and Norman gnawed on one of the bones from the goat. “We can get a better survey of the island when the weather clears and the sun comes up.

Chapter XI

Rose walked up to Jeremy who was collecting the drippings from the meat that fell in the ashes and putting them in an empty coconut. “Jeremy could you help me please?”
“Sure what’s up?”
“I… I don’t want to say in front of everyone please?”
“Sure” he got up and followed Rose to the front of the cave, those others watched him closely or glared at Rose “I’ll be right back and don’t even think what your thinking you have trusted me this far” Naomi nodded from the edge of the fire.
They walked out into the heavy rain “What’s up” Jeremy asked
“I’m a little afraid of the dark and I need to go poo, and”
“Why don’t you go with Pricilla?”
“I don’t understand”
“Just walk with me and I’ll… I’ll do my best to explain” Rose said barely audible above the sound of the storm they walked to the southern end of the island in a bank of ferns. Rose stripped down and handed him her clothes. She hid behind a growth of ferns and started talking “My sister and I we um well we mess around together and well I mean we don’t date much but we have lots of sex.”
“With each other?” Jeremy asked amazed
“Yes and…”
“There is an and?”
“Well the reason she was so happy to see Norman was well he’s trained to fuck women Pricilla trained him herself. Only on command but when he sees a naked body he gets all wound up and you know”
“Actually I have no idea”
“Well if I was doing this and she was here with Norman she would have him fuck me while I ate her out and then she would suck the cum out before we got back to camp”
“I know its horrible isn’t it?”
“I had no idea but I suppose if that’s what you want I won’t tell anyone about your little secret”
“That’s just it she likes it because it’s dirty and nasty the dirtier and nastier the act is the more she likes it.”
“I don’t know what to say”
“Just keep it in mind of course I do all the same things she does because well I guess I enjoy it too at least some of it but sometimes I like to have a little time to myself. You know what I mean?”
“I understand”
“Thanks so much for coming out here with me in the rain,”
“Your welcome of course” Jeremy was completely flabbergasted he didn’t know what to say first they were lesbian sisters and second they were into doing dogs it was almost too much to take.
“Later maybe, you know when its our turn with you that is of course if you still want to I mean I’ll understand if you don’t we can show you, If you want.
“I’d love too”
“Really you would, um what do I do about Toilet paper?”
“Maybe wash yourself off in the surf with one of those fern fronds?”
“With what?”
“One of the fern leaves”
“Oh okay” They walked back to the lagoon and grotto.
“Where have you been?” Pricilla asked getting up from where she had been resting.
“I just went for a walk” Rose responded
“Did you fuck him on your walk?” Pricilla goaded “Was it good? Is your pussy all full of his cream?”
“No I didn’t do any of that” Rose responded
“You are a lying bitch” Pricilla said grabbing the front of her sisters blouse and tearing it away “I know you fucked him” she screamed slapping rose. Jeremy grabbed Pricilla and hauled her bodily towards the lagoon “Let me go I know you filled her with your spunk I know you did that little slut will open her legs to any cock! Did she tell you did she tell you about all the bloo..” Jeremy tossed her into the lagoon.
“Pricilla shut up” Jeremy yelled advancing on her “I did not touch your sister and I won’t touch any of you girls until you come to some kind of agreement on how its best to share me if that’s what you want.”
“Not another word Pricilla” Jeremy said softly “now go back and apologize to your sister and we will hear nothing more about it clear?” Pricilla walked slowly back to the grotto. Naomi approached him “Now what?”

<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>
Rose remembered back to the days before, before this horrible trip before her horrible sister manipulated her and made her the sick pervert she was, was she really a sick pervert she reflected Freud had said that the only kind of sex that was unhealthy was no sex at all. She had rolled that concept around in her head for months she had felt guilty when her sister had forced her to have sex with that first dog and then later when the two of them had made out together, true it had brought them closer together as sisters but it was still wrong from everything she knew it was wrong but from the darkest corner of her mind she derived such pleasure from it the contact with her mirror opposite.
Then there was the incident with Lannie she hadn’t felt right about that but Lannie had been quite deft with her tongue and seemed to enjoy the attention and degradation, Rose had also enjoyed watching the younger girl with her sister and a few times they had gotten into a chain with each girl eating the other. Lannie did have a sweet tasting pussy, she wondered if she was normal if she would ever be normal and longed for a try at it to go out with boys with out her domineering sister directing not that her sister seemed the least interested in boys because most of the time they were contrary to both girls beliefs.
She had wondered what it would be like to hold hands to kiss a boy to just share a comfortable silence with one; she was not like her sister she hated the drama and jealousy that her sister seemed to radiate. She wanted to put her in her place but Pricilla was the stronger and she usually won the fights though they rarely got far past wrestling. She wanted to get away maybe Lannie would be her escape route or now perhaps that they were in this situation Jeremy would be her way out from under Pricilla’s influence.
<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>

Chapter XII

“We have to get this worked out soon.” Naomi said.
“You’re telling me”
“What do you think?”
“Lets try this we’ll start with Nicole and Sunni first”
“Why them hot stuff?”
“Because they aren’t going to get pregnant and it will buy us some time.”
“Its not fair”
“Can we fix it so it looks fair”
“I think so”
“In the morning we’ll make the announcement talk to Nicole she’s smarter than she acts she might have an idea on how to rig it” Jeremy said. “I also think we need a space away from everyone where I’ll live with whoever I’m living with for the time being.”
“Sounds like a plan”
“Good now lets get back before something else blows up”
“Speaking of blow’s I’ve heard that some of the girls might have taken liberties with you.
“There might be some truth to that “ Jeremy responded “But I’m not going to say who”
“Good, because very soon I’m going to want a taste of that cock and a bellyful of your cum you have no idea how hard it is not to just get the girls together and rape you. That thought has crossed my mind a time or two”
“Okay we’ll work out something soon.”

Chapter XIII
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Rachel remembered back before this toxic trip, she had been invited over to Gary’s house for a party you know the kind that people have at the end of the year. Of course Gary’s mother provided the alcohol. There was something familiar about his mother but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it, she gave Rachel a dirty look when she walked in the door. The party didn’t really get going until about an hour later there was loud music and dancing. That was when Gary’s mom handed her a drink. She gulped it down thankfully. Shortly after that she started feeling strange not drunk strange and she found herself doing things that she wouldn’t have normally done. She remembered all of it her first taking off her blouse and bra and rubbing her breasts against all kinds of party guests then guys feeling her up. It felt so good their fingers on her nipples drove her wild. Somehow she managed to lose her skirt. She was dancing around in a room full of her friends in nothing but a thong and high heels Gary danced close to her and ground his hips against her ass one hand tweaked her breast and the other went down the front of her panties. Suddenly all the guys were taking out their cocks and she leaned over to suck one because it seemed like a deliciously naughty thing to do soon she had Gary’s cock in her pussy to the hilt and another guy’s cock in her mouth. She swallowed did didn’t know how many loads of cum, she just relaxed and let them fuck her face it was so wonderful. She remembered Gary cumming inside her and then there was another guy and another she didn’t remember how many guys came inside her. Then there was a guy who pushed his cock in her tight virgin asshole, that had hurt at first but soon she was loving that too. She woke up the next morning in Gary’s bed she started to get up she was sore and bruised all over from her ordeal but Gary got up with her and despite her objections bent her over the bed and went another round in her pussy first and then her ass where he blew his load. He laid back down on the bed and she walked downstairs. His mother was sitting in a chair in the living room. “Did you have fun last night” she asked
“It was really really weird”
“Well I have some good news and some bad news”
“Oh what’s the good news”
“Come here and I’ll tell you” she said beckoning the naked teen toward her Rachel walked up to the woman who pushed her down on her knees by her hair she yowled and Gary’s mother spread her legs revealing that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her skirt “I had a good night too” She said “nothing like some nice teen cock to make you feel full and now you get to licking and I’ll tell you more” Rachel had never even considered but with her face pressed so close to the woman’s snatch it was difficult to know what to do, she stuck out her tongue and hesitantly started licking. She continued getting more daring and more into at which point the woman said “My name is Rachel too I’m your disowned aunt and Gary is your brother or your cousin most likely both since the man your mother married knocked me up the night before the wedding.” Dumbfounded Rachel had stopped what she was doing what had she done what was she doing? The elder Rachel just smiled “Oh don’t stop now you little slut keep going unless you want your mother to get a copy of the video I shot last night you getting gang banged by twelve guys I’m sure she would be proud. When you get back from your little vacation in the south pacific I expect to see a lot more of you. Your going to be our little sex slave when your not giving it up to Gary and his friends, yes lick right there come on now your going to be putting out for me and mine. Oh I wouldn’t worry too much I’m sure you could call the police but they will never find any evidence of anything. Because you don’t want everyone you know to know what kind of slut you are. Did you know that after everyone went home I let the neighbor’s dog have a go with you? Of course you were delirious but you seemed to be enjoying it immensely. Now keep eating me till I cum I want to cum all over that pretty face of yours. Rachel didn’t see that she had any choice so she complied attacking the older woman’s pussy with vigor though her tongue and jaw were both sore soon the older woman was humping her face trying to get off and finally she did cum. The elder Rachel told her that she was to never mention all these revelations to Gary and then she led her to the bathroom and told her to get cleaned up and she would find some clothes for her to wear. She had gone home in her Aunt’s clothes; she had fucked a dog? She had had sex with her brother and she had had sex with her Aunt. Never mind the numerous boys that she would never remember who had taken turns with her.
She had stayed in bed the next day and hadn’t come out of her room the day after that. It wasn’t until the day before the trip that her mother had convinced her to get out and go shopping, shopping had helped she had felt much better, well much better than she had felt before and then when they had gotten on the plane Gary had teased her asking her if she thought it would be funny if she starred in the in flight movie. When the captain had turned off the fasten seat belt sign, Rachel had followed Gary to the lavatory where he proceeded to pound her pussy raw he pulled up her panties and told her that she had best slosh like that the rest of the day, a few hours later he had a turn at her ass as well. She had had a hard time walking after that fortunately the plane was small and no one was really paying attention when she sat down.

They sat in the shelter of the cave Jeremy thinking by himself, Naomi and Nicole whispering near by. She explained the problem and asked Nicole if she had any ideas how to rig it so that it-looked fair but wasn’t. Nicole had an idea and it would work if done properly when the sun rose finally some time later the rain subsided. Jeremy woke the girls again okay girls we are going to make a hut so that when we have sex we can have some privacy. We will have a drawing as soon as the hut is finished and the first winner will get two weeks, the winner will draw again and she will get two weeks and so on and so on.
“How will it be done” Shannon asked
“I want to go first” Tiffany said
“I don’t want to do it when I have to baby sit Anabell…” Shannon said
“Really?” Sara asked
“Look we have a lot to do and not much time to do it in. I need some of you to gather coconuts and some to gather bread fruits from trees like this one and some of you will need to gather building materials.”
“Like we did last time?”
“I think we will make this one a little bit better if you don’t mind” Jeremy said. “The last ones were crude and built in too big of a hurry. I’ll be back later to check on your progress.”
“Where are you going?” Naomi asked
“I thought I’d check on the boys and see how they weathered the storm”
“Just to make sure they aren’t up to no good you know like building a boat or something”
“Can I go with you?”
“Do you think they will let you?”
“I’ll meet you on the beach that way they won’t know we are going together.”
“You are sneaky” Jeremy said Naomi smiled several minutes later they pushed the canoe into the surf and started paddling they Paddled around the Island first and there was a cove on the south side of the island that was overgrown with vines. “Wonder what’s over there” Jeremy noted
“I’ll check it out later or maybe we can on our two weeks together?”
“If you like” they paddled to the island it looked deserted they hid the canoe just in case. And walked quietly through the brush and wood keeping low they came to where the old camp was. There he saw Joe and Gary, Joe was kneeling behind Gary the words were carried on the wind “You are such a worthless fuck Gary first you fuck things up with my Girl then you scare off my assistant, well I’m going to get some ass one way or another”
“Joe what are you doing”
“Shut up you fat fuck and take it”
“Oh oh shit your really oh ow ow”
“Oh my god” Naomi whispered
“That’s it you fuck struggle all you like you’re my cum dumpster now , you ran off Sunni she was so fucking dumb I loved plowing her ass it was sweet and tight almost as tight as your is oh oh oh fuck I’m cumming”
“Oh my god” Naomi whispered again
“Suck it suck your shit off my cock you worthless fuck can’t even keep things right can you, you got to, Suck it you fuck or I’ll knock your teeth out, yeah that’s it, its your fault that we don’t have any pussy here so your going to be my pussy. You understand me bitch you fat assed slob”
“We better get out of here” Jeremy whispered taking Naomi by the arm.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>

Gary thought back to before the trip when the slut Rachel was at his party he and his friends had taken turns with her pity she was such a stupid bitch that she would be used like that. He had loved fucking her tight little ass though fucking her face wasn’t all that bad either. His mother had even approved of him using the slut saying that she wanted him to be just like his daddy. She had even smiled when he mentioned it; his mom was great like that very understanding he still couldn’t understand what happened to his dad, his mother wouldn’t talk about it. In fact he thought it odd that his mother didn’t really talk about her family at all most kids had grandparents and what not he just figured that she had been adopted or something and never really had a family. He never thought that his good life would lead to this.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>

Chapter XIII

The two of them hurried off the island and into the canoe and paddled halfway back before either of them said anything. “I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life” Naomi said.
“What you think I have? I knew that Joe was a cruel evil fuck but I had no idea he’s do that I thought they would have done something constructive with their time.”
“I guess it just goes to show you who the dominant male should be”
Jeremy shrugged “Should we tell them about this?”
“Only if we have to I think”
“You mean if we get rescued?”
“Precisely.” They beached the canoe and put it back into its hiding place.
Naomi turned to Jeremy “how about now hot stuff not that man on man gets me hot or anything but well you know shock and awe always made me horny kind of like flying.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>

Naomi had finished flight school two years before and had gotten checked out on most fixed wing aircraft. She loved to fly but no one would hire her she had almost a thousand hours logged in various types. Twin engine, single engine mostly some time with gliders and a few hours in jets when she could squeeze out the money to rent one for a while. So she was a stewardess in a private company sometimes her clients were less than what she wanted whom was she kidding sometimes they were down right piggish but at least it paid for what she really wanted to do. In another year she planned to buy her own plane and start up her own business puddle jumping as it were at first and then move on to bigger and better things. She had a knack for flying and this was supposed to be a routine trip, what a cruel joke that turned out to be.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>

Just a little taste maybe I can get another when Nicole has gotten her fill. But right now I’m randy as a rutting buck she knelt in front of him peeling off her blouse as she did so exposing her big melon sized mammaries wrapped tightly in a bra she quickly unzipped Jeremy and fished out his cock. She kissed the tip gently “You know I can never get enough cock,” she said softly “And yours is very, very nice” she wrapped her lips gently around the head of it and started flicking it lightly with her tongue before she slurped it into her mouth, It took Jeremy no time at all before he felt the pressure building in his balls.
“I’m gonna Cum” he whispered Naomi sucked harder and bobbed even more vigorously and in seconds he erupted into her mouth she sucked the last drops from his wilting rod and swallowed
“Waste not want not” she smiled “I hope you’ll last longer when you check my plumbing”
“I’ll do my best but really this whole situation is a little overwhelming.” Jeremy sighed
“Have you been with a girl? I mean before you came here?” Naomi inquired
“Yes she was older its is sort of a weird situation…”
“Oh do tell I like juicy stories.”
“Well I guess it happened a couple of years ago I had just moved into the neighborhood where I live now and well I got to know Sara’s family they were friendly and everything I spent a lot of time with her dad and he taught me a lot of things that I wouldn’t normally know. Of course when he wasn’t talking to me or teaching he, well he neglected his wife, she of course had me do all kinds of chores around the house she’s in her mid or late 30’s I don’t know. Anyway she would always bring me refreshments and what not and well she always wore skimpy clothing, especially when her husband wasn’t around and Sara as well. So one day about six months ago she called me over to help her fix something. She was wearing just a house robe and she led me into her bedroom. I looked around and wanted to know what she wanted to fix. She asked me if I was blind or something and she damn near raped me the first time after that it was slower and longer she asked me if I wanted to fuck her daughter, I told her yes, and she said she was okay with that and then she brought up the trip she thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for me to bang Sara silly. Then four days before we left she called me over and after we made love she told me that she was pregnant and that is was mine. That she had covered it up as best she could but she was going to carry the baby no matter what. That if it came down to it she would admit her infidelity to her husband and tell him that she had started it all and I was not to blame and well I got on your plane four days later.
“Wow that’s amazing incredible does Sara know?”
“I don’t know I think she might suspect something she almost caught us once or twice.
“Wow does she know her mom is pregnant?”
“No I think she was going to wait till after the trip to tell her.”
“We better head back this adventure keeps getting more and more interesting the more I learn” They headed back separate ways and Naomi arrived carrying Palm fronds from where ever a few minutes after Jeremy. They got to work on construction building cane and grass walls first six feet high then a round roof thatched with palm leaves the whole operation took three days but Jeremy wanted a good solid structure.

Chapter XIV

“Okay everyone” Naomi announced take off your panties and we’ll put them in this sack Jeremy will pick one pair and whoever’s panties come out gets the next two weeks with him. Everyone hurriedly doffed their panties and put them into the kind of stinky goatskin bag. Jeremy reached in and felt around he found what he was looking for a pair of panties with a small thorn through it. He pulled them out held them wadded up in his hand and walked over to the hut he pulled out the thorn and hung the panties over the door, and walked inside.
“Its me its me those are my panties” Nicole shrieked everyone smiled and congratulated her though there was some obvious disappointment among some of the girls, but they seemed to take it well. Nicole walked quickly into the hut as the other girls dispersed to take care of other tasks. “That was well played” she said Jeremy finished picking his teeth with the thorn and slipped it between two slats in the wall. “How…” Jeremy pulled her down to him kissing her letting their tongues kiss and fence his hand went to her breast caressing it gently she straddled him grinding her hips against his her hands went to his pants pulling away from the delicious kiss she stripped him and then stripped herself. His lips found her pouty nipple as she crushed his head against her chest. She could feel the head of his cock pressed against her clit she reached down to hold it. “You really want me?” she gasped
“Of course Nicole why wouldn’t I”
“Well I’m really not much to look at”
“I never judge a book by its cover”
Nicole moved his cock to the opening of her snatch “Please fuck me” she moaned as his cock slipped past the outer folds of her warm and wet little box. She rode him slow and steady feeling his cock swelling inside her feeling his pulse against the inside of her. Her nails raked his chest as she sucked his lips his neck her tongue tracing circles on his chest suckling his nipples. “I want your baby” She screamed as her orgasm contracted around his pulsing cock, which exploded a white-hot stream of cum inside her.

Chapter XV

Nicole lay there against his chest gasping the muscles of her pussy clenching and unclenching on his cock milking it back to hardness. A few hours later she pulled on her shirt and got up with Jeremy to prepare and eat dinner.
“Nicole” Sunni said there is something on your leg. Nicole looked down it was a dollop of cum that had leaked out of her pussy she scooped it up with two fingers and licked them clean.
“Yummy” she smiled “Thanks Sunni” They ate dinner and Jeremy and Nicole retired back to the hut. “You really like me?” Nicole asked
“Sure do” Jeremy responded
“Mmm I have an Idea then but later I promise you’ll love it”
“Shush or I’ll have to tie you up”
“Oooh now I love that Idea”
“Really I was just joking.” Jeremy said
“I’m not please tie me up and have your way with me”
“If you insist”
“Please?” Jeremy tied her hands behind her and had her stand he knelt down in front of her she was so short that his face was just even with her breasts He took one nipple between his lips lightly tickling the underside of her other breast with his hands he gently began to suck it flicking it with his tongue. He teased the other nipple with his fingers as he sucked and flicked her nipple her legs trembled as his teeth dragged over the nipple exiting his mouth with a wet pop. He then switched to the other nipple her back arched as he gently bit and sucked it his fingers lightly tweaking the other one. He switched again attacking it more fiercely than he had before there was a gentle rap at the door. “Come in” Nicole whispered Jeremy felt bare breasts against his back.
“Hiya hero” Naomi whispered in his ear before coming around to attack Nicole’s other breast. Jeremy took Naomi’s free hand that was traveling up Nicole’s thigh.
“Don’t touch her pussy” he whispered in her ear “Anything else is fair game” Naomi then let her hand drop to Nicole’s knee and was doing something there. Jeremy did his best to hold the jelly legged Nicole in a standing position. The two kept sucking on Nicole’s swollen and sensitive nipples until she was hissing orders at them to fuck her to finger her to touch her pussy. They paid no attention though she gasped and pleaded. Jeremy reached over and tweaked Naomi’s nipple and kissed Nicole on the lips as he pushed Naomi’s head down toward Nicole’s hungry dripping snatch it didn’t take much for Naomi to get the idea.
While Jeremy held Nicole’s breasts and kissed her Naomi began to earnestly eat her out. She broke the kiss only to squeal “Oh my” and then her body shuddered in orgasm. Gasping he lowered her to the floor of the hut and slowly inserted his cock into her hot wet pussy. Naomi straddled her face lowering her own dripping pussy onto Nicole’s face as Jeremy began to slowly thrust deeper and deeper into Nicole. He went slowly he could hear Nicole licking and sucking on Naomi’s pussy
Jeremy held his pace until Naomi said ”I’m close oh god she’s good”. Jeremy picked up the pace and started pounding Nicole’s pussy like there was no tomorrow he felt his balls starting to tingle and then he exploded in Nicole’s pussy he stood and Naomi sucked the last drops out her own orgasm coinciding nearly with his, Naomi then sucked and slurped the spent cum out of Nicole’s pussy until she came again. They all rested on the floor together Naomi on the right of Nicole and Jeremy on her left.
“Oh my god” Nicole said after catching her breath “I’ve never experienced anything so wonderful I want to keep doing that my nipples are so sensitive”
“Really” Naomi asked and playfully licked the one nearest her and Nicole shuddered.
“I still want to get pregnant with your baby Jeremy” Nicole said quietly “Promise me that I’ll be carrying your baby or have it at least before we leave you are so good”
“I promise” Naomi said that we won’t leave the island until all of us who want to be are pregnant with Jeremy’s babies.”
“What?” Jeremy asked
“Shush you” Naomi admonished “you have so many girls who want babies with you”
“But if we get off the island won’t it be a little hard to understand for the folks back home?”
“It might be but I think by that time we will all have an understanding and we won’t have to worry about what other people think” Naomi said
“Well some of the parents of some of these women are less than likely to be understanding” Nicole responded
“We’ll jump over that bridge when we get to it” Naomi smiled licking Nicole’s nipple again.

Chapter XVI

Naomi left the hut soon after that and the morning dawned Jeremy opened his eyes to see Nicole’s sweet face slurping his cock. He had to admit that she wasn’t terribly attractive in the face but her abilities and her desire made up for a lot she smiled around his cock as she looked up at him noticing he was awake. After the morning blowjob they got up and started work again just like any other day. Gathering food and by this time Jeremy had concocted a fair form of soap from the ashes and animal fat from the food. The other girls went about their assigned tasks. Jeremy took a break and decided to wander the island.
Jeremy walked down a game trail and heard something in a clearing off the path, he cautiously moved towards the noise. He peered from beneath some bushes to see what was happening. There in the clearing stood Shannon and Annabel and Tiffany all three were naked. Jeremy noticed that most of them shaved or had a bikini wax or whatever girls did. Shannon was almost bare on her crotch just a little stubble was starting to show where Tiffany had dark stubble forming on either side of what was once a carefully cut line. Annabel had stubble dotting around her slit with what might have once been a well-manicured arrow. “Well I think she should be punished” Tiffany said.
“She is!” said Shannon
“Not well enough” Tiffany responded
“Now wait just a minute,” Annabel said “don’t I get a say in this?”
“No!” both of the other girls responded
“Get on your knees bitch” Tiffany said menacingly
“Fuck you” Annabel said “Your not the boss of me”
“Well I am” Shannon said “do what she says” Jeremy watched as Tiffany turned from the arguing women and pulled a thin green switch from a nearby tree.
“What if I don’t want to?” Annabel asked
“You’ll do it or else” Tiffany said switching the back of Annabel’s calves
“Hey!” Tiffany grabbed the back of Annabel’s hair and pulled her to her knees. “Ow” Annabel cried out.
“Now kiss me and ask me to forgive you for betraying Jeremy and the rest of us” Shannon said Annabel tried to get up but Tiffany kept a firm grip on her hair. Annabel glared at Shannon, who in turn glanced at Tiffany meaningfully. Tiffany brought the switch across Annabel’s ass with a crack. Annabel flinched but still stood resolute. “We have all day,” Shannon said as Tiffany added a stripe to her ass and then a third.
After the fifth stroke Annabel sobbed, “I’m sorry I didn’t want anyone to get hurt I’m sorry for what I did”
“Now kiss me” Shannon said Annabel started to try to rise again but Shannon smirked “not here” she said pointing to her mouth “Here” again she pointed this time below her belly button Annabel leaned forward and kissed her right above her slit. “Again” Shannon demanded Annabel leaned forward to kiss the same spot as before. “All of it the apology too.”
“I’m so sorry” Annabel whispered
“For what” Tiffany asked behind her
“I’m sorry I tried to betray you I’m sorry that you might have gotten hurt, please forgive me” she leaned forward and kissed the spot again.
“I’m not feeling it” Shannon smirked tiffany added another red stripe to Annabel’s ass.
“I was wrong” Annabel tried a different track “I should have done what I was told and abandoned the boys they are evil” This time she leaned forward and kissed the very top of her slit”
“More feeling” Tiffany scolded switching Annabel again. Annabel repeated the apology and this time kissed Shannon’s pussy open mouthed she stayed that way and Shannon took hold of her hair”
“That’s more like it” Shannon said “one more time and make me cum” Annabel paused too long it appeared because Tiffany added another stripe to her ass. Which was now she same shade as a Coca-Cola can and angry stripes crisscrossed it. Annabel apologized again and this time when she leaned forward she took Shannon by the hips and attacked her pussy with enthusiasm. It took a while but finally Shannon’s hips bucked and she moaned. “Mmmh that was good” she smiled
“Now don’t move we have another present for you” Tiffany said “now I want you to cum for us come on stroke that little pussy of yours and thank us for your lesson”
Annabel sobbed again but her hand went down between her legs and she started rubbing as the two girls looked on. “Thank you Shannon for your lesson” she whimpered “Thank you Tiffany for showing me the error of my ways.” She began to rub herself more vigorously as she repeated the mantra. Both girls now stood in front of the humiliated Annabel and as she brought herself off both girls reached down and started spraying Annabel down with pee. “Annabel never stopped until her hips lurched in orgasm her hair and body covered with warm yellow pee.
“Now” Shannon said “put your shirt back on no pants no panties I want everyone to see that we punished you”
“Yes Shannon” Annabel sighed and picked up her bra and put it on as her shirt had been torn beyond repair and walked in silence next to Shannon. The three of them left the glen to do whatever chores they were supposed to do.

Jeremy walked through the jungle observing and making a mental map in his head of the flora and fauna as well as any unusual topography. He happened upon a strange pile of rocks and he heard sobbing. He looked around the pile of rocks and there was Rachel. He cleared his throat as he came around the side. “Oh Jeremy” she said “Its you”
“Something wrong Rachel?”
“I miss home really and well I don’t even know if I should tell you this but, well I have this horrible secret and part of me is just bursting to tell some one and the other part is well, scared because it’s a dark and dirty secret and I promised not to tell anyone but its so complicated.”
“Hmmm” Jeremy said studying the soil
“Its not like I do drugs or something its well its personal and I, I feel I need to share it with someone who can keep a secret you can keep a secret can’t you?”
“Sure Rachel”
“You’re sure Jeremy I don’t think I could live if anyone I mean if everyone knew about it.” Jeremy looked up from where he was squatting and looked her in the eyes Rachel choked and coughed a bit, “Promise?”
“I promise” Jeremy said still looking into the eyes of the scared girl
“Gary is my brother slash Cousin his mom and my mom are sisters I never knew until, well a week or so ago, I went to a party at his house and well I did some things that I probably shouldn’t have done. Some things that I wouldn’t normally do maybe they spiked my drink, but the next thing you know I’m getting it from both ends you know what I mean.” Jeremy just nodded “and Gary is fucking me and well I think I fucked all his friends that night, I don’t know how many of them will remember we were all pretty drunk, but I woke up in Gary’s bed in the morning and he fucked me again before I could leave, I mean I guess since I’d already fucked him once it was okay for him to get a quickie in before I left, I didn’t mind too much. But then I went down stairs” she sobbed softly as Jeremy stood and held her gently by the shoulders hugging her to him “And my aunt Rachel was downstairs waiting for me and, and she made me eat her cum filled pussy and then she told me the horrible truth and, and she said I fucked the neighbors dog and she said I had to keep it a secret or she would give everyone I know a copy of the video she made that night”
“Easy Rachel” Jeremy said holding her tenderly and gently patting her back
“Don’t hate me because I’m a slut”
“I don’t hate you” Jeremy said “And I don’t think you’re a slut I think your Aunt is a vindictive bitch who manipulated you into doing something awful”
“Really its okay?”
“It’s really not okay but right here right now I don’t care what happened before what matters is the here and now, and right now I see a really sweet beautiful girl who was hurt badly by people who are mean and cruel and when and if we get back I promise you that we will take care of this little problem for you”
“Really? You mean it”
“Yes Rachel I do mean it people shouldn’t blackmail other people and I’ll help you with your little problem when we get back if the time comes and its necessary. In the meantime don’t worry I’m afraid all the girls on this island have one horrible secret or another they wish they didn’t have to hide. Maybe one day we can get all our little secrets out in the open but until then your secret is safe with me.”
“Oh Jeremy you are so good and wonderful, I almost didn’t want to believe what Sunni and Shannon and the other girls said about you I thought all boys were mean and cruel. But your not you don’t have a mean bone in your body do you?” She kissed him gently on the lips and he returned the kiss holding her trembling body for a while.

Chapter XVII

Jeremy arrived back at camp, Nicole came running up and kissed him she didn’t stop there, she unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down and jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. She reached down and slipped his hardening cock up against her pussy. “I’ve been thinking about you” she said.
“Have you now?”
“Oh yes I have now come on” she said pulling her top off and shedding her bra
Jeremy laughed and carried her into his hut as she offered him her nipples for tasting he instead pulled her close and attacked her neck with his tongue and teeth. She gasped and moaned as he gently laid her on the ground in the hut. “You really want me to eat your boobies” he smiled at her
“Oh yes” she gasped “and so much more”
“Hmm I see,” He said biting down on one of the little eraser heads that was her nipple she groaned and thrust her hips up. He chewed and suckled each nipple until it was hard and erect before he rubbed the head of his cock against Nicole’s swollen and wet pussy. He slowly pressed the entrance of her juicy slit the wet velvet like embrace of her sex felt wonderful like being bathed in warm butter. He slowly stroked into her, her legs wrapping around his body, Nicole’s tight lithe body clung to him her lips touched his nipples and she bit at the flesh of his chest. Her hips thrust against his grinding against him. Excruciatingly slowly he pumped into nicole’s body she could feel his cock pulsing inside her then as her climax exploded she bit him his cock plunging deep inside her pulsing exploding hot creamy goo inside her. They rested together for a while. Finally Jeremy got up and walked out to the camp site.
“Jeremy” Rose said “I think there is a problem our clothes are starting to fall apart”
“It was bound to happen sooner or later” Jeremy said. “Wearing the same clothes day after day.”
“Well we can’t very well go running around naked” Rose said
“Can’t we” Pricilla said an evil smile on her face
“Sunni?” Jeremy looked around and Sunni looked up to him
“What Jeremy?”
“We need new clothes get whatever help you want or need and start working on how to make them.”
“How its not like we have any fabric?”
“It’s a good Idea Jeremy” Nicole said walking up behind him
“Sunni you are smart enough to figure out a way to make clothes for us work on it think about it if you need any help I’m sure everyone will be happy to help you I’m pretty sure we all don’t want to go running around naked, and if you run into a problem I’ll help with what I can.”
Jeremy walked down the beach alone leaving the girls alone, How the hell are we going to get out of here he thought to himself he walked to where he kept his calendar, Twenty days since the crash, not bad he thought they were all still alive his pants and shirt were starting to rot. Apparently everyone else’s clothes were too. They could leave the Island via a boat but with no way to figure out where they were he needed a map or maybe a sextant and a compass that might be helpful. He thought hard about it and then set about finding some suitable materials. He walked back to the camp and sat by the fire and started working he had only about an hour of work before he realized that he should get some fish for dinner and so he waded out into the lagoon and after a little while had seven fish ready to butcher and roast. When he returned to the beach he found the girls all gawking at Annabelle’s striped ass and her apparent nakedness. It was annoying that she seemed to enjoy the attention. Most annoying of all was the fact that Shannon and Tiffany were both doing nothing.
“Shannon here” Jeremy said handing her the string of fish.
“What am I supposed to do with this?”
“Clean them and Cook them, we like to call that dinner” Jeremy said sitting down to go back to work.
“I don’t know how to do that?” Shannon said
“What a surprise” Jeremy said under his breath
“Eww they are all slimy” Shannon said “I can’t do anything with these nasty things and you want me to what with them?”
“Useless” Naomi said softly “Shannon I’ll do it since you can’t seem to do anything” She took the string of fish
“Figures you would know how to do something so menial” Annabel said “Yo Mamma teach you?” Annabel never saw the left hook she staggered and then fell sprawled out as the other girls gasped in surprise. Naomi set the fish on a nearby rock and then walked up to where Annabel lay.
Annabel blinked and slowly opened her eyes “Listen bitch” Naomi said “I don’t like you I don’t trust you but I couldn’t leave you with those two monsters don’t make me regret that decision because while you may think you know something or think that you are some how better than me you need to think again. Now then if you’re through making an ass of yourself make yourself useful and get us some fire wood.”
“You can’t talk to me like that” Annabel said
“Can’t I? The only reason you’re here is because we wanted you here I’m sure if you want to go back to Joe he’ll welcome you with open arms the trouble is we aren’t going to because we can’t afford to have them come to where we are. You don’t have any power over anyone over here, you can’t threaten us or compel us to do what you want. You don’t deserve Jeremy’s kindness and believe me he is kinder and gentler than I will ever be. I won’t put up with your whiney shit.”
“I can’t believe?” Annabel’s sentence was punctuated by a loud slap.
“Don’t talk work” Naomi said moving back to the rock and fish, and picking up one of Jeremy’s stone knives she went to work preparing the fish for cooking. Rachel walked up to Naomi
“Can I help Naomi?”
“Sure” Naomi smiled at the younger girl a few hours later the group were quietly eating around the campfire. Annabel and Tiffany and Shannon sitting together. Darkness fell and the girls slowly drifted off to the cave. Nicole brushed Jeremy’s cheek with her lips don’t stay up too late she said as he worked by the firelight.
“I’m going to take a walk” Naomi said getting up from the fire and disappearing into the night, a few minutes later Rachel got up and disappeared as well. Jeremy got up and stretched, he walked down the beach a little bit to clear his head so many problems now this Annabel issue. Well he reflected she was always an issue nothing had changed except that she’d shown her colors. He heard a soft moan

Chapter XVIII

Jeremy walked a few steps into the moonlit night he could see two figures and as his eyes adjusted he could make out Naomi and Rachel. “I know you don’t have to like me Naomi but well I need a friend and never mind being horny like I am are you horny too do you know what I mean?” Rachel said in a barely audible voice.
“I’m sure you an I can be friends Rachel” Naomi said
“Naomi you don’t know what that means to me I mean everyone I have ever known always wanted to be my friends because I was pretty or because I was popular I mean you really will be my friend I’m such a horrible person I have…”
“You have what Rachel” Naomi asked.
“I did something horrible” Rachel whispered
“We all end up making horrible mistakes at one time or another” Naomi said.
“But I slept with Gary and his mom, I ate his mom out, and…” Rachel sobbed
“Its okay” Naomi said softly
“I told Jeremy all this but I, well Gary is my half brother and his mom is my aunt”
“And we both know that he is not the nicest person in the world” Naomi said
“But” Rachel gasped
“Don’t worry” Naomi said “I’m not going to tell any secrets Rachel I’m sure that if you knew what you were getting into you wouldn’t have done it. Don’t worry baby that’s not a worry for us anymore.”
“Can I, I mean can I you know um”
“What Rachel”
“I want to thank you for being so nice and I mean most of the girls look up to you I thought maybe we could you know.”
“You don’t have to do anything Rachel” Jeremy watched as the younger girl knelt in front of the taller older Naomi. She hiked up Naomi’s skirt and proceeded to pull her panties down. Rachel leaned forward and kissed the smooth dark flesh in the valley between Naomi’s thighs. Naomi ran her fingers though Rachel’s hair, Rachel’s wicked tongue darting out to savor the sweetness of Naomi’s juices. Naomi moaned as Rachel suckled her clit her fingers probing the juicy depths of Naomi’s core. Rachel stood and Naomi leaned over to kiss the smaller girl licking her own juices of Rachel’s face, her hands quickly and deftly disrobing the other girl. They kissed deeply their hands groping and probing each other. It was like watching a wrestling match in slow motion neither woman seemed to want to give up the new flesh or pleasure they had discovered in each other. The long slow dance of their kiss, and the tender delicate press of fingers against their breasts. The slow suckling of their mutual nipple, they lowered themselves finally into a position where each could feast on the other’s delights. Naomi atop Rachel her mouth busily searching Rachel’s pussy to elicit another moan of delight. Rachel’s tongue probing and tasting Naomi’s slit and then slowly rimming the other girl.
“Lets get closer” a voice said behind Jeremy and he jumped it was Nicole, “that’s hot” she whispered
“It is isn’t it” Jeremy replied
“I can’t wait till I get to watch you fuck them, and I really wouldn’t mind joining in.”
“Little devil he teased” and she giggled.
Naomi looked up, “who’s there” Jeremy stepped out of the shadows with Nicole in tow, and Naomi smiled Naomi moved up and beckoned the two over Nicole knelt in the sand lowering her face to Rachel’s lightly furred slit. Naomi pulled on Rachel’s nipples as Nicole laved Rachel’s slit from bottom to top. Jeremy got undressed and got behind Naomi his cock flopping onto Rachel’s face and she cooed appreciatively adjusting her neck and sucking him between her lips. It took only moments before Jeremy exploded into her mouth and she swallowed him into her throat coaxing another erection out of his cock. She then took it by the root and positioned it against Naomi’s slit rubbing it up and down a few times as Naomi’s hips bucked to impale her self on it. Rachel then put the tip against Naomi’s puckered butt and after a few moments Naomi’s ass accepted Jeremy’s hard cock he slowly slid into the tight confines. Rachel pressed her face into Naomi’s juicy twat. And it was a few moments until Naomi pulled Nicole into a kiss to keep from screaming in ecstasy when she had recovered sufficiently both Naomi and Nicole went to work on Rachel’s sopping slot. Rachel took only a few minutes to reach her climax and as she did Jeremy exploded inside of Naomi’s tight little pucker. They lay together on the sand for a while bathing in the afterglow, and then returned to their beds.

