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A woman gives her wife a special gift
Merry Christmas
By Discreet Lover

Copyrighted 2011

It was Christmas Eve. Jesse and Grace sat together on the couch in front of the fire, snuggled together and enjoying being close. It had been a while since they were able to just sit together like this and they wanted to savor every moment of it. The room was pleasantly warm from the fire that crackled in the fireplace; snow fell softly outside the window blanketing the world. The only light in the room came from the fire place and a few candles scattered about and of course the Christmas in the corner. They had decided to go with a real tree this year and its earthy pine scent filled the room along with the smell of ginger bread that Grace had baked a little while ago.

Jesse had her arms wrapped around her lover, loving how Grace seemed to fit perfectly against her. "I have something for you." She whispered softly into her lover’s ear.

"What is it?" Grace asked as a small smile touched her lips.

"Close your eyes." Jesse said and waited for Grace to do so before getting off the couch and taking a small box out of the Christmas tree branches. She sat back down beside Grace and placed it in her hands.

Feeling the velvet covered box in her slender fingers Grace opened her eyes. "Jesse!" She grinned. "We said we weren't giving gifts on Christmas Eve."

"I know." Jesse was smiling from ear to ear. "But I couldn't wait."

Excitement made Grace's green eyes sparkle as she carefully opened up the small box. She kept telling herself it wasn't what she thought it was. It couldn't be. It had to be a pair of earrings. But as soon as the lid snapped open with a soft creak she gasped and her hand flew to cover her mouth. "Jesse!"

Inside the box, nestled in pearly white satin was a beautiful 18k yellow gold engagement ring with a 2.5 caret pear shaped diamond with two smaller round diamonds on either side of it. It was gorgeous and must've cost a fortune. Tears stung Grace's eyes as she looked at it. "Jesse?"

Jesse took Grace's hand in her own and kissed it. "I love you Grace with all my heart. Marry me?"

There wasn't a moment’s hesitation in Grace's reply. She threw her arms around Jesse's neck and hugged her tightly. "Yes, yes, yes! Of course yes!" Tears rolled down both their faces as they kissed. Jesse took the box and carefully took the ring out before slipping it onto Grace's ring finger. It fit perfectly.

Grace shifted so she was sitting on Jesse's lap, her arms still around her lover’s neck. "I love you so much Jessica."

Jesse grinned. "I love you too Grace." And with that she leaned in and captured Grace's lips with her own. The kiss started out gentle, loving and slow, but they couldn't hold back the lust and passion that soon burned its way into their kiss. Jesse tightened her arms around Grace as the kiss turned brutal. Soft moans started to fill the room as the lovers lost themselves in each other. When they finally came up for air their faces were flushed and both gasping for air like they had ran a mile. "Upstairs."

Both women stood up and made their way quickly up the steps to their bedroom. The moment they were in the room their lips were locked again in a passionate kiss. Hands snatched at clothes and tossed them across the room as they made their way to the bed. Zippers were quickly unzipped, buttons forced opened and bras ripped off carelessly as they fell onto the bed, still locked at the lips. Grace smiled down at her fiancé and straddled her hips, grinding herself on top of her. "You make me so happy." She purred as she leaned down to lick teasingly along Jesse's neck making her gasp and moan. She ground their breasts together feeling her lover’s hard nipples press against her own. Slowly she placed feather light kissed on Jesse's chest, teasing each hard nipple with a light lick. But now wasn't the time for teasing. Now was a time to let out their lust and passion for each other. Grace sucked Jesse's hard nipple into her mouth and sucked hard on it while she ground her pussy against the lump at Jesse's groin.

Jesse had a secret that most people didn't know. It wasn't something she was really ashamed of anymore because it was a part of who she was but she understood that most people wouldn't understand and would be freaked out about it. But Jesse was a hermaphrodite. She had a 9'in fully functional cock and balls right where her vagina should be. Only a few people know about her condition. Her parents and doctors obviously, her best friend and Grace.

Grace was so wet and couldn't wait to feel that hard, dick plunging deep inside her. While her mouth worked on Jesse's hard, rubbery nipples her hands traveled down her body to hook into Jesse's boxers. Slowly she slid down her lovers’ body, taking the purple boxers with her. She slid then down Jesse's long, shapely legs then moved back up to grab the erect, dick that was sitting proudly at the woman's groin. Her small delicate hand wrapped around the veined 9'in monster and stroked it while looking Jesse in the eyes.

Jesse had pushed herself up on her elbows to watch what Grace was doing to her. Light flutters of pleasure radiated from her hard length making her moan softly. But when Grace took the head into her mouth and gave it a loving suck Jesse nearly blew her load right then and there. Grace's hot wet mouth was doing wonders to her. Slowly she took more and more of Jesse into her mouth, her tongue caressed the rock hard flesh as it touched the back of her throat then slid down it. Jesse's eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her hand found its way into Grace's hair and fisted there as the woman's head bobbed up and down. Her cock twitched and throbbed like a second heart beat in her lover's throat. "Oh God Grace! I'm gonna cum!"

