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Sara,s fantasy
Sara shut the door behind her with her foot and walked straight to the kitchen and dumped the shopping on the bench.
It was Ric,s friday night playing cards with his boys again Sara unpacked the shopping and left the food out that she brought
every third friday for the boys.Sara heard her mobile and dug through her bag to find it cursing as she did.."Hello"..she said.

"You serious...well ok talk soon hun"..She said and hung the turn her head when she heard the front door open.."Babe where you at?"..Ric called

"In the kitchen"..sara called back Ric made his way to the kitchen and grabbed Sara..'Miss me?"..He asked..."Always"..Sara said with a smiled and kissed him.

"Well bad news the girls night out is off so i will be staying home but i promise you wont even know iam here.'..She said..

Ric grinned.."Its alright cant be helped ok off for a shower.'..He said and walked off Sara return to fixing the food and covered them ready for later
then made a few for herself so she wouldnt have to come back down once the boys got here..

7pm there was a knock on the door and Sara heard Ric open the door and give his usually greeting.picking up her plate and walked out into the loungeroom..

'Hey Tom bye Tom pretend iam not here the girls night was called off."..sara said and headed up the stairs to their room..

Sara got comfortable on her bed and flicked through the channels and stopped at crime show and watched that then ended up watching the show straight after it as well.

Once it was over sara found nothing more she wanted to watch and headed in for a shower taking her time Sara washed her hair and just let the hot water work its magic before getting out.
Dressing in short white nightee and her long matching robe Sara sat at her dresser and did her hair just as she finished she groaned..'My bag and phone are downstairs."..She said and got up
From her dresser and started heading downstairs Sara could hear the boys laughing as she got closer she stopped and listened..

"Come on Tom you must have a fantasy everyone does.'..pete asked.

Tom shook his head..'yeah i do and i know you will all laugh and then i will get pissed off.'..he said..

"Nah come on spill it.'..Pete asked..

"Ok i have never did anal with a girlfriend wont says it hurts to much."..He said waiting for the laughs.

pete bit back a laugh..."Hmm thats a bit rough."..Was all pete said not knowning what else to say..

Jon looked to Ric .."Ok your turn tell us your fantasy.'..he asked..

Ric shrugged his shoulders..'To see Sara with another woman and i just sit there and watch until their done then fuck Sara."
he said with a cheeky grin..

Sara bit her lip and felt a stirring in her belly Sara stayed there for a few more moments listening to the other boys tell their,s.
before walking into the diningroom..

"Sorry forgot my bag and phone i will be out of here in a minute."..she said and walked through to the kitchen and grabbed her bag.
On her way back Ric called her over and pulled her onto his lap she could tell they had all had quite a few to drink..

"Hmm i need to go babe this is your boys night."..Sara said with a grin..

Ric shrugged."Well i need to ask you a question..we had a conversation a few minutes ago about our fantasties and i would like to know your,s?"..He asked.

"Your my fantasy"..Was all sara said..

Ric laughed.."Good answer ok your second fantasy and your not leaving here until you tell us.'..He said and took another drink.

Sara looked around the table then back to Ric.."Good lord Ric you have me blushing...ok a fantasy i once had was to be with two guys and be their pet or slave
what ever you want to call it..ok now can i go?"..She said looking everywhere else other then the five faces now looking at her..

Ric looked at his four friends and smirked.."Reckon we could help her with this fantasy?"..Ric asked..

"What"..sara said almost falling off his lap in shock..Ric held onto Sara as each of the four men nodded their heads..

"Hmmm looks like your going to get your fantasy Sara and by the looks of your nipples your a little excited by it also"..Ric said
and turned Sara so she was now facing the other four men.

Ric pulled her back with one arm and with the other hand opened up her robe and rubbed her stomach with his hand then started pulling her nightee up.

"Open your legs a little"..Ric said and let his hand slide down to her panties then pulled his grip tighter around her chest.

"See these four men your going to let them do what ever they want to now have five masters..understand sara?"..He asked..

Sara just looked at the four faces who were staring at her with pure lust in their eyes..

"Yes i understand."..Sara said a little frightened of what was going to happen..

"Good stand up right here and take those clothes off.'..Ric ordered...sara stood and with shaking hands let the clothes
fall to her feet.Ric pulled her back down Sara could now feel Ric,s cock growing in his pants..

Again Ric,s hand went down and rubbed against her pussy...'Hmm someone is getting wet."..Ric grinned..

Ric let Sara go and told her to stand..'Clear the table"..Ric said and few moments later the table was clear of cards and food.

Ric lifted sara to sit on the table.."Wriggle back and lay down and play with your pussy while we get undressed..and you boys tell her some of the things
you want to do to her."..Ric said and started unbuttoning his shirt..Sara put her hand down between her legs and started to rub herself...Tom grinned..

"Sara iam going to pound your arse this whole 8 inch cock is going in your arse."..he said and dropped his jeans to the floor.

Mick dropped his boxers...'Your going to sit on my face so i can eat you out and cum on my face.'..he said..

Jon was now naked and stroking his cock.."Iam going to fist fuck you Sara never done it so you are going to be my first."..he grinned..