Chapter XIX
Jeremy woke up early Nicole had taking to nursing his cock sometime in the night and she was still gently sucking on it when he woke up. He touched her to let her know that he was awake and she began to fellate more vigorously bringing him quickly to orgasm, she drained him dry and kissed him and got up and skipped out of the hut. Jeremy got up out of the hut a few minutes later and looked for a place to pee. He walked to where he kept his calendar to make a new mark, when he saw Pricilla a Rose taking advantage of the early light of dawn. He made his calendar mark and quietly returned to where the two girls where. He watched as Pricilla undressed her sister. She picked up a green banana and leaned over and suckled on one of rose’s nipples. Rose moaned and grunted as her sister pressed the under ripe fruit into her sisters ass, until only the stem showed. “Oh got I’m so full she groaned”
“Your not done yet little sister” Pricilla said stripping off her shorts and panties she laid back on the ground “come and suck your sisters cunny” Pricilla dutifully got down between her sisters legs and began to eat her sister out. “Norman get some!” Pricilla said between gasps holding her sister by the hair. Norma walked up to where Rose was took a sniff of her and mounted her, He had a large red cock and it missed its mark the first couple of times before Rose groaned into her sisters pussy.
Jeremy watched in shock at the bestial act being committed in front of him Norman was humping Rose like a jackhammer and rose was apparently enjoying the feverish penetration. Pricilla moved and slid underneath her sister, Jeremy could see her tongue flicking out to tease Rose’s clit. Rose moaned and then cried out “Oh god!”
“Yeah you filthy slut” Pricilla said “Norman’s knotted you so fucking hot” and then Jeremy could hear Pricilla sucking up the apparent overflow from rose’s stuffed box. Pricilla came a few minutes later gasping and grunting holding her sisters head. She stood then and picked up her clothes. Norman made an attempt to follow his mistress dragging the smaller Rose along behind him by his cock. Rose wailed softly “Can’t wait till we can teach that bitch Annabel a lesson Pricilla said her fingers lightly stirring her slit with a surprisingly loud slurping sound. I wanna watch that bitch take Norman’s cock that and I can’t wait to have her tongue on my clitty how about you sis?”
“Ooohmmm” was about all that rose was capable of saying Norman had not slipped out of her well plumbed box and had mounted her for a second round.
“Oh and I want to see Norman take her again and again it’s a pity that we can’t find a man with a sex drive like Norman.” From where Jeremy stood he could see the milky fluids leaking out of Rose’s pussy and down her legs. It was hot to watch even if it was a little disturbing it was still hot. Norman dismounted from rose and his cock exited her pussy with a loud wet pop. Pricilla turned her sister over and started pushing the banana in and out of her sister’s ass as she sucked the cum from her slit. Norman got in behind Pricilla and started licking her ass from her clit to the small of her back with his big wet tongue as Pricilla slurped the dog cum from Rose’s pussy. A few moments later Norman mounted Pricilla who grunted in pleasure rose guided the hard red animal cock to Pricilla’s dripping slit. Jeremy shook it off and continued on his way, knowing that the two would probably be at this for a while. He marked the day on his calendar tree.

Chapter XX

When Jeremy returned to camp he found Nicole and Sara and Sunni working together in the shade on what he wasn’t sure he went back to work on his sextant it was mostly done he made a crude compass with a bit of line and two sticks, (The kind you draw circles with as opposed to the kind that’s magnetic. He looked up and saw Naomi Join the other three girls, he wondered briefly where Shannon and Annabel and Tiffany were probably found yet another way to torture Annabel he thought. He marked out degrees on the sextant it was tedious work but he managed it fairly efficiently and got it rigged pretty well by lunchtime.
After lunch the four women came up to him. “We want to show you what we made” Sunni said proudly
“Okay” Jeremy said leaning again a tree. Sunni Turned and peeled off Sara’s shirt and skirt, beneath it she was wearing what could only be described as a mail shirt and loin cloth. Using interwoven pieces of grass line and what looked like bits of wood made it. It covered Sara modestly but it appeared that it was almost skin tight supporting her breasts as well as cinching her waist. “Very interesting”
“Well see I mean we had so many of these empty coconuts and well you remember those old pictures where the island girls wear coconut tops well I broke one into pieces and started making this shirt and skirt this is just a first try the other ones I’ll make will be better I promise. And well basically I used water to make the shell kinda soft and then I flattened them under some rocks for a few hours and well then I used a rock to rub two holes in them and strung them on a rope like you taught us to make and well what do you think? I mean Naomi and Sara and Nicole helped a lot too but its good right?”
“I’m impressed Sunni we can see if we can’t get a little salt too and try and tan some goat skins and you can use that as a material too.
“Like leather?”
“A lot like leather except it will have fur on one side and the other will be like leather not supple like your used to but we can see, and we will have to be a little bit cautious on our use of the goats It’s a good source of food for us but I don’t want to run out of them because we went crazy making clothes with their skins.”
“Because Sunni” Nicole said “while there are goats on the island we don’t want to kill off all of them if we can keep them breeding and cull out a few everyone once in a while we can manage them better that way and we won’t go hungry at least not really.”
“Oh okay well then um how do we you know, tan the leather?” Sunni asked
“I’ll work on that” Jeremy said, “It will probably be a long process.”
“Not like we have a shortage of time” Sara grinned “do you like it?”
“It looks good on you Sara” Jeremy smiled and Sara blushed as the girls went back to their little work area.
“Whatcha got there” Naomi asked as the other girls retreated
“A sextant I think should give us our latitude anyway or a rough guess at what it is”
“That’s what I thought it was can I give it a go?” Naomi asked
“You know how to use one of these?”
“I sure do had an old school type teach me how when I was learning to fly” Naomi smiled
“You know how to fly?”
“Yeah didn’t you know all stewardesses do?” she joked
“I’m kidding Jeremy no one would hire a black woman pilot so I fly in my free time and serve drinks to pay the bills”
“Ah” Jeremy said handing over the crude device Naomi took it and shot the sun. then counted the marks
“Degrees or?” she asked
“I think it should be half degrees any way it’s not terribly accurate but it’s better than nothing.” Jeremy said
“Well then looks like 29 degrees” Naomi commented setting the handing the sextant back to Jeremy.
“Okay well that’s not too bad” Jeremy commented.
“Its very tropical that’s for sure” Naomi grinned.
“Indeed” Jeremy smiled back.
“We need to make a salt pot.”
“You know how to do this I assume?” Naomi said looking at him quizzically.
“I know the theory.” Jeremy said
“Well then I guess that’s all we need. What do we do first?”
“We need a container so I guess I’ll see what I can figure out maybe wood but probably not anything would actually be preferable.

Chapter XXI

Jeremy found a deposit of clay near the middle of the island it wasn’t a lot but it might work for his needs. He called Naomi over and they worked out a simple sledge to move quantities larger than they could carry across the sand. Jeremy also realized that he needed a table or two before they got too far ahead of themselves. Tables were going to be a big pain in the ass he realized with no saw he would have to hack and scrape to make a table.
The next week seemed to go on forever there was never enough time and there was always too much that needed his attention the Girls, well aside from a few were all about as helpful as a warm cup of piss in the Mohave, still he pressed on pushing himself to make things work, to make a working salt works as well as getting some tables and chairs later built. On the bright side he thought that Sunni’s work with the new clothes although a bit bizarre was a great improvement, not that it changed his opinion of her too much she was still annoying. In fact he decided that most of the girls were annoying. He sighed as he leaned against the wall of the hut Nicole lay between his legs, her breasts on either side of his cock as she softly tickled his balls with her fingertips. “Jeremy?” she said finally
“What’s the matter?”
“Nothing, …everything, its almost too much.” Jeremy said
“Is it something I did I mean if you don’t want me anymore I’ll, I’ll understand there are..” Nicole whispered.
“Nicole love,” Jeremy chuckled almost out of sheer frustration to keep from crying. “Nicole you are the least of my problems, it’s the other girls and the fact that I some how have to serve every one of you and service every one of you and never mind providing for you all and insuring your all taken care of its enough to give a devout Mormon a headache. Never mind someone who never gave the whole polygamist concept a second thought but that’s what I’m dealing with I suppose I could do with a little less drama, I’m really happy with what Sunni has done.
“Me too Nicole said as she surveyed her own outfit which was essentially a bustier with a skirt, though the skirt part was more like a loin cloth than a skirt. It looked good the whole interlocking plates of coconut shell gave it a very interesting texture to say the least but at the same time it was functional and though he didn’t really want to get into the semantics of it the outfit was sexy he guessed. Hell who was he to judge what was sexy and what wasn’t. He walked out to the salt works. The Salt works ended up being two large logs that held a series of clay pots they already had accumulated a small amount of salt for the purpose of tanning. Maybe a 1/4th of a kilo he thought that was right on with about half a pound. He liked to do the mental gymnastics of conversions when he was frustrated. He sat down and ate some fruit that one of the girls had set out.
Naomi came up to him, “I think its time for you to get a new girl.”
“Aww do I have to”
“You sound like I’m telling you, you have to go back to school.” Naomi laughed
“This is worse I have I don’t know how many insecure girls and the one’s who aren’t insecure are perverts one way or another.”
“Oh come on Jeremy at least most of them are devoted to you.”
“I didn’t ask for this I mean at first it was fun but now its, its just hard”
Naomi Chuckled “I bet it is nine willing women would make it hard for me too if I was you too.”
“That’s not what I meant Jeremy said “punching Naomi playfully on the shoulder.
“I know Jeremy I know what you meant I can see where you are coming from, hey lets go survey the rest of the island we could talk Nicole with us, just so there is no one saying that any hanky panky going on.
“I know we really haven’t had a chance to do a full survey with all I have been doing its been near on impossible to get a chance to do anything aside from keeping time and making sure that everyone has enough to eat.” Jeremy sighed.
“Well everything is pretty well caught up and I’m fairly sure we have a little bit before the next crisis.”
“What about Joe and Gary.”
“What about them?”
“Should we um check on them or”
“Jeremy I know, well no that’s not true I understand that you want to try and make sure everyone makes it through this okay but from what I have seen of those two unless they wash up on the beach or something, out of sight out of mind. I don’t care what has happened to them, maybe in a few weeks we can have a look and see but right now I don’t give a crap about them.”
“Gee Naomi you’re a real humanitarian.”
“Sue me” Naomi said and Jeremy laughed. They collected Nicole and the three of them walked single file down a game trail into the jungle.

Chapter XXII

They pushed into an area of the island they hadn’t been before it was a secondary cove area that Jeremy and Naomi had noted on their initial survey, “Uh Jeremy” Naomi said.
“Those buildings are concrete” she pointed out two large flat buildings that had been all but swallowed by the jungle.
“What is it Nicole asked.”
“Hell if I know” Naomi said
“Lets go have a look see shall we” Jeremy said finally. The three advanced cautiously into what had once been a compound of some kind. Nicole swung out on his left and Naomi on his right. They covered about a half the distance to the first building when Nicole let out a piercing scream.
“What?” Jeremy said racing over to where Nicole stood one hand over her mouth the other pointing to a half buried skeleton. “Oh wow” Jeremy said
Naomi took one look and said, “I think I may barf”
“You act like you’ve never seen a dead body before Naomi?”
“I haven’t at least not one like that I mean, Not a REAL dead body anyway”
Jeremy took Nicole by the shoulder and turned her around “Its okay” he soothed “Just walk away breathe nice and even it’s okay”
“Jeremy I, I don’t think I can um go any further”
“Okay Naomi you stay with Nicole and I’ll check it out” Naomi gave him thumbs up between her retching. Jeremy looked in the first building it was maybe twenty feet tall and wide enough to be a hangar. He noted a few more rejects from night of the living dead along the way nothing that really told him anything, and then he opened the door to the first building. It was a hangar… He stood there gaping for several minutes, there hanging a few inches over the floor, well no it looked like what used to be a floor most of the boards were gone and it was a channel. It was a Flying boat. There were no engines on it, but it was a flying boat what were the odds? It was painted white, and it had a large red insignia on it. IJN markings, Jeremy stood there in complete and total disbelief for he really couldn’t tell. It was a Japanese flying boat; he hadn’t even realized that the Japanese had flying boats. The damn thing had to be 60 or 70 years old he walked up to it and touched the side, the paint flaked a little but for the most part it seemed sturdy enough. And these dead people were ground crew for the plane, Jeremy decided. He walked on to the next building there was a vat of oil it was covered with a metal lid that had started to rust though the concrete had kept the elements off of it for the most part. There were some other smaller buildings. One was a radio shack though it appeared that the radio had been smashed some time long ago. There were quarters for the men who used to live here it looked like about ten Enlisted and two officers. A few of the enlisted men were still in their bunks and it looked like at least one of the officers was still trying to follow whatever last orders he had been given. Jeremy walked back to where Naomi and Nicole were waiting
“Well” Naomi said, “what is it?”
“You’d never believe me hell I’m not even sure I believe it myself.”
“This once upon a time was a forward recon base for the IJN”
“IJN?” Nicole asked
“The Imperial Japanese Navy”
“Oh” both girls said at once
“There is a fucking flying boat in that building there.”
“I kid you not there is a Japanese flying boat in there”
“Will it work”
“Like I know I’m not a pilot but it is missing its engines but it is possible that its functional and the engines are around here somewhere.”
“Could you fix it?” Naomi asked
“I don’t pretend to know a thing about avionics or anything like that granted if we can find the engines I can fix those so they run provided the tools are around here somewhere.” Jeremy explained.
“Well when do we start?” Nicole asked
“Well that’s a tricky question I mean do we even tell the others about this?” Naomi asked
“True” Jeremy said, “I’m still not one hundred percent on how much we can trust these girls.”
“Especially Annabel” Nicole added
“And if we do tell them do we move in here or what? I mean there is space here there are no supplies and it’s a half hour through overgrown jungle just to get here” Jeremy said
“Well wouldn’t that be a good thing?” Nicole asked
“We are perfectly fine where we are and we are still comfortable. So long as Gary and “Joe don’t figure out how to make a boat we are fine. If and when they do we can reconsider it.” Naomi said
“Well its time to play the Ring around the Rosie again are you still with having Sunni be next on the list?”
“I think its best” Naomi said
“Gonna be hard now that our panties are completely destroyed” Nicole said
Jeremy Chuckled “Well I don’t see how we can cheat this time.”
“Oh I think we can” Nicole smiled
“Really?” Naomi asked
“Yeah just leave it to me” Nicole said
The three left down the same path and returned to camp. Where they met the others and prepared dinner for the evening.

Chapter XXIII

After dinner that consisted of mostly fruit and coconuts, Nicole stood up “okay girls time to find out who is going to get knocked up next or who gets to try”

“Oh me!” Several of the girls called
“Okay here is what I want you to do We are going to take some of Sunni’s clothing tiles” that was all she could call them they were actually about one and a half inch square pieces of coconut shells, Sunni had made a large pile of them that she was using to make their clothes though everyone was now wearing some in one form or another. The outfits themselves were form fitting and trimmed with skirts made of the small black tiles that were interlaced with grass string that though they were not particularly durable they did give support and in spite of the materials were quite attractive at least Jeremy thought so. Jeremy himself had a skirt made of the stuff and though Sunni had made him a shirt he hadn’t gotten around to wearing it yet. “Everyone scratch your initials onto your tile” Nicole continued. “Give them to me and I’ll put them in Jeremy’s hat.” Oddly enough Jeremy’s Commando style campaign hat had survived very well in the humid salty climate. She took the now full hat and handed it to Naomi who held it up above Jeremy’s eye level and Jeremy reached into the hat feeling the tiles while the girls held their breath.
He pulled out a tile and handed it to Nicole. “Sunni!” she called out

“No fair” Rachel said

“I don’t know how but there is something fishy going on” Sara said

“Look for yourself” Nicole said holding out the tile in front of everyone.

“They all grudgingly admitted that it was Sunni’s tile and that a fast one hadn’t been pulled”

“And now Naomi said we all draw straws again for the privilege of keeping an eye on Annabel.” Some of the girls groaned at this but Jeremy held a handful of straws of dried grass and each girl picked one. Rachel ended up winning the draw this time and she frowned at her long straw in the firelight.

Jeremy retired to his hut and was joined by Sunni shortly there after. She stuck her head in the door. “Um its okay if I come in right? I mean I don’t know I mean most of the girls well sometimes they hang out near here when you were in here with Nicole and we could here you making love and all that and well I mean its okay I come in right?”

Jeremy laughed “Yes for the next two weeks or so you live here with me so you can come and go as you please”

“Really you mean it” Sunni said

“Yes Sunni you’re the current girl I’m trying to knock up”

“Really I mean your going to do it with me?”

“Unless you don’t want to”

No, no I mean yes I do but your just well” she knelt inside the dimly lit hut. “I mean I thought Joe had a big one but you are like huge compared to him I’m a little scared you’ll hurt me I know Joe liked to slam his hips and get rough are you gonna…”

“Sunni” Jeremy said standing up and pulling her to her feet he untied the ties on her shirt and skirt.

“I mean Jeremy if your like” Jeremy put a finger to her lips and she looked up at him with a hopeful worried look on her face. He untied his own skirt and let it puddle around his feet. He gently lifted Sunni up his hands lightly gripping her well-toned ass as he brought his lips to her breast. He sucked gently on her breast, it was a new experience to him because her nipple seemed to be turned in on her breast leaving a sort of indentation in the center of each of her areola which were quarter sized disks that rode slightly high on her breasts. He sucked gently on one “Oh, oh my” she said as he tasted her other breast. He lowered her to the fresh palm leaves that was their bed. He licked and suckled at each breast as her hands flailed and then settled on either side of his head. Jeremy dragged his teeth over the curves of her breasts and flicked his tongue over the indentations where her nipples were hiding. “They are inverted least that’s what the doctor said” Sunni breathed, “I hate my breasts because of that I wish I had big proud nipples like Nicole.
“Your breasts are beautiful,” Jeremy said kissing her.
“Are you going to you know? Now?”
“I have a better idea” Jeremy said “why don’t you have a look at it first and get comfortable with its size and how it feels”
“What do you mean?”
“Kneel right here” he said and she got up and knelt “Now be gentle he said as he laid his head in her lap and then she leaned forward he pressed his head between her thighs. He brought his mouth to her sweet smelling snatch. He gently probed her gash with his lips and tongue, Sunni squealed first and tried to pull away but he held her firmly.
“Only Nicole has ever done that before”
“Just relax Sunni, and enjoy yourself”
“But we are supposed to…”
“We have all night” Jeremy interrupted. Jeremy went back to licking Sunni’s slit. Sunni took a moment to get used to his probing tongue as she very gently touched Jeremy’s throbbing cock, her fingertips danced lightly and deliciously on the skin. Her fingertips lightly touched his balls, delightfully tickling the sack. “You can be a little more firm Sunni if you want”
“I’ve never you know really looked at a man’s thing, it’s a cock right”
“That’s one word for it Sunni but you can call it whatever you want” Jeremy said his fingers lightly tracing racetracks on the skin between her asshole and her gooey slot.
“Oh Jeremy what are you doing, that’s nasty” she said stroking his cock lightly at which point Jeremy lightly flicked his tongue over her tight pink little pucker. She moaned and Jeremy went back to licking her slit he pressed his mouth against her clit and sucked it between his lips. “Oh, Oh Jeremy what are you doing?” she moaned and she started grinding her dripping slit on his face. It took a few minutes before she groaned and shuddered her legs and arms trembling as she collapsed on top of him. Jeremy gently moved the Sunni beside him and kissed her cheek. He embraced her lightly as she cuddled against him her thumb went to her mouth as she breathed in a semi sleep. Jeremy closed his eyes and drifted off.

It was some time later in the night, when Sunni woke Jeremy up. “Did you do it with me while I was sleeping?” She asked “I’m sorry I fell asleep it was just that I felt so good and warm and peaceful I couldn’t help it. Was it good did you make me pregnant?”
Jeremy looked up at the hopeless blonde and smiled “No Sunni I didn’t think it would be right for you to miss your first time with me.”
“Oh” She said sounding slightly disappointed “Didn’t you want to?”
“Of course I did but I’m not fond of having sex with sleeping or catatonic females.”
“Why not?”
Jeremy sighed “Well mostly because” he reached up and traced her areola with his finger nail “I think that sex should be shared between two people and they should both be part of it.”
“I’ve had sex before it was a lot of grabbing and grunting and shoving and then the guy squirts and I mean I thought that was it”
“Sunni” Jeremy said “sit on my stomach straddle my hips” she did
“Oh your thin.. Your cock is poking me”
“Well move it so you’re comfortable”
“You don’t want me to put it inside me?”
“Oh I do Sunni but only when your ready.” She reached down and pressed his cock against his stomach as she lowered her hips against his she rolled her hips slightly as the head of his cock pressed against her clit. “That’s nice she whispered” she rolled her hips again “its very nice”
He kissed her his tongue probing the inside of her mouth. She moved her hips again his cock slipped down towards the entrance of her swollen slit.
“Are you sure that it will fit?” Sunni squeaked as the tip of his cock pressed against her opening.
“Take it slowly” she did slowly letting the head squeeze between the lips of her pussy, she let it inch in barely moving
“It feels so nice” she gasped and she pushed back a little more she kept moving until he was entirely encased in her wet velvet glove box.
“Now start moving” her hips rose slowly and then dropped she eventually found a rhythm, his cock being kissed by the mouth of her cervix drove him crazy and he tried his best to hold off as she increased her tempo.
“Oh Jeremy” she cried “I’m cumming” he felt her contracting around his cock which sent him over the edge he erupted inside her “That was wonderful” she gasped after catching her breath a few moments.

“It was” Jeremy agreed

“Can we do it again?”

“In the morning Sunni”

“Mmmm” she moaned as she clenched the muscled of her pussy around his wilting cock.

Chapter XXIV

After satisfying Sunni’s now voracious sexual appetite in the morning Jeremy crawled out of his hut. He had a breakfast of fruit and went fishing he returned to camp around noon. Where Sunni dragged him back inside for another round. When he walked out again Nicole was standing outside “She’s keeping you busy”
“I don’t think she would let me out if she had her way” he grinned
“I heard that” Sunni said from inside the hut
“What’s up Nicole?”
“Naomi wants to talk to you about the thing”
“What about it”
“She didn’t say just asked me to come and get you so you all could talk about it.”
“Right” he said the two started toward the southern beach
“I’m coming with you” Sunni said scrambling behind them Nicole gave Jeremy a questioning look and he just shrugged they walked to where Naomi was waiting she was laying on the beach naked with Rachel and Annabel the contrast between the Naomi and the two other girls was stunning all three were attractive, and Jeremy’s cock stirred at the sight. He sat down across from Naomi.
“Well it looks like you survived the first night” Naomi grinned
“Indeed it does” Jeremy agreed
“If we can find everything we need could you make it work?”
“I think so,” Jeremy said.
“I’m a little worried about the control connections,” Naomi said
“That could be a problem but we can see what we can do about that I don’t know how easy that will be to deal with but if we can get that worked out”
“Then the rest will be easy”
“But that’s assuming everything is there”
“Lets plan to make a trip in a few days”
“Where are you guys going?” Sunni asked, “I want to go too”
“Sunni” Jeremy said “you trust me right?”
“Of course” Sunni beamed “you’re my big hero and my pussy pungler”
“Pussy plungler” Rachel laughed
“Ya” Sunni said “He’s got a great big pungler” Nicole and Naomi grinned at that and then looked back at Jeremy.
“Well I guess when I’m not punglering we have some things we need to do, or maybe we don’t we have supplies fairly ready and shelter and clothes and fire and what the hell else do we need.”
“Maybe babies” Rachel winked
Jeremy rolled his eyes. “Right that said I need to go take care of a few things before it gets too late in the day and I forget that I’m supposed to do them.” And much to the annoyance of all of the women he walked into the jungle. A few seconds later Sunni chased after him and quickly caught up.
“Where are you going” Sunni asked as she tried to match Jeremy’s longer strides with her shorter.
“Going to check the calendar and see a few things.

“Like what?”

“Not sure but these walks are always interesting.” Jeremy responded he came to the place where he kept his calendar and marked it, this was his most important everyday ritual. He got up to continue down his way but Sunni stopped him she gently pressed him up against a tree and lifted his skirt up. She took his cock in hand.
“I never thanked you like I wanted to” Sunni said, “For saving me”
“You don’t…” and that was all Jeremy was able to get out before Sunni swallowed the head of his cock.
“Mo nuh nnun ish gluoor” Sunni said around Jeremy’s cock
“What?” Jeremy asked “don’t try and talk with your mouth full”
She gingerly pulled the engorged piece of meat out of her mouth and said “I’m not very good at this” she smiled at little “but I’ll get better I promise I’ve only done it one time before well twice if you count that other time but nothing really happened then but Well mostly I just like boys looking at me. But I really, really want to make you feel good I mean I’ll practice everyday all the time till I’m as good as Nicole or whoever is the best at it I swear, you’re my hero and I have to take care of you and make sure your satisfied I’ll do anything”
“Anything? Really I’d be willing to do anything too” Came a voice and a red head popped up from behind some nearby shrubs.
“He’s mine Sara I won fair and square”
“I, I know,” Sara said softly “but I want to so much”
“Sara where did you come from?” Jeremy asked
“I thought I might um well get a moment alone with you…”
“Uh huh,” Sunni said standing and folding her arms under her breasts.
“Why Sara? You never seemed to be interested in me before I thought you were well I thought you were a lesbian with your two friends.” Jeremy asked
“Oh” Sara said and then turned to go
“You’re a lesbian Sara?” Sunni asked
“No” Sara said, “I mean I have fooled around with those girls but not really I mean I was waiting for someone to notice me.”
“What does that mean?” Sunni asked
“It means” Sara said softly “God I can’t” Jeremy walked over to Sara and put his arm around her and pulled her to his chest. Sara sobbed against his chest, Jeremy holding her close.
“What’s the matter?” Sunni asked
“I… I’m in Love with Jeremy he was always nice to me my parents love him and he’s never ever done one mean thing.” She sobbed again “It hurts so much to have to share him an I don’t want to”
“Well he’s mine right now” Sunni said
“Sunni Shush be nice” Jeremy said glaring at Sunni then tilting Sara’s head up “I never knew Sara I wouldn’t know you never gave me a sign”
“I know” She said “You just so good and that’s a little intimidating and you never seemed to notice me.”
“Well you didn’t exactly make it obvious and besides school made the whole relationship thing hard never mind my father and uncle.
“I know I was hoping that I might get a chance this time well on vacation with you I thought maybe there would be a chance for us and now we are in this mess.”
“Well I have to agree with you there Sara, we are in a mess but not as big a mess as we were in.”
“But I’ll have to share you forever with ten other girls do you know how hard that is?”
“Well it may not be forever I’m not promising anything mind but there is hope, there is always hope” he leaned in and kissed her she froze like a armadillo caught in the headlights and oddly enough she jumped like an armadillo when Sunni stepped behind her and pulled the knots on her shirt and skirt. Jeremy kissed her neck as Sunni helped pull the clothes from her body Sunni having already removed her clothes while no one was paying attention.
“Wha… what are you doing” Sara asked dumbfounded to find herself naked. Sunni embraced her from behind taking Sara’s large melon sized breasts in her hands.
“You have great tits Sara” Sunni said squeezing them gently and kissing her spine, and the other side of her neck
“Oh!” Sara moaned
“His big fat cock will feel soo good in your pussy Sara” Sunni whispered in the other girls ear “He filled mine this morning it was so wonderful he made me feel wonderful I’ll let you play with him a little if you want to” Sunni’s fingers dipped down into the valley between her thighs. “And I don’t mind playing with another girl, I always wanted to play with a girl who had big tits and your nipples are so much better than mine oh they are like big fat erasers” Sunni mauled one of Sara’s breasts to her mouth. Su nni pushed Sara over onto a fallen log and lowered her face between Sara’s legs her tongue pressing between the lightly red haired slit she looked back at a dumbfounded Jeremy and hissed “fuck me”, Jeremy moved up behind Sunni and pressed his cock into her swollen slit. Sara watched with great interest as Jeremy’s cock disappeared into Sunni’s tight little hole. Sara grabbed her own breasts tweaking her nipples as Sunni lapped at Sara’s slippery slot. Jeremy pistoned slowly in and out of Sunni as he watched the two women in front of him feasting on each other’s pleasure. Sunni’s well-trained tongue quickly drove Sara to the heights of pleasure.
“Oh god Jeremy plow that pussy hard” Sara moaned. Jeremy started pounding harder at Sunni’s little pussy and Sunni in turn slurped luridly and loudly at Sara’s sopping snatch. It took only a few minutes more before the sights and sounds of passion helped bring Jeremy’s balls to a boil and they exploded into Sunni’s hungry gash. He pulled out his cock covered with cum and girl juice.
Sara reached out and took his cock in hand and pulled it to her mouth her tongue tasting and savoring all the salty flavors of sex. When she had cleaned it fully she wrestled with Sunni till they were in a sixty-nine position. Both girls sucking loudly at the other’s pussy Sara obviously delving deeply into Sunni’s sex slurping Jeremy’s cream sauce out of the other girl’s slot. Jeremy proceeded on his errand though he probably would have loved to continue with the two girls.

Chapter XXV

Jeremy quickly moved down the forest path to the area where he had found the old Japanese base. He hurried to the hangar he examined the aircraft. The paint was bubbling but there didn’t seem to be horribly damaged by over half a century of neglect. He didn’t really know enough about Plane’s to really check the controls but he did get up into the Cockpit it was occupied by another skeleton. He gently removed the corpse and put it outside of the plane. He finally sat down and wiggled the stick. There was resistance a little when he moved it but in one direction it didn’t and when he pushed the pedals there seemed to be good resistance with those as well. Seemed to be mostly okay he thought, though Naomi would know better. He walked around the grounds and found what appeared to be a graveyard and he collected the bones of the various bodies and placed them in a shallow grave in the graveyard grounds.
Jeremy walked over to what appeared to be a machine shop. Most of the major tools seemed to be rusted beyond repair. But there was a large sealed box made out of concrete with a steel lid that was rusted. But intact with the help of a pry bar and a badly rusted wrench he removed the bolts and lifted the lid. Inside stood on wood horses were three rotary aircraft engines. He looked around some more there was a wooden box that was mostly rotted but inside he found a propeller. There were more boxes apparently spare parts. He found a box of tools that were not in too bad shape. Fuel he thought but it’s a start. The sun was well past its azimuth when he stepped back outside of the dimly lit building. Jeremy walked back out of the overgrowth and found a path back to camp. “What are you doing Shannon?” he heard as he neared the campsite. He followed the voice. He found Shannon and Tiffany near the beach Shannon was working with a foot long length of wood on a boulder.
“Well if you must know I’m making a dildo,”
“Well its not very good”
“How do you know Tiffany I’m not even done yet”?
“It’s a piece of wood Shannon”
“Yeah tell me that when I shove it up your ass bitch” Shannon replied
“No need to get huffy Shannon”
“Sorry it’s just that this is frustrating and not exactly ideal”
“What do you mean?”
“Well actually I could use some of those sharp rocks that Jeremy has but he keeps them all and well I don’t want to fuck them up we really kind of need them for more important shit.” Shannon said
“You could always ask him” Tiffany suggested
“mmm I could maybe while your blowing him god his cock is nice don’t you think”
“Fuck yeah” Tiffany said, “His cum is so good and gooey never mind his cock is so nice and big”
“I still like sucking pussy better” Shannon said “But sometimes a little poke in the hole is what a girl needs”
“Yeah” Tiffany said, “I’ve had an itch for quite some time”
“Have you now Tiff maybe I’ll let you try this baby out after I’m done.”
“We should make more than one, you know different sizes”
“I’d love to get a big one to shove into Annabel and watch her squirm on it.”
“Me too” the other girl laughed Jeremy turned down the path and a few moments later ran into Naomi.
“Hey” Naomi said
“How’s my favorite mocha goddess” Jeremy replied
“Mmm Flattery will get you anything stud” Naomi smiled her eyes drifting to Jeremy’s Crotch
“Incorrigible” he laughs slapping her ass.
“What’s up Jeremy” She asked
“Can you go back to that place where we were before and see if you can find some wood working tools, and check out the controls too while your there. I have been disappeared too long and I’ll be missed, not that you won’t be.
“Sure sweetie when will it be my turn”
“I think its best we wait on random chance for your turn”
“Aww… shucks… you felt so nice the other night in my ass I can’t wait till I have you all to myself.”
“Wait your turn you hussy,” He said laughing slapping her again on the ass. Naomi turned back down the trail heading toward the hidden base swinging her hips seductively. Jeremy in turn headed back to camp and Picked up his spear to do some fishing it had been a few days since they had eaten meat. Before he did he checked on the two clay pots that were for pulling salt out of the water, there would of course be a little sand in there it couldn’t be helped but it looked like there were some salt crystals forming in the bottom. It was actually a two step process raw sea water was poured into one pot then when it was mostly dry it was put in the other pot and most of the sand settled to the bottom of the first pot. It should really be a longer system he thought but you had to start somewhere. He walked out into the lagoon, and speared a dozen fish and it was approaching sunset by the time Rachel had gotten them cleaned and cooking. A few minutes before dark Naomi walked up to Jeremy and handed him a small package wrapped in leaves.
“Best I could do,” she said, he walked over to his hut where he could look and still see inside the palm leaf package was a awl and two chisels of different sizes and a file. Jeremy was very pleased with this and called Sunni over. “Sunni doll I have a request, I want to reward Naomi for doing me a big favor.”
“What did she do”
“Sunni just trust that it was a big favor and I need to reward her she did an excellent job”
“Of course” Sunni said “I was just curious what should I do?”
Jeremy kissed Sunni, “well doll you have to give her permission.”
“Well of course Jeremy I mean whatever you want to do you can,”
“No Sunni you won the draw so that means that you have to give the favor so you decide what its worth.”
“Mmmm Okay!” Jeremy took Sunni by the arm and walked back where everyone was eating.
After supper Jeremy stood up and said, “Ladies I have a few things, first Naomi did me a big huge favor that she didn’t have to do, and she completed her task brilliantly. That said thanks to Naomi I have a present for Shannon and Tiffany so come here and get it.
The two girls got up and walked toward, him Naomi looked very annoyed as he handed them the package. They quickly opened it and Shannon squealed “Its perfect where did you” never mind I don’t care this is so wonderful thank you Jeremy.
Tiffany looked up a little perplexed “how could you?”
“Shut up tiff common I have so many plans now!”
“But how…”
“Tiffany just accept that our master is good and wise and he is the most wonderful man in the world and we do not even deserve him”
“Too true” Sunni added as Shannon dragged tiffany off into the cave.

