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Hello, my name is Hannah; I am 37years old Hispanic wife who is 5'5, and 121 lbs. I have 32C breasts, and a size 2 waist with a nice hourglass figure, and perfect apple shaped ass that me, and my husband both adore. I live in a nice sized house with a home gym which me, and my husband work out with to keep fit, he makes a fortune off the stock market so I never have to work, and he's always home which is good for us, and our little girl Heather. She is a spitting image of me, her breast barely starting to bud, and she has the same raven dark hair, and caramel skin tone as I do though she is 13 years old, she is very smart, and always curious which is where are story takes place.
Jimmy my husband had went to his family reunion, and stayed for the weekend having me, and Heather to watch the house. It was fun, and great to spend time with her just the two of us since she was always out with her friends, and being in school. We sat there, and watched T.V. eating popcorn, and she asked me that faithful question.
"Mommy, w-would you be mad if I saw daddies penis?" I looked at her puzzled, I didn't even think she knew that word though I scratched my head, and answered the best I could.
"Well what do you mean, did you see it accidentally or he showed it to you?" I asked, knowing that Jimmy wouldn't show our little girl it on purpose but I wanted to lead on the conversation.
"U-Um, I kind of saw it when he stepped out of the shower.." It was adorable the way she tried to find the right words as she stammered, blushed, and looked timidly down the floor. I laughed a little, and held her close to me rubbing her shoulders a bit to relax her.
"Honey, I'm not mad in fact if you have any questions about it I'll be more than happy to answer them." This was great, I was wondering when the time would be for the "sex talk", and here it was as she looked over to me her face was nervous but also curious about what she seen.
"I-I've been thinking about it a lot, it was really big, and when I do I start to get a tingly feeling down here." She stumbled her words a bit, still shy about the topic as she pointed between her legs to show me where these feelings were.
"I see dear, well that's perfectly natural, all girls get that way when they think sexual thoughts, and your father is a very attractive man to be looking at like that." I explained a little, my pussy suddenly beginning to be wet as me, and husband have been looking for a threesome for quite some time, and what would be better than bringing our daughter to the mix. I smiled, and looked at her with lustful eyes as I decided to get her involved a little more, and before she could even say anything I interrupted her.
"Sweety, how would you like mommy to show you how to relieve yourself when your thinking of daddy?" I asked as I saw her face turn bright red but she was eager, and excited to finally know what to do about it.
"Oh mommy please show me!" She practically yelled in anticipation as her cute little arms wrapped around my neck, and held me close to her. She was so adorable, and I just held her with me, picking her up by her cute little butt, and taking her to my room. I sat her down at the head of the bed while I sat at the foot, and told her to stand up which she did. I began unbuttoning her light blue blouse slowly, and opened it up her little plain white bra appeared as she was still just budding. I smiled as I rubbed against them slightly, and saw her face flush as I did so. Unstrapping the hooks as my arms were around her, I removed the material that covered her little nubs up, and took off her shirt.
"Your growing up into a lovely little woman." I said, her face blushed a little, and she looked away as I undid her pants, and pulled them down along with her cute hello kitty panties having her step out of the legs, and tossing them to the side so she be completly naked in front of my eyes. I gazed at her, she was beautiful, I had bathed her several times when she was younger but now it was different, I was going to molest her body, and I didn't care. She meant the world to us, and we were going to teach the meaning of sex so she won't get pregnant with the wrong boy. My eyes traced up, and down her body as she stood their covering herself up a little as she was embarassed. I laughed, and sat her down facing me, and spreading her legs so I could see her lucious pussy as I moved her hand out of the way.
"Now now dear, if you want me to show you how you must let me see your body." I said, and looked at her face she timidly shook her head yes, I could feel her body trembling as I held her legs apart, and scooted closer. I traced my hand up, and down her little slit, and she let out a soft moan, I saw the goosebumps against her skin as a new sensation bestowed up on her.
"Ok dear, this is your pussy slit, also know as pussy lips. A good way to get yourself off is to pinch them together like so." I said showing her an example as the little clit stook out, throbbing as she moaned a little as I touched it.
"This is your clit also know as your magic spot, all you have to do is stroke it gently up, and down like so, you can also rub it in circles for more stimulation." I said as her little face showed pleasurable emotions as she moaned a little. Her wetness began to flow even more as I continued to stroke the shaft of her clit for her, loving how it convulsed in between my fingers. Watching her intently, I saw her body squirmed as he moaned, her eyes were clinched shut as she grasped the covers with her little hands. It was such an erotic scene for me to view, and even better that I was the one influencing it.
We didn't say any words, she laid back, and took it like a good little girl she was, moaning loudly in pleasure as she squirmed. She looked just like me at that age, and I loved watching her enjoy what was coming. She bucked her hips back, and forth working with my fingers as they jerked. Her head spun back, and forth widly as her back arched. her body spasmed, and completely convulsed widely giving off streams of hot girlie cum for me as I sucked on my fingers a bit tasting my daughters forbidden fruits. She looked down at me with a big cute smile on her face as she panted hard, her body collapsed on the mattress as we shared our experience together for the first time.
"Did you like that sweety?" I asked, she nodded her head, and responded to me as she panted hard.
"Y-Yes M-Mmommy, T-That was too good." She said as she held out her arms. I moved forward, and gave her a loving embrace, and got ourselves under the covers where we drifted off to sleep together.

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2011-04-28 20:07:49
If they are 8 they will think the Police Men/Women who are questioning them with the Anotomicly Correct Doll, are in reality their friends, and just need to know what Mom,Dad, Uncle, Brother did in order to help them. Sothey tell every thing.

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2011-04-28 20:03:15
8 would have been kiddie Porn. 13 is about right. You might evan able to avoid Jail.

8 year old females are not grown up enough yet. They also go and tell.


2011-04-27 19:04:03
The above posting is from me. Don't know why it logged me oujt keep writing Likeemyoung!!!

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2011-04-27 18:52:10
A great start to a wonderful story! There are so many directions for you to go incest is always great, now teach her oral and then bring dad in to teach about all the things she can do to and with a cock. To bad you did not start her younger like 8 yo. Keep it going maybe a younger cousin or little friend. Likeemyoung!!!

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