Thursday night I felt as giddy as a schoolgirl before prom as I waited for Mel to arrive. In order to keep myself busy I readied some wine while I waited. When the doorbell rang, I was so excited I even beat my pups to the door to greet her. But by the time I unlocked and opened it they were crashing into my legs eager to find out what was going on. I opened the door to find Mel in the same trench coat I saw the other night with a small bag in her hands.

"Good evening my dear," Mel greeted me.

"Hey there. You brought me a present?" I questioned mischievously. "Since I didn't get you anything I might need to make it up to you in some way."

"Oh, it was no trouble," She responded with a smirk. "Besides it's something for later so don’t worry about it." Changing the subject she turned to my dogs. "These must be your pets."

"Yup. That's Damien and Brutus and they look pleased to see you." I pointed out who was who as I said their names.

"Well they can probably smell my bribes," she replied with a chuckle. She crouched down to the floor exposing a bag of dog treats to my eager companions. She gave them each a few before smothering them in kisses and hugs.

"They really are handsome devils," she commented. I could practically taste the lust oozing from her lips with each word. I shiver ran down my spine just from these seemingly innocuous words.

Helping her up from the puppy pile on the floor, I led her to my couch where I had the wine and glasses all ready. "Since we didn’t often get a chance to talk either because of distraction or exhaustion, I thought we could take this opportunity to get to know each other a little better. Would you like me to take your coat?"

"Sure, if you would be so kind."

She slid out of the trench coat revealing her pert breast and almost shaved mound for my inspection. I drank in the sight of her, naked in my living room and had a strong urge to run my fingers through her pubes just to see if they were as soft as they looked. But a good hostess waits until after drinks are served to grope her guests. I contented myself with hanging up the covering and ushering her to the couch with a gentle caress of her lower back.

"See, now I feel overdressed. Although I did forget to put on my panties today. See?" I lifted up my short skirt to expose my bare pussy for her consideration.

I gazed into Mel’s eyes as she watched the motion of my skirt and the treasure underneath. I smiled at the open hunger she showed me before licking her lips and reaching for her glass.

"So my dear," she asked in the same silken tone from before that made my heart beat faster. "What would you like to talk about?"

We chatted for over an hour about a multitude of things. Where we went to college. The intricacies of running her own stables. I found the process of selecting of new stallions particularly fascinating. For whatever reason Mel's nudity just wasn’t an issue, or for that matter even really noticed once we really got into conversation. And the dogs were having a field day. They constantly twined about our legs seeking affection which we were both more than happy to oblige as we talked.

However the combination of good wine, good friends, and a warm furry body under my fingers; gradually made my pussy start to seep. As I shifted my weight I could feel my wetting lips slide together between my thighs. I quickly found myself dipping my sight to Mel’s full breasts or watching her luscious mouth as she spoke. I was so engrossed in her sensuous wet orifice that I was startled when her voice suddenly skipped a beat. Immediately after that I felt warm fur sliding up my leg and soon a warm tongue was lapping at my pussy.

Unconsciously I opened my legs wider to the welcome invader and looked down to see Damien's angular head poking at my crotch. His pointy ears pulled my skirt up higher on my thighs. I looked over to Mel to find the source of her lost train of thought between her legs. Brutus had his head wedged into her crotch and was applying his tongue to her with gusto. I knew from personal experience that that tongue was more than capable of causing your breath to catch in your throat.

My guess was that the more perceptive noses of the canine members of my family had recognized the pheromones wafting from my vagina as I got more and more turned on. Melanie must have been getting just as horny and Brutus noticed long before I did. At the very least I could see her hips pushing into his tongue urging it deeper and harder against her sensitive mound. So if she wasn’t horny before she was certainly getting there in a hurry.

I could certainly relate. Damien's tongue was working overtime to turn me on hard. His rapid fire tongue split my lips wide and ran up and over my clit like it was made of peanut butter. The constant attention caused my pussy to explode with nectar which merely urged him on to lick harder and faster.

"I guess they have decided the talking portion of this evening is over," I gasped between furious licks.

"There are other things we can do with our mouths," she replied breathlessly.