Chapter XXVI

The other girls dispersed and Jeremy went back to his hut and was soon joined by Naomi and Sunni. “So I get a favor Jeremy?”
“Yes Naomi you get a favor, you can do whatever you want with Jeremy tonight as long as I get to participate or watch?”
“Hell that sounds good to me Naomi said stripping off her shirt and skirt, she then quickly removed Jeremy’s skirt. Sunni quickly followed suite as Naomi took Jeremy’s cock in hand and started stroking it. She engulfed it into her mouth deep throating his tool causing Jeremy to moan as she sucked his erection to steel like hardness. Naomi gave Jeremy’s rod a few long strokes and then popped it out of her mouth. She then straddled Jeremy’s hips guiding his cock into her wet slippery slit. She leaned over and dangled her mahogany colored mammaries in his face. Jeremy quickly went to work slurping and sucking her dark nipples. Jeremy could feel Naomi’s pussy clench around his cock as she tried very hard to bring him off in the first few minutes. Jeremy was having none of that and relaxed fixating on other things mostly Naomi’s mammoth breasts. Sunni moved up behind Naomi and attended which ever breast Jeremy wasn’t sucking with her own mouth. Jeremy almost lost it when Naomi brought herself off on his cock but then Sunni did something that got him shooting, she stuck her fingers into Naomi’s ass and the increased pressure was more than Jeremy could take and the hot warm jizz blasted into Naomi’s hungry slot. They rested for a few minutes before Sunni stood in front of Naomi and pressed the older woman’s face against her pussy. Jeremy could look up and watch the dark skinned woman eating out the lightly tanned Sunni’s pussy, that was enough to start resurrecting his flagging erection and the contracting muscles of the velvet glove his cock was inside of was more than enough to bring it back to full strength. Naomi seemed to have no sense of fatigue as she bounced up and down on his cock until another dose of his potent sperm was deposited into her hungry snatch. Then Naomi and Sunni switched places with Sunni slurping the sperm out of Naomi’s slot and her pussy impaled on Jeremy’s overexcited member.

Chapter XXVII

Jeremy woke up in a tangled heap of bodies he slowly extricated him self and went over to the lagoon to wash up. The sun was just coming up over the horizon and the sky was the color of port, that is to say it was dark and red and the message from it hit him strongly. He raced to the highest point on the island. To have a look at the sky in all directions, it was mostly clear some light puffy kind of clouds scudding across the sky nothing to be alarmed with for now. He got his hunting spear and moved the precious salt works into the cave as well as many of the provisions. Nicole looked up from where she was sleeping “Hey Jeremy you’re up early something the matter you look a little worried”
“Don’t worry too much Nicole odds are we will be okay but I think there is a typhoon nearby?”
“You know Jeremy that’s one things that has always puzzled me in the pacific they are called typhoons and in the Atlantic they are hurricanes.”
“Actually north of the equator they are hurricanes and south of the equator they are typhoons either way if it hits this island we are in big, big trouble. Jeremy collected a long string of line and got to work braiding it to something more resembling a rope he just hoped it would hold. He wasn’t particularly worried about the Japanese buildings most of them were made of concrete, but he started doing calculations in his head anyway. They were by his best reckoning about 10 feet above sea level, storm surge from a week tropical storm could be expected to be greater than 4 feet and if it was a big ugly nasty one it would wipe out the island. There was no good way to plan for this he thought. The spire of land that the cave was on was perhaps 50 feet tall, and the cave was cut up as well far enough he had no idea.
He made a crude torch out of dried grass and fish grease and put that aside. The other girls were waking up. “Hey Jeremy didn’t see you when I got up what happened” Sunni asked
He looked over at Naomi who was yawning the “sky this morning was blood red”
“Seriously” Naomi asked looking at him now intently Jeremy just nodded “Were on an island what can we do”
“Survive I think is the best course of action.”
“What are you guys talking about” Annabel asked I mean you to are mister and miss secret.
“How long do you think we have” Naomi asked ignoring Annabel’s question.
“Few hours on the outside I think”
“Well some warning is better than no warning” Naomi said
“Right I’ll need to check some things everyone gather up as much food as you can, and fire wood and well no I guess that’s about it isn’t it store it in the cave for now I have to look at something in here. He made two more torches and lit the first in the fire, and he climbed into the cave looking up and using the sides of the cave to climb up higher there was in fat another chamber about 20 feet above the floor. He climbed up by feel having to hand his torch back to one of the girls below him. It was a smaller space it would barely fit all of them and it wouldn’t be comfortable. He lowered the rope and tied it off to a natural hole in the wall and then climbed down the rope it appeared that it was sturdy enough. He took some more of Sunni’s line for making clothes and showed Sunni and a few girls to make a net something that they could pack supplies in and pull up.
Finding a Goat to kill was not an issue they were crowding around the rock peak slowly working their way higher and Jeremy took a younger ram. There were perhaps 60 goats there was no way they would all survive but if they were lucky a few would. He worked on another rope and quickly went to where his canoe was hidden and he tied it down to a tree. It would be nice if he didn’t have to make another one. He then helped Tiffany and Pricilla and Rose up onto the higher platform in the cave. He then worked with them pulling the supplies up until they had what they thought would be enough for a few days. While Rachel and Naomi worked on the goat carcass.
He built a fire on the second platform and checked to see if it was ventilated it appeared that there was a hole up near the top somewhere, so the smoke could escape. He worked on getting the supplies stashed while the girls worked out seating and sleeping arrangements. It was maybe twenty feet square it was going to be cramped with a fire and everyone else. He got the other girls to Haul up the goat and went out to see what else needed to be done.
A cold wind blew across the island and he could now see large black clouds forming on the horizon. “Get in the cave he yelled” The sounds of the first waves hitting the breakers was deafening. He helped the other girls get up but stayed down on the first level with Sunni who insisted that she stay with him. The other girl’s hoisted Norman up he was a very nervous puppy. Jeremy stood outside as he watched the waves crashing on the shore they were steadily getting closer, then the rain started, bleak cold cutting rain that came in large heavy drops. Jeremy retreated into the cave and told Sunni to get up on the second level, and that he would be up shortly. After Sunni climbed up he followed, just as seawater started filling the cave he reached the top. They ate quietly in the dark Sunni sat at his right. “What do we do now” Pricilla asked as the wind whistled through the cave the water rising steadily up the wall.
“Relax and hope for the best,” Jeremy said.
“I’m scared” Said Rose
“Me too” Said Shannon
“Perfectly reasonable,” Jeremy said “Lets just hope its not a super bad storm we should rest if we can, Rachel you watch the water level and wake us up if it gets above that level there” Jeremy pointed to a stony outcrop perhaps 5 feet below them. Naomi shed her clothes the other girls followed her lead. It was cold and the nine girls huddled together for warmth Rachel sat on the edge of the ledge her feet hanging over the side.
“Hey watch your feet” Annabel said.
“Shut up Annabel” Someone said.
“What are you going to make me?”
Jeremy watched as Annabel tried to move but two of the other girls grabbed her arms and then Shannon jammed her wooden dildo into Annabel’s ass. Annabel sucked air at the intrusion but didn’t say a word. “You’re a pain in the ass Annabel” Shannon said; “now you have one. Annabel gasped apparently unable to form words. Tiffany grabbed the hilt of the dildo and started sawing it in and out of Annabel’s ass, Annabel in turn gurgled
“Yeah” rose said, “Fuck that ass” Then the lights dimmed to nothing as the water reached the top of the cave no one could see anything.

Chapter XXVIII

It was some time later before Jeremy managed to get the fire lit. The girls ate and took turns jiggling the dildo in Annabel’s ass. The water level had dropped from before. Rachel called Jeremy over just as everyone heard a great slurping sound and the water exited the cave more dramatically than it came.
“What’s going on?” Sunni asked
“Eye of the storm” Naomi replied
“I’m fucking Annabel in the ass” Said Pricilla. “She likes it hasn’t said a word since we put the fucker in there” the other girls giggled at this and Jeremy cautiously made his way down into the ground floor of the cave. He walked out side and looked around the sky was dark and clear, there was no wind to speak of and the air was cool. The stars shone bright and the moon glowed, he walked around the campsite nothing was left of the hut that had taken so long to build but he supposed that was to be expected. He could hear the calling of the goats so at least a few of them survived. He couldn’t make out the other side of the storm, but maybe it just grazed them he hoped.
Nicole walked out of the cave behind him, “Hey there big boy?” she smiled at him is it over?”
“I hope so but we should still stay where we are until morning I figure. Just to be safe.”
“You’re the boss and you haven’t steered us wrong yet”
“Thanks” Jeremy said “Well we better get back inside” They walked back in the cave and climbed up the rope
“I’m horny” Pricilla said
“Its all this closeness” Said rose
“ Comere bitch” Pricilla said taking Annabel by the hair and dragging her face to her crotch “eat me I know you know how” at first Annabel seemed a bit reluctant to lick the younger girl but soon the hair pulling convinced her that she had no choice. “Yeah that’s it you nasty slut eat me”. Jeremy watched as Rose and Tiffany started making out, as did Sara and Sunni. Rachel and Naomi were well past making out and actively eating each other.
“I hope you don’t mind” Nicole whispered in the near darkness as she moved to straddle Pricilla’s face. The bodies writhed in the near darkness and Jeremy felt hands pressing him against the cool wall and then a mouth on his cock. He strained to see what was going on there was so much to take in Naomi fingering Rachel’s ass Tiffany sucking Rose’s breasts, Hands on his cock again and he felt the head of his cock slipping into the rubbery confines of a warm inviting pussy. He moaned softly though no one would have heard him so engrossed they were with what they were doing and he felt the firm tight curves of an ass bounce against his pelvis,
“Norman” Pricilla commanded “Get some” the dog moved forward and began licking Annabel’s pussy and then a few seconds later mounted the woman, pounding her hard and fast, whoever he was fucking was apparently really turned on by this and started fucking against him harder. Annabel gurgled and slurped at Pricilla’s slot as Pricilla pushed several fingers into Nicole, Pricilla’s fingers moving deftly and quickly massaging all the right spots as Nicole soon began to shake uncontrollably and collapsed on top of Pricilla. The passionate moans and the near darkness the smell of wet pussy and sex drove Jeremy over the top and he unloaded into the unknown pussy. He relaxed against the wall the moans reverberating loudly Shannon leaned over and kissed him
“Thanks” She whispered and took his cock in her mouth and began sucking the remnants of his load from his wilting rod. The other women soon reached their climaxes and some got in two or three before they collapsed to rest. Only the soft sounds of breathing and soon the light patter of rain broke the silence. The tide surged in again and the water level was inches below the ledge before it began to recede. The light was dim enough to see again and Jeremy could make out Norman fucking Annabel again it was the fourth time in the night and she would moan and gurgle in pleasure as the dog pounded her swollen and punished pussy.

Chapter XXIX

Jeremy got up and climbed down to the lower level of the cave, and walked outside careful not to wake any of the sleeping women. Many trees were knocked over and much of the island was changed. He went first to locate the canoe it was gone. He then ran down the path to assess the old Japanese base, it still stood a lot of trees were knocked over but it didn’t seem the worse for wear a concrete channel was now evident leading up to the hangar where the Plane was. He checked on the plane it didn’t seem to be damaged to he moved on to the machine shop. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw that Naomi had thoughtfully sealed up the tools and engines in the concrete and metal box. There was a small amount of water inside he supposed it couldn’t be helped. Confident of his assessment he hurried back to the campsite. He saw a few goats on the way back and smiled that some of them had somehow survived.

Jeremy Collected most of the gear from the cave and started lowering it down as the women slept on. He woke them when he had finished and one at a time they made their way down to the floor of the cave and outside into the light of dawn. Jeremy had to drag Norman away from Annabel and lower him down and Tiffany pulled the dildo out of Annabel’s ass, Annabel moaned loudly. “Oh my god” she said “that felt how can I describe it I was so full and it felt so good and then I got fucked that was so wonderful and mmm who’s pussy did I eat? I can still taste it”
“Let’s get you out side” Jeremy said though Annabel seemed distracted by scooping up dollops of cum from her thighs and pussy and sucking them off her fingers. “Annabel!” he said almost losing his patience
“Yes master” she said kneeling in front of him and mouthing his cock “can I pleasure you please master?” she whimpered
“Not now Annabel get down and get some fresh air I think it’s a little stale in here” he said
“Please master” she said “ I live for your pleasure what do you wish me to do?”
“Climb down and get outside”
“Is that all master?”
“For now”
“As you wish master” and she somewhat reluctantly descended the rope. When they were all outside Jeremy called everyone together.
“We need to make another hut or several I think “Nicole tiffany Shannon see what you can do about that. Sunni Sara work on other materials we might need. Rose Pricilla and Rachel go and see about what food is left. The girls left leaving Naomi and Annabel standing nearby.
“So what’s up?” Naomi asked
“Well I checked things out we lost the boat. But everything else seems ok”
“Master is there anything you need me to do?” Annabel asked?
“Yes Annabel apologize to Naomi, you are to follow her orders as if they were my own as well as Nicole’s.
“Yes master” she said she then turned to Naomi and knelt “I am so sorry mistress that I offended you I did not know my place please forgive me” Annabel’s hands clasped in front of her. If there is anything your humble servant can do please tell her and she will do it?”
Naomi looked at Jeremy with a raised eyebrow. Jeremy just shrugged. “Kiss my ass” she said
“Yes mistress” Annabel said crawling behind the now coffee colored Naomi where she began to gently kiss the curve of the other woman’s butt. Jeremy watched slightly distracted by the sight, when Sunni came up
“Jeremy, oh what is she doing?” she started ogling Annabel laving naomi’s ass with her tongue now “There is still some grass and stuff not much in the way of fruit though and a lot of fallen trees and junk…” She broke off as Annabel pushed her mouth in-between Naomi’s butt cheeks, and Naomi let out a low moan.
“That is sufficient for now Annabel” she gasped
“Yes mistress” she said though she remained kneeling.
“Stranger things have happened” Jeremy sighed
“I really don’t think so,” Naomi said “and I sure as hell never expected this, especially from her”
“Great Sunni see about gathering what you can do to help Nicole and the others.”
“Will do?” Sunni said “Can we um fuck later I’ve been kind of missing that big pecker of yours.”
“Sure Sunni once we get everything sorted out”
“Oh goodie” Sunni grinned and skipped off to fine Nicole and the others.
Construction of a new hut began a few hours later as Naomi and Annabel started lunch or supper it was hard to tell it was afternoonish anyway. Jeremy went to his calendar and marked off the days that he had missed and returned in time to catch some fish and start stretching the goat hide for salting. He showed Sunni how to scrape the hide as bits of meat came off as it dried and he helped the girls work on the new hut.

Chapter XXX
It was now nearing dark and Jeremy had found an appropriate sized log to turn into a canoe and he started working on it, it was slow and tedious. Work but he figured it needed to be done. Sunni walked up her skin wet and shiny from sweat and coconut oil. “Did you really put your pecker in Nicole’s butt? She asked
“Been comparing notes?” Jeremy asked.
“I don’t have notes I just asked her about what all you all did? Did you really?”
Jeremy laughed, “That’s what I meant you’ve been talking to her?”
“Yeah well I mean she knows more about sex and stuff than I do she is very smart I think not pretty like me but smart.”
Jeremy sighed “Pretty doesn’t always cut it Sunni sometimes smart is very nice.”
“Really? I thought guys liked girls to be pretty and dumb”
“Only the ones that really aren’t worth your time.”
“What’s that mean?”
“Ask Nicole?”
“It doesn’t matter anyway though I just want you I don’t need other men in my life and your going to give me and Nicole babies too right?”
Jeremy rolled his eyes “I suppose its inevitable that I will”
“And I’ll get pregnant when you stick your thing in my butt right?”
“Sunni where did you get your information”
“Well I figure when a girl gets pregnant her belly gets big you know her stomach and well I’ll either get pregnant from eating your juice or if you like it better you can put it in my butt or both! I would like that a lot?”
“Sunni your wonderful and beautiful but I need to finish working here how’s the hut coming?”
“Well we are making progress there are not as many materials as we would like”
“I’ll finish here in a little bit and we can fuck okay?”
“Okay” she said brightly and she hurried back to camp
“Dear lord that girl is dumb” Naomi said
“Please I know but I suppose she’ll learn one way or another.”
“I suppose your right?” Naomi replied, “So the Plane is still there?”
“It looks like there was a channel we may have to dig it out once we get the plane fixed”
“Speaking of which when are we going to start on that?”
“I want to wait till we see where we stand make sure we have enough food and everything before we get too involved”
“We are going to have to tell them eventually”
“Hey didn’t you say that you all wanted to get knocked up first?”
“Speaking of which, maybe” She smiled thoughtfully rubbing her belly “But yes I did”
“We can work on it off and on I suppose no rush then I’d be surprised if it worked at all”
“You and me both but we have to try” Naomi said
“Well we certainly aren’t getting rescued.”
“Yes obviously”
“We will have to see what tomorrow holds” Jeremy said
“It will be okay we can survive on fish and goats till the fruit grows back should be a month or two at most”
“That’s about why I figured” Jeremy said resignedly.
“Well back to camp then” Jeremy nodded and walked back to camp with his arm around Naomi. Most of the girls were stretched out in the warm sand snoozing and Jeremy found Sunni quickly. She was laying beneath one of the few palm trees to have survived the storm Jeremy leaned down and sucked her warm pointed nipple she moaned drowsily as he kissed his way up from her breast to her neck pausing briefly to suckle on her ear lobe. He gently kissed his way up across her chin and she opened her eyes when he kissed her lips. He positioned himself between her legs and let his cock sink into the warmth of her sex. He didn’t really move he just lay there feeling her clenching his cock and their pulses pounding together. After a while he started moving slowly taking time to drink in her nipples with his mouth and she in turn lightly dragged her fingernails down his chest and back.

Chapter XXXI

Jeremy woke to find an unconscious Sunni laying across his chest his morning wood impaled in her clenching twat she rolled her hips slightly in her sleep. He cupped her ass and tickled her asshole with a finger and she gasped and opened her eyes. “Oh hi” she said sleepily.
“Good morning Sunni sleep well?”
“Fabulous” she said as she repositioned her self on his cock. Jeremy reached up to play with her perky breasts as she began to ride his engorged member. She leaned over so that he could taste her delectable breasts. He suckled her breasts as she bounced; Jeremy caressed her back and butt as she ground her hips against his. She began to thrust more urgently and the muscles of her sex contracted around his cock. Jeremy tensed as his balls tightened under the heady pleasure and then his cock-exploded electric sparks extended from his fingertips to his toes as his hands grabbed Sunni’s hips and he jammed her down on his erupting cock. She gasped as he kissed her, his fingers gently caressing her sweat soaked back.
A few minutes later he got up and went outside the other girls were already working, Jeremy went to work on rebuilding his canoe and soon Rachel and Annabel joined him. They worked the morning away getting the canoe at least partially finished before it started to rain.
Everyone hurried to the cave but it was soon obvious that it was just a passing tropical shower and they were soon back to work under the sun. Jeremy was on his way back to his boat project when Sunni appeared “Jeremy” she said reaching under his skirt and grasping his cock. “Can we?” Jeremy pulled up Sunni’s skirt and lifted her onto his cock and pressed her against a tree as she wildly humped her hips against him. Jeremy could feel cum starting to boil in his balls and Sunni wiggled free and took his pulsing rod in her mouth and sucked and jacked him into oblivion. She slurped and sucked his juice from his cock until his legs trembled and he begged her to stop. “Did I do okay she asked?”
“Was very nice” Jeremy said trying his damnedest to get his eyes to focus again. He half staggered away as Sunni giggled behind him. Jeremy managed to get a little more done before Rachel called them all in for supper. Shannon and Pricilla showed off the second dildo that they had finished and promised they were working on more. The girls were all pretty excited by that. And as darkness fell around the campfire Jeremy retired to his nearly finished hut. Inside were Sunni and Annabel. Sunni pushed him to the floor of the hut and straddled his face and Annabel apparently went to work sucking his cock.
Annabel skillfully brought him right to the edge as Sunni humped his face until she nearly crushed it between her thighs when she came. Annabel then started tonguing Sunni’s ass, Jeremy could see in the low light her face just over Sunni’s head as Sunni kissed and licked his chest. Then Sunni lowered herself onto Jeremy’s cock not like before it was a more difficult and tighter fit, Jeremy knew when his head popped past her sphincter that he was inside Sunni’s tight little asshole. She bottomed out before she started slowly sliding up and down his shaft, he noted that Annabel was sucking and licking his balls her finger gently probing his own ass as he took it all in. Sunni was apparently torn between touching Jeremy’s chest and her own as she rode up and down on his cock because she would reach out with one hand and tweak her nipple with the other. He could feel the pressure building as Sunni got more and more excited by the penetration until finally he exploded. Sunni moaned loudly as she felt his boiling hot cum fill her bowels. She let him slowly slip out of her ass and she disappeared out of the hut for some time. She returned to find Annabel slurping noisily on Jeremy’s cock.

Chapter XXXII

It was morning and Jeremy untangled himself from the two women sharing his bed and he walked outside. He walked over to his calendar and marked the day. He then went to the Japanese base and started working on moving one of the huge engines. He got it moved to one over to the hangar with the help of a wheelbarrow and quite a lot of straining and then he was able to move it into position with the help of a chain hoist. He got it all pretty well connected and rested for a bit. He walked back to the camp; on his way he found Shannon and Tiffany working on their wooden aids.
“Oh Jeremy would you tell Tiffany?”
“What?” Jeremy asked
“That you got me pregnant?”
“I did?”
“Yeah that was me you fucked on the night of the storm”
“That doesn’t mean you’re pregnant”
“I so want to be though.”
“Bitch” Tiffany said
“Oh don’t worry he’s got plenty of baby batter in that big cock of his for you too”
“Yeah but when am I going to get basted” Tiffany asked
“I guess you will have to wait your turn” Shannon said
“Why do I have to wait my turn?” You didn’t
“Ladies, the last thing we need is everyone having a baby at the same time.”
“Its not fair master” Tiffany pleaded “Please fill me with your hot baby maker so I can have your baby too”
“Look Tiffany if Shannon is pregnant we will talk about it not before”
“But that could be weeks?”
“It could but in the mean time you’re going to have to live with things the way they are”
“I still say it’s not fair”
“Tough titties” Shannon said
“Oh I’ll give you tough titties” tiffany promised as Jeremy proceeded down the path.
Back at camp Naomi was just returning from a gathering trip she looked a little green “You okay Naomi?”
“I’m fine” she burped “Just some of this fruit smells awful” and this morning I felt like shit warmed over”
“I hope your not getting sick,” Jeremy said “That would be bad”
“I don’t think so” Naomi burped again “I think I maybe you know”
“You know what” Sara asked
“Nothing” Naomi said burping again
“What’s wrong with you Naomi,” Sara asked, “you have been weird all day?”
“I’m fine” Naomi assured her belching loudly this time
“If you say so,” Sara said
Jeremy spent the better part of the afternoon working on the canoe and it was nearly finished by the time it got dark.

Chapter XXXIII

Days turned into weeks and it was time for another lottery again, This time it was Tiffany, Naomi’s daily bouts of nausea continued and it was clear at least to Jeremy and Naomi and Nicole that she was pregnant though Naomi did her best to hide the fact. It was early morning when Jeremy took Tiffany and Nicole with him in the canoe to see what could be seen of the other island. They had not been back since well before the storm. They landed the canoe and Jeremy told the two girls to stay with it while he went and looked around. He covered the island in half an hour and found no signs of life. He went to his secret cave and harvested another pile of obsidian and cut a good amount of cane from the cane break. He tied it into a neat little bundle and lashed it to the outrigger.
“There is something I want to do Tiffany said before he could push the boat into the water.”
“What’s that?”
“Well last time we were here I got to taste your cum for the first time now your little slave girl wants to ride back to the other island with it tripping out of her.” Nicole just shook her head as Tiffany posed against the rock outcrop. Tiffany stuck her boyish ass out and tilted her hips down and looked over her shoulder. “Well how about it big boy” Tiffany asked flipping up her skirt and displaying her thick-lipped pussy to both Nicole and Jeremy. Jeremy took the hint and lifted the front of his own skirt and probed her pussy with the swollen tip. He pushed just a few inches in at a time taking long shallow strokes as Tiffany wiggled her hips and groaned in anticipation. “Please” she cried “Oh please?” he drove his thick rod in to the hilt and the next cry from tiffany’s lips went up an octave.
“What a lovely singing voice” Nicole chuckled moving up beside her as Jeremy plowed her swollen slit. Nicole removed her shirt and offered a distended nipple to the gasping tiffany, who sucked at it wantonly. Nicole pulled off tiffany’s shirt while the other girl sucked on her breasts. Jeremy pounded Tiffany’s round taught ass with every stroke. Nicole played and twisted the other girl’s nipples, her breasts barely more than a swell on her chest. Tiffany grunted and groaned and then her eyes sort of crossed and she drooled all over Nicole’s chest as Jeremy groaned and blasted his load into her baby factory. Nicole and Jeremy launched the boat and then helped Tiffany get into it. They then loaded the rest of their cargo and started to paddle back.
The trip back was uneventful and they arrived at the island Jeremy landed the canoe and looked back as Tiffany stepped gingerly from the boat Nicole helped him unload. They arrived a few minutes behind Tiffany who was sitting under a tree next to Shannon who was apparently shoving several fingers into her friend. “It looks like he really did Tiff?” she said
“That means I can get pregnant soon?”
“Yeah, yeah, just rub it in”
“Tiffany I’ll be back in a little while”
“Hey Jeremy?”
“Don’t knock up Nicole or anyone else until I am sure I’m good and prego.” Jeremy laughed and walked into the trees following the path to the Japanese base Nicole followed behind him.
“So who do you like better.”
“Not a fair question Nicole”
“Okay who do you prefer to spend your time with?”
“You and Naomi… maybe Sara or Rachel.” Nicole made an approving noise and they came out of the brush to the base. He worked on tracking down the loose connection on the controls and after two hours of looking he found it. It took a bit of doing but he was able to splice the broken control wires back together. It wasn’t perfect but it shouldn’t come apart either and if he had to repair it in an emergency at least he knew where it was. He went back to moving the other two engines into the hangar. Nicole helped of course they rested in the cool cavernous area of the hangar their sweaty bodies sticking together.
“What do you think it will be like if we ever get back?”
“I think it will be hard to explain”
“I don’t care if it is Jeremy I’m with you no matter what”
“Well that’s nice to know Nicole actually it would be nice just to get back never mind all the what ifs”
“Oh be sure that Sunni will stick with you like glue and probably Tiffany and Shannon and well Annabel is a no brainer now. That’s five girls in your permanent harem maybe more who knows. Jeremy sighed at this comment. “Oh come on now Jeremy having a gang of girls at your beck and call to fulfill your every wish?”
“Nicole when will you get it through your head that I never wanted any of this?”
“But not only are you going to get it but maybe there will be more who want to be with the wonderful Jeremy.”
“For some reason I feel like many people will frown on this.”
“You think Joe and Gary are dead”, Jeremy nodded
“Most likely they are” he said
“Good riddance”
“Nicole they were people albeit not the best of people but people all the same and they didn’t deserve to drown in a storm any more than anyone else who dies that way.”
“Don’t worry too much about it Jeremy there was nothing you could have done”
“Wasn’t there?”
“No they were dangerous and evil and no matter what you did you could have never changed that.”
“Fine” its time we headed back we’ll see about mounting those other engine soon.”
“How long before you think she’ll be ready to fly?”
“Who can say depends on how long we have to work on it and how much”
“If you could work on it full time?”
“Assuming we find oil and fuel?”
“Two weeks on the outside”
“That soon?”
“Sure but I’m supposed to impregnate everyone before we leave the island.”
“And well until most everyone is knocked up I don’t see any real rush do you?”
“No not really” Nicole smiled “I did have one other thought?”
“What’s that?”
“Well in order to keep Annabel out of too much trouble I think you should knock her up very soon?”
“We already have two women whose pregnancies are almost too close together for me to be really comfortable”
“I know but just imagine if we made Annabel the” Nicole emoted air quotes “Nurse and let her breast feed for the majority when we can’t always you know”
“You are evil Nicole”
Nicole grinned, “I know” she yelped as Jeremy slapped her ass.

Chapter XXXIV

The camp was getting ready for the evening meal it was mostly fish that Rachel had caught she had trained with Jeremy’s spear for a week before she got the hang of it. The fruit had already started to grow back and after about a week of cleaning they were able to clean the salt water out of the travertine pool in the back of the cave. Jeremy got his food someone had figured out how to make plates out of the grass ropes that Sunni had been using for clothes. The plates were a little flimsy perhaps, but they worked. Jeremy was leaning against a rock when tiffany walked up to him. She held her plate in one hand and with the other stroked his cock and then pressed it into her warm moist slit. She rode him there in front of everyone eating morsels of food as she slowly slipped up and down on his pole. She also would offer up little tid bits to Jeremy as she chewed and bounced. The other girls watched with a bit of envy. Tiffany finished her plate and waited for Jeremy to finish before she really got down and started pounding her pussy against his hips. Jeremy grabbed her hips and thrust up as he erupted inside of Tiffany. Tiffany got up off Jeremy’s wilting tool and sucked and licked him clean giving the others a shot of her cum filled pussy. Jeremy retreated back to the hut though there were four more under construction. He stood just outside the door and watched the clear sky. The darkening blue slowly sparkling with stars…
“What are you looking at” Tiffany asked coming up behind him
“The stars” he said
“Why they are just stars, they are always the same aren’t they?”
“Nope here look watch them” Jeremy stood behind the smaller girl and put his arms around her as she looked up at the sky. “Now what was that all about at supper? I’m supposed to be the master I thought”
“You are I just thought since I…”
“You did? I’m the master remember? You told me that you were devoted have you changed your mind?”
“I’m sorry” she whimpered
“I’m not convinced” Jeremy said pulling at her pebble like nipples that capped her almost flat chest.
“Oh please Jeremy I mean it I’m sorry.” He twisted her nipple causing her to gasp.
“You wanted to be my slave girl?”
“You say you live to serve me?”
“Yes” she whimpered
“From now on you will beg me to fuck you” he smiled
“Yes master”
“I’ll want you in the morning to bring me breakfast and then before you eat I want you to ask any girl except Shannon if you could please eat her. If she says yes then I want you to eat her to an orgasm. Then you are to come to me and beg to suck my cock. If she says no however you will invite her to suck my cock, you must watch and cheer for her but you cannot touch yourself for the rest of the day at least until lunch time. When you will repeat the process until someone says yes understood.
“Yes master but that means”
“That means that because you were an arrogant slut showing off in front of everyone you must pay a penance.”
“When you are finished with your penance I’ll fuck you again.”
“Yes master”
Jeremy walked into the hut and laid down. She started to lay down beside him. “No” he said… you don’t get to lie next to me until your penance is over. Tiffany lowered her head and exited the hut. Jeremy waited a little while before he peeked out and saw Tiffany lying in front of the door she was curled up in a little ball. She had apparently been crying for a little while. Jeremy had hated to do it but what she did was wrong, and she had said that she was his little love slave her and Shannon anyway. He had to do something to keep discipline and this had seemed like the best idea. Though he was sure that Naomi would disapprove, but the girl put herself at his service and she was taking liberties, punishment was necessary. The morning meal would be interesting.

