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Point of view from the victim. Short story.
I was awoke suddenly. A hand covered my mouth and I felt the weight of someone large sitting on top of my stomach. I opened my eyes and saw that it was dark still.
I was lying on my back in bed and I could make out a shadow towering over me. Was this a dream? I knew it was not when he spoke to me in a deep voice.
"Make one fucking sound bitch and I'll kill you" he whispered. I screamed into his hand, "MMMMnnnn! MMmmmm!" My screams were muffled by his hand.
I tried to turn my body and wriggle free but his hand pushed down harder over my mouth and the weight of his body was too much for for me..
I tried to scream again and I saw him raise his other hand up high. I heard a ringing in my ears and my face began to throb where he had slapped me.

"I told you bitch, Shut the fuck up!" he said in an angry whisper. "Damn, you're are a little bit young for me but Ill make an exception. What's a little cunt like you
doing wearing this type of night gown anyways. I could see you clear across the street. Shut your fucking window next time" he chuckled. There are a lot of bad guys
out in the world. Now I'll have to teach you a lesson about being a little cunt tease" he said.

I turned my head to the side and looked towards my bedroom door. I waited for my father to come bursting in through the door and save me. The door stay shut and i knew no one would
be coming to rescue me. I felt a warm tear trail down my cheek and onto my pillow. A hand groped at my breast through my nightgown. "Mmmmm!" I screamed.
again into his hand. "Alright that's it bitch!. We are going to have to shut you the fuck up" he said angrily. With one hand on my mouth his other hand reached behind him and touched
my knee. I felt his hand travel up from my knee to my thigh and then to my panties. His finger reached underneath my pantie liner and with one furious tug, he pulled at them. My panties tore
and made a ripping sound and then they were in his fist.He released his hand covering my mouth and as I began to scream again he shoved them into my mouth.. "That will shut you the fuck up
bitch. How do you like the paste of your own pussy?" he asked. I said nothing but continued to stare at the door so I would not
have to look at him. His hand then grabbed at the collar of my night gown and pulled hard. My body was jerked upwards and my nightgown ripped. He pulled again and my night gown
was hanging off me in shreds. He ripped the last few threads holding the nightgown in place and threw them to the floor..

I tried to let my mind wander so I would not have to think about what was to come next. My only thoughts however were on the pain I was about to feel when he took my virginity. He was going
to rape me. He was going to rape me in my own bed and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. I lay on my bed crying. My small breasts heaved up and down with each sob.
Tears streamed down my face. The bed creaked under the weight of him moving. He positioned himself so both of his knees were in between my legs. His knees against my thighs, he forced me to spread
apart my legs wider. I felt one of his hands grab at my breast. Fingers squeezed at them and then they circled my nipple. His other hand grabbed my other breasts and he moved both of his hands in wide circles.
"Awww yeah, mmmmm" he moaned. "I'm going to fuck you real good. Your young body is soft and warm to the touch. I bet you are a virgin t aren't you? You dress slutty but I bet no one has popped your
little pussy yet have they? Lets find out" he said.

His hand ran down from my breast slowly caressing down my stomach and then down to my soft bush. I flinched. Then his fingers lingered there as he played with my hair. I squirmed again
and squealed but they were muffled out by the underwear still in my mouth. He was too strong and too big! I was so little compared to him. I could do nothing.
I stopped struggling and closed my eyes. His other hand grabbed my inner thigh and pushed at it. My legs were spread farther apart while his hand on my bush slowly made its way to my vagina.
His hand massaged my vagina for a moment and his fingers probed my lips. I felt a warm sensation building down in my navel I caught myself moving my hips slightly at his touch.
His hand moved away from my vagina and he put his fingers in his mouth. "You're wetness is sweet. It didn't take you long. I think you are ready now" he said softly.

I didn't fight what happened next. If I let him do what he wanted then maybe I could put this nightmare behind me. It was just a bad dream. I just wanted to wake up and see that it really was just a dream, but
I didn't wake from my nightmare.The bed squeaked again as he moved. His head moved lower towards my body and he began kissing my chest. His tongue was rough but warm at the same time. It licked at my left nipple and then he took
my nipple into his mouth. I felt the wetness of his saliva on my body. His right hand found my left thigh and run up my legs to my hip. He ran his hand up and down my legs and back to my hips with a gentle touch.

"Mmmmm, Mmmmmm," he moaned to himself as he molested my body.