Grace pulled off and smiled wickedly. "Not yet my love." She grabbed the base of Jesse's cock and squeezed cutting off her orgasm. "I want all of that inside me." She pushed Jesse flat on her back and climbed over her, positioning herself over Jesse monster. Slowly, tortuously slow she lowered her hot sheath onto Jesse's pole. It was all Jesse could do not to grab her fiancés hips and slam into her. Grace shuddered when Jesse bottomed out in her and ground their pelvis together. "God you're so deep!" She rose up til just the head was left inside her before slamming down hard causing them both to moan. Leaning forward so her tits hung in Jesse's face she rode her lover hard, her ass bouncing, the slap, slap of wet flesh filled the room along with their moans.

Jesse leaned up a little and captured one of Grace's nipples in her mouth, sucking and biting like she knew Grace loved. Her hard cock was being flooded by Grace's love nectar. It flooded down her pole and soaked her balls. Her balls started to tingle and tighten and she knew she was close to cumming again. But she wouldn't cum just yet. She would wait; hold out til Grace had her satisfaction first. She flipped them so Grace was under her, her hips speeding up and pistioned in and out of her lover like a well-oiled machine. "Yes. Yes! Fuck me Jesse!" Grace's nails raked down Jesse's smooth back leaving delicious trails of pain. "Fuck me! Oh my God!"

Grace's belly rippled and tensed as a powerful orgasm built up deep inside her. Her hot pussy spasmed and clinched Jesse moving meat in a tight wet fist. "Give it to me baby, cum in me. Fuck a baby into me!"

Jesse's rhythm faltered a little as she stared, shocked, into Grace's eyes. " want......"

Grace smiled up at her lover as sweat dripped off her forehead. "Yes. I want to have your baby." She panted out.

That was the most erotic thing Jesse had ever heard. Her thrusts sped up once again and she slammed hard into her wife. "Yes! Yes let’s make a baby!" She grabbed Grace's ass and lifted her up a bit for a better angle. She could feel her cum boiling in her balls. "Cum for me baby. Cum for me so I can cum and make a baby in you!" That's all Grace needed to hear. Her orgasm came barreling down on her like a train and she screamed at the top of her lungs as her pussy clamped down on Jesse's cock and flooded her with juice. That was all Jesse could take. She slammed in hard and held herself deep as she erupted deep into Graces womb. She grunted, groaned and screamed as she emptied her essence into her lover. When their orgasms finally faded they collapsed in each other's arms, one sweaty panting mess.

"I love you so much." Grace panted and cuddled close to Jesse.

"I love you too baby." Jesse kissed her lover gently and pulled the covers over them before they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.


2015-01-20 23:48:15
"Merry Christmas" - Transvestite/Hermaphrodite Jessica (Jesse) And Shim's Female Fiancee'/Lover, Grace.

For some unknown reason I keep unwrapping (no pun intended) this story from all the many thousands available. Primarily and foremost my interest is incest blood-kin incestual of one male and one female relatives (ocassionally a threesome is ideal to an incestual story--if there is a life-term committment of the union entity). But many times the unusual themed context story grabs my fancy, as I'm aoll so fascinated by hermaphrodites and their physical makeup! In particular my fancy is an hermaphrodite of female AND male genetilia--a fully functioning penis and sperm scrotum, and the female portion of the body with a womb, cervix, fellopian tubes and normal baby-making machinery; of course, along with fully female milk and lactation abilities. The ultimate turn-on is the person would be able to impregnate him/her self!! Crazy, I know, but fantasy means dreaming!!


2014-12-29 11:52:07
"Merry Christmas" - Jessica (Jesse) And Grace - (Transvestite/Hermaphrodite and Female Lover).

Having first read this very magnificant story just over ten (10) months ago, I still feel the story is rather well written, being presented with a quick pace but yet evenly and seamlessly!

Even still I have the same questions as before. The writer should have continued on to allow the readers insight as to the details, sex and genetilia condition of the child(ren)! Maybe a hermaphrodite with a dick and balls, AND a functioning pussy!!


2014-02-24 09:41:16
Merry Christmas" - Jesse (Jessica) and Grace - (Transvestite/Hermaphrodite and Female Lover)

It;s unfortunate the story does not continue long enough to find out whether "Jesse" (the male spelling of Jessica's nickname) actually did impregnate her friend/lover Grace. Even as fiction the reader's would like to know if a hermaphrotie can actually impregnate a truly, totally female lover!!

The context and theme of this story is great, and very well written. It is presented with two great character's with a very unique, sexually exciting physical difference that has fascinated humans for generations!! My fantasy is that a hermaphrodite can impregnate a fully functioning female. Further, my imagination and fantasy is can the hermaphrodite in some form impregnate herself, being that a hermaphrodite by definition is endowed with female and male genitalia, meaning pussy (and possibly baby-making machinery) and a dick and balls (with sperm producing possibilities)!

anonymous readerReport

2013-09-22 22:26:49
Great story is there going to be a part 2????????????

anonymous readerReport

2011-05-12 12:06:52
Posts like this brighten up my day. Tahnks for taking the time.

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