Chapter XXXV

Jeremy woke in the morning the sun was just clearing the horizon he stepped out over a sleeping tiffany and went to have a look around. No one else was up yet so he took the opportunity to take a little swim before breakfast. He spent almost half an hour exploring the lagoon he was already familiar enough with it on the surface, but he explored the rocky floor of the lagoon there was really not a lot to see a few small coral outcrops and a few bunches of sea urchins. There were a few underwater caves that he noted but did not explore because he didn’t trust that he could get out if he went too far. He swam back to the shallows and was met by Shannon on the beach. “What’s the matter with Tiffany?” she asked.
“Ask her” Jeremy said and sat down as the other girls started getting food sorted out.
Tiffany got a plate and brought it to Jeremy then she turned to Rachel “Would you please let me eat your pussy?” she asked “Please Rachel I need to eat your pussy please let me she said getting down on her knees and she started to lift Rachel’s skirt up with her fingers before Rachel slapped her hand away.
“Why the fuck should I do that you bitch after that performance you put on yesterday, you know damn well we are all drooling for a piece of that.”
“Please Rachel I need to eat you I want to suck your pussy” she said her face inches from the other girl’s skirt clad crotch.
“No now fuck off what’s up with this sudden lesbian crap” Pricilla burst into tears and retreated to the shelter of the cave. Jeremy finished eating the other girls looking a bit confused but he ignored them and went ahead and walked down the path toward the Japanese base.
“What was that all about” Naomi asked as she intercepted him on the path
“That’s what I would like to know “Nicole said coming up behind her
“Well…” Jeremy said “That’s a tricky question if I tell you it’ll spoil the surprise then on the other hand I’m kind of fed up with everyone taking advantage of my good humor as it were?”
“Some kind of punishment?” Nicole asked
“Something like that” Jeremy said as they continued down the path.
“Get on your knees bitch” Pricilla’s voice came from a clearing off the path. The three of them looked over some brush to see Pricilla legs splayed her back against a tree Annabel dutifully kneeling between them Pricilla Annabel’s hair clutched in one claw as she rubbed her slit against the older woman’s face. “You like fucking my dog don’t you bitch?”
All that could be heard from a distance was a low moan.
“Norman get some” They heard rose say from behind a tree the dog rushed up behind Annabel and started licking her from clit to ass with his long agile tongue. Rose moved from behind the tree her naked body glistening in the dappled light. All eyes could see Rose’s fingers dipping into her dripping slit as the dog mounted Annabel.
“Yeah Take it like the bitch you are” Pricilla said. Annabel simply grunted as the dog pounded her swollen slit like a jackhammer. “Yeah that’s it fucking make me cum” Pricilla howled her legs trembling, Rose moved to replace her “now eat my sister you slut Pricilla called out as she caught her breath. They watched as Pricilla reached under Annabel and started pulling her nipples slapping them and squeezing them.
“I gotta pee” rose announced
“Drink her piss bitch” Pricilla said squeezing one of Annabel’s breasts in her fist. Both Naomi and Nicole unconsciously rubbed their own breasts. Rose unleashed a stream of yellow fluid into Annabel’s mouth “Swallow it you fucking traitor.” Annabel did as she was told. Her face and hair streaming wet with urine. She tried to sit up to catch her breath but the weight of the dog on her back and Pricilla’s fist on her tit held her in place. No one told you to stop eating pussy cunt. Pricilla said. Annabel pressed her face to Rose’s pussy again and she moved vigorously to bring the other girl off. Rose soon collapsed on the sand as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Norman his cock still stuck in the woman’s pussy was dragging Annabel across the clearing. Pricilla got up and took hold of the dog, as Annabel groaned I have one more thing to do to you bitch she picked up a bowl of what looked like water. She pulled out a string of fiber from it.
“What’s that” Nicole whispered to Jeremy
“No idea” Jeremy whispered back They watched as Pricilla wrapped the strips of fiber around Annabel’s nipples.
“Better hope you can get someone to suck those nipples of yours bitch” Pricilla said
“That’s some strips of hide that I got from the last goat we skinned it’ll shrink up and make your nippies fall off it you don’t keep it wet. Though I wouldn’t mind that too much if they did” Pricilla reached down between Annabel’s legs Norman having dislodged himself and she took a handful of the frothy slime of dog cum and girl juice and rubbed it on Annabel’s face. “Don’t want you getting chapped lips.”
“Suck him hard again” Rose said pointing to the dog that was now sitting off to the side of the clearing, licking his still oozing cock. Annabel made to get up
“Crawl like the bitch you are” Pricilla said slapping Annabel on her breast leaving a bright red handprint on it. The other breast was already developing ugly black bruises. Annabel got down on her hands and knees and crawled over to the dog she leaned forward to lick his cock and gagged. “Suck it bitch” Pricilla said pushing her head forward. Norman’s enormous cock slowly slipped between Annabel’s stretched lips.
“Yeah take him to his balls bitch” Rose said Annabel gagged again as the large cock began to swell and fill her mouth. The dog mounted her face and started humping his balls bouncing merrily again her chin. Then he held still from her gagging and loud swallowing it was obvious the dog was spewing his creamy puppy juice down Annabel’s throat. A few minutes later he popped out of her mouth his knot dangling above his lengthy piece of meat something the size of a golf ball now though it was obviously bigger before.
“Fucking wild” Nicole whispered as Naomi took Jeremy and her by the arm and led them down the path. They found their way to the base without incident. Naomi worked on inspecting the Aircraft. Jeremy and Nicole worked on mounting the large propellers. It was about an hour before noon when they finished. There was still the problem of fuel. Naomi laid out on one of the workbenches.
“How about a quick fuck” Naomi asked, ”I’m fucking horney as hell”
“Aren’t you supposed to wait for your turn” Nicole asked.
“What I don’t think he can get me pregnant again no harm no foul.”
“I really think you should bring this up with the other girls.”
“What and have to fight over this gorgeous monster?” Naomi asked slipping her hand under Jeremy’s skirt
“What about me?” Nicole asked you don’t think I don’t want open access to his cock all the time too… I’d beg him right now to knock me up if I thought for a second he would.”
“Oh please just because you get an itch this is all hormones you know what it’s like to be pregnant?”
“What you don’t think I have hormones too? You don’t think this little bun maker isn’t screaming to be filled” Nicole asked rubbing her belly
“Girls behave” Jeremy said finally “Look you guys are going to have to work something out we will have to make an announcement at supper or something.”
“The hell I will” Naomi said
“If you don’t I will” Nicole said
“What makes you think that you’re in charge?”
“What makes you think you can think straight with a bun in the oven?”
“I well?”
“You girls settle this I don’t care how but I’d prefer you didn’t kill each other, we still need each other.”
“We don’t need all of us,” Naomi said
“We do need all of us Naomi I’m not going to let you endanger any of these girls after I have worked so hard to take care of them and saved them”
“Big Jeremy the hero Oooh” Naomi said
“Naomi shut up” Nicole said as Jeremy walked out the door. He was halfway back to camp before the other two caught up.
“I’m sorry Jeremy” Naomi began “I guess I got a little crazy back there”
“Me too” added Nicole “I don’t know what it is about being with you makes us want to be with you”
“Look girls I don’t care what the problem is lets just make sure it’s taken care of. You all need to be have in fact maybe that’s what you all should do when we get back is come up with a code of behavior so that we can all get along equitably.” Jeremy sighed “I don’t like being taken for granted, I don’t like being taken advantage of and I don’t like fighting, and we really have to do something about Pricilla, that girl has a mean streak a mile wide.”
“Your not wrong there” Nicole said Naomi nodded in agreement. When the three of them arrived back at the camp Tiffany came running up and dropped to her knees
“Master forgive me. I have been bad if you wish to punish me further I will accept whatever punishment you desire for me. I neglected to let Rachel taste your wonderful cock and drink your wonderful seed.” She was crying there in front of Jeremy he took her by the hand gently and tried to pull her to her feet. “Please master I am so unworthy to be your slave I have failed you in so many ways.” Jeremy looked over at Naomi who just rolled her eyes.
“Tiffany I never asked you to be my slave and I only gave you a penance because you had apparently forgotten what you told me and you got greedy”
“I know I admit it I was greedy I love you Jeremy I love your cock I want you baby so badly it hurts. I am so unworthy of you.”
Jeremy sighed “very well Tiffany you are forgiven but I expect you to help keep the others in line especially Shannon and perhaps also Pricilla and Rose.”
“Of course master it will be my pleasure to keep order to remind the others of how you saved us and how you are our hero and should be properly worshipped and not treated like some object” Jeremy was more than slightly annoyed, “Rachel would you come here” Tiffany called.
“What is it” Rachel asked coming out of the kitchen area.
“Let me finish for you I’ll do whatever it was that you were doing, Please come and enjoy my master’s cock, taste his sweet seed savor it please?”
“First you want me to let you eat me and now you want me to… Why?”
“It is a gift to you Rachel an apology for my bad behavior”
“So I can just?” Rachel asked gesturing to Jeremy’s crotch.
“Please do Rachel and enjoy” Tiffany said smiling as she turned to take over food preparations. Rachel walked up to Jeremy and took his cock in her hand. She kissed him experimentally as she stroked his hardening member. She slowly stroked his cock as he embraced her the long slow kiss to eternity as they drank from each other’s lips.
Rachel slowly kissed her way down Jeremy’s sun glazed chest, kissing and tasting his nipples, her mouth tasting the firm flesh of his pecks. Her tongue dancing down his abdomen her fingertips dancing on the hard firm flesh. She brushed her lips against his cock; she inhaled his smell. Her lips parted and her pink tongue touched the tip of his cock. She slowly painted his the length of his cock with the tip of her tongue. Then she flattened it dragging her tongue up and down until it glistened with saliva. She slowly took the tip and held it again her pursed lips as she looked up at him her lips parted as she sucked him inside of her mouth. The warm wetness thrilled Jeremy as Rachel slowly sucked Jeremy slow long strokes as she buried her nose in his pubes. She tickled his balls with her fingertips and hummed slightly as she felt them tighten. She squeezed her own breasts as she felt him throb and then erupt in long streams of hot man cream. She swallowed and kept sucking getting every bit of his precious man cream from his sensitive cock. “Wow” Jeremy gasped after a few seconds.
“Thank you” Rachel said turning back toward the cook fires her hips swayed seductively.
“I’m in trouble” Jeremy said
“I don’t know what your talking about stud” Nicole said stepping up beside him
“Yep I’m in big trouble.”
They ate lunch and the chat was uneventful until the end when Nicole announced that later tonight there would be a conference. Jeremy looked for something to do anything to keep his mind off the willing women. He went and counted time on the calendar to try and figure out what the date was. He knew it was mid summer in the US but here in the south it must be mid winter. That meant that the storm was a fluke and it would be best that they get off the island before summer here. Maybe July or early October. Maybe he could just spend the week knocking them up. No that wouldn’t work, he had to get the plane ready once it was ready it really wouldn’t matter. Life could go back to normal. Would his life ever be normal again? He sighed and sat down in the shade and closed his eyes.
He woke as the light was fading and he ambled down the path towards camp. He almost tripped over Annabel who was lying naked in the middle of the trail. He knelt beside her she was still breathing her breasts were horribly bruised as was her pussy. Her ass was covered with red stripes as was her stomach and thighs. He gently roused her; it took a moment for her to open her eyes. “Annabel are you okay?”
“I’ll be fine master” She said
“No you’re not fine what happened?”
Pricilla and Rose had me suck off Norman again and they had him fuck me until he wouldn’t anymore and then they got a fish from the kitchen and shoved it in my ass and one of them fucked me with that and the other fucked me with one of those wooden dildo’s that Shannon made. They made me eat them while they beat me with switches and sticks, and then they…
Jeremy hushed her and lifted her off the ground and carried her to his hut setting her inside. He got a plate of fruit and heaped it up with a double portion while the girls all looked at him confused. Jeremy sat down in the hut with the bruised Annabel and slowly gave her bits of fruit and water as she faded in and out of consciousness. He examined her fully and found the tail of a fish still sticking out of her ass. He gently dislodged it and tossed it out the door. He let her rest there beside his bed. Jeremy sat there looking at the beaten and broken body of the woman who was tortured and blackmailed and degraded first by her employer and later by two women who claimed they were loyal to him. He unclenched his fist he hadn’t realized that he was that angry, he was really angry, he looked at his palm where his nails had left indentions on them. He started counting… he got to fifty when Tiffany poked her head in it was dark outside.
“Master” she began “Oh? What did you do to her?”
“I didn’t do anything to her Tiffany what is your message?”
“Oh um Nicole and Naomi would like to see you the meeting is over and they want to tell you about everything.”
“Very well Tiffany” let them in and get me some more water and a rag if you can find one”
“Yes master I will” she ducked out of the door and he heard her saying, “master will see you now mistresses”
Naomi and Nicole ducked in and sat down before noticing the supine Annabel lying beside Jeremy. “Jesus” Naomi said Nicole sucked her breath.
“Is she going to be okay?” Nicole asked
“I hope so” Jeremy said softly
“I had no idea” Naomi said
“I don’t think any of us did” Jeremy said, “This has to stop” his voice was the cool steel of a sword blade and it cut the silence inside the hut.
“She is under my care from now on” he said “I will have Tiffany and Shannon and probably Sunni here taking care of her when we are working on things, at least until she is strong enough to get around, that maybe several days.”
“Okay” the two girls responded
Tiffany ducked her head back inside with four coconut containers of water and she tossed him a ragged tank top “As you requested master my shirt was about all I could find that wasn’t completely threadbare.”
“Good job Tiffany, come sit,” he said gesturing to the only empty spot in the now crowded hut. Jeremy started by dipping the cloth in the water and gently rubbing Annabel’s head and then the rest of her body, she shivered slightly at the touch but didn’t stir beyond that. He had Tiffany do the same. “Okay girls fill me in”
“Well the girls decided that a month was too long to wait for cock so every five days they will draw straws to see who gets their pussies plunged.” Nicole began
“But those girls who are pregnant or become pregnant can ask for a frolic anytime after your morning” Naomi smiled
“I see” Jeremy said
“And once you’re through plowing all those fields we’ll talk to them about getting the ship out.”
“Sounds like a plan. When does this start?”
“In four days that way Tiffany has enough time to get knocked up”
“Okay great now then Ladies I need some rest”
“Night” Nicole said kissing him deeply on the lips.
“Good night hero,” Naomi said kissing Jeremy also but she sucked his tongue briefly and then sucked his lip, “Until I get a chance to get pounded by that beautiful pole of yours again”.

Chapter XXXVI

Jeremy woke in the morning. Tiffany was lying on the other side of Annabel. He gently woke Tiffany and then Annabel. “Master?” Tiffany asked
“Go get some more water please Tiffany” She smiled and hurried from the interior of the hut. “How are you feeling Annabel?”
“I hurt but you shouldn’t trouble yourself with me you should have left me to die”
“Annabel you should know by now that, that is something I could never do.” Jeremy said softly
“Master I am so unworthy of you I am so unworthy of these wonderful women who care so much for you, I wished to hurt you I planned on it, I hated you for what you did…”
“Hush” he said touching his fingers to her lips “That does not matter now Annabel, I am worried about you, you need to rest I’m going to make sure that the girls keep an eye on you while I take care of some things around camp. I’ll be nearby so if you need or want to talk to me just ask them to come and get me.”
“Master you are too kind to me”
“Annabel rest please and get better I won’t let them hurt you anymore”
“But master…” she said her lip trembling “I deserved to be hurt I should be beaten and fucked and abused I’m a…”
“You are a woman who has been mistreated for too long Annabel” he kissed her softly on the forehead, she sobbed “Show everyone else that you have changed that you are loyal to me and that you have given up your past and that your devoted to everyone here”
“Yes master” she gasped
“Now rest, when Tiffany returns I want you to drink plenty of water, and I want you to eat.”
“I don’t want to be too fat for you master”
“You shouldn’t worry about getting fat Annabel, you will be fat soon enough with our baby in your belly”
“You… you would really give me your baby? Our baby?”
“Rest” He said kissing her softly on the lips.
“My chest hurts my nipples are on fire” she said softly fading back into unconsciousness. Jeremy identified the rawhide strips that were wrapped around each nipple he removed them as gently as he could and crawled out of the hut just as Tiffany returned.
“Keep an eye on her Tiffany I’ll have Shannon come and help you one of you two are to be with her at all times.”
“Yes master”
“If there is a problem or something changes you are to come and get me immediately.”
“Of course master” Tiffany said. Jeremy met with Shannon at the cook fire and asked her to go and help Tiffany. Shannon hurried off while he ate.
They finished off three of the planned six huts in addition to his main hut. They were drier than the cave and they were a lot more comfortable. Jeremy checked in on Annabel around lunch time she was sleeping as peacefully as he could hope and her bruises had gone from what was mottled red to a ugly black. She was a little feverish and with the help of the other girls he got her to eat and drink. When he stepped out of the hut to continue work. Sara met him, “Can we talk for a minute Jeremy”.
“Sure” Jeremy replied walking with Sara down one of the game trails.
“Why are you so good I mean all that girl has done since we got stranded has been to cause trouble, I know the way that Rose and Pricilla and the other girls were treating her but I mean why stick up for her now?”
“Because someone had to, because I couldn’t let you girls beat her to death to torture her anymore, I’m mad at myself for letting it happen in the first place but I thought maybe the girls would get their aggression and anger out but its only gotten worse.”
“You are just too good for any of us Jeremy”
“Maybe Sara maybe but this has to stop.”
“I don’t know how it will”
“One way or another it will.”
“What if we never get off the island Jeremy?”
“Let me worry about getting us off the island Sara I have a plan and it should work” Jeremy at that moment noticed something he hadn’t noticed before, Sara was wearing a watch. “Sara how long have you had that?” He asked pointing to the watch
“It was a Christmas present from my grandparents.”
“Can I see it?”
“Sure Jeremy I guess?”
He looked at the watch it read Midnight and it was still moving the second hand still sliced forward. “Have you changed the time on this?”
“No I mean I don’t know how much time change there has been I’d all but forgotten about it.”
“Sara Baby your beautiful” he lifted her in an strong embrace and kissed her hard and then ran down back to the camp
Jeremy sat down with Naomi… “Can we figure it out with this?” He asked
“Oh hell no, one of these girls didn’t have a time piece. I guess I lost mine in the crash…”
“Yeah mine drowned in the salt water digital Timex piece of shit. Good for 30 meters water resistant unless its salt water.” He grinned
“So lets see California time is +6”
“Right” Jeremy said “so we mark time at Noon tomorrow and we should be able to plot our position on one of those old flight maps and then”.
“And then we can find the nearest port and get home”.
“What are you guys talking about?” Sara said walking up.
“Sara baby this your watch?” Naomi asked.
“Yeah Jeremy was real excited about it for some reason.”
“Your beautiful baby, now we have everything we need?”
“What are you guys talking about” Rachel asked.
“These two are crazy I think?” Rose said, “getting all excited over a watch”.
“You girls really don’t understand do you” Naomi said.
“What?” they all echoed.
“It gives us a point of origin it will tell us within a few miles where we are”
“What if I knew you could figure out where we are with a watch I’d have given it to you on the first day” Sara said.
“I still don’t get it” Rose said, “How does that tell you where we are exactly?”
“You know what time zones are right?” Jeremy explained
“Yeah so what?”
“Well if we know what time it is at say California which is where this watch is set to, and we know that that is Greenwich plus six then when know what time it is at zero latitude. We take that and we do a little bit of math and presto we know where we are in the pacific.”
“Plus shooting the sun or stars with the sextant and we have two sets of coordinates”
“You lost me,” Rose said
“Jeesh didn’t you take algebra or something in school?” Sara asked somewhat disgusted.
“Well we did but we didn’t do much work mostly Pricilla gave the teacher a lap dance and I recorded it and then we made sure our grades were good enough to pass, he would have hated it if his wife got a copy of that tape, never mind the principal or the police.”
Naomi shook her head “so you don’t know about x and y coordinates and how they go on a map?”
“Um not really”
“Lets just say that tomorrow we will know exactly where we are and we will have a much better idea of how to get home.”
“Oh no we aren’t leaving until Jeremy puts a baby inside me” Rose stormed
“Me too” Rachel said
“Oh he better not think we are leaving without filling my fertile little…”
“So does this mean your going to knock us all up tomorrow?” Rachel asked smiling
“No we still have to have a way off the island” Jeremy said
“Well build a bigger boat then” Rose said
“No matter how heroic and wonderful you girls think I am it still won’t make me a master boat builder, I know next to nothing about building a sea going boat that canoe is about the best I can do and at best we could get a week’s supplies on it which is not enough” Jeremy sighed.
“All of us we could get pretty far in a week” Rose said
“A week’s supplies for one” Jeremy corrected her. “Lets get ready for supper” Jeremy perched himself on a rock near the camp and watched as the girls busied themselves with preparing food and gathering wood and other materials.
“Are you really going to get us off this island” Pricilla asked him
“What do you think Pricilla?”
“I think that if anyone can you can”
“Well thanks I think”
“I heard about what happened to Annabel it sounds horrible”
“It was”
“Who could have possibly hurt her like that do you think?”
“I think you know damn well Pricilla who”
“Don’t play innocent with me Pricilla I saw you abusing her”
“You did?”
“I did you and your sister”
“Well then you know it was all rose”
“I know rose probably better than you think?”
“I don’t think so,” she said threateningly
“Get off of him Pricilla” Rose said grabbing her sister by the hair
“What you think he’s going to impregnate you after everything you have done?” Pricilla asked pushing Rose away
“I know he will he made a promise and I know he will take care of me no matter how much I don’t deserve it”
“All men are the same use you and lose you”
“Not Jeremy” rose said fire on the edge of her voice
“You think your better than me bitch?” Pricilla asked her sister by now the other girls had heard the commotion and started congregating.
“I don’t think” Rose said her voice cut through the silence like a bullwhip “I know I’m better than you and I will..”
“The Fuck you will bitch” Pricilla took a swing towards Rose it never connected Jeremy held her by the wrist. “Let go of me asshole” Pricilla screamed Jeremy took her other wrist and held them behind her back. Pricilla kicked and screamed
“All of you go about what you were doing if you weren’t doing anything then find something else to do.” Then he leaned forward and whispered into Pricilla’s ear “You come with me” he pushed her down the beach she stumbled a few times and finally fell. He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. He marched down the beach and set her down on the sand.
“You’re a fucking asshole you know that?” she said spitting on him
“Well I try not to be”
“Giving all these girls false hope making them think that maybe we will get rescued you know damn well that isn’t fucking going to happen”
“I do” Jeremy admitted
“Then you’re a fucking coward for giving these girls false hope making them think that some how you will make it all better”
“Pricilla if I had a dime for all the things you don’t know”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I unlike you don’t intend to spend the rest of my life on this island”
“What your going to knock us all up and fucking leave us like every other man would?”
“Nope that’s not my plan either”
“Well then what is it if you know?”
“Pricilla” he said touching her shoulder
“Don’t fucking touch me you fuck you think I want your cock inside me that puny little thing will never satisfy me.” She slapped him “Just because I’m a girl don’t think you have me all domesticated and shit like you did with that cunt Annabel.”
Jeremy took the slap without flinching and then he grabbed Pricilla in a bear hug “Pricilla dear, there is a plane it needs work and we have been working on it but it should be ready when we are ready to leave. I’ll take you home to your friends and family back to civilization.”
“I… I don’t have any friends, and my family has probably forgotten all about me by now they never cared what me or rose did it was always about money.”
“You do have friends Pricilla people who care about you? You think your sister would have gotten in your face if she didn’t care about you?”
“Yes she cares about you she wants to be normal”
“I have a little secret to share with you Pricilla what has happened here will brand us as never normal”
“So what are you saying?” Pricilla asked
“I’ll always be here for you Pricilla if you want me”
“No, no, no!” she screamed “its not fair you can’t be this good you can’t” she balled her fists and pounded his chest, he just held her as she finally let her fists dropped to her sides and she sobbed against his shoulder “promise me” she gasped “that you will never leave me or my sister”
“I promise” he said kissing her tear streaked cheek he lifted her into his arms and carried her back to camp and laid her inside one of the newly completed huts as he went about getting food for himself and then asked Rose to get food for her sister and told her where to take it.

Chapter XXXVII

Jeremy woke before dawn; he saw both Tiffany and Annabel were sleeping peacefully in the half-light of the hut. He moved to kneel beside Tiffany he gently touched her knee with his fingertips slowly sliding them up the inside of her thigh. He brushed her check with his hand and caressed the raised nipples on her nearly flat chest. She moaned softly as his fingers traced delicate lines up and down the insides of her thighs. She gasped and parted them slightly. Jeremy traced little trails through the thick hair that was now covering her pussy, he remembered a time when she had kept it shaved and smooth as a baby’s butt. He leaned forward and sucked one nipple and then the other bringing them to their full swell. He positioned himself carefully between her thighs and pressed his cock into her sweet juicy opening. He slowly pressed himself fully inside her and then he kissed her she woke with a tongue delving her mouth and a cock plumbing the depths of her pussy her eyes opened and she looked into his she grasped his head as his hips began to move. She wrapped her legs around him tilting her hips up to meet him. It was a slow delicate thing her pussy sucking at his hard thick meat. She gasped as he sucked and chewed her nipples she held his head against her breast until their movements became more urgent and the gasping and breathing reached its crescendo and Tiffany screamed as Jeremy erupted inside her the hot cream flooding her hungry womb.
“What’s wrong” Annabel asked weakly.
“Nothings wrong Annabel” Tiffany murmured, “Everything is just perfect.” Jeremy got up a few minutes later and tiffany insisted on making sure he was cleaned up. She slurped greedily at their combined juices and wouldn’t let him leave until she was sure she had gotten every last bit of it.
Jeremy walked outside and headed to the Japanese base before the sun even rose. He got there just as the sun was clearing the horizon. He put a stick into the ground in the middle of the complex. And started looking around he found what he was looking for a pipe sticking out of the ground, he uncovered it some more moving sand away and followed in the same direction occasionally uncovering more as he progressed. Until he found what he was looking for three buried tanks… he hoped at least one of them was still intact he uncovered the fill ports. And with a wrench and a lot of straining the rusted bolts finally gave way one was full with what smelled like gasoline or maybe kerosene, the next was filled with oil and the third was filled with foul smelling sand. They could do it he congratulated himself. He walked to the head quarters building there was an old map on the wall. It was very old. But he found a compass and measured out the scale on the compass.
He used a bucket that he dusted out as best as he could to start transporting first oil to the engines of the plane. He hoped the oil filters on the old engines would survive. It took him till nearly noon when he went back to the stick. He watched it and the clock until the shadow disappeared. He then calculated that it was two hours and forty-five minutes ahead of California. That put them at almost plus eight, which put them pretty close to the Pacific Rim. Naomi showed up a few minutes later with Nicole and Pricilla in tow.
“Wow I never knew this was here,” Pricilla said
“Go look in there Pricilla, but understand you can’t tell the others yet it’s still not ready” Pricilla wandered into the cavernous hangar
“Any luck with fuel and oil?” Naomi asked
Jeremy smiled “In fact I think we have plenty of both.”
Pricilla came out a few minutes later “Holy crap that is a big old plane its kind of weird looking though.”
“That’s because it’s a flying boat hun” Naomi said
“A what?”
“Back in the olden days” Nicole began “Someone thought it would be a good idea to have planes that could land on water and had extended ranges for well war mostly”
“So this is an old war plane like Vietnam or Iraq?” Jeremy and Naomi both nearly doubled over with laughter “What’s so funny?”
“This relic here Naomi said is from the Second World War”
“Uh that’s really a long time ago.” Pricilla said
“Yep” Jeremy said
“Will it fly”
“One way to find out” Naomi said
“you mean you don’t know?” Pricilla asked dumbfounded.
“Well no not really I mean it has been sitting on this island for, well longer than any of us have been alive” Nicole commented
“I am betting it handles like a school bus,” Naomi grinned.
“Who’s going to fly it don’t tell me you know how to fly Jeremy” Pricilla asked.
“Naomi can fly, I mean sure I could fly it but don’t ask me to land or take off or anything like that”
“So what’s the next step then”
“Oh I figure in a couple of days we get this canal in front of the hangar dug out and we’ll see if it will float… maybe more than a couple of days, no rush I mean unless your in a rush.” Jeremy smiled
“Oh no, no rush I just well I never believed that this is incredible.”
“Your telling me” Naomi said “You don’t even want to know how hot I am for this plane.”
“Why” Pricilla asked
“Well for one most of these planes were either destroyed or dismantled after the war, that makes this relic almost a one of a kind.” Naomi purred
“Is that supposed to mean something?” Pricilla asked
“Maybe only to me” Naomi said lightly rubbing herself
“your not going to do that while we are flying are you?” Pricilla asked
“Oh no maybe just for the first twenty minutes” Naomi grinned “God you don’t know how hot this makes me just talking about it and we are actually… fuck!”
“Right ladies if your done with your fantasies some of us should get back to work Naomi can you see what you can find and see if where we are and what’s close I think I saw some maps,” he gave her the time adjustment down to the minute and headed off with the other two girls. He really needed to check in with Annabel
Several minutes and half an island later Jeremy walked into camp he ducked into the hut that he shared with his current playmate and Annabel. She was doing better the bruises were starting to yellow and she was conscious and more than a little irritable. “I need to get outside Jeremy I’ve been cooped up in here for I don’t know how long”
“Sounds like a good idea to me if your up to it” Jeremy said
“Really I mean your not going to keep me locked away in here?”
“No just stay in camp and help out where you can and don’t over do it.”
“Thanks sweetie”
“If you start feeling tired I want you to relax, come back in here if you need to”
“Yes master” Annabel said Jeremy could only smile the rest of the day progressed fairly uneventfully and it was dark before Naomi arrived back at camp. Jeremy waited until after the evening meal for her to tell him what she had found.
“Well I figure if we take a heading west south west we can probably hit New Zealand or if for some awful reason we miss that enormous land mass we can’t miss Australia.” Naomi confided in the now empty hut.
“Can you work out a flight plan” Jeremy asked
“I can and have I’ll refine it over the time we have left, it might be a good idea to test fly the bitch before we actually have everyone on board.”
“Yes though I’m not sure how much fuel we have if it’s even enough to fill the tanks”
“We don’t need to fill them all the way the first time out.”
“You sure?”
“Yes I checked them and opened the drain plugs to get any moisture out so hopefully we can test it sooner rather than later”
“Actually I think later is going to be the order of the day” Jeremy responded
“Yeah I kind of figured that” Naomi said
“Will we make it as far as New Zealand?”
“My best estimates make it about 1200 miles to there figure they will catch us on radar and will respond by at least sending someone out to see who we are. Most of the Flying boats that I have looked at specs on had a range of over 2000 miles so we should be fine, compass headings might be a little tricky but if we take off in the morning and fly away from the sun all day.”
“The compass is broken?”
“Looks like it or it maybe I haven’t figured out what’s the matter with it.”
“We’ll figure out something maybe it just needs a good whack with a mallet.”
“Maybe” Naomi agreed, “I hadn’t thought of that”
“Right lets get some rest then”
“Naomi left and Tiffany came in from where she had been waiting outside”


Rain was dripping from the thatched roof leaking in and the cold water made more than one of the girls shiver. Jeremy was feeling a little cold and wet himself. The rain had started sometime in the night and showed no signs of relenting. He had walked outside briefly to see if it was going to be a violent storm, This just looked and acted like an average tropical rainstorm, lots and lots of rain and that’s all. The fat drops caused rustling noises in the palm leaf roof. The sky lightening was the only sign that dawn had passed the sky was completely overcast and the rain came down in big fat drops, there was no wind. “What’s going on?” Tiffany asked
“It’s Raining” Jeremy replied, “…I guess this is the start of the raining season”
“I thought the seasons were spring and summer and like that?”
“Well in the tropics and subtropics there is the wet season and the season where it’s not so wet” Jeremy grinned
“Oh well since you put it that way” Tiffany said “Its always the wet season for me”
“Is it really?” Jeremy said grinning playfully as he probed the girls bushy gash with his fingers and finding it wet and slick”
“You know what I really miss Jeremy?”
“What’s that?” Jeremy asked
“Razors, European waxes things like that”
“Me too sometimes” Jeremy said stroking the straggly growth on his face
There was a pause in the conversation and both could hear Annabel’s slow breathing. “Do you think I’m pregnant Jeremy?” Tiffany asked?
“I think there is probably a good chance that you are? Why?”
“Well I think I mean I have three more days before I have to give you up and well I was thinking maybe everyone would be nicer to Annabel if you well you know put a baby in her belly too she would be like my preggie sister then?”
Jeremy rolled his eyes “are you serious?”
“Of course I don’t see why you couldn’t fill her up this morning and see if she gets pregnant too.”
“You know Shannon is going to be angry at you for not letting her…”
“What fuck you, she stole a chance when the storm came and that wasn’t fair to anyone now was it?”
“No I suppose it wasn’t”
“So I want to watch you having sex with Annabel.”
“Oh yeah well you know besides well, my limited experience with a few guys who were less than nice about my tits. And well I’ve always liked to watch whenever I could get a chance.”
“Let me check on the other girls first odds are they are worried about the weather.”
“Okay” Tiffany smiled.
Jeremy stepped out into the rain… He breathed in the moist warm air how the hell did he get himself into this situation he asked himself. His father had always told him that there would come a time when he could get all the tail he wanted. But he didn’t really want all this tail and all these girls for one reason or another wanted him. One was fine but ten? Ten was just too many women to try and keep happy. The stress of trying to keep them all from killing each other was almost too much to handle. Well eleven if he counted his affair with Sara’s mother… He was going to be the father to at least eleven babies? He wasn’t even sure he wanted to be a father at all and suddenly he had no choice or did he. No he decided in the final analysis he didn’t really have a choice they all wanted a taste and they were for the most part devoted to him.
He wished he could hurry up the whole getting the hell out of there. But Naomi and Nicole, especially Nicole was going to force him to keep his promise that they all get pregnant by him. At least he didn’t have to worry about Joe or Gary anymore, granted they were bad evil people but they were still people and he couldn’t make himself be happy about their demise. “Penny for your thoughts?” It was Rachel and he almost jumped out of his skin. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you”
Jeremy smiled “Its okay I’m supposed to be checking on you all and I just got lost in thought I guess”
“I came out to see if anyone is out here the weather is miserable.”
“Yes it really is, though it could be worse we could be hold up in that cave again”
“Hey I didn’t mind terribly being that close to you in fact I think all the girls really liked knowing you were so close?”
“Really it looked to me like a lesbian orgy.”
Rachel laughed, “yes well there was that but a nice wet tongue is no replacement for a nice hard cock especially a one that is as nice as yours”
“Right then I suppose I should check on the others”
“Are you sure you don’t want to check me first? Maybe get under me and pump me full?”
“What is with you girls?” Jeremy asked
“Well if you must know you have ten girls on an island and you have saved all of our lives at least twice and we are grateful and horney… and like I said a tongue…
“Isn’t a replacement yeah I got that” he said and walked toward the cave
“Besides I think it would be neat to be pregnant, and I think it’s really sexy that you’re a big enough stud to knock up all ten of us.” Jeremy looked into the cave where Rose and Pricilla and Shannon were talking
“Oh Hi Jeremy Shannon said “we were just talking about you were your ears burning?”
“No” Jeremy said
“Too bad” Rose said
“Really” Pricilla said, “Shannon was just telling us how nice it was to have your big hard cock inside her fertile little pussy”
“Yeah I want you in my fertile pussy too” Rose said
“I want some more” Shannon said openly diddling herself.
“Where is Norman?”
“Oh” Pricilla said, “He found a bone and can’t be bothered right now”
Jeremy laughed, “Well see if you girls can get a fire going in here and we can see about eating something.”
“Okay” Pricilla said
“I have something you can eat” Rose said spreading her legs and framing her puffy lipped pussy between her fingers.
“Tempting, tempting girls but I have to check on the others,” Jeremy said withdrawing from the cave and walking to the first hut. Jeremy stuck his head in to find Naomi and Sara in a sixty-nine… he got a good view of Naomi’s tongue circling the other girls clit. Sunni and Nicole were across the hut in a similar position. The whole hut reeked of pussy and sweat. He ducked his head back out.
“Well are you going to use that dipstick of yours and check my fluid levels or what” Rachel asked as Jeremy turned and bumped into her. Jeremy kissed her check and went back to his hut ignoring the fuming Rachel.
“Master, your servant Tiffany has told me what she wants and your slave is willing she has been very naughty playing with her pussy in anticipation of you putting a baby in her belly”
“One day” Jeremy sighed as Tiffany untied his skirt and stroked his cock to hardness. One day he thought to himself I wish I could be rid of these girls one maybe two but this is just too much. It would be nice if I could get a little time to myself, yeah that’s not going to happen. Tiffany held his cock and guided him into Annabel’s wet and waiting pussy.
“Fuck her good” tiffany whispered in his ear. Her smallish breasts pressed into his back as he thrust forward she tickled his balls from behind as Annabel wrapped her legs around his thrusting hips. Annabel’s large breasts bounced with every thrust and she moaned and groaned with every thrust. Her wet pussy was already frothy from her fingers and the sticky juice combined with the clutching glove like grip around Jeremy’s cock felt wonderful. It wasn’t long before his balls started to clench “Fill her with your baby juice you hot fucker” Tiffany said biting his earlobe. That was it Jeremy erupted inside Annabel and when she felt the first spurt she flailed wildly pulling him deeper inside her clutching him to her.
Jeremy found himself on his back and Annabel slurping on his cock. Tiffany appeared a few minutes later with a plate of fruit and some salted goat meat. The rain kept up its steady roar on the palm-thatched roof. Nothing was going to be done today he decided.

