Mel and I traded tongues as the scent of our sex saturated the air. We didn’t have long to wait. The puppies returned with long loving licks to lap up the lost liquids dripping down my legs. I tasted the sweet honey of Mel’s lips while I waited for Damien's strong paws to wrap around me and drive his scorching member straight in to the hilt. Instead I felt warm fingers surround my breast and the thin material of my t-shirt rasping against my nipple.

I looked down to see Mel in the middle of an acrobatic balancing act. Not wanting to change position and dissuade Brutus from assaulting her, she managed to balance on one hand in her curved splendor and reach the other out to fondle my waiting orbs. Figuring that one good grope deserves another, I followed her example. Her hanging fruit was warm and inviting as I gently palmed it. I could feel her nubs hardening and driving into my hand. I had to move slowly and carefully to maintain my balance, but the gasps from her lips and the stiff nipple led me to conclude it was working.

It was certainly working on me. Her moves nearly mirrored my own as she stroked my contained flesh with her outstretched hand. I could feel the fire burning out from her touch running down to collide with the electric jolts of Damien's tongue to create a storm of pleasure deep in my belly. This pleasure was spurred on by the sight of Brutus's muzzle rising from behind Mel's ass. She too must have noticed he stopped licking and what it hopefully meant. Her hand retreated reluctantly from my breast. And she used it instead to brace herself fully for the coming onslaught.

I watched enrapt as rose like a leviathan out of the sea arching over Mel's supple body. The expression on his face one of a King claiming his rightful prize as he gripped her wide hips. Or maybe it was just my imagination. Either way there was no mistaking the inevitable consequences of his movements. I bent down to Mel's ear as she shuddered in anticipation.

"Here it comes baby," I whispered unnecessarily.

I stared as Brutus slowly danced forward on the couch. I could see his fur brushing against Mel’s skin. For what seemed like an eternity, he shimmied and hopped on the couch as I listened to his engorged cock slap wetly against Mel's flesh. Finally I saw his back paws freeze and his grip tighten around her waist. With no ceremony or fanfare, he drove his thick prick deep into Mel’s steaming cunt. Though her scream of delight sounded like the trumpet of an angel to my ears.

For a while I stared at the beautiful mating of woman and beast. Mel was consumed with the furry devil pumping harder and harder into her open cleft. I could see her muscles strain as she fought back against his powerful jabs. Her body shuddered every time his hips met hers. I kissed and nipped at her lips enjoying the feel of Brutus pushing her bodily into my waiting mouth. And just when I started to feel the first tinge of envy for the furious fucking she was receiving, I instead felt a cold breeze on my slicked ass and knew that Damien had stopped his tonguing.

His first grasp of my curvy frame stoked the fires he and Mel were growing since my last orgasm. I thrilled at the touch of his hair as he encircled my hips. And with no preamble he forced his ready dick straight into me. I gasped at the suddenness of his thrust and very briefly wondered if he was having some type of target practice when I wasn’t around. But all that mattered was he was inside me and I was about to receive that furious fucking I so desired.

As I fought back against his pervasive rhythm, I brought my lips back to Mel's. I wanted to enjoy as much of her as I could before the literal horn dogs humping on our backs made it impossible. The arching dogs drove us against each like buffeting waves. And like shipwrecked lovers we did our best to glean one last kiss before the motion of the ocean flung us apart. With tongue and lips and teeth we delved into each other's open maws as the animal forces at our rears moved blindly forward.

Finally we could no longer maintain contact and our lips separated. I braced myself against Mel's shoulders as her wrapped around me. Our mutual connection allowed us better leverage to force our asses back into the frenzied pups achieving an even deeper penetration with every thrust. Heedlessly focused I clamped down on my kegel muscles as hard as I could, milking the invading member. I was quickly rewarded with the gentle widening I associated with his growing knot.

I kept up my internal massage as best I could while Damien's cock expanded within me. I tried to grip onto the bloated end, but his strokes were far too fast and powerful. I could hold it temporarily, but the combination of the increased speed he could achieve with a trapped knot and the swells of sexual fervor swirling through my cunt made me lose my concentration and he escaped.

The constant stimulation coupled with Mel’s continuous moans was too much to bear. I finally went off once again. The force of my orgasm surged through my penetrated puss y and it pushed Damien over the edge with me. I could feel his hot spunk pouring into me, filling me up. I collapsed under Mel forcing her to shift her weight quickly back to her arms as I shivered out the last of the good vibes.

Damien, always the dutiful companion, dug his head back between my thighs to clean me up. I was carried out of my stupor by the slapping sound of flesh against flesh. I also felt drops of viscous fluid hit my cheek. I opened my eyes to see Brutus's balls smacking against Mel’s pubic mound inches from my nose. Drops of her glistening fluids were raining down on my face as he slammed again and again into her soaked sex.

The sight and sounds and smells made my mouth water. Looking closer I could see her flesh was slightly distended. That coupled with the furious pace Brutus was setting made me think he had her well and truly tied. I opened my mouth wide in astonishment at the fury of Brutus's bouncing balls. This allowed several globs of Mel's cum to drip onto my tongue. I was immediately addicted and needed more.

I grasped my Dane's hulking form and pulled myself up into the action. My strong pup didn't even break stride even with the added pressure on his back. Luckily, Mel's legs were spread so wide I could fit my head between them. I feasted my eyes on the writhing genitals while I licked my lips. While I contemplated my attack, Brutus's testicles struck my cheek repeatedly. With my face in the way they couldn't quite make it to Mel’s flesh. But it didn’t seem to slow him down any and I certainly didn't mind the feel of his sack on my face.

I pulled at the folds of Mel's lips searching for her aroused clit. It wasn't hard to find. Hard and exposed like a game show buzzer, it was begging to be played with. So I obliged wrapping my mouth around it and sucking it into my teeth. A bestial cry exploded from Mel's lips and Brutus's knob escaped her hole. Much like my time with Damien, she must have required concentration to hold his large bulb inside her desperate body.

The thick knot slid across my face as I watched it make its escape. The dark veins practically glowing in the dark as it scraped beautifully against my skin. With the damlike protuberance gone, a torrent of vaginal fluids washed out over my face, coating my cheek and jaw and spilling into my waiting mouth. I slurped it down with avid fascination. Then I turned my attention to Brutus. I watched intently as the canine cock careened into Mel’s crevice again and again until she regained enough control to capture it once more.

I returned to her sensitive clit and sucked it once more. This time, she was ready for the added stimulation and kept the rod trapped within her cave. I assaulted her bud with tongue and teeth pressing my mouth hard against her. I could almost taste Brutus’s magnificent cock through her flesh. But I could feel it moving and squirming through her body. Mel's juices flowed in gentle rivulets down my throat as Brutus increased his pace. Faster and faster he humped into her until his balls were beating a staccato rhythm against my face.

All too soon I felt Brutus stiffen and pace became erratic. With a howl from Melanie I knew that he was pumping her full of his testicular offering. As Brutus slowed down I increased my speed. Lashing her body with my tongue and pressing into her flesh until I felt her orgasm into my mouth with a scream.

She collapsed into me driving me into the couch. My lips automatically locked around her cunt as we dropped and I could taste the first few globs of dog cum as it slid out of her body. I dug deeply into her gaping snatch to hunt down every last drop. The mixture of Melanie and Brutus was ungodly delicious. I kept sucking and licking until all I could taste was Mel. And then I kept gently licking until my tongue gave out.

"So," I started once Melanie had composed herself enough to turn around and lie by my side. "Have I earned my present yet?"

"Most definitely," she replied with a dreamy look in her eyes. "But I think that can wait until after breakfast now. Otherwise we’ll both be too exhausted to make good use of it."

I agreed, and helped her to her feet. I was none too steady myself, but together we managed to make our way to my bedroom and crumple onto my bed. I somehow gathered the extra strength necessary to strip out of my remaining clothes and we floated off to sleep in a warm, naked, embrace.

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