The next night I met Mel ready and raring to go. Just like the night before I met her in her back area, but this time I didn't interrupt her pleasuring Eros. I entered to the sounds of moaning and neighing. Knowing what I was missing I hurried forward to the rear area. I came upon Mel bowed over her special chair with Zeus's prick buried in her vagina.

For a second I simply admired the tableau. I watched as the force of Zeus's thrusts propelled her into the cushions in front of her. Mel was completely nude this time and I could only imagine the feel of those soft cushions rubbing against her nipples with every prod. Her face was screwed up in an expression of such bliss that I was immediately envious. Her eyes were also closed, and judging by her current occupation I guessed she didn’t notice my entrance. I ducked down near her face and watched as her mouth opened and closed in silent and not so silent screams of pleasure.

Without warning I locked my lips around hers and shoved my tongue in to her mouth exploring her depths. Her eyes flew open in shock, but upon seeing me they closed lazily as if she was half drugged. But she matched the intensity of my kiss with her own. With her head turned to encounter mine I could feel every jarring stab of horseflesh into her body.

I tongued Mel with fervor and imagined every slam of her lips against mine was Zeus humping his hulking rod into me instead. All too rapidly I could feel the change in Zeus's humping and knew he was almost done. I tasted Mel’s moans as she gasped them into my mouth confirming the full load in her crack. I watched as his soaking cock slipped from her pussy and dripped the remainders of their combined excretions.

Inspired, I stretched out to her ass and grabbed a glob of cum from her oozing snatch. I pulled away long enough to spread it over my lips before returning to the deep kiss. Mel burbled in joy at the taste of horse spunk on my lips and began licking my lips with gusto.

By the time our lips were clean, after a few more liberal applications of special sauce, Mel had regained her composure.

"I thought I'd be all cleaned up by the time you got here, but I'm not complaining," she confessed. "However, I do need to take care of something real quick before we get started. I’m assuming you realized that you're taking care of Eros tonight, so I'll let you two get acquainted while I go grab something."

With that she grabbed a trench coat and headed out the door. I watched the door shut and then headed over to Eros's stall. I decided to start with some foreplay for a change. I found a brush near his home and grasped it as I went in.

Humming lightly I started in on Eros. I watched as his hair smoothed out under the brush. I could feel him relaxing under the brush. I followed each movement with my free hand scratching gently at his coat. I pressed against his body as I brushed over his back. I felt my hardened nipples pressing against my bra and decided I was overdressed for this shindig. I stepped away to quickly disrobe before returning to Eros.

With my new-found nudity I was able to rub my erect nipples against his warm rough coat instead of my own clothes. I circled him slowly brushing and rubbing as I went. His hair continuously stroked my breasts causing my pussy to ache. When I crouched to brush out his belly I could see his member was already growing strong under my ministrations.

For a brief instant of fantasy I imagined ducking under his barrel and letting that marvelous grow straight into my waiting snatch. But I deferred to Mel’s wisdom in these matters and contented myself with brushing his magnificent hide.

I was so engrossed by my ministrations that I didn't notice when Mel returned until she cleared her throat. I turned to see her completely naked again she had the Great Dane I saw on my first intro lesson on a leash. He was a big blue beauty and I couldn't help but to duck down and give him a hug. I could tell he was slightly larger than Brutus, but he was just as friendly. He even started licking my face in greeting.

"Glad to see you are a dog person. This is Neptune and he seems happy to meet you. That should make things easy since he will be your training and your lover this evening."

My face lit up and I squealed, "I get to fuck him?" I could hardly contain my excitement.

"Yes. I was going to wait a week or so until you had stretched out a bit more. But considering how easily you took to yesterday's dildo I think he’ll fit you just fine. I do have to warn you though if you aren't aware of canine anatomy. Dogs have a knot at the base of their penis that inflates to keep their sperm in the mated bitch. It can be alarming if you aren't prepared for it."

