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Werewolf's beastly passion and animal lust
Ok, I have never wrote before, all constructive criticism is very welcome just don’t ass rape me with it. I chose Werewolves because of the sheer carnal passion I associate with the myth. This is just the opening and first chapter. If I get positive feed back on it I will keep writing. Thanks everyone

Dallas, Texas….Date –Today
Hungry, Ivory, teeth watches her with coal black eyes. Her trek from work to home always has its perils. Gang members, robbers and rapists prowl these late night streets. But tonight only he stirs. No hookers on the streets on a night like tonight. They all believe in what she is about to know first hand. Its not just an urban legend it is reality. He moves with silence and determination. He can smell her. Not her 200 dollar bottle of perfume, but her. Her scent like an aura as she moves through the ally ways and streets. She walks by a dumpster and he sees his moment. He is on her in an instant.
Slammed to the ground she gasps and is horrified. He is uncontrollable ripping and tearing her cloths off like they were no more than pieces of news paper. She looks up and wishes she hadn’t. Bright white teeth seem to have their own iridescence under the dim glow of a small door light. Slobber dripping from his frothing mouth. He snarls wide to show his aggression and determination. She tries to scream but nothing comes out. Frozen with fear.
He swats her shoulder with his massive left paw. Rolling her to her stomach. She lays there naked waiting for the death blow to come but it does not. She feels his hot breath on her neck and drool sliding down and covering part of her right breast. Then a long wet toung coils around her neck and under her chin across her throat, then slithers back. He huffs and she feels his scalding breath as it blows part of her hair back and over her face. Then its gone.
She waits a moment then slowly starts to raise up on her hands and knees. When she hears and feels that hot breath again. This time its between her legs. He presses his nose firmly against her pussy and inhales deeply. She stays there motionless afraid to move. He pulls his nose away then shoves it back almost knocking her over. Her hands slip on the pavement and her face slams hard onto the surface with her ass sticking straight up in the air. With that he mounts her.
His 12 inch long 4 inch wide cock is driven into her almost to the hilt. She screams in pain and finally able to move begins thrashing to get the massive member out of her. But it is no use. His strong fore arms and paws holding her tightly in place. He thrusts in and out with so much force she think she is going to be impaled on his cock.
After ten minutes or so the pain has subsided and his cock is gliding inside her with ease. His thrusts increase and she is immediately thrown into uncontrollable orgasm. One after another hit her like tidal waves crashing on the beach. Her body has betrayed her, Her mind begging for this to end but her body screaming for more. And her body gets it.
In the middle of a climax she is unaware of an enormous bulge beginning to build on his cock. Her pussy is already stretched to what she feels is the breaking point. And it happens. Like a dog ties his bitch he rams the massive ball inside her. She screams and blacks out from the pain for a moment.
She is awakened seconds later. Her body being thrust back and forth. Being impaled on his truly massive cock. His grip eases on her and she tries to crawl away but it does her no good. His knott holding inside her. She begins to feel his member throb and pulsate inside her. Again her body betrays her. She screams “ please god nooooo…” as a massive orgasm rips its way through her entire body.
Like someone has shoved a turned on water hose inside her he begins to come. He puts his front paws in the middle of her back and pushes himself up. His howl so loud and concussive the light and multiple windows implode as he fills her womb with cum.
She again lets a screaming orgasm out as she fills the thick hot liquid pour inside her. 2 then 3 then 5 minutes go buy of his nonstop flow of cum fills her. Her abdomen expands to accommodate for the thick fluid.
Then with a loud sloppy wet “POP”, it is over.
He is gone, she lays in the street playing with her still tingling clit. And looking down she can see the flow of cum still pouring out of her.
She stops and gets to her feet, gathers her tatterd clothing and stumbles toward home, bearly able to stand let alone walk.
When she finally gets into her apartment she heads straight for the bath tub. She climbs in with no water and leans her head back. His cum flows out of her now like a stream. She reaches down and begins to run her fingers through the quickly growing puddle.
She scoops some of the cum into the palm of her hand she begins pouring it on her titties and on her face. Suddenly encompassed with lust she reaches between her legs and begins to fuck herself. Licking and sucking the cum off her hand and fingers not being able to wait to take the same rout home tomorrow night.

Chapter 1
The sun rises and shines through the windows and directly into his face.” Get up sleepy head “,he hears as his wife shakes him gingerly. “Don’t be late for work again.”
Michael opens his eyes..”ok, ok. I am up.” She leans down and kisses him. Then raises up and pinches her nose. “Whew babe what did you get into last night”.
“What do you mean babe, did I get out again?” He said
“ I swear I think the worst part of your cycle is the morning breath, I cant wait til you get controle of yourself”, She says
“Babe, Did I get out again”, This time he asks with authority.