Chapter XXXIX

It was early the next morning and the rain was still coming down, Jeremy woke to find Tiffany riding his morning wood. Annabel was plowing her pussy with at least two fingers and feeding Tiffany her breast with the other. Jeremy looked up to see the sweet juicy pussy of Annabel simply dripping with juices. The glistening goo ran down her thighs and several drops and fallen onto his chest. As he got a sense of where he was he reached up and grabbed Annabel by her hips and brought her moist juicy snatch down on his mouth. Annabel let out a low guttural moan as his tongue touched her parted pussy lips. Her pussy was sweet with a little tang and her bushy pussy smelled like hot sex. He licked her from back to front pausing to suckle on her distended clit. Tiffany ground her hot sweet pussy on Jeremy’s cock as she watched him eating Annabel’s puss. Annabel collapsed her legs twitching as her orgasm overcame her as she cried out “Oh shit oh shit oh shit!”
Tiffany just kept riding slow and steady until Annabel composed herself enough to start licking the other girl’s clit whenever it came into view. Soon Tiffany trembled “cum in me” she moaned “fill me with your baby juice”. That was enough for Jeremy’s already overheated balls they erupted into a fountain into Tiffany’s fertile valley/ Jeremy got up and after the two girls insisted on licking his cock clean they let him escape to the cool pouring rain.
Jeremy found his calendar he had been neglecting it lately mostly because he hadn’t had time and hadn’t wanted to go out in the rain, it was after all miserable weather. He finished what he was doing and started to walk back. There was something… a smell or was it a sound. He stopped walking and listened. Sure enough there it was again. The sound of a diesel engine puttering in the rain echoed across the island.. He crept towards the sound. It was a small boat maybe 30 feet long, shallow draft a fishing boat maybe. There were five men on board; he watched them as they put a boat over the side and three of the men rowed across the water toward the island. They were all armed, soviet style assault rifles; pirates then Jeremy thought to himself, this was a big problem. He ran as fast as he could to the camp… He literally dragged a protesting Annabel and Tiffany out of their hut and then pulled Naomi and Nicole out “Pirates” Jeremy breathed as he made the words out it seemed like it was achingly slow. “They are coming now run to the base and hide.”
“But Jeremy” Tiffany said
“Shut up go with Naomi and Nicole get the others and go, go fast.”
“The girls quickly gathered and were soon running down the forest path”
The men said something as they approached it was unintelligible to Jeremy Tagalog or perhaps Indonesian. It was hard to tell he crouched in the brush near the camp and watched. It had only been a few minutes the men sifted through the camp examining everything talking to each other. Jeremy felt that maybe one of them he could handle but two he had no chance with especially with guns.
The pulse was pounding in Jeremy’s head and he knew he was breathing to loudly but the men kept to their business once they had explored the camp. One of the men rolled a metal drum up to the mouth of the cave and they used a hose to fill it with water. Both of them carried the 55-gallon drum back to the beach. One stayed ashore as the other two went back to the ship. There was loud talking and then the boat came back up to the beach this time with four of the five people on board. That left one on the boat and four on the shore assuming there were no more below decks. Jeremy weighed his options, and cautiously moved to where he could see both the men and the boat. He waited as the four men went towards the camp.

Chapter XL
Jeremy shook himself and carefully watched the man on the deck of the ship, and slipped into the water. It was fifty yards to the boat and he swam as quietly as was possible in the pouring rain. He thanked god for the rain as he came alongside the trawler. He slowly climbed the ladder and onto the deck. He moved aft the man in the bridge was leaning back in his chair and smoking. He moved aft crawling along the deck. He saw where the man was lounging there was an assault rifle leaning against the railing some five feet away. Far enough Jeremy thought, he moved steadily towards the man looking around for something anything to incapacitate the man. He pulled out his ceramic folding knife and held it in a reverse grip, it clicked into place almost silently. The boat rocked and the rifle fell to the deck with a crash. The man looked over to see what had happened and jumped when he saw Jeremy.
Jeremy lunged grabbing the man by the wrist and walking the blade of his knife up the man’s arm in a crisscross pattern. His uncle’s training made it almost effortless as the blade severed skin and muscle, slicing through veins and arteries until without thought, the blade sliced across the man’s neck. The man looked at him in terror as if some great white ghost had walked on deck and rendered him useless he gesticulated with his one functional hand and then collapsed in a heap on the deck. Jeremy picked up the assault rifle, ejecting the magazine and checking the clip. It was full he then checked the chamber, a bullet bounced on the deck when he racked the slide. He didn’t look at the man he went below decks to see what was there.
Quickly checking each room to see if anyone was inside. Each room was empty in one of the rooms he found several crates of munitions. There was a door with a heavy padlock on it, which he didn’t bother with, He opened one of the crates stacked magazines, and he pushed it aside to the next crate forcing the lid. Grenades, he took two and put them on his belt. The next crate contained flash bangs, interesting he thought. He took three of those and then opened the next crate. Smoke grenades he grabbed two of those and ran back onto the deck. With the assault rifle in one hand he leapt into the water. He swam as best as he could though the water was only about 7 feet deep at the deepest and soon he waded ashore. He took the first grenade and pulled the pin. He threw it hard as he could along side the boat. He ran to some cover away from the trail and hunkered down. The explosion was more than he was expecting and a large cloud of smoke rose from the water near where the boat lay at anchor.
The four men came running out of the forest guns ready, Jeremy tossed a flash bang at them. It exploded mere feet from them. They turned and sprayed the area where he was hiding with bullets Jeremy picked his target. Jeremy steadied his breathing just like he had practiced one… two… three… one of the men shuddered and collapsed. One… two… three… a second one looked stupidly at the other two men as he touched the hole in his chest and fell into a heap. Jeremy crawled quickly away as the two remaining men hurled grenades close enough to where he had been laying to really frighten him. When he was in brush high enough he ran… and then ducked down behind some fallen palm trees. He could make out the two men moving just beyond the trees. He held steady waiting for them to do something, anything. One of the men got back into the boat. And the other moved toward where Jeremy was hiding, apparently following his footprints. Jeremy moved cautiously toward camp. Making some good distance between himself and his hunter.
Jeremy reached the camp and walked into the cave he then walked backwards in his footprints to hard rock and climbed up above the cave and got down between two large outcrops and waited. The other man was cautious he picked his way carefully, not in a hurry. Jeremy waited the man pulled a grenade from his belt and pulled the pin tossing it into the cave he stepped away and waited. The explosion shook the area, Jeremy took careful aim and fired, the man’s head exploded.
Jeremy ran back toward the beach as he got close he kept low he saw the man on deck he had only just reached the main deck and was headed up to the helm. Jeremy waited; he heard the man scream and then what could only be described as cursing though what the curses were was still a mystery. Jeremy pulled the last grenade from his waist and pulled the pin hurling it at the small boat that was tied alongside the larger. He ducked back down into the brush… and waited the explosion erupted in a gout of water and the man fell over. He then stood and ran to the railing to look over, Jeremy breathed again bringing the sights onto the man and squeezed. The man crumpled over the side. Jeremy pulled his canoe from the brush near the lagoon and put it in the water he paddled quickly to the corpse of the man. The sharks would be arriving shortly, and he quickly pulled the corpse onto the canoe. It was a struggle but because of the canoe’s low sides only a little bit of water sloshed into the bottom of the boat. He searched the man; he had two handguns, which Jeremy discarded into the bottom of the boat and a key ring with a several keys on it. There was also a big wad of cash wrapped in a rubber band.
Jeremy jettisoned the body over the side of the canoe feeling sure that he had picked it clean. He tied his canoe to the rope off the side of the boat and climbed the ladder onto the deck. He noticed once on board that the ship was listing to port and coming down by the aft. He had to hurry, he ran down the ladder into the below decks and went to the door that he had found locked he tried the keys until one fit. He pulled open the heavy door and the lights went out, a few seconds later the backup emergency lights came on bathing the below decks in an eerie red glow. There in the red lights he could see six skinny young girls perhaps thirteen or fourteen a few obviously younger. They were chained to the wall, he looked at the first in the eye and smiled, he unlocked the manacles and shackles on the first one and she punched him. He took her by the arm… and led her onto the deck, which was now tilted at a very odd angle. “English” he said to her she shook her head He pointed at her rag covered chest “you and the others” this time he pointed down at the deck go safe” he pointed to the island. She looked at him like he had lost his damn mind but slowly nodded. He gave her the keys and she ran below decks and started jabbering at the other girls, who seemed excited and jabbered back. He got them all up above decks and then he pointed to the three youngest and pointed to the canoe, they got the idea and climbed down the ladder and settled into the canoe. He took the first girl by the shoulder “you stay here I go and come back” he gesticulated and repeated himself a few times before the girl nodded in some semblance of understanding. He paddled quickly to the shore and let the three girls off and then went back for the others they quickly climbed down the ladder and Jeremy was halfway to shore when the boat rolled up on its side with a loud and reverberating moan. All six girls safely ashore he led them to the camp and told them to wait.
Jeremy turned down the path and made his way toward the defunct Japanese base. He walked into the clearing and Yelled, “Naomi, Nicole, Its safe now come on back come on girls Tiffany, Pricilla, Annabel, all clear. Jeremy turned back down the path and trudged back to the camp. He found a clearing off to the side of the trail and climbed up on a pile of rocks and laid back on them and closed his eyes. He heard the footsteps of the girls but didn’t look up he just breathed trying to justify in his mind the killing of five men. He hadn’t wanted to, and from what he found they were not only pirates but slavers as well, he would have been killed and the girls would be living a life of slavery. He silently thanked his father and his uncle for preparing him for having to do something like this though he hated himself for it.
“Jeremy” Sunni screamed, “oh my god Jeremy are you all right I mean you, look at you, you can’t be okay Jeremy felt Sunni’s hands gently lift his head and cradle it in her lap. “Please Jeremy be all right” she sobbed. He felt the hot tears drop onto his face the other girls moaned close by.
“He’s dead he died saving us” Tiffany screamed
“He’s not dead Tiffany” Naomi said softly “he’s still breathing”
“But he’s hurt I mean look at all the blood” Sara said.
“I’m not dead and I’m not hurt” Jeremy said finally “I’m just tired and feeling none too good about what I had to do.”
“What happened to the pirates?” Shannon asked
“Dead… all dead… and their boat is wrecked too”
“You killed them” Rose gasped
“It was either them or me and you girls would be white slaves for some drug dealer somewhere.”
They were silent, “How, how can you know that?” Naomi asked finally.
“Because of the six girls I pulled off the ship before it sank who were all locked up”
“You saved them?” Rachel asked.
“Well it was either that or let them drown” Jeremy said opening his eyes and sitting up. “Come on lets get back to camp and sort this out” Jeremy trudged back to camp behind the others the could clearly see that he was upset but were unsure what to do about it. When they arrived at camp the six girls were waiting by the kitchen area and talking nervously amongst themselves. “Tiffany you and Sunni and Nicole look after them take two a piece and see if you can’t teach them to speak English or something, I’d like to ask them some questions, and if you need any help get one of the other girls to help you, I’m going to bed” and with that Jeremy walked to his hut which had been obviously searched, he paused a moment before trying to lay down, it was midday for crissakes why was he so tired? He climbed out of the hut and went to go police up the bodies. He gathered all three of the remaining bodies onto the beach; he meticulously searched them and found a fair amount of money wallets no identification. A few knives a machete, and the guns where all he found. He took one of the men’s shirts and began to dissemble the guns pulling them apart methodically almost robotically. The cool wash of something familiar closed over him and he soon had them all in pieces. He rolled them up in the cloth and unloaded the clips, putting the rest of the ammo in a shirt by itself, something like 100 rounds of ammunition. He looked out at the wrecked boat, why did he have to wreck the boat he wondered. Then again a fishing trawler was never built to stand up to high explosives he should have known better. He loaded the bodies into his canoe and paddled out beyond the reef and dumped them overboard. He mechanically paddled back and pulled the canoe up on the beach. He sat down and wept.
Jeremy didn’t know how long he had been sitting there when a soft hand touched his shoulder, “don’t beat yourself up about this Jeremy” Naomi said softly, “Like you said you had to do it”
“I killed five men”
“Justified it was either you or them”
“I know” Jeremy said, “I know it doesn’t make me feel any better”
“You saved us all again and we are grateful, you scared the girls with how short you were with them, they are doing what you told them, I figured you needed some time but not too much.”
“You don’t think I saw the evidence of what you did? We heard the gunfire and explosions from where we were, I have never seen those girls so scared. Sara and Sunni were hysterical and the rest were very worried shit I was worried too. I’m glad you did what you did we all are and if there is anything you need or want I’m sure any of these girls will be happy to do it”
“That’s just it Naomi, I didn’t ask for any of this I never wanted to be the hero, I wanted to be done with this stupid assed vacation and go on to college and study something worthwhile. I wanted to live my life, maybe become a doctor or I don’t know at this point I would settle for something even more mindless like a mechanic.”
“I know Jeremy I know” She held Jeremy closely and kissed the top of his head “that wasn’t in the cards”
“But I killed five men”
“You did and you saved the lives of sixteen women and yourself no one is ever going to fault you for that?”
“And what about Joe and Gary? They died because…”
“Because they wouldn’t listen and you couldn’t help them because they were arrogant sons of bitches and they thought they knew more than you, we are finding out that you are full of surprises” she lightly stroked Jeremy’s hair holding him against her bare breasts”
“What happened to your top?”
“Well my nipples are sore and the top really isn’t much for cushion that and I think they are getting bigger if you can believe that?”
“I can, I’m sorry I’m being selfish”
“Jeremy your are the least selfish person I have ever in my entire life met, and your in the running for sainthood as far as I’m concerned right behind Mother Teresa.”
“Is he okay?” Sara asked from behind them
“I’m fine Sara”
“I checked your hut you weren’t there”
“No it turned out I wasn’t quite done with everything I needed to do I’m still not.”
“Jeremy you have had a big day let us take care of you for once” Naomi said
“Oh all right” Jeremy said getting up Naomi walked a short distance to the trail that led to camp and then looked over at Sara who was just standing there staring at Jeremy
Sara suddenly lunged at Jeremy wrapping her arms around him “Oh Jeremy I’m sorry for anything I ever did I’m sorry I’m soo sorry I love you I need you I.. I was so scared when you were away please be okay I prayed I was scared every gunshot and every explosion I was sure you had gotten hurt and,” Jeremy leaned over and kissed her their lips melted together tears streaming down Sara’s face the kiss lingered and she clutched at him. He pulled away and lifted her into his arms and carried her back to camp.
“Jeremy laid Sara down in one of the huts where she after another long kiss fell asleep fitfully. Jeremy ate his evening meal in silence none of the other girls spoke to him though Sunni did sit next to him and kept trying to feed him bits of her food. He retired to his hut and a few minutes later Rachel entered.
“We drew straws again I got the short one, I’d ask what happened out there but I think that will wait until your ready.” She lay on the floor beside him and pulled him to her his face resting on the soft rise of her breast; she kissed him and stroked his hair until he fell asleep.

Chapter XLI

Jeremy woke with a start; it was late later than he normally woke up “Good morning handsome” Rachel said “I got you breakfast nothing really special Sara sure was mad that she slept through the whole drawing straws thing but she’s been talking to the girls you brought off the ship. They are making remarkable progress or so I’m told.” She brought a bit of fruit to Jeremy’s mouth and as he chewed she got another. Jeremy didn’t protest his entire body ached down to the bones; it was an effort just to chew. As the food on the plate disappeared Jeremy began to feel better. And soon he was feeling like his normal self, He got up and Rachel frowned.
“You were hoping I’d”
“I was really but I understand just don’t forget about me okay?”
“Don’t worry Rachel I won’t” he kissed her and passed out of the door. It was still raining, the sky was gray and the clouds only gave the slightest hint that there was a sun above them.
He walked down the beach to where the fishing boat lay on its side. He pulled the canoe to the water and paddled out to it. He looked around for things to salvage. There were two zodiac boats folded neatly and what looked like a fuel tank of gasoline over 100 gallons, It was hard doing anything on the boat with its deck perpendicular to the ground and more than half of it was underwater. He crawled through the hatch and into the inside of the boat as far as he dared. He found the radio room; the radio was smashed against one side of the cabin in several pieces. He moved into parts of the boat he hadn’t seen the engine room he found was completely underwater. He moved forward there was food and water and containers he would have to try salvaging, eventually and a generator which looked like he might be able to get it working, an Air compressor which would be handy for the zodiac’s. He pressed on he went into one of the forward corridors, he heard sobbing. He worked the hatch that was locked from the outside open and after a few minutes it groaned he looked inside there was a women dressed in a silk blouse and skirt. Lying on the wall, which was now the floor of the room. She said something and Jeremy shook his head not understanding. She tried again in a different language.
“English” he suggested
“English not good” she said, “You hurt me?”
“Not if I can help it”
“I not, what word”
“I am not going to hurt you what’s your name?”
“Jalli I teacher, at school.”
“Jolly I’m Jeremy”
“Jeremy you English?”
“Cowboy American”
“Seems so look come out with me and I’ll take you to the others”
“Others there are others?”
“Yes six girls”
“Oh, Oh!” she said something else that Jeremy didn’t understand but it appeared to be something along the lines of thank god.
“Bad men?”
“All dead”
“You know dead” he took his finger and ran it across his throat “Dead”
“You no make me dead”
“How I be sure?”
“Look you can either stay here and starve or whatever or you can come back to camp with the girls and I”
“You alone”
“No there are others”
“Others not just girls from school?”
“No plane crash we survivors”
“How you dead bad men”
“Look I’d love to talk about this with you but I don’t know how much longer these emergency lights are going to last and I haven’t found a flashlight.”
“What is flashlight”
“Look I’m going you come or no?”
“I come” she got up, and crawled after him down the corridor to the hatch where the light was a little bit better. They got outside and climbed into the canoe. He paddled her to shore and he led her to camp. The young girls squealed when she appeared and gathered around and hugged her.
“Who’s this?” Tiffany asked
“The school teacher” Jeremy said
“Does she speak English?” Tiffany asked again
“A little bit”
“Well that’s better than what we have been dealing with” Tiffany said.
“Her name is Jolly or something like that.” Jeremy added.
“Fuck another girl for you harem I have to compete with” Sara said sourly
“Sara love, I…”
“No don’t I mean I’m sure all of these girls can’t wait to give up their tight young pussies to you and don’t act like you aren’t interested in them because I know you are.”
“ Sara please I don’t know these girls I can’t even speak the same language as them and I don’t want to have to teach them everything”
“Oh sure that’s what all the boys say, but then when they get a chance to have a virgin they are all super interested” Tiffany added.
“Look you girls think whatever you want I don’t care just teach them and get them helping us with this many more mouths to feed we may need to scrounge on the other island for provisions. The women all glared at him “What you think I planned this?”
“No of course you didn’t Jeremy” Naomi said “But its going to be difficult having this many grateful women who will soon believe that the only way they can repay you for what you have done is with their bodies.”
“Who told anyone I wanted repayment?”
“But we have to repay you somehow and this is the only way we can figure to do it” Sunni said
“Fine” Jeremy turned and stalked down the trail he walked to where he was keeping his calendar and made the mark for the day. He didn’t know how much more of this he could take the whole fucking lot of them were crazy they wanted to have sex with him which was all well and good it was nice to be wanted and everything. But they wanted to have his babies too, which was a little more than ridiculous. After a while Jeremy got up and walked back to camp he had to face facts and this was the fact the girls the ten he came with were not going to be satisfied until he knocked all ten of them up. He found Rachel and put his arms around her waist kissing her on the neck.
“Mmmm” she moaned, Jeremy took her by the hand and led her back to his hut. He peeled off his skirt and then proceeded to peel off Rachel’s clothes. He leaned in and sucked her breasts pulling at her nipples with his teeth. She reached between them and held his cock right at the entrance to her juicy slit; she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into the warm vice that was like liquid heaven. He slowly pumped into and soon she was thrusting her hips back at him her arms snaked and scratched at his body. Her lips sought his and they touched off sparks as their tongues entwined and danced. She could feel him hardening further inside her and she went wild clawing at him her heels digging in as if to try and force his body into hers. She wailed when Jeremy’s cock throbbed and pulsed the hot seed filling her fertile womb she held him inside her the muscles of her throbbing slit pulling and sucking at his rigid member. She pushed him over onto his back and slowly ground her hips against his. She licked the sweat from his chest his fingers finding her nipples and twisting them lightly, pulling them as her swollen clit dragged across his skin, his throbbing cock buried inside her, she moved slowly at first up and down, the slickness of their combined juices making wet sucking noises that drove Rachel further to frenzy. She lifted up and dropped hard onto his cock she drove herself onto him trying to get him deeper than his already impossibly deep cock was delving. She pushed herself harder pounding her pink petaled pussy against him. She could feel the veins tickling the insides of her snatch and when he throbbed again, and the hot juices erupted inside her she screamed and collapsed onto Jeremy’s chest. Jeremy rolled Rachel onto her back and pulled his still dripping cock from her quim. He lay against her for a while letting his cock rest on her belly leaking excess that pooled into her bellybutton.
He got up a little while later and ate lunch; Rachel joined them halfway through her breasts bare and her hair disheveled. “I hope you didn’t wear him out totally” Naomi said smiling, I could use a little juice myself.”
“I’m sure he has plenty for you” Rachel smiled
“You make with all girl?” Jolly asked
“Yes he does” Naomi said
“We all want baby” Naomi said making a rocking motion with her arms
“I no understand” Jolly said
“We do?” one of the other girls asked
“Wait your turn” Sara snapped
“Tell us about what happened to you” Jeremy said changing the subject.
“We live in village I only teacher have class with boy and girl, men come with guns they kill many, take girls. Then they come to house of husband they fight, they take me on boat.”
“How many men?”
Jolly held up both hands fingers outstretched “many they take me to room of captain, that right word captain, chief of boat him say husband bad I belong to him now he kill husband.”
“I’m sorry” Naomi said
“Do not be husband was not smart bad farmer and not nice he only married to get money”
“Why would he get money” Shannon asked
“I get pay for teaching, but teacher not good in village”
“I see and your husband”
“He drink much too much sometimes he get mad and I run away”
Jeremy nodded “then what happened?”
“Then we on boat I think boats chase but no catch, but much shooting and loud bang two day I think then we rocking back and forth for many day. Captain come in room say put on clothes. I do he say make nice I hurt him when he try he hit. He come in next day say we stop for while and he make me with rest of men.”
“Okay” Naomi said “then what?”
“Then loud bang and shooting and more shooting and more loud, boat turn. Then I fall, wake up in dark just red light. I scared then Jermy come in door talk to me”
“Good for you” Sara said
They finished eating and Jeremy and Naomi and Nicole headed down towards the plane to see what was going on. Jeremy inspected the engines while Naomi worked on the instruments. “There is a problem” Jeremy said finally
“What’s that?” Nicole asked from the belly of the plane
“Missing sparkplugs”
“What?” Nicole asked
“They were here before” Jeremy said
“And now their gone” Naomi said from the door
“What can we do?”
“Well there were about eight spares but this is a twelve cylinder engine and eight just ain’t enough.”
“You don’t think?” Nicole asked
“Probably was one of the girls.” Naomi said finally
“Which one?” Jeremy asked
“Well they all had plenty of time in here” Naomi said
“Great” Jeremy said
“Looks like you have to get them all pregnant” Nicole said smiling
“You’re just enjoying this too much.” Jeremy said
“I’ll be enjoying it when I have your baby in my belly” Nicole grinned
“Well if we aren’t going to get anywhere we may as well head back I’m hungry, and I’m eating for two” Naomi said.
They walked back to camp and after dinner of fish and breadfruits they all turned in, the younger girls and Jolly sharing a hut and the rest finding places in the other three huts and the cave. Jeremy crawled into his hut and into Rachel’s waiting arms.

Chapter XLII

Jeremy woke to the sound of musical giggling he looked up and could see in the semidarkness of the morning several sets of eyes, most likely belonging to the young girls he had rescued. Rachel’s hand was cupping his balls and his hard cock rested against her wrist. He pretended not to notice and turned and nibbled on Rachel’s breast. She stirred only enough to straddle him and she slit her gash against his pole a few times before moaning and reaching back and putting his cock right where she wanted it she slowly eased her hips back as her pussy swallowed his cock, she gasped again and there were more giggles. Rachel opened her eyes and looked at Jeremy quizzically. “It seems we have an audience he whispered”
“Mmmm half of me wants to give them a show and the other half thinks its best to run them off.” Rachel murmured.
“Oh don’t even look at me”
“You girls get away from there” It was Sara’s voice they heard, the girls burst out laughing and scampered away. Sara ducked her head in “Oh I see are you two awake?”
“Just barely” Jeremy said
“Hmm?” Said Rachel “I’m waking up I’m waking up”
“Do you two have to do that now? I mean those girls could have seen you and…”
“Well they probably did” Rachel said sleepily “It’s the only way I know of to get knocked up unless you can think of a better way”
“Well there is that” Sara said
“You wouldn’t want me to ask you not to when it’s your turn now would you?”
“No oh no definitely not”
“Right then can I get back to fucking this wonderful cock now?”
“Oh fine” Sara pouted and walked away from the hut.
Jeremy got up a few hours later and with the help of Nicole and Naomi and several of the other girls they managed to unload much of the supplies from the wreck. They were also able to salvage quite a bit of material that would be used for various things mostly padding for the coconut and line clothing most of them were wearing or a lining anyway. The other girls under Sunni’s direction got to work making their own skirts and tops out of the material. Jeremy went fishing with Rachel and that evening they feasted. Celebrating the fact that they were all alive and well and they had escaped harm from the slavers. Jeremy had even managed to find several bottles of grain alcohol and one of the bottles was passed around. The rest he stashed for later or in case they needed it.

Chapter XLIII

On his way to check his calendar Jeremy heard someone retching he walked over to find Annabel on her knees. “Well it looks like you got the pregnant bug,” he said cheerfully.
“No one said anything about being miserable I’m all cold and clammy and I’m puking ruuu” she threw up again “I’m puking my guts out”
“It will pass or at least its supposed to, just make sure you eat enough”
“Eat who can think of eating when I feel like this?”
“Oh you’ll be hungry soon enough hun.”
“Fuck me”
“I think that’s what led to this situation…”
“Oh god do you have to make jokes while I’m suffering?”
“It’s the only way” Jeremy chuckled and walked down the path to mark the calendar. He arrived back in camp a little while later.
“How can you be all pregnant and I’m not showing any signs bitch?” Tiffany yelled at Annabel
“Its not my fault I’m fertile and your not?”
“Yes it is bitch you took all the good cum we were supposed to be pregnant together remember?”
“So what I’m supposed to tell those swimmers to hold on a minute and wait for tiffany”
Jeremy laughed Tiffany glared at him “How come you got her pregnant and not me?”
“You may very well be pregnant Tiff some women just don’t suffer like others, you may not feel any nausea or throw up at all. I guess we will know in a few months when you start showing?”
“You mean I could still be pregnant?”
“Of course you could”
“Really” Tiffany beamed
“Really” Jeremy said, “now stop fighting, if your not pregnant in a few months we can try again until you are”
“Okay Jeremy?” Tiffany said smiling brightly. Jeremy walked around the camp checking on the girls seeing how everything was going; Naomi was working on building a few more huts though materials were scarce. Then again the rain hadn’t let up, the girls seemed to be fairly happy about working out in it though they would often congregate around the fire to dry off for an hour or two. Still everything got done, Jeremy found himself sitting on a rock at the edge of camp. “Jermi?” Jolly asked, “I was talking to girls”
“Yes?” Jeremy said looking at the breakers crash on the reef.
“They say you have thing in there” She pointed to Jeremy’s groin
“I should hope so I am a man”
“They say it this big” she said holding her hands about a foot apart
“Do they now?”
“Yes I did not know they that big husband he have thing maybe this big she said holding the last digit of her thumb”
“I’m sorry” Jeremy said
“I would like to see? Girls could be lying no good”
“Ah well I would have to say your going to have to ask Rachel, she is my woman this week?”
“Ah I be woman this week too?”
“Talk to the girls Jolly”
“But it your thing you can …”
“Yes jolly it is mine but to be fair to all the women here we take turns at least until they are all knocked up”
“What knocked up?”
“Pregnant, baby?”
“Oh you make baby with all girls?” she said her eyebrows rising “you make baby with Joli also good strong baby”
“Dear god” he said to no one in particular “Jolly go and talk to Nicole and Rachel and see what they say”
“Okay” she said “You put big thing in Joli and make baby with her” after Jolly retreated Jeremy lay on the rocks for a while sunning himself. He moved into the shade and after a few minutes four of the six younger girls approached him
“I am Mi” apparently the spokesman of the group “be fore you talk to Channa”
“Yes mi” he said trying not to guess what was on these girls’ minds
“We hear fight with others Joli want make baby with you, you make baby with her?”
“I don’t know?” Jeremy said
“You like Joli? She make good baby with you?”
“I like her just fine” the girls jabbered amongst themselves and then the spokes girl said “if you make baby with Joli u make baby with Leehi”
“No I don’t think so” Jeremy replied
“You not like Leehi?”
“I don’t even know Leehi”
“Oh this Leehi” she said pulling one of the taller prettier girls forward “you like see” she said pulling the girls shirt off and exposing the soft young mounds of the girls breasts. They were golden colored with almond colored nipples the small areolas puffed out a half-inch from her breast. “You like this too” Mi said pulling down the girls shift and exposing a sparsely haired pussy it was the perfect little gash thin straight black hairs that covered it thinly the thick swell of each lip and he could make out the tiny pink nub of her clit.
“Girls no?” Jeremy said one of the girls pointed and jabbered
“See you do like” Mi said pointing to Jeremy’s raging erection that was tenting the front of the skirt he was wearing.
“Good lord” Jeremy said getting up and retreated to the camp, he found Naomi and took her by the arm and led her to his hut. She skinned off her clothing and then pulled Jeremy’s skirt down to his ankles
“Oooh no waiting” Naomi cooed, “what’s the occasion?”
“Those girls are trying to tempt me”
“Its working I see”
“I don’t want to”
“Look Jeremy no one would blame you if you shot a load into every pussy on this island” she said pushing him on his back her hands taking his cock and rubbing it against her slit.
“I would blame myself”
“Uh huh?” Naomi moaned as she impaled her pussy on Jeremy throbbing rod. “I wouldn’t worry about it Jeremy she said easing her throbbing pussy down the length of Jeremy’s hard shaft. “I mean you could always claim we raped you.”
“Right after I dispatched five pirates and weathered a tropical storm and kept you all alive and taught you to survive”
“Exactly you were so worn out that you didn’t notice”
“What that you girls wanted to boink me to death”
“Precisely” Naomi said cupping her big brown breasts “you feel so good inside me Jeremy” Jeremy reached out and gently kneaded Naomi’s breasts as her pussy sucked and slurped with every stroke. The cool air off the sea made goose pimples rise on each of them, Naomi kissed him as he swelled inside of her, she reached back and tickled his balls her hips rising and falling on his gleaming rod. Jeremy mind drifted to Jolly and the new girls, and his cock exploded shooting a geyser of hot cum deep inside of Naomi’s sucking snatch. They rested there a moment their sweating heaving bodies clinging together in the dimness of the hut. Naomi got off of Jeremy as his cock began to wilt inside of her, she bent over to slurp it clean, she then proceeded to sit on the floor of the hut and dip a finger or two into her cum filled gash and lick them clean.
“We have to address the new girls and work something out.”
“Its already taken care of?”
“Well of course you don’t think Joli and I didn’t have a talk?”
“You did what was the consensus?”
“Well she agreed that we had first claim but after all the other women are pregnant I didn’t see any problem with you getting all of them knocked up as well”
“What? They are just girls?”
“Jolly explained that those girls are marrying age in her village a few of them like Leehi are almost old maids by their standards.”
“Oh god”
“A good woman in their culture is one who bears children and those girls no matter what you may think aspire to be good women”
“When does the hurting stop?”
“Jeremy relax you can always say no”
“Do you know how hard it is to say no?”
“Can’t say that I do, Naomi grinned but I’m glad that you know how and like I said we are stuck here”
“Until I can figure out who stole the spark plugs anyway”
“Can that plane carry all of us?”
“Maybe sixteen people I think it was crewed with ten and we aren’t going to be carrying bombs or anything so yes I think so.”
“Okay this is crazy” Jeremy said getting up and walking outside. He went hunting and towards evening he returned to camp with one of the goats for the girls to roast up.
Jeremy lay in his hut sucking his teeth and through half closed eyes he saw Rachel come in. “You’ve had a busy day” She grinned
“Did I?”
“Heard those new girls wanna little boom boom with this.” she smiled as her fingers slipped under his skirt and circled around his cock.

Chapter XLIV

Janna looked at herself in the mirror, she had been crying again. It had been over a month since the Coast Guard had given up looking for the lost jet. Yet every day she cried, she couldn’t help but think of her lost daughter and the growing life in her belly. She had told her husband that she was pregnant, and he’d assumed that he was the father, but the news was spoiled by the news of the plane crash.
She had thought about Jeremy often enough every time she thought about the growing life in her belly. She had had such plans for her daughter and Jeremy. She was highly charged sexually and her husband Brian had started ignoring her needs shortly after her first pregnancy. She smiled as she thought of the little bit of the nice young man she still held on to. Brian had taken to spending more and more time at work. Janna had as a result spent more time alone and usually crying. Jeremy’s father Blake and his uncle Edward had come by the day that the news had broken calling off the search. There was no hope the authorities had told her, Blake and Edward had both just laughed at that and smiled at Janna. Edward had finally said “Jeremy is like a bad penny he’ll show up again eventually.”
“How can you say that?” she had asked
“He knows my boy” Blake said
“If anyone can survive its Jeremy” Edward said “And if he survived then I’m thinking that he’ll have saved as many other people as he could”
“How can you expect him to be so selfless?”
“Janna I doubt he sees it as being selfless he’s just doing what I taught him to do and that’s save as many lives as possible.”
“You really think?”
“Lets just say we aren’t going to mourn him just yet” Edward said
“How long were you disappeared Ed?”
“Six months” Edward grinned
“Just did Janna have faith Jeremy is good and he’ll do the right thing and bring your girl back alive and healthy, and if he’s really good…” Blake grinned
“Oh he’ll have established himself with one of the girls”
“I hope its Sara,” she whispered
“Give it a year I’m sure that something will turn up” Blake smiled
“I hope your right?” Janna said
“You gotta have faith Janna without it all is lost” Edward said
It had been two weeks since that conversation; she still sat in front of her dresser and cried every morning. The grief councilor had told her that Blake and Edward were in denial, that there was no way that anyone survived, or could have survived. She laid back on her bed and clutched a pillow to her…
Chapter XLV

Mary had gone over to Rachel’s house after the news the loss of her Daughter Rachel had been too much to bear and Rachel’s son Gary being lost as well had brought the two sisters together at last. They had spent the last few weeks hardly speaking just holding each other and crying.
It was two months after the crash now and Rachel turned to her sister “I’m sorry I’m horrible but I have a confession”
“What?” Mary asked
“Well you know Rachel came over to my house for a party before they left”
“No I didn’t I knew that she went to a party but I had no idea?”
“Well I…” Rachel realized that she couldn’t admit everything “I know that Gary and Rachel were intimate?”
“I’m sorry I didn’t know who she was or I would have done something”
“When did you know”
“When I saw her picture”
“I’m sure it’s all fine…”
“Are you sure I mean I’m sorry I didn’t know”
“How could you have known I was so pissed off that you and James had slept together and he’d gotten you pregnant”
“Yeah well that’s the past sis”
“It is…”
“So how is he”
“You didn’t hear?”
“No what happened?”
“Well he went out to his hunting lodge after the news broke, One of his aids went out there and found him.”
“He’s Dead?”
“Yes apparently the loss of well both of his children was too much and he started drinking and then well drugs”
“I had no idea I’m soo sorry” Rachel Said
“Its okay he wasn’t ever much of a husband after the first year or two he had wanted an heir and he had two and that was all
“He left everything to his children, we share it equally after 5 years of their death.”
“I know its kind of rude but how much?”
“Two hundred million dollars I think the lawyers will be contacting you soon.”
“I don’t know what to say”
“Neither did I, I just wish it wasn’t true”

Chapter XLVI

Samuel and Gloria had said nothing to each other for two months, they had cried over the loss of their daughter. They had walked around their extravagant house on eggshells not speaking; their house servants prepared food and the business practically ran it self. Finally Samuel walked to where his wife was sitting on the couch in her cloud of depression. “Gloria dear I know you told me that Sunni was the only one you wanted, but maybe we should try again”
“How can you say that we don’t even know if she’s dead I haven’t seen her body”
“I know dear it troubles me as well that her soul maybe lost but we have to believe that she will find her way to heaven.”
Gloria Slapped him “How can you say that I refuse to believe that our daughter is dead our dear wonderful daughter cannot be dead”
“They found no trace of the plane”
“I don’t care” Gloria Spat “She’s not dead”
“Darling just think about it, having another child Sunni always said she wished she had a sister”
“I’m not talking to you about it” Gloria said
“I’m not asking you to talk about it love” Samuel said gently “Just think about it,” as he lightly patted her hand. She threw her arms around him and sobbed. He held her the same tears welling in his eyes. “If there is any hope that she is alive I promise I’ll do everything in my power, I’ll give everything to see her safe and happy” He whispered.