"Don't worry. He's about the same size as Brutus, my Dane, and I took his knot with no problem," I commented absently as I stroked Neptune’s fur.

"Really? Is Brutus any good at pleasing a woman?"

My breath caught in my throat at the sudden memories of my Dane pinning me to my bed and ravishing my body. "He’s amazing. Although, he's not quite as lightning fast as my Doberman, Damien. Humping speed, not premature ejaculation," I quickly amended.

"I'm positively intrigued. You'll have to introduce me some day to your menagerie."

"Any time. You've been so kind in offering your assistance in my training it would be rude of me to not return the favor," I replied with a smirk.

"It's a date. But right now it's time for you to finish what you started. Eros certainly seems to agree with me."

I turned and my mouth watered at the welcome sight of engorged horse dick. Rather than waste time getting to my feet I crawled on hands and knees through the strewn straw. As such, I approached Eros from a new angle far closer to his forelegs then I approached Zeus. I found myself staring straight into the head of that magnificent pleasure pole. I didn't want to get trampled but I did want plenty of room to play. So I grasped his phallus and pulled it slightly out from under his barrel.

It felt like pulling on a tree branch. It had some give, but I could feel the tension in it threatening to whip back and forth taking my hand with it. I shuddered in anticipation and began stroking the member with both hands. I stared at the engorged tip as it swayed back and forth like a snake charmer trying to intoxicate my mind. Some combination of my strokes and his eagerness caused his cock to bob and sway to the point where all I could do was stare into it as my hands worked automatically. Needless to say I was enthralled. And I wanted more.

Heedless of my prior size issues with Zeus I knew I wanted to take that divine head into my mouth. I wanted to give myself a better chance at success though, so I started with just my tongue. I took my first taste of Eros's cock. Like Zeus it tasted of animal desire and clean straw. That flavor was rapidly becoming a very strong aphrodisiac. I could see his heavy testicles hanging back near his legs. I couldn't help but think of the gift they held waiting for me to open with a kiss.

I covered the tip of his dick with long slow strokes of my tongue, coating it in my saliva. Then I turned my attention to the jutting edges of the head. I sucked on the engorged flesh and could feel it pull into my mouth for a thorough slavering. I couldn't get enough of feeling his hard flesh pulsing between my teeth. I quickly had the entire apex of Horse flesh dripping with my abundant fluids. But just as quickly I knew that it wasn't enough.

I pulled back slightly and stared at the bobbing head. Entranced once more by its fluid motion and the fluids glistening like morning dew I discerned what needed to be done. With one last lick for luck, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and slid the enormous offering as far as I could down my gullet.

Eros whinnied as my teeth gently scratched his tender flesh on the way to my esophagus. I stopped the constant motion of my hands and just held him steady as I used my head to slowly guide that glorious appendage to the back of my throat. My body thrilled with every fresh inch of flesh slipping into it. Eventually I couldn't take in any more. I stared at his balls noticeably closer now that my mouth was impaled on the mighty phallus. I reached out to caress them and could immediately feel the tension of his branch attempt to drag my head underneath him.

The movement of the meat ensnared in my esophagus elicited a series of moans that vibrated deep into Eros's body. He gave out a snort that I could only assume was from pleasure. I decided if I was now trapped for good or not. I regained my two handed grip and slowly withdrew the cock from my mouth. I could feel the head rubbing against the roof of my oral cavity as it inched outwards. When it finally reached my teeth I could feel it hesitate slightly before slipping free.

Amazed I couldn't decide if Eros was smaller, my mouth could open wider, or my saliva was a good enough lubricant; but I just didn’t care. I attacked the extended dick with zeal. I sucked it deep into my mouth and bobbed my head back and forth. I could feel the blood engorged fuck stick caress my mouth as I shoved it deep into me. Unfortunately I couldn’t even come close to deep throating the massive tool. The bulbous head was simply not malleable enough to slide down my neck. So I made up for the lack of depth with enthusiasm. I licked and sucked and pumped that pole until I wanted to scream with the hedonistic delight of the thick cock filling my mouth.