“yes love, you slipped the chain and busted the bars” She tells him
“are you hurt, is everything ok, did I hurt anyone?”
“I am fine love” she replies
He gets up and darts to the living room grabs the remote and turns on the news.
No one missing yet he thanks god.
Nancy was a wonderful wife. She knew Michael was a werewolf and for the last year has aided him in trying to gain control of the beast within. Once he had gained full control he could change at will with or without a full moon, day or night. The form would be different as well. He would have more human-like features. Michael would also be more aware and in control of the Lykin inside. But for now he was at the mercy of the full moon and its ebbs and flows. What she called his cycles.
She was a Dr. and they had met and fell in love before he was attacked and subsequently cursed.
It was on a trip they took to Paris where the attacked happened.
They had been walking back to their hotel from the Eiffel tower when the creature tore open his chest and raped his lovely lady. Thankfully they both survived. But Michael ended up cursed and Nancy had to learn to deal with it. Which she had gotten very good at doing.
They Lived in rural East Texas, but occasionally stayed at their condo in Dallas. Especially when Michael was in the middle of a large brokerage deal.
The condo wasn’t as well prepared for the powerful beast within him as their house was. The condo was a comfy 4 bedroom which they used one room to chain and subdue the ravenous creature another was a safe room for Nancy if the confinement room failed (which it did last night). A normal guest room and a master bedroom suit.
Michael didn’t break out very often and when he did there was usually quit a mess to clean up.
Michael got out of bed and Nancy knew emedatally what had happened in the streets even if Michael did not. His lower body hair was matted from the young lady’s cum. His crotch and both legs still sticky to the touch.
“God babe, I don’t know what’s worse. When you come home covered in blood from head to toe or cum. Honey you know I love you but you have to get this thing under control before you get some young lady pregnant.”
“I am so sorry love”, He said as he stood
“I know babe its not your fault or intention, so no need to apologize, but one day I may let you out and take my chances with you to find out what its like myself”
“HA HA” he sneered “ You never know if I am gonna eat your heart out or your pussy, I am just too unpredictable”
She reached under his arm and helped him to his feet. Together they walked to the shower.
He was usually very weak after a night out. She eased him onto the toilet seat and began running them both a shower.
The warm water felt wonderful running over his head and down his body. She worked the soapy lufa from his dirty feet up his legs to his crotch paying special attention to his soft cock and balls. On her knees under him looking up she couldn’t help herself and took his soapy shaft into her mouth. She could still taste the young female on him. It wasn’t unpleasant and she couldn’t help but picture a young lady screaming in lust under him. And she decided next time it would be her turn. The thought made her heart flutter in excitement.
His cock grew inside her mouth. “Mmmm god that is nice”, He said
She wraps one hand around the base of his cock and the other cups his balls, she begins moaning and rolling her toung around the rim of his now engorged member. Moving her head up and down back and forth stroking him vigorously. He grabs her by the back of her head and lifts her up. His strength renewed, he kisses her passionately. He lifts her right leg up to his hip and pushes her up against the bathroom wall, and presses the head of his cock against her wanting pussy. He gets lined up and with one hard movement of his hips he buries his cock inside her. She winces in pain for a moment then moans in pleasure. His cock thrusting in and out of her his hands holding the back of her head and toung tickling the back of her throat. The shower begins to kick soap bubbles up from the spilled bottle of shampoo on the floor.
He withdraws his manhood and she gasps at the stop. “uhng…No put it back”
“Shhh” he tells her and puts his hand over her mouth.
He gets on his knees and holds one leg up in his hand almost knocking her off balance. She reaches out and grabs the towel rack.
His toung reaches her swollen clit and then his lips. He begins French kissing her wonderful cunt. Sucking it into his mouth and tickling her clit, rolling his toung around her button. With the other hand he reaches up and squeezes her breast and pinches her nipple. She erupts floding his mouth with her fluid. He continues lapping it up until long after her orgasm has subsided.
Content with having licked all her cum he kisses his way back up her body to her lips again. After a long passionate deep kiss he turns her around and bends her over. Again he slides his cock inside her. He begins fucking her hard and his pelvis meeting her ass makes the wonderful slapping sound. After just a few minutes she explodes again so fiercely it buckled her legs and they both ease to the bathroom floor on their knees. He grabs the back of her hair pulls her head up to him and kisses her again. Then squeezes her hair tight as his hips speed up “ Oh Fuck, yesss..fuck yess…cum in me fill me up fuuucckkk”. She screams as she feels his cock pulsate and throb inside her. “God yes” his voice almost growling as his seed spills inside her.
They both collapse in the shower soap suds now every where. After a few moments he reaches up and turns the shower off. They kiss again as they get out and begin to towel off.
He gets dressed, they kiss again passionately at the door say I love you and he heads off to work.

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i don't care about the spelling that much. just add to the story please!!!!

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2012-12-07 02:49:28
People re-spell most mythic things how ever they want. Farie, fary, faery, fay, elve, elf... vampire, vampyr, vaempire... it's up to the writer. I like how you made the wolf your own ting based off of mythology.

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Great start you should carry on i loved the sex. couple of errors but either way it was brill

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Lol sorry the word facts makes me lol because werewolves are fictional charechteres and werewolves are still human. In mythology a wolf mates for life , just because the human has found his mate doesn't mean the wolf has. Again mythology.

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