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Tutor gets raped

There is this gorgeous girl named Amita, who is half indian, half white and she is absolutely stunning! She is about 5'9" with plump big breasts and a black woman's ass. 

This chick is in two of my classes, AP Biology and AP Statistics, and she does much better in both of them compared to me. A smart AND hot girl, who would have thought? Anyways, I've been having wet dreams about this girl for a while now, and now every time I look at her, I just want to get into her pants so badly...

One day, I was having a conversation with her, and I noticed that she was wearing and extremely tight low cut t-shirt showing a LOT of cleavage, and extremely tight short shorts, showing off her beautiful big ass. Anyways I asked her if she could tutor me in AP Biology, since I was basically failing the class, and being the nice girl that she was, she agreed. We set up a day when I'd go to her house and that was that. 

That day came along and after school, we went to her house, sat down at her kitchen table and started to study. First she told me to read the chapter, while she went upstairs to take a quick shower. And so that was what I did.  

"Evolution does not occur in individuals but in populations. A population is an interbreeding group of individuals of one species in a given geographic area. A population evolves because the population contains the collection of genes called the gene pool. As changes in the gene pool occur, a populat..."

Before I finished reading the chapter, she had already finished her shower, and came down the stairs walking toward me. While she was coming down, I couldn't help but notice her beautiful luscious hair still wet with a towel wrapped around her otherwise naked body.  I couldn't help but imagine what was underneath that towel, those wet breasts, erect nipples... Honestly, I was getting a boner just looking at her! Anyways, she found out I wasn't quite finished reading yet so she went over to a cupboard up against the wall, and reached up to try to get a bowl and... HER TOWEL SLIPPED OFF! I quickly looked away so she wouldn't be embarrassed, but that one second glimpse already revealed everything. In that one second, I saw those bare breasts, even bigger, even more plump than I thought, I saw those erect nipples that I imagined her to have, looking so suckable, and her pussy, her pubes were shaved, revealing her tight pussy. If I put my dick in there, I bet it would have been a subliminal feeling. 

Anyways, she quickly picked up the towel to cover her naked brown body and blushed. I pretended that I didn't see what happened, but she obviously knew... She quickly raced up the stairs to put on some clothes without realizing that her ass wasn't covered. I couldn't help but watch as her ass jiggled as she went up the stairs. She was oblivious to me watching. 

By the time she came back down I could not concentrate, I was too distracted by the image of Amita's naked body stuck in my head. I looked at her and she put on a tank top,   and I was able to make out the shape of her bra. Obviously she found out her nipples were extremely erect too. She also wore sweatpants which is probably suitable after what just happened. 

Anyways she apologized about the incident and I just shrugged it off, but I don't think she was able to concentrate on tutoring me very well which was quite understandable. She also happened to notice my boner, which was quite obviously out there. I want to fuck her and it was obvious she knew that I was turned on by her. I looked at her in the eyes, those deep brown eyes, and she looked back at me. I couldn't help it, I reached out to grab those ripe plump breasts, and she sprang back, surprised. She yelled at me, saying why I would dare touch her like that and I was speechless. There was nothing to say, I just wanted to be inside her, that was it. And of course I couldn't tell her that, what would she think of me? 

She got even more mad when I didn't reply, and she told me to leave her house, but it was too late. I wanted her and I wanted her NOW. I lunged at her, knocking her into the ground, and grabbed her breasts while forcing my mouth onto hers. She squirmed beneath me but she was helpless.  I slid my hand down to her pussy, stuffed my hand inside her pants and stuck my finger inside her, she shrieked in surprise. I wiggled my finger around inside her and felt the wetness. Her virgin body was enjoying this. I took my hand out to take off her tank top, but she was struggling so much, I couldn't take it off, I had to rip it off, and so I did. Her bra was now the only thing in my way between me and her breasts and it didn't stand a chance. I ripped that bra right off her body and she let out a screech.           

I slapped her to shut her up, and started sucking on those glorious nipples, while massaging her breasts. Her screaming became less and less loud, until it became a light moan. I slapped her breasts just to watch them jiggle around and it was very entrancing. 

Moving on. As I reached down to take her pants off, she begged me to spare her, she looked me straight in the face and begged me to stop. Nothing she could have done would have stopped me. I was an unleashed beast. I pulled her pants off and looked at her thongs. Those fancy lacy thongs, so easy to rip off. I ripped them off. I rubbed the tip of my penis on her pussy, smearing my pre cum on her. She whimpered like a baby, knowing what I intended to do. 

Suddenly she said that she would suck my dick, anything as long as I stayed away from her pussy. And so I agreed. I got off of her and she got onto her knees and instantly latched on to my penis, licking, sucking, deepthroating it as if her life depended on it. She was so eager, so into it, I had to say that I enjoyed this and I intended to enjoy it more. I grabbed her head with my hands and I shoved my dick as deep down into her throat as I can, and kept it there until she started gurgling and choking on it. Only then did I take my dick out. I enjoyed watching her gasp for breath, and then I shoved my dick down her throat again. By the time I took my dick out again, she collapsed onto the floor, barely conscious. 

I got ready to put my dick inside her pussy, when I heard her whisper, barely audible, saying that I promised to not go inside her, but I just slapped her. She let out a shriek of pain and started to cry. 

As I fucked her rhythmically, she continued to sob, continuously whispering, " you promised!" and I just ignored her, continuing to fuck her. I had a little game in my head, seeing how mug her tits would jiggle as I fucked her, and so I fucked harder, harder, harder, shifting her entire body as I fucked. 

When I got bored of that game, I flipped her over, and looked at her ass. It reminded me of a chocolate covered peach. I stuck my dick into her ass and enjoyed watching her ass jiggle as i fucked her. I must have a jiggle fetish or something. Suddenly I heard her moan and saw some white fluid on the floor, underneath Amita, and I realizes that she jus came. The fact that she came made me want to cum and so I flipped her over again, put my dick in front of her face, and sprayed my jizz all over her. By the time I was done, her face looked like an Oreo McFlurry

(: this is my first story, constructive criticism is welcome!


2011-05-09 23:42:58
I wonder why someone with an obvious talent for writing, would want to write, even fictitiously, about a subject that degrades women and contains violence and non-consensual acts. Make no mistake you are potentially a great writer, just the subject matter offends me.

Young Mormon girlReport

2011-05-09 15:16:48
Would you like me to tutor you in a subject, that was so hot

anonymous readerReport

2011-05-07 09:52:34
See if you can find someone to tutor you English.

anonymous readerReport

2011-05-01 14:18:11
loved it, continue this with more please.

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