Suddenly I was distracted by a different tongue. I could feel a thick rough muscle exploring my ass and thighs. A groan exploded out of my lips as the insistent organ found my labia and spread it wide open letting loose a torrent of fluids. For a second I thought Brutus had somehow found me and wanted to join the action, but I knew that was impossible. Instead as I turned I found Neptune’s blue muzzle dug deep into my upturned ass.

I assumed Melanie had set him free to help quicken my pace, but I could see the leash lying as if dragged against the ground. I followed it back to catch Mel's eyes. She herself was lying on her back masturbating like a banshee. It was almost as if the world was ending and she wanted one more orgasm to go out with a bang. Her eyes were riveted to my face as I absently licked Eros while sorting out what had happened. But seeing Mel slice four fingers into herself while alternating between mashing her breasts and tweaking her nipples distracted me for a minute.

I guessed watching me pleasure her stallion incited Mel’s lust and she needed to get herself off immediately. So forgetting everything else she dropped to the ground and started frigging herself. Of course Neptune left to his own devices wandered over to taste the fresh juices seeping from my snatch the instant he was freed. I felt validated in my assumptions when I saw Mel's gaze shift to the massive mutt eating me out and her hand sped up slamming deeply into her cunt.

I resolved to give her quite a show and returned to the waiting rod in my grasp. I resumed my avid licking and sucking and enjoyed the full feeling of a horse cock in my mouth sliding in and out with my saliva slicking the way. The addition of Neptune's tongue only added more tremors and moans to surge through me and down the invading shaft. With each new ripple I was beginning to wonder why Eros wasn't humping into my face. The anticipation of his strong haunches driving his cock between my lips was almost too much to bear. That coupled with the fact that Neptune had just found my clit forced my orgasm closer and closer to the surface.

The purebred beast did not give up. Mel must have trained him well. His tongue toyed with my clit. It’s rough texture eliciting cries of excitement with every stroke. Every couple of swipes he plunged his magical tongue deep into my pussy spreading me wide before returning to the electric love bud. His attempts quickly came to fruition as my orgasm exploded through my crotch. But instead of freezing solid and riding out the bliss, the cock embedded in my mouth implored me to continue.

I used the trembling waves that shook my body to vibrate my hands along Eros's shaft. I jammed his cock as deep as it would go and hummed my pleasure along it as my hands shook like a top of the line rabbit. And my pussy expelled a fresh flood of orgiastic fluid all over Neptune’s snout.

As my orgasm ended he backed away slightly and I could hear him licking his chops, savoring the nectar from my honey pot. But I quickly forgot about him as I resumed my enthusiastic tonguing of Eros. Not to be slighted, Neptune reminded me of his part in this party by grabbing my waist in his paws. I could feel his dick slapping at my ass as his hind legs danced forward seeking to spear my on his shaft.

I waited with bated breath, partially in anticipation and partially because of the horse dick currently occupying my mouth. I could sense the slick doggie dong slip against my lips. It pressed against my clit as it mingled with my still flowing fluids. He backed away several times desperately trying to impale me on his organ. Every slap of that member against my flesh heightened the anticipation sent ripples through my legs. And just when I was about to reach back and help him along, the pointed shaft found the entrance to my warm cavity. Sensing pay dirt, Neptune gripped my waist hard with his paws and thrust himself balls deep into my moist hole.

I screamed out around the invading horse cock as the canine prick forced its way into my body immediately penetrating my womb. My cervical muscles spread wide before the conquering phallus. He was definitely bigger than Brutus, though it was a close call. Comparisons aside, Neptune certainly knew what to do with it. He started slowly, worming his dick into my channel and testing the resilience of my walls. I could feel the tip of his cock wiggling its way even deeper into my uterus as his fur tickled my ass and back. Finally he settled his hind legs and stopped twitching.

