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Sequel to Masturbation lesson Rivised the first copy I did had lots of errors so I decided to scrap that, and make this one instead.
The next morning I woke up next to my daughter as she was still naked. She laid her head on my breast like a little pillow it was so adorable as I shook her gently to woke her up. Her eyes fluttered a little as they opened, and she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes while she sat up, and yawned a little.
"Mommy, that was really good last night, can we do it again sometime?" She asked in a cute little voice as she clung her tiny arms around my neck. I couldn't help but smile, and held her closer to me rubbing her bare back. Of course I agreed, and she yelped in excitement. We both got up, and I told her to start the shower for us while I strip down like her, my body now visible to my daughters eyes as I stepped in the shower with her. Her gaze made me blush, and made my pussy a little wet as she looked, and fondled her self in comparison to me.
"Wow mom, your so pretty will I look like you when I'm older?" She said, her tone was soft as she asked, she turned, and looked down at her feet as she made a circle with her tip toes. I picked her up by the butt holding her close to me, kissed her though not like a motherly kiss but a lustful one, I sucked her tongue into my mouth as my massaged, and rolled gently against hers till I broke it. Her face was flush as I began rubbing her little back, and soaping it up as our breast rested against each others. I gave her reassuring look to make her feel better that she would look like me.
"Yes dear of course, in fact you all ready look just like me at that age." I winked, and smiled as excitement gleamed in her eyes. The warm water down her long raven hair as I sat her back down, and got on my knees while I began washing her more careful, fondling her little buds, and pussy as she moaned at my touch a little, her face flushed, and was red as she stared at me intently watching what I did to her so she could the same, and that she did. Her little hands massaged my breast, her thumb rolling against my tit gently as I giggled loving the exotic feeling of my daughter playing with me. I moved her head close to my breast, and to hold to suck on them to which she did while her hands still massaged the rest of my body. My nipple grew hard, and my pussy was wet I laid down in the tube, and told her to do what I did to her last night to which she obliged my commands.
She was a good little girl so submissive to her mommy as she pinched my lips together, and jerked them up, and down loving the way her little hand massaged my clit. I kept her head on my nipple so she could suck on it like did when she was younger, I don't think she mind it in fact I think she rather enjoyed doing that to her mommy as she had a bright smile, and cute face as she looked up to see the emotions I gave off for her, my eyes were closed as I ohhed, and ahhed moaning softly as my little girls hands played with my pussy. She did such a good job as my body soon convulsed, twitched, and spasmed out of control, and I came hard collapsing my breathing erratic as I held her close to me, removing her hand so I could recollect myself a bit. I smiled at her, and she smiled back at me as we kissed like before.
"Mmm, you did really good baby, just wait for tonight I got a special surprise for you." I told as I got up, and out of the shower, her face looked puzzled with anticipation.
"What kind of surprise mommy?" The curious girl as she followed suit of her mother getting dressed.
"You'll see hun but I know your going to like it." I winked, at her as she smiled I knew she loved surprises. After our moment in the shower we had breakfast which was scramby eggs, and bacon her favorite, and went shopping. I got her all shorts of girlie clothes that she loved wear, and some private ones for us, and Jimmy when he comes home. We got home, and went to change into some pj's getting comfortable for the evening both of us were a little wore out from the long day but that was going to stop me. I scooted closer to her, and put my arm around her while she rested her little head against my breast. I then took the remote, and turned it on HBO, a soft core porn showed two lesbian girl fucking each other with a strap on. Her eyes grew glued to the television set, and then looked up me puzzled.
"Remember when I said I have surprise for you? Well your looking at it, I'm going to fuck to you tonight." I told her, her face was excited but quizzical, I knew these things were new to her, and I was going to teach her them. I picked her up, and carried her to my bedroom. At that point I told her to strip for me like the night before, and she did, and laid back down. My eyes glued to her body, she was so cute, and adorable she was just like my own mini me. I giggled at the thought, and told her to hang on for a moment while I went to the bathroom. I stripped my self, and put the leather bustier that didn't cover my breast, leather boots that strapped against the leather crotchless panties that came attached with a mold of my husband penis. A long time ago he was a soldier, and he got that made for me so I wouldn't miss him sexual though I did, nothing is like the real thing. I thought to myself as I held his big dick in my hand, and stroked it some before I came out to my daughter.
Her eyes were wide as she saw me in my bondage outfit, and the big dick between my legs. She was nervous, and pointed at her as her body quivered slightly.
"W-What's that m-mom?" She asked, she was cute, and I laughed slightly at her as I spread her legs, and crawled up over her. The shaft of the fake dick rubbing against her slit as she moaned a little as I kissed her muffling the sound a bit til I broke it.
"Honey, don't you recognize it? It's your fathers cock molded for us to play with while he's away, and I'm going to train you to take it til your ready for the real thing." I told her, with a wicked grin across my face, my tits rubbing against her buds as the shaft still massaged against her clit. She still moaned a bit but shook her head in agreement, her body seemed immobile almost paralyzed to the excitement she was getting. I lined up the cock head just under her hole, and slowly inched it in. She screamed a bit, and yelped in pain I stretched her little pussy lips. I felt her body quiver against mine, her eyes clinched as tears ran down her cheek. She didn't tell me to stop she took it like a good little girl.
"Doing such a good job for mommy sweety." I said to her kissing her cheek as she continued to moan in pain. The cock slowly going in, and out of her, making she got use to having such a big cock inside of her. I grinded my hips against her rubbing her little nub against the shaft. Her breathing was erratic as her body twitched about uncontrollably. I looked down, and saw blood dripping on her thighs as I had knew then her cherry was officially popped. Her moans were becoming a little more pleasurable as my hands fondled her body, and massaged her little belly as the cock entered her. I started bucking harder, and she screamed louder, she matched her thrusts with mine as her body twitched, and convulsed even more violently she screamed louder, and came hard onto my thighs. Her little body collapsed on the bed, her breathing was wild as she opened her eyes, and I wiped the tears away. She looked down, and saw the blood, she felt her pussy throb, and became a little worried til I reassured her.
"It's ok baby this always happens when you have sex the first time, nothing to be afraid of. Now why don't you go wash up, and go to sleep. Your daddy should be here tomorrow." I said with a smile, and kissed her lips gently as I let her go, and rest for her big day.
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