Pete ran his hand over sara,a tits..."Iam going to fuck you with different objects then fuck you with this.'..he said..

Ric climb onto the table and looked down at Sara..'Iam going to fuck you like your never been fucked before and watch these guys use you feeling now slave
knowning your going to have your white pussy and arse and mouth fucked by five black cocks.'..Ric said with a grin and climb off the table..

Tom reached down and took Sara hand away and replaced it with his own and started fingering sara slowly..

Sara moaned as Tom quicken the pace..."Turn her around"..Jon said and helped spin Sara around so her head was now at the side of the table Jom pulled her over a bit more.
and turned her head and put his cock to her mouth sara opened her mouth and began sucking on Jon member..Tom quicken his pace and put another finger in sara,s pussy..

Sara groaned again.."Someone getting into this she is so wet.'..Tom smiled..

Pete stood on the other side of sara and turned her head and shoved his cock into her mouth a few moments later he pulled out and turned her head back to Jon cock..

pete walked off and came back a few minutes later armed with different things..'Always wanted to do this."..he said and stepped back with a broom in his hand turning it over
he inserted the handle into Sara,s pussy and began fucking her with it..

Jon pulled out and Mick took his place.."Come on sara gag on it there is plently there."..He laughed..

pete was grinning as he quicken the pace with the broom handle.."This handle is going in your arse as well.'..he said then took the handle out and picked up
the next object which was a empty wine bottle Pete inserted the bottle and started pulling it in and out sara moaned and put her hand down to rub herself
but it got slapped away..

Mick pulled his cock from Sara,s mouth..."Get on your hand and knee,s"...Mick said which Sara did this time Ric stood in front of her.."Open wide."..He said and rammed his cock into her mouth
making her gag straight away..Jon was now standing at the back of Sara and watching as now Pete was fucking her with a cucumber...Jon laughed.."Your really getting off on this."..He said..

Pete nodded..."Never had anyone to do this with used a dildo thats about it though."..He said

Jon nodded and let down and started licking Sara arse once it was moist he inserted a finger..

Ric looked up.."Stretch her arse that getting fuck very soon."..He said and rammed his cock into Sara,s mouth again..

Pete grinned and picked up the broom again.."This will stretch her.'..He said and spat on her arse and jon rubbed it around her hole..

Pete inserted the handle Sara lunged forward..Ric grabbed her face and forced her to look at him...

"Your a slave our plaything Pete wants to fuck your ass with a broom handle then your getting fuck with a broom suck my cock again."..He growled.

pete pushed the handle in deeper and started pulling it in and out grinning the whole time..

Mick had his fingers in Sara,s pussy fingering her slowly and pinching her ever now and then making her wriggle..Sara licked the head of Ric cock then took him in her mouth again

And started to suck ric pushed in deeper..Sara released him form her mouth.."Ohh god iam going to cum.."..She muttered..

Mick grinned.."Everyone stop i want her on my face when she does."..He said ric pulled out and Pete with dreww the broom..."Get of the table."..Mick said and walked to the lounge room
and laid on the carpeted floor..

"Straddle my face Sara in the 69 postion and suck me off as well."..he said sara staddled Mick,s head straight away Mick worked her pussy with the tip of his tongue.

Sara groan and lent down and took Micks cock in her mouth and began sucking him sara felt her body getting ready to expode and Mick worked his tongue faster..Sara sat up and shuttered

and let out a yell as she came over Micks face a sucking sound could be heard as Mick sucked Sara and tried to get as much of the cum in his mouth as he could..

sara was breathing heavily Mick lifted her off his face and wriggled out from under then stood in front of her.."Lick your cum off my face Sara."..He ordered..

Jon got back behind sara and again started on her arse fingering her with one finger at first then put in two to stretch her further..Ric looked at the men .."Take seats Sara follow"..he said
and walked back to the diningroom and took a seat..

"Come here Sara your back to me."..he said once in postion Ric spread Sara arse cheeks and told her to lower herself as ric guided her sara grabbed the table as Ric cock started to push into her arse.

Ric pushed in slow as sara hole began to stretch Ric held sara,s hips and moved her up and down a few times..

"Now bounce sara and take it all in."..ric said and lent back and moaned as sara started the moved up and down his cock.."Harder Sara and a little faster.'..he said sara did as she was told.

A few minutes later Ric stopped sara and told her to go Tom and do the same thing..Tom grabbed sara,s hips and pushed her down onto his very willing cock...'Oh god this what it feels like"..he said and grinned
making sara move faster..

Ric laughed.."Take it easy Bro you can fuck her arse again later."..Ric said and stood a few minutes later and told Sara to got to the next one Sara lowered herself onto Jon cock as Ric stood in front of her..

"Open your mouth sara"..Ric ordered and processed to make her gag again Tom turned in his seat and reached over and slipped two fingers in sara,s pussy and began fingering her..

Ric looked down at sara.."Hows it feel a cock in your arse cock in your mouth and getting fingered all at the same time."..Ric asked and with drew his cock..