That's when the fun began. He pulled slowly almost lovingly out of me before slamming his cock home again. The force of his lunge swung his full balls down to smack against my clit. Unlike the last time I didn’t have a bed to brace myself against. Instead his powerful legs pushed me deeper onto Eros’s waiting cock. I didn’t even have time to worry about being trapped between two insatiable beasts before Neptune increased his pace.

It felt like I was being fucked by a piston wrapped in a fur coat. It took him a few repetitions to get up to speed. Slowly but surely he began humping in earnest. I quickly lost any control over my body’s movement and Neptune controlled the speed of the horse cock invading my throat.

Eros it seemed did not want to be left out of the party and finally became lust addled enough to thrust his massive haunches forward. I lost myself to the buffeting forces of two enormous rods fighting to control my body's movement. I focused only on catching my breath between thrusts which was further complicated by the varying rhythms of the two animals. I often felt like every time Neptune pulled back Eros shoved himself into me. And once Eros withdrew, Neptune would drive me forward onto the retreating dick.

But their speeds were not consistent either. I soon felt them converging on me as if they were desperately trying to have their poles meet somewhere around my breasts. The first time they managed to simultaneously thrusts deep into me I came like a freight train. The combination of bestial delight, having both my orifices completely full and Neptune’s balls stroking my clit drove me over the edge.

I couldn't even scream out my pleasure to the heavens because I simply couldn’t move. I felt more and more of my secretions dribble down my leg as I went off. Finally, lost to the tides of my orgasm I drifted away on a sea of sensuality.

I came to my senses with a growing pressure in my cunt. Neptune's knot was expanding. I ground my ass into his crotch itching for that bloated ball to lock him inside me. I was not disappointed.

The growing bulge spread my opening wide, but I clamped myself down hard willing him to stay within my chasm. Encouraged by his ample knotting and my vaginal massage, Neptune drove forward like a dog possessed. He started pumping so fast that his balls didn’t even have time to hit me before he drew back for another penetrating thrust.

I was no sooner lamenting the loss of that stimulation before I felt a constant pressure stroking and circling my clitoris. It was soon followed by a sharp bite on my left nipple. I caught sight of Mel underneath me for half a second before the combination of the three lovers attentions drove me to yet another orgasm.

As my pussy rippled and contorted with pleasure I could feel Neptune’s pace change. My milking vagina succeeded in sucking out his long awaited sperm and it filled my womb with its runny liquid. Compounding the pleasure, Eros came in my mouth. His thick spunk flowed down my throat and filled my stomach. Between the orgasm and being trapped between the two creatures I simply couldn’t keep up with the substantial torrent of horse cum. It spilled out around my lips and over his cock before dripping slowly down my chin.

Slowly, Eros softened in my mouth and slithered free. Without the support of his cock my arms couldn’t hold my weight and I collapsed on top of Melanie’s amble bust. She licked the overflowing gunk off of my lips and chin like a mother cat before squeezing me tight.

"I hope you don't mind, but I was a naughty girl tonight," she whispered in my ear while caressing my back. "Before Zeus got to ride me tonight I gave Eros a blowjob. That’s probably why he took a bit longer to work up a full load for you."

I only managed to mutter, "I managed," before my voice gave out. As I relaxed, Neptune’s knot popped free and I landed completely onto Mel. I could feel his semen dripping out of my cunt and coating Melanie’s leg. With a smile I nuzzled up to her neck and fell asleep.

When I awoke in about an hour Mel was stroking my hair and humming quietly. I purred affectionately and rubbed against her naked body.

"Lessons and payment all in one go. I need to do that more often. It’s quite the timesaver."

Melanie gave me the laugh that I desired. "Well, I think we could all use a rest animal and human after that little shindig. How about we take a short break from lessons? Instead you could invite me over to see your place the day after tomorrow. I'm simply dying to meet your dogs."

"No need to fish for an invitation. Like I said before, any time. And I meant it. So, Thursday night, it's a date."

In confirmation I snuggled up closer against her warm body and drifted off once again.

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