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Tingling Preassure Trembling Down my spine as she kissed my lips....
The Kiss..

I was once at home, eating dinner, alone-the usual (sigh) while watching T.V, i was thinking about myfrieldfriend, and why she wssnt here with me, but then it came back to mind that she was on holiday in spain, i quickly thought that she would be with other men! but the thought slowly left my mind as i remembers the love between us. I didnt know wjat to do that nite as i was so bored and noone to make love with, i soon stoped feeling pity formyself and drank all the vodka i could find!! i drank and drank smoked till i droped, then i must have dozed of.
The next morning i woke up with a bad hangover and a headache, and i thought what had happend!! i then got up and walked to the toilet, and i saw a bra. I thought where on earth did it come from? I then walked to the kittchen and saw breakfast, ready, and made for me, I was shocked and baffled! I wondererd around my flat looking for someone thinking that i made love! (yes, its been months) then i saw my girlfriend, sitting on my coach looking what me with a grin, i was so conuifsed as to wonder how she came back from s[ain so quickly and what she was mdoing here. she came to me, kissed me and i was so confused! she kissed me slowly, gently on my lips,i felt her warmth tremble down my spine as she slowly moved her leg rubbing my groin.

She then took me to my room, laid me on the bed and slowly stripped, i was so caught up on the moment that i noticed i was late for work! i tried to say something, but my lisp would'nt move, my breath stoped and our hearts we're beating at the same time, that time was our time.
She then slowly turned around, bent over and took off her thong, my dick started to throb, harder and harder. she moved to me sat on my dick and grinded against me, she slowly moved her clit around the tip of my dick, softly while she got hotter and wetter, i held her thighs looked into her eyes and grinded her left from right, up and down while her wet juices sliped down my shaft, little bits of my cum dribbled down her pussy while she rubbed and grinded, she started to moan, carefully asking for more, i teased her, knowing she wanted it but i teased, i carefully sliped an inch, just the tip of my dick down her pussy, moved my tip around in circles in her wet hot pussy, i felt the tingle, the feeling of it.

She then kissed me, i kissed her as she moved her body up and down, my fingers ran through her soft golden hair, i felt her smooth face and she felt mine, as hours past by we we're still grinding, teasing playing, she then sat straight onto my dick!! she started to ride me HARD but carefully, imagine the feeling of a hard wet dick slowly moving around inside you, tickling your clit whislt rubbing agaisnt you, her juices sliped down top the bottom of my dick, slowly dripping down my balls, she then got up, as we we're both about to climax, i then screamed for more kissing and trying to get her back.

The room suddenly went pitch black, i heard her voice fade away.....i woke up! with my bed sheets wet and me with a hard on breathing heavily and sweating. As I looked around.. i came to notice

It was a fantasy.


2005-08-16 13:03:45
nice effort...but it sucked.


2004-11-30 23:20:05


2004-11-29 00:17:59
learn how to spell & speak English, do you know what a DOOFUS is? find a mirror & look.


2004-11-19 01:18:04
Hey, he (well, maybe she :) tried. I have not seen your stories. Still though, a really bad story an A for effort.


2004-11-15 18:31:26
wow well unlike the other ppl i read this to my friend and she got just umm i think that u should ge wilder and go with ummm ok good luck next time! bye

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