Chapter XLVII

Jeremy stretched as he got up Rachel Lay beside him, “its your last day with me,” he said as she opened her eyes and looked up at him.
“I know” she said her hands seeking and finding his hard cock she stroked it lightly “I plan to make the most of it” she kissed him and pushed him onto his back, Rachel slowly lowered her soft mons against Jeremy’s throbbing cock she slid the parted lips of her slit up and down its length, her juices coating it thickly. She let it slide easily inside of her already pulsing and juicy quim. She rode it slowly leaning forward and letting him savor the sweet taste of her sweating breasts. Her hard nipples slipping easily into his mouth his tongue rolling them between his teeth. She moaned softly as her clit throbbed against his hips. She ground her hips against his as he mouthed her nipples. She rose and fell letting her pussy slap against his hips she could feel him throbbing inside her his cock swelling. She closed her eyes and Jeremy’s hands grasped her breasts. His cock twitched spurting white-hot baby batter deep inside her hungry pussy, she pounded her pussy on his cock faster and faster as each spurt shot deep inside her. She gasped as she climaxed on his cock; her body shivering and she slid off and milked the last drops from his cock with her mouth.
She lay there on the palm fronds her fingers stirring her overheated slit. She watched Jeremy get up again and put on his skirt and pass through the doorway. Jeremy headed out to mark his calendar, 65 days so far, and at least two of the girls were pregnant. He was on his way back when he ran into Sara. “Hi Sara what’s up?”
“I was just wondering why you don’t just knock us all up I mean fuck every girl whenever you want? You could you know.” She said her hand dipping under her own skirt.
“Mostly because What happens if you all go into labor at the same time, or even close to the same time”
“Well then we all have babies at the same time”
“Sara dearest, have you ever seen a woman have a baby by herself?”
“No, there is usually doctors and nurses and”
“And we don’t have any of that right here, do you know how to deliver a baby?”
“No I mean I’ve seen it on the TV and stuff”
“But you have never actually been present for one?”
“Well neither have I and I’m both nervous and scared about it which is why I want to spread them out as much as possible”
“Well since you put it that way”
“Yes which is why I’ve been trying to keep too many girls from getting pregnant at the same time”
“Well couldn’t we just you know fix the boat and boat back?”
“Have you looked at the boat?”
“Yeah its on its side”
“And it has a hole in the side the size of a Subaru and even if we could fix that, which would be tricky at best we would have to re-float it and I’m not sure I would know where to begin. I know motors not naval engineering.”
“But Jeremy you’re so smart and everything couldn’t you figure it out?”
“How long do you want to be pregnant and sea sick?”
“Because that boat will ride swells like a drunken bull and I expect everyone will be sea sick on it.”
“But I mean I have been on boats before and I never got sea sick”
“On the ocean, on the open ocean? Jeremy asked.
“The Ocean is a different beast entirely Sara dear”
“So another lottery tonight?”
“Yep and Naomi and Rachel and Tiffany and Annabel are out of the running, and Sunni and Nicole aren’t due so I guess its between you Shannon and Rose and Pricilla.
“What about the other girls?”
“What about them?”
“Are you going to fuck them too?”
“I really hadn’t planned on it”
“They want you to”
“I have heard”
“Well what if they make you?”
“Make me?”
“You know like tie you down and take advantage of you” Sara grinned “I know I have thought about doing that myself”
“Well you are a naughty girl” Jeremy said squeezing Sara’s ass and she giggled “But I don’t see the others letting them”
“Your probably right. Sara conceded “So I’ll see you tonight?”
“If your lucky” he said patting her ass.
Jeremy walked out onto the beach; the girls were playing in the surf with Jolly watching them. They were laughing and splashing, he watched them for a while unnoticed. Then one of them spotted him and squealed. The group of six swarmed toward him, he made no effort to escape or move, he simply found a tree and sat down leaning up against it. “You come make baby with us now” the one called Mi asked, “You make baby with Joli then Channa.”
“You have to wait until it’s your time”
“We want time now?” Mi said the other girls nodded their naked nubile bodies glittering in the sun.
“Not now” Jeremy said trying to convince himself not to have an erection but the sight of so many delicious and perky young bodies he knew he was fighting a losing battle.
“Maybe you like Talla better” Mi said thrusting the youngest of the group forward she was just over 4 feet tall and had a nicely curved and firm butt, her breasts were just light slopes on her chest capped by almond colored nipples.
“We will talk about it tonight at dinner”
“No we talk now about it” Mi demanded Jeremy stood up and walked into the woods the girls started to follow but he gave them a glare that would have curdled milk. He wandered the woods for some time until he came upon some footprints in the sand. They were small and light and they were not heading towards camp, which was where he should be going now that he thought about it the sun was beginning to set. As Jeremy walked back toward the path he had the distinct feeling he was being watched, in an almost predatory way. He walked carefully back to the path and the trip to camp was uneventful though he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something or someone else on the island that hadn’t been there before. Dinner was good pleanty of fish and some fruit, the new girls and the old girls nearly got into a fist fight over who would be chosen next. It was finally decided that they had to be on the island for six weeks before they would be eligible for Jeremy’s cock.
The lottery was to be held shortly and Jeremy retreated to hit hut to await the outcome. A little while later the door was pulled back, and Sara entered, she quickly removed her clothes and pressed herself against Jeremy’s body her large breasts soft against the firm flesh of his chest. She gasped as his ridged cock slipped between the lips of her swollen pussy. She just rested there her body trembling with desire as he kissed her soft touches like the wings of a butterfly she clung to him like a moth dancing around a flame. He rolled her over onto her back and kissed her again, She could feel his mouth tracing down her neck the soft bristles of his chin against the smooth sensitive flesh of her breast, his tongue circling the crinkled flesh of her nipples. Jeremy let his cock slide over the swollen flesh of her sex, the head of it bumping and teasing her clit. She reached down eager to feel him fill her, and he rested his cock just at the entrance of her gripping gooey slit He slowly leaned forward taking it an inch at a time, her pussy clamping and sucking on each throbbing inch until she felt full and fulfilled. Sara’s legs wrapped around Jeremy’s muscular body as their hips rose and fell to meet, he suckled from one breast and then the other and she could feel him pressing inside of her stretching her tight little opening with each thrust. She gasped as the feelings overwhelmed her senses the tingling in her clit and nipples at first then the hard contractions of her pussy as the orgasm took her she could feel him throbbing inside of her and then she felt the first spurts of his hot baby making man juice spurting deep into her womb. She gasped and cried her fingernails raking his back as she pounded her impaled pussy on his wonderful rod. She clung to him she loved to feeling of him inside her and she pulled him down to sleep on her breast his cock still buried in her throbbing gash.

Chapter XLVIII

Jeremy woke up, he still felt something was amiss, the rain hadn’t stopped it was coming mostly straight down today. He looked over at the sleeping Sara and smiled. He soon found himself on the path to his calendar, it was a daily ritual that he followed religiously, and keeping track of what day it was, though he was fairly certain that he might have lost a day or two over the last couple of months. On across from the tree where he was making hash marks was another tree and it had three fresh cuts in it. Odd he thought he hadn’t made those marks. He was reminded of the footprints in the sand though by now the deluge had obliterated any sign of food prints. He started looking around the area. Nothing the sand was bare, except for what little wind and rain had caused. He heard a loud thunk and everything went black.
Jeremy opened his eyes he wasn’t sure where he was; his scull was pounding, he looked up a Woman he had never seen before watched over him, she was wearing a single strip of cloth wrapped around her breasts and turned neatly into a skirt. “Don’t speak,” she said holding up a cup fashioned out of a coconut half, she brought it to his lips he drank. It was a bitter liquid but he felt the pain subsiding, and after a few minutes his eyes became unfocused again and he drifted off.
Jeremy woke up again the sky was light possibly mid day judging by the shadows, he stood he felt a little dizzy and he touched his head there was a sore knot on it. More people are killed every year by falling coconuts he murmured to himself. But what about that woman, she was quite lovely pretty face smooth skin, he really couldn’t remember the details. A few minutes down the trail and he found the camp buzzing with worries and rumors because he had been missing so long. Sara found him and asked what happened
“I think I got hit on the head by a coconut”
“You think?”
“Well I had just finished my calendar and then suddenly everything went black, and I woke up on the ground with a coconut next to me”
“We are just lucky you have a hard head”
“Yeah Lucky me” he said
“I’m just glad your back” she said pushing him into the hut and slowly straddling his hips”
“One more time” she smiled at him
“They way things are going you girls are going to fuck me to death”
“Oh no we won’t let you die” a voice from behind Sara said
“Mmm no we sure won’t will we Sunni?”
“What’s this?”
“Oh well since Sunni shared with me I’m sharing with her is all” Sara blushed down to her bare nipples”
“Yeah she asked me if I wanted to earlier.”
“And you said yes?”
“Of course I did Master I need your baby in me as much as Sara does.” Jeremy felt the girls fondling his cock as Sunni settled her slit inches from Jeremy’s face, He felt Sara’s tight warm pussy envelope his cock. She started slowly to rise and fall on his meat her fingers spreading and tickling Sunni’s juicy gash inches from his face.
“Oh Jeremy” Sara Cooed you are so hard, Jeremy had to agree with her he was so hard it almost hurt, the wet slickness of Sara’s tight pussy felt like a soothing salve on his aching cock, as Sara began to ride up and down on his dick. Jeremy reached out with his tongue and tasted Sunni’s dripping snatch while he felt the warm feeling of Sara’s pussy coaxing his cock deeper and deeper inside of her. It didn’t take him long before he felt the telltale signs of his impending orgasm. And a few seconds later his hard cock erupted inside of Sara’s fertile womb. When the first stream splashed the back of her pussy Sara cried out “Oh Guugg guuhg” and began trembling uncontrollably, then shaking and thrashing as her entire body orgasmed around his cock. She collapsed against his chest and Sunni pushed her off of him almost ignoring the fact that her friend was unconscious.
Jeremy looked at Sunny, her eyes were unfocused and her nostrils were flaring as she gasped “fuck mee” she lay out on the floor beside him pulling him onto her, His cum slick cock was to his surprise still hard. And it slipped easily inside of Sunni’s hungry slot. He could smell the sex and the hot sweat he sucked and bit at Sunni’s nipples and neck as his hips pounded her tight little pussy. Her legs wrapped around him as her body started to spasm and her hips pounded back at him “Its soo big” she gurgled “oh god” Jeremy could feel Sunni’s tight little twat contracting around his cock sucking him inside of her. A few minutes later Jeremy felt his nuts tighten again and he flooded Sunni’s hotbox with his creamy man sauce. She moaned loudly and clung to him as his balls emptied deep inside her. She gasped panting and fell back on the bet of palm fronds.
Jeremy lay there catching his breath and looking at the two girls on either side of him. He was still hard as a rock and his cock glistened with the juices of the two girls he had just dumped a dose of pregnancy juice into. He closed his eye and tried to find focus, it was hard, literally to find a place where he wasn’t imagining fucking one or more of the girls, but he finally relaxed enough that his turgid piece of meat began to wilt. He dressed in his simple skirt and quickly exited the hut. He avoided the other girls and headed into the jungle. Was he losing control he thought to himself? What was the matter with him, he could hardly keep his mind off sex. What was wrong with him, he wandered through the sparse jungle, thinking. He looked up at as he heard laughing, a sort of musical laugh. He followed the sound and found himself in front of a great old mangrove tree, there sitting on one of the Knobby roots was the woman from his vision or was it real.
“Jeremy isn’t it” her speech was slightly accented but only slightly perhaps an English accent or maybe Indian he couldn’t be sure, for all he knew it could have been Australian. She was neither old nor young. Though by Jeremy’s eighteen-year-old standards that was still older than he was. She had large almost pear shaped breasts and he could make out the hard erect nipples through the gossamer white cloth that clung to them. He skin was a light brown perhaps oriental perhaps not, he couldn’t tell her features were quite lovely strong cheekbones and thick pursed lips and sparkling blue eyes, more the blue of the mountain sky than the blue of the sky at sea. “Jeremy is your name?” she asked again, her thin white shawl wrapped around her waist and only just covered her when she stood but she wasn’t standing and his eyes traveled up her smooth golden thighs to the nexus where he could just make out the pouty lips of her slit. “Jeremy” she said
“Yes” he said trying to collect himself and bring his eyes away from the woman’s delightful body.
“It is working then?”
“What it working ?”
“I’ll give you another dose or two in a few days, it is a special tea, my mother like her mother before her and my great grand mother were all doctors like me we specialized in roots and herbs to cure the sick, of course we experimented with other things along the way my mother was killed when the pirates attacked our village and I was away gathering herbs. When I heard the shots, I hurried back to camp. There was nothing I could do so I slipped aboard their boat and hid until I could safely do something. I know nothing about boats Jeremy, I understand little beyond my roots and herbs, I did of course go to school as a child and later to university, but my studies were limited and so I am not so worldly as you are.” She smiled at him her pink tongue darting out to caress her reddish lips, her hand casually brushing her breast. “So I saw what you did, you took care of my people, I was unsure of you at first a young man alone with so many women.”
“Are you an Angel or something is this a hallucination”
“Jeremy no I’m real and I’m just good at hiding, and well making medicines and such, so no this is not a hallucination. You are a good honest man, resourceful and kind and not judgmental. You refuse the advances of the women, yes I have seen them trying to get to you well, but not for selfish reasons but for practical ones, very wise.” She continued, “So I gave you the gift that my family has held secret for a long time, a very long time, of course I have and my predecessors have improved it over the ages, we usually give it to our husbands, but you have been doing so well and deserve this reward”
“Reward what reward”
“Ah well the potion I gave you in addition to relieving your headache, will over the course of time cause your penis to grow some and you will produce much more semen than the average man, and that semen will have an addictive effect so that those who have taken it either internally or externally will crave it, it will cause them to orgasm and continue to orgasm until it loosed its effectiveness. Also it has increased your pheromones by a factor of ten, it is unlikely that any woman will be able to resist you, or perhaps all women will be attracted to you. A little something I added while in school, it worked marvels on lab animals.”
“So you’re saying that I’m some sort of weird sex god now?”
“Yes” she hissed her hands stroking her parted thighs
“So no hope of ever having a normal life”
“No life is normal for anyone Jeremy,” she said “Its just life and now you have a gift, come back here in a few days and see me, my name is Lee, I’ll be waiting, and think if there is anything I more I can do to help you.” And with that Lee nimbly stood and darted into the jungle, while Jeremy stood there dumbly watching the wisp of cloth disappear.
Jeremy was unsure how to take any of this as he followed his feet back to camp. He had been on the trail he didn’t know how long, he had been watching his feet not really paying attention, when he bumped into someone. He looked up It was Rose and Kahni they were out picking fruit. “Hi” Rose said “fancy meeting you here”
“Jeremi” Kahni said and waved at him smiling shyly.
“Oh hi Rose hello Kahni how goes the picking?”
“I think we have enough for a while” Rose said
“That’s good rose,” Jeremy said all the while looking at her breasts, which were bound up to give her great definition and cleavage.
“See something you like?” Rose asked following his eyes, her eyes darted down to where his skirt was tenting “I’ll say you do” she said almost mechanically dropping to her knees, you don’t mind if this little doggie slut sucks some of your sperm do you?” she said pulling his cock free and stroking it in her hand.
“If you start I don’t think we will be able to stop” Jeremy said
“Fine by me” rose smiled, I so want to watch you fuck Pricilla too, I want to see her lose her mind on this wonderful big cock” she mewled her tongue flicking out to taste his aching cock. Kahni watched in interest and then when rose pulled out Jeremy’s cock her eyes widened and she knelt beside Rose trying not to miss anything. A little lick on the head and rose engulfed half of Jeremy’s cock into her mouth she started sucking hard as if his cream were the last of the milkshake at the bottom of the glass. Her hand stroked the rest of his cock as her head bobbed up and down her other hand was trying to free her breasts and when that didn’t work she pulled up her skirt and started frigging her clit like a mad woman. Jeremy took her by the hair and pulled it tight in his fists and started to fuck Rose’s face, she gagged and choked the first couple of deep strokes but soon adjusted and took his thick meaty shaft to the hilt his balls bouncing against her chin. It took only a few moments before Jeremy’s cock erupted in this streams of cum, coating Roses tongue and tonsils as rose flailed in orgasm her mouth sucking and slurping at his cock the entire time while her body trembled everywhere.
Rose collapsed and Kahni looked at him and looked at his still raging cock. She Shrugged out of the light shift she was wearing. And stood up Jeremy lifted her into his arms she was a good deal shorter and he took one of her brown nipples into his mouth and sucked it. Her tight viselike slit rubbed up and down his cock, as her hips undulated under the stimulation. He grasped her hips and let her slide up and down the length of his cock a few times before he impaled her on the tip, she rocked her hips up and down to get more of the meaty monster inside of her she only managed half of it before Jeremy’s cock bumped against the girls cervix. Kahni wiggled her hips some more and closed her eyes and Jeremy felt as if some wonderfully soft mouth was sucking his cock inside the young girls pussy. He fucked her hips as deeply as he could slow at first and then faster each thrust giving more and more accommodation to his cock. Jeremy felt his balls tightening and he erupted inside of the young girl she wailed and trembled her body shaking in his arms as spurt after spurt of hot baby sauce spewed deep inside of her cervix.
Jeremy laid the trembling Kahni on the ground and turned to Rose who was watching her legs spread and her fingers twitching in her twat, Jeremy found that he couldn’t resist and moved to mount the now naked rose. Rose took his cock in hand and guided it to her drooling gash one thrust and he slipped smoothly into her his balls slapping lightly against her ass. He started thrusting hard and fast his cock pounding the tender flesh of Rose’s pussy he sucked the girls breasts and kissed her his balls tightening and as she felt him start to throb she wrapped her legs around him locking her ankles behind him just as Jeremy slammed his cock in deep, the hot cum spurting out filling Rose’s slit to the brim with his fertile seed. She gasped and trembled and moaned and thrashed she turned over gasping for air and almost trying to get away. Jeremy took Rose by the waist and plunged his rampant cock back into the Rose’s spasming pussy for two, three strokes; and then he positioned the head of his cock at Rose’s rose-colored pucker, he pressed into it. Rose gurgled and groaned as his cock parted the tight flesh of her anal passage and slipped inside. It was lubricated enough from her drooling snatch and Jeremy pounded her tight little chute hard and fast, rose crying and wailing all the while her body twitching and thrusting to meet him. Jeremy pushed in as deep as he could as his cock exploded a fourth time. He pulled out of Roses ass and Rose barely able to control her motions moved to take Jeremy’s cock in her mouth. She slurped it clean and sucked the last drops of cum from his balls all the while her fingers diddling her throbbing clit.
Jeremy pulled his skirt down his Cock wilting only slightly after the exertion. He walked the rest of the way back to camp, leaving the two gasping women on the trail. He went inside the hut to try and work out what was happening. It seemed like only a few minutes Jeremy had of reflection before Rachel called everyone to dinner. Jeremy sat down across from the two groups and attacked his food with a vengeance. When he was finished he retreated back into his hut, and was shortly joined by Sara, who the moment she entered he pushed her down on the mat, and plunged his cock into her tight little slit. “Oh Jeremy” she cried “I’ve never seen you like this, but I love it” she moaned her fingernails raking his back. He pounded into her his cock throbbing with every thrust as his hips met hers. He found that his balls were boiling all too soon and he stabbed deep into Sara’s little snatch when they boiled over flooding her wanton slit. He rolled over with her trembling body still impaled on his hard cock. He held her close her swollen nipples pressed against his chest, as her body seemed to contract around his cock. Jeremy drifted off into sleep.

Chapter XLIX

Jeremy woke up his cock was throbbing and still impaled in an unconscious Sara, she was slumped against him and he could feel his own congealed cum sticking their bodies together. His cock was apparently marinated in the stuff. He rolled to the side and his cock exited her gooey gash with a pop. Sara’s pussy was swollen and puffy apparently she woke up from time to time during the night and ride his rod till either he blew a load in her or she collapsed from exhaustion. He pulled on his skirt and walked out to the ocean to wash off. Khani and Mi intercepted him before he got more than ten feet from the hut and Mi Looking almost angry took him by the arm and guided him to the south beach away from camp. “You make baby with Khani?” Mi asked “You make Baby with Talla and Channa too also make baby with Joli no good you make baby with Kahni”
“She …” Jeremy whipped off his skirt and exposed his cum caked cock to the girls, and as he watched them their eyes dilated and their nostrils flared. He gently pressed the girls on the shoulder and they both dropped to their knees. Kahni leaned in and licked at his cock and shivered as her mouth sought out gooey bits of cum on his cock, Mi watched for a moment and tasted his cock tentatively with her tongue, she too trembled as the two girls began to suck and lick at his cock and balls their small tongues darting in to extract bits of cum from all the crevices. He pulled Kahni up to her feet and then pulled her into him. Kahni just melted against Jeremy’s body and as he kissed her his tongue probing her tropical flavored mouth, he squeezed her ass. Jeremy then leaned Kahni back on his arm to suckle her delightfully distended nipples, for a few seconds.
Mi was suckling the last crusty bits from Jeremy’s balls when he pushed her away. “You want more?” he asked and she nodded “You do not tell me what to do anymore, you ask or you beg understand?”
“What is beg?”
“Ask Joli I’m sure she has an idea” He said as he turned and walked back to camp. When he arrived he met up with Nicole and Sunni, who were preparing the morning meal
“Where is Sara?” Sunni asked
“In the hut sleeping I think” Jeremy said
“Maybe I should check on her” Sunni said
“Sure go ahead” Jeremy smiled and watched as the other girl disappeared into the hut. He then turned to Nicole.
“There is something different about you Jeremy I can’t put my finger on it or maybe I want to put my finger in it, why is it every time I get near you I want to finger fuck myself into oblivion.”
“I don’t know Nicole why?”
“Because your big cock makes me so horney and I want it inside me and I, well yesterday I was with Sunni after you fucked her and god I smelled the sex and I couldn’t help myself I was insatiable all I could think about was your big hard cock pounding my pussy and you hot cum filling me up.
“God I wish I was pregnant”
“So you could fuck me anytime you wanted or I wanted”
“Mmm sounds like a good idea to me,” Annabel said rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She dropped her clothes, which she hadn’t bothered to put on yet, and moved over in front of one of the tables and bent over offering herself to Jeremy. Nicole lifted the hem of Jeremy’s skirt and exposed his prod. Jeremy leaned forward and took Annabel by the hips and positioned the tip of his cock at the moist entrance of Annabel’s slit.
“It looks so big” Nicole noted as Jeremy’s cock split Annabel’s lips and slid into the hilt.
“It feels, oh god, even bigger” Annabel moaned, as she rocked her self-back to meet Jeremy’s hips. Jeremy took only a dozen strokes to warm up and soon the squishing slaps came in a rapid staccato. Annabel gasped and grasped and groped her swollen breasts as Jeremy pounded her pussy. “Oh god” she moaned and Jeremy groaned as cum boiled up from his toes and filled Annabel’s hot hungry box. Annabel shivered and shook and squirted all over Jeremy’s cock and the ground Nicole moved to hold her up as her trembling legs threatened to buckle. Jeremy pulled out of Annabel’s squishing quim his cock still dripping with slime, as Nicole helped Annabel to one of the Logs that acted as seats around the campfire.
Jeremy pulled his skirt down over his still rigid cock just as Sunni called Nicole “Nicole come here you won’t believe this?”
Nicole asked “what”
“Jeremy filled Sara so full she’s leaking everywhere” Sunni sucked her fingers “God Jeremy’s cum is good” she moaned.
Jeremy took that moment to escape and he walked quickly down the path away from camp it was hard not to just fuck every girl in sight. He had the urge to fill every hole he came across with cum, and keep filling them. He meandered for a while and found himself at the old Airbase. He sat in the cool dark of the hangar, and rested.
“I thought I would find you here” The friendly familiar voice of Naomi said waking Jeremy from his nap.
“Why did you think to look here?”
“Well this seems like a good enough place to be alone no one comes here they are too busy getting supplies and gossiping.” Naomi said. She stood in the doorway her silhouette outlined in the drab light of the day. The rain today seemed to be coming from every direction, there was no wind but everything was wet. Naomi was dressed in a skirt that was split up the sides and held in place by only a single strand of rope, her belly was bare and from what Jeremy could tell slightly swollen with his baby and her breasts rested atop half cups that barely contained them. They looked swollen and firm from where he sat.
“So?” Jeremy asked trying to change the subject
“So Sara woke up after Nicole and Sunni spent a half hour sucking your cum out of her puss.
“Good I’m glad she…”
“She wanted to know where you are?”
“Did you tell her?”
“No, have you seen the girl?”
“What do you mean?”
“Her pussy is so swollen and puffy from fucking you all night that she can barely walk.”
“And I’m not going to ask if you fucked Rose she was picking your cum out of her pussy and ass and cleaning it off her fingers last night.”
“Ah well”
“And did you fuck Kahni?”
“Jolly says she’s barely fourteen, she smirked thought you would like to know.”
Jeremy frowned “Its just I can’t help it.”
“You didn’t have any trouble before helping it, what’s changed?”
“Lee who the heck is Lee?”
“She is the woman who lives in the woods she came off the pirate ship too, she says she’s a doctor, more like a witch doctor. “
“What when did this happened how I’m terribly confused?”
“Well you remember the other day when I got knocked on the head by the coconut?”
“Well” Jeremy began “when I woke up she was there and she gave me something to drink and I passed out again shortly there after I was sure I had dreamt it, but then later I was marking my calendar and I met her again well I followed her or maybe she wanted me to follow her and then it was like she explained to me that the drink she had given me would increase my sexuality, prowess size, fertility, and make me almost addictive to sleep with.”
“Well you were already almost addictive to sleep with, Jeremy you are such a sweetie”
“No but I mean I’m losing control”
“Jeremy no one ever really has control”
“Of themselves?” Jeremy asked incredulously “I get started having sex or getting a blow job and I don’t want to stop, I find it hard to stop until I have pumped two or three loads into whomever is available.”
“Interesting” Naomi, said.
“I think its best that I stay away from the girls for a while”
“Because I don’t want to get everyone pregnant?”
“Why not? I think it’s fucking sexy as hell that you have already knocked up a half dozen girls.” Naomi grinned sauntering towards him.
“But what happens when I have a dozen babies?”
“Let us worry about that Jeremy” Naomi said as she kneeled down and leaned over him.
“Naomi?” Nicole called “He Oh!” as she rounded into the doorway. Naomi was on her knees in front of Jeremy who was sprawled sitting, she leaned over and licked his neck. Jeremy looked Naomi in the eyes her pupils were dilated to the edges of her irises and a little bit of drool escaped her mouth. She pushed up his skirt exposing his engorged rod and she took it in hand and stroked it with one hand, with the other she untied her clothes and tossed them away. Her large brown swollen breasts pressed against Jeremy’s bare chest. “Hey Naomi” Naomi only grunted as her eyes studied Jeremy’s oozing cock. Nicole walked from the door and pulled Naomi away by her ankle out the door. She lay there naked in the sun her body shining with sweat and oil, as her fingers worked themselves to frenzy on her erect little clit. She groped her breast her eyes closed as she worked herself harder and faster with every passing minute. Until she came gasping and moaning her hips thrusting into open air.
Naomi looked up from where she lay, three of her fingers buried in her drooling snatch. “I don’t know what came over me one minute I was talking and the next all I wanted to do was fuck my brains out on Jeremy’s cock, mmmh” she moaned her fingers squishing inside of her juicy box.
“I noticed” Nicole said, “and I almost joined you for a second.”
“Why didn’t you? Scared to get his fat dick up inside and get you all full of baby juice?”
“No Naomi be serious” Nicole admonished
“It’s hard”
“Being serious and Jeremy’s cock. I would have let you have some when I was done I swear”
“If I had stayed that close I’m sure I would have taken you up on that”
“And then we could have eaten his cum out of each other oooh that sounds soo good!”
“Stop thinking about sex?”
“His cock was so hard and there was precum drooling out the tip”
“There was something we needed to talk to Jeremy about?”
“There was, his big hard cock I need it in my mouth”
“I’ll make sure he sticks it in your ass if you don’t get it together”
“That sounds fine to me, I could use a good ass fucking”
“Naomi come with me” Nicole said disgusted dragging Naomi to her feet she walked with her to the edge of the water and pushed her in. Naomi came up out of the water spluttering and angry.
“What the hell did you do that for”
“You weren’t acting like yourself”
“I wasn’t,” Naomi asked taken aback “no I suppose I wasn’t I mean all I could think about was Jeremy and that wonderful cock of his and it going in and out of me and filling me all full of cum. I thought about taking a bath in Jeremy’s cum.”
“Do I need to push you back in?”
“No, I think I’m okay now”
“Jeremy could you come out here and talk to us?” Naomi asked
“Sure” Jeremy said and he appeared in the door way
“So um before I got distracted you were telling me about Lee.”
“Who the fuck is Lee?” Nicole asked glaring at Jeremy.
“You guys act like its all my fault” Jeremy said and he explained Lee and the incident that took place and why everyone seemed to be acting particularly randy and all the other things that had happened.
“Okay” Nicole said when he had finished, “Why don’t you stay here tonight and I’ll send Sara down to be with you, and we’ll come and check on you and her in the morning”
“Sounds like a plan to me.” Jeremy said resignedly
“You don’t sound too thrilled”
“Well actually I would love to have fucked Naomi and I would have done you too I can’t seem to get rid of this hard on, I mean it goes down a little bit but it’s always like I’m half hard, and then when I get around a woman, its raging and all I can think about it fucking them and filling them up with my cum. Cumming on them, fucking their mouth, their ass, hell If I thought it would work I’d fuck their ears.”
“Jeremy!” Nicole said pulling Naomi a little further away “Just go back inside and relax I’ll see about some girls for you tonight”
“I’d appreciate it, I’m so horny right now I’d fuck a rock pile if I thought there was a snake in it.”
Naomi laughed and Nicole looked at both of them and shrugged her shoulder and led Naomi off down the path towards camp.

Chapter L

Marissa sat down staring down the barrel of the bottle of wine she had been drinking, she got up she had to pee, she tripped over the pile of bottles in the middle of the room and came crashing to the floor. She picked herself up again and made it to the bathroom. She let out a long hard stream into the toilet bowl, just as her phone rang.
“Oh hi Janna, no well sure I’d love to see you when?”
“No I can’t go out right now I’ve been, well you know since the news about Shannon I’ve been a wreck.”
“Well you know I started crying and then I started drinking…”
“Your what? No I had no idea you were pregnant”
“No it’s okay come on over, well I mean sure you can come over the house is a wreck I sent the servants home and haven’t called them back.”
“No, no I don’t think I’d be too embarrassed, your Sara was all Shannon would talk about when she wasn’t out running around with Tiffany they were like the three musketeers.”
“Yes I know the Musketeers were men”
“I’m just saying they were always together”
“Well let me call Gloria I’ll invite her over too and we can have a nice long chat.”
“Sure I’m sure she wouldn’t mind”
“Okay see you in a bit then”
Marissa hurriedly picked up the odd bottles that littered the floor of her house and dumped them into the trash until it was full, she started a pot of coffee, and started the tea kettle on to boil. While she called Gloria and invited her over, she was just finished putting all the empty bottles in the trash out back when the doorbell rang she hurried to get it. Both Gloria and Janna stood on the doorstep.
“Marissa” Janna said, “is no one here?”
“No, no one why?”
“Get inside” Janna replied
“Well your wearing that gossamer robe and you haven’t a stitch on underneath it” Gloria replied.
“The neighbors might talk” Janna added
“Let the prudish fuckers talk they can kiss my ass” Marissa said and she flung her robe on the front steps and cupped her tits and turned in an arc of the houses facing hers, then she spread her legs and separated her labia with her fingers and yelled “Yeah You like this fuckers”
“Come on” Janna said pulling her inside
“Oh Kay” Marissa replied picking up her gown and following the other two women through the front door wiggling her ass as she went.
“Are you okay” Gloria asked
“Me I’m just dandy, can I get you all something to drink?”
“Water would be fine” Janna said
“Whatever you have” replied Gloria.
Marissa led the two other women into the kitchen, where Janna and Gloria took a seat on the stools at the counter while Marissa poured a Glass of Water for Janna and Two glasses of wine for herself and Gloria. “How are you holding up” she asked as she handed them the drinks.
“It’s terrible” responded Gloria “Isobel misses her sister, and I miss her terribly too.”
“I miss Sara terribly and Jeremy too”
“Isn’t he that poor kid that was always doing work around your house?” Marissa asked
“Yes he was” Janna responded looking away
“He was quite the looker I wouldn’t have minded if he came and cleaned my pool, or fixed my leaks.” Marissa joked
“He seemed quite nice, very polite and well mannered,” Gloria added
“Yes” Janna said
“So did your husband and you start after?” Gloria asked Jana who looked suddenly very guilty of something “Oh it’s not your husbands baby?”
“Of course it is” Janna managed not to convincingly.
“Who was it then” Marissa asked, “Does he have a big cock something long and thick to scratch your itch?”
“I’m it was my Husband, and it’s a nice size.”
“Don’t bullshit us” Gloria said word on campus is that your husband is hung like a bic pen, not very long and well not impressive.”
“You can tell us Janna were your friends” Marissa added.
“Well if you must know he is very well endowed, I can barely get him down my throat on the times that I”
“Oh no you have to tell us everything” Marissa said
“Yes tell” Gloria said
“Fine if your going to be like that, I mean can’t I keep just one little secret?”
“Its not so little a secret” Marissa said rubbing the Janna’s now slightly swollen belly.
“Okay then but you have to promise me you’ll never tell.”
“You can trust us” Gloria said
“Ditto”-Responded Marissa
“It was Jeremy, It took me months this was while he was still in school of course he would come by and mow the lawn, trim the hedges”
“I wouldn’t mind if he trimmed my hedges” Gloria said
“Maybe just a little water on mine” Marissa responded spreading her legs and rubbing her fingers over the baby smooth skin between her legs.”
“You two stop or I’m not going to tell the story”
“Why don’t we go out to the pool and catch some sun and chat?” Marissa suggested.
“Sounds good to me” Gloria said.
“You know damn well we didn’t bring suits,” Janna snapped
“It’s a private yard and if your going to be prudish like that you can borrow” Marissa quipped. The two other women followed Marissa to her bedroom where she pulled out a few bathing suits and handed them to Gloria and Janna. Gloria’s was Yellow and wouldn’t have fit her if she had wanted it to, the top was just too small for her generous chest and the patches that were supposed to cover the nipples only did just that her areola’s were almost completely exposed and the bottoms of the bikini appeared to be simply a string that ran between the thick lips of her pussy and up the crack of her ass. Gloria however did not complain she kind of liked the bad fitting suit even it if was a little uncomfortable. Janna’s suit covered her crotch and ass but only just her swollen belly stuck out obscenely from the top of it and her swollen breasts wouldn’t even come close to fitting into the tiny suit, it wouldn’t even tie properly. “Marissa”
“Oh just go topless Janna and stop it a little sun would do you good” she said to the very pale Janna
“I suppose your right” Janna conceded. The three women retreated to the back of the house and found themselves chase loungers on which to recline and chat.
Gloria set down her wine glass and said, “Spill it?”
“Yes all the dirty details” Marissa grinned
“Well it all started on day I asked him to change the oil in my car. Well he was out in the Garage getting all greasy and smelly, so I went inside and fixed some lemonade and got it cooling in the fridge. Don’t get me wrong I’d fantasized about him before. Seeing his sweaty body while he mowed the grass, or when he would help me hang pictures or get things out of the attic. Being around his hard young body was intoxicating. So I was in the kitchen waiting for him to finish and thinking about him, wondering about his cock and how it would feel in my tight little pussy. So I put on my white bikini well it was Sara’s really but since she and I are almost the same size I could squeeze into it. So I go out to the garage and there he is under the car just his legs sticking out and the bulge in his pants it was all I could do not to reach down and squeeze it. So I call him and he crawls out from under the car and sits up and he’s looking up at me his face and hands all covered with grease, and I’m looking down and his face is so close to my throbbing pussy I can barely stand it and I hand him the lemonade and I watch him drink it, I loved the way his shirt just seemed to be painted onto his body and the smell of oil and his musky sweat just drove me wild. He handed the glass back to me after he had finished and crawled back under the car. I had the most wicked thought, and I got down on my knees and set the glass down and opened his pants and pulled out his big hard cock. It was so much bigger than I had imagined and I leaned over and wrapped my lips around it and it was so delicious of course he said things like what the hell and Janna what are you doing but I didn’t care I had that wonderful cock all to myself and I let my tongue do the talking for me. I sucked his juicy balls and then I licked up and down his big hard shaft. I let that big purple head slip between my lips as my hand stroked his shaft.” Janna looked up at her friends “What are you guys doing”
“What it’s a hot story keep going” Marissa said with three fingers buried inside her.
“Yes keep going” said Gloria who was doing much the same but had one hand pulling her nipples.
“I didn’t know this was going to be like this?”
“Oh, well maybe you didn’t know but I found some photos of our girls that would surprise you?”
“Oh Sara with her face buried between Shannon’s legs, and Shannon with her hand stuck all the way inside Tiffany’s twat and the girls sucking each others titties.” Marissa replied
“I don’t believe it?”
“Believe it Shannon went down on me one night when the girls were all having a slumber party. The other girls were in Tiffany’s bedroom and I guess the music was loud and they were doing innocent girl things and I had just come out of the shower. Shannon just walked right into the bathroom and kissed me. She was just wearing a t-shirt and well, she pulled off my towel and started squeezing my breasts.”
“Why didn’t you say something?” Marissa asked?
“I was too shocked to say anything before her sweet lips and tongue were dipping into my honey pot and at that point I didn’t care.”
“I can’t believe it” Janna said
“Oh I can I can surely see what my Shannon sees in Sara just looking at you”
“You’re not suggesting?” Janna said
“Why not” Gloria asked, “I’m game for a little slit sucking?”
“I mean its bad enough that I cheated with Jeremy and am having his baby?”
“So what’s the harm your story has gotten us all horny anyway” Marissa asked
“I’m not about to go home to my battery operated boyfriend when I can get a good tonguing here.” Gloria said
“Come on Janna don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it and I know you were checking out Gloria’s Tits earlier.”
“Don’t tell me you’ve never been with a girl before” Gloria said getting up and untying her top, and peeling off her bottoms.
“It’s not that it’s just” Janna hesitated
“Just what?” Marissa asked as she peeled away Janna’s suit, “your pussy is just as hot and juicy as ours are.”
“Well I mean oh!” Janna exclaimed as Marissa’s tongue touched her hot throbbing clit she unconsciously dropped her hand down to Marissa’s head and clutched at her hair pulling her face between her legs. Gloria leaned over and dangled one of her cigar butt sized nipples in Janna’s face, Janna not caring now took it between her lips and suckled it hard.
Janna soon found her mouth pressed between the thighs of one of her friends, sucking and slurping the viscous fluids while another mouth was busily working on her own hungry swollen slit.
The three friends lay lazily on the grass basking in the glow of their orgasms, their lips and tongues tired and their pussies sated for now. They watched the clouds dancing across the pale blue of the evening sky.