Without warning she pulled my head to hers and crushed my lips against her own. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and began to explore. My teeth, my tongue, my cheeks, my saliva; all were open to her probing organ. She sought out every inch of me she could reach tasting everything she could of me. The way she moved her tongue made it feel like it was thick enough to fill me to completion. For a moment I thought it must be Brutus sticking his tongue all the way through her body to share her with me.

Dismissing that fanciful thought I slipped my own tongue passed hers and gave her the same thorough examination I received. For a while we reveled in each other's lips and tongues as the passionate pups shared their tongues with our nether lips. I could feel Damien lapping up every ounce of my fluids, but luckily I made more than he knew what to do with.

I grasped Mel's breast and slowly massaged it. I traced a slow lazy circle around her full globe. Every circuit I slipped my finger closer to her tip. I eventually made my way to her hardened areola eliciting a gasp that filled my mouth. I gave it a tweak between my fingers and felt it grow even harder. Unable to resist I separated from Mel’s lips to suck that hardened pebble into my mouth. I could taste her desire as I gently nipped at her sensitive tits. But I soon returned to her lips for another tongue lashing. Then I started all over with her other breast as the dogs continued their tonguing.

We slowly moved together grasping each other tightly as our tongues played about our lips. Climbing onto our knees we pressed our cunts against each other. This left the poor puppies unable to lick at our collective cunts from the floor. I simply didn't care. I was lost to the touches and licks of Mel’s body. But they were not to be that easily denied.

They climbed up onto the couch behind us while we were distracted and started licking our asses from behind. I could feel Damien's tongue sliding between my cheeks and tickling my asshole as he sought out any lost drops of vagina juice. But his slavering tongue quickly finished the search and slid lower in search of the source. I slid my knees sideways to give him easier access without losing the contact with Mel. I could feel her legs follow mine so I figured Brutus had the same idea.

Brutus confirmed my thought for me when I felt his tongue caress my crack from between Mel's splayed legs. His long tongue managed to slide between her and over to meet me. His tongue spread our juices liberally as he swiped between both of our dripping crevices. I shared a deep moan with Melanie amongst our lips as we both felt his expert licking simultaneously. Not to be outdone, I summarily felt Damien's fur brushing against my ass as he shoved his muzzle under my ass and chased Brutus’s tongue out to stroke Mel's lips.

My two babies rapidly achieved a coordinated rhythm. It soon felt like we were sitting atop a magic carpet of wet, hot, and rough muscle undulating underneath us. The instant one of them achieved the limit of his reach the other would follow his tongue back to his home. Occasionally Damien would twist his tongue up into my channel for several licks while Brutus was left with the outside licking. And judging from Mel's gasp when I couldn’t feel Brutus's thick tongue anymore he was doing the same.

The arcs of pleasure from the unrelenting canine beasts surged through me from my dripping pussy. The waves came faster and faster and I soon couldn't control my breathing as I panted into Mel's lips. Soon enough I couldn't concentrate on our lips anymore and my head fell to Mel's shoulder. I wrapped my arms even stronger around Mel and felt a return squeeze. Neither one of us wanted to break whatever spell was creating these amazing sensations.

Mel's head tipped to the side nuzzling against my neck. Her ragged breathing came hot and fast in my ear keying me up even more. Just when I thought I couldn’t take one more lick, the waves crested and threw me down into an earth-shattering orgasm. I came so hard I felt like I was vibrating out of my body. My reaction was matched by Melanie as she shook in my arms. I felt our ejaculate pouring over the tongue bar beneath us and splashing against our bodies. I couldn’t tell what came from whom and I didn’t give a damn. I held Mel in my arms and we rode out the aftershocks together.

Afterwards our knees simultaneously slipped backwards behind us. Our asses forced the dogs back a few steps as we relaxed into a doggie style position. It looked like Mel and I had the same idea. I knew from the start Mel wanted Brutus to ride her like a bitch in heat. And in my current state I wouldn’t be satisfied until I felt something more substantial than a tongue in my burning snatch. We kissed deeply as we shook our behinds and waited for the two beastly males to mount up.


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