"Dont stop..please keep going i will do anything if you will."..Sara said almost begging..Ric smiled and shoved his cock back in her mouth..

next it was Pete,s turn to fuck sara,s arse and this time Tom had his cock in her mouth and jon was fingering her Ric was watching..Once pete had his turn Jon looked at Ric.."I want her back on the table want to do my fantasy.'..he said

Ric nodded.."You heard him sara lay on the table again."..Ric said and moved a little..Sara laid back up on the table Jon standing beside her he slide in two finger then a third then fourth Sara yelled out as Jon pushed his hand in.
Jon moved his hand in and out each time picking up the pace Sara cried out every time after about five minutes Jon pulled his hand out and grinned.."Damn that was excellent.'..he said Ric looked around at everyone.."Ok up stairs"..he said

and lead the way once in the room he looked at sara..'Now for some serious fucking...Dp is on the menu"..he said and laid on the bed and crooked his finger for sara to come to him..Sars stardlled Ric and lowered herself onto his cock and started to
ride him Ric stopped her.."Tom get in her arse told you sara its Dp time.'..he said Tom was behind sara in seconds his cock pushing into her arse hole..Ric began thrusting into Sara,s pussy it was not long before sara let out a yell.."Oh god i want to cum again"..she said
in between deep breaths Ric got faster as did Tom and seconds later Sara let out a yell as she came for the second time..

Pete stood on the bed in front of Sara.."Suck my cock sara"..He said and grabbed her head and forced his cock into her mouth..

Tom pulled out and Jon took his place they all took turned fucking Sara,s arse until Tom asked to fuck sara,s arse just him and her..Ric laughed.."Hey thats wat you want go for it."..He said

Tom entered Sara again..."Iam not holding back Sara going as hard as i can"..he said and rammed into her arse Sara yelled Tom didnt stop he just pound her arse until
he yelled that he was cumming Tom shot his load into Sara,s arse then lent on her back exhausted but grinning too..

Ric put sara back on his cock as before and this time Mick had her arse Sara cried out as Mick forced his 8 inch cock all the way into her arse each time he pulled out he rammed it all back in making sara
cry out each time Mick pulled out and blew his load over Sara,s ass cheeks..Jon was next in line he got onto his feet and guided his cock in pounding Sara hard and slapping the cheeks of her butt..Jon pulled out about five minutes later and blew his seed onto sara,s back..

Pete looked down a Ric.."Care to move i want to blow my load in her mouth."..Pete said Ric pulled out of sara and lifted her off Pete held sara,s head and fucked her mouth Sara lost count of how many times she gagged...

pete went ridged..'Oh shit here it comes."..He said in between quick short breaths and let out a yell as he held sara,s head and blew his load into her mouth..

Now it was only Ric who had not cum yet...

"Now my turn.'..he said and liftes sara,s arse back up and entered her from behind Ric pounded hard and fast..'Ohhhh shit iam going to cum again...dont stop fuck me harder.'..Sara said..ric pulled out and rammed his cock into her arse..

"You dont come until iam ready.:"..he growled and pulled out and rammed straight back into Sara,s wet pussy again he was pounding that hard sara was actually moving up the bed Ric pulled out again and straight back into sara,s arse after a few minutes ric looked at the others.

"When i pull out Sara get on your back and want two of you to hold her legs apart and dont let go."..he said and pulled out sara rolled over onto her back and Tom took one leg and Jon the other and held her legs apart...Ric entered Sara with such force and just kept going going
sara sat up and fell back down her body shaking...

Sara,s eye were watering Ric was fucking her so hard..'OOHHH GOD RIC IAM GOING TO CUM DONT STOP Iam BEGGING YOU"..She yelled at that same moment Ric yelled also and thrusted deep again and came with sara in a explosion of bodily fuilds ric nodded for Sara,s legs to be let go and laid down on the bed everyome exhausted

'So baby your fantasy now fore filled.'..he asked with a grin..sara turned her head..

"Ohh my god yes.'..She said with a smile..

Ric sat up and looked at the other four.."This never leaves this house what happened here to-night.'..Ric said.

Tom nodded and looked to the others.."Iam speaking for myself here but that was excellent and i would really like to do this again.'..he asked..

Ric looked at Sara..'Up to you Sara want to be fucked like this again.?"..he asked..

Sara smiled.."Oh hell yeah next card night if you want."..She said..

pete grinned ..'Iam in hey sara you dont mind if i bring some toys do ya?'..he asked..

sara was now sitting up.."remember Pete iam you slave on that night you bring whatever you want to fuck me with."..She said and got on her hand and knee,s and looked at Ric and smiled then lent over and took his
semi soft cock in her mouth and began to suck..

A week later Ric came home "Babe were you at?"..he called..

Sara lifted her head..'In the bedroom come up here for a moment"..Sara called..

Ric walked the stairs and stopped dead at the bedroom door..'Take a seat and watch Ric then get that cock ready to fuck me.'..Sara said and put her head down again into Amy,s pussy...


2011-04-27 09:44:41
Good story. I'd NEVER share my sweetheart but hey, whatever rings your bell - and is consensual, is fine. 7/10

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