Chapter LI
Jeremy woke up in the semi darkness of the command hut. He had worked out a primitive mattress so that he didn’t have to sleep on the hard concrete or the grainy sand. He looked around Rachel and Sara were laying on either side of him Annabel was between his legs nursing his cock. Naomi was apparently out with the Plane. The four of them had arrived towards dark the night before. He had pounded Sara and Rachel first and then Annabel and Naomi. The girls were all resting for the most part now except for the gentle suction on his cock from Annabel’s mouth there wasn’t a sound. He really wasn’t horny right now, which was good his head was clear of that nuisance at least. He pulled Annabel off his cock she whined slightly and curled up between the other two women. Jeremy stepped outside. He walked to the hangar where Naomi sat at the large double doors. “I think there is a channel here.” She said
“We’ll have to dig it out I guess”
“Yes it won’t be easy this is all sand that has built up over many years.”
“Float it out then?”
“It’s not like we could even think about pushing it, it’s so fucking big we’d never get it moved we are luck its in as good a shape as it is.”
“Well it has wheels I assume?”
“Actually no not really I mean yeah it has landing gear, but it looks like someone removed them a long time ago, and even if it did have wheels intact we couldn’t trust the rubber”
“You figure it would be rotted out?”
“After how many years? I’d expect it to turn to confetti when you touch it.”
“There is still the matter of the spark plugs.”
“I know I’m sure they will turn up sooner rather than later”
“Do you really think we can make it to Australia?”
“Sure if we refuel about three times”
“So we have to find someplace closer?”
“Well, there are places closer Samoa is a pretty reasonable choice.”
“Could we make it there?”
“That doesn’t exactly instill me with confidence”
“Well I figure we can make the run together and leave the girls on the island for a few days to fend for themselves”
“And if we don’t make it?”
“What are you worried about Jeremy we should all be dead four or five times over already”
“Well you know that was a little bit of luck”
“No that was a whole lot of luck”
“So we are hoping to be lucky again?”
“Well you do seem to be getting lucky a lot lately”
“Don’t remind me,” He groaned
“You know an average guy would cut off his left nut to be in your situation”
“Yeah until he found out what a pain in the ass it is”
“Hrhm” Naomi glared at him
“Oh I’ll give you a pain in the ass” He said
“Oh I know you will, Annabel is still a dirty bitch sucking your cock after it had been in my ass”
“Well Annabel isn’t exactly normal anymore”
“No I suppose she isn’t really”
“Hell, are any of us normal anymore?”
“I’m normally horny”
“What you got that magic stick of yours all ready to fill a girl up again”
“I don’t like it”
“Sex you don’t like sex?”
“Yes, no I mean I like sex and all that it entails it just seems to me that you women would be fucking other guys and not me if well we weren’t here”
“Well there probably is something to that but I am doubtful that now that they have started fucking you and know what a wonderful fuck you are, they aren’t about to give it up”
“You know what I miss the most?”
“What’s that?”
“Cold beer”
“What like a Bud light?”
“Well that would be a start, you know I can almost taste beer if I think about it hard enough”
Naomi chuckled “I know how you feel, I loved those mojitos you know.
“I had no idea you were a rum drinker”
“Well I was until you knocked me up”
“Are you complaining?”
“Oh hell no I mean its different that’s for sure my boobs have never been this swollen ever and I can almost make myself cum just playing with my nipples.”
“There you go again talking about sex”
“What Annabel has half the girls in camp sucking hers almost all day”
“Why the fuck would she do that?”
“She’s trying to make them produce milk”
“I think she wants you to drink it”
“Has she had any luck?”
“Not yet but it’s still early in her pregnancy It won’t be long”
“Should we wait till after the kids are born?”
“I suppose that depends on when the spark plugs show back up”
“Yeah I guess there is something to that.”
“Sun is coming up,” Naomi said
“I see it I’m going to take a walk see some things.”
“Be careful”
Jeremy walked quietly alone in the Canopy for a while, considering he went to go mark his calendar he had neglected it since the appearance of Lee. Hell he was horny all the time anyway what had really changed just the need to restrain himself. To hell with Lee and her damn potion. It probably didn’t work anyway; he didn’t feel like he had gotten any bigger, more potent maybe but how the hell could he tell. When he got around the girls all he could smell was warm wet pussy anyway and it wasn’t like they were playing hard to they wanted him to impregnate them. He really had to admit to himself that he did want to try them all, although the whole crew from the ship might be hard to explain, but he thought that perhaps the girls would come up with an acceptable story to explain it.

“Troubles?” a voice said over his shoulder?
“Hello Lee”
“Hello Jeremy” she said coming around to face him “Come to take your medicine?”
“How do I know if it’s actually working?”
“Well females would be more attracted to you and you would be horny all the time”
“Um all the females were already attracted to me and I was already horny all the time”
“Oh just drink it, amuse me”
“Fine” Jeremy said picking up the bowl and sucking down the bitter fluid.
“Well are you coming back to the camp?”
“I uh”
“Don’t tell me your really a hallucination and no one would see you even if I did bring you to camp”
“It’s not that it’s just”
“What people make you nervous now?”
“Well yes I…”
“Look you had medical training right?”
“You are a Doctor”
“Yes I have an MD in Western medicine”
“So you know about pregnancy and all that?”
“Good then your coming”
“No Buts I don’t care I’m tied of worrying about the lives of these girls if we don’t get off the island I’ll have to deliver these babies and I really don’t want to have to do that especially since my abilities and training is less than adequate for taking care of babies”
“I need to”
“You can get whatever it is later, I’ll get Rachel and Leehi to assist you in whatever you need, that way everyone is taken care of and you can teach them about having these babies”
“No” Jeremy too Lee by the wrist and dragged her down the beach toward camp, Naomi saw him first and she and Nicole hurried to meet him.
“Who’s this Nicole asked”?
“Lee I’m betting” Naomi said.
“Got it in one, Naomi,” Jeremy said “Keep an eye on her introduce her around I’m going to start marking out the area for us to dig a canal.”
“Okay should we join you later?”
“Yeah that would probably be a good idea, we can start work on the canal and then have supper”
“Okay I’ll let everyone else know”

Chapter LII

Clarissa walked into the barn with Amber in tow, Clarissa was dark haired unlike her daughters, though she would never let on that she dyed it. Clarissa had been upset with the loss of her twin daughters but she was for the most part over it. She had Amber to fill her shoes and if Amber wasn’t up to it perhaps Holly was. Her two younger daughters were still in school and still being groomed for the life that was expected of them. They took their place at the railing of the breeding paddock. Clarissa stood back a little under the shade and watched her daughter as they led the mare into the ring. A few minutes later the stallion was led in, the trainer who’s name was Cassandra or Casey as she liked to be called supervised closely as the stallion approached the mare snorting and sniffing at her tail. The stallion’s large cock emerged from his sheath as if it was unfurling a flagpole. Clarissa noticed Amber twitch slightly and adjust her stance. A few minutes later the stallion covered the mare and she watched amused as Amber did her best not to openly masturbate while she watched the proceedings. Several minutes later the Stallion got off the mare hot horse cum was dripping out of the mare’s pussy. The stallions Cock too was dripping with juices. Casey stepped forward and collected some of the drippings in a bucket they were so copious that it nearly filled the bucket half way.
“Wow” Amber said turning to her mother “I never expected that”
“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself” her mother smiled “Now I need a moment in the office with Casey and then we will return home”
“Do you think she will, I mean do you think the mare is pregnant?”
“It’s very possible, of course if she isn’t we will have her bred again tomorrow and keep breeding her until she’s not in heat anymore”
“Because once is rarely enough”
“Now you can go pet the horses Amber but stay out of the stalls I don’t want you to injure yourself “
“Yes mother” Amber walked back into the barn with her mother and then turned down a row of stalls as Clarissa walked into the office and closed the door. She lifted up her skirt and peeled away her soaking wet panties and stuffed them in the top drawer. She sat down behind the desk and waited, it was only a few minutes before Casey came in and closed the door behind her.
“Can I offer you a drink?” Casey asked
“You can I’d like that” Casey poured a glass full from a thermos bottle she was carrying into a wine glass and then poured one for herself. Which would have been all very normal except the steam rising off of the thick white liquid in the glass, she handed one to Clarissa and took the other herself. Both took a long deep draw from their glasses
“Excellent” Clarissa said smacking her lips.
“It is very good” Casey said as she drained her glass
“Now I have something I need you to attend to,” Clarissa said hiking her skirt up and exposing her well-trimmed slit to her employee.
“Mmm” Casey moaned “I thought you would never ask” and she knelt down in front of Clarissa her mouth making contact with the other woman’s sex.
“Nothing like a mouthful of horse cum while someone goes down on you Clarissa sighed to which Casey slurped loudly between her thighs. Clarissa leaned her head back and gripped the other woman’s head as her clit was lovingly lashed by Casey’s hot willing tongue. She sipped her drink. A few moments more and she could feel her insides trembling as the other woman’s expert tongue drove her over the edge into ecstasy. She gasped and rode her face as her body contracted in pleasure her soft mewling moans barely audible beyond her own lips. She pushed Casey’s face away and stood up Casey stood as well and Clarissa slipped her hand down the front of the other woman’s jodhpurs her fingers finding and flicking Casey’s already inflamed clit she took a mouthful of the viscous white fluid from the wine glass and kissed Casey her mouth opened and she let the horse semen pour out into the other woman’s mouth her fingers quickly bringing the woman to orgasm as she swallowed the salty fluid.
“Thank you Clarissa” Casey moaned as she leaned against the wall
“Mmm your welcome slut” Clarissa said Squeezing the other woman’s breasts with her hands. “I’ll be back in a few days maybe I’ll bring some studs for you to service, I’d like to see you bred.”
“Will you let your daughter watch?” Casey gasped her own hand down the front of her pants her eyes closed.
“I may” Clarissa smiled as she turned and walked out of the office leaving the door open “Come along Amber we have to get back to town so much to do”
“Yes mother” Amber said cheerfully.

Chapter LIII

Jeremy had used stakes and string to mark out where he thought the trench was supposed to be, the Girls had been digging at it for a while and in the mean time he had pulled one after the other into his hut and had his way with them, first Naomi, then Sunni, Annabel, Sara, and finally Rachel. He was feeling fairly sated even though he found if quite erotic to watch the five women trying to suck his cock cream out of each others slits.
The Rain hadn’t stopped in since it had started nearly two weeks ago. Without proper shovels and buckets the girls were having a tough time digging out the trench, the wet sand was like concrete and as soon as they removed some more would fill in but, Jeremy had noticed some progress at least there was a slight indentation where the girls had been digging. This was going to take weeks he decided in the meantime however he had been watching the weather and it really didn’t look as if there would be a break in the rain anytime soon. Sure an hour or two where the sun would come out but the rest of the time it was wet and miserable. It was starting to grate on his nerves and he had seen one of the girls snap at another more than once he needed to come up with a distraction. He retreated to the shelter of a palm grove the rain was still coming down, it made trying to move the sand a lot like trying to break up cement with a tack hammer. He tried to relax, listening to the sounds of the drops on the palm leaves, the distant roll of thunder. He closed his eyes he was suddenly very tired.
He didn’t know the room he was in, it was unfamiliar there was a bed and there was a woman he didn’t know cradling a child, “Jeremy” she said “don’t you have time for our daughter?” He walked down the hallway and there were more women he didn’t know some with one child some with as many as three. A few were nursing they all looked up at him when he walked in the room “Is it my turn now” they asked or it was “Jeremy do you want to play with your baby? She misses her daddy” He ignored them and walked out the front door, there were women laying out nude in front of the house. Sunning them, it was hot, why was it hot? He looked up at the large yellow ball that was the sun in the sky. It glowed with a brilliance that he had never experienced.
Where is Naomi he asked or Nicole?
They didn’t know they had no answer
He needed answers how did they get off the island? Was everyone safe? He couldn’t move,

Chapter LIV

Naomi walked down the beach Jeremy had been out in the rain again trying to figure out how to launch the plane. Since it was about 40 yards inland and the thing was not something that you couldn’t move easily, maybe if you had 100 slaves and a good sledge like the Egyptians she thought. They would have to float it out and that meant digging a canal, she found the vague impressions of his feet in the sodden sand and found the stakes he had been using the mark the path he felt was best. How did he know? She wondered mostly to herself. She heard coughing and went toward the sound, there was Jeremy crumbled beneath a tree there was blood coming out of his mouth, she screamed and ran to his side his body was hot there was actual steam coming off of him and she screamed for help, until she was hoarse. There was no one on this side of the island anywhere near that could hear her; the rain was drowning out the sound. She tried to lift Him but found that she couldn’t, she locked her wrists around his chest and pulled in a sort of fireman’s drag. There was no one at the base at this time most everyone had returned to camp for lunch, she carried him as far as she could and rested. She knew Jeremy was in big trouble, but she had no idea what was the matter with him.
She gasped for air as she dragged him down the now well-worn trail, just a few more steps she told herself. She was gasping for air with the effort of carrying the dead weight of a body. Just a few more steps. She made the clearing near the camp and laid Jeremy down beneath a tree as carefully as she could and ran. Naomi ran as fast as she could tears streaming down her cheeks she reached the camp and grabbed Nicole “come” she gasped “Come quick, its Jeremy” Naomi turned and ran back down the path with Nicole in hot pursuit. The reached the clearing a few seconds behind each other, just in time to see Jeremy’s body spasm and start twitching, “Help me” Naomi gasped as she watched all the color drain from the other girls face. The seizure passed and each girl took and arm and awkwardly carried Jeremy the rest of the way to camp. The other girls crowded around to see what was happening and Jeremy was lifted with many hands and carried to the cave. A few seconds later Naomi and Nicole had dragged Lee to where Jeremy lay.
“What do we do” Naomi Asked…

Chapter LV

Lee knelt over the body, doing what little she could with the resources at hand, they had brought the fever down but it hadn’t broken, and it was dangerously high. Lee also observed some other problems the fact that Jeremy was coughing up blood was one of them. Naomi kept a vigil it had been two days and she hadn’t moved from Jeremy’s side except to go to the bathroom and to take a few bites of food. The rain hadn’t let up. If anything the rain had started coming down harder killing any cheerfulness that could be had. They could only wait and watch and hope that Jeremy improved. Sara came in and took over after a few hours taking one of the rags of cloth and washing Jeremy’s body down with fresh water from the cave. Naomi watched no speaking only sitting there chewing her fist. The girls would take turns tending to Jeremy in shifts cleaning and washing him dripping water or weak broth into his mouth. His lips had become chapped and split. They had tried rubbing coconut oil on them to some effect they just kept getting worse. There was nothing to do and everything to do, and it drove them crazy that the brains of the operation was down and in serious trouble.
The watched as another sun rose and set on the castaways.

Chapter LVI

Amanda walked numbly down the dock, first her daughter then her husband, she didn’t know how much she could take of this. She had been crying for what seemed like months. Though she knew it had only been a little more than one. She climbed aboard the houseboat and was greeted by her mischievous son Brandon. There was no one out on the dock at this time there hadn’t been since her husband had had a nervous breakdown which was followed shortly by a stroke, which had killed him. She took Brandon inside the boat and after sandwiches and soda she took a shower.
“Are you all right mom” he asked as she stepped out of the shower.
“I’ll be fine Brandon” she said
“You have been crying a lot”
“You would think that I would be all cried out” Amanda said “But with your dad and Nicole gone it’s hard to think straight sometimes”
“It’s okay mom he said and hugged her” She clung to him tightly and then slipped the towel off her shoulders and brought his mouth to her breast. His warm mouth was so soothing as he licked and suckled her nipple. It had happened accidentally the first time just his lips bushing her nipple had caused her to shiver. She had cradled him across her lap and with his mouth pressed against her breast he had only done what had come natural.
After the first couple of times she noticed that he would get hard every time he did this and at first she had taken to gently stroking him outside his pants. But that had only flared her drive and soon she was manipulating his cock inside his shorts. Then only last night she couldn’t take it any more she had slipped into bed with him. She had gently stroked him to his full harness in his sleep and then she had straddled him taking Brandon inside of her, she had taken her time letting the muscles of her pussy milk his hard tool. Slowly letting her hips move shivering at the feeling of having the only thing she had left of her husband inside of her. She had felt him spew his hot seed inside of her. She had then gently licked his cock clean and gone to take a shower and went to bed. Amanda’s caution hadn’t won though the more she did it the more she wanted her son’s hard cock and four days ago he had woken up while she was still impaled on his stiff pole. He had asked of course the usual questions but once the cat was out of the bag, she couldn’t say no to him.
He stood from where he was laying across her lap and she pulled down her panties and he let his shorts fall to his ankles. Her fingertips taking his hard cock in hand as she carefully guided it between the lips of her hot soaking sex. It felt like Brandon was melting into her, she had coached him along of the last couple of days and gotten him to where he would last more than just the first few minutes before he spewed his hot seed inside of her. Of course being as young as he was it didn’t take him anytime at all to be ready to go again and more than once he’d fucked her through four or five of his own orgasms. She loved the way his cock cream would get beaten to a foamy froth in her pussy. Now as he pushed his hips up to meet hers she used her legs to scissor him in place so that she could enjoy the fullness of being filled by her only son. She leaned back as his lips worked their magic on her taught swollen nipples, she could feel the blood pounding in her ears, as he started to slowly saw back and forth inside her. It only took him a few strokes and she could feel her love channel being flooded with his juice.
“Mom?” he asked when they had caught their breath
“What is it sweetie” she said her legs still holding his semi rigid meat inside her contracting pussy
“Well there is this girl at school and I like her and she likes me and she wants me to be her boyfriend”
“I see”
“But I’m your boyfriend aren’t I?”
“Well yes In a way but your still my son, there is no reason you shouldn’t see the girl if you want to”
“Thanks mom, I think I’m going to ask her to the dance next week”
“Well why don’t you invite her over so I can meet her”
“Um well I mean what if she you know”
“Well we will worry about that if it happens”
“So It’s okay” he asked?
“Of course it is” She responded
“Good cause I invited her over to help with homework”
“Oh my when is she supposed to come over?”
“At six” he responded
“It’s five now Brandon” go take a shower and get dressed and I’ll do the same and make you all some snacks”
“Thanks mom” Brandon said as he moved back the head of his cock popping out of his mothers inflamed slit.
Amanda hurried her shower and put on a tank top and jean shorts. She got a soda from the fridge and sat on one of the chairs on the deck of the houseboat. She was about halfway though with her cold beverage when a mother and her daughter walked down the long dock.
The older woman was tall and lanky she was dressed in a trench coat and heels, which Amanda thought odd to start with. “Hi are you Amanda” she asked when she was still a fair distance away.
“Yes I am” Amanda responded, “You are?”
“I’m Denise and this is my daughter Star.”
“Well its nice to meet you Brandon only just told me a little while ago that you were bringing Star over.”
“Oh I see well apparently they have been planning it all week but she only asked me yesterday and I thought I would come and meet you before I left my daughter here.”
“I understand completely”
“Um have you always lived on a houseboat?”
“No I have a house but I just lost my husband, and daughter and well there are too many memories there so I decided to live out here for a while at least until I’m feeling better.”
“I see I’m sorry for your loss”
“Star why don’t you go in and find Brandon and I’ll get acquainted with your mother for a moment.” Amanda said
“No I can’t stay long” Denise said, “I have to go to work”
“You work nights?”
“Doing what?”
“Well” Denise paused a moment and watched Star duck inside the houseboat “I’m an exotic dancer really but I tell star that I am a nurse at hospital”
“Do you have a nursing degree?”
“Almost, another year or so of school and probably another six months or so of stripping”
“I see, well that explains the trench coat”
“Listen would it be too much trouble if Star stays here tonight? it would really help me out.”
“I guess sure”
“Great I’ll be by around six to pick her up”
“Sure I’ll just make up the couch for her”
“Thanks so much leaving early really hurts my income”
“I understand” Amanda said
“Well bye” Denise said waving
Amanda walked back into the houseboat and found Star and Brandon working together quietly, she made some snacks for them and brought it to them along with some soda. Amanda went ahead and started watching TV at least that would stave off the boredom until the kids were finished. After a few episodes of some mindless show or another the kids appeared in the living room “Star” Amanda began “You mother asked if you could stay the night and it’s okay with me if you want to, if not I suppose you should call her”
“Oh no that’s great” Star said.
“Would you like to go swimming or something?” Brandon asked
“Oh I didn’t bring my suit” Star said
“Well if you want you can borrow something of mine to cover up”
“Really Mrs Amanda that would be so cool”
“You’re a little small for most of my clothes but I think I might be able to find something in some of Nicole’s old things if you’ll come with me” She said directing her down the main passage she looked in the direction of Brandon and made eye contact and then headed down the passageway herself. She opened the and pulled it almost shut so that her son could watch if he were so inclined she found a tiny string bikini that would probably fit Star, although she thought it is white and so worn it’ll probably be completely transparent when it gets wet. I am such a naughty mommy. She handed the suit to Star and said here put this on I’ll mine is right here she said picking up a skimpy thong from the drawer that held the swim suits. It was actually one of Nicole’s suits one that she didn’t take with her. She shuddered briefly at the thought and then peeled out of her clothes.
Star looked at her with a bit of awe in her face. “Mrs Amanda you are so beautiful she whispered.”
“Thank you Star” Amanda responded, “I try and keep myself fit”
“And your breasts are beautiful, I wish mine were as nice as yours”
“Star come now I’m sure yours will be very nice as you get older”
“You really think so,” she asked pulling off her shirt and then taking off her bra. Her breasts were plumb sized and almost entirely covered with her areola. Her nipples were thick as pencil erasers and almost longer than the last digit on her pinky. Amanda licked her lips to keep herself from drooling at the young girls tight suck able tits. Star pulled her pants and panties down exposing her equally enticing slit.
“Oh yes I do” Amanda replied gazing at the girls’ nymph like body her tight buns and the slightness of the lips of star’s pussy made her hungry.
“I think I look deformed I mean my nipples are too big and my kitty is all out there the other girls make fun of me”
“They are just jealous Star, you have a beautiful body” she said as she pulled on the swim suit
“You really think so?”
“Oh yes” Amanda said
“Do you think, well do you think Brandon will like it?”
“I’m sure he will when your both ready”
“Thanks Mrs..”
“Just call me Amanda, Star.”
“Thanks Amanda”
“Its quite all right star” she responded as star tied her top on and then pulled the bottoms on.
The two of them exited the room and walked out on deck to find Brandon already in the water. “What took you guys so long” he asked
“Oh we were just having some girl talk”
“Well are you going to talk or swim” Brandon asked
“Swim” Star said diving into the water Amanda followed her in.
The three of them splashed and swam around for a good hour and when they finally climbed back onto the deck they were shivering in the night air. Amanda looked over at Brandon and followed his eyes, which were looking at the red-topped breasts that were nearly clearly visible in Star’s bikini top. She made hot totties for everyone and they drank them on the deck under the starlight. They chatted not speaking of the obvious transparency of Star’s suit at least it was transparent until it dried. The cold night air also had an effect on both women’s breasts, in that their nipples stood at full attention as if begging Brandon to kiss them. Brandon Yawned
“Off to bed with you” She smiled and he got up and headed inside Amanda and Star followed and she made up one of the spare beds for Star and then slipped between her own sheets.

Chapter LVII

Jeremy was in what could only be described as a nursery, there were five little girls in front of him one of them walked up and tugged at his hand. “Daddy” she said. Jeremy judged the girl couldn’t be more than eight, and she was naked. Mommy said you put a baby in her; I want you to put a baby in me too.
“Yeah” the other little girls chorused “put babies in us please Daddy”
“Comon now kids” he said “I can’t do that”
“Why not you put a baby in my sister Pamela and she’s only nine”
“And how old are you?”
“Six” the little cherub responded
“Maybe daddy wants us to suck his cock for him” on of the other girls said making a grab for Jeremy’s erect cock. He was naked why was he naked. The five of them were fighting each other as Jeremy pulled away from them he turned.
He was sitting at a bar, “couldn’t keep it in your pants could you boy” Uncle Edward said
“Uncle Edward I what how?”
“Well you might as well have a drink” the older man said passing him a shot glass Jeremy swallowed it tasted odd not like any alcohol he had ever tasted. “How many is it now in your harem twenty or so?”
“Uncle Edward”
“Don’t get me wrong kid I like pussy as much as the next man but damn don’t you think your overdoing it a little?”
He looked down at the empty shot glass “I heard you wouldn’t let our daughters suck you off today” Sunni said
“You know they were born to suck your cock I told you that when they were born”
“It’s bad enough that you let Naomi’s daughters ride your cock all night, you won’t let mine even get a taste of that fine dick of yours”.
Jeremy looked down again “Jenna had her mouth on his cock it looked and felt wonderful Sara leaned in to lick his chest Shannon offered her breast to him it was leaking milk a young girl that strongly resembled her was sucking on the other one.
She brought her mouth off Shannon’s nipple long enough to smile at him, “thanks for putting a baby in me daddy” she said. He closed his eyes what kind of monster have I become he asked himself.

Chapter LVIII

“I think his fever has broken” Nicole said to Naomi and Lee. Lee knelt beside the unconscious body of Jeremy and touched him with light hands.
“Yes it appears it has”
“Is he going to be okay?” Naomi whispered
“We won’t know until he wakes up” Lee said quietly
“I’ll go tell the others they need some good news”
“How long,” Naomi asked Lee
“About Two weeks” Lee said, “rest and let him rest there is nothing you can do now he needs to rest and he will wake up in his own time.
Naomi went over to where Jeremy lay and kissed him softly “Wake up soon hero” she whispered, “We need you” her own hot tears dripped onto Jeremy’s face.

Chapter LIX

Clarissa had invited a half dozen people to her house for a party. It was of course a big house and with the half dozen people there were a half dozen spouses that went with them and another dozen or so kids. The adults had adjourned in the upstairs where the drinking and socializing had begun. Clarissa knowing her guests would be bringing their children had hired a baby sitter, Kimmy, who was sixteen and attractive Clarissa herself had licked her lips at the thought of seducing Kimmy. She was of medium height with a curvaceous figure, and soft pouty lips that looked like they belonged wrapped around a cock or as Clarissa felt her clit. Kimmy had full round grapefruit sized breasts, and a taught round ass that was just perky enough. Already the group of adults was getting rowdy, as alcohol was being poured freely. Downstairs the kids were confined to some degree to the Playroom which had all of Amber’s toys.

There was a bowl of Punch and Cookies and sandwiches on a table set up and already Kimmy’s head was spinning she was getting paid a lot for babysitting but this was the first time that she had had so many kids to look after. There were four boys and nine girls including Amber. The boys were Tommy, Kenny and Trey; the girls excluding Amber were Mary, Beth, Dora, Nikki, Jasmine, Carol, Hannah, Julia, and Kimberly.
After the first couple of hours of playing in the back yard and then another hour inside when it got dark. The younger kids were exhausted and fell asleep involuntarily. That left Jasmine, Amber, Kenny and Beth awake with Kimmy sitting around a table in the playroom.
“We should do something Jasmine” said
“Sure” Kimmy said “what would you like to do?”
“Something Fun” Amber said
“Okay?” Kimmy said “Like what?”
“We could go swimming” Kenny said
“No we have to stay in the house” Kimmy said “Something indoor”
“How about Spin the Bottle?” Beth said
“With only one boy?” Jasmine said “Eww”
“We could play Dares” Amber said handing a cup of punch to Kimmy
Kimmy drank it down in one gulp, “No we have to do something that won’t get me in trouble I mean your mom is just right up stairs” Kimmy responded.
“Like she is going to come down and check?” Amber asked.
“She might.” Kimmy said.


Upstairs Clarissa had pulled Monica Jenkins away into one of one of the many bathrooms; Monica was on her knees in front of the counter her tongue sliding up and down Clarissa’s swollen slit. Clarissa pulled at her hair, “You are a sweet pussy licker Monica,” she moaned between gasps.
The door suddenly opened and Larry Maguire walked in on them. “Oh” he said “I…”
“Shut the door” Clarissa commanded Larry started to go out “No Larry you stay close the door and lock it, then come here. One of Clarissa’s hands was still tangled in Monica’s hair as the woman started to pull away, she pulled her back to her task. Larry moved up beside the pussy-licking woman. Clarissa wrapped her legs around the other woman’s head and then unbuttoned her blouse with one hand revealing her nature-sculpted breasts. “ Take your cock out” she whispered to Larry.
“My wife?”
“Your wife won’t care in a couple hours if she even cares now.”
Larry Gulped and stood there dumbly Clarissa cleverly opened his pants and pulled his cock free. “You like my tits Larry?” Clarissa asked “or do you like my pussy better?” She stroked Larry’s cock a few times and his cock erupted onto Clarissa’s stomach. “Mmm a hair trigger?” she smiled at Larry as she pulled her Monica’s face up to lick up the thick streams of semen on her stomach. Monica paused for a second and then began to eat Larry’s cum greedily. Clarissa kept stroking Larry’s cock.
“Think you can cum again big boy?” She whispered. Larry nodded his eyes locked on the erotic scene in front of him.


Downstairs Kimmy was feeling a little off maybe she was just tired she thought.
“Hey Kenny if you take off your clothes we will?” Amber said
“Your lying no you wont?” Kenny said
“Oh won’t I?” Jasmine responded pulling her shirt over her head exposing her bra clad chest and tossing her shirt into a corner.
“You guys shouldn’t be doing that.” Kimmy said, but she found that she was unbuttoning her own shirt.
“Well are you game or are you chicken?” Jasmine asked unbuttoning her shorts and exposing her light blue panties with little white flowers on it.
“I’m game” Kenny said after a moment’s hesitation pulling his shirt over his head and shucking his shoes. He was soon standing in his boxers in front of three young girls and the babysitter. He watched as Beth the youngest of the group pulled her dress over her head and stood in front of him bare-chested in just a pair of tight little white panties. Amber was helping Kimmy out of her clothes and when she was down to just her underwear she too stripped.
Kenny took the next step and let his boxers drop to the floor his cock was already hard and the girls gazed at it with great interest. Amber was the first one naked and knelt down beside Kenny. The other girls seeing that followed suit and shed their remaining clothing, except Kimmy, who, felt a little out of control at the moment.
Kimmy looked at the three girls Beth a brunette had a slim boyish body without a wisp of hair covering her slit. Her breasts could best be described as small strawberry shaped mounds. Jasmine’s dark skin drew her attention next her breasts were pert and proud on her chest like glasses of brandy the nubs of her nipples darker and taught like little brown eraser ends. And Ambers breasts were low hills capped with small mounds upon which thick pink nipples poked out.
“Can we touch it” Jasmine asked?
“Uh Kenny said can I touch you back?”
“Where do you want to touch me Kenny?” Jasmine asked “Here” she said cupping her breasts, “or maybe here?” she said her fingers pressing and splaying the lips of her lightly covered pussy.”
“Or do you want to touch me?” Amber asked lifting her breasts in her hands as if offering a pair of apples.
“You can touch me too” Beth said moving closer
“Can you make it shoot?” Jasmine asked
“Yeah” Kenny said
“Make it shoot for us” Amber said. Beth got closer clapping her hands excitedly.
“Girls you know you shouldn’t be doing this” Kimmy said coming to her senses.
“Oh Kimmy” Amber said turning to the babysitter “You know about boys you can teach us.”
“I…” Kimmy stammered
“Come on” Amber said peeling the girl’s underwear off and leading her by the hand to where the others were waiting.

Clarissa gasped as Monica’s tongue teased her clit brining her closer and closer to another orgasm. “Cum on my pussy Larry” She said looking him in the eyes, shoot your white cream all over my quim so that Monica can eat it. She loves eating cum don’t you dear”
Monica just moaned and nodded plunging her twat twiddler deep inside of Clarissa’s slit. Clarissa’s hand in constant motion on Larry’s Cock, he groaned and then shuddered as his hot cream splattered across the top of Clarissa’s mound and on the side of Monica’s face. Larry stood holding the wall trying to maintain his balance as Clarissa kept stroking his cock and Monica slurped up his creamy goo. Clarissa then pulled Monica over so that her face was even with Larry’s Cock. She licked the goo off Clarissa’s hand an then without any further prompting slurped Larry’s cock into her mouth. Clarissa moved Monica’s body so that she was now standing bent over her mouth busy on Larry’s cock. She pulled Monica’s skirt up and slipped her panties down to her ankles. She leaned over beside Monica’s ear, “Suck him hard and then fuck him.” Monica nodded and Clarissa slipped a finger into Monica’s wet slot causing her to moan on Larry’s cock. “Fuck her good” she said to Larry “And cum inside her” she bit his earlobe. Straightening her skirt and buttoning her blouse, she returned to the party still horny but sated for the moment.

“You have done things with boys right?” Jasmine asked Kimmy
“Yeah sure?” Kimmy responded
“Like what?” Amber asked
“I’ve been fingered and I have let boys suck my tits” Kimmy said
“What else?” Jasmine asked
“Well one time I sucked a guy’s thing”
“Really?” Beth asked her eyes wide in disbelief.
“Did he shoot in your mouth?” Amber asked
“I don’t think you did show us how,” Jasmine said.
“I don’t know if I should?”
“Why not it’s not like we are going to tell on you” Amber said
The girls watched closely as Kimmy leaned forward and took Kenny’s cock in her hand and brought it to her lips, her tongue darted out and circled the tip, she let her lips press and then envelop the younger boy’s cock.
“Does that feel good?” Jasmine asked
“Oh god” Kenny said, “It’s the best ever!”
“I want to try” Beth said.

Clarissa walked into the main room two of the husbands and three of the wives were passed out on couches. She walked up to the remaining group who were crowded around a coffee table where Bonnie Smyth and Janet she couldn’t remember her last name were doing a strip tease together. “Well boys are you going to stand there and watch or are you going to fuck them like they obviously want you too.” She asked the four men, two of them opened their pants and pulled out their cocks and started stroking them to the beat of music and jiggle of flesh. Clarissa smiled to herself it was going to be a great night.

Chapter LX

Pricilla walked up to Jeremy holding a bundle in her arms “Look its your grand daughter Jeremy isn’t she beautiful?”
Jeremy looked at the bundle in her arms and as he did a young girl of about 14 jumped out of her grandmother’s arms. “They grow fast don’t they?” Pricilla said “She’s special a litter of six girls they all have six breast and they live for fucking”
“You are going to fuck her too aren’t you” Pricilla asked, “Look at this six sets of perfect tits” she said kneading her grand daughter’s impossible cleavage.
Jeremy opened his eyes it was dark. He was sore everywhere. “Hello” he whispered his throat hurt terribly.
“Jeremy oh god we were so worried” Naomi’s voice sounded a little tired and worried. “Try not to move around too much you have been terribly sick, drink this a thin broth was poured between his lips, he coughed and swallowed. “Don’t talk” Naomi said “You have been unconscious about three weeks all told you had a terrible fever, your very weak Lee said that if you did wake up you wouldn’t be up to any heroics for a while. “So just rest and drink as much as you can. You’ll feel better in the morning I hope.”

Chapter LXI

Amanda was up early the coffee in her cup was steaming the kids were still sleeping it was a weekend after all and she was on the deck of the houseboat catching the morning rays of the sun, wearing a half shirt and a thong. A Car pulled up at the end of the dock that she recognized as Denise’s. She watched as Denise sauntered in a long coat down the dock. She walked up to where Amanda was lounging, and took off her coat, she was wearing a G-string and a bikini top. She took the lounge chair next to Amanda “Long night?” Amanda asked.
“It was I worked two shifts but I made a couple of grand”
“Nice” Amanda said.
“You have a nice body” Denise said her eyes obviously taking in every inch of Amanda’s exposed flesh.
“Thanks” Amanda responded, “You’re pretty hot too”
“Thanks” Denise said “but I have to work hard to keep it, do you like girls?”
“I admire girls” Amanda said slowly “I mean I’m not a lesbian”
“I like cock too” Denise grinned “but I don’t mind a little slit licking from time to time”
“You do a lot of that?”
“Sometimes” Denise shrugged and then turned toward Amanda “I wouldn’t mind sometimes with someone like you” she said her fingers lightly tracing the woman’s breast. Amanda moaned softly as the other woman lowered her face to her breast her hand deftly pulling the fabric of her shirt away from her breast. Amanda felt the hot tongue of the other woman teasing her already aching nipple. She gasped as Denise kissed her full on the lips. Her hand sliding underneath the bikini, Denise’s fingers slipped easily into Amanda’s already dripping slit. Amanda moaned and took Denise by the hand and led her to her bedroom. Both women quickly stripped and began to attack each other’s bodies with fingers and tongue. Denise pushed Amanda onto her bed and dived between her legs Amanda gasped as Denise’s tongue probed deep into her hot box. Denise tasted something familiar, when she was eating Amanda’s slit. It was cum, the kind that comes out of the end of a cock. And she devoured Amanda’s throbbing slot, sucking the lips and clit as her fingers gently tickled and probed Amanda’s anus. Amanda shuddered in ecstasy a few minutes and a finger or two later.
Amanda was vigorously eating Denise’s slit, she was inexperienced but eager and the eagerness made up for inexperience, her lips slurping Denise’s clit her tongue beating a fast staccato on Denise’s already wild excitement. It took nearly no time at all before her hips were bucking against the other woman’s mouth.
The two of them lay in bed caressing each other’s breasts as they caught their breath. “How about breakfast” Amanda said licking her lips
“Since you’ve already had dessert” Denise smiled
“Yeah I’m out of eggs I’ll have to run to the market you don’t mind watching the kids they should be up soon.”
“Not at all” Denise said, “I just have one question, do you have a boyfriend?”
“Why were you thinking about a threesome?”
“No I was just wondering”
“No it’s just me and Brandon, I haven’t seen anyone since his father died”
“I’m sorry for your loss” Denise said hiding her secret pleasure at what she’d put together
“I’ll be back in about an hour?”
“That’s fine I’ll keep an eye on the kids” Said Denise as she watched the other woman dress and pick up her keys. “She pulled on a robe and followed her onto the deck of the boat.

Chapter LXII

It was dawn and the rain was still falling it was more of a mist. Jeremy sat up he had been working his strength up over the last few days he was still a little wobbly when he walked but he could sit up and with a little help he could direct the eager women and girls in their daily tasks. He got up on his elbows; “Jeremy you are awake” it was one of the unfamiliar voices of the girls he had rescued from the pirates. He was still lying in the shelter of the cave because that seemed to be the central hub of all activity.
“Who is there?” He asked blinking in the dim light
“Talla and Channa we are both here to see to your needs?”
“I see”
“ We have food for you” Talla said holding a coconut bowl.
“You want blowjob,” Channa asked.
“I’ll take the food,” Jeremy said reaching for it.
“I give you blowjob while you eat” Channa said. Jeremy surveyed the two brown skinned girls who were kneeling on either side of him. He started to finger the salty slurry that passed for food. When he thought about it, the food was actually quite good a mix of fish and fruit cooked and mashed into a sort of paste. “I have practiced” Channa said leaning over and using her hand to guide the tip of his cock into her mouth she slurped his cock into the warm confines of her mouth. Channa slowly started bobbing her head, sucking steadily her tongue tickling the underside of his cock.
“Good morning Jeremy” it was Sara, “She has been dying to do that to you ever since you regained consciousness.
“Oh yes” Talla said “she very much want to please you with her mouth”
“Channa is one of about four girls who we don’t think is pregnant”
“What I haven’t…”
“Well…” Sara began “While you were unconscious some of the girls took liberties. We had someone here watching you the whole time, and well the first time Shannon got caught with your dick buried in her, Naomi was livid. But after that well it got to be where whoever was watching would ride you till you spewed inside them once or twice, and they would have a friend keep them company.”
“Well that explains the dreams I was having”
“Care to tell me about your dreams darling?” Sara smiled in the low light and looked lovingly at Jeremy, and then there was a loud slurp as Channa lost suction for a moment.
“No” Jeremy laughed, “Not right now I’m still trying to sort them out”
“Well if you want to I’d love to hear all about it” Sara said, Channa slurped again
“Channa, hun I’m really not in the mood” Jeremy said gently
“When you are in the mood” Channa began Jeremy’s cock popping from between her lips “You tell me I suck or you make me with baby”
Jeremy Chuckled “Sure Channa I’ll be sure to do that” He got up onto his feet. Leaning on Sara he hobbled out into the sunlight. He made it as far as the lagoon and then waded out into the water and spent an hour or so swimming. He had felt that it was the best means for him to get his strength back. He came out for lunch Channa hovering close by in case he got in the mood. He rested in the shade of one of the palms and watched the women work gathering and fishing. They had all developed a deep tan, and it was pleasing to see the nubile brown bodies shining in the sunlight. He leaned against the tree and dozed.

Chapter LXIII

Denise smiled to herself as she sashayed down into the cabin of the ship. She walked down the narrow corridor and Peeked into the berthing compartments. The first was empty the second was occupied by star. Denise paused for a moment looking lovingly at her daughter; she was lying across a small bunk in a t-shirt and panties sleeping quietly. Denise quietly closed the door and moved on to the next compartment.
The inside was dim but she could make out the form of Brandon’s sleeping body. She slipped into the door and sat down on the edge of the bed. Brandon rolled toward her. She leaned over him and hugged him gently. He stirred and nuzzled her breasts, Denise pulled the robe away from her breasts and his soft sweet lips found her nipple. He sucked at it lightly; Denise slipped her free hand down between her legs, her fingers sliding easily between the slippery lips of her slit. Brandon wrapped his arm around Denise as he suckled on her breast, Denise looked down to see the tip of Brandon’s cock poking out of the slit in his pajama bottoms. Denise reached out and slid her fingertips very lightly over the length of exposed cock flesh; she bit her lip to keep from gasping as Brandon’s mouth became more insistent. Denise took the cock gently in her fingertips and lightly stroked it. After a few moments of gentle manipulation she noted a light sheen and clear fluid coming from the tip. Collecting a bit on her fingertip she tasted the sweet boy juice and then continued to stroke the swollen piece of meat. A few minutes longer and his hot cream started spurting, she caught most of it in her hand and after licking that clean she slowly disengaged from the now sleeping boy. She got up off the bed and went into the living room, or at least what could be considered a living room. She folded the Robe over her nakedness and sat in one of the chairs.
A few minutes later “Mom?” Brandon called and a few more minutes Brandon walked out into the living room. She looked at his young hairless chest, as he padded barefoot into the living room.
“Good morning Brandon” Denise smiled at him “Sleep well?”
“Mmhmm” he said nodding “Where is mom?”
“She went to the store for supplies for breakfast” Denise responded
“Oh Okay” he nodded
“I’m Denise by the way Star’s mom”
“Hi Denise” he managed rubbing his eyes
“Why don’t you go wash up for breakfast?”
“Okay” Brandon said turning and stumbling back toward the bathroom.
A few minutes later Denise watched down the hallway and her daughter got up and walked into the bathroom. She heard a scuffling and smiled to herself and then a few minutes later Brandon was standing in the passageway.
“Got kicked out huh?” Denise asked
“Yeah” Brandon responded
“Don’t worry, it probably won’t be the last time, get some clothes on your mom should be back shortly.”
“Okay” Brandon responded and ducked back into his room emerging a few minutes later wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Denise walked out on deck with Brandon and a few minutes later Nicole’s car appeared. Brandon went running down the dock in his bare feet to help his mother.
A little while later the galley was filled with the smells of cooking and the four of them were sitting down around the table eating toast and eggs, hash browns and bacon. They watched television for a little while sponge bob, and then the kids headed out to swim, The two mother followed and lounged on the deck of the boat as the two kids splashed in the water.
“Your fucking your son aren’t you?” Denise began
“How dare you?” Amanda said.
“I could taste his cum when I ate you out this morning”
“I… Uh” Amanda stumbled feeling caught
“Don’t worry Amanda” Denise smiled “I’m not going to tell, I think its fucking hot”
“You do?” Amanda gulped her OJ
“Yeah I do I would love to watch, but even more I’d love to partake”
“Well yes of course I have always had a thing for young boys”
“What about Star?”
“What about her?”
“Well if we get Brandon…” She trailed off
“Then we can teach her” Denise said
“Your serious?” Amanda stammered Denise just kissed her new friend, her tongue probing the recesses of her mouth. Amanda gasped when Denise finally let her up for air.
“Have you sucked him off?”
“No I think it… its well dirty”
“It is” Denise said “But oh so good”
“I think I want to seduce your daughter” Amanda admitted.
“mmmhmmm” Denise smiled. “Be my guest of course with the understanding that I can in turn seduce your son”
“Sounds like a fair trade” Amanda sighed
“Oh don’t worry Amanda,” Denise licked her lips “We will share him I’m not going to steal your boy from you”

Chapter LXIV

Janna was nervous trying on these slinky outfits. Gloria had insisted that they go shopping, and now she had been handed several sets of underwear that, she was shocked existed. She had heard of such things but she would have never believed that anyone would have bothered to make a bra that supported but left the nipples and the tops of her breasts completely exposed. “Well how does it look?” Gloria asked
“I … “ Janna stammered a bit the door that she had thought she had secured swung open and Gloria came inside with a sales girl in tow. Mortified Janna jumped as if to try and cover up.
“What we can’t have you parading around in that in the store now can we?” Gloria asked “She looks hot don’t you think…” Gloria looked at the teen’s nametag “Rebecca?”
Rebecca flushed and stammered, “I… think she looks great in that”
Gloria pushed Rebecca forward almost into Janna, “I mean look at those tits Rebecca don’t they look so good and suck able in that bra?”
Janna watched as Rebecca licked her lips and whispered, “Yes”
“Look really close Rebecca, aren’t those tits begging to be sucked, look at how hard and erect those nipples are. I bet if you sucked them we’d make sure you got your commission and then some.” Rebecca leaned forward and Janna gasped when the young woman’s lips brushed her nipple and then finally took it between her lips. “That’s it Rebecca suck my friends milk jugs… It makes you hot doesn’t it?” she whispered Rebecca just nodded not taking her mouth from Janna’s swollen breasts. “That’s it Rebecca, suck those titties get the other one too” Rebecca pulled her mouth off one nipple a string of saliva hanging from her mouth to the nipple she just finished sucking. Janna glanced down to see Gloria’s hand inside of the front of the young woman’s pants; Gloria was fingering Rebecca while she sucked her nipples. She groaned with the sheer nasty naughtiness of it. Gloria leaned forward and licked Rebecca’s ear, “Pull her panties down. Rebecca did as she was told it was as if she was hypnotized by the two women and couldn’t control her own reservations. “That’s it Rebecca now lick her pussy like a good girl Gloria moaned as she gently pressed the sales girl’s shoulders. Janna shivered as the girls quick hot tongue lathed her slit she spread her legs pulling one up onto a bench and pushed the girls face in closer. Gloria kissed Janna quickly before she could cry out as the Rebecca’s long tongue split her slit from the bottom and danced in her throbbing hole before slipping higher between the lips of her sex until it circled her clit. Gloria groped Janna’s breasts while the other girl worked on Janna’s dripping pussy her lips circled her clit. It was no time at all before Janna trembled and nearly collapsed as the orgasm rocked her body.
Rebecca stood, and Gloria licked the girl slime off her face before offering her a Kleenex. Rebecca looked in the mirror and dabbed her face a bit straightened her clothes and walked out. “Oh my” Janna said after she left
“They run a full service place here”
“I see that” Janna gasped.
Janna got dressed and they walked to the counter where their selections were piled. Paid and Janna turned to go but before she did she saw Gloria handing Rebecca a card.
As they walked out to the parking lot Janna asked, “What did you give her?”
“My address” Gloria laughed “so that if she wanted more she could come and get it, she had the sweetest tasting pussy and I’d love to taste her tits.”
“Mmm yeah that would be nice”

Chapter LXV

Clarissa smiled at the chunky brunette who was licking her husband’s cream from her gash. The woman had obviously done this before her husband spent was passed out on a couch nearby another woman was kneeling by the couch licking the slime drooling from his now limp cock. The woman Margo, she remembered now was getting drilled by her husband’s best friend, and there was a line behind her. She made eye contact with the man plunging his cock into Margo’s pussy and mouthed in her ass to him. He pulled back and that elicited a moan of disappointment from Margo but then she felt the head of a sizable cock pressing into her poop chute. Her eyes crossed for a minute as he pressed himself slowly all the way inside of her stretchy tube. Clarissa rubbed the girls face against her clit as she brought herself off on the tip of the woman’s nose. Clarissa beckoned for one of the men to come and take her place as she slipped a robe on and walked downstairs to check on the kids.
She walked into the door that led to the playroom and stopped. It wasn’t so much out of shock it was more out of sheer amusement. The babysitter was there with the three girls clustered around her showing them the finer points of cock sucking, on a boy no more than four years her junior. She wondered if Amber had set it up, really she didn’t care it was her chance to enjoy herself with this girl that she had fantasized about since she had met her. “I see you kids are keeping busy” she said, all heads turned to her. “So what should I do about this”
“I um It’s not my fault” Kimmy said
“I see so you’re accidentally sucked that boys cock in your mouth?”
“I um” Kimmy stammered
“And your clothes they just happened to fall off?”
“I” Kimmy Gasped
“So what am I going to do with you?”
“I… I’m sorry”
Clarissa turned and walked out of the room. Kimmy caught up with her in the hallway “I’m so sorry I didn’t mean”
“Kimmy I’m very sorely tempted to tell your parents and all of the other people you baby-sit for that you are less than responsible thought I should tell your parents why.”
“Please? I’ll do anything?”
“Will you now?”
“Yes please I can’t “
“I see very well next Friday you will come here and we will talk about it.”
“Oh okay”
“Now go back and finish your lessons”
“I um…”
“Well you already started you might as well show them the whole deal?” Kimmy looked at Cassandra dumbfounded. “We will talk Friday”
“Yes mam”
“Good Girl” Cassandra turned and walked up the stairs.

Chapter LXVI

Amanda walked to the edge of the dock, “Come on Star just out to that little island out there” She said pointing to the a small rock island beneath a line of cliffs covered with trees.
“Isn’t that kind of far” Star asked.
“It’s only about 100 yards its not far at all just swim with me it will be quick”
Amanda dove in and started swimming she paused and looked back to see star making for the same point of land that she was. She swam slowly and was soon pacing Star. It took them several minutes to reach the rocky island. Amanda pulled star up onto the large limestone rocks sticking up from the water in the cove. “Lets get some sun and we can talk”
“About what?”
“Well Brandon if you want to?”
Star blushed slightly “Okay”
“You like him don’t you?”
Star nodded, Amanda unhooked the fanny pack that she was wearing. Inside was a bottle of water and suntan lotion. Amanda stood up and unfastened her top and tossed it down beside where star was sitting. She then peeled down her bikini bottoms, Star looked up at her shading her eyes against the sun. “Wow” Star gasped, Amanda sat down on the rocks besides her smiling “Your breasts are beautiful”
“Thank you” Amanda said squirting some lotion onto her hand. She started covering her legs
“Do you think I’ll look like that?” Star asked, “I mean have nice boobs like you?”
“I don’t see why you wouldn’t” Amanda responded
“Mine are so weird and deformed” Star complained
“Nonsense, they are beautiful the way god made them”
“You think so?”
“Of course”
“Is it okay if I take off my clothes too?”
“If you want to,” Amanda said putting lotion on her arms
“You won’t laugh?”
“Of course not star, I’m your friend and I would never laugh at you”
“Okay” Star said hesitantly untying her top and letting it fall beside her she stood and slipped off the thong bottoms and then sat back down.
“Would you like me to rub some lotion on you?” Amanda asked.
“Oh? Sure I guess” Amanda squirted more lotion onto her hands and began by applying it to Star’s legs. She slowly worked her way up to the girl’s thighs and then her belly.
“We don’t want this to burn do we?” Amanda asked as the slid her oily fingers over the young girls smooth slit, gently rubbing the oil into Star’s sensitive flesh. Amanda looked up at Star who had her eyes closed and was lightly biting her lip. “These too” Amanda said putting her hands on Star’s breasts, “These are beautiful you know?”
“You really think so?
“Oh yes I love your nipples so delectable”
“I thought they were too big for my boobs, and they were kind of ugly and deformed”
“Oh sweetie don’t think that you have a lovely body, I know Brandon likes it”
“Oh yes Star I saw him checking you out just before we swam out here”
“You really think he likes me?”
“Why not Star?”
“Well I don’t know I mean?”
“You don’t think he’s cute?”
“Well yeah but I mean I’m kind of nervous about you know kissing and…”
Amanda smiled “Sometimes you just have to just do it lean in and steal a kiss, you remind me of the first time Nicole had a boyfriend.
“Nicole was your daughter right?”
“Yes she was”
“Brandon talked about her before she must have been really nice?”
“She was, she got mixed up with a bad girl but she was sweet and wonderful and I miss her very much”
“I’m sorry”, Star said looking up at the other woman.
“Its nothing you had any control of sweetie, it was a freak plane crash. Would you care to put some lotion on me?”
“Oh sure? Star said getting to her feet and started slathering oil, Star started with Amanda’s legs and worked up, “how come yours stick out and mine don’t?” Star asked as her fingers slipped over the Amanda’s slit
“Every girl is different just like every boy is different”
“What do you mean?”
“Well I mean look at my boobs they are different form yours right?”
“Well yeah?”
“And they are different from your moms”
“I guess they are”
“Well girls pussies are different”
“Why do people call them Pussies?”
“Well because if you pet them like it was a pussy cat it’ll make a girl purr”
“Oh yes, that and a girl loves to have her pussy licked?”
“Eww you mean people actually lick each other down there?”
“Yes they do?”
“Has anyone ever licked you down there?”
“Oh yes and it was wonderful”
Amanda nodded “And you know boys have a cock”
“You mean when someone calls someone else a cock sucker it means that they eww that’s so gross!!!”
“I love to do it for the right guy”
“You mean you have?”
“Star darling I have done a lot of things I have sucked cock, I love to suck the seed out of a hard cock, and I have licked and sucked my fair share of pussies too.”
“With another girl?” Amanda nodded “does that mean I mean could you show me?”
“Show you what my dear?”
“I mean could you lick me and make me feel wonderful?”
“Would you like me too?”
“If you want to… I mean I just want to know… “
“Well if you want me to I will but only because you asked me to”
“Okay then what do I do?”
“Just lay back darling and let me take you to a wonderful place,” Star lay back on the rock “Now Star close your eyes” Amanda lowered her head to the young girls ripening breasts, she lightly licked the slope of the girls breast circling her areola slowly moving from one and then the other. Star gasped as Amanda’s lips brushed her nipples. She sucked gently on one of the girl’s nipples and flicked it with her tongue. Amanda then let her tongue drag across the smooth flesh of the girls belly, swirling around to taste the soft flesh of her hips intentionally avoiding the target of her own desire, she could feel her own juices running down her thighs as her lips pressed against the girl’s nether lips. She probed between them tasting the sweet nectar of her peach shaped flesh. As she lapped and sucked star moaned and her hips bucked up to Amanda’s eager mouth. Amanda sucked the girl’s sweet juices from her snatch as the girl moaned and bucked, after increasingly intense orgasms Star cried stop
Amanda sat up looking at Star her face plastered with a smile, Amanda wiped some of the girl slime off her face, Stars breathing regulated finally and she looked up at Amanda smiling “Wow! That was awesome”
Amanda Smiled, “I think that’s enough sun for today don’t you?”
“Only if I can do that to you later?”
“Sure maybe tonight?” Star Smiled and the two of them packed their things and started the swim back to the houseboat.

While all this was going on back at the houseboat.
“Oh Brandon I didn’t see you there. “ Denise said as she walked out into the living room wearing only a towel on her head. Brandon looked like a deer caught in the headlights as his eyes rested on Denise’s breasts. “Hello Brandon? You like my rack? Brandon just sat on the couch his mouth open and his eyes wide open he just nodded. She sat down on the couch next to him, “looks like you have some wood here” she smiled at him and caressed the front of his shorts. “Lets see what you have here” she whispered pulling his shorts off of him. She straddled his hips taking his hard cock in hand and guiding it into her already wet slit. “Mmmmh that feels nice she said, “Want to suck on my titties Brandon” she asked offering him one of her swollen breasts. “That’s nice isn’t it Brandon?” Amanda moaned as her hips slowly rose and fell, her slick slit sucking at Brandon’s throbbing member. “That’s it baby fill me up with your juice” she whispered as she rode his cock faster and faster. Brandon’s hips bucked and Amanda grabbed his butt pulling him into her as she felt his hot seed spilling into her fertile field.

Chapter LXVII
Jeremy smiled watching the sun come up, he was feeling better it had been a week since he had regained consciousness and his daily exercise routine had forced him to get better quickly. Of course the girls tying to meet his every need hadn’t been particularly helpful with his recovery but he had recovered he was happy about that. He swam out to the wreck to see what he could salvage further. Most of the ship was waist deep in water but there were some things that he found useful. Buckets for one there were about a dozen empty 5 gallon buckets that he managed to find, he also found more restraints and a few thousand pounds of Opium. Two pallets worth anyway, that was a more drug than he wanted to believe existed. He also found a medical kit, bandages and some light anesthetics, sutures, that kind of stuff. He rummaged further and found several bundles of money, the type and denomination were a mystery to him or at least what they were worth in terms of dollar values. He piled up his booty on the listing deck and settled it against the rail. He dove into the clear water of the bay and went to look at the hole in the side of the ship. It was a good 8 inches long and ran along a seam in the hull almost from the bow to stern. There was a larger dent where he had dropped the hand grenade apparently the hydrostatic shock opened an already weakened seam. Without a welding rig there was no way he was going to be able to fix that at least not sufficiently that they boat wouldn’t always list to that side. Well it was an idea he thought but there was no way that the pumps would ever be able to keep up with that kind of flooding.
Jeremy retrieved the buckets and other supplies and returned to shore. He carried all of his newfound loot back to the camp he dispatched a few of the girls to take them to the base. He shook his head sitting on the ground beneath one of the palm trees. This truly was the last thing that he expected nineteen women willing to bear his children never mind that they wanted even sometimes fought over the right to sleep with him. He tried to be fair but with all groups of women there were cliques and while the girls often cooperated under his supervision they were jealous of each other who was pregnant who was not. Who was sleeping with him tonight and who would be his noon fuck. He looked up and saw a flash of tanned flesh, on the ground in front of him was a small package wrapped in rags. He unfolded it, and found it to contain the missing spark plugs.

Chapter LXVIII

The Rain had stopped after how many months, Jeremy wasn’t quite sure, some of the girls were starting to look less like girls and more like ripe melons and they were all moody and irascible. Lee was fairly certain that all of them were pregnant now and while he watched the sun rise over the lagoon her reflected.
After breakfast he and several of the less swollen women marched down to where the Hangar was, they started moving sand. Now that the ground was dry it was much easier less like digging in concrete and more like digging in, well sand. They made good progress until around midday when a storm blew through it only lasted an hour thankfully and after an extended lunch they were able to proceed with the digging. They had started at the hangar floor and soon discovered that the previous occupants had made a concrete trench for the exact purpose that Jeremy had in mind it was just the process of digging it out that made things slow going.
They had been working one day, they were starting to get seepage from the ocean now so work was more difficult, when Talla came running down the beach “Jermy Jermy come quick” she yelled. Jeremy set down his bucket and raced after Talla.
Jeremy got to the campsite and was led to one of the huts he went in side to find Naomi on her back Lee beside her. Lee looked up when he came inside. “She went into labor a little while after you went to work this morning”
“And you call me now?”
“Well I had plenty of help but it’s time now”
“No shit it’s time” Naomi growled.
“I can see the head now” lee said, “Push”
Jeremy held Naomi’s hand as she struggled to push her baby out and then he could see the head”
“One more time Naomi” Lee said
Lee handed the wiggling bloody baby to Jeremy and then quickly used some piece of cord to tie off the umbilical, and cut the cord Jeremy held the screaming baby in his arms looking down in a sort of wonder at the child that he had made with Naomi. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. “Naomi, you will need to lay still for a day or two so that you clot properly”
“Can I see my baby?” she asked
Jeremy gently handed the baby to Naomi who brought it to her breast the baby nuzzled it briefly and then began suckling. “She’s beautiful isn’t she” he whispered
“Hope,” Naomi said, “Hope is very beautiful” Naomi looked up at Jeremy and he leaned over and kissed her.
That night was a night of celebration all of the girls were excited to see the new baby and many were rubbing their own swollen bellies in anticipation of their turn.

Chapter LXIX

I figure we have about another month or so before the rainy season starts, Jeremy said to Naomi as she tried to get Hope to eat a morsel of fish.
“Its now or never”
“We could wait till next year”
“Better we do it now.”
“Your sure your okay with this?”
“As much as I like being here I could do with an air conditioned house and well everything really, civilization would be nice.
“I’m Coming too” Sunni said as her baby Rain suckled noisily on her breast.
“That’s fine but that’s all that’s coming as much as I want to get everyone off the island we have to keep the number down till we have a good means of getting people off”
The two women left their babies in the care of Annabel who was only too happy to have another baby to suckle her breasts. She had started lactating at three months and produced copious amounts of milk, she was still a month or so out from having her baby, but of the four babies that had been born she was often delegated as the nanny to nurse them when the other women went to work on some project or another.

The girls pulled the plane down the channel and then turned it and it bumped against the beach. Naomi hit the starter on engine one and it coughed and wined and then caught and began to roar as the prop caught air, she then fired up engines two and three in succession and slowly taxied out of the atoll and into open water. The Plane bounced jarringly as it got up to speed and then slowly almost impossibly it gently left the water, Naomi headed west due west as best she could making a slow ascent into the sky. Jeremy watched the altimeter calling out every hundred feet they made. Naomi leveled the plane off at two thousand feet and then adjusted the trim so that she didn’t have to handle the controls so much. They headed in the same direction for a few hours, Naomi looked down at the Guages everything as going just fine.
“I just hope we can land this beast.”
“Well that makes two of us” Jeremy laughed I don’t think I could handle another crash.
Six hours into the trip Jeremy poured fuel from some jerry cans into the fuel tank. They had opted for extra fuel rather than more people perhaps that would get them further, Naomi had also throttled back on two of the three engines so while they were making headway they weren’t burning nearly so much fuel. Day turned to night and Naomi Slept while Jeremy watched the instruments. He added fuel again sometime in the night and a before dawn Jeremy saw lights on the horizon. And then more lights as dawn broke he could see the outline of an Island or maybe it was bigger than that, New Zealand he hoped or perhaps Australia?
Naomi Made a slow turn lining up into what looked like a harbor and then brought the plane down until it was bouncing on the waves and then settled on the water she taxied it into the harbor. They idled the engines and a Small boat came out from the shore to greet them.
“G’day the” man said “Bloody hell this surely is an Antique”
“Could you give us a tow into the harbor?” Jeremy asked
“Sure I don’t know where the hell we’ll put you but we’ll bring you into the surf leastways”
The small boat strained at first pulling the Large Aircraft and then they were moving at last Naomi had shut down the engines before they had died from lack of fuel.
They heard the hull scrape bottom the soft sand and then Jeremy Jumped out of the door and took a line that the man had provided and tied it off onto a rock that was jutting out of the water not ten yards from the surf.
“Oh my god!” Sunni screamed and Leaped out of the plane and thrashed through the surf and onto the beach. She kept running. Jeremy looked at Naomi in the cockpit and shrugged. Naomi climbed out and the two of them went first to talk to the man who had greeted them. They discovered that they were indeed in New Zealand and that the locals were friendly. Naomi stayed within view of the plane while Jeremy went into town. He went into a bank, the people inside looked at him like he was a wild man dressed in a skirt made out of coconut shells and a bag on his shoulder. One of the Clerks started to usher him out of the door and he pulled a wad of cash from the bag and Another man apparently the bank manager appeared as if magically and helped him to a cozy little cubby and offered him some tea. Jeremy took the tea greatfully it was the first semblance of anything he had had in ages as the bank manager counted the notes he had.
“After exchange fee’s”
“Look sir I have been stuck on an Island for over a year don’t go telling me about exchange fees”
“Of course, under those circumstances as long as you leave our bank in good light I don’t see why we can’t waive the fees.”
“Thank you”
“The Sum total then comes to right at four hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars.”
“Excellent” Jeremy said can I get that in New Zealand Dollars for now”
“If you would rather I can set you up an account and give you a debit card and you can do whatever you wish,”
“That works for me”
“Very good sir just give me a few moments to process your information.”
“Ah sir,” he said after a few moments “The computer is telling me you are deceased”
“Well I was shipwrecked for the last year and I only just got back.”
“In that case sir, Highly irregular, oh Highly irregular, I will attach one of my clerks with you who had proper credentials and they will ensure that you get whatever it is you desire, some trousers perhaps and a shirt?”
“Maybe a bath too”
“How about I set up with the Hotel across the way”
“That would be great”
“Should I contact the press sir?”
“Oh I’m sure they will be along one sooner or later I’d rather not deal with them just yet”
“Very good sir.”
Jeremy left the bank with a little man in tow they stopped off at a clothing store first and Jeremy got some clothes then stopped in at the Hotel long enough to shower and change. He also managed to rid himself of his beard that had been annoying him for some time. He returned to the harbor to find Naomi and Sunni and another man other than the harbormaster, there.
“Jeremy, Wow you clean up nice” Sunni said. “This is Captain Krieger, he is the captain of one of Daddy’s Yachts. He was so surprised he wanted to radio daddy right away but I told him not to.
“Good because we have other things we need to do.”
Sunni go with this man you and Naomi and get some clothes get cleaned up and get back here, this is Denny he’s the man the bank assigned to me.
He watched as the two women left “Captain, we need to borrow your boat”
“My boat goes no where without me”
“I have no issue at all with that but we have only a very little time to get to where we need to go.”
“Very Goot perhaps now you will be telling me where you wish to go?”
“First we are going to stop off at a little island at these coordinates Jeremy said scribbling the coordinates down for the captain and then I was thinking you could take us to San Francisco.”
“Ya we can do this”
“You can Radio your boss and tell him that you received a very special package and are heading to San Francisco at best speed with said package.”
“If he wants details tell him that you can’t say but its very good news”
Captain Krieger snorted “Goot news indeet I coming back with man’s daughter he thinks is lost forever”
Jeremy grinned “You look good then in that light?”
“Yah I can do this, but why we stop at this place?”
“That is where the rest of the people from the flight are”
“I shall be hero”
“Keep it quiet captain you can have all the heroics you want.”
“Very goot herr…?”
“Herr Jeremy I can be ready to put to sea in twelve hours.”
“We have some things we must address first but that sounds good”
“Ve Vill be ready” he said and turned and went to his ship Jeremy followed him out onto the docks and marveled at the ship that he got aboard it wasn’t a yacht it was a small cruise liner.
Naomi after finding some clothes and a bath also found a lawyer to take care of the plane for the time being and make sure that it was taken care of properly. And by nightfall they were onboard the Black Opal.
“Ve can be at your Island in fife days I think” the captain said after they had left the harbor.
“Well don’t over do it I don’t want you to break this wonderful ship” Jeremy said
“Oh no we are running twenty percent below maximum well within safe limits but still almost military speed for destroyer.
“Yeah that is about what I figured” Jeremy responded “about what 30 knots”
“Yah dat is goot, ah here the steward has brought supper you are hungry?”
Jeremy realized he was starving and the sirloins that were on the plates in front of him mad him drool. The three castaways tore into the food with a vengeance. The captain smiled and ate thoughtfully as he watched them eat two portions and then chocolate éclairs for dessert.


The Yacht pulled into San Francisco, Olivia stood at the end of the dock as the ship took its mooring. She came on board immediately and walked straight to the pilothouse “What is the meaning of this Captain?”
“I tolt you is Goot news Mizz Olivia it is goot news”
“Well what is your news then captain” Olivia steamed she had been stewing for a three weeks as the ship made passage across the pacific.
“Hi mom” Sunni said coming up behind her
“Oh my baby!” Olivia screamed and embraced her daughter.


Jeremy’s house sat on the Oregon coast, with an ocean view of a small harbor where the Cherry rested at its moorings. It had taken six months but with the reward money that the parents had put up and the story that had been told some of which he had intentionally omitted, he had come out okay his little plot of land and house had cost him right at six hundred thousand dollars it had space for his wives if you wanted to call them that, they were really the mothers of his children and he cared for each of them. When he had gone home to see his father and Uncle they had listened to his story and then chuckled, saying something about bringing him up right. He looked down at Naomi’s Cherry they had finally dug though military archives and discovered that the seaplane was called a Yokosuka H5Y1 Type99 sea plane made in the 1930’s the Americans had nicknamed it Cherry and so it with its original paint scheme plus some very nice nose art with name Naomi’s Cherry painted on the nose. He looked out across the yard as Rachel pregnant again rocked their daughter and Annabel nursed two babies at once, one in each arm. He walked over and kissed her lightly. The girls he had rescued from the pirates had been a problem but now they were enrolled in school. Which was where he was now spending most of his time.

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