He reached back and I heard him tugging at his jeans. He worked them down to his ankles and then kicked them off.
His body moved forwards on top of mine once again and then I felt his body weight press me down into my mattress. His waist pressed into mine and I felt the large bulge beneath his boxers press up against my vagina.
I grabbed the sheets beneath me and wove them between my fingers as my body tensed and tightened. He dry humped me for what seemed like an hour but I knew it was only a few moments. His hand tugged
at his boxers and his manhood was set free. I felt it slap against my vagina as it shot out of his boxers. It was warm against my body. With his hand he guided his monstrous cock towards my vagina entrance and I felt
the head of his cock press against my clitoris. I clenched the bedsheets between my fingers as hard as I could and prepared myself.

With a grunt, "Mmmpphh" he pushed his body forward. The tip of his penis pushed into my vagina. I felt my clit expand and I let out a muffled cry. He pushed again, "mmmpph".It was harder this time. I felt a shooting
pain in my body as my hymen was broken. I bit down on my panties and screamed into them. My vagina throbbed from the pressure. He pushed one last time and I felt him slide into me deep. His dick was hot inside of me
and it felt as if I was going to pass out. He pulled his dick out of me slowly and rammed it into me again. Again I cried into my panties."MMMMMHHHMMMM!". His third thrust was much more gentle and I felt a bit of relief as the pain died down a bit.
But then he began thrusting hard and fast. "Awwwww, Awwwwww" he moaned with each thrust. His thrusts did not persist. They ended quickly and I realized I was holding my breath. I began to breathe again pulling in oxygen through my nose.

He stopped fucking me and sat up suddenly. He pulled his hips back his dick slid out of my vagina. He grabbed my left ankle and threw it over his head. I was flipped onto my side. He pushed down hard at the top of my back until
I was forced face down onto my pillow. His hands reached down under my stomach and lifted me so my ass was slightly in the air. With one hand he guided his dick once more towards my vagina. He pressed in and I felt the familiarity of his dick inside of me again.
It slid in easier this time. He began thrusting first slow and then faster and faster. I felt the slap of his balls hitting the back of my legs and ass. I could feel the moisture of his sweat and my wetness dripping down my thighs now. As he thrust his dick into me
he began pulling my hips toward his cock with each thrust. It still hurt but I found myself grinding my ass in unison with each of his thrusts. The bed squeaked loudly each time he slammed into me. The weight of his momentum moved the bed back and forth in a rhythmic motion.
I bit into my pillow as I orgasmed. My pussy contracted over and over around his cock as I came. I moaned into my pillow He moaned too, "Oh Oh OOOOHHH" and I felt his hot sperm
shoot into my vagina. His penis throbbed inside of my vagina walls and then it was over. He stayed there for a moment and then pushed himself off of me. I felt the weight of the bed shift as he got off.

I lay there with my ass up in the air and my face into my pillow breathing hard for a few minutes. When I had enough courage to turn my head around., I saw that he was gone. I knew he would not be back. At least not tonight. He had done what he came to do.
I turned over and felt the wetness of the bed. I rubbed the stickiness between my fingers and lay my head down on my pillow. I wiped my eyes dry and sniffed the moisture back into my nose. My hands felt the wetness of my vagina and the sticky blood that was already
drying in the cool air.

My mind began to race as I came to terms of what had just happened to me. I thought about the feeling of him inside of me. I thought about how I was just raped in my own bedroom and how my family was still sleeping downstairs, unaware that anything out of the ordinary had
happened. I felt violated but at the same time I could not help but smile. I had liked it and by the end of the rape I had also wound up fucking him back. My body had betrayed me. My body has liked it. I was raped and yet I was already thinking about the next night. I would leave my window open and hope that he awoke me again.

The End.

Written By Ghost Pen

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2013-04-09 18:53:20
you should make part 2 were she has baby and it was the dad who raped her then, her brother or someone-dads friend or whatever- and they rape her together so then she's their fuck toy and amazing story loved it

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2012-12-26 17:08:34
O. M. G. Am licking pussy juices off my fingers at this story!! I would love part 2, maybe he stalks her and his next attack is at her school, in the changing rooms, can't wait.
Love from sexypussygurl

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2011-09-30 15:31:11
Let's hope she gets pregnant :D oh and more details next time too. Hope there's a part 2.

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2011-08-18 12:08:18
nice story....maybe daddy didnt come to her reescue because it was daddy who raped her?? Part 2 maybe??

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2011-05-11 23:46:02
Is a part two ? I hope